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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.:Documented AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics (the DIB terms such individuals often regarded as founders of churches — saints in the Irish tradition), whose association with the sites concerned is based on documentary sources.:LineageThis records the reputed ancestral lines of individuals given in Doc Assoc.:
Traditional AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics whose association with the sites concerned is based on tradition, dedication or placename association.:TownlandGives the townland (name spelt as in TTPBI Index) in which the site is (or is thought to be) located.:ParishGives the civil (not ecclesiastical) parish in which the townland is situated.:
DeaneryThis records the rural deanery (a sub-division of the diocese) to which the parish belongs.:DioceseThis records the medieval (not necessarily the same as the modern) diocese in which the foundation lies.:BaronyGives the modern barony (as in TTPBI Index the baronies were rationalised in 19thC) in which the townland and civil parish are situated.:
CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.:ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.:SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.:
Recorded HistoryThis concerns the subsequent history of the site, with emphasis on pre-Norman (or early post-Norman) native sources mainly annals but also including medieval ecclesiastical records (charters or taxations), English Crown documents and, on occasion, modern sources (especially surveys or maps, which may mark the location of lost sites or illuminate placenames).:Clerical StatusThis seeks to classify foundations as episcopal coarbial or eremitic based on the clerical orders ascribed to the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:GenderThis seeks to classify foundations as male or female based on the gender of the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:
Succession RecordLists ecclesiastics, male or female, who succeeded to offices at the foundation concerned abbots, abbesses, comarbai, bishops often clerics of less exalted rank such as treasurers, lectors, scribes. These lists make no claim to be exhaustive; fuller accounts for major sites can be found in the New History of Ireland, vol. 8, and in published prosopographies.:Medieval DedicationNotes medieval church-dedications to saints whether Irish or Continental.:Familial LinksIndicates links between foundations, whether claimed in hagiographical sources (a lesser site said to have submitted to greater site), attested by charter, or indicated by tradition or placename evidence.:
Folk TraditionRecords traditional stories, beliefs or practices (especially pilgrimages or patterns), or a tradition of clandestine burial either recorded or inferred from location names such as the killeen or the caldragh.:Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.:ArtifactsIn general, this records only items which may support the case for the site as a pre-Reform ecclesiastical settlement (especially croziers, shrines, chalices etc) — whether recovered by search or excavation, or merely associated with the site by tradition. Also included are such items as querns and kilns as flour-production was an important part of life at ecclesiastical (although also, admittedly, at secular) settlement sites.:
BibliographyMentions secondary references (sometimes very select indeed) to the site concerned. Some contain detailed discussion, others (especially where little else seems to be available) only the briefest mentions. For details see the Bibliography page.:AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.:

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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.
Achad FobairMayo
Achad MórMayo
Achill Beg Isd Mayo
Aghadooey Glebe Mayo
Aired Locha ConMayo
Annies* Mayo
Ara Mayo
Ard nGabaillMayo
Ard UisconMayo
Askillaun Mayo
Baile Chille Buanaindi*Mayo
Baile in recleis*Mayo
Baile Tobair PátraicMayo
Balla (Balna)Mayo
Ballybrinoge Mayo
Ballygarry Mayo
Boheh Mayo
Buncam Mayo
Caltragh Mayo
Carrowcuilleen (Lisheen)Mayo
Carrowkilleen Mayo
Carrownalecka Mayo
Cathair ChóemáinMayo
Cathair PátraicMayo
Cell Achaid DuibMayo
Cell Achaid (Kil-)Mayo
Cell ÁedáinMayo
Cell AirdbileMayo
Cell AlaidMayo
Cell an ghaobhairMayo
Cell BeccáinMayo
Cell BeccMayo
Cell BeithechMayo
Cell Belad (C. Belfota?)Mayo
Cell BrigteMayo
Cell BrigteMayo
Cell BrigteMayo
Cell BrigteMayo
Cell ChellaigMayo
Cell Chinn IubairMayo
Cell CholmáinMayo
Cell Cholmáin FhinnMayo
Cell ChommáinMayo
Cell ChommáinMayo
Cell ChonduibMayo
Cell ChormaicMayo
Cell Chornáin?Mayo
Cell ChornáinMayo
Cell ChuimneMayo
Cell ChummainMayo
Cell DamnatanMayo
Cell DarbilidMayo
Cell dá ríghMayo
Cell DiarmataMayo
Cell Do-ChommócMayo
Cell DromaMayo
Cell ÉinneMayo
Cell ÉiscMayo
Cell Epscoip RódáinMayo
Cell ErnáinMayo
Cell Fáe/Ae/Aei?Mayo
Cell FhínaMayo
Cell FhínáinMayo
Cell Fhintainne?Mayo
Cell FhorclannMayo
Cell GarbáinMayo
Cell GlassáinMayo
Cell GobbáinMayo
Cell GonirMayo
Cell ÍchtairMayo?
