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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.:Documented AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics (the DIB terms such individuals often regarded as founders of churches — saints in the Irish tradition), whose association with the sites concerned is based on documentary sources.:LineageThis records the reputed ancestral lines of individuals given in Doc Assoc.:
Traditional AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics whose association with the sites concerned is based on tradition, dedication or placename association.:TownlandGives the townland (name spelt as in TTPBI Index) in which the site is (or is thought to be) located.:ParishGives the civil (not ecclesiastical) parish in which the townland is situated.:
DeaneryThis records the rural deanery (a sub-division of the diocese) to which the parish belongs.:DioceseThis records the medieval (not necessarily the same as the modern) diocese in which the foundation lies.:BaronyGives the modern barony (as in TTPBI Index the baronies were rationalised in 19thC) in which the townland and civil parish are situated.:
CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.:ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.:SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.:
Recorded HistoryThis concerns the subsequent history of the site, with emphasis on pre-Norman (or early post-Norman) native sources mainly annals but also including medieval ecclesiastical records (charters or taxations), English Crown documents and, on occasion, modern sources (especially surveys or maps, which may mark the location of lost sites or illuminate placenames).:Clerical StatusThis seeks to classify foundations as episcopal coarbial or eremitic based on the clerical orders ascribed to the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:GenderThis seeks to classify foundations as male or female based on the gender of the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:
Succession RecordLists ecclesiastics, male or female, who succeeded to offices at the foundation concerned abbots, abbesses, comarbai, bishops often clerics of less exalted rank such as treasurers, lectors, scribes. These lists make no claim to be exhaustive; fuller accounts for major sites can be found in the New History of Ireland, vol. 8, and in published prosopographies.:Medieval DedicationNotes medieval church-dedications to saints whether Irish or Continental.:Familial LinksIndicates links between foundations, whether claimed in hagiographical sources (a lesser site said to have submitted to greater site), attested by charter, or indicated by tradition or placename evidence.:
Folk TraditionRecords traditional stories, beliefs or practices (especially pilgrimages or patterns), or a tradition of clandestine burial either recorded or inferred from location names such as the killeen or the caldragh.:Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.:ArtifactsIn general, this records only items which may support the case for the site as a pre-Reform ecclesiastical settlement (especially croziers, shrines, chalices etc) — whether recovered by search or excavation, or merely associated with the site by tradition. Also included are such items as querns and kilns as flour-production was an important part of life at ecclesiastical (although also, admittedly, at secular) settlement sites.:
BibliographyMentions secondary references (sometimes very select indeed) to the site concerned. Some contain detailed discussion, others (especially where little else seems to be available) only the briefest mentions. For details see the Bibliography page.:AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.:

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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.
Abbert Demesneeccl encl - circ; ch ruin (med - possibly refurbished); gvyd (nos. 3276, 3277)
Abbeyparkch site? (possibly EC); togher; field system (nos. 3991, 4072); ch ruin (Augustinian abbey post 1140) (no. 3282); wayside cross; well (nos. 3492, 3507)
Achad Aballeccl site; circ encl; ch ruin (Romanesque 12thC 'The Churches')
Achad Chonaireeccl site; cross-slab; carved stone (human head in relief); cross-inscr lintel (?); ch ruin (Med), 2nd ch ruin (possible) c.100m to NE; gvyd; well: Tober Finane (nos. 2603, 2674, 2694)
Achadh Deoch ruin (Romanesque); rd twr base; 2x ogam stones (1 lost)
Achad Fobaireccl site; ch ruin ('Tempulnabhfial'? on L. Crichan); rd twr; gvyd; well: Tobar Pátraic
Achad maic Airteccl site (No. 689); ch ruin ('The Abbey'); gvyd; bellfry in 12thc
Achad Mórch ruin; gvyd
Achad Mór/Daire Fhínáinch ruin 'Derrynane Abbey' (late - possibly Augustinian)
Achad Togartaeccl site (No. 691); ch ruin (med.); gvyd; well
Achad Urglaiseccl site; cross base x 2; ch ruin (No. 475); gvyd
Achad Úreccl site; ch ruin
Achill Beg Isd eccl enclosure (in Dún Kilmore promontory fort); cross (sm, crude nrby); ch ruin; gvyd
Aghadooey Glebe eccl site: pillar-stone (cross-inscr: EC); leacht; encl sub-rect (stone walled); ch ruins; gvyd
Aghagallon*ch ruin; gvyd
Aghaleech ruin; gvyd; bullaun x2
Aghamuck*ch ruin (med); gvyd
Aghnameadle*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1801)
Aghteyr*ch ruin (nave + chancel)
Ahgloragh*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 3288)
Airdne Chóemáineccl site; oval gvyd; ch ruin fragmentary (no. 1174)
An Choill Bheageccl enclosure - oval; cross-inscr pillar-stone; inscr slab; ch ruin - med; gvyd (nos. 561, 562)
An Chorr eccl enclosure - possible; ch ruins; gvyd (no. 589)
Annaghch ruin; gvyd (no. 1609)
Annies* ch ruin; gvyd; Abbey ruins
Ara ch ruins (x2)
Ara Cóemáin/Tempall Cóemáin ch ruin ('Teampall Chaomháin' EC nave 10thC?); cross-slab; clochan - possible (nos. 554, 376)
Archerstowneccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (sub-oval)
Ardachadeccl site; ch site EC (traces of wooden bldg: excav by De Paor); ch ruin (cathedral); well: St. Brigit (loc not specif.)
Ardachadch ruin; well (Mo-Lua)
Ard bóeccl site; ch ruin; high-cross
Ard Chath*eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Ardclinisch ruin; gvyd
Ardcloonch ruin ('Ardcloon'); cross head (12thC); cross-slabs; gvyd (nos. 3331, 3491)
Ard Cróinech ruin; gvyd (no.1802)
Ardcullen*ch ruin
Ard Dúineccl enclosure - semi-circular; ch ruin; gvyd
Ard Ladrann (Ardamine)eccl site; cross; ch ruin (late); gvyd
Ard Lemhach (Ardaloo)*ch ruin
Ard Licce/Sendomnachch ruin (med: Cill Chaomháin?); gvyd
Ardmacaisse? ch ruin; gvyd
Ard mac Nascaich ruin (late)
Ardnacrannyeccl site; encl - oval, large; ch ruin? ('Abbey' OS Map); gvyd
Ardnageehy*ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 5606, 5677)
Ard nUrchaireccl site; encl poss; (pre-med?) ch extant 15thC; ch ruin (med abbey); gvyd; well: Tobar Brígte (w. of village)
Ard Oiléneccl enclosure; ch ruin (oratory - EC); cross-slabs x5; cross x3 (incompl); tomb-shrine; clochans x2 (3 more recorded - no longer visible); horizontal mill; gvyd? (nos. 546, 547)
Ard Pátraicceccl site: encl; ch ruin (pre-Norman); rd twr (stump); well
Ard Pátraicceccl site? (occ by Ardpatrick House); ch ruin (No. 883: late)
Ard Salach/Sailechch ruin 13thc features (no. 1332); well St. Bridget's (no. 1575), female stone head
Ard Senlisch ruin (late med: Ard Sean Lios/Cill Do-Lallóc)
Ardskeaghch ruin (no. 14388) - Romanesque
Ardtole circ encl; cross-carved slab (10thC); souterrain; ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: St Patrick nrby
Áth Croise (Áth Chros Mo-Laga)eccl site (no trace of encl); bullaun; ch ruins (12thC); gvyd; well (St Molaga 25m SSW) (nos. 13873, 14387, 14536, 13934, 13908)
Ath Derc*eccl site?; ch ruin - late (12 x 6 yds)
Áth Ích ruin
Áth Ísil*ch ruin (Med)
Áth Liacceccl site; ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: St Patrick? (tld Kilmore); possible bullaun?
Áth Maigneeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (semi-oval)
Áth Segieccl site?; ch ruin; base of twr (no. 1334)
Áth Truimmeccl site; ch traces (Manorl'd); ch ruin (Townpks Nth; med - St Patrick's) (nos 1452, 1518)
Attanagh*ch ruin
Augeriseccl site; bullaun (c. 250m to SE); ch ruin; gvyd (in adj tld Gorteennakilla); well c.300m to NE (nos. 9499, 9329, 9211, 9250)
Aur-ráith Do-Philócch ruin (Med - lwr courses perh 12thC)
Bahana (= Ballykine?)ch ruin; EC grave-slab inscr 'oroit do Fachtain'; gvyd (rect)
Baile Amlaib/Uí Amalgadaeccl site; encl sub-circ; ch ruin ('Cross Church of Moreen')
Baile an Chnocáin/Collis Scti Brandanieccl site; encl; cross-inscribed stone; ch ruin; rect building; cairns; well
Baile an doireeccl site; enclosure possible (gvyd - large oval); bullaun x2; ch ruin
Baile an Iubhaireccl site; encl poss ('circular earthen entrenchment'); ch ruin; gvyd; souterrain; well?
Baile an Tempaill*ch ruin (med); gvyd
Baile an Tempaillch ruin; gvyd (on earlier site?) (no. 1332)
Baile Bocht?*ch ruin (OS map)
Baile Bogain*ch ruin (no. 1337: 12thc Augustinian fndt) - poss on earlier site?
Baile Boirne/Bairnecheccl site; circular hut site; bullaun frags x2; ch ruin; gvyd; penitential station; well: St Gobnet c.60m to S (nos. 9498, 9531, 9302, 7906, 9275, 9221)
Baile Cholmáineccl enclosure? sub-circ gvyd; ch ruin
Baile Chuthláin/Chuthlacháin?ch ruin (med; OS map)
Baile in Tempailleccl site possible(No. 710); ch ruin (late medieval); gvyd
Baile Macdun? ch ruin (extant 19thc?)
Baile na Fuinseoigeeccl site; oval enclosure; bullaun; ch ruin (doorway pre-Norman?); 'Churchyard Field'
Baile na gCaillech*ch ruin (nunnery?)
Baile na Mainistrech eccl enclosure - probable; ch ruin? (13th & 17thC phases); field system (nos. 3283-4, 3992)
Baile nua na Saccarteccl site?; ogam stones; ch ruin (late med: mkd 'Abbey' on OS maps); gvyd (nos. 5613, 5691)
Baile Tobair Brigtich ruin (late med); gvyd; well: Tobar Brígte
Baile Tobair Pátraiceccl site; ch ruin (med: Ballintober Abbey); gvyd possible; tóchar Pátraic
Baislecc Mórch ruin (16th/17thC on possible Patrician site); gvyd; well: Ailbhe (Tobar A.)
Ballincloher*ch ruin
Ballindooneccl enclosure; gvyd; ch ruin (early 16thC Dominican abbey); well: St Dominick (nos. 2610, 2701)
Ballintemple*ch ruin; cross-slab; gvyd
Ballintleach ruin (no. 1313)
Ballyadding*ch ruin (medieval); gvyd
Ballybaan*ch ruin - med (no. 512 )
Ballybarrack*ch ruin (No. 884)
Ballybeg*ch ruin
Ballyboodineccl site possible (No. 697); ch ruin; gvyd 'Keelogue'
Ballybrackeccl site; ch ruin (early? Cyclopean masonry)
Ballybuggy (Baile Uí Bhogaig)eccl site (No. 698); D-shaped gvyd; ch ruin; St Bridget's stone
Ballycahillroeeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Ballyclogh*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 14389, 14538)
Ballydeloughey*ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 14391, 14539)
Ballyenaghty*ch ruin
Ballygarry ch ruins; gvyd; well (Tobercolumbkille)
Ballygormanch ruin (No. 1516); well (No. 1646)
Ballygurrimch ruin
Ballyhalbert / St Andrews? ch ruin (late)
Ballyhale (Kiltorcan)*ch ruin (Kiltorcan ch)
Ballyhaych ruin (late Romanesque); gvyd (no. 14393, 14541)
Ballylinan*ch ruin (medieval)
Ballylinny*ch ruin; gvyd
Ballymartin (Killoonach)*ch ruin (Killoonach)
Ballynaclogh*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1814) - possibly early?
Ballynagiglach ruin; well c.400m to S (no. 1322)
Ballynaglogheccl site (possibly early); ch ruin (later med); gvyd (no. 2614)
Ballynahaglish*ch ruin; gvyd (Church Hill)
Ballynahinch ch ruin & gvyd (c.1 mile SE of mod ch); 2nd gvyd c.2miles to NW (Glassdrumman)
Ballynahowneccl site (No. 700); circ encl; ch ruin (undifferentiated); EC cross-slabs now in Clonaslee ch.
Ballynakilleccl enclosure? (indic of possible curved encl element); ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: 'Lady's Well' (nos. 2615, 2704)
Ballynakilleccl enclosure (oval); ch ruin (probably med par ch); gvyd (nos. 3306-7)
Ballynakilly*ch ruin (late); gvyd
Ballynalacken*ch ruin ('Leitrim' - late med in appearance); gvyd (nos. 14396, 14544)
Ballynatrayeccl site - possibly EC; ch ruins (nave and 13thc chancel) (no. 1326)
Ballyrolly*ch ruin; gvyd
Ballyspillane*ch ruins; gvyd (nos. 5614, 5692)
Ballytrustan*ch ruin
Ballytrustan*ch ruin; gvyd
An Raingiléiseccl site; encl; cross-slabs x2; cross; ch ruin; gvyd; well (Tobermalogga)
Balreagheccl site; enclosure - oval; ch ruin; gvyd
Baltigeereccl site; circ encl (no. 1345); bullaun; ch ruin
Barmeath*ch ruin (No. 887)-late
Barnatonicane (Cell Mo-Laca?)ch ruin ('Kilcarrel'); gvyd (nos. 3108, 3191)
Bartramstowneccl site; enclosures inner (30m) outer (60m); ch ruin (no. 1346)
Baunaghra (Bán Eachra?)eccl site (No. 701); circ encl; ch ruin; gvyd (before 1905)
Bawn*ch ruin (No. 889)
Bawntaaffech ruin (No. 890)
Baytowneccl site; encl d-shaped (45 x 29m); ch ruin within (late)
Becc Iniseccl site? cross-slab; leacht; ch ruin (oratory); hut; calluragh (gvyd)
Beefaneccl site; encl no.1 (no. 1522, 18.3m), ch ruin ('St C's chapel' 5.75 x 3.4m) within; cross slabs x 8; cairns to SE & NE; 'St's bed'; encl no.2 stone walled (no. 1523, 10.75m); cairn at centre, cr slab; well on hillside (St. Colum Cille) (No. 1521)
Beirrechch ruin; gvyd (no. 536)
Belach Dúin/Dísert Chiaráin*eccl site; ch ruin; high cross x 3; cross-slab (no. 1360)
Bennchorch ruin (med - in Banagher town)
Bishop's Isdch ruin (drystone oratory); rect bldg - traces; clochán (+ poss site of another)
Blaitinech ruin (late med) (No. 1476)
Boheh eccl site: cross-slab x 5 (EC); cross-inscr stone block; poss leacht ('The Monk's Grave'); ch ruin; gvyd (killeen: contains sunken area with dry-built walls)
Boherash*ch ruins ('Friary' on 1934 OS map); gvyd (nos. 14399, 14547)
Bordgal (Mór)eccl site (No. 703); traces of enclosure; ch ruin; gvyd
Br[e]adach*ch ruin; gvyd (Belvoir Park); well site to S (overgrown, no surface trace)
Breaghwych ruin; gvyd
Brecc-Chluain eccl encl (roughly circ cashel); ch ruin ('Clonmakeeran'); gvyd (nos. 3313-4)
Brí Gobann/Fán Muilteccl site - early; rd twr site (fell in storm 1720); ch ruin (late: in ruins 1744 - Brady); gvyd; well; St Finnchu's stone (nos. 13877, 14400, 14549, 13951, 13906, 13929)
Britwayeccl site; ch ruin (date c.1110-1120?); gvyd (no. 5615, 5696)
Bumlin ch ruin; gvyd
Buncam ch ruin; gvyd
Burriscarra*ch ruin (med friary?); gvyd
Cahergowan*ch ruin - probably med par ch (no. 3317)
Caherkeeneccl site? gvyd in semi-circ enclosure; ch ruins (nos. 2770, 3111)
Cahersiveen*ch ruin (late); gvyd
Caílle Muadnatanch ruin; gvyd/killeen
Caínach Brigti (Cam Maigh Brigti)eccl enclosure - circular; ch ruin (12th/13thC); gvyd; well: Tobar Brígde (adj tld Brideswell)
Caisel Irroech ruin (prob 11th/12thC); rnd twr site?; gvyd
Caladh Choillch ruin
Camasch ruin (late); gvyd
Camlinch ruin
Cappaghnanool (Ardnabara)*ch ruin ('Ard na bara' - abbey?); gvyd - killeen (nos. 3322, 3679)
Cappoge*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 893)-late
Cargineccl enclosure - circular; ch ruin - med; gvyd/killeen (nos. 3323-4, 3683)
Carnch ruin; gvyd
Carn Greinech ruin; gvyd (Carngrany)
Carnseccl site: circ encl (130m diam); ch ruin (med); gvyd
Carrac Brénainnch ruin (17thc - vanished: Donnelly); gvyd (Carrickbrennan)
Carraig na Cillech ruin; gvyd (no visible grave markings) (no. 5716)
Carranch ruin (nave length 17'.3)15c - but reused carved stone in constr
Carrickbaggot*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 894)
Carrickfergus (St Mary's)eccl site; ch ruin
Carricknahorna*eccl site? (no. 2621); ch ruin (med nunnery?)
