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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.:Documented AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics (the DIB terms such individuals often regarded as founders of churches — saints in the Irish tradition), whose association with the sites concerned is based on documentary sources.:LineageThis records the reputed ancestral lines of individuals given in Doc Assoc.:
Traditional AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics whose association with the sites concerned is based on tradition, dedication or placename association.:TownlandGives the townland (name spelt as in TTPBI Index) in which the site is (or is thought to be) located.:ParishGives the civil (not ecclesiastical) parish in which the townland is situated.:
DeaneryThis records the rural deanery (a sub-division of the diocese) to which the parish belongs.:DioceseThis records the medieval (not necessarily the same as the modern) diocese in which the foundation lies.:BaronyGives the modern barony (as in TTPBI Index the baronies were rationalised in 19thC) in which the townland and civil parish are situated.:
CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.:ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.:SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.:
Recorded HistoryThis concerns the subsequent history of the site, with emphasis on pre-Norman (or early post-Norman) native sources mainly annals but also including medieval ecclesiastical records (charters or taxations), English Crown documents and, on occasion, modern sources (especially surveys or maps, which may mark the location of lost sites or illuminate placenames).:Clerical StatusThis seeks to classify foundations as episcopal coarbial or eremitic based on the clerical orders ascribed to the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:GenderThis seeks to classify foundations as male or female based on the gender of the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:
Succession RecordLists ecclesiastics, male or female, who succeeded to offices at the foundation concerned abbots, abbesses, comarbai, bishops often clerics of less exalted rank such as treasurers, lectors, scribes. These lists make no claim to be exhaustive; fuller accounts for major sites can be found in the New History of Ireland, vol. 8, and in published prosopographies.:Medieval DedicationNotes medieval church-dedications to saints whether Irish or Continental.:Familial LinksIndicates links between foundations, whether claimed in hagiographical sources (a lesser site said to have submitted to greater site), attested by charter, or indicated by tradition or placename evidence.:
Folk TraditionRecords traditional stories, beliefs or practices (especially pilgrimages or patterns), or a tradition of clandestine burial either recorded or inferred from location names such as the killeen or the caldragh.:Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.:ArtifactsIn general, this records only items which may support the case for the site as a pre-Reform ecclesiastical settlement (especially croziers, shrines, chalices etc) — whether recovered by search or excavation, or merely associated with the site by tradition. Also included are such items as querns and kilns as flour-production was an important part of life at ecclesiastical (although also, admittedly, at secular) settlement sites.:
BibliographyMentions secondary references (sometimes very select indeed) to the site concerned. Some contain detailed discussion, others (especially where little else seems to be available) only the briefest mentions. For details see the Bibliography page.:AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.:

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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.
Aghaleech ruin; gvyd; bullaun x2
Aighaneccl site?; cross-inscr slabs; bullaun (removed 19thC); ch site; gvyd/cillin (No. 1512); well (St Conall)
Airb[r]e (= Cell Chuáin?)eccl site (no. 1164); circ encl (136m); bullaun?; ch site (med.); gvyd
Annaheangvyd (no.1154) incl. (circ area); inscr cross; bullaun x 2
Ardachad Brechmaigeeccl site; bullaun; cross-base; gvyd (no. 1327)
Áth Croise (Áth Chros Mo-Laga)eccl site (no trace of encl); bullaun; ch ruins (12thC); gvyd; well (St Molaga 25m SSW) (nos. 13873, 14387, 14536, 13934, 13908)
Áth Liacceccl site; ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: St Patrick? (tld Kilmore); possible bullaun?
Áth na gCeppeccl site; encl-curve SW; ogam stone; bullauns x2; ch site; souterrain
Attiroryeccl site; encl (sub-circ); bullaun (D-shaped); ch site poss (no trace); gvyd/killeen (no. 1397)
Augeriseccl site; bullaun (c. 250m to SE); ch ruin; gvyd (in adj tld Gorteennakilla); well c.300m to NE (nos. 9499, 9329, 9211, 9250)
Baile an doireeccl site; enclosure possible (gvyd - large oval); bullaun x2; ch ruin
Baile Boirne/Bairnecheccl site; circular hut site; bullaun frags x2; ch ruin; gvyd; penitential station; well: St Gobnet c.60m to S (nos. 9498, 9531, 9302, 7906, 9275, 9221)
Baile in Tempailleccl site (No. 478); bullaun x 2; former encl?
