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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.:Documented AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics (the DIB terms such individuals often regarded as founders of churches — saints in the Irish tradition), whose association with the sites concerned is based on documentary sources.:LineageThis records the reputed ancestral lines of individuals given in Doc Assoc.:
Traditional AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics whose association with the sites concerned is based on tradition, dedication or placename association.:TownlandGives the townland (name spelt as in TTPBI Index) in which the site is (or is thought to be) located.:ParishGives the civil (not ecclesiastical) parish in which the townland is situated.:
DeaneryThis records the rural deanery (a sub-division of the diocese) to which the parish belongs.:DioceseThis records the medieval (not necessarily the same as the modern) diocese in which the foundation lies.:BaronyGives the modern barony (as in TTPBI Index the baronies were rationalised in 19thC) in which the townland and civil parish are situated.:
CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.:ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.:SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.:
Recorded HistoryThis concerns the subsequent history of the site, with emphasis on pre-Norman (or early post-Norman) native sources mainly annals but also including medieval ecclesiastical records (charters or taxations), English Crown documents and, on occasion, modern sources (especially surveys or maps, which may mark the location of lost sites or illuminate placenames).:Clerical StatusThis seeks to classify foundations as episcopal coarbial or eremitic based on the clerical orders ascribed to the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:GenderThis seeks to classify foundations as male or female based on the gender of the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:
Succession RecordLists ecclesiastics, male or female, who succeeded to offices at the foundation concerned abbots, abbesses, comarbai, bishops often clerics of less exalted rank such as treasurers, lectors, scribes. These lists make no claim to be exhaustive; fuller accounts for major sites can be found in the New History of Ireland, vol. 8, and in published prosopographies.:Medieval DedicationNotes medieval church-dedications to saints whether Irish or Continental.:Familial LinksIndicates links between foundations, whether claimed in hagiographical sources (a lesser site said to have submitted to greater site), attested by charter, or indicated by tradition or placename evidence.:
Folk TraditionRecords traditional stories, beliefs or practices (especially pilgrimages or patterns), or a tradition of clandestine burial either recorded or inferred from location names such as the killeen or the caldragh.:Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.:ArtifactsIn general, this records only items which may support the case for the site as a pre-Reform ecclesiastical settlement (especially croziers, shrines, chalices etc) — whether recovered by search or excavation, or merely associated with the site by tradition. Also included are such items as querns and kilns as flour-production was an important part of life at ecclesiastical (although also, admittedly, at secular) settlement sites.:
BibliographyMentions secondary references (sometimes very select indeed) to the site concerned. Some contain detailed discussion, others (especially where little else seems to be available) only the briefest mentions. For details see the Bibliography page.:AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.:

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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.
Abbeyland*ch site (probably med); gvyd; cross-slab (+ ruin of Aug abbey) in Abbeyland Sth (nos. 3280, 3281)
Abbeyparkch site? (possibly EC); togher; field system (nos. 3991, 4072); ch ruin (Augustinian abbey post 1140) (no. 3282); wayside cross; well (nos. 3492, 3507)
Achad Ablach site? (Leac in Pubail); well: Tipra Fhinnéin
Achad Beithe (Aghavea)ch site; gvyd
Achad Bóeccl site (No. 688); rd twr; ch site (Augustinian priory, occ. by C of I ch); Tempall na gCaillech Dub loc adj? (Archdall); gvyd
Achad Brónachch site; gvyd
Achad Chinn/na Cille (Aughnakeely?)ch site?; gvyd (killeen)
Achad Lurchair/Urchairch site; market cross
Achad Roisch site? (Kilmantin) loc kwn?
Adamstown*ch site? no traces; well c.300m to NW (no. 1308)
Affane Hunterch site - early? gvyd (no. 1309)
Aghaneenaghch site; gvyd site (1937 OS map) (nos. 14457, 14060); cross-inscr stone?
Aghnaskeaghch site possible; ringed stone cross (17thC); burial mound nearby - possibly early Christian (nos. 1608, 1718, 1723)
Ahoghill ch site (med par ch - built on earlier ch site?)
Aighaneccl site?; cross-inscr slabs; bullaun (removed 19thC); ch site; gvyd/cillin (No. 1512); well (St Conall)
Airb[r]e (= Cell Chuáin?)eccl site (no. 1164); circ encl (136m); bullaun?; ch site (med.); gvyd
Airdne Choluimeccl site; gvyd circular; ch site (med.)
Airemheccl site; ch site (possibly early); gvyd (vanished)
Airther Maigech site (occ by C of I ch); rd twr remains; gvyd
Alt a' dhomhnaighch site; gvyd; cross (primitive)
Anaverna*ch site (No. 882) at Carrabane
An Bhanrainn Bháneccl site (early) - possible; ch site?; gvyd ('St Columbkille's' on OS map); wells x 2 to SW & S (nos. 514, 660)
Annagelliff*ch site; gvyd (no. 1609)
Annaghkilly*ch site? (no. 1153)
Annagh Morech site possible ('Kilassar': no. 2607); well: St Anne or St Fechin (exact loc unkwn: no. 2698)
Annaghch site? (no visible remains); gvyd (no. 2606); well: St Patrick (no. 2697)
Ardachadeccl site; ch site EC (traces of wooden bldg: excav by De Paor); ch ruin (cathedral); well: St. Brigit (loc not specif.)
Ard Becc*ch site (med.); well (Tobar Mhuire)
Ard Bhéarra*ch site possible?; gvyd; well (nos. 511, 641)
Ard Breccáin*eccl site; ch site (occ by disused C of I ch)
Ard Chaitnech site (possibly early)
Ard Charnach site (earthen mound: Templemihil); grave-slab (EC); gvyd
Ard Chiaráin (Ardkieran)ch site - possible; gvyd
Ard Ferta Brénainneccl site; encl; ch site (pre-Romanesque damliac, 11thC: excav by Moore); rd twr site; later chs (12th, 15thc); gvyd (incl many early-med burials)
Ardgillewch site, 'Kilcarbery church' (No. 1622)
Ard Glas ch site - pre-Norman?