Carrigathouch ruin; bullaun within (1938 OS map); gvyd site to S (1842 OS map - no visible trace) (nos. 9491, 9320, 9215)
Carrig*ch ruins (no. 14401)
Carrigdownane*ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 14402, 14552)
Carrowkilleen ch ruin; gvyd
Carrownalecka ch ruin; gvyd
Carrowntempleeccl enclosure (both outer & inner probable); cross-slabs x 13 (EC date); ch ruin (med - within encl); gvyd; souterrains (x 2) c.20m to NW & c.150m to W (nos. 2623, 2679, 2019-20)
Cartoncoragheccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Cartronch ruin ('Ballynakill' - med); cross-slab c.12m to NE (no. 529)
Castlebrack*ch ruin (No. 707); rect gvyd
Castlecor (Kilbrin)ch ruin (Kilbrin); gvyd (nos. 14403, 14556)
Castlelandch ruins x 2 (1 possibly early, 2 probably Med par ch); gvyd (nos. 14404, 14558)
Castlelosteccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (curved sections)
Castlemacadameccl site?; encl possible; ch ruin (nr. moate); gvyd
Castlerahanch ruin (18thc); gvyd - subrect; possible earlier ch site (50 yds to E) (nos.1620, 1621)
Castletown*ch ruin (late med); gvyd (another ch ruin & gvyd of late date nrby; nos. 897, 898)
Castletowngeogheganeccl site; encl - circular; ch ruin ('chapel'); gvyd
Cathair Pátraiceccl site; pillar stone (inscr Maltese Cross); cross-slabs x 14 (at least 5 date 7thC); ch ruin (med: St Patrick's); gvyd
Ceathrú Mheánachch ruin ('Killererin'); gvyd (no. 3325)
Céin Muirtheimneeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (No. 932)
Cell Abbáineccl site (no. 759); ch ruin (nave and chancel); gvyd
Cella Beccaeccl site (poss EC); encl - arc preserved in curving rd to W (MacSh); eccl cas (14thC) on site; ch ruin NE of site, 15thC Franciscan friary; well St Catherine
Cell Achaid ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 14432, 14591)
Cell Achaid Conchinnch ruin; gvyd
Cell Achaid Draignigeeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; well St Catherine
Cell Ádamaireccl site; ch ruin; well
Cell Adgaireccl site; circular encl (traces); grave-slab x2 ('Rathdown' types: 10-11thC?); cross-base; ch ruin (med); gvyd; well
Cell a' Fidáin? (Kilfiddane)ch ruin; well: St Senan nrby
Cell Aindeeccl site; ch ruin (no. 934)
Cell Ainthinnech ruin - med; gvyd (no. 568)
Cell Áireccl site; encl - outer, large (refl in tld bndry to NE); ch ruin x2; gvyd (quadrantal); well: Tobar Brighde
Cell Airdch ruin; gvyd
Cell Airdrí*ch ruin (in tld Glebe)
Cell Airedch ruin (med par ch?); gvyd; holy/curing stones & 'straining stone' (nos. 2645, 2747)
Cell a' Leabhair? (C. Abair?)ch ruin; gvyd; unclassif monument 'Labbapatrick' c.6m to NE (no. 3419, 4076)
Cell an Bhernáinch ruin (oratory); gvyd; poss leacht
Cell an Epscoipeccl site; encl circular; gvyd; ch ruin (16-17thc?)
Cell an Tempaill ch ruins (on EC site?); gvyd; ogam (nos. 1416, 1497)
Cell Ausilli/Auxiliieccl site; rd twr; ch ruin; well: St Patrick
Cell Báetáin?ch ruin (33' x 18': late date); gvyd
Cell Bairrfindch ruin; gvyd; well to NW (nos. 1861, 1953)
Cell Bairrfinnch ruin; gvyd (No. 1576); well (No. 1694)
Cell Barra ch ruins; gvyd (no. 1365)
Cell Barra/Kilbarry (1)eccl enclosure sub-circ; ch ruin; gvyd; well (St Finbarr) 30m NE (nos. 2569, 3141, 3222, 2679)
Cell Barra Meidin ch ruins - nave and chancel; double bullaun; ogam (CIIC 285. Kilbeg) - possible; gvyd; well c. 500m to SW (nos. 1366, 1491)
Cell Barrócch ruin; burial gd; well - trad nr ch
Cell Beccáinch ruin
Cell Becceccl site (no. 1166); encl circular (83m); cross-inscr ogam stone (inscription removed?); ch ruin
Cell Beccch ruin (64' x 18' with belfry); gvyd
Cell Becnatanch ruin (med); gvyd
Cell Beinéineccl enclosure - possible; ch ruin (prob late med); rd twr 5m W of ch; gvyd; well 110m to NW (nos. 3455-7)
Cell Beraigeccl site; ch ruin (undivided); gvyd (no. 1420)
Cell Beraig (?)ch ruin (tld Ballyhomuck)
Cell Bhile (Kellavella)ch ruin
Cell Bhile (Kilvilly)ch ruin
Cell Bhrannach ruin; gvyd (nos. 14392, 14540)
Cell Bráthach ruin; gvyd
Cell Breccáinch ruin ('Carrantemple'); well x2
Cell Breccáinch ruin (prob late med); gvyd; well (nos. 563, 706)
Cell Brénainneccl site (Kilbraynan?); ch ruin levelled
Cell Bríge/Brigtech ruin (24' x 12'); gvyd
Cell Brigte?ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: Brigit?
Cell Brigtech ruin (nunnery?)
Cell Brigteeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Brigteeccl site? ch ruin (extant18thc); cross rock - of antiquity?
Cell Brigtech ruin; gvyd (rect); well
Cell Brigtech ruin; gvyd
Cell Brigteeccl site; ch ruin (No. 1368) nave and chancel; gvyd
Cell Brigtech ruin ('abbey'); gvyd
Cell Britain/Cell na mBretaneccl enclosure? large sub-circular (no surface trace); ch ruin 'Kilbrittain'; gvyd; well c.200m SW (nos. 2570, 3142, 3223, 2681)
Cell Broccáin (?)eccl site (No. 752); ch ruin; inscr stone; gvyd; horiz mill
Cell Bróine (?)ch ruin (late Med); gvyd (nos. 14426, 14585)
Cell Bruaineeccl site; stone crosses x2 (unringed cross 9thC?); gvyd; ch ruin (15th/16thC); well SW of ch (ded. to St Brigit, orig Brónach)
Cell Buaine (?)eccl site; oval encl; gable-shrine; croos-slab; stone cross; leacht; ch ruin (oratory); rect bldg; well
Cell Buide (?)ch ruin; well (in adj tld Kilboy)
Cell Buide (?)ch ruin (on earlier site - possibly 12thC Romanesque); gvyd (no. 1862)
Cell Chaeidi (Kilkeedy)ch ruin (late)
Cell Chailchíne? (Kilkilliheen)ch ruin (Kilkellan?)
Cell Chaimín (Caherminnaun)eccl site? enclosed gvyd ('Kilcaimin' 32m diam); ch ruin? (sm oratory? or 'founder's tomb'?); well: T Caimín
Cell Chainnig Beccch ruin (No. 776); gvyd
Cell Chainnigeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; tomb; gvyd
Cell Chairill (Kelkirell)ch ruin (late); gvyd nrby; wells
Cell Chairill (Kilcurl)ch ruin
Cell Chairne?eccl site; oval encl; ch ruin (nave + chanc; Romanesque sill; incorp 'Cyclopean' masonry); another site adj; well nrby 'Tobar Ingen Baíth'
Cell Chaiseeccl site; ch ruin - small (excav Sweetman; Romanesque doorway)
Cell Charthaigeccl site; bullaun (Tobermurray) (No. 1577); ch ruin; gvyd; wells (St. Carthach; St. Conall) (Nos. 1696 & 1697)
Cell Chascáineccl site; ogam stone; bullaun to E; ch ruin; gvyd - late (nos. 3224, 2589, 3145, 1040)
Cell Chéirech ruin; gvyd (no. 1864)
Cell Cheirne?eccl site; ch ruin (no. 1422)
Cell Cheiseccl site? ch ruin (Hiberno-Romanesque)
Cell Chiaráin?ch ruin; cross-inscr stone; well: St Kiaran (tld Knocknagross, Mt Shannon W)
Cell Chiaráineccl site? ch ruin; gvyd (now no trace?); wells: St. Ciaran; St. Michael
Cell Chiaráinch ruin (oratory - EC); gvyd with dry-stone shrine; well: 'Tobar Chiaráin' (nos. 564, 707)
Cell Chliathach?eccl site; enclosure (oval); ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Chluaine ch ruin (med?); gvyd (no. 3393)
Cell Chócach ruin
Cell Chochán eccl enclosure? - circular gvyd; ch ruins (no. 1372)
Cell Chódhch ruins; gvyd (nos. 3146, 3225)
Cell Chóelainn?eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Chóeleccl site; enclosure probable; cross & base; ch ruin (late); gvyd
Cell Chóemrachch ruin (oratory - sm); calluragh (gvyd); well nrby
Cell Choirill eccl enclosure - irregular; ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 3403-4)
Cell Cholganch ruin
Cell Cholmáin Bánch ruin (late med); gvyd
Cell Cholmáineccl site; ch ruin; gvyd - 'Tintemple'/ 'Churchtown'
Cell Choluimbeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; well: Tobar Choluimb
Cell Chomgailleccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; cross slab (granite); encl quadrang; well
Cell Chomhlaeccl enclosure (partially destroyed wall); slab-shrine (EC 7th/8thC?); ch ruins? (possible sm stone ch & traces of 2 other bldgs) (nos. 604, 353-4)
Cell Chommáin (Kilcomane)eccl site? cross-slab; ch ruin possible (O'Donoghue); gvyd (nos. 2874, 2608)
Cell Chommáin (Kilcommon)eccl enclosure circular; ch ruin (med); gvyd
Cell Chommuireccl enclosure roughly oval; ch ruins (late Med & site of earlier ch); gvyd (nos. 13879, 14427-8, 14586)
Cell Chomraireeccl site: cross-slabs, carved x2; ch ruin ( Kilcomreragh?); gvyd
Cell Chonaillch ruin; gvyd
Cell Chonairech ruin (frag)
Cell Chondraicheccl site (no. 838); ch ruin, encl, well (OSL) - confusion with Glenealy
Cell Chongalaig (Kilconnelly)ch ruin; gvyd (Kilconnelly)
Cell Chonlaich ruin
Cell Chorb[b]áineccl site; bullaun (2 more in adj fields); Chi-Ro pebble (EC); stone head (12thC? In W gable of ch); ch ruin (Dominican priory 15thC)
Cell Chraebnat/Chraibnatach site? ch ruin (med Benedictine nunnery?); field system (nos. 3400, 4017)
Cell Chréde (Kilcreddy)ch ruin (Kilcreddy)
Cell Chríst (Kilchreest)ch ruin
Cell Chrócháinch ruin; cross-inscr slab; gvyd; holy well x2
Cell Chróine (Kilcroan)ch ruin (early - Kilcroan); gvyd
Cell Chrónáin (?)eccl site? ch ruin (no. 755); gvyd
Cell Chruimthir Fiachrach/Cell Cruimriathareccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Chruimthir Fraeichch ruin; gvyd ('Cill Crumper') (nos. 14442, 14604)
Cell Chuaca/Chuaichi?eccl site?; ch ruin (1882: 'old ch defaced nr farmhouse')
Cell Chuáin ch ruins
Cell Chuáineccl site; ch ruin; semi-circ encl; bullaun; gvyd; gravemarkers
Cell Chúáin (Kilquain)ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Chuanna/Chuannathech ruin (med?); gvyd; rd twr stump - 5m to SE (nos. 3397-8)
Cell Chúilech ruin (med); gvyd
Cell Chúilech site? ch ruin (med abbey)
Cell Chuilinneccl site; high cross shaft (fig with bell & crozier; panel illustr raid?); rd twr; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Chuilinn?eccl site (no. 500); possible encl (curving bank); bullaun x 2; ch ruin ('Kilcullen ch'); gvyd; well 'Kilcullen well' (no. 653)
Cell Chuimmínch site poss (no. 1828); ch ruin (Benedictine priory)
Cell Chumilieccl site; ch ruin (foundations); gvyd (no. 1424)
Cell Chummaineccl site (Ballinlena): cross-slab x2 (one with inscrip 'not found' 1997); pillar-stone (EC); ch ruin; gvyd (Kilcummin)
Cell Chumnachta?ch ruin; oval stone-walled encl; bullaun; calluragh (gvyd)
Cell Churcaige? (Cork Abbey)eccl site; ch ruin demol 1790s (O'Curry OSL); gvyd; well to east
Cell Chúrnáin (Chaurnáin?)ch ruin
Cell Chúrnáin?ch site possible (early); ch ruin (late); gvyd (no. 14408)
Cell Cluana/Kilcluney*ch ruin & gvyd; well - nearby (now filled in)
Cell Damnatanch ruin (EC features, but modernised); gvyd ('Kildavnet'); well
Cell Darbilideccl site (NMI): cross-inscr pillar-stone x 3; ch ruin (Kildarvilla: features stone 'Crucifixion Plaque'); 'St Dervila's Bed'; gvyd
Cell (d)eglan(?)eccl site; encl oval (46 x 41m); ch ruin (foundations); gvyd (no. 1430); souterrain
Cell Delcceeccl site; ch ruin (late med) (No. 1425); well: Tobar Damnata (Cogan)
Cell derce daimeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 573)
Cell Do-Chammóc?ch ruin; gvyd; well site - possible
Cell Do-Chommócch ruin; gvyd
Cell Draignech/Lóthareccl site; circ encl; ch ruin (oratory); cross-inscr slab x3; leacht; hut; gvyd
Cell Duibdúineccl site? bullaun; gvyd (semi-circ area S of ch => enclosure?); ch ruin - med (nos. 2643, 2787)
Cell Eidne? (Cloghanower)ch ruin (Cell Eidhne - med); gvyd; well c.200m to N (nos. 3337, 3529)
Cell Eiltíneeccl site; ch ruin; encl; rect building x2; circ hut; cross-inscribed stone (Cloch na Croise); calluragh (gvyd)
Cell Éinne (1) (Teglach Éinne)eccl complex: ch ruin x2 ('Teaghlach Éinne' + EC oratory); ch site; bullauns x2; inscr stone & cross-slabs x5 to SE; high cross (frag now at Cell Rónáin); rd twr (base); clochans x3; gvyd; well (Dabhach Éinne) (nos. 382, 569, 573, 575, 577, 965, 630-1, 71
Cell Éinneeccl site; ch ruin (med; chancel); well: Colmán m Duach (at Cahermkerrilla)
Cell Eithne?eccl site (No. 763); encl (circular: aerial photo); ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Epscoip Bróineccl site; ch ruin
Cell Epscoip Lonáineccl site; carved stone head (11th-12thC); ch ruin (med? leveled ante 1839); gvyd; well: Flannán
Cell Epscoip óigeccl site; encl circular; ch ruin (16-17thc?); gvyd
Cell Epscoip Sanctáin (Kill St Ann)eccl site; ch ruin; well: 'St. Ann'
Cell Etargabalach ruin; gvyd
Cell Fháeláin (Kilwhelan)ch ruin (nave and chancel) 'Kilfailan Ch'; gvyd (no. 730)
Cell Fhata (Kiladda)eccl enclosure oval (visible in aerial photo); ch ruin; gvyd in NE quadrant (nos. 13889, 14441, 14603)
Cell Fhergo/Fhorgach ruins (late); gvyd rect; well: St Mary nrby (no. 1430)?