Baile meic Riacáin? (Creghorn)eccl site; bullauns x 3; convent site (OSL); gvyd; well: 'Tobar na Carraige'
Baile na Fuinseoigeeccl site; oval enclosure; bullaun; ch ruin (doorway pre-Norman?); 'Churchyard Field'
Ballinaltigeccl encl possible, lge circ; bullaun; ch site (Kilshanahan); gvyd (no. 5163, 5679)
Ballingowaneccl site; circ encl (double on OS map); bullaun; ch site (no. 1505)
Ballyalbaneccl site: encl oval (130 x 95m); bullaun; raised area; gvyd? (human remains unearthed)
Ballycahillch site; bullaun? (now vanished); gvyd site; well (nos. 1807, 1930)
Ballycaneweccl site (no. 1184); bullaun; gvyd - sub-circ raised; ch site (med)
Ballycook/Kinneigheccl site (No. 477) 'Kinneigh ch'; bullaun; cross base; gvyd; 'Sunday's Well' (no. 626)
Ballygarraneccl site; encl poss (circ); gvyd (Killeenagh); bullaun poss; cross inscr stone (no. 1317)
Ballymaclareeccl site possible (no. 1191); bullaun (found 1970); encl feature (1841 Map - faint)
Ballymorrineccl site poss; bullaun; ch site; gvyd site
Ballynabortagheccl enclosure poss ('Killeagh Rath' -now levelled); bullaun to SE; ch site? (no trace); gvyd/killeen (no trace) (nos. 5165, 5249, 5171)
Ballynakillyeccl site? semicirc encl; bullaun possible; calluragh (gvyd: Gortakilleen); wells x2
Ballynastraweccl site possible; bullaun (No. 1197); gvyd rect; well: St. Peter
Ballynoeeccl enclosure possible (oval); bullaun (1935 OS map - not located during site inspection) (nos. 13897, 13912)
Balrobinch site; bullaun (No. 886)
Baltigeereccl site; circ encl (no. 1345); bullaun; ch ruin
Bawnatempleeccl enclosure - roughly circ; cross-inscr stone (possibly 7thC) to NW; bullaun c.90m to W; ch site (Cannaway); gvyd (nos. 9198, 9517, 9241, 9217)
Beau Lieu eccl enclosure? - rect; bullaun (no. 1329)
Busherstowneccl site; bullaun (no. 503); gvyd (no. 532)
Caherbarouleccl site possible (lrg sub-circ enclosure on 1842, 1904 & 1938 OS maps); bullaun; cross-inscr stone to SE (nos. 9202, 9213, 9242)
Cappakilleeneccl enclosure possible (lrg circular); bullaun (nos. 1822, 1973)
Cappanagrauneccl site? bullaun; 'Toberanoonan' well (nos. 9214, 9258)
Carnagheccl site? bullaun at NW edge of 'St Patrick's well' (nos. 1615, 1746)
Carrickatoberbullaun possible; gvyd possible; well (St. Patrick - infilled) no visible remains (nos. 1725, 1748)
Carrigagowngvyd (children's); bullaun - possible (nos. 1994, 1974)
Carrigathouch ruin; bullaun within (1938 OS map); gvyd site to S (1842 OS map - no visible trace) (nos. 9491, 9320, 9215)
Carrownaseerch traces; cross-slab; bullaun ('St Patrick's stone'); Tau cross; gvyd - killeen (nos. 3330, 3490, 3690)
Casheleccl site? bullaun - 'the hollow stone' (No. 1740); gvyd - stone-lined graves reputedly found (No. 1779)
Cathair an Chrutairech site (possible); bullaun; stone-walled encl; gvyd ('monks')
Cell Achaid Dromma Fotaeccl site; enclosure; grave-slabs; bullauns; ch site (poss: Ch of Da Sinceall)
Cell na hOige/na hUaghaeccl site; encl oval (50 x 44m); bullaun (no. 1266) (Sheet 6)
Cell Airneeccl site poss; bullaun x 2
Cell Átha Moiríneccl enclosure possible (lrg sub-circular); bullaun to S; ch site - no trace (no. 5168)
Cell Báetáin (Kilbodan; Templeboodin)eccl site; bullaun; ch traces; gvyd; well: St. Boden (now vanished)
Cell Barra Meidin ch ruins - nave and chancel; double bullaun; ogam (CIIC 285. Kilbeg) - possible; gvyd; well c. 500m to SW (nos. 1366, 1491)
Cell Beccch site?; cross-inscr bullaun; subrect encl; 3 cross-inscr stones
Cell Bélateccl site; ch (nr tld bndry)?; bullaun?