Ardkillch site possible (nr Ardkill Hse)
Ard Lecacheccl site; enclosure oval; ch site; gvyd (destroyed) (No. 1565)
Ard Machaeccl encl (visible in street plan); ch site ('Great Stone Church', 'Nothern' ch/'Sabhall', 'Southern ch/Ch of the Elections); gvyd; rd twr site; Culdee Priory site; high cross frags x 2 ('Market Cross' in cathedral & other frag in chyd)
Ard mBresta*ch site (no. 520)
Ardmorech site?; gvyd
Ard Sráthaeccl site; ch site; gvyd
Arklowch site (at Old Chapel Gd); gvyd
Áth an Urlainn*ch site; gvyd
Áth dá Lairgch site (early)
Athenyry*ch site?
Áth Escrach (Ahascragh)ch site; gvyd; well: St Cuan c.2.3km to NE (nos. 3287, 3535)
Áth Imlaisech site (occ by C of I); gvyd; well: Mo-Laise
Áth Luaineccl site? cross-slabs x 5 (inscr to Conloc, Torpaith, Ailill ave Dúnchatho - k.o. Connacht d.764?); ch site (occ by C of I ch); gvyd
Áth na gCeppeccl site; encl-curve SW; ogam stone; bullauns x2; ch site; souterrain
Attiroryeccl site; encl (sub-circ); bullaun (D-shaped); ch site poss (no trace); gvyd/killeen (no. 1397)
Aughnish Islech site; carved window-head (No. 1513); gvyd
Aughrim (Echdruim?)ch site - possible (no.1611)
Babhdhún?ch site? (site of 'Druimcheo' nunnery - O'Donovan - but MacNamee doubtful)
Baile an Chluig**ch site; gvyd
Baile an Chnocáinch site?; cross-slab; calluragh (gvyd)
Baile an Epscoip (?)ch site - possibly early
Baile an Reannaighch site poss (knoll 'Cillvickillane'); ogam stones x2; well (Tobar Chiaráin)
Baile an tSagairteccl site; circ encl; ogam stones x10; ch site (An Lisín); gvyd (An Cheallúnach/calluragh)
Baile Bhiocáireeccl site; circ encl; ch site; clochán?; calluragh (gvyd); leacht; cross-inscr stone; standing stones
Baile Diarmatach site - possibly early (other archae remains)
Baile Dubh*ch site (med); well; cross-inscribed stone; well (Tobar Niocláis)
Baile in Iúirch site (occ by C of I church); gvyd
Baile Mhuillinn*ch site; gvyd possible
Baile na Cille*ch site; gvyd site (no. 1324) now no trace
Baile na gCaillech*ch site possible; ch traces in 'Chapel field'; stone font (used as trough)
Baile na hEaglaiseeccl site; sub-circ encl; souterrain; ch site; gvyd
Baile Nua ch site; well? ('Greenwell')
Baile Ua Chaisidech site - possibly early; well: Mo-Laise
Baile Uí Dhoinnch site (med); gvyd; well
Balla (Balna)eccl site; grave-slab (EC: 10thC?); rd twr; ch site (ruin extant early 19thC); gvyd; well: Tobar Mhuire, aka St Cronan's
Ballinaboych site (St Rónán's Oratory); cross-shaped slab, inscr above (EC); wells x2 ('Tobernagreachta' & 'St Brigit's') a few 100m to SE
Ballinaleck (Lecc Máeleruain)ch site possible; Crossabeg/Na Crosa Beaga loc name (O Crualaoich)
Ballinaltigeccl encl possible, lge circ; bullaun; ch site (Kilshanahan); gvyd (no. 5163, 5679)
Ballinamoughtch site - 'St. Brendan's' (no. 5607) - no structural remains visible
Ballinattinch site - possibly EC
Ballindoneych site?
Ballinglanna*ch site 'Cill Osró' (An Seabhac)
Ballingowaneccl site; circ encl (double on OS map); bullaun; ch site (no. 1505)
Ballintemple*ch site; gvyd (no. 1612)
Balloneccl site; circ encl now levelled (no. 525); ch site; gvyd; wells x 2 (no. 623-4)
Ballybrazileccl site (No. 1157); encl circ (94 x 86m); gvyd rect; ch site (med); wells: Crón, Brigit, BVM
Ballycahane ch site (now protestant ch)
Ballycahillch site; bullaun? (now vanished); gvyd site; well (nos. 1807, 1930)
Ballycaneweccl site (no. 1184); bullaun; gvyd - sub-circ raised; ch site (med)
Ballycanneench site 'Cathair an Easpaig'; clochán possible
Ballycharrych site; gvyd, 'Kilpatrick field' (No. 1624)
Ballycolgan (Kilkilvery)ch site - possible (no. 3301)
Ballyconnick*ch site (No. 1185); gvyd sub-rect
Ballycotton*ch site (no. 5609) (no trace - 'ch in ruins' on 1842 OS map)
Ballydonaghy eccl site; ch site (possibly early)
Ballyedward*ch site ('chapel': location unkwn)
Ballyeightragh*ch site (par ch of Clonmult); gvyd (nos. 5610, 5684)
Ballyhampton*ch site; gvyd site (in field called 'the Kirkland')
Ballyharrahanch site? gvyd; well (Tobar na mBrathar)
Ballyheen ch site possible; gvyd (1842 OS map) low raised oval area (nos. 14460, 14067)
Ballyhenrych site - early? (now site of 18th C of I ch & gvyd) (no. 1810)
Ballyhill*ch site; gvyd
Ballykennedy ch site; gvyd site - possible
Ballykillbeg eccl enclosure - possible; gvyd; ch site - no trace
Ballyknockanch site; cross-inscr stone; cross (plain granite); gvyd (calluragh: 'The Reilg') excav when area flooded
Ballylaneeneccl site? encl poss; circ. gvyd; ch site ('Cathair Breac ch') (no. 1321)
Ballymagaughey ch site - no trace
Ballymartrim*?ch site possible; well ('Legnadoevey') nearby
Ballymascanlan*ch site; gvyd (No. 885)
Ballymoney ch site; square tower (bearing date 1637)
Ballymorrineccl site poss; bullaun; ch site; gvyd site