Cell Fhergusa ch ruin
Cell Fhiaclach ruin
Cell Fhínáin?ch ruin; well (holy)
Cell Fhinnabrachch ruin; high-crosses (11th-13thC); gvyd; well
Cell Fhínnachtach ruin; gvyd
Cell Fhinnbuidech ruin (med); gvyd
Cell Fhinnche? No. 808. Ch ruin; gvyd (subrect.); well
Cell Fhintaineccl site; d-shaped encl; ogam stone (Finten inscr in Roman lett); bullaun; ch ruin; hut; calluragh (gvyd); well adj
Cell Fhlannáin?ch ruin (med); gvyd - oval; leacht; well to E (nos. 566, 997)
Cell Fhobric? (Kilfarboy)ch ruin; gvyd; well - Lachtain
Cell Fhoirtcheirn eccl site (nos. 490, 641); bullaun; ch ruin (single-cell); granite font; well: St Foirtchern
Cell Fhorannáin?ch ruin (42' x 16'); well: St Farnan
Cell Fhursa; Odhareccl enclosure possible; ch ruin (multi-period incl EC oratory); gvyd (no. 3454)
Cell Gabra/Cell Garad? eccl site (no. 758); ch ruin; gvyd; holy well
Cell Galláin?ch ruin (late Med); in gvyd (nos. 14430, 14589)
Cell Garbáin (Killygarvan Upr)ch ruin (late 15th, 16th C?) (No. 1882); well (no trace) (No. 1698)
Cell Ghobnait (Inis Oírr )eccl enclosure - possible (curving gvyd wall); ch ruin (EC oratory 'Cill Ghobnait'); bullauns x2 W & SSE; leachts x3; clochan WSW (nos. 552, 375)
Cell Gialláineccl site? ch ruin? (OS map)
Cell Gobnaitech ruins; clochán; cross; well
Cell Gobnaitech ruin (no. 1380) (Romanesque doorway - no longer visible); gvyd; well (Tobar a Phoona/Tobar Ghobnait)
Cell Gobnaitech ruin; ogam stone; circ cells; calluragh (gvyd) adj; holy well
Cell Imlecha/Killemlaghch ruin (med); gvyd; well adj
Cell Ingen Baítheccl site; ch ruin (antae => early? rebuilt c.1230?); rd twr (base); stone crosses; wells x 2
Cell Ingen Léiníneccl site; ch ruin; rath (in 19thc) gvyd; Rathdown slabs
Cell Íteeccl site; ch ruin
Cell Iubaireccl site; ch ruin (no. 1389)
Cell Iubráin?ch ruin (frag); bullaun (Timoney); gvyd
Cell Laisreeccl enclosure? ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Laithrigh (Killaree)ch ruin
Cell Láthraig/Áthraigeccl site; high-cross shaft, base x 2; ch ruin (late med); gvyd (no. 1428)
Cell Leáin ch ruin (site possibly EC); gvyd - modern; wells x2 to NE (nos. 3406, 3552-3)
Cell Liatháin ch ruin x2 (1 probably med par ch; 2 probably 17-18thC chapel); gvyd (no. 3413)
Cell Lócháin/Killoughanech ruin (late); gvyd
Cell Lóebáinch ruin; circ gvyd (no.1167)
Cell Loghach ruin (oratory); bullaun; beehive cells (clocháns?); decorated lintel
Cell Lomatch ruin (med); gvyd
Cell Lonáinch ruin (med); cross-inscr slab x3; well nrby
Cell Luaithrinnch ruin; gvyd (no. 2646)
Cell Lucáineccl site; encl poss; ch site (occ by C of I church); ch ruin (med abbey); gvyd
Cell Lugach (Killow)ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Lugáin? (Mountbernard)eccl enclosure - orig circular; ch ruin in E half; gvyd (nos. 3415-6)
Cell mac Áedach ruin (no. 695: medieval: Kilmackeady); gvyd
Cell mac Cannáin?eccl site poss? cross-slab (EC); ch ruin (med: .5km to W); gvyd
Cell mac Éogain?eccl site (EC? '6thC foundation': Beirne); ch ruin (13thC); gvyd; well: 'Tobar Phádraig'
Cell mac Gobain? ch ruin
Cell mac-Laisrech site (EC - Kilmaclasser Ch); ch ruin (med); gvyd
Cell mac Léiníneccl enclosure - lrg oval (aerial photo); ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 13883, 14434, 14594)
Cell mac Lugna ch ruin (Norman?)
Cell mac Talmaich/Mo-Talmaich?ch ruin; enclosure (gds of Cas Bagot)
Cell M'Áedóc? (Killmogue)ch ruin; gvyd; well (Patrick's)
Cell Máel-chétaireccl site; ogam stone (7thC?); bullaun x2; cross-slab; stone cross (pre 1200?); ch ruin (Romanesque); small cell, gvyd; cross-inscribed/shaped gravemarkers; well x2
Cell Máele- (later Cell Eo)?ch ruin & gvyd
Cell Maige Clíaichch ruin; gvyd
Cell Maige Glaiseccl site; ch ruin ('chapel'); gvyd
Cell Maignenn*ch ruin (late med); gvyd
Cell Maignenn?ch ruin (65' x 18'); gvyd
Cell Máile/Máele-ch ruin (traces); gvyd; wells nearby
Cell Mainchínch ruin
Cell Manntáinch ruin (extant 18thC: Nevill's Map 1760)
Cell Martra?eccl site; ch ruin; font; holy-water stoup
Cell mBia[in]ch ruin (18.6 x 7.7m incl small annex); rd twr, butt of (identif by J. Higgins; SMR update GA 106-103004); gvyd
Cell Meic-Creichech ruin (nave + chancel; med but incorp 'Cyclopean' masonry in N wall); well
Cell meic Duachch ruin (cathedral); rd twr
Cell Meic-Dubáinch ruin; well (another, T Senáin in Carhue)
Cell Meic-Liacch ruins; gvyd - possible (no. 1390)
Cell meic Nemainneccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Mennmain?ch ruin (late med); gvyd; well: St Manman
Cell Mennmain?ch ruin
Cell Menóc? (Kilmanoge)eccl site?; ch ruin (early? Cyclopean masonry)
Cell M'Ernóc (Kilfernoc)eccl site?; ch ruin; decorated stone formerly?
Cell Mhuire?*ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Mhuire?*ch ruin (med); cross-inscribed stone; well
Cell Miadaine? (Kilmeane)ch ruin (med); gvyd
Cell Miadaine?/Mithne?ch ruin
Cell M'ídeeccl site? bullaun c.15m to SE ; ch ruin possible; gvyd; well ('Tobernaslanan') (nos. 9283, 9347, 9230)
Cell Mílchonch ruin
Cell Milócch ruin
Cell Mithilch ruin (late); well
Cell Mo-báe?ch ruin ('St. Movee's Chapel'); gvyd; slab grave; well: St Movee/Movoe; geophysical indic. of encl; millstone; bullaun
Cell moccu Birnch ruin (St. Mary of Downs); location name Holywell
Cell Mo-Channócch ruin; gvyd; well: St. Mocanogue's
Cell Mo-Chellóc? (Kilmakilloge)ch ruin (Romanesque); gvyd
Cell Mo-Chellócch ruin & gvyd
Cell Mo-Chidgóceccl site poss: encl circular (60m dia - nthn slope Kilmashogue Mt); cross-slab (Greek cross, encirc - 9thC?); ch ruin (extant 19thC: Joyce); well (formerly)
Cell Mo-Chóemócch ruin; gvyd; well: St. James
Cell Mo-Chritóc?ch ruin
Cell Mo-Chua?eccl site; ch ruins; well
Cell Mo-Chuitbrichtch ruin - mainly 15thc
Cell Mo-Chumma ch ruin; bullaun possible (removed); gvyd possible; well c.50m to NW (no. 1391)
Cell Mo-dailbh (Kilmodalla)ch ruin
Cell Mo-Gorróc?ch ruin - 'The Ivy Ch'
Cell Mo-Guaire?ch ruin; gvyd; well (possible) c.60m to N (nos. 14436, 14596, 14044)
Cell Mo-Laisseeccl site; gvyd D-shaped (=> encl?); ch ruin; ogam stone (no. 1396, 1494)
Cell Mo-Libboeccl site; encl originally; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd; font
Cell Mo-Ménócc?eccl enclosure - possible; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1854)
Cell Mór Airthir Fine Gallch ruin (rec. Down Surv.)
Cell Mór Arad Tírech ruin (late); gvyd (no. 1868)
Cell Mór Farranreagh*ch ruin (med); calluragh (gvyd)
Cell Mórch ruin
Cell Mór (Kilmore)eccl enclosure - roughly circ; ch ruin; gvyd; well 500m to S (nos. 3622, 3642, 3640, 3623)
Cell Mórch ruin
Cell Mór Maige Glaissch ruin (med); gvyd
Cell Mo-Shillóceccl site; gvyd D-shaped (no. 1219); ch ruin/Romanesque arch (until 19thC)
Cell Mugainech ruin + chapel adj (med/late - poss on EC site); well
Cell Muire*ch ruin
Cell Muireccáin/Muragáinch ruin, gvyd, holy well c. 200m to N
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)ch ruin; gvyd (no. 532)
Cell Muire eccl enclosure - sub-circular; ch ruin; gvyd site - no trace (nos. 3423-4)
Cell Muire (Kilmurry-Ibrickan)ch ruin (late); well St Brigit in par
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)*ch ruin (no. 769)
Cell Murbaigeccl complex: enclosure; ch ruin x2 ('Teampall na Naomh' EC oratory; nrby 'Teampall Mac-Duach' EC with later additions; possible eccl building adj); ch site with gvyd (possible - to E OSM, OSL); Latin cross - incised (possible reused cross-slab); pillar-s
Cell na hInnse?eccl site; ch ruin poss (str not identif); gvyd ('Monaster Gvyd')
Cell Náilech ruin; gvyd
Cell na Manach ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: St Patrick
Cell na Náem*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1869)
Cell na ndérch ruin (med); stone carving (med)
Cell na Ráthach ruin
Cell na Secht n-Ingen (Cashleen)ch ruin ('Rynvyle': med - possible traces of earlier doorway in W wall); gvyd; well to NNE 'Tobar na Secht n-Ingen' (No. 704, 530)
Cell Nechtain? (Kilnaughten)ch ruin (med); gvyd; well (Tobernaughten)
Cell nua?eccl site; ch ruin (frag); gvyd; well: Mo-Chuille
Cell Óenamhnáeccl enclosure; bullaun c.350m to S; ch ruin (11-12thC); gvyd (No. 13882, 14593, 14433, 13917)
Cell Ó gCróineccl site; suboval encl; cross-inscr ogam stone; cross-slab; leacht x2; ch ruin (oratory); bldgs; gvyd; mill (poss)
Cell Onchon? (Killonaghan)ch ruin (nave - length 16')
Cell Orgulan?eccl site?; ch ruin; cross slab; bullaun (at Cloon Lough); gvyd
Cell Osnata?eccl site (no. 485); bullaun; rd twr site (demolished 1807); ch ruin; gvyd; well: St Patrick
Cell Phátraic (Clough)ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Phátraic?eccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Cell Phátraiceccl site (excav by Swan); enclosure oval (100 x 88m: evid of occ 6th-9thC); ch ruin (med - 15thC?); gvyd ('Kilpatrick' OS Map); well: St Patrick
Cell Phíchieccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Raissech site -early? (nr Kilross, med. ch ruin no. 2652)
Cell Rathnaitech ruin; gvyd
Cell Rechtguis? (Kilraghtis)eccl site?; ch ruin
Cell Ródáin/Rótáinch ruin (med); (earlier site? traces - O'Donovan); gvyd
Cell Roiseccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (Shanakyle)
Cell Rois ch ruins
Cell Roiseccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Rónáineccl site; ch ruin (no. 1360); 'hermit's cell' (15th c) on EC site; well
Cell Rossantaeccl site; enclosure suboval; ch ruin (no. 1404) within; wells x 3
Cell Ruadáin?ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1873)
Cell Ruadáin? (Kilrooan)ch ruin (part of wall & lrg stone font); gvyd
Cell Ruad/Róiteccl site; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd; well to S
Cell Ruidche?/C. Brigtech ruin; high-cross; rd twr; gvyd
Cell San Labhraiseccl enclosure - circular (bivallate: rc date 650-780); ch ruin & gvyd (no. 1387)
Cell San Nioclaisch ruins; bullaun; well to SW (no. 1388)
Cell Saráineccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (No. 938)
Cell Secháin?ch ruin
Cell Seiscnénch ruin (19thc - O'Donovan)
Cell Senaicheccl site; ch ruin (single celled); well: St Augustine
Cell Sgéithch ruin
Cell Silláinch ruin (Romanesque doorway)
Cell Sinchill? (Kiltennell)eccl site?; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 524); well
Cell Srianáinch ruin (17thC); gvyd (nos. 1426)
Cell Talmhan(?)*ch ruin demolished c.1820 by a Mr Carpenter (O'Curry, OSL)
Cell Teimnéinch ruin
Cell Tidill?/Cell Chéile?eccl site (excavated by Manning): ch ruin (Romanesque features)
Cell Tidill eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 770)
Cell Tigernáin/Ternáineccl site: grave-slab ('Rathdown' type 10-12thC); ch ruin (early? lintelled doorway, cyclopean masonry); raised area; gvyd
Cell Tigernáineccl site: enclosure circ, lge; ch ruin (medieval); gvyd possible
Cell Tiprateccl site: cross-slab (EC); ch ruin; rect gvyd (no. 1433); well - formerly?