Cell Bhreicc eccl enclosure - circular (stone-faced earthen bank); ch site; 3 bullauns (no. 1367)
Cell Brigte?bullaun (possible); cross inscr slab
Cell/Caill Uaillech? (Kiloola/Kilcallough)eccl site; ch traces formerly; bullaun 'St. Kevin's Cup'
Cell Charthaigeccl site; bullaun (Tobermurray) (No. 1577); ch ruin; gvyd; wells (St. Carthach; St. Conall) (Nos. 1696 & 1697)
Cell Chascáineccl site; ogam stone; bullaun to E; ch ruin; gvyd - late (nos. 3224, 2589, 3145, 1040)
Cell Chiaráineccl encl (sub-circ 42 x 46m); high crosses x 3 (decorated); bullauns; well
Cell Chomnaidch site; bullaun (to NE); gvyd; well (to SE) (nos. 1806, 1929, 1970)
Cell Chonáin (Kilconan)eccl site (no surface trace); bullaun c.140m to NNE (nos. 13875, 13913)
Cell Chorb[b]áineccl site; bullaun (2 more in adj fields); Chi-Ro pebble (EC); stone head (12thC? In W gable of ch); ch ruin (Dominican priory 15thC)
Cell Chrithaich (Glencree?)eccl site: 'The Relick'; 'Oltapale'; encl 45m diam; bullaun
Cell Chuáineccl site; ch ruin; semi-circ encl; bullaun; gvyd; gravemarkers
Cell Chuilinn?eccl site (no. 500); possible encl (curving bank); bullaun x 2; ch ruin ('Kilcullen ch'); gvyd; well 'Kilcullen well' (no. 653)
Cell Chumnachta?ch ruin; oval stone-walled encl; bullaun; calluragh (gvyd)
Cell dá ríghch site - possibly EC; bullaun c.9m to S; gvyd - modern (no. 3401)
Cell Diarmata eccl enclosure? - possibly circular; 2 bullauns (no. 1376)
Cell Draignige eccl site (no. 488); bullauns; cross head/base; ch traces
Cell Duibdúineccl site? bullaun; gvyd (semi-circ area S of ch => enclosure?); ch ruin - med (nos. 2643, 2787)
Cell Duráin? (Kildoran)eccl site (no. 1156); encl circ (70m); crosses x2 (granite: early?); bullaun (rec 19thc); gvyd; Doran's well
Cell Ecáinch site possible; bullaun; gvyd (No. 1225); well: Ladys Well
Cell Éinne (1) (Teglach Éinne)eccl complex: ch ruin x2 ('Teaghlach Éinne' + EC oratory); ch site; bullauns x2; inscr stone & cross-slabs x5 to SE; high cross (frag now at Cell Rónáin); rd twr (base); clochans x3; gvyd; well (Dabhach Éinne) (nos. 382, 569, 573, 575, 577, 965, 630-1, 71
Cell Éinne?ch site?; bullaun; oratory possible; beehive hut
Cell Éinnech site; bullaun; stone cross (pre 1200?); gvyd; well
Cell Eochada?eccl enclosure possible (E curving bank of larger enclosure survives); gvyd; bullaun (nos. 1866, 1979)
Cell Éogaineccl enclosure? sub-circular area; ch site; double bullaun; well (outside encl at SW) (no. 1420)
Cell Éogain/Eoin?eccl site? (no. 740); bullaun; med. par ch site
Cell Fáe (Kilfea)eccl site; circular encl possible (45m dia); granite slabs x 2 (1 cross-shaped; crude); bullaun; ch traces; gvyd; well: Tubber Brighde nrby(O'Curry OSL)
Cell Fhínáin?/Laignéin?eccl site? (no. 1417); bullaun (now lost); gvyd (sheet 7)
Cell Fhintaineccl site; d-shaped encl; ogam stone (Finten inscr in Roman lett); bullaun; ch ruin; hut; calluragh (gvyd); well adj
Cell Fhoirtcheirn eccl site (nos. 490, 641); bullaun; ch ruin (single-cell); granite font; well: St Foirtchern
Cell Garbáineccl site; ogam stone; bullaun; ch site (med); gvyd
Cell Ghobnait (Inis Oírr )eccl enclosure - possible (curving gvyd wall); ch ruin (EC oratory 'Cill Ghobnait'); bullauns x2 W & SSE; leachts x3; clochan WSW (nos. 552, 375)
Cell Gobnaiteeccl site possible (sub-circ enclosure 1842, 1903 & 1940 OS maps); bullaun x2; gvyd (nos. 9205, 9343, 9226, 9227)
Cell Iubráin?ch ruin (frag); bullaun (Timoney); gvyd
Cell (+?)ch site; bullaun (no. 1981)
Cell Laichteine/Lachtaíneeccl site; bullaun (+ 2 allegedly removed); cross slabs; gvyd; well: St Lachtain (nos. 9208, 9323, 9263, 9216, 9243, 9245)
Cell Loghach ruin (oratory); bullaun; beehive cells (clocháns?); decorated lintel
Cell mac Áeda?eccl site (no. 1163); encl oval (330 x 260m); high cross (small; defaced inscr.); bullaun x2; horizontal mill: gvyd (rect.)
