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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.:Documented AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics (the DIB terms such individuals often regarded as founders of churches — saints in the Irish tradition), whose association with the sites concerned is based on documentary sources.:LineageThis records the reputed ancestral lines of individuals given in Doc Assoc.:
Traditional AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics whose association with the sites concerned is based on tradition, dedication or placename association.:TownlandGives the townland (name spelt as in TTPBI Index) in which the site is (or is thought to be) located.:ParishGives the civil (not ecclesiastical) parish in which the townland is situated.:
DeaneryThis records the rural deanery (a sub-division of the diocese) to which the parish belongs.:DioceseThis records the medieval (not necessarily the same as the modern) diocese in which the foundation lies.:BaronyGives the modern barony (as in TTPBI Index the baronies were rationalised in 19thC) in which the townland and civil parish are situated.:
CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.:ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.:SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.:
Recorded HistoryThis concerns the subsequent history of the site, with emphasis on pre-Norman (or early post-Norman) native sources mainly annals but also including medieval ecclesiastical records (charters or taxations), English Crown documents and, on occasion, modern sources (especially surveys or maps, which may mark the location of lost sites or illuminate placenames).:Clerical StatusThis seeks to classify foundations as episcopal coarbial or eremitic based on the clerical orders ascribed to the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:GenderThis seeks to classify foundations as male or female based on the gender of the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:
Succession RecordLists ecclesiastics, male or female, who succeeded to offices at the foundation concerned abbots, abbesses, comarbai, bishops often clerics of less exalted rank such as treasurers, lectors, scribes. These lists make no claim to be exhaustive; fuller accounts for major sites can be found in the New History of Ireland, vol. 8, and in published prosopographies.:Medieval DedicationNotes medieval church-dedications to saints whether Irish or Continental.:Familial LinksIndicates links between foundations, whether claimed in hagiographical sources (a lesser site said to have submitted to greater site), attested by charter, or indicated by tradition or placename evidence.:
Folk TraditionRecords traditional stories, beliefs or practices (especially pilgrimages or patterns), or a tradition of clandestine burial either recorded or inferred from location names such as the killeen or the caldragh.:Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.:ArtifactsIn general, this records only items which may support the case for the site as a pre-Reform ecclesiastical settlement (especially croziers, shrines, chalices etc) — whether recovered by search or excavation, or merely associated with the site by tradition. Also included are such items as querns and kilns as flour-production was an important part of life at ecclesiastical (although also, admittedly, at secular) settlement sites.:
BibliographyMentions secondary references (sometimes very select indeed) to the site concerned. Some contain detailed discussion, others (especially where little else seems to be available) only the briefest mentions. For details see the Bibliography page.:AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.:

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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.
Abbeyland*OS 17: Fearann na Mainistreach Thuaidh; nec pre-reform? antiquity of cross-slab?
Achad DubthaigOS 11, 18: nr R Bann - but not in Co Antrim (as Archdall)
Achad Mór(OS 14); is this foundation of Loarn saccart? or Achad Mór (qv) Co Mayo?
Adamstown*OS 16
Aill Finn (Elphin)OS 16: Assicus (feastday 27 Apr) 'goba Pátraicc'; Tempall in Eidnéin => womens' comm? confused with Imlech nÓnon (sv: Trip.Life)
Airther MaigeOS 13; i nDáil Riatai - otherwise Rathmuighe (Archdall)
Alcrossagh*OS 13
AnnaghOS 15; possibly an EC site assoc with Mo-Chonna? Enga (qv) of meic Nessáin?
Annies* OS 100: nec pre-reform site? med foundation(s)?
Ara AirthirOS 120:13:6 - site in Ceathrú an Locha (Robinson 1980), but unidentif
Ara Cóemáin/Tempall Cóemáin OS 120:13:3 - betw Formna & Baile an Chaisleáin
Ard an Iarthar OS 19
ArdcloonOS 16: Ceathrú an tSómais; believed to have been a women's foundation - unkwn date
Ard CróineOS 15: early eccl foundation patronised by O'Hogan family (Gwynn & Hadcock)
ArdgillewOS 107; possible EC site assoc with Cairpre?