Ballymyrech site possible; gvyd (in demense of Ballymyre Lodge)
Ballynabortagheccl enclosure poss ('Killeagh Rath' -now levelled); bullaun to SE; ch site? (no trace); gvyd/killeen (no trace) (nos. 5165, 5249, 5171)
Ballynaguilkee eccl site; enclosure oval; ch site; base of stone cross (no. 1323)
Ballynameench site - possible
Ballynary*ch site - possible
Ballynaslaneych site (No. 1196); gvyd rect; well: St. David
Ballyneety*ch site; gvyd site - possible (no. 1453)
Ballynoe*ch site possible; gvyd (nos. 14462, 14071)
Ballyphilip*ch site; gvyd
Ballyphilip*ch site; gvyd
Ballyrobert ch site possible (now no trace)
Ballyteerimeccl enclosure? ('fort' reported); ch site possible; gvyd
Ballytrisnane*ch site - possible ('Cill'); well (no. 1510)
Ballyvoddych site (no. 14397) no ground trace
Ballywalter*ch site - exact location unkwn
Balrobinch site; bullaun (No. 886)
Baronstowneccl site; enclosure (outer, large); ch site; gvyd
Barronstownch site (No. 888)
Baunanooneenych site possible; gvyd 'Knockanewin' (nos. 14465, 14072)
Bawnatempleeccl enclosure - roughly circ; cross-inscr stone (possibly 7thC) to NW; bullaun c.90m to W; ch site (Cannaway); gvyd (nos. 9198, 9517, 9241, 9217)
Bawnfunech site - possibly early (other archae remains)
Beagh ch site
Beaulieu*ch site (in 'Church Field'); gvyd (No. 891)
Bél Feirste*ch site? (St Georges on site of earlier ch)
Belpatrickch site/gvyd possible (Nos. 1000 & 1037)
Bile Féichinech site; well: St Fechin c.200m to N; saint's stone - 'St Fechin's bed' (nos. 2618, 2707-8)
Blascaod Móreccl site; ch site; cross-inscribed stone; calluragh (gvyd); well (Tobar na Croise)
Borrisch site (part of a wall survives); gvyd (no. 1817)
Both Domnaig (Badoney/Botoney)ch site; cross-carved slab
Both Medbach site; sarcophagus (poss 12thC); gvyd
Brandanech site (no. 1427)
Breech site (occ by present St. John's Church?)
Brettan eccl enclosure? (earthworks described by O'Laverty); ch site (occupied by mod ch); gvyd; well
Brideswellch site?; well (Tobar Bríde)
Brownstownch site; gvyd (Nos.1038, 1206)
Bruree ch site; well (Munchin's)
Bunacumch site possible (remains of wall); gravestone (9th/10thC - now lost?) (no. 1820); cross-incised slab (now lost) (no. 1826); abbey ruin (Augustinian priory) nrby
Bunowench site (med - no. 518); well: Tobar na Secht mban-Náem
Bushch site; gvyd circular (30m def. by earthen bank); well: St. Michael
Bushmillsch site (occ by modern ch)
Cabra*ch site - possible (no.1614)
Cadamstowneccl site?; ch site (occ by C of I ch); cross- inscr stone; stone head (poss 12thC)
Caherdavin?ch site?
Caire/Carrac in dísirtch site poss; gvyd (no 1596: Carrickdexter)
Caiseleccl complex; high-cross base (9thC?); ch site (stone 'cathedral' c.1100?; earlier wooden ch pos); Romanesque ch (Cormac's Chapel); rd twr (12thC); cathedral (rebuilt 1169)
Callystownch site (No. 892); possible site of early nunnery
Calry Churcheccl encl poss (oval earthwork at Mackanrany, on W side of rd to Mount Temple); ch site (E side of rd); grave-slab (inscr 'Or do Máel-Maire'); gvyd (at Labaun)
Caltragh eccl site; ch sites x3 (Killenfelim, Killeenishel, Knocknacaltragh)
Caltrach site ('Nunnery'); gvyd - killeen (nos. 3318, 3674); well: St Solan (Caltra village)
Camaghych site (no.1155)
Camclone*ch site possible; gvyd (Camclone?)
Cammachadch site?
Carna*ch site (remains oblit.); gvyd
Carnch site; gvyd; ringed cross (No. 1525)
Carnyarraeccl enclosure - lrg oval; ch site; possible gvyd; souterrain (nos. 2619, 1989)
Carrac?eccl site; encl d-shaped; ch site (no. 1424); well: Lady's well (200m. SE)
Carragraigueeccl enclosure possible (roughly circular) (no. 13898); ch site possible; gvyd site ('The Killeen' - no trace)
Carrickch site - possible (no.1616)
Carrickmullangvyd? 'Shankill' (No. 1040); possible ch site in adj Td. Ash Big (No. 999)
Carrow*ch site; gvyd site - no visible trace (nos. 1824, 1996)
Carrownaganniveeccl enclosure? - circular; ch site (med -'Ballynakill' or 'Aghyart'); gvyd (no. 3328)
Cartronhughch site possible; gvyd D-shaped; 'straining stone'; souterrain (nos. 2624, 2033, 2720)
Cashelch traces (possibly med par ch), ch site ('monastery') to E; gvyd - roughly circular; well: 80m to W (nos. 3332-3, 3522)
Cashelch site possible (now quarry) (no. 1619)
Castlebellingham*ch site; gvyd (No. 895)
Castledurrow*ch site (No. 708) 'Durrow Monastery' < 1835
Castleflemingch site; gvyd site; killeen in adj C'fleming Stubber
Castlemagnerch site (early?); gvyd (nos. 14405, 14559)
Castlerahanch ruin (18thc); gvyd - subrect; possible earlier ch site (50 yds to E) (nos.1620, 1621)
Castlering*ch site; former gvyd (No. 896)
Castleterraeccl site; enclosure? (oval rath); ch site; gvyd; stone head (15th/16thC? in wall of modern RC ch) (nos. 316, 1622-3); Patrick's well c. 1/2 mile to N (Carrickateane)?