Cell mac nÉnáinbullauns x 2 (no. 1747; Main St. - other remains later date)
Cell Máel-chétaireccl site; ogam stone (7thC?); bullaun x2; cross-slab; stone cross (pre 1200?); ch ruin (Romanesque); small cell, gvyd; cross-inscribed/shaped gravemarkers; well x2
Cell Mannáin (Kilmannon/Kilmannan)eccl site (no. 1237); bullaun; gvyd (rect.)
Cell M'ídeeccl site? bullaun c.15m to SE ; ch ruin possible; gvyd; well ('Tobernaslanan') (nos. 9283, 9347, 9230)
Cell Mo-báe?ch ruin ('St. Movee's Chapel'); gvyd; slab grave; well: St Movee/Movoe; geophysical indic. of encl; millstone; bullaun
Cell Mo-Bíeccl enclosure - D-shaped (formerly oval?); ch site; 2 bullauns; well (no. 1397)
Cell Mo-bóe (?)eccl site?; bullaun immediately SE; cross slab; ch site (12thC?); gvyd (nos. 3162, 3236, 2611, 2596)
Cell Mo-Chuaeccl site; ch foundations; gvyd; bullaun
Cell Mo-Chuillieccl enclosure - oval; bullauns x2; gvyd site (nos. 13884, 14129, 13918-9)
Cell Mo-Chumma ch ruin; bullaun possible (removed); gvyd possible; well c.50m to NW (no. 1391)
Cell Mo-Dimóc ch site; gvyd site (no trace); bullaun (at nearby house) (no. 1398)
Cell Mo-Libboeccl site; encl originally; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd; font
Cell Moreccl enclosure - oval; gvyd in SE quadrant; 2 bullauns (1 inside S bank, 2nd c.480m to NE); souterrain in NE quadrant (nos. 13874, 14069, 13909, 13910, 13222)
Cell Móreccl enclosure; cross slab; bullaun; leacht; gvyd (killeen)
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)eccl site; bullaun; ch f'dations; gvyd; 'Tee-Temple' (O'Curry, OSL); another to E
Cell na gColmáneccl site; enclosure; ogam stone; bullaun; cross-inscribed stone; ch site; huts; calluragh (gvyd); well
Cell na Saccarteccl site: encl; gvyd EC (Kilnasaggart: excavated); cross-carved pillar (inscr with name 'Ternoc'); possible bullaun; well
Cell Óenamhnáeccl enclosure; bullaun c.350m to S; ch ruin (11-12thC); gvyd (No. 13882, 14593, 14433, 13917)
Cell Orgulan?eccl site?; ch ruin; cross slab; bullaun (at Cloon Lough); gvyd
Cell Osnata?eccl site (no. 485); bullaun; rd twr site (demolished 1807); ch ruin; gvyd; well: St Patrick
Cell Roiseccl site; enclosure sub-circ (no. 1195); bullaun; gvyd
Cell Ruad/Róiteccl site; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd; well to S
Cell Ruiféadeccl enclosure possible (lrg circular cropmark); 'holy stone' - bullaun? (no. 1872)
Cell San Nioclaisch ruins; bullaun; well to SW (no. 1388)
Cell Ua nGarrchoneccl site; ch traces?; bullauns x 4 (2 nr well, 2 - one multiple - in adj field); well: St Boodin's
Cenn Ardch site; ogam stone x2 (possibly 5thC); bullaun; gvyd; well x3
Church Islandch ruin; bullaun c.120m N of ch (no. 1403)
Clarach ruin; ogam stones x 2; well &bullaun x 2 nearby
Clochar mac nDaiminieccl site; crosses x 3; bullauns
Cloghaneccl site; pillar slab; cross slab (Nos. 1534 & 1535); bullaun (No. 1741); ch site occ by 18thC ruin ('Teampall Caomháin/Cill an Spáinnigh'); cultivation terraces to W (MH); well (St. Conall) (No. 1663)
Cloghleigh/Kylebegeccl enclosure (remains of earth & stone bank); bullaun; gvyd (human bones found); well to NW (nos. 1830, 1997, 1976, 1956)
Clonaltraeccl site: enclosure - oval; raised area (lge oval platform); grave-slab (ringed cross, perh 9thC?); bullaun - double; gvyd
Cloneeneccl site (no. 745); bullaun; gvyd; well: St Kiaran nearby
Clonoseyeccl site; enclosure - circular; bullaun; friary remains (nos. 1625-7)
Cloonmorriseccl site; ogam stone; bullaun; ch ruin; rect gvyd (nos. 1409, 1443)
Cloonyconry*bullaun (Timoney)
Cluain Chaíneccl site; ch ruin; gvyd.; crosses; slab; bullaun; wells x 2: St Mogue?