Ard LecachOS 107: 13:2 - in Maig Ene near Es Ruaid
Ard mac NascaiOS 1: at Loch Laig in Ultonia; Mart.T notes feastday, but not loc
ArdnagreenaOS 150
Ard na Killeen OS 18
Áth Croise (Áth Chros Mo-Laga)OS 19: otherwise Tempall Mo-Laca; in Tuath O Cursaid, 3m W of Mitchelstown; ch 'in repair' 1615 (Brady); see Echlasca Mo-Laca/Labbamolaga
Aughrim (Echdruim?)OS 10
Baile Iarthach? OS 153: cross slab moved closer to well? (some distance SW -1842 & 1902 OS maps)
Baile meic a'tsagairt(OS 10)
Baile na Cille*OS 10; ch ruinous in 1615; nec pre-reform?; possibly med par ch
BallybahallaghOS 15
BallycharryOS 12
Ballydeloughey*OS 19: nec pre-reform? ch 'in repair' 1615, abandoned by 1694 (Brady)
Ballygarry OS 109
Ballyhalbert / St Andrews? OS 18; rectory appropriate to Black Abbey
Ballyheerin*OS 17: nec pre-reform site?
BallyhenryOS 17; 'ancient churchyard' (OS letters); St Burchin - an invention?
BallymacrownOS 150
Ballymagaughey OS 10
Ballymoney OS 17; 'possibly early' (Reeves)
Ballynaguilkee OS 13: Baile na Giolcaighe
BallynameenOS 18, 26
BallyteerimOS 15; possibly an EC site - if 'fort' represents an eccl enclosure
BallyvoddyOS 18: site believed to be early - but perh a medieval par ch?
Barnatonicane (Cell Mo-Laca?)OS 139: identif with Cellmolaggi (O'Donoghue) not certain; assoc with Cairell of C. Chairille (qv)?
BaunanooneenyOS 10: nr Glendamain? identif (Power) of Knockanewin with Tulach Mín (qv) seems doubtful
BawnfuneOS 1
BleantasourOS 13: Faill na nGarlach
Both Chonois (Cell Odráin?)OS 10; Ternóc (Colgan; BB - if this site intended); possible assoc with Columban st., Odrán?
Both ChonoisOS 11: school att by Máel-Ísu Ua Brolcháin (d. 1086)?
Brecc-Chluain OS 17:15:6 Clonmakeeran => assoc with (Mo-)Ciarán?
Brí Gobann/Fán MuiltOS 19: in Caoille; C. na Marban (qv) of Abbán adj; land donated by Mugain d of Fiachra Finn (Beatha Findchon)
Burriscarra*OS 100: evidence for a pre-reform foundation? Carmelite friary 13thC
Caheravert/CaheravartOS 102: 'Killeenagh burial ground' on 1901 OS map; otherwise 'Kilmacowen', name of adj tld (Hurley)
CaherdubduligOS 13
CaherkeenOS 114: mkd 'Killeenagh burial gd' on 1899 OS map
Caldragh* OS 16: evidence for a pre-reform foundation?; Caldrywolagh - Franciscan Third Order friary; now par Elphin
Caltragh OS 101: EC?
CappakilleenOS 11
CarnOS 14: Kilfinan ch? womens' foundation?
CarnOS 105
Carrigdownane*OS 18: nec pre-reform? ch 'in ruins' 1615, abandoned by 1641 (Brady)
Carrigroe OS 134
Carrowcuilleen (Lisheen)OS 14
Carrowkilleen OS 100
Carrownalecka OS 118
CarrowrevaghOS 118
CarrowteigeOS 118
CashelOS 11: there are 8 tlds named Cashel in Co Donegal
CastlelandOS 17: earlier ch dedic to St Brigit?; nave of ch 'in repair' 1615 but chancel 'in ruins' (Brady)
Cell an dísirt (?)OS 18: is well assoc with St Brigit? of antiquity?
Cell BairrfinnOS 103: pedigree in LL (Ó Riain 1985, 7 §27)
Cell Barra OS 17; EC site granted to Knights Templars before 1180 and to Knights Hospitallers in 1311
Cell Barra/Kilbarry (1)OS 148: ch described as 'chappel of ease, ruinous' in 1699 (Brady)
Cell Barra/Kilbarry (2)OS 147: site of an 'ancient church' dedicated to St Finbar (O'Donoghue 1986)
Cell BerchirtOS 15: loc nr Killberchert Hse; in Mag Taidcni; assoc with Tulach Liss, Tech Saxan (qqv)
Cell BreccáinOS 18
Cell Breccáin OS 19: in Caoille; in Éoganacht Glendamnach; identif with Kiltrislane (Power 1932); alternatively loc at Kilphelan (no. 13903)
Cell Brigte?OS 11
Cell BrigteOS 11: in Sil Muiredaig; now par Aughrim
Cell BrigteOS 17
Cell Broccáin?/KilbroganOS 110
Cell Bróine (?)OS 17: Brón (LL 365d) assoc. with Patrick/Brigit? not Cell Bruaine of Mac-Nise (LL 369f)? ch 'in ruins' 1615 (Brady)
Cell Cathrach OS 18; orig fndt within a stone encl - cathair? later par ch of Kilcaragh
Cell CharnaOS 110:16:6 cross-inscr pillar stone (OSL) = lrg recumbent stone 35m to S? on bndry with Kilronan
Cell ChascáinOS 103: ch in ruins by 1615 (Brady)
Cell Chennanach OS 119 - Baile an Mhothair, Ceathrú an Lisín; otherwise Tempall C.; also assoc Cartron (qv)
Cell Chennbuide OS 15: local st kwn as Cennbuide (yellow-haired one)?