Cell To-Chomhrachtch ruin (med); rect gvyd; well to N (no. 1432)
Cell Tómma?eccl enclosure circular; ch ruin (12th C window); gvyd; well: Patrick
Cell Trostáin?ch ruin (med); gvyd
Cell tSenaicheccl site?; cross slab; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell tSenáin Liatheccl site; ch ruin (late); gvyd; well: Senán (Liath)
Cell tSuibhne eccl enclosure ('cashel') - oval; ch ruin (in E half); gvyd - modern (no. 3426)
Cell Uachtair [Achaid?]eccl site; ch ruin (10.6 x 5.2m: 12thC doorway); gvyd
Cell Uachtair Maigheeccl site; ch ruin within rect. encl; gvyd; well; souterrain (No. 1267, 1405)
Cell Ua mbairdeccl site?; ch ruin (K. Old Ch); gvyd (no. 1880)
Cell Ua Tigernáineccl enclosure (also possible inner encl); ch ruin (Romanesque doorway); gvyd (no. 1860)
Cell Ultain ch ruins
Cell Uscaidi? (Killiskey)eccl site; ch ruin; gyyd
Cenannaseccl site; encl discernible (aerial survey); ch ruins (EC); cross (no. 1555); gvyd (nos. 1513,1514)
Cenn Ardch ruin ('Reglaish Ch': med); gvyd (calluragh?); wells: Tobar na Stéilleach/Tobar Muire/Tobar Michíl (K. West)
Cenn Eicheccl site; ch ruin; rd twr
Cenn Eichch ruin; stone crosses; gvyd; well: 'T Rí an Domnaigh'
Cenn Éitigeccl site; cross slab (poss 9thC); high-cross (now in Cas. Bernard); ch ruin (med)
Cenn Iubair? (Kenure)ch ruin; Well: St Catherine
Cenn Lochach ruin; rect gvyd (no. 1434)
Cenn Maraeccl site; ch ruin; rd twr
Cenn Sáileeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Ceppach na gCrannch ruin (oratory); calluragh (gvyd); poss souterrain
Chapel Carroneccl site possible (no. 1202); ch ruin (traces); well St. Nicholas
Charlestown*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 900)
Churchfield/Coolkilleccl site; oval enclosure; ch ruin (late) within; well: St Patrick c. 260m to SW (nos. 1404, 1458)
Church Isd ch ruin (EC); gvyd
Church Islandch ruin; bullaun c.120m N of ch (no. 1403)
Church Islandeccl site; encl - oval, small; ch ruin (oratory); gvyd (no. 1363)
Church Island/Oilén an Tempailleccl site; cross-inscr slab x10; pillar stones; leacht x3; ch ruin (Romanesque); St Finan's Cell; gvyd
Church Island/Oilén an Tempailleccl site; enclosure (0.5 acre); ch ruin (oratory: early?); ogam-inscr cross-slab (7thC?); cross-slab x2; stone crosses; gvyd site; hut
Churchtown*ch ruin (Bruhenny par ch); gvyd (nos. 14406, 14561)
Churchtowneccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (oval)
Churchtown Gartanch ruin; gvyd (No. 1533); holy well
Clarach ruin; ogam stones x 2; well &bullaun x 2 nearby
Clare Island ch ruin (the 'Abbey': med); gvyd
Clashlehane?ch ruin
Clenorch ruins (Romanesque); in NW of gvyd (nos. 14407, 14562)
Clocháneccl site?; ch ruin (med); stone head; holy well
Clochareccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 901)-late
Clochrán (Hiddert) eccl site; ch ruin; well: Our Lady's
Clogrenanch ruin; gvyd (no. 547); stone incised cross
Clonaghch ruin (no. 711)
Clonakennych ruin; rect encl (gvyd?) (no. 1831)
Clonassyeccl site ('Sean Eaglish'); ch ruin; gvyd; trace of embankment (in 19thc); pillar stone
Clonbuogh*ch ruin - sm; gvyd site - on 1st ed OS map (nos.1832, 1998)
Clondermotch site; (ch ruin - med - vanished ante 1830)
Cloneeb*ch ruin (no. 712); gvyd
Clonkeehanch ruin (No. 903)
Clonleach ruin; gvyd; well - Senán
Clonlosteccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Clontallaghch ruin (Mevagh ch); carved cross; cup mkd stdg stone (No. 1541)
Clonygoose*ch ruin (nave pre-Norman, chancel medieval); gvyd; well: Lady Well (No. 479)
Cloonakille (or Cloonakilia)ch ruin (Romanesque window: 12thC?)
Cloone/Clonamerych ruin (nave and chancel); clochán x 2
Cloonmorriseccl site; ogam stone; bullaun; ch ruin; rect gvyd (nos. 1409, 1443)
Cloonmullinch ruin (Teampall Maol); gvyd (killeen)
Clopookch ruin (no. 720); gvyd
Closutton/Cell Fhínáinch ruin; gvyd 'Killinane' (no. 550)
Cloydah*ch ruin (medieval)
Cluain Airdne/Cuerneeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Cluain Bheirn (Cell Bhrénainn?)ch ruin ('Kilbrenan' - med); gvyd; 2x wells (nos. 3338, 3530-1)
Cluain Chaín Chairillch ruin ('abbey' - site possibly EC); cross-base to SE; gvyd; field system (nos. 3339, 3493, 4005)
Cluain Chaín ch ruin (pre-Norman; Romanesque doorway)
Cluain Chaíneccl site; encl poss; ch ruin ('Templevally Ch'); gvyd
Cluain Chaíneccl site; ch ruin; gvyd.; crosses; slab; bullaun; wells x 2: St Mogue?
Cluain Chaín eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 717)
Cluain Chathaeccl site; grave-slab (cross-inscr: EC); high crosses x 2; ch ruin; gvyd (No. 1539)
Cluainclaidheach? Claidmech?ch ruin (on earlier ch site? Ballinakill?)
Cluain Clárithch ruin (probably late); subrect gvyd (no. 1405)
Cluain dá gatch ruin; gvyd; well
Cluain dá ochraeccl site; ch ruin (pre-Norman?); inscr slab ('the bishop's grave'); gvyd (Ardneeve - Ard [na] Naomh?); well (tld Bunacloy adj to Ballinakill)
Cluain dá Rátha?ch ruin; gvyd
Cluain Dergáineccl enclosure - sub-circular; ch ruin (possibly med) in NE quadrant in sm sub-circular enclosure; gvyd - killeen (nos. 3342-3, 3716)
Cluain Dolcáineccl site; ch ruin; rd twr; well: St Brigit
Cluain Duacheccl site; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd (sub-circular); cross-insc slabs
Cluain Duibch ruin ('Templebeg' - early med); bullaun 5m to NW (no. 533)
Cluain Ech ch ruin (multiperiod); well
Cluain Eidnecheccl site (nos. 713, 714); poss enclosures (inner + outer); cross-slabs x 12; stone cross (sm, plain, Latin); ch ruin (med); gvyd; well (Fintan)
Cluain eiltech ruins (multiperiod)
Cluain Eóchailleeccl enclosure (oval); bullaun c.8m to SW; ch ruin (Romanesque features) within; gvyd (no remains); souterrain (nos. 2625, 2782, 2041)
Cluain Eoiseccl site (Crossmoyle): ch ruin; rd twr; gvyds (no. 1160) x 2; high crosses x 2; house-shaped shrine
Cluain Ernáineccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (circular wall)
Cluain Ferta Mo-Luaeccl site; EC cross-slabs x 2; bullaun; ch ruin Romanesque (no. 773); gvyd
Cluain ferta Mugainech ruin; well (St Colman)
Cluain Fhiadh ch ruin (on earlier site?); D-shaped gvyd (no. 1335)
Cluain foisch ruin; bullaun; gvyd - killeen to S (nos. 3344, 3718)
Cluain Fota Báetáin abaeccl site: enclosure - sub-circular (large earthworks); plain stone cross; standing stone; ch ruin; burial 'bishop's gv'; gvyd
Cluain Fota Fine/Libréineccl site: enclosure (183m diam.); ch ruin; gvyd (Clonfadforan)
Cluain géisich ruin (c.1/2 mile from castle)
Cluain guillch ruin (no. 1366)
Cluain Í/Cluain dá acra?ch ruin (W gable); well: Flannán
Cluain Ích ruin (extant 19thc: O'Donovan); gvyd
Cluain Ích ruin (traces: 'Clonee Ch')(no. 1409)
Cluain Láigeccl site (No. 1559); pillar-stone (incised cross); ch ruin (frags of med. carved mouldings); gvyd
Cluain Lócháinch ruin
Cluain Lothairch ruin; rect gvyd (no. 1408)
Cluaineccl site (no. 1220); bullaun x2; cross-decor slabs; ch ruin (13thc? Romanesque features); gvyd (rect.)
Cluain moccu Nóiseccl site/complex; ch ruins
Cluain Mór Dícholla Gairbheccl site; ch ruin (foundations); gvyd (no. 1222) - Sheet 31
Cluain Mór Fer nArdaeccl site; ch ruin (no. 904: OS 18)-late
Cluain Mór eccl site; ch ruin; wells: Cainnech and Faithlenn
Cluain Siebra? ch ruin
Cluain Síon (Gortnabishaun) eccl enclosure - roughly circular; ch ruin? ('Gortnabishaun Abbey'); gvyd - killeen; wells x2 (along approach roads to site) (nos. 3348-9, 3726, 3535-6)
Cluain Sostaeccl site; ch ruin (early?)
Cluain Tuaisceirteccl site; cross-slabs x 13 (late 9th & early10thC ); ch ruin (Clontuskert Abbey); gvyd
Cluain tuircch ruin (ante 1615)
Cluana (?)ch ruin; well (St. Patrick) nrby
Cnoc Choluim Cilleeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; well site - infilled (opp gates of Knock House)
Coinnereeccl site; rd twr site? (stump removed 19thc); cross-shaft; inscribed stone (UM); ch ruin; gvyd ('Templemurry')
Collon*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 906/7)
Congbáil Glinne Suileidieccl site; cross-slabs/pillar-stones with inc. crosses x 18 (EC); ch ruin (No. 1542); altar base; gvyd; well
Coning (?)ch ruin; gvyd site (nos. 1838, 2000)
Conva*ch ruin (late Med); gvyd (nos. 14412, 14568)
Cookstowneccl site possible; encl circular (48m); ch ruin within; gvyd
Cooliney*ch ruin; gvyd - late? (nos. 14414, 14571)
Corbettstowneccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Corcomroe Abbey*ch ruin (Cistercian abbey) on earlier site
Corcormickeccl site; sub-circ enclosure; ch ruin within; gvyd/killeen E of ch (nos. 1411, 1485)
Corcreeghagh*ch ruin (No. 909)
Cordarragh ch ruin; gvyd
Cornfield ch ruin (Tubberloona?); gvyd
Corrandrumch ruin (med - inc. part of early oratory); gvyd - killeen to S (nos. 3354, 3734)
Coveeccl enclosure - roughly circular (no. 2567); ch ruin? (poss oratory); gvyd
Cráebach Bhán eccl enclosure (curving cropmark); ch ruin (med 'Creevaghbaun' in NE quadrant); gvyd; well & 'sweat kiln' 100m to E (nos. 3359-60, 3559)
Cráebach Grelláinch ruin; gvyd; well ('Tobar Grellan')
Cráeb Druim? (Price)eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; bullaun (formerly); 'Killahokan Stone' (adj tld Gowle)
Creamh Choill eccl site; ch ruins; cross shaft - black oak (c.1/2 mile to N); gvyd; well (St Colmán's) c.100yrds to W
Creggeccl enclosure? oval gvyd; ch ruin (prob late med) within (no. 3361)
Cremorganch ruin (no. 727: nave & chancel); gvyd; encl bank (section)
Criaghanboy ch ruin; gvyd
Croaghan*ch ruin (no.1159)
Croagheccl enclosure - oval; ch ruin? (poss sm oratory); gvyd (nos. 2568, 2806, 3123)
Croimglenn/Croimlinneccl site; ch ruin (nave; med but incorp 'Cyclopean' masonry); souterrain (W of ch)
Cromogech ruin (no. 728: nave and chancel); gvyd; well
Cros Pátraiceccl site?; ch ruin, gvyd at top of hill
Crossardreeeccl site; encl poss - large oval; ch ruin; gvyd
Cross eccl site poss?; cross-slab (simple linear cr: EC?); ogam stone; ch ruin ('Cross Abbey'); gvyd
Cruachánch ruin; gvyd
Cruachán Bríg Éileeccl site; ch ruin; wells
Cruachán Meic-Daraeccl enclosure possible; ch ruin (EC oratory); high-cross frags; cross-slabs x3 (2 missing); clochans x3 nrby; 'saint's bed'; gvyd; well (nos. 613-4, 760, 977, 638, 428)
Cruicetown*eccl site?; circular gvyd (no. 1377); ch ruin
Cúil Amlaíbeccl site (no. 723); enclosure (oval, raised); ch ruin
Cúil an Aithrighigh?eccl site?; enclosure 'The Ring'; ch ruin; gvyd
Cúil Bennchair eccl site (no. 721); ch ruin (Romanesque doorway & arch); gvyd
Cúil Búinne ch ruin; bullauns x 2; gvyd; well c.80m to N (no. 1338)
Cúil Cheire?ch ruin (No. 722); gvyd
Cúil (Coole)eccl enclosure possible; ch ruin within (poss 11thC Nat. Mnmt No. 395); 'Coole Abbey' (c.1130-40) 150m NNW; gvyd; well to E (nos. 5621, 5622, 5709, 5202)
Cúil Echtranneccl site; ch ruin (late med); gvyd (now in pasturage); cross - reported by OS to have been found at site c.1790
Cúil Fhinn ch ruin (Romanesque); bullauns x 2; gvyd; effigy of bishop 'S. Monnia Episcops' (no. 1339)
Cúil Fota*ch ruin; gvyd
Cúil na Méaragán ch ruin (med); gvyd - D-shaped; well 70m to SE (nos. 3340, 3532)
Cuincheeccl site; ch ruin; well Toberfineen nrby
Cully*ch ruin; rect gvyd; medieval hospital (no. 1415)
Cummereccl enclosure - lrg sub-circular; ch ruin (late med); gvyd; well ('Corr') - just within enclosure (nos. 3373-4)
Cunaker ch ruin; gvyd
Cungach ruin; gvyd
Curracloneeccl site (no. 731); early cross-slab with Latin cross; ch ruin (late); earthen enclosure
Curraghs*ch ruin (St Patrick's ch) on peninsula (no. 1416)
Daim Iniseccl site; ch ruin; rd twr; abbey ruin (St Mary's)
Daire Cóecháineccl site; ch ruin (prob late); gvyd; earlier ch site?
Daire Guaire (Derrygorey)eccl site; ch ruin - doorway pre-Norman?
Daire Ingen Ailleáinch ruins x 2 (excav by Waterman: south ch 10th or 11thc - wooden structure beneath)
Daire Lúráineccl site; ch ruin (early-mod 17thC)
Daire Meilleeccl site; ch ruin (abbey?) (no. 1440)
Daire Mo-Chuaeccl site; ch ruin (late); gvyd
Daire Móreccl site; ch ruins - antae (possibly 10thC; no. 1881)
Daire na hInse/Derrynahinchch ruin
Daire Pátraiceccl site?; ch ruin (no. 1381)
Dam Liacceccl site; circular encl (no. 1371-72); ch ruin; high cross x2; slab
Darver (Druim Derb?)ch ruin (no. 910/11) - late
Deilginis Chualann 2ch site; Tau cross; ch ruin (late med)
Deilginis Chualanneccl site; rock-inscr cross x2 (perh 8th-9thC); grave-slab x2 ('Rathdown' type: 10-12thC?); ch ruin (med - much altered); well: St Begnet's
Deircne Mo-Gorróceccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; granite cross; inscription to Odran saer
Derrych ruin (Bonahum ch); gvyd (no. 1844)
Derrylea (Kilrogain )ch ruin (Kilrogain)
Derryvillane?ch ruins (late med); gvyd (nos. 14416, 14573); on earlier site?
Diammareccl site; ch ruin (no. 1382; late medieval?)