Cluain Chonmaicneeccl site; pillar-stone (cross-inscr); cross-slabs x 3 (EC); bullaun; high-cross frags (shaft, transom, base: 10th-12thC); stone heads x 2 (built into wall); ch site; gvyd (no. 1406)
Cluain eccl site; circ encl; cross-inscr pillar x2; calluragh (gvyd); leacht; bullaun x2; well nrby: St Colmán
Cluain Duacheccl site; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd (sub-circular); cross-insc slabs
Cluain Duibch ruin ('Templebeg' - early med); bullaun 5m to NW (no. 533)
Cluain Eóchailleeccl enclosure (oval); bullaun c.8m to SW; ch ruin (Romanesque features) within; gvyd (no remains); souterrain (nos. 2625, 2782, 2041)
Cluain Escrach eccl enclosure - lrg circular; bullaun in NW quadrant; gvyd - killeen (nos. 3341, 3713)
Cluain Ferta Mo-Luaeccl site; EC cross-slabs x 2; bullaun; ch ruin Romanesque (no. 773); gvyd
Cluain foisch ruin; bullaun; gvyd - killeen to S (nos. 3344, 3718)
Cluaineccl site (no. 1220); bullaun x2; cross-decor slabs; ch ruin (13thc? Romanesque features); gvyd (rect.)
Cluain Mór Áeda eccl site; crosses x 2; cross-inscr stones x 19; ogam stone; bullaun x 2 (no. 483, 504); well: 'St Mogue' (OSL 1837, 113)
Colligan Begch site; gvyd; bullaun (no. 1337)
Coolstuffeccl site? (no. 1225); bullaun; gvyd (rect)
Courthoyle Oldeccl site (no. 1226); bullaun; gvyd (rect); well: Tobermurry
Cráeb Druim? (Price)eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; bullaun (formerly); 'Killahokan Stone' (adj tld Gowle)
Cráeb Elpi eccl site; bullaun; ch traces; gvyd 'The Religeen'
Cross Pátraiceccl site? cross-inscr stdg stone; bullaun (cross inscr); ch site poss?; gvyd
Crudha eccl enclosure - oval; bullaun x 4 (no. 1342)
Cúil Búinne ch ruin; bullauns x 2; gvyd; well c.80m to N (no. 1338)
Cúil Fhinn ch ruin (Romanesque); bullauns x 2; gvyd; effigy of bishop 'S. Monnia Episcops' (no. 1339)
Daire Lasracheccl site; enclosure - oval bivallate; bullauns x 3; gvyd
Derrintinnyeccl site? bullaun - 'Lackmogue' (on 1836 & 1876 OS maps; 2nd bullaun not mkd); well: 'Tobermogue' now infilled (nos. 1637-8, 1757)
Derrycassanbullaun (no. 1639)
Dísert Chuimíneccl site; outer encl possible; ch site possible; graveslabs; bullaun - formerly
Domnach an eicheccl site?; gvyd; bullaun
Domnach Mor Maige Rétaeccl site; ch ruin (no. 780); well (brigit) and bullaun 40m NNW
Donacavey (Domnach?)eccl site?; ch traces; cross-shaft (St Patrick's Cross); bullaun (both lost)
Doonpetereccl site; sub-circular enclosure; gvyd within; bullaun; ch site possible; well ('Doon well') (nos. 5253, 5174, 5210)
Druim Lúacháineccl enclosure oval; bullaun; gvyd (Cíllín) site; ogam stones x 10 (nos. 1349, 1487)
Drumnakillch traces; bullaun
Duagh/Cell Chumnachta?ch ruin; oval stone-walled encl; bullaun; calluragh (gvyd)
Dungooly (Urney) eccl site; bullaun; Latin cross inscribed slab; ch ruin ('Urney Church'); gvyd (No. 921)
Ecclasch site; 2x ogam (1 cross inscr: Maltese); bullaun; gvyd
Ferrnan ch ruin; bullaun - possible (no. 1355)
Formoyleeccl site? bullaun; gvyd/calluragh
Garran Tortain ch site ('Na Cillíní') - no trace; bullaun - now lost; pillar stones? (no. 1358)
Garrauneccl site possible (no. 1366); encl circular (1841 map; no remains); bullaun (now lost); ch site (1940 map)
Garryduffeccl site? oval enclosure - now levelled (no. 5295); bullaun (possible) nrby
Glebech ruin; gvyd; bullaun; ogam stone - possible (no. 1359)
Glenn Cornógeccl site; bullaun (now vanished?); gvyd (O'Curry, OSL)
Gormanstownch site (tld Gormanstown); bullaun ('holy-water stoup')
Gortaclade ch site - possible ('An Cillíneach'); bullaun (no. 1517)
Gowlanech site 'An Chill Íochtair' (An Seabhac); bullaun; gvyd possible
Horse Islandeccl site?; bullaun; gvyd (no visible trace) (nos. 2865, 2585)
Imlech Fotaeccl encl - possible (traces); bullaun; ch site (occ by C of I ch ruin) (nos. 2633, 2784)
Inber Doíleeccl site; oval encl; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd
Inchindrislach site ('Cill Naoimh Chonnláin')?; bullaun?; well ('Tobar Naoimh Chonnláin') (no. 1521?)