Cell Chluaine/ChluanaighOS 16:11:2, 16:11:5
Cell ChódhOS 140; Clann Dhiarmada, Fir Cille Chódh resident; ch in ruins by 1615 (Brady)
Cell ChomgáinOS 19; otherwise Kilconegan/Kilcogan - loc name or obsolete placename in bar Connello Lwr?; prebend of St Munchin's?
Cell ChomhlaOS 110:6:5 Cell Chomla (Kilcholan); or Cell Chomlach (as Kilcolagh, Co Rosc)?
Cell ChomlachOS 10: in Mag Luircc; in genealogies, grouped with other sts from NE Conn (Ó Riain)
Cell Chommáin (Kilcomane)OS 139
Cell Choppa OS 18; no trace of ch in 1615
Cell Chornáin?OS 112: possible EC site assoc with Cornán?
Cell Chuáin OS 19; not same as Cell Chomgáin (qv)?
Cell Chuanna OS 13, 22; location kwn as Bearna na nGarlach?
Cell Chúrnáin OS 11? assoc with Cúrnán s of Sinell of Conmaicne (LL 349b 13)? Caurnán Sac (LL 365)
Cell Cluana/KilclooneyOS 10
Cell DalláinOS 14; Cell Dalláin earlier kwn as Cluain Dalláin
Cell dá Náem?OS 10: in Éoganacht Glenamnach? Ceall Danain in Caoille = Ceall Dá Naom? (Power 1932)
Cell Diarmata OS 16
Cell Dímmae OS 12: 'in Cáenrige'; 'son of Cass' => D. Cais? (note Dímma Dub)
Cell DomnaigOS 106, 107: note placename element 'Domnach'; in Mag Ene? but not = Domnach Mór (qv); assigned 1626 to vicarage of Kilbarron (qv)
Cell Éinne (1) (Teglach Éinne)OS 119:1:0, 119:1:2, 119:1:3 - Tempall Meic-Loga at; 'Ciarán of Cluain stayed there' - link with Tempall Chiaráin (qv)?
Cell Éinne (2)OS 111:9:5 nec pre-reform? satellite of C Éinne (1)?
Cell Eoin OS 17: nec pre-reform? Med par ch?
Cell Epscoip BróinOS 13, 14: Cell E.B. identical to, or adj to, Ros Dregnige and Caisel Irroe/Cúil Irre (qqv)
Cell Fhergusa OS 17/18
Cell FhorclannOS 15: in Uí Amalgado W of Moy - missed by Hogan; C. & L. baptised by Patrick
Cell GaimneOS 1
Cell Galláin?OS 19: in Caoille - subsidiary ch of Tuath Glennomnach; ch nave 'in repair', chancel 'in ruins' 1615 (Brady)
Cell Ghobnait (Inis Oírr )OS 120:9:5 - An Baile Thíos; Kil Gradh an Domain - confused with Ard Oilén, sv (Archdall)
Cell GobbáinOS 15
Cell Gobbáin OS 124
Cellín Chrónáin OS 15: 'Cillín Chrónáin' (St Cronan's little church: Power); poss early? assoc with native st; in ruins 1615 (Brady)
Cell Inse (an mhachaire)OS 17; otherwise 'Killinchenemaghery'; Hogan's suggestion Cell Fhindsiche (192, 195-6) seems erroneous
Cell IubairOS 17; possible EC site - later (c.1300) preceptory of Knights Hospitallers
Cell (+?)OS 15, 21: satellite of Cell Ruadáin (qv)?
Cell LomatOS 11: perh assoc with Lomb Eps of Tech Luimbe (qv)? now in par Croghan
Cell Lucáin?/Lucinne?OS 11: Midnu s of Dar-Erca, siúr Pátraic (LL 372a 30) intended?; Mod. Ir. Cill Eibhicín (O'Donovan) corrupt? now par Croghan
Cell mac nOdráin?OS 16; possible EC site (encl) assoc with meic n-Odráin (LL)?
Cell M'Áedóc? (Killmogue)OS 19: now in par Frenchpark
Cell MáeláinOS 15; early fndt assoc with Máelán?