Dinishch ruin (island)
Dísert Chiaráin/Belach Dúineccl site; stone cross x 3 (ornamented; pre-1200); cross-slab (no. 1360); ch ruin; ogam stone
Dísert (Cholmáin)eccl site; ch ruin
Dísert Chroim?eccl site (probably early: Hurley); ch ruin; gvyd (no. 3208)
Dísert (Commeen)eccl site; enclosure x2 (inner irreg circ, outer traces of arc); ch ruin (Romanesque doorway 12thC?); gvyd
Dísert [Declain]ch ruins (=Bolhendesart? - Archdall); well (no.1354)
Dísert (Desert)eccl enclosure possible (levelled); ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 5166, 5717, 5626)
Dísert (Desert)eccl site?; ch ruin (early?) (no. 5626); gvyd
Dísert Diarmataeccl site; ch ruin; high cross; rd twr
Dísert Do-Chonnaeccl site? ch ruin; gvyd (No. 923)
Dísert Garadeccl site; ch ruin (no. 706); encl rect (destroyed 1835)
Dísert Maedhaineccl site; ch ruin (med); gvyd
Dísert Máele-Tuileeccl site; encl - circular; high-cross base (with orans fig.); ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: St Multilly
Dísert meic Chuilinnch ruins (no. 690: medieval); triangular graveyard
Dísert Mo-Cholmóceccl site; grave-slabs x2 (EC); ch ruin (med); gvyd
Dísert Murthaileeccl site; ch ruin (Disertmurtuile)
Dísert Nuadat (Áth Dísirt Nuadat) ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: Tobar Nuadat(áin)
Dísert Tolaeccl site; ch ruin (Romanesque doorway); rd twr; high cross (12thc)
Dísert Ua Duacheccl site; ch ruin
Dísert (Uí Tríallaig?)eccl site; ch ruin
Domnach Bileeccl site: cross-slab x 3 (one depicting wheeled cross); stone cross (No. 1543); basin stone; ch ruins x 2; sarcophagus (poss 12thC); gvyd
Domnach Cati/Caíteeccl site; ch ruin (late); gvyd; well: St Columcille
Domnach Compireccl site; ch ruin (OS map); well: St Mo-Chua
Domnach Dega?eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Domnach Garbháin (?)eccl site; ch ruin (no. 1351: med foundation; site of present C of I)
Domnach Maige dá chlaineeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; wheeled cross (no. 1161)
Domnach Mór Áine ch ruin (Donaghmore; pre-Norman)
Domnach Mór eccl site; encl (partial); ch ruin (foundations); gvyd (site) (no. 1384)
Domnach Mór Maige Éne/Áinech ruin (12thC or earlier); gvyd (excav by Ó Donnchadha; 13thC burials)
Domnach Mór Maige Feminch ruin - Romanesque
Domnach Mor Maige Nuadateccl site; ogam stone; gvyd; ch ruin (late?)
Domnach Mor Maige Rétaeccl site; ch ruin (no. 780); well (brigit) and bullaun 40m NNW
Domnach Mór Maige Selceeccl site poss; circ encl (inner diam 43m); ch ruin (Aghclare Ch - post-med); gvyd (rect: overlying encl) nr Shad L.; well: St Colum Cille
Domnach Mór Maige Tóchuir/Carndonagheccl site (Carndonagh: equation not made by Harrington); cross (8th or 9thc); pillar-stones x4 (carved orn. incl 'Marigold Stone'); ch ruin (No. 1532); gvyd
Domnach Mór meic Laithbe/Airthir Emnaeccl site; rd twr (no. 1383); ch ruin (med. : SMR 25:15)
Domnach Mór Mittíne eccl site; ch ruin; cross
Domnach Pátraicch ruin (prob inc parts of EC oratory); gvyd; field system associated (nos. 3364, 4009)
Domnach Rígnaicheccl site; ch ruin (with antae); gvyd
Domnach Seinliss?ch site - possibly early; ch ruin (extant until early 19thC)
Donaghadee ch ruin (Templepatrick); gvyd; well (x2?)
Dooneen*ch ruin (med)
Doonfeeny eccl site? cross-incised pillar; ch ruin; gvyd
Dromoghty*ch ruin
Dromtarriffch ruin; gvyd; well c.200m to SW (nos. 14419, 14576, 13982)
Druim Ailcheeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Druim Airbelaigeccl site; ch ruin
Druim Bánch ruin (fragmentary); gvyd
Druim Brigte?eccl site?; ch ruin, 12thc features (no. 1388)
Druim Caraeccl site? ch ruin; gvyd (No. 917)
Druim catha ch ruin
Druim Cliabeccl site; cross-slab (EC); high cross (figured: iconic image of BVM); rd twr (stump); ch ruin; well (at Kintogher)
Druim Coluim Chilleeccl enclosure; ch ruin within; cross (plain, broken, prob pre-1200); gvyd; wells: Tobar Chollum (now lost), 'St Columb's well' 650m to SW? (nos. 2631, 2681, 2737-8)
Druim Cooseccl site; ch ruin (13th cent.)
Druim Críche*ch ruin (nave + chancel, parts 12thc); gvyd
Druim Cuilinneccl site; cross-slab (EC); high-cross frags (cylindrical base, head 9thC); ch ruin (late med: incorp Romanesque arch); gvyd; well (incl St John's)
Druim Damnaeccl site?; ch ruin (med.)
Druim Drestaneccl site - early; ch ruin (prob 18thC); gvyd; well: St Brigit
Druimch ruin; gvyd; well - possible (nos.1845, 1942)
Druim Enaig?ch ruin (traces); gvyd (modern - Bluebell)
Druim Fiaideccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; crosses (no. 553)
Druim in asclaind (enesclaind)eccl site; ch ruin; rd twr; high cross (head); gvyd? (nos. 916 & 1045)
Druim Indbireccl site; ch ruins (Romanesque; no. 1846); gvyd; Romanesque style voussoir (re-used as grave marker) (no. 1846)
Druim Laigille/Laigeneccl site; ch ruin
Druim Lethaneccl site (no. 1647); rd twr; ch ruin; cross-incribed stone; abbey site; gvyd
Druim Móreccl site; cross-carved stone (possibly early: 9-10thc?); ch ruin (modern)
Druim Mucadach ruin
Druim Ráitech ruin (late); gvyd
Druim Ráiteeccl site; ch ruin
Druim Thuamaeccl site (no. 1598); ch ruin (Late Med 24'.5" x 24' - 'Drumhome Old Ch'/'Temple McMillighan'); gvyd (Mullinacross)
Drumadonnellch ruin & gvyd; high cross in wall of Drumadonnell school-house (formerly in gvyd?)
Drumardch ruin; oval gvyd (no.1163)
Drumcannon*ch ruin (no. 1348; late med - originally double-bellcote) within rect encl
Drumcliffch ruin (late); rd twr; wells x 2 adj
Drumch site?; pillar slab (No. 1548); ch ruin ('Cill an Spáinnigh') to sth
Drumkeeneccl site? sub-circ outline preserved by mod gvyd (No. 1797); ch ruin extant to late 18thC (OS Mem); well: St. Brigit (No. 1682)
Drum/Knockatemplech ruin (early?); cross-slab (frag; recumbent; expansional cross); gvyd
Drumlarganeccl site; circular gvyd within larger encl (no. 1390); ch ruin
Drummat (Dromod)ch ruin (late); gvyd
Drummaul*ch ruin; gvyd
Drumnahoaghch ruin (Leck Old Church); gvyd (No. 1553)
Drumnedergal* (Dunadry?)ch ruin (site now a garden)
Drumshallonch ruin; gvyd (No. 918)
Drumswords*ch ruin; gvyd (no.1164)
Duagh/Cell Chumnachta?ch ruin; oval stone-walled encl; bullaun; calluragh (gvyd)
Duagh*ch ruin
Dubadeccl site; ch ruin (no. 1386)
Dub Oiléneccl enclosure - circular; ch ruin (EC oratory); cross pillar (7thC? Crucifixion other side 9thC? Harbison); clocháns
Dún Airdeccl site?; ch ruin (15th-16thc); gvyd
Dunanych ruin; gvyd (No. 919)
Dún Bóeccl site; ch ruin?
Dunbullogech ruin; gvyd; souterrain in NW quadrant (nos. 5627, 5720, 5052); ogam stone
Dún Dá Énch ruin (late on earlier site?); gvyd; 'nun's well' - now filled up
Dún Domnaill?eccl site; ch ruin?
Dungooly (Urney) eccl site; bullaun; Latin cross inscribed slab; ch ruin ('Urney Church'); gvyd (No. 921)
Dun Imgain?*ch ruin; gvyd; Celtic cross; well: St Leonard
Dunlisch site; gvyd (later ch ruin)
Dunmullanch ruin (late); gvyd
Dún Sobairci (Dunseverick)ch ruin; gvyds x2 (faint traces of earlier building in larger gvyd); cross slab (built into wall of ch)
Eanachch ruin; gvyd
Ecclaseccl enclosure - roughly circular; ch ruin (late); gvyd (nos. 9197, 9514, 9488)
Ecclas*ch ruin - late; gvyd (no. 1310)
Ecclaseccl enclosure - formerly; ch ruin (Eglish Abbey no. 3366)
Ecclas Shinchill (Aglish Sinchill)ch ruin; gvyd
Echdruimeccl site (early); cross-slab frg. (9thC); ch ruin; gvyd
Ech-enach? (1)eccl site; cross-inscr stone (EC); raised area; ch ruin (late - Arroasian abbey?); gvyd/killeen; well: 'Tobar Maine' & saint's stone (nos. 2604, 2675, 2695)
Ech Inisch ruins; gvyd
Ech-Inis? (Aughinis)ch ruin (nave; partial)
Eightercua*ch ruin (med); calluragh (gvyd)
Eiscireccl site; ch ruin (27 x 6 yds); gvyd
Elmhall ch ruin; gvyd
Enacha*ch ruin; gvyd
Enachch ruin (on Castlebar Lake)
Enach (Domnach Dola?)ch ruin; stone cross
Enach Dubeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd - rect (no. 1395)
Enach dúineccl complex; cross slabs; ch ruins x4 (oratory - traces; cathedral - 12thC window & doorway in mainly 15thC str; 'Abbey' with Romanesque chancel; 'Nunnery' - med eccl building); gvyd; wells x2 (nos. 3290-5; 3509, 3514)
Enach eccl enclosure - possible; ch ruin (on site of earlier ch); gvyd (no. 3289)
Enach Truimeccl site; ch ruin - late (no. 693); gvyd; well
English Island*ch ruins ('Ross Abbey'); gvyd (late); well: St Cummin (no. 3253, 3212, 2666)
Éochaill Arrach ruin; gvyd; well & holy tree nearby (nos. 1923, 1969)
Ernaideeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; crosses x 3 (no. 495; see OSL 1839, 29)
Ernaidech ruin; gvyd (no. 1717)
Ernaideeccl site; ch ruin
Ernaideeccl site; ch ruin (late); gvyd; cross-carved slab
Errew/Ballyheanch ruin; gvyd
Errill (Eireil?)ch ruin (no. 741: medieval); gvyd; well
Ess Do-Chonna (Assylin)eccl site; rd twr? (possible - vanished); ch ruin; gvyd
Etar-druimmeccl site possible (no. 1236); ch ruin (late); gvyd (rect)
Etargabaleccl enclosure - circular; ch ruin; gvyd - killeen (nos. 3285-6, 3626)
Etargabaleccl site; ch ruin formerly?
Faithche (Faiche)ch ruin; gvyd
Fánch ruin (med) 'Templebeg'; cross-inscribed stone; well
Farran Eglish*ch ruin (no. 743: late med); gvyd site
Faughanvale ch ruin (med); stone cross nrby
Feenaghch ruin; well - Mo-Chuille (Rathmore)
Feigh*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1848)
Fenniscourteccl site poss; encl (pear shaped; 80m); ch ruin; gvyd/killeen (no. 555)
Ferrnan ch ruin; bullaun - possible (no. 1355)
Ferta Caeracheccl site; rd twr; ch ruin
Fid dúineccl site; ch ruin
Fidnacha Maige Réineccl enclosure (roughly circular); ch ruin (+ later abbey ruin); rect gvyd; well: St Everan c. 650m to N (no. 1410)
Findabair-abaeccl site; high-cross head (9thC?); ch ruin (late med) (no. 1399)
Find Glaseccl site; ch ruin; cross; gvyd; well: St Patrick
Find Mageccl site; ch ruin
Finnan*ch ruin
Finnerch ruin within D-shaped gvyd (No. 1564)
Fleenstowneccl site; oval encl (no. 1400: 130 x 31m); ch ruin (8.25 x 4m)
Flemingstowneccl site?; ch ruin (foundations); souterrain adj (no. 1401)
Fobareccl site: encl (traces of earthworks to S & E); ch ruin (pre-Romanesque; orig single-celled); plain cross; gvyd; well: St Feighin
Fochardeccl site; encl (double ditched); ch ruin; gvyd; rd twr site? high cross (plinth); holy well (no. 924 /1066)
Fochladeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (elongated oval)
Fornachteccl site? pillar stone; ch ruin (rath above it?)
Fossy (Fosad?)eccl site (no. 744); EC cross-slab; ch ruin (late med); gvyd
Friars Islandeccl enclosure? (cashel); ch ruin (moved to Killaloe RC ch grounds 1929); well site to N (nos. 1850, 1944)
Friarstowneccl site: enclosure (def by earthwork, ditch and fosse); ch ruin ('Friary')
Gabal Liúineccl site; ch ruin; stone crosses
Galameccl site; ch ruin (no. 1404)
Galey*ch ruin
Gallagh*ch ruin; sq twr (no.1165)
Gallaruseccl site; encl (36x44m); ch ruin; leacht; cross-slab
Gallon*ch ruins (rectangular); gvyd (oval) (no. 1653)
Garrabauneccl enclosure? (large curving earthwork to E on aerial photo); ch ruin (Augustinian on earlier site?); gvyd (no. 1918)
Garranmillonch ruins (no. 1357); 2 ogam stones (no. 1489); gvyd? (killeen)
Gaulskillch ruin
Glannafeen (Templebreedy)ch ruin (Templebreedy); gvyd; well (N or SW of ch; not found) (nos. 2848, 3135, 2672/2673)
Glaspatrick ch ruin (sm, early?); gvyd
Glass Mórch ruins (late); cross - now lost (no. 1334); well: St Mo-Chua c.150m to W
Glebech ruin; gvyd; bullaun; ogam stone - possible (no. 1359)
Glebe*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 926)
Glebech ruin - rectangular, drystone (No. 484) - 'St Mullin's Oratory'
Glencolumbkilleeccl site: encl (85m diam); stone head (closest parallels 8th-9thC); ch ruin (nave + chanc); gvyd
Gleninagheccl site (prob early); ch ruin (nave); well 'Tobar Chornáin'
Glenn Chaíneccl site; ch ruin (nave and chancel); gvyd; well nrby to W (nos. 1855, 1946)
Glenn dá Lochaeccl complex; ch ruins x 6 (incl. cathedral 10th-12thC); oratory; cross slabs (11th-12thC?); rd twr; high-cross (12thC); gvyds
Glenn Faidleeccl site; encl circular (trace); ch ruin; gvyd
Glenn Fínnechtaeccl site?; ch ruin
Glenn Munireeccl site; encl (extant 19thc: O'Curry OSL); grave-slab x2 ('Rathdown' types: 10-11thC?); ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: St Kevin
Glenn Uissen eccl site; ch ruin - Romanesque (no. 765); inscriptions; gvyd
Gortacloghane (Gort an Chlocháin)*ch ruin
Gortaglarna*ch ruin
Gortaneare*ch ruin
Gortgarriff (Cell Chaitigerna)ch ruin; gvyd; stone cross just SSE of ch (nos. 3138, 3217, 2624)
Gortnaclassach*ch ruin; gvyd (killeen, adj)
Gowranch ruin; ogam stone
Gráig a'Dreaslaigh*ch ruin (no. 748: 'Thomple-a-Churravolla'); gvyd
Graigueeccl site? semi-circ encl; ch ruin; gvyd; well site to E (nos. 1857, 1950)
Gráineeccl site?; ch ruin (extant 19thC); well: St Mary's
Grangech ruin - possible; gvyd - oval (no. 3383)
Grangeeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd. well: St Movee/Movoe
Greenaneccl encl (traces); pillar-stone (carved crosses: EC); ch ruin nrby (nos. 2635, 2682)
Grellach eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; well: St Macullin
Grenócceccl site?; encl traces (form?); ch ruin (late med) (No. 1413); gvyd
Griffinstowneccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Guernaleccl site?; ch ruin (early? Cyclopean masonry)
Gweeshadan*ch ruin; gvyd
Haggardstown*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 929)
Haroldstownch ruin (plain rect.); gvyd (no. 562); St Patrick's well (no. 638)
Imlech Fornochtaeccl site; ch ruin - rath above it - pillar stone
Imlech Fotaeccl encl - possible (traces); bullaun; ch site (occ by C of I ch ruin) (nos. 2633, 2784)
Imphrick*ch ruin; in NW of gvyd (nos. 14424, 14583)
Inber Colptha? (Mornington)eccl site (no. 1370); cross-frag ringed 10thC (no. 1530); gvyd (EC burials - poss British rites); ch ruin (Augustinian 12/13thC - on earlier site?)