Inis an Ghaill eccl complex: ch ruins x 2 (Tempall na Náem + another); cross-inscr pillars x2 (6-7thC inscr to Lugaed); cross-slabs x5; stone cross; bullauns x3 (1 lost); gvyd; well (nos. 548, 549, 550)
Inis bó finne (1)eccl site: encl (faint traces); bullaun; cross-slabs (EC); ch ruin (med: 'St Colman's Abbey')
Inishleenaeccl site; bullaun; ch site possible (Inishleena Abbey OS map 1938); gvyd; well to N (nos. 9486, 9333, 9277, 9225);
Inispollangvyd site - ''Killyvallagh' (now occupied by RC ch & gvyd); dbl bullaun
Irairdeccl site: bullaun poss; stone crosses; well: St Fiachra
Kilaned (Cell Fhanaid?)eccl site; cross-slabs x 2 (Nos. 1574, 1575); bullaun (No. 1744); ch site?; bldgs x2 possibly eccl (1 rect lean-to, 2 sm cell); gvyd (No. 1816); wells x 2: St Conall, St Fanad (Nos. 1692-3)
Kilbracken/Kilnabritogeeccl site; bullaun (no. 491); ch ruin; gvyd; plain crosses
Kilbreeeccl site? bullaun; gvyd; well (now dry c.30m to S) (nos. 2586, 2680, 2873)
Kilbronogeeccl enclosure?; bullaun; cross-inscribed slab; ch ruin (sm oratory) probable; gvyd/killeen (nos. 2571, 3143, 2607, 2587)
Kilbrowneccl enclosure - oval; bullaun; ch ruin; well 20m NW (nos. 2572, 3144, 2588, 2684)
Kilcummineccl site; enclosure possible; bullaun; gvyd; later friary ruin (nos. 2640, 2641, 2786); well: 'Tobar Cuimin', unloc
Kildeniseccl site (no. 1305); encl half-circ (40m); bullaun
Kildurrihy (Cell a ru)eccl site; circular encl; bullaun possible; ch site; calluragh; well (K. West)
Kilfadeeneccl site? bullaun; just S of gvyd/killeen (nos. 2590, 2877)
Killeenaghch site; gvyd site? bullaun (no. 1522)
Killianneeccl site (no. 1258); bullaun; gvyd circular (40m); ch ruin
Killincoolech ruin; gvyd (No. 936); bullaun in SE corner
Killoan (Cell Éogain?)cross-base; bullaun
Killoweneccl site; raised area - oval; bullaun; standing stone; gvyd (on raised area); well (nos. 2888, 405, 2591, 2688)
Kilmacreeeccl site possible (no. 1263); bullaun; ch site; gvyd (subrectang)
Kilmacteigeeccl site; bullauns; cross-slab; ch site (occ by C of I ch ruin); gvyd (curving wall => encl?) (nos. 2648, 2684, 2788)
Cill Mágh Cearóg?eccl site possible (oval enclosure, 1904 & 1940 OS maps); gvyd in NE quadrant; bullaun c.55m outside perimeter (nos. 9206, 9346, 9229)
Kilmichaelch ruin; bullaun c.50m to W; gvyd to E (nos. 3152, 2891, 2592)
Kilnadureccl site? bullauns x2; gvyd - rectang enclosure (nos. 2895, 2593, 2594)
Kilnahaltarch ruin (no.1169); bullaun X 2
Kilnanooaneccl encl (curved banks on E of site); ch ruin (EC? small 5 x 12m: 'Templemoyle Abbey'); poss bullaun
Kilnaruaneeccl enclosure large, roughly circ; high cross shaft (figure décor - Nat Mon no. 436: EC); bullaun; gvyd (nos. 2576, 2620, 2898, 2595)
Kilrusheccl site (no. 1195); circular gvyd (65m); bullaun (double)
Kiltycloghanch site; bullaun; ch ruin (15th/16thC); gvyd; souterrain possible immediately to SE (nos. 2655, 2108, 2789)
Knockakeo*bullaun; well ('Tobereenkilgrania') (nos. 5176, 5227)
Knockatempleeccl site; bullaun; trace of encl?; ch ruin; gvyd
Knockaturnoryeccl enclosure? - sm rectangular (previously extended further?); ch site; bullaun (no. 1406)
Knockbridech ruins (multi-period); gvyd; bullaun c.175m E of ch (nos. 1672, 1673)