Cellín na mBuidenMayo
Cell LaisreMayo
Cell LunechuirMayo
Cell mac-LaisreMayo
Cell MedóinMayo
Cell Meic-DuachMayo
Cell Miadaine?/Mithne?Mayo
Cell Mian?/Midain?Mayo
Cell Mo-bíMayo
Cell Molára?Mayo
Cell MórMayo
Cell Mór MúaideMayo
Cell na fróech? (friuich?)Sligo/Mayo
Cell na nGargMayo
Cell na n-Ingen?Mayo
Cell Phíán?Mayo
Cell Róe MóreMayo
Cell RónáinMayo
Cell SeiscinnMayo
Cell SeiscnénMayo
Cell Sen-ChuaichMayo
Cell Tóg/TóchMayo
Cell Tulach (Kiltullagh)*Mayo
Cell Ua nAindinMayo
Cenn Lacha Mayo
Church Isd Mayo
Clare Island Mayo
Cloghans Mayo
Cluain ChormaicMayo
Cluain LócháinMayo
Cluain UinnsennMayo
Cordarragh Mayo
Cornfield Mayo
Criaghanboy Mayo
Cross BáithíneMayo
Cross Mayo
Cross Maíl-Fhína?Mayo
Cross PátraicMayo
Cúil ChorraMayo
Cunaker Mayo
Domnach Mór PátraicMayo
Doonfeeny Mayo
Downpatrick Head Mayo
Drinaghan Mayo
Drumnanangle Mayo
Dub OilénMayo
Ecclas Ruaig/RuacMayo
Ech InisMayo
Elmhall Mayo
Enach DubáinMayo
Find MagMayo
Forrach mac nAmalgada (Foirrgea)Mayo
Glaspatrick Mayo
Glenagh Mayo
Glenn MónaMayo
Imlech EchMayo
Inber Mayo
Inis ArdMayo
Inis bó finne (1)Mayo
Inis bó finne (2)Mayo
Inis CheithigMayo
Inis ErcaMayo
Inis GluaireMayo
Inis Laogh?Mayo
Inis MedhonMayo
Inis Mo-ChuaMayo
Inis na NáemMayo
Inis RodbaMayo
Inis TuircMayo
Islandeady Mayo
Killeen Mayo
Killogeary Mayo
Largan BegMayo
Lía na ManachMayo
Loona MoreMayo
Mag ChungaMayo
Mag nÉoMayo
Mílec (Fiaich?)Mayo
Oidim (?)Mayo
Oilén a' ClaisseMayo
Oilén Cholum CilleMayo
Portroyal/Odba CheruMayo
Ráith ChóemáinMayo
Ráith FoirrgeMayo
Ros Bran[duib] (?)Mayo
Ros LoígMayo
Ros mac CaitneMayo
Ros SeircMayo
Tallavbaun Mayo
Tech CaínMayo
Tempall Colmáin (na hAichle)Mayo
Tempall MarcáinMayo
Tempall na Leicin Mayo
Termann CarrachMayo
Termann DairbileMayo
Tír Nechtain (?)Mayo
Turlough Mayo