Inber Doíleeccl site; oval encl; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd
Inchemacwithireccl site? ch ruin?
Inis Ainghineccl site; encl traces; grave-slab (inscr); ch ruin (Romanesque features)
Inis an Ghaill eccl complex: ch ruins x 2 (Tempall na Náem + another); cross-inscr pillars x2 (6-7thC inscr to Lugaed); cross-slabs x5; stone cross; bullauns x3 (1 lost); gvyd; well (nos. 548, 549, 550)
Inis Báethíne (Inishboheen; Ennisboyne)eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Inis bó finne (1)eccl site: encl (faint traces); bullaun; cross-slabs (EC); ch ruin (med: 'St Colman's Abbey')
Inis bó finneeccl site; double-encl, large; ch ruin? (stone structure); gvyd x2
Inis Brechmaigech ruin ('St Mogue's': rectangular drystone-built); gvyd (no. 1692)
Inis Carraige ch ruins; gvyd?; EC grave-slab?
Inis Chaínch ruin
Inis Chaírecheccl site; ch ruin (oratory)
Inis Chathaig (Scattery)eccl site; ch ruin; rd twr, ogham stone, 9th/10th C cross-slab with inscription in half-unical script
Inis Cheithigeccl site; Crucifixion slab; ch ruin - small (Teampall Coluim Cille: OSL); gvyd
Inis Cheltraeccl site; ch site EC (traces of wooden bldg: excav by De Paor); ch ruin; rd twr
Inis Chlothranneccl site; ch ruin (Teampull Dhiarmada); 2nd ruin (Clogas: probably post 1100); 3rd ruin (Teampull Mhuire: probably late Med & penitential cell)
Inis Chobthaig?eccl site: ch ruin; gvyd (curved sections?)
Inis Choíleccl site; grave-slabs x 3; cross-slabs x 3 (no. 1573); ch ruin x 2; gvyd; well (no. 1690)
Inis Cumscraig/Causcraid (Inch Abbey)eccl enclosure; ch ruin - late (Cistercian: Inch Abbey)
Inis dá droimeccl site; ch ruin x2
Inis Darcarcrenn (Draicrenn)eccl site; rd twr; ch ruin; gvyd
Inis Dubthaigch ruin; gvyd (No. 1572); well (No. 1689)
Inis Dúineeccl site?; ch ruin; cross frags 200m to NW; gvyd (nos. 3140, 3221, 2618)
Inis Eidnech? (Inis Ní)ch ruin (med); gvyd - sub-circ area to NE containing leacht & cross-inscr pillar; well - no trace (no. 558)
Inis Faithlenneccl site; ch ruin (Romanesque)
Inis Gluaireeccl encl; cross slabs; ch ruin x 2 (Tempall na fer {EC oratory}, T. na mban)
Inishkennyeccl enclosure - possible (lrg sub-circ); ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 5167, 5731)
Inishmagrathch ruin; rectang gvyd (no. 1424)
Inishmorech ruin possible ('monastery in ruins' 1914 OS map); gvyd possible
Inis Labrainneeccl site possible; ch ruin (med); cross-inscribed stone; holy well (Tobar na Croise)
Inis mac Nessáineccl site; ch ruin; well: 'St Nessan' (Rutty 1757) unlocated
Inis Maige Samhch ruin; plain stone cross; gvyd
Inis Medhonch ruin; gvyd
Inis meic Adaimch site (Inismacaw); ch ruin - med (no. 515)
Inis Meic Oíbléineccl site; ch ruin ('oratory' EC); ogam stone; cross-slabs x2 (now missing); stone cross; clochán; leacht; gvyd; well
Inis Mochtaeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd site (no. 1451)
Inis Mór Locha Gamnach ruin (Tempall Choluim Cille); gvyd (Reilig C.C.)
Inis Mór Locha Gileeccl site; ch ruin (early?)
Inis Mór Locha Ríbeccl site; encl (traces to N & W); ch ruin
Inis Mór Locha Uaireccl site; ch ruin
Inis Muiredaigeccl encl (cashel - 3 sub-divisions); inscr cross; ch ruin ('Tempall na bhFear/ Molaise/Mór); eccl ruins ('Tech Molaise', Tempall na Tine'); site of Tempall na mban; beehive cells; wells
Inis na mBeoeccl enclosure (circular - plus inner enclosure); high cross; ch ruin Hiberno-Romanesque (Augustinian on earlier site?); gvyd (nos. 1888, 1889, 1890)
Inis na Náemeccl site; ch ruin
Inis na Náemeccl site; ch ruin
Inis Phátraiceccl site; ch ruin; adj sites
Inis Rodbaeccl encl - possible; ch ruin; gvyd
Inis Tempaill ch ruins (no. 1425)
Inis Tuaisceirteccl site; ch ruin; clochán; encl; gvyd; stone crosses; leacht; well; huts
Inis Tuirceccl site: ch ruin (Tempall Choluim Cille: OSL); gvyd
Inis Uachtaireccl site; ch ruin
Inis Úasal/Ausilli?eccl site; encl; ch ruin (oratory); cross-slab x2 (one ogam inscr); stone crosses; gvyd site
Irrus Ainbthecheccl site; ch ruin
Kane*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 932)
Kells ('Desert of Connor')*ch ruin ('Templemoyle' or 'Kells Abbey' - late); gvyd
Kilballyowen*ch ruin
Kilbinanech ruin possible
Kilboglashyeccl encl - D-shaped (2 more enclosures within); ch ruin (13thC or later with Romanesque features); gvyd (nos. 2639, 2355, 2357)
Kilbonanech ruin; gvyd; ogam stone
Kilbracken/Kilnabritogeeccl site; bullaun (no. 491); ch ruin; gvyd; plain crosses
Kilbronogeeccl enclosure?; bullaun; cross-inscribed slab; ch ruin (sm oratory) probable; gvyd/killeen (nos. 2571, 3143, 2607, 2587)
Kilbrowneccl enclosure - oval; bullaun; ch ruin; well 20m NW (nos. 2572, 3144, 2588, 2684)
Kilcarraghch ruin (single celled); gvyd
Kilcatherina (Cell Chaitigerna?)eccl site; encl poss (curve in roadway); ch ruin ('chapel'); gvyd
Kilcatherine (Cell Chaitigerna?)ch ruin (med)
Kilcluggahch ruin (extant 1830s); standing stone; gvyd
Kilcredaunch ruin x 2; well T. Cradaun
Kildaloughch ruin; gvyd - possible to E (no. 2669)
Kildarton*ch ruin & gvyd (Kildarton?)
Kildorrery*ch ruin (late?); in gvyd (nos. 14429, 14587)
Kilkenny*ch ruin (Chapel of Ease to Inishkeel) (No. 1581)
Kilkilleench ruin; cross fragment (nos. 3150, 2619)
Killaconenaghch ruin ('Killaconenagh'); in gvyd (nos. 3125, 3206)
Killaconnerch ruin; cross-slab (No. 933)
Killadoughraneccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (semi-circular)
Killaghaduffch ruins; gvyd (rectangular) (no. 1658)
Killaghteeeccl site; cross-slab(s) EC (No. 1520); ch ruin 'Killaghtee Old Church' (late Romanesque)
Killahugheccl site: encl - semicircle; ch ruin; gvyd
Killaleech ruin (med); gvyd (killeen)
Killaleenangvyd (Killaleenan); ch ruin; cashel & souterrain nearby
Killaloanch ruin
Killanch ruins (late?); circular gvyd; well site (St Anne: 400m to NE of ch) (nos. 1659, 1767)
Killeach ruin (small); gvyd (no. 1901) - rath/ringfort (no. 842) nrby
Killeenaskeagheccl encl; ch ruin (sm)
Killeen ch ruin; gvyd; well (Tobermacduagh)
Killermoghch ruin (no. 764); gvyd
Killianneeccl site (no. 1258); bullaun; gvyd circular (40m); ch ruin
Killilaghch ruin (nave length 17'.48; window 12thc)
Killinaneeccl site?; ch ruin
Killincoolech ruin; gvyd (No. 936); bullaun in SE corner
Killobarnaunch ruin (Gallarus type); gvyd
Killofin*ch ruin; gvyd
Killogholehan ch ruin (multiperiod)
Killokennedy; Glenn Ómrach ruin; gvyd; well: St Crónán
Killch site - no visible remains; semi-circular gvyd; cross (unkwn date); ch ruins 16thc (no.1657)
Killuaeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (curving wall to SW and S)
Killulagheccl site; encl - oval; ch ruin; gvyd
Killure (Cell an Iúir?)eccl encl possible; ch ruin (1836 OS: 'remains of old nunnery'?); gvyd site (to E - no evident remains)/killeen possible (nos. 2647, 2820)
Killynaghch ruin (med)
Kilmacteigeeccl site; bullauns; cross-slab; ch site (occ by C of I ch ruin); gvyd (curving wall => encl?) (nos. 2648, 2684, 2788)
Kilmaleerych ruin; well: T. Máiliaraidh
Kilmichaelch ruin; bullaun c.50m to W; gvyd to E (nos. 3152, 2891, 2592)
Kilnahaltarch ruin (no.1169); bullaun X 2
Kilnahornaeccl site; encl - oval (small); ch ruin (poss); gvyd ('Kilnahorna' OS Map)
Kilnamonach ruin; well: Lachtain
Kilnanamach ruin; gvyd
Kilnanooaneccl encl (curved banks on E of site); ch ruin (EC? small 5 x 12m: 'Templemoyle Abbey'); poss bullaun
Kilsarkan*ch ruin (med)
Kilseily*ch ruin; gvyd; well: St. Seily (?)
Kilshinahaneccl enclosure - large, sub-circ; ch ruins; gvyd (nos. 2577, 3154, 3229)
Kiltackeych ruin (frag; cyclopean masonry); gvyd
Kiltonaghta*ch ruin (traces); gvyd
Kiltoraght*ch ruin
Kiltycloghanch site; bullaun; ch ruin (15th/16thC); gvyd; souterrain possible immediately to SE (nos. 2655, 2108, 2789)
Kilvakee*ch ruin
Kilvarneteccl site; encl?; ch ruin within; gvyd (no. 2656)
Kilverdon (Cell Bhearnáin)ch ruin; gvyd
Knigh/Cell Ard?*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1875)
Knockardbane eccl enclosure - lrg circ (1937 OS map); ch ruin - Granard; gvyd (in centre of encl) (nos. 13886, 14440, 14602)
Knockatempleeccl site; bullaun; trace of encl?; ch ruin; gvyd
Knockboych ruin; gvyd; 6 lintels with ogam inscriptions & ogam stone; well c.250m to W (nos. 1407, 1495)
Knockbridech ruins (multi-period); gvyd; bullaun c.175m E of ch (nos. 1672, 1673)
Knockeench ruin; gvyd (no. 1408)
Knockmaonch ruin - possibly early (no. 1409)
Knocknageehyeccl encl - roughly oval; ch ruins; cross fragment (base) NE of gvyd (nos. 3158, 2907, 2621)
Kyletabreehren*ch ruin (no. 734); gvyd subrectangular
Labbamolagaeccl site; enclosure sub-circ; bullaun; ch ruins (par ch; earlier fndts - 9th/ 10thC?); stone cross (missing 1997); cross-slabs x2; gvyd (nos. 13887, 14600, 14438-9, 13930, 13928, 13923-4, 13920)
Lachtgannon*ch ruin (med); gvyd (no. 588)
Lackagh Beg*ch ruin (med - St Columbkille's); gvyd (no. 3432)
Lackaghch ruin (late); gvyd; carved stone
Lagavooren*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 943)-late medieval
Laghill*eccl site poss (no. 1590); ch ruin (late med style); cairn 'the monk's grave'; cross - lost
Lankilleccl site; pillar-stone (cross-inscr); cross-slab; leacht; ch ruin; gvyd (killeen: circ encl); well (Toberbrendan)
Lann Elaeccl site; enclosure?; graveslabs (EC); ch ruin (med?)
Lann meic Luacháineccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Lathrach Briúineccl site; ch ruin (late?); gvyd
Lathrach (Laragh)eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (O'Curry OSL)
Lattonfaskych ruin 'Templemoyle'; gvyd (no. 1268)
Lattooneccl enclosure (circular) - 2nd enclosure possible outside; ch ruin x2 (post-med); souterrain; well to NE (nos. 3435-6, 3194, 3550)
Leataoibh Mór/Tempall na Cluanachch ruin x2; hut(?) x2; rect encl; gvyd; well
Leccan Midieccl site; circular encl (evidence of); ch ruin; cross-slab EC (inc into door-lintel)
Lecc bladmaeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (circular)
Lecc Pátraiceccl site? (Carraig Phádraig); ch ruin - med. (Creevelea Abbey)
Lechohanch ruin?