Cell Máele- (Cill Maol)OS 12: nr Tullaghgore; appropriate to Priory of Coleraine
Cell MainchesOS 17: identif (tentative) with 'Cill Mainches', Tuath Ó nDuinnín, Caoille (Power 1932)
Cell Mainchín OS 1: Bk. Leinster, vi, 1558;
Cell mBia[in]OS 106:5:3; Cell Medhón (Hogan, 200); C of I prebendary; Record revised & updated Oct 09 acknowledg Aidan P McKeon, Geraldine Stout
Cell Mo-ChuilliOS 18: in Caoille 'subsidiary ch' of Tuath Ó Cuscraidh; Mo-C. 'an older contemp of Mo-Laga' 6thC (Power 1932)
Cell Mo-Chú? (Kilmacoo)OS 15: early ch walls standing with 'a small square window' (1841 OS Field Books); not assoc with Mo-Chua?
Cell Mo-ChummaOS 1: Mo-Chumma = Mo-Chonna/Mo-Chonnóc? possible Glendalough link? see also Rathkeevin
Cell Mo-Dimóc OS 16
Cell Mór (Kilmore)OS 118: ch of 'Insscuingi Parish'? (Decretal letter: Bolster)
Cell Mór Maige GlaissOS 11, 16, 17: otherwise Cell Mór na Sinna; distinct from CM Díthrib (qv)? Nr Tully Lough; brz-encased wooden altar-cross (8th/9thC)
Cell Muide/MudiOS 16; 'Kilmode-managh' appropriate to Abbey of Comber
Cell Muire OS 17: EC site? Later probable site of sm monastery, Franciscan or Dominican (Gwynn & Hadcock)
Cell MurbaigOS 110:11:1, 2
Cell na CluaineOS 124
Cell na GráinsigeOS 15; ch derelict in late 16th c.
Cell na Mac OS 1; dedicated to 'Seacht Mhic Rí'
Cell Odráin/Máele-OdráinOS 19: perh assoc with M.Odráin s of Cass (Dál Cais) in view of location?
Cell ÓenamhnáOS 19: 'Cill Aenamhna' in Caoille - chief ch of Éoganacht Glendomnach - presumably site of eccl court from c.1275 (MacCotter & Nicholls)
Cell Otteráin?OS 17; not Cell Odhráin?; nave & chancel in ruins in 1615
Cell Phátraicpossible EC site assoc with Patrick? (medieval ch at 'Church Acres' in adj Td., Rathlust: No. 973); OS 17
Cell RathnaiteOS 17, 18; otherwise Cell Rait? not same as Racchnait?
Cell RónáinOS 1
Cell RónáinOS 17
Cell Rónáin (Teglach Rónáin)OS 111:9:5; 'Altóir Cholmcille', 'Gort an Chochaill' (+ Cockle Strand?) in par
Cell Ruadáin?OS 15: EC site assoc with Ruadán?; see also Cell/Kyle, par Kilruane
Cell Ruadáin? (Kilrooan)OS 13, 14: now in par Loughglynn
Cell RuadhOS 10: possible EC site? D-shaped gvyd => encl?
Cell San LabhraisOS 17: EC site (excav O'Connell), later dedic to St Laurence (the martyr?)
Cell San NioclaisOS 18: possible EC site, later dedic to St Nicholas; nave & chancel in ruins 1615
Cell TeilleógOS 14
Cell Tulach OS 18: in dioc Tuam (Tax); probably EC site - later Franciscan Third Order hse (Gwynn & Hadcock)
Cell Ua Máil-lachtnaiOS 15, 21: Cill Uí Lachnáin
Cenn SáileOS 12: Tempall Mo-Eilteóc here (Mart.D); tld Abbeylands ext into par Ringcurran
Chapel Island OS 11: EC site assoc with Crón/Cróine?; otherwise kwn as Mount Stewart?
Churchtown*OS 16: nec pre-reform? abandoned by 1694 (Brady)
ClasharusheenOS 121
ClogherbegOS 15: perh a satellite of Cloghermore (qv)?
CloghmacsimonOS 110
CloghoreOS 107: possible assoc with Tuinne Sacerdos (LL 365) => Tech Tuinne?
ClonoseyOS 15: possibly an EC site
ClontallaghOS 16: possible EC site
Cloonmore*OS 112: nec pre-reform?
CloonshanvilleOS 15: assoc with Comedus, disciple of Patrick? later Dominican; now in par Frenchpark
Cluain Chaín OS 13, i cCrích Rois; Dál Ruintir of; Lassar & Cumman of Cl Chaín subj to Brigit (LL) 'in Cremthainne' (Mart.T 14 Sep) not this site? See Inis Chaín, Cl Chaín Co Limerick
Cluain ChathaOS 12
Cluain ChremaOS 17: now in par Aughrim; assoc with Finnian a trad?