Knockroureccl encl possible (sub-circ - entrance of 2 parallel upright stones to SSW); gvyd site 'Keelboultragh' (cist-formed graves; 'Kill burial gd' on 1842 OS map); bullaun; well: St James to SW (no. 9207, 9357, 9234, 9292)
Labbamolagaeccl site; enclosure sub-circ; bullaun; ch ruins (par ch; earlier fndts - 9th/ 10thC?); stone cross (missing 1997); cross-slabs x2; gvyd (nos. 13887, 14600, 14438-9, 13930, 13928, 13923-4, 13920)
Leckaunch site?; bullaun (no. 1528)
Leitrimeccl site; encl circular (55m dia); bullaun; gvyd; well
Liss Dergáin?eccl site? circular encl; ch site?; cross-inscr pillar; bullaun; calluragh; well
Loch Daibchín eccl enclosure sub-circ; traces of 2 cell buildings; bullaun (now lost); well c.70m to S (no. 1414)
Lothraeccl enclosure circular (also probable inner enclosure); bullaun x2; high cross x2 (bases + shaft frags: prob 8th/9thC); ch ruin (possibly 11thC); gvyd; well (nos. 1883, 1960, 1983)
Mag Bhlosgaid?eccl site (excav Crothers); bullaun; souterrain; gvyd
Mag drothir Dremnech ruin (St Kieran's?); gvyd; bullaun (nos. 1886, 1986)
Mag itir dá glaiseccl site: encl (now erased); bullaun; ch ruin (med)
Maigen(?)eccl site (EC excav Higgins): inner encl? (cashel wall); ch ruin (med; on early plinth); bullaun (incorp in later plinth c.1200); gvyd
Mainistir Áedáin (Monasterredan)eccl enclosure (roughly circular: 'Cashelnamonastragh'); bullaun; cross-incised slab; ch site; gvyd/killeen within encl; souterrain in NW quadrant; corn-drying kiln (nos. 2662, 2136, 2688, 2795, 2801)
Mainistir Buitieccl site; triple encl (cropmks; oval - 59 acres); high crosses x3; bullaun; grave-slabs x2; rd twr; ch ruin; gyvd; souterrains x3 (No. 954)
Mainistir na Liath eccl enclosure - sub-circ; bullaun (just inside encl); ch ruin? (eccl building); gvyd; togher possible nrby (nos. 3442-3)
Massreaghbullaun x 2 (No. 1747)
Montiagheccl enclosure poss; bullaun in E half; cross-slab (EC); ch ruin (nunnery? OS 1836); gvyd/killeen; raised area within? (high mound on which slab positioned) (nos. 2663, 2796)
Muffeccl site?; cross-base; bullaun x 2 (no. 1546)
Myshall eccl site; bullaun x 2 (no. 493); ch ruin (with pre-Norman sections); well: St Brigit
Newtowneccl site (1839 OS 6" map; not visible now); bullaun X 2 (no. 494)
Oilén Maisean ch ruin (EC oratory); cross slabs x2; leachts x2; bullaun; gvyd (no. 590)
Oilén tSenaicheccl site; cross-slab x3; stone cross; bullaun; ch ruin x2; beehive huts; souterrain; gvyd
Port an Chairríneccl enclosure - lrg oval; ch ruin (EC oratory); bullaun - no trace (nos. 606-7)
Portlickeccl site poss; encl; cross-inscr slab (in gdn of Portlick Cas); cross-base; bullaun (nr shore of l. Ree)
Ráith Boirneeccl site; encl oval (150 x 100m: field bndries); bullaun; ch ruin (nave 18' long; med but incorp Cyclopean masonry)
Ráith Cormaic eccl site?; bullaun (no.1422); ch ruin; gvyd
Ros Cammeccl enclosure (D-shaped); cross-slab EC; bullauns (multiple); rd twr; ch ruin (late med); med grave-slabs x2; holed stone ('penitential st' on OS maps); gvyd; wells (nos. 610-1, 976)
Ros Cathailch ruin (EC oratory - 'St Brecan's'); double bullaun c.50m to SW; gvyd (no. 609)
Ros Meic Treoineccl site (no. 1168); gvyd sub-circ; bullaun x2; well: Stephen the martyr
Sellooeccl site (no.1178); circular area; stone cross; bullaun
Senboth Sine/Cholmáineccl site (no. 1161); encl circular (double-ditch: 250m); bullaun; rd twr (stump)