Lecknoch ruin (late med); gvyd
Leittir Lugnaeccl site; stone heads x 2 (one Hib-Romanesque); ch ruin (med); raised area =>gvyd; well 'Tobar Lugna'
Lenyeccl site; circular encl (evidence of to SW); ch ruin; gvyd
Lethét?eccl site (possibly early); ch ruin
Lettracha Odráineccl site: cross-inscribed slabs x4 (EC); ch ruin (nave & chancel); gvyd; well (nos. 1878, 1947)
Liath Mancháineccl site; encl; grave-slabs x2 (encirc crosses); ch ruin (+ another encl ch ruin adj); well: Tobar Mancháin
Liath Mór (Leamakevoge)eccl enclosure? (traced c.1900 by Seymour - since vanished); high-cross shaft frag (11-12thC); grave-slab frags x 3; crucifixion slab (12thC); rd twr base; ch ruin x 2 (sm early Med; lrg multiperiod) (no. 1879)
Lisbunny*ch ruin - nave and chancel (no. 1880); gvyd
Lislanan*ch ruin; gvyd; well? (at Whitehead)
Lisnevagh eccl site?; encl D-shaped; cross-inscr stone (no. 617); ch ruin 'Acaun Ch' (no. 580) medieval; gvyd
Liss Eiltíne?ch ruin (late); gvyd
Liss Móreccl site; ch ruin; cathedral (on earlier ch site); inscr graveslabs x 5 (no. 1411)
Liss na Cille ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1412)
Liss Ua nDubthaigch ruins (some 12thC); gvyd; brown sandstone font
Loch Breccáineccl site; d-shaped encl (orig. encl 100m diam); ch ruin (no. 1447)
Loch Cé*ch site - poss EC?; ch ruin (med abbey)
Loch Muinremair/Loch Ramorch site - possible (no. 1691); ch ruin - traces; stone head (resembles White Island figs)
Loona Morech ruin; gvyd
Lothraeccl enclosure circular (also probable inner enclosure); bullaun x2; high cross x2 (bases + shaft frags: prob 8th/9thC); ch ruin (possibly 11thC); gvyd; well (nos. 1883, 1960, 1983)
Lugmad/Lugbadeccl site; ch ruin; oratory; rd twr(formerly); souterrain (Nos. 969, 970)
Lurganch ruins; circ gvyd (no. 1683); well dedic to Patrick beside ch? (O'Connell)
Macroney* ch ruins (late Med); in gvyd (nos. 14443, 14605)
Maen (Coluim Cille)eccl site; high-cross; 'holed' cross (frags); ch ruin; gvyd; well St Columba
Mag Bile (Movilla)eccl site; grave-slabs (EC date, one inscribed); ch ruin Romanesque; gvyd
Mag Bileeccl site; ch ruin
Mag drothir Dremnech ruin (St Kieran's?); gvyd; bullaun (nos. 1886, 1986)
Maghera ch ruin; crucifixion lintel (12thC)
Magheramorech site (early); ch ruin (late)
Magherareagh*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1885)
Magherossch ruin; gvyd (no. 1171)
Magh Lacha ch ruin x 2
Mag itir dá glaiseccl site: encl (now erased); bullaun; ch ruin (med)
Mag nAirthirch ruin
Mag nÉoeccl site: high cross (frag head + base 9thC?); cross-slabs x 6; ch ruin (med abbey); gvyd
Mag nÉo eccl site; ch ruin (13thc); well T. Mo-Chonna
Maigen(?)eccl site (EC excav Higgins): inner encl? (cashel wall); ch ruin (med; on early plinth); bullaun (incorp in later plinth c.1200); gvyd
Maigen*eccl site; ch ruin ('Moyne Abbey' Franciscan Friary)
Maigh Cuilinn*ch ruin (med); gvyd (no. 593)
Máimín*ch ruin - med; gvyd (no. 591)
Mainistir Buitieccl site; triple encl (cropmks; oval - 59 acres); high crosses x3; bullaun; grave-slabs x2; rd twr; ch ruin; gyvd; souterrains x3 (No. 954)
Mainistirch site (EC) possible; ch ruin (Franciscan Friary); horizontal mill; field system; wells x3 nrby (nos. 3279, 3504-6, 3990, 4603)
Mainistir na Liath eccl enclosure - sub-circ; bullaun (just inside encl); ch ruin? (eccl building); gvyd; togher possible nrby (nos. 3442-3)
Malin Beg/Templecavaneccl site poss (no. 1595); ch ruin (Templecavan 3.6 x 1.8m); cross-slab x2 (one with crosses cut on two faces); gvyd (killeen) nrby
Maorasch ruin (med); gvyd; 'Lackshinnagh Altar' (Leac Siothnach) - no trace (OS map c.80m to NNW) (no. 594)
Mapastown*ch ruin (No. 949)
Marshalstown* ch ruins (late Med); in gvyd (nos. 14444, 14607)
Martartecheccl site; cross-base (no. 1453, 1543); ch ruin (med.)
Meenagowanch ruin (Lettermacaward Old Ch); possible sub-circ encl (No. 1596)
Mílececcl site; cross-slab; rd twr; ch ruin
Millockstownch ruin(Kildemock Ch); gvyd; cross slab; two souterrains (Nos. 952 & 1026)
Milltown (Kilslaughtery)eccl site? ch ruin (Kilslaughtery ch) within oval area (No. 953), ogam stone?
Móethaileccl site; ch ruin (med abbey?) (no. 1436)
Moneen*ch ruin ('Teampall Beag': possible oratory - refurb as mortuary chapel) (no. 3444)
Monseach ruin - possible 12thc window; gvyd (no. 1892)
Montiagheccl enclosure poss; bullaun in E half; cross-slab (EC); ch ruin (nunnery? OS 1836); gvyd/killeen; raised area within? (high mound on which slab positioned) (nos. 2663, 2796)
Mooreshilleccl site; encl - oval (65 x 50m); ch ruin; gvyd
Mooreccl enclosure - sub-circ; ch ruin - probable; gvyd; well to S (nos. 3446-7)
Mosstown*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 960)
Mount Irvineeccl site possible; cross-slabs x 4 (3 lost); ch ruin ('Knockmore Abbey'); gvyd; well: 'Tobernambraher' (nos. 2664, 2689, 2760)
Mount Talbot*ch ruin; gvyd
Moyaliff*ch ruin (no. 1894)
Moyannaeccl site; enclosure circular; ch ruin (no. 781: med.); gvyd
Moycarky*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1895)
Moyhenna*ch ruin; gvyd
Moyle More/Aughnamullan*ch ruin (early modern - no.1172)
Moynetemple*ch ruin (Moyne Ch); gvyd (no. 1896)
Muileann na Cille (Mullinakill)ch ruin
Mullanakilleccl site; oval encl (117 x 89m) with possible inner encl; ch ruin (med.); well
Mungairiteccl site: ch ruins x 3 (earliest - 10thc?)
Myshall eccl site; bullaun x 2 (no. 493); ch ruin (with pre-Norman sections); well: St Brigit
Na Seacht dTeampailleccl complex: ch ruins x2 ('Teampall Bhreacáin' enlarged EC oratory - 'Teampall Phóill'/'T an Phuill' to SW); other (eccl?) buildings x8; high-crosses x3; leabaí x5; wells x2 (nos. 601-3, 349, 838, 754, 1018, 635-7)
Nenaghch ruin (on earlier ch site?) (no. 1898)
Newcastleeccl site; enclosure; ch ruin; gvyd; Well: St Finnian
Newtown (Kyleaderry)eccl site? possible encl; ch ruin (no. 782)
Newtownloweccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Newtownstalaban*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 963)
Nuachongbáileccl site (no. 705); ch ruin; gvyd
Nuachongbáileccl site; ch ruin (Abbey?); flagstone ('leac Choluimb Chille'); well: St Columbkille
Nuachongbáileccl site; encl - oval, large; ch ruin; gvyd
Nuachongbáil (Réid Bairenn)eccl site (EC?); ch ruin (med: nave + chancel); gvyd; well St Colman
Nun's Islandeccl site; encl - oval; ch ruin? ('Nunnery' OS Map); gvyd
Nure*ch ruin (late?); subrect gvyd (no. 1438)
Obaireccl site; cross-base EC; crosses x2 (solid-ring, shaft); cross-slab; ch ruin (late med) (No. 1470)
Oconach*ch ruin (crude masonry); well St Charles (O'Curry OSL)
Óendruimm/Áentruim/Nóendruimmeccl site; enclosure (triple; 6 acres); tidal mills x3 (7th-8thC); cross slabs (EC); ch ruins (11/12thC); rd twr
Óentrebeccl site; rd twr; ch ruin
Oilén an Ancaire (Anker's Isd.)ch ruin; gvyd
Oilén an Tempaill ch ruin (EC oratory); well c.20m to ENE (nos. 532, 657)
Oilén Cholum Cilleeccl enclosure - traces; ch ruin (OS map); well: Tobercolumbkille (Ballygarry)
Oilén Dachruinne ch ruin (EC oratory); gvyd; well - possible 30m to SSE (no. 536)
Oilén Fataeccl site; sub-circ encl; ch ruin? (poss EC oratory); huts; poss leacht; gvyd
Oilén Lócháin/Illaunloughanch ruin (EC oratory: RC 640-790 AD); ch site (sod-built: excav by White-Marshall); leacht; gable-shrine; beehive hut; well
Oilén Maisean ch ruin (EC oratory); cross slabs x2; leachts x2; bullaun; gvyd (no. 590)
Oilén tSenaicheccl site; cross-slab x3; stone cross; bullaun; ch ruin x2; beehive huts; souterrain; gvyd
Oilén Uí Chéinch ruin (No. 1363); rect gvyd
Oldcourt*ch ruin (late med); episcopal resid.
Othan Móreccl site; cross slabs x2, one with Greek doxology (No. 1567); ch ruin (Fahan); gvyd
Páirc na gColm eccl enclosure - possible; ch ruin ('Kilcallin') (no. 541)
Pallas Morech ruin - possibly early; gvyd (no. 1900, 2018)
Paráiste Cholaim Chillech ruin; well
Parsonstown*ch ruin (No. 964)-late
Patrick's Wellch ruin (late med); stone cross; 'well': St Patrick (poss horiz mill? Manning)
Pollboych ruin ('Tempoll' - med); gvyd (killeen) (nos. 3460, 3830)
Portaliff or Townparkseccl enclosure possible; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1694)
Port an Chairríneccl enclosure - lrg oval; ch ruin (EC oratory); bullaun - no trace (nos. 606-7)
Port M'ernóceccl site?; ch ruin; well: St Marnock; pillar stone (formerly)
Portnahinch*ch ruin (med? but features sq-headed E window of uncut stone); gvyd
Portnashanganeccl site; ch ruin (med: 'abbey'); gvyd
Port*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 968)
Port Rechrannch ruin; gvyd; well: St Kenny (former)
Portroyal/Odba Cheruch ruin; gvyd
Poulnaloureccl encl (traces of curving bank); ch ruin ('Templepadraig': med, but incorp Cyclopean masonry); gvyd/killeen
Pupall Pátraicch ruin
Raffonyeccl enclosure - circular; ch ruins (drystone-built); gvyd; souterrain - collapsed; well: Brigit's - to ENE of ch (nos.1695, 1263, 1775)
Raharneyeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Rahelty*ch ruin - nave and chancel (no. 1904); gvyd
Rahilleccl site; encl D-shaped; ch ruin 'Acaun Ch' (no. 592: ununkwn date); gvyd
Ráith Áedaeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin ('monastery'); gvyd
Ráith Áedáin?ch ruin (no. 594) - undated but dedic to Áedán?; well: St Capair (= Cathair? no. 649)
Ráith Aradch ruin (med); gvyd
Ráith Blathmaiceccl site; ch ruin
Ráith Boirneeccl site; encl oval (150 x 100m: field bndries); bullaun; ch ruin (nave 18' long; med but incorp Cyclopean masonry)
Ráith Chiaráinch ruin
Ráith Choill/na Coille?ch ruin (no. 785)
Ráith Cholpthaeccl site (Churchmoyley); ch ruin (10/11thC); cross base; cross-carved stones; possible corn-kiln
Ráith Chonaill?eccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Ráith Cormaic eccl site?; bullaun (no.1422); ch ruin; gvyd
Ráith Donnch ruin; gvyd (formerly)
Ráith Ennaeccl site?; ch ruin; gvyd; well: St Assam
Ráith Fernáineccl site; grave-slab ('Rathdown' type, pre 12thC); ch ruin (early mod?)
Ráith Garb?eccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (semi-oval)
Ráithín a' Chloig; (Raheenacluig)eccl site; encl circular; ch ruin; well: St Patrick
Ráithín eccl site; circular encl (aerial photo; NB internal divisions); ch ruin (med? mortared limestone blocks); gvyd
Ráith Maige Deiscirteccl site; poss oval encl on 1st ed OS map (230x140m), ogam stone; cross-slab; ch ruin (EC - ext 12thc); gvyd
Ráith Maige Tuaiscirteccl site; rd twr; ch ruin; gvyd; well (Tobernalour)
Ráith Mo-Beóc?ch ruin (15thc: on earlier site?); encl? (partly preserved); gvyd (no. 1906)
Ráith Murbuilcceccl site; enclosure; pillar stone cross-inscr x 2; cross-inscr stone x 2; rd twr base; ch ruin
Ráith Naoieccl site; ch ruin; gvyd - oval
Ráith na Sáer ch ruin
Ráith Óenbóeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Randalstown*eccl site?; EC settlement from 6thC; ch ruin (med); well: St Ann (excav: venerated from late Roman period)
Rathan ch ruins; gvyd; well - possible c.150m SW of ch (nos. 14418, 14575, 14042)
Rathgoggan*ch ruin; 'Holy Cross' gvyd; well - now dry (nos. 14449, 14614, 14032)
Rathgormanch ruin; gvyd (now under cultivation)
Rathkillkeadych ruin ('Rath'?)
Rochuileccl encl: cross-inscr slabs x 9 (two with Greek crosses - 8thC or earlier?); oratory; ch ruin (Templecavan); stone cells x 2 (one poss guesthouse - MH); well (Tober Murria) (No. 1603)
Rathmeskeccl site; rd twr base; ch ruin; gvyd
Rathmichaeleccl site; cashel; grave-slabs x5 ('Rathdown' types: 10-11thC?); rd twr base; ch ruin (Romanesque features)
Rathmoyle*ch ruin (med); gvyd
Rathskeagheccl site; encl poss; ch ruin ('Templelyn' OS Map); gvyd
Ray (Ráith?)eccl site; high-cross (No. 1604); ch ruin
Rearymoreeccl site; EC grave-slabs (now in Rosenallis RC ch); ch ruin (no. 795); gvyd; well: St Finnian?
Rechrueccl site; ch ruin; well: 'Trinity Well'
Recleseccl site?; ch ruin
Relagh Begeccl site? rd twr site? (on Baronial map); ch ruin - late med.; gvyd; hospital/hospice site? (no. 1698)
Relickeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Reynellaeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrangular)
Richardstownch ruin; gvyd (No. 975)
Rinnakilleccl site?; stone cross (No. 1607); ch ruin (No. 1905); wells ('Tobernamanna') (No. 1728)
Rinn Dubáin Ailithireccl site; ch ruin with antae (no. 1213); gvyd
Rinn Fhadach ruin
Rocksborough*ch ruin; gvyd
Róidbín*ch ruin; gvyd
Rosch ruin; 'grave of sts' (leacht?)
Roseccl enclosure - traces; ogam stone; ch ruin (Rinnaun ch - multiperiod)
Ros Cammeccl enclosure (D-shaped); cross-slab EC; bullauns (multiple); rd twr; ch ruin (late med); med grave-slabs x2; holed stone ('penitential st' on OS maps); gvyd; wells (nos. 610-1, 976)
Ros Cathailch ruin (EC oratory - 'St Brecan's'); double bullaun c.50m to SW; gvyd (no. 609)
Ros Echeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Ros Inbhir eccl site; cross-slabs x 2 (EC); incised shaft; ch ruin; well: St Mogue c.100m to E (no. 1422)
Roskeench ruin; gvyd
Ros Loígch ruin; gvyd
Ros na gCaillechch site; ch ruin (dismantled by early 19thC); gvyd; old paved road (since vanished); well: St Comgall
Rosnakilleccl site?; early cross-slabs (local claim) (No. 1606 ); ch ruin (late); gvyd; well (no trace) (No. 1730)
Ros Seirceccl site; ch ruin
Rossmakay (Ros mac Áeda?)ch ruin (nos. 977 & 978)
Ruanch ruin
Runnateggalch ruin (med); gvyd
Sabulleccl site; cross-slabs (at least one 8thc); mortuary-hse (EC); ch ruin - late (Augustinian priory); sundial
Saigireccl site; enclosure (375m diam); high cross (base: figure dec); ch ruin (med)
Salterstown*ch ruin (No. 979)
Scadarc (?) eccl site (no. 783); ch ruin; gvyd; well; encl adj
Scairbheccl site; oval encl; ch ruin (oratory); gvyd
Sceilc Mhicíleccl site; ch ruin; EC oratory x2; cross-inscr slab; stone cross; clochán x6; leacht; gvyd; wells: St Michael
Sciriceccl site (nr modern ch ruin)
Scrín Adomnáineccl site; ch ruin; well: St Adamnan (Tobar A.)