Castletowncooley*ch site (No. 899)
Cathair an Chrutairech site (possible); bullaun; stone-walled encl; gvyd ('monks')
Cathair Ultainch site? possibly early?
Cell Achaid Dromma Fotaeccl site; enclosure; grave-slabs; bullauns; ch site (poss: Ch of Da Sinceall)
Cell Achaid (Kil-)ch site (Davaghkieran)
Cell Achaidch site - possible (now no trace?)
Cell a' Cnocáin ch site (on 1st ed OS map) - no trace (no. 1382)
Cell Áeda? (Keel Aodha)eccl enclosure oval ('Drominagh Fort' 1937 OS map); ch site; gvyd poss in E half (nos. 13878, 14092, 14476)
Cell Aireseccl enclosure possible (D-shaped); ch site; gvyd possible in interior (nos. 13901, 14121)
Cell Alachtáin?*ch site (grass-covered mound of earth & stone); well 235m to NE (nos. 3409, 3554)
Cell Allocáin?ch site (no. 1346); well: St. Alloc/Toberluke
Cell an dísirt (?)ch site possible (at 18thC par ch); well: Brigid's - disused (no. 1428)
Cell an Ibairch site; gvyd site (possible)
Cell an Iomairech site (St Michael's); monastic site with hospital; earthworks c.150m to S (nos. 1429, 1364)
Cell an Urdráinch site?; calluragh (gvyd)
Cell Átha Moiríneccl enclosure possible (lrg sub-circular); bullaun to S; ch site - no trace (no. 5168)
Cell Attracht/Adrochtaech site (nunnery?); cross; gvyd; well: 'Toberaraght' (nos. 2644, 2746)
Cell Báetáinch site?; gvyd (Shilvodan)
Cell Barra/Kilbarry (2)ch site possible (no surface trace); gvyd (nos. 3178, 2869)
Cell Barra/Kilbarrych site; well: 'Toberbarry' (no. 5220)
Cell Beccáineccl site; encl poss; ch site ('Monastery'); gvyd
Cell Beccch site?; cross-inscr bullaun; subrect encl; 3 cross-inscr stones
Cell Becc? (Kylebeg)ch site; gvyd (Kylebeg)
Cell Becnatan ch site possible (No. 1158: Kilbegnet) no visible remains
Cell Beraig/Beirche?ch site (Monastic map)
Cell Bercháinch site - possible; well
Cell Bercháin (Kilbarrahan)ch site possible; gvyd (surr by circular earthen fence now levelled) (nos. 14488, 14110)
Cell Bercheirteccl enclosure; ch site (Kyles of Berrihert); crosses; cross-carved slabs; well
Cell Berchirtch site (Kilberrihert); gvyd site possible (no. 14490)
Cell Bhrecc/ Baile an Mhuilinnch site?; gvyd; sub-rect encl; cross-inscribed stone; clochán?; hses?
Cell Bhreicceccl enclosure? - circular; ch site - early?
Cell Bhreicc eccl enclosure - circular (stone-faced earthen bank); ch site; 3 bullauns (no. 1367)
Cell Bicsigech site (occ by C of I church)
Cell Bicsigi (Kilbixy)ch site; gvyd (formerly) on Whitsun Hill
Cell Biolairencl - oval (eccl?); ch site? (no. 1486; OS map, not visible on gd)
Cell Breccáinch site - early? (no. 1318)
Cell Brigte?ch site?; sub-rect encl; cross-incsr slab (No. 1517); gvyd (Kilbride)
Cell Brigteeccl site; encl (semicircle traceable); ch site; gvyd
Cell Brigteeccl site: encl (earthen banked); ch site within ('Kilbride' OS Map)
Cell Brigtech site (not visible now)in Kilbride Estate (no. 568)
Cell Brigtech site (3/4 mile SW of Killough); 'ancient tomb' with inscr cross (built into stile)
Cell Brigtech site; gvyd - no early features
Cell Brigtech site; gvyd - raised
Cell Brigtech site (excav Kilbride-Jones); grave-slabs x2 ('Rathdown' types, one bearing pair of Greek crosses: 10-11thC?); encl (square)
Cell Brigte?ch site poss; well: St Brigit (pattern 1 Feb)
Cell Brigte? (Kilabrida)ch site - possible; raised area; gvyd (stone-lined graves - reportedly)
Cell Brigte (=Recles Brigte?)ch site & gvyd (Temple Brigid/St Bridget's Ch, in Chapel Lane)
Cell Broccáin?/Kilbroganch site possible (no visible trace); wells x2 to S (nos. 3179, 2682-3)
Cell Broccáin/Kilbroganch site possible
Cell Bruainech site; well (Bruaine's)
Cell Cailchínech site (Kilculliheen? 12thC ch of Augustinian canonesses)
Cell Chaeidich site?
Cell Chaíeccl site; ch site (adj cas.)
Cell Chaillich (Killelly)?ch site - possible (no. 14459)
Cell Chairinnech site EC (traces of wooden bldg/post-holes: excav.)
Cell Chamadan/Chumadáineccl enclosure (sub-circular) - probable; ch site; gvyd (killeen) (nos. 3395-6, 3776)
Cell Charnach site; cross-inscr pillar stone - possible; gvyd sites x2 - no trace; well to ENE (nos. 569, 711)
Cell Chatainch site - possibly early (nr Kilcattan Hse)
Cell Chéire?ch site possible (rect remains); gvyd possible (no. 2642)
Cell Chennanach ch site (oratory - EC 8th/9thC); holed stone (possible end-stone of slab shrine); gvyd; well to NNW (nos. 524, 651)
Cell Chennbuide eccl enclosure? (formerly tracable); ch site? (no trace) (no. 1369)
Cell Chiannáinch site?