Cluain ClárithOS 11: ch built by Mo-Lua for Cainner (VSH); alternative trad that ch fnd by Patrick
Cluain Ferta BrénainnOS 100, 101: Fáelán a guarantor of Cáin Adomnáin; comarba of B at Synod of Mag Léne 633; Forggus m Cellaig imposed Lex Brendani 744
Cluain LothairOS 11
Coill Mhac Thomais Fhinn*OS 15: possible EC site?
CorcormickOS 16
Cornfield OS 110: satellite of Roidbín (qv)? possibly assoc with Lugna, cruimthir?
CoulaghOS 114: 'M'Kolagh ch', mentioned by Bishop Dive Downes 1700 (O'Brien)
Cráebach GrelláinOS 17: in airthiur Maige Luirg (LL); Archdall loc site in Co Sligo - mistaken? but note Creevagh, par Kilmactranny
Cráeb LiathOS 14: perhaps same as Carrac Pátraic?
CríchedOS 15: Críched in Glenn Dalláin, in Cairpre (LL); nr Glencar Lough (Ó Riain); Osnat putative d of Brocsech - see Cell Osnata, Co Kildare
Croimglenn/Croimlinn*OS 14, 21; nec a pre-reform site? medieval par. chapel?
Cross BáithíneOS 111
Crudha OS 14: not to be confused with Crooke, bar Gaultiere, priory of Knights of St John
Cúil Búinne OS 10
CulmaineMagheraculmoney (OS 10); nec a pre-reform site?
Curraghmore*OS 10: nec pre-reform? Med par ch?
Derc-bruach (Dergbruagh)OS 13: see also Cluain Í, Enach
DerrintinnyOS 14; possibly an EC site assoc with M'Áedóc
DerrycassanOS 13; possibly an EC site assoc with Cassán?
DerryOS 1: possibly an EC site?
Derryvillane?OS 19: nec pre-reform? ch reported 'in repair' in 1615, abandoned by 1694 (Brady)
DerryvonyOS 11; possibly an EC site?
Dísert Chroim?OS 137: perhaps Crom d of Crónán of Cell Ingen nGuaire (qv)?
Dísert ÉicnichOS 19; site of Desertegny (Lacey; Herity)
Dísert Muirdebra OS 10; 'in Uí Conaill Gabhra'; nr Rathkeale, nr Bar Connelloe; M. putative br of Cóemán & 'Corconutan'
Dísert Nuadat (Áth Dísirt Nuadat) OS 10: possibly (but not nec) assoc with Nuada (d. 812), comarba Pátraic
Domnach Mór Áine OS 13: sth of Limerick city; adj to Kilpatrick
Domnach Mór Maige Tóchuir/CarndonaghOS 11:10:3 - in plain of Achad Drumman (tlds Magheradrumman, Glackadrumman); virgin a sr of bishop (Tírechán); John Colgan born there
Donnybrewer (Domnach Dola?)OS 14, 15; possible EC site - placename element domnach?
Doon (?)OS 10
Dromagarrum OS 18
DromidicloghOS 108; mkd 'Kill burial gd' on 1842 OS map
Dromore (1)OS 119; mkd 'Dromore burial ground' on 1842 OS map
Dromore (2)OS 119: perh a sattelite of Dromore (1)?
Dromrone / DromroanOS 12, 18
Druim IndbirOS 14: otherwise Tuaim Indbir 'i n-iarthur Midi' (Mart.O); but in Co. Tipperary; Uí Lunín < Múscraige
Druim IngMart.O note confuses this with Druim Ing (qv), nr Dunshaughlin; same as 'Killerdrim' (OS 18:5:2)? Druimfioinn? (Archdall)
Druim LethanOS 14; dependency of Cenannus (O'Connell, 175); Óentad with Clonmacnoise; M. travels to Cl. for alliance (BNE, I, 251) - to evade Columban dominance?
Druim LiasOS 15: at Druim Daro in Callraige; loc of Losca, Exorcist? (Bk.Arm. 9b 2 mispl list); Archdall (1786, 631) mistaken about Druim Lias, Co Sligo?
Druim Riabhach OS 16
Druim ThuamaOS 103: otherwise Sírdruimm (Tírechán); Dorsum Tómme (Adomnán); ch reputedly named from builder whose tender to build cas rejected; left ch unroofed! (OS Mem, 1836)
Drumacleeskin*OS 16
DrumavilleOS 12
Drumshane OS 10, possible EC site (enclosure)
DunreeOS 18
EchdruimOS 17: in Bk.Uí M; EC site, later Augustinian; Finian's feastday: 23 Feb; assass of Máeldúin avenged by abb of Clonmacnoise
Ech InisOS 109
Enach (Domnach Dola?)OS 13, 14
Éochaill ArraOS 14: Conlán = Conlóg, sacerdos (LL 366)?; see also Inchindrisla, Co Waterford
Éo InisOS 19; Constans, priest, ancoire (d.777) perhaps? Not on L. Erne, Co Fermanagh (as Archdall)
ErnaideOS 15; parish of Urney a dependency of Abbey of Fore (O'Connell)
EtargabalOS 17:7:5 Eadarguil Mhór
Faithche? (Fahy)OS 18: assoc with Beo-Áed traditional?