Senchelleccl site? bullaun (from old ch now at door of St Matthew's par ch); ch site; gvyd
Senchill / Cill a Longphuirteccl site; cross-inscr stone (with inscription) - now lost; bullaun - now lost (no. 1428); ch site (poss EC; now no trace)
Shanbally 1eccl encl possible (defined by oval area, bank and fosse); bullaun (no. 1429)
Shanbally 2ch site possible; bullaun (no. 1430)
Shelbagganeccl site (no. 1375); bullaun; encl oval? (small - 1841 Map)
Srahanboyeccl site; substantial enclosure (no. 800); bullaun possible; ch site; gvyd site
Srón Áirích traces; bullaun; cross-inscr slab x 3; gvyd
St Kieran'seccl site (no. 1293); bullaun; ch (med)
Stoukeeccl site?; bullaun; gvyd ('Killeenstouke') (nos. 3243, 2598)
Straideccl enclosure - possible; bullaun; ch site; 'St Patrick's shrine'; gvyd; well (nos. 3468-9, 3569)
Tacumshineccl site (no. 1218); bullaun (nr mod ch - from here?); gvyd (rectang); well: Catherine
Tech Eóin (St John's Point)eccl site; ch ruin - excav. 1970s (10th or 11thc; lintel above W door, antae); gvyd -EC gvs below N wall; bullaun; well
Tech Mo-Sacru (Tassagart)eccl site; cross-slab (double-headed shaft, ringed crosses: 10thC?); bullaun; gvyd; wells (adj tlds Boherboy, Slade) St Patrick, St Senan
Tech Saxaneccl site poss; bullaun; ch site (in T. More); gvyd (+ par ch in T. Beg) (nos. 5773, 5177)
Tempall an Chethrair Álainn eccl site; bullaun; ch ruin (med); possible monastic buildings x3 to E & W; well to SE; gvyd - plot with 5 flagstones 'Leabaanceathairalainn' on OS maps (nos. 599, 337, 750)
Tempall Asurnaigeeccl site; ch ruin (EC oratory + possible eccl building); cross-slabs x3; bullaun; 'saint's bed'; well & bush c.115m to NW (nos. 598, 336, 748)
Tempall Becc na Náem ch ruin (EC oratory); bullaun c.100m ESE (no. 516)
Tempall Chill na caisneeccl site?; bullaun; ch ruin (featureless 'Killycawna'/'Templemoyle')
Tempall Éinne eccl enclosure - possible; ch ruin (EC oratory); bullaun & well to NW (nos. 567, 709, 884)
Tempall Fiachnach site (possible); bullaun
Tempall meic Duachch ruin (single celled; med but incorp 'Cyclopean' masonry => EC); bullaun; leacht x 2; well
Tempall Móreccl site; bullaun; cross-slabs x 5 (EC date?); ch ruin - med ('Tempall Mor'); traces of 2nd building ('Teach na gCailleach Dubh'); stone head; gvyd; well: 'Tobermoneen' (nos. 2609, 2676, 2699, 2779)
Tempall Muire*eccl site poss; bullaun (possible); ch site (med); gvyd nearby (nos. 525, 526)
Tempall Senáineccl site (no. 1301); bullaun; gvyd D-shaped (60 x 60m); ch site (med par)
Templebryan (1)eccl enclosure oval; ogam stone; bullaun; ch ruins; gvyd; well: 'Tobernakilla' at SE bank (nos. 2580, 3172, 3245, 1041, 2599, 2711)
Termoneccl site; bullauns x3; ch ruin (Killinagh); well ('Toberbride') c.110m to WSW (nos. 1702-3, 1778); gvyd
Threewellseccl site?; bullaun (possible); gvyd (quadrang encl); well
Toberlyan Duffinbullaun (orig 1 of series which formed penitential station); well to NNE (nos. 1707, 1779)
Tuaim (Toome)eccl site (no. 1178); bullaun; raised area; gvyd (rectang); ch site (med par)
Tulach Liss/Tellach Liaseccl site roughly oval; cross slabs (many EC); bullauns x2; ch ruin; 'St Bericheart's hse' (rect. structure); gvyd; wells: St Benjamin (tld Gortnagark); St Mary (tld Poulavare) (nos. 13892, 14455, 14622, 13994, 13933, 14029, 13925-7, 13922, 13916).