Cell Chlocháin eccl enclosure - possible traces; ch site? - no trace; gvyd site (no. 3390)
Cell Chluanach site?
Cell Chócach site ('Church Hill'); gvyd possible
Cell Chodáinch site; gvyd in Kylebeg adj
Cell Chodh? (Kilcoo)ch site?
Cell Chóemáineccl site (no. 1248); encl sub-circ (80 x 72m); ch site (med); well: St. Cavan c.600m SW
Cell Cholmáinch site (Kilcolman)
Cell Cholmáinch site; gvyd; well: Colmán (no. 1373)
Cell Cholmáin (Kilcolman)ch site nr Killagha Priory
Cell Cholmáin? (Kilcolman)eccl enclosure roughly circular; ch site; 'Toberastira' well to SW (nos. 2573, 3147, 2686)
Cell Cholmáin? (Kilcolman)ch site; gvyd site possible (1938 OS map); well c.165m to SW (nos. 14494, 14114, 14002)
Cell Cholmáin Midísileccl site? (no. 1290); ch site (late med)
Cell Choluim/Cholmáin?eccl site (no. 1186); ch site (late med); gvyd (triangular)
Cell Cholumcille eccl enclosure? (semi-circular); ch site - possible; gvyd (no. 1458)
Cell Chomlachch site?
Cell Chommáin?ch site?
Cell Chommáin/Kilcommonch site; gvyd (Kilcommon More)
Cell Chomnaidch site; bullaun (to NE); gvyd; well (to SE) (nos. 1806, 1929, 1970)
Cell Chonaillch site - possibly early; gvyd; associated unclassified stone str. (nos. 3375, 4068)
Cell Chorcráin (Kilcorcoran)eccl enclosure lrg oval; ch site; gvyd (adj enclosure); well c.80m to S (nos. 13891, 14616, 14451, 14035)
Cell Chormaicch site; well (Tobair Cormaic)
Cell Chornáin?ch site (Kilcurnan)
Cell Chraebnat/Chraibnatach site? ch ruin (med Benedictine nunnery?); field system (nos. 3400, 4017)
Cell Chrédech site?
Cell Chreggáin?ch site possible (now no trace?)
Cell Chróinech site (possible); gvyd (Nos. 1004 & 1049)
Cell Chróine (Kilroney)ch site (Kilroney; now no trace?)
Cell Chromglaisich site? (overgrown cairn of stones); gvyd possible (no. 14146)
Cell Chrónatach site; gvyd (tld Mylerstown)
Cell Chuáin eccl enclosure oval; ch site; gvyd; well ('Toberkilquane') c.150m to SSW (nos. 5162, 5748, 5226)
Cell Chuain (Kilcoan)ch site; gvyd (Kilcoan); well
Cell Chuáin Mór (Kilcowanmore)eccl site (no. 1182); cross slab (EC frg.); ch site (med); gvyd; well: St. Cuan
Cell Chuanna ch site (on 1st ed OS map) - no trace (no. 1374)
Cell Chuaráin (?)ch site (no. 754); gvyd possible (no visible traces)
Cell Chúilech site possible ('Cill Cuile' - Ó Murchadha) (no. 5664); exact location unkwn
Cell Chúilech site? ch ruin (med abbey)
Cell Chúileeccl site; enclosure (37.5x28.8m); ch site; souterrain; gvyd
Cell Chuimín?ch site; gvyd site
Cell Chuimmínch site poss (no. 1828); ch ruin (Benedictine priory)
Cell Churcaigech site (early?); gvyd
Cell Churcaige (Kilcork)ch site (Monastic map)
Cell Chúrnáin?ch site possible (early); ch ruin (late); gvyd (no. 14408)
Cell Cluana/Kilclooneych site possible (no. 14493) exact location unkwn
Cell (Dáerthuatha Caisil?)ch site; gvyd
Cell Damáin?eccl site (no. 1251); sub-circ gvyd (47m); ch site (med); well: St. Davin
Cell Darach site (occ by C of I Cathedral); rd twr; 'well': St Brigit (Brallistown: poss horiz mill? Manning)
Cell dá ríghch site - possibly EC; bullaun c.9m to S; gvyd - modern (no. 3401)
Cell Delcce/Deilgech site (no. 756); gvyd
Cell Dímmae ch site (occ by C of I ch)
Cell Donnchadach site; eroded cross-base (no. 1413)
Cell Draignech*ch site (no. 757); gvyd within encl; no visible traces
Cell Drochtáin ch site - possible (no trace) (no. 1377)
Cell Dromaeccl site; ch site; gvyd; holy well
Cell Droma?ch site; gvyd (now no trace?); well
Cell Dubch site?; cross-slab; gvyd; rect encl (33x28m); well
Cell Dúigeáineccl enclosure? - circular; ch site?