Faughanvale OS 15; same as Nuachongbáil (qv)?
FaugherOS 16; EC site? 'Mullaghdoney' => placename element domnach? or par Clondahorky?
FinnerOS 106: 16:3 - satellite of Ard Lecach (qv)?
FleanOS 18
Fothair OS 10: confused with Ríóc (of Inis Bó Finne, sv), Rochad?
Funshogpossible EC site (cross-slab) ( OS 17)
GarrabaunOS 18
Glannafeen (Templebreedy)OS 150: Templebreedy - assoc with/dedic to St Brigit?; Poor-Law Union Skibbereen
Glebe (Kilmeen)OS 141; ch 'in poor repair' 1695 (Brady); nr Skibbereen
Glenagh OS 12, 13
GlencalryOS 12, 13: assoc with Calraige?
Glennagiveny*OS 13: not classed as eccl site by Lacey
Gortgarriff (Cell Chaitigerna)OS 101: 'Cill Chaitighearn' (O'Donoghue); not a med dedic to St Catherine? in ruins from c.1672 (Brady)
Horse IslandOS 149: 'Kill burial gd (site of)' on 1902 OS map
Inis bó finne (1)OS 104, 114
Inis BrechmaigeOS 13; otherwise Breaghwy Isd; pre-reform fndt assoc with M'Áedóc?; exact provenance of bell uncert - Templeport
Inis Carraige OS 18
Inis DubthaigOS 14; Dubthach's alleged relat. with Colum Cille => Columban connection?
Inis DúineOS 135: C. a pupil of Barra at Etargabal (Beatha Bharra §22); ch in repair 1615, in ruins by 1693 (Brady)
InishmagrathOS 1
Inishmore Inishmore (Davy's Isd OS 10); possibly early?
Inis Locha CréOS 17: chapel tended by Céli Dé? (Giraldus); smaller of 2 islands on lake formerly kwn as Lough Cré; Colum[b] often a female name - scope for confusion?
Inis MedhonOS 117; Inchmean; fnd 7thC by a St Cormac? (O'Hara); C. úa Liatháin? (proximity of Brénainn fdn; see Ross par Killala)
Inis Mór Locha GileOS 15: Tempall I. Móiri in L. Gilli (Ann.Conn); belong to Ua Ruairc of Breifne (Beirne); St Loman's feastday 4 Feb
Inis MuiredaigOS 1: reputedly founded in 6thC by Mo-Laisse; womens' community late?
Inis na mBeoOS 18: earliest foundation assoc Cainnech of Aghaboe (6thC) & Cronán (7thC) (Gleeson & Gwynn); ch assoc with St Hilary/Elair by 10thC (Gwynn & Hadcock)
InispollanOS 15; possible EC site assoc with cult of Patrick
Inis RodbaOS 117
KilbegOS 1: An Choill Bheag
KilbolaneOS 1
KilbreeOS 135
KilcomeraghOS 15
KilconnorOS 18: 'cillín or early church site…referred to in the Taxation of 1291' (Power 1932)
KilcullenOS 10: Cell Chuilinn?
Kildorrery*OS 18: nec pre-reform? ch 'in repair' 1615, rept ruined 'since the rebellion of 1641' (Brady)
KilfadeenOS 142
KilgainyOS 1: EC site assoc with Gaine, sacerdos (LL 366)?
KilhoyleOS 17: site possibly assoc with native st
KilkilleenOS 140: nr Skibbereen? Identif with 'Celcilean' not certain (O'Donoghue)
Kilknockane*OS 15: nr Kanturk? nec pre-reform?