Scrín Choluim Cilleeccl site; ch ruin
Senchill (Shankill)ch ruin; gvyd
Sen-Chlocharch ruins - probably late (no. 5611)
Sen-Chluain ch ruin (nave and chancel, on earlier site?); gvyd (no. 1427); well
Senchua ua nAilellaeccl enclosure; ch ruin (med.) within; souterrains x 2 in NE & NW quadrants (nos. 2667, 2181-2)
Sen Gualain ch ruin; well: St Senan
Shankill (Loughinisland churches)ch ruin x 3 (middle ch 13thc, others later)
Shanlisch ruin (No. 980)
Skeamch ruins; gvyd (nos. 2952, 3168)
Sláineeccl site; high-cross shaft frag (9thC?); slab shrine; ch ruin (med. 'St Patrick's Ch.') (no. 1499)
Sléibte (Sletty)eccl site; granite crosses x 2; ch ruin - late med. (no. 799); well: 'Tober Feeg'
Sliab Liacceccl site: ch ruin (drystone); cross-inscribed pillar-stone/slab; beehive structure (No. 1519); wells x 3
Sliguffch ruin; gvyd (no. 598) well: 'St Bridget' (no. 650)
Smarmoreeccl site; cross inscr slabs x 3 (EC); ch ruin; gvyd; (No. 981)
Spidéal*ch ruin (post med); hospital site possible (med); gvyd (no. 617)
Sruthail/Struthaireccl site; ch ruin; wells x 4 (St Patrick's)
Sruthairch ruin
Stagreenan (Tech + ?)ch ruin (med.); gvyd (no. 1505)
St Brecaun'seccl site (no. 1169); encl; ogam stone; ch ruin; gvyd (now gone - erosion)
St Colman'sch ruin; well 'Tobar Cholmáin Báire'
St Dahalin'sch ruin; well
St John'sch ruin; gvyd
St Macadaw's/Cell m Dega?ch ruin; gvyd; well
St Margaret'seccl site; ch ruin; Well: St Brigit
St Mary'seccl site; ch ruin; well: Tobar Brígte?
St Mary'sch ruin; well: Brideog's (O'Curry, OSL); granite font
St Nicholas'ecc enclosure - possible (circ area); ch ruin (Kts Templars 'convent') within (no. 627)
Stonecarthych ruin; well (holy)
Straboe*ch ruin (no. 801); gvyd
Straidarranch ruin (probably med); gvyd; stone cross (since vanished)
St Vauk's/Vogue'seccl site (no. 1170); dertech site (wooden oratory c.600: post-holes etc; excavation); encl (sub-circ; 48 x 42m); ch ruin (17thC?)
Subulterch ruin (possibly 12thC); in gvyd site (nos. 14452, 14619)
Sutton (Cell Fintain?)eccl site; ch ruin; well: St Fintan's
Taghboy (Tech Buide?)ch ruin (Romanesque features); gvyd
Tallavbaun ch ruin; gvyd
Tamlaght/Magheranagawch ruin; gvyd ('Maghernagaw'); well - St Mogawage's (OS Memoir)
Tamnachch ruin (late Med); gvyd; well: St Patrick c.200m to N (nos. 2670, 2765)
Tankardstown*ch ruin (no. 803: nave and chancel); gvyd; well: St Thomas
Tech Baithíneccl site; encl - oval; ch ruin; gvyd
Tech Baithíneccl site - EC (6thC?); ch ruin (med); gvyd
Tech Cillín?eccl site?; ch ruin (Romanesque) (No. 983)
Tech Colmóceccl site; ch ruin (late med; Staholmock); gvyd (no. 1506)
Tech Coluimch ruin (no. 724); gvyd
Tech Crócháin?ch ruin (early mod) (No. 1510)
Tech Eóin/Rinn Dúinch ruin (prob 13thC.); rd twr??
Tech Eóin (St John's Point)eccl site; ch ruin - excav. 1970s (10th or 11thc; lintel above W door, antae); gvyd -EC gvs below N wall; bullaun; well
Tech Giugrann (Stagori)eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; well: St James?
Tech Lommáin eccl site; ch ruin (med: 'abbey'); gvyd
Tech mac Melláineccl site? (No. 1507); ch ruin (late med)
Tech Maíl-(duib)eccl site; enclosure - oval; ch ruin; gvyd; well: Bride's Well
Tech Mo-Lacaeccl site; ch ruin (med abbey: no. 3252); gvyd
Tech Mo-Laca/Mo-Loceeccl site; ch ruin (13thc?); well: St Mo-Ling?
Tech Munnueccl site (no. 1465); high cross (partial; 8thc?); ch ruin (2); well: Munnu
Tech Sason ch ruin - late med (no. 3477)
Tech Teilleeccl site (Tihilly; 'Templekieran'); ch ruin (EC?); high cross; gvyd
Tech Tuaeeccl site; rd twr; ch ruin
Tempall an Chaisilch ruin (oratory); gvyd/calluragh adj 'Templecashel'
Tempall an Chethrair Álainn eccl site; bullaun; ch ruin (med); possible monastic buildings x3 to E & W; well to SE; gvyd - plot with 5 flagstones 'Leabaanceathairalainn' on OS maps (nos. 599, 337, 750)
Tempall an Chnocáinch ruin (med) 'Knockane'; ogam stone - possible
Tempall an Díthrebaigch ruin (in circ. cashel); gvyd/killeen (nos. 3167, 2088)
Tempall an tSagairt ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 14450, 14615)
Tempall Asurnaigeeccl site; ch ruin (EC oratory + possible eccl building); cross-slabs x3; bullaun; 'saint's bed'; well & bush c.115m to NW (nos. 598, 336, 748)
Tempall Átha deirg ch ruin (traces - probably med); gvyd - oval (no. 618)
Tempall Becc na Náem ch ruin (EC oratory); bullaun c.100m ESE (no. 516)
Tempall Bennéinch ruin (EC oratory 'Teampall Bheanáin'); inscr slabs x5; clochans x3 to SW (no. 575)
Tempall Cellaigch ruin; gvyd (19thc); ogam stone (orig from Rantavan? no. 1697); well (St Cillian's) nrby in tld of Cloughbally-beg (nos. 1688, 182, 1749)
Tempall Chill na caisneeccl site?; bullaun; ch ruin (featureless 'Killycawna'/'Templemoyle')
Tempall Chrónáineccl site: encl (traces); ch ruin (trabeate doorway, carved heads => 12thC); high-cross (shaft); stone crosses (marking termon?); tomb shrines x 2; well
Tempall Ciaráineccl complex: ch ruin x 3 (EC/med; loc name Mainistir); cross-inscr pillar (+ 2 other pillars); sundial; gvyd - killeen; well to WNW (nos. 600, 346, 752, 895)
Tempall Cormaic*ch ruin
Tempall Cormaic (Toberdoney)eccl site; enclosure - circular; souterrain; ch ruin (dry stone construction); gvyd
Tempall Corróc?eccl site?; ch ruin (sm dimensions; extant 19thC)
Tempall Dub (Inagh)ch ruin
Tempall Éinne eccl enclosure - possible; ch ruin (EC oratory); bullaun & well to NW (nos. 567, 709, 884)
Tempall Féichíne (Templefeheen)ch ruin (med); gvyd (no trace) (no. 545)
Tempall Finneccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Tempall Inis Déch ruin; well - Ingena Baíth
Tempall Loiscthe?ch ruin; well (holy)
Tempall Loiscthe/Loíchse?eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Tempall Máile? (Templemaley)ch ruin
Tempall Mairtínch ruin
Tempall Mancháineccl site; encl; ogam stone; cross-slab x2; ch ruin; gvyd; souterrain; well x3
Tempall Maol (2)eccl enclosure - sub-circular (trivallate); inscr graveslab ('ORÓIT DO MÁELPÓIL'); ch ruin in inner encl (windows possibly 13thC); gvyd (just outside outer encl); well 80m to SSW (nos. 3472-4, 3574)
Tempall Martaineccl site?; encl (54.2x71m); ch ruin (Templemartin); gvyd; souterrain
Tempall meic Duachch ruin (single celled; med but incorp 'Cyclopean' masonry => EC); bullaun; leacht x 2; well
Tempall meic in tsáeireccl site; encl poss; ch ruin (traces; 'abbey' OS Map); gvyd
Tempall Mo-Chuillech ruin 'Tampul M.'; well at Cappavilla
Tempall Móreccl site; bullaun; cross-slabs x 5 (EC date?); ch ruin - med ('Tempall Mor'); traces of 2nd building ('Teach na gCailleach Dubh'); stone head; gvyd; well: 'Tobermoneen' (nos. 2609, 2676, 2699, 2779)
Tempall Muire ch ruins (no. 14453) (possibly EC)
Tempall na 7 mac Rí ch ruin; cross-slab; 'saint's bed' (Leaba Chinndeirge) to S; well (Tobar Chinndeirge) to SW (nos. 523, 650)
Tempall na Cillech ruin (Templenakilla; cyclopean, no mortar); gvyd/calluragh
Tempall na gCaillech Dubch ruin? (rectang structure) (no. 1402 )
Tempall na Leicin ch ruin; gvyd
Tempall na mBeinédch ruin; gvyd (no. 1361)
Tempall na mbóch ruin; gvyd (no. 499)
Tempall na Sencillech ruin (no. 702: nave and chancel); gvyd (Shanakill)
Tempall Nua*ch ruin; gvyd
Tempall Odráineccl site; encl - circular (complete);ch ruin; gvyd
Tempall Ráthaeccl site; ch ruin (no. 1604); ringed cross; millstone x 2; basin-stone
Tempall Rónáin?eccl enclosure (curving field boundaries); ch ruin 'Templeroonaun' (early Med); gvyd in SE quadrant; leacht cuimhne; saint's stone (Patrick's) c.600m to NNW (nos. 2630, 2734-5)
Tempall Ruadáin (?)ch ruin (late); gvyd; well: St Ruadhan (tl Shanballymore Upr c.650m to E) (nos. 14409, 14564, 14036)
Tempall Tigh Fínáin (?)eccl site (excav O'Sullivan; on 'pilgrim route'?); encl; ch ruin ('Tample-teenaun' 12thc?; orig Tech Fínáin?); leacht (graves beneath); gvyd
Templeboy*ch ruin (traces); gvyd (formerly; no trace 1839 OSL); well
Templebryan (1)eccl enclosure oval; ogam stone; bullaun; ch ruins; gvyd; well: 'Tobernakilla' at SE bank (nos. 2580, 3172, 3245, 1041, 2599, 2711)
Templederrych site (possibly EC)?; ch ruin (18thC); gvyd (no. 1914, 1915)
Templedouglas (Tulach Dubglaise)ch site; ch ruin (16thC 'Templedouglas Abbey'); gvyd (No. 1615); well (no trace) (No. 1735)
Templelineeccl site: encl circular (curving segs of earthwork); ch ruin (med: single celled)
Templemichael*ch ruin; gvyd; well (nos. 1909, 1964)
Templemoyle (Tempall Maol?)ch ruin extant until early 19thC (adj to agricultural college)
Templepatrickeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Templeshane*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1829)
Templetown (Cell Muire?)ch ruin 'Kilwirra'; gvyd (No. 984)
Tempull na Sceach ch ruin
Termann/Tempall Cróinech ruin (Templecrone); well ('Toberfinan' - no trace); 'cave' contains votive deposits (nos. 1617, 1736)
Termoneccl site; bullauns x3; ch ruin (Killinagh); well ('Toberbride') c.110m to WSW (nos. 1702-3, 1778); gvyd
Thompleakilleeneccl site; pillar stone; ch ruin; gvyd
Tinnahinchch ruin (med); gvyd - circular, now quaried away (no. 611); well: St Michael
Tinvoher*ch ruin - nave and chancel (no. 1919); gvyd
Tipra Fhachtnaeccl site; dec pillar stone; ch ruin; gvyd
Tír dá Glaseccl enclosure possible (field/townland boundaries & crop marks); cross-carved stone - 11th/12thC?; ch ruin; gvyd; well: St Columb (nos. 1825, 1935)
Toberaquillencl (sub-circular or D-shaped); ch ruin
Toberelva ch ruin (early mod RC chapel?); gvyd; well?
Tomardeccl site; ch ruin (plain rect); gvyd (no. 612); well: 'St Bridget' (no. 657)
Toomullinch ruin (nave); well: Breccán
Toracheccl site (no. 1620); cross-slabs x2 (EC); Tau-cross (12thC?); rd twr; ch ruin (T. an Móirsheisir); ch site (St Colum Cille's); gvyd
Townparks (Ardee)*ch ruin (No. 992)
Treóit Móreccl site; ch ruin (med.)(no. 1521)
Trúgh*ch ruin (fragmentary)
Tuaim Achaid Throim eccl enclosure; ch ruin in E sector; gvyd? (nos. 3448-9)
Tuaim dá ghualanneccl complex; eccl enclosure probable; cross-slab; high-cross head (nr later abbey - 3487); cathedral (Romanesque); ch ruin (13thC with Romanesque heads); ch site possible; gvyd (D-shaped), another gvyd possible (human bones found nr ch site) (nos. 3481, 3483-4, 3486, 3502)
Tuaim Daili ch ruin (on earlier site)
Tuaim Findlochaeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Tuaim-fobhaireccl site; cross-slabs x 3 (EC); leacht & 'saint's stone'; ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 2673, 2774, 2692)
Tuaim Gréne eccl site; ch ruin; pillar stones; well: St Cóelán (bell-twr site? - ref 965)
Tuaim Múscraige/Tóm in Bairdeccl site? (Templedowney); cross slab (8thC? - vanished); ch ruin (Med priory)
Tuaim Sruthrach ruin (multiperiod 13th-17thC on earlier site?); gvyd
Tuiléneccl site; ch ruin (antae, lintel-door: late 9th/early 10thC); panelled cross (no. 1392); gvyd
Tuitestowneccl site; enclosure - circular? (curving earthworks to W)); ch ruin; gvyd
Tulach Brecc eccl site (possibly EC); ch ruin; well: Mo-Lana
Tulach Inmuinneccl site; ch ruin (first phase c.1000 AD); high-cross base; rd twr; 2x ogam stones
Tulach Liss/Tellach Liaseccl site roughly oval; cross slabs (many EC); bullauns x2; ch ruin; 'St Bericheart's hse' (rect. structure); gvyd; wells: St Benjamin (tld Gortnagark); St Mary (tld Poulavare) (nos. 13892, 14455, 14622, 13994, 13933, 14029, 13925-7, 13922, 13916).
Tulach Mór/Cell Brigteeccl site; raised area; ch ruin (derelict ante 1568); gvyd
Tulach na nEpscopeccl site; grave-slabs x3 ('Rathdown' type: 10-12thC?); crosses X 2 (12thC?); ch ruin (Romanesque arch)
Tulach na nEpscopeccl site; ch ruin (late); gvyd
Tulach/Tech Con[n]óc?eccl site; circular gvyd (no. 1523); ch ruin
Tullyallen (Tulach + ?)ch ruin; gvyd (Nos. 994 & 995)
Turlough eccl site: rd twr; ch ruin; gvyd
Turtulla*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1920)
Uachtar Airdeccl site; rd twr; ch ruin; gvyd
Uarán nGaradeccl site; rd twr (remains); ch ruin; gvyd; well: St Patrick
Ucht Dara(?)ch ruin (on EC site?)
Ucht Máma eccl site; ch ruin x 3 (two EC: third incorp 'Cyclopean' masonry); cross-slabs (now missing); horizontal mill poss; well St Colman
Uisce Chaín/Uskechaoinch ruin; gvyd; cross-inscribed slab (No. 1560)
Uskane*ch ruin - nave and chancel (no. 1922); gvyd
Wallstown ch ruin; in gvyd; well c.350m to SE (nos. 14456, 14623, 13975)
Waterstown/Patrickswelleccl site; wheeled cross x 2 (no. 501); ch ruin; gvyd; well in adj tld Patrickswell (no. 648)
Whitechurch (Lisnahunsin; Less an Fhuinseann?)eccl site; grave-slab x2 (ringed Greek cross perh 8thC; 'Rathdown' type < 12thC); cross-base (inscr); ch ruin (med); well: 'St Sadb'
Cell Chenannain?eccl site (no. 1165); circ encl (arc c.78m); ch ruin; well to SW - Sheet 20
Kilgarrylanderch ruin; gvyd; ogham stone found in nearby souterrain