Cell Eanaig/Kilanna*ch site; gvyd; well to SE (nos. 1856, 1948)
Cell Ecáinch site possible; bullaun; gvyd (No. 1225); well: Ladys Well
Cell eidir dá druim/Killederdadrumeccl enclosure - oval; ch site; gvyd site; standing stone (nos. 1877, 2016, 88)
Cell Eiltínech site (possible)
Cell Éinne (1) (Teglach Éinne)eccl complex: ch ruin x2 ('Teaghlach Éinne' + EC oratory); ch site; bullauns x2; inscr stone & cross-slabs x5 to SE; high cross (frag now at Cell Rónáin); rd twr (base); clochans x3; gvyd; well (Dabhach Éinne) (nos. 382, 569, 573, 575, 577, 965, 630-1, 71
Cell Éinne (2)ch site (possibly med) - now veg garden (no. 571)
Cell Éinne?ch site?; bullaun; oratory possible; beehive hut
Cell Éinnech site; bullaun; stone cross (pre 1200?); gvyd; well
Cell Eithne?ch site; gvyd site (possible); grave-slab
Cell Ellóc?eccl site (no. 1247); encl oval (64 x 30m); ch site Killiloge (med par)
Cell Éogaineccl enclosure? sub-circular area; ch site; double bullaun; well (outside encl at SW) (no. 1420)
Cell Eoin (Killone)eccl enclosure - circular; ch site (no. 1384)
Cell Eoin ch site; gvyd site (no. 1386)
Cell Epscoip Íbair?eccl site; ch site; gvyd; well: St Iver (adj tld Rockbig)
Cell Epscoip Saráin (Killarney)eccl site; ch site (no. 836); former embankment (O'Curry, OSL); grave-slab with Greek cross
Cell Epscoip Silláin (Anahaskey)ch site: 'The Raheen'; encl formerly; ch traces; well (site of)
Cell Ernaidech site poss
Cell Fhaeláinch site; circ encl; gvyd; well (Tobar Faoláin)
Cell Fhéichínech site (now no trace?); well
Cell Fhergusa ch site - possible (no trace) (no. 1378)
Cell Fhernocch site; gvyd site 'Templebeg'
Cell Fhiachach?ch site - possibly early
Cell Fhidáin (Kilfiddane?)ch site (Kilfiddane)?; font; well: Tobar nIngen Baíth
Cell Fhinn Maige (Killynee)ch site (ruin oblit with railway)
Cell Fhobricch site (occ by C of I ch; no. 1421?)
Cell Fiadaili? ch site; gvyd
Cell Finntain?ch site - possible (no trace) (no. 1356)
Cell Finntain ch site - early? (no. 1383)
Cell Gaibriel*ch site - possible (no. 1379)
Cell Gaimnech site (no. 1612) - believed early
Cell Garbáineccl site; ogam stone; bullaun; ch site (med); gvyd
Cell Glasch site; gvyd
Cell Gobbáinch site 'Bun a' Tempaill'; gvyd
Cell Gobbáinch site (adj COI church); grave slab x2 (1 fragmentary: 'Rathdown' type: 10-12thC); cross head (frag: ringed); cross (plain); Well St. James (O'Curry OSL)
Cell Gobbáin eccl enclosure possible (roughly oval); ch site possible; gvyd at W side (nos. 13900, 14116, 14497)
Cell Gobbáin ch site (no. 3639)
Cell Gobnaitech site? (no trace); gvyd (St Abigail's burial gd 1904 & 1938 OS maps); well (nos. 14117, 14004)
Cellín?*ch site; gvyd site (no. 14466)
Cellín Chrónáin ch site - possible (no. 14479)
Cell Ingen Áedach site (no. 519)
Cell Ingen Ailellach site adj Newcastle Lyons?
Cell in iubairch site possible; eccl enclosure possible (traces of arc)
Cellín?*ch site - possible (no. 762); gvyd - no visible traces
Cellínch site; gvyd?
Cellínch site possible; gvyd site
Cell (+?)ch site; bullaun (no. 1981)
Cell Laisre? (Killaster)ch site; well ('Tobar Lastrach')
Cell Laisrech site? ('in tld Breenmore': Hogan)
Cell Laisre?ch site - possibly early
Cell Lucáineccl site; encl poss; ch site (occ by C of I church); ch ruin (med abbey); gvyd
Cell mac Cairilleccl enclosure (oval); ch site possible; within subrect gvyd (no. 1431)
Cell mac-Laisrech site (EC - Kilmaclasser Ch); ch ruin (med); gvyd
Cell mac nOdráin?eccl encl? - circ; ch site possible (no. 1665)
Cell M'Áedóc?ch site (occ by C of I church)
Cell Máele-Phóil?ch site (possible; no. 768); earthen mound; gvyd
Cell Maincheseccl enclosure possible; ch site; gvyd site possible (no. 14178)
Cell Mainchínch site (occ by C of I ch)
Cell Mainchín ch site (1st ed OS map) - no trace (no. 1394)
Cell Mainchínch site; gvyd (encl by cashel)
Cell Malaichch site; subrect. encl (no. 1393) now no trace
Cell meic Trenach site; gvyd (prob Med) (no. 2620)
Cell M'Ernoic?ch site; gvyd site 'Templebeg'
Cell Mhic an Domhnaigheccl site; enclosure; cross-slab; cross-inscribed stone; stone cross; ch site? (Páirc na Croise); clochán; calluragh (gvyd); souterrain; well
Cell Mhuire?*ch site (An Seabhac)
Cell Midain?ch site (no. 1395) within subrect. gvyd
Cell Milchon*ch site possible
Cell Mo-Bíeccl enclosure - D-shaped (formerly oval?); ch site; 2 bullauns; well (no. 1397)
Cell Mo-bóe (?)eccl site?; bullaun immediately SE; cross slab; ch site (12thC?); gvyd (nos. 3162, 3236, 2611, 2596)
Cell Mo-Cheara?ch site possible
Cell Mo-Chua? (Kilmacuagh)ch site ('Caltra') - possible; well
Cell Mo-Chuillech site; well: Mo-Chuille nrby
Cell Mo-Chú? (Kilmacoo)eccl enclosure; ch site; gvyd site; well to N; possible souterrain (nos. 13876, 14398, 14546, 13973, 13338)
Cell Mo-Chummach site (possibly early in view of other archae remains); gvyd (Greenan)
Cell Mo-Chuta?eccl site possible (no. 1373); raised area; ch site (OS map)
Cell Mo-Dimóc ch site; gvyd site (no trace); bullaun (at nearby house) (no. 1398)
Cell Modula?/Mhac Stola?ch site; gvyd (no. 1867)
Cell Mo-Gobbóc (Kilmagobbock)ch site ('Kilmagobbock'); gvyd
Cell Mo-Gorrócch site (tracable?)