KillaclugOS 10: tld name from Cell an chloig? (ch of the bell: sugg MacShamhráin)
Killacollum OS 12
KillaconenaghOS 115: earlier foundation on site of med par ch? (Power)
KilladeasKilladeas (Rockfield OS 15, 16); Céile Dé assoc? (JRSAI 49, 1919); questionable
KilleagueOS 11
Killincoolepossible EC site (OS 11)? earlier ch ruinous 1692
Killogeary OS 14, 15
KilloughterOS 16; possibly an EC site; oval gvyd may => enclosure
Killountain?OS 110: 'Cill Fhionntain - St Fintan's church' (O'Donoghue)
KillowenOS 109: 'Killowen grave yd' 1842 map; EC site - Éogan rather than Eoin?; standing stone 'holy stone' 1903 map
KilmichaelOS 126
KilmoyleKilmoyle Upper (OS 12)
KilnacrossOS 14; possibly an EC site; 'here St Mogue baptised Aodh Dubh, the reigning monarch of Breiffne and the ancestor of the Ui Briuin race' (O'Connell)
KilnadrowOS 19: Power (1932) suggests that 'Kilcaragh' on Down Survey Map (1654-9) is same site
KilnavertOS 13; identified with Patrick's Domnach Maige Slecht (O'Connell); possibly EC site: circ gvyd may => encl
Kilorkey? OS 15: perh assoc with Curcach of Cell Churcaig (Kilcorkey), bar Castlereagh (qv)?
Kilparteen/Cell PhairtínOS 19, 20
Kilphelan OS 19: 'circular outline'; possible site of 'Ceall Bracáin' (no. 13904) (Power 1932); Cell Fáeláin (sugg MacShamhráin)
Kilvroon?OS 153: 'Kilvroon burial gd' on 1842 OS map
Kircubbin OS 18
Knigh/Cell Ard?*OS 14: nec pre-reform? med par ch? Cill Ard?
Knockardbane OS 16; Granard = par ch of Lackeen out of use 1615, in ruins by 1774 (Brady)
KnockboyOS 13: Cnoc Buidhe; ch derelict 1588; originally 8x ogam stones - one now lost
KnockeenOS 17: Cnocin; ch in ruins 1615
KnockmacoolOS 109: on 1903 OS map 'Church (site of)'
Knocknagaul? OS 13?
KnocknageehyOS 143
KnockroeOS 18: Cnoc Ruadh; St. Anne's oratory built (on earlier site?) after 1284 by Matt. De Burgo
KnocksOS 122
LabbamolagaOS 10; earlier ch kwn as Eidhnen Molaga, in Tuath Ó Cuscraidh Sléibhe, Caoille (Power 1932); par ch in ruins 1615 (Brady)
Landmore*OS 19: house of Third Order of St Francis Regular - possibly on earlier site?
Lann Rónáin Fhinn*OS 13, 20: in Uí Echach Ulad; Bebil sr of Teille (LL) of Tech T (qv); Mac Cartaigh's Book 1178
Leittir? (Letter)OS 147
Lethét?Layd (OS 15)
LettershendonyOS 14, 22; EC site? placename contains element domnach; see UJA 56 (1993), 148-51
Liss na Cille OS 17
Liss Ua Móine? (Lissamona)OS 153: Lios ó Móine
Loch Daibchín OS 16
Loch derg/gergOS 101: otherwise Glenn Gerg; Beó-Áed of Ard Carna (qv) of Patrick's household
Loughguile*OS 18
LoughillOS 18
LurgacloghanOS 17
Machaire an IubairOS 17
Machaire na Croise*Magheracross (OS 16) nec a pre-reform site?
Mag drothir DremneOS 10: possible EC site assoc with Ciarán (of Saigir)?
Magheralin?OS 13: O'Donovan, followed by Reeves, identif Magheralin with Linn duachaill. Later identif of Leslie & Atkinson with Annagassan (tld Linns, Co. Louth) now more widely accepted; see Linn Duachaill
MagherintempleOS 16; possible EC site; oval hilltop 'Fort' adjacent
MaigenOS 123: Muiccín perhaps assoc with Maigen (qv), Co. Kilk.?
Marshalstown* OS 19: nec pre-reform? ch 'in repair' in 1615, abandoned by 1694 (Brady)
MoatOS 19
MountbridgetOS 16
Na Seacht dTeampaillOS 110:6:2 EC foundation assoc with St Brecan; 'Bullán na Caillí' to W of complex
OghillOS 14, 22: possibly an EC site? Éochaill? Later assoc with St Margaret?
Oldcourt*OS 17; nec pre-reform?; Tax 1291/reptd in ruins by 1615 (see Brady)
Olltóir*OS 15: eccl settlement? or hillfort re-used as killeen?
Portaliff or TownparksOS 19; possible EC site; encl (hachured arc on OS map - not visible on ground)
Ráith CungaOS 103; Hinu bapt by Patrick, Assicus buried there (Tírechán), but Columban and Ardstraw claims
Ráith Mo-Beóc?OS 17; townland name interpreted as 'Rath of St Mobheog' (Stout)
Rakane*OS 17
Rathurd OS 13
Relecc PóilOS 120:13:2 - betw Baile an Chaisleáin & B an tSéipéil; nec pre-Reform? but T. Phóil at Na Seacht dTeampaill (qv), Inishmore
Rinn FhadaOS 17
Rocksborough*OS 110: nec pre-reform? Med par ch?