Cell Mo-Lacach site (Kilmologe)
Cell Mo-Ling ch site; gvyd; well: St Moling - all vanished
Cell Mo-Lóce?ch site - possibly EC?
Cell Mo-Lua (Kilmaline)ch site; gvyd site possible (no.1346)
Cell Mo-Lua eccl enclosure? - subrect (1st ed OS map, no ground trace); ch site (no. 1393)
Cell Monaeccl enclosure - roughly circ (no. 9200); ch site; gvyd site (1842 OS map - no trace)
Cell Mór Cholmáinch site possible; well (St Kyrne-na-gort in Old Rectory garden)
Cell Mo-Róin? (Kilvoruan)ch site; enclosure; gvyd? (burials found)
Cell Mo-Róin? (Kilvoruan)ch site; enclosure - large; clochans x 20 (?)
Cell Mo-Scellóc? (Kilmoshkillogue)ch site possible
Cell Mo-Shamóc ch site (possibly early); cross-inscr stone (no. 1318)
Cell Muadáinch site; gvyd; well
Cell Muide/Mudich site (occupied by mod ch)
Cell Muiredaig? (Kilmurry)ch site? (at Kilnamoragh House - ext. 19thc?)
Cell Muirech site (early date?)
Cell Muire (Kilmurry)ch site; gvyd
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)ch site; gvyd; well: Lady Well
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)ch site; gvyd; well: Lady Well adj
Cell Muire (Kilmurry)ch site; well Tobar Faoile
Cell Murbaigeccl complex: enclosure; ch ruin x2 ('Teampall na Naomh' EC oratory; nrby 'Teampall Mac-Duach' EC with later additions; possible eccl building adj); ch site with gvyd (possible - to E OSM, OSL); Latin cross - incised (possible reused cross-slab); pillar-s
Cell na bhFraochain ch site? - no trace (no. 1399)
Cell na Cluaine? ch site - possible oratory (no. 5608)
Cell na Cluainech site possible (no. 5667: exact location unkwn)
Cell na Cluana*ch site - possible (no. 1865)
Cell na gCléireachch site?; calluragh (gvyd) adj
Cell na gClérechch site (no. 5640: now occupied by modern bungalow)
Cell na gColmáneccl site; enclosure; ogam stone; bullaun; cross-inscribed stone; ch site; huts; calluragh (gvyd); well
Cell na Gráinsigeeccl enclosure? - circular area; ch site (no trace); gvyd (no. 1400, 1401)
Cell na Mac ch site; gvyd site (on 1st ed of OS map) (no. 1402)
Cell na Manachch site - possible (no. 3411)
Cell na Manachch site; gvyd - now vanished; well: St Fechin to SW (nos. 2650, 2651, 2750)
Cell na Manachch site - possible
Cell na Manach ch site?
Cell na mBochtánch site? gvyd (killeen - Kilnamuckaun)
Cell na mBráthar*ch site; in gvyd (nos. 14431, 14590)
Cell na nIngench site formerly at Allenton (O'Curry, OSL); well (blocked c.1821 by a Mr O'Neill)
Cell na Sáerch site (no. 1870)
Cell Odráinch site?
Cell Osnataeccl site? high cross ring? (now lost); ch site; gvyd (no. 1417)
Cell Ostach site poss (OSL 1840)
Cell Otteráin?eccl site (no. 1385); ch site (occ by C of I ch); vertical mill (6th-7thC)
Cell Phátraic?ch site - possible; gvyd; well: Tobar Phádraig; 2nd St Patrick's well in Ballyduffy; stone cross (8th/9th cent?) kwn as the 'priest's grave' (MacNerney)
Cell Phátraicch site; gvyd site (no. 1849); well: St Brigit
Cell Phátraiceccl site (No. 1297) D-shaped gvyd (46 x 56m); ch site (med. par)
Cell Phátraicch site? 'Chapel Field' (No. 1006)
Cell Phátraicch site; gvyd
Cell Raissech site -early? (nr Kilross, med. ch ruin no. 2652)
Cell Roiseccl enclosure poss? (oval area on 1st ed OS map); ch site; gvyd (no. 1874)
Cell Rónáin?eccl site; encl poss; ch site; gvyd (circular: 'Kilronan Gvyd')
Cell Rónáin (Teglach Rónáin)ch site? ('Aharla' - OS map - sq drystone enclosure/bldg); well site c.45m W (nos. 572, 712) (high cross frag here is from Cell Éinne sv)
Cell Rossáineccl site? (lrg circular encl 1842 OS map); ch site (no visible trace); gvyd (no. 5749);
Cell Ruadhch site; gvyd site (D-shaped -1842 OS map); 'Priest's well' c.130m to SW (nos. 14423, 14580, 13995)
Cell Rúisceccl site? enclosure - sm oval (OS map, not now traceable); ch site? (O'Donovan) (no. 1367)
Cell Saincínch site ('Site of the early ch': Power)
Cell Scannail ch site (possibly early)
Cell Scírech site possible; gvyd
Cell Ségáin(?)ch site; gvyd (123 burials - some pillowstones); well
Cell Ségáinch site (occ by disused C of I ch)
Cell Sen-Chuaichch site?
Cell Sinche?eccl site; circ field pattern 250m diam; ch site (no. 1438) 'St. Sinche's ch.'
Cell tSinchech site; gvyd; poss eccl enclosure (TS066-009002-)
Cell Tamlacha?ch site?; gvyd? (No. 1007)
Cell Teccáin/Tagáin/Taccáinch site (no. 736); gvyd
Cell Teccáin/Tagáinch site; gvyd ('Seana-Mhaighean')
Cell Tenaindeccl site?; ch site (poss); well St. Brigit
Cell Tioprat*ch site (at Marlfield Hse - now vanished: Handcock)
Cell Tóg/Tóchch site?
Cell Tolae? (Kiltolagh)ch site; gvyd
Cell Tongach site poss (remains vanished by 18thC?)