RodeenOS 115
Róidbín*OS 110: nec pre-reform? Med par ch?
Ros Ailithir (Roscarbery)OS 143: Fachtna a pupil of Barra at Loch Irce, Colmán a pupil at Cork; Lebar Sochair do Fachtna, ref to in Gen Corco Loígde
RosOS 15: on bank of L. Mask; Inbertrach not Inber (qv), par Kilcommon? assoc with Brénainn traditional?
Ros CréOS 12: loc of óenach; rd twr struck by lightning 1131/1135; Óentad with Clonmacnoise - conceded precedence? Áedán abb RC príóir of Cl 9thC (Ann.FM); note also 1042
RosnakillOS 17: EC site assoc with Do-Madóc?
RunnateggalOS 16: identif with Kilmacumsy (Beirne) - but there is a tld & par of that name
Senchell DumaigeOS 16, 22; Aecclesia senis nep. Ailello, at Dumach ua Ailella
Sen Gualain OS 19
Sen RosOS 12: Crónán moved from here to Roscrea (no. 1843) acc to VSH; Augustinian foundation c.1485
Sentempall? OS 119 - Aill na Síóg, Baile an Mhothair
Shanlispossible EC site? former encl (liss)? OS 17
ShesheraghmoreOS 10: circular gvyd => (inner?) enclosure?
SkeamOS 149: early ch site 9thC (Fahy) 12thC (Power); gvyd disused by late med period (Power)
Slattinagh (Kilcoo)OS 19; query assoc. with Mo-Chua
StoukeOS 140
StraidOS 10: possib. same as 'Culmaine' site
StrooveOS 80 & OS 13: pillar-stone situated above coastal landing-place
Tallavbaun OS 105: nec pre-reform? med par ch/chapel?
Tech CaínOS 111: EC site orig assoc with Mo-Chaín?
Tech SaxanOS 111; Tisaxon par ch in ruins by 1615 (Power); 'br' of Berchert of Tulach Liss (qv)
Tempall an Chethrair Álainn OS 110:12:1 - Corrúch, Eóchaill; Tempall in chethruir áluinn
Tempall an tSagairt OS 17: 'Roscach na Righraidhi' in Caoille (Power 1932); 'in ruins' 1615 (Brady)
Tempall AsurnaigeOS 110:12:3 - Sráidbhaile na hEóchaille; Teampall Asurnaí: 'ch of the vigils'? St Sourney an invention?
Tempall CiaráinOS 111:9:1 - Mainistir, Eóchaill; site of 6thC foundation?; claim that Ciarán visited Cell Éinne (qv)
Tempall FinnOS 12; appropriated to Black Abbey (=> male?); c.1/4 mile NW of Ballywalter village
Tempall Muire OS 16
Tempall Muire*OS 119 - Baile an Teampaill; Teampull Ceannan Nach (Archdall); satellite of (or repl for) T. na 7 Mac Rí (qv)?
Tempall na 7 mac Rí OS 119 - Ceathrú an Lisín
Tempall na 7 n-IngenOS 120:13:5 - otherwise Cell na 7 n-Ingen; Ceathrú an Locha
Tempall Ruadáin (?)OS 18: ch recorded in Templeroan 1252 (Power); 'in ruins' 1615 (Brady); assoc with native st
Templebryan (2)OS 122: possibly a satellite of Templebryan (1)?
Templemore*OS 13, 14, 20, 21
Templemoyle (Tempall Maol?)OS 14: element tempull sugg ch in use 12thc or later
TirbrackenOS 14, 22: in 17thC sources tld name given as Donaghbrackan (Domnach element), but also Taghbrackan (Tech element)
Toberlyan DuffinOS 13; nec eccl settlement? pilgrim stop?
TooreennasillaneOS 142: 'Kilcushin burial gd' on 1842 OS map - no gravemarkers visible; Tooreennasillane extinct placename?
TowerhillOS 100
Tuaim Achaid Throim OS 1
Tuaim Daili OS 10/11
Túaim DrecainOS 14
Tuaim NoéOS 11: in mod par Croghan; see also Ráith Noé
Tullig OS 16; possible EC site? uncertain; Bregoge par ch 'abandoned' 1694, 'in ruins' 1774 (Brady)
TullybrislandOS 15: not a definite ch site - requires excavation
Tully (Templemoyle)OS 15, 16
Ulta Becca?OS 12: in Poor-Law Union of Oughterard
Wallstown OS 18; ch 'in ruins' 1615 (Brady)
White IsdOS 10