Cell Triallaich (Kiltrellig)ch site?; well T Chúáin
Cell tSéisin*ch site (architectural frags 13thC); gvyd
Cell Uachtairch site; gvyd
Cell Ua Gealba?ch site?; high cross (frag; 12thC); well
Cell Ua nDaigreeccl site; ch site; gvyd (No. 937)
Cell Ua Scolaigech site; gvyd site
Cengobach site possible? (4m N of Armagh)
Cenn Ard?eccl site; encl - circular (traces of earthwork);ch site ('Kinard Nunnery'); gvyd
Cenn Ardch site; ogam stone x2 (possibly 5thC); bullaun; gvyd; well x3
Cenn Eichch site (Kenny Ch)
Cenn Éitigch site? ('Abbey' - but considered early); well
Cenn Marach site (occ by C of I ch); another site above bridge?; well: Fínán
Cenn Sáileeccl enclosure possible; ch site; Romanesque frags built into doorway of St Multose' ch; 'Abbey Well' (nos. 5852, 5853, 5855)
Chapelstown/St Kevins*ch site (1650 Down Survey; not visible now)(no. 545)
Clifferna*ch site (no. 1624)
Clochrán Surdais ch site (ruin obliterated?); well: 'Lady Well'
Cloghaneccl site; pillar slab; cross slab (Nos. 1534 & 1535); bullaun (No. 1741); ch site occ by 18thC ruin ('Teampall Caomháin/Cill an Spáinnigh'); cultivation terraces to W (MH); well (St. Conall) (No. 1663)
Cloghinny*?ch site? ('Shankill Field'); cross-carved boulder (2x crosses); souterrain
Cloghvoulaeccl site? oval enclosure surrdg gvyd; ch site possible; (nos. 14469, 14080)
Clonconwalch site possible (No. 1540)
Clondalevercircular encl; ch site ('site of chapel')
Clondermotch site; (ch ruin - med - vanished ante 1830)
Clonygaheen/Killoscullych site; gvyd; decorated pillar stone - possibly 9th/10th cent. (no. 1833)
Cloonamahanch site (no. 2626: 'Kil-na-Mochain')
Cloonbonniffech site - no trace; gvyd (killeen)
Cloonfinlough ch site; gvyd
Cloonmacduffeccl enclosure possible; ch site ('Killederdaowen') possible; gvyd (no. 2627)
Cloonmore*ch site - no trace
Cloonshanvillech site (possibly early); stone cross
Cluain Aird/Tuairín Beccáinch site; gvyd
Cluain bainbch site occ by Cloonbony Hse?
Cluain Bolg?ch site (occ by C of I church)
Cluain Chomardech site?
Cluain Chonmaicneeccl site; pillar-stone (cross-inscr); cross-slabs x 3 (EC); bullaun; high-cross frags (shaft, transom, base: 10th-12thC); stone heads x 2 (built into wall); ch site; gvyd (no. 1406)
Cluain Chremhach site; gvyd? (Crocan Chill Barra); hermit's cell in 'Cealtra Field' (until early 20thC)
Cluainclaidheach? Claidmech?ch ruin (on earlier ch site? Ballinakill?)
Cluain Finnglaisech site?
Cluain Mind (?)ch site (no. 719); holy well
Cluain na Slígech site (occ by C of I church)
Cluain Rethainch site (extant 18thC?)
Cluain Tibrinnech site; gvyd
Cluana/Cl. Airbch site oblit; high-crosses x 4 (frags)
Cnoc Phátraic?ch site; gvyd; well: St Patrick (all extant 18thC)
Coill Mhac Thomais Fhinn*eccl enclosure? (D-shaped area); ch site; well c.140m to SE (no. 1392)
Colligan Begch site; gvyd; bullaun (no. 1337)
Collinstowneccl site: circular encl - outer (earthworks curving to W & SW); ch site (recorded); gvyd ('Caltragh')
Congbáil (Conull)ch site (traces); gvyd; adj ruin of Gt Connell (fd 1202 Meyler fitz Henry)
Connabury*ch site - possible
Coogullaeccl enclosure? (circular earthwork); ch site; well to N (nos. 1835, 1726, 1938)
Coolacurraghch site?; well (Tubberkierawn)
Coolech site; boulder with inscribed cross (No. 908)
Coole*ch site ('Coole Church' on OS map); well
Coolum*ch site; possibly EC
Cork (Christ Church)*ch site (of Holy Trinity); gvyd (nos. 5805, 5813)
Cork (St Mary's)?ch site (top of Shandon Hill); gvyd; Lady's well? (nos. 5803, 5810, 5796) on earlier site?
Corrafaireench site? (possibly early); gvyd; well (nos. 3353, 3542)
Corraneach site possible; gvyd (no.1629)
Corrawillinch site; 2 stone heads (15thc); gvyd site (450m to NNE: Lavey tl) no visible remains; well (nos. 1630-1, 1739, 1753)
Coulaghch site possible; gvyd (nos. 2805, 3176)
Course*ch site (outline traced 1901); enclosure (sub-rect.)
Cráebacheccl site: grave-slab ('Rathdown' type - ante 12thC? lost); poss. ch site; poss. tower; gvyd
Cráeb Liathch site (EC)? eccl ruin - Franciscan abbey (no. 1414)
Craili ch site?; oval encl; clochan; calluragh (gvyd); leachts x2; cross-slab
Cranareench site?; gvyd; font?
Crannogeboych site; cross slab (No. 1544); well (Toberconnell) (No. 1668)
Creggch site; gvyd; standing stone
Crevilly Valleych site; gvyd site (obliterated); cross-carved stone (UM); well (now dry)
Críchedch site (Tempall a' Chlochaire); gvyd - possibly early
Crobally Upper*ch site - possibly EC (other archae remains)
Croimglenn/Croimlinn*ch site (Crumlin ch); gvyd
Croneskagh/Cell Domnaigch site (1839 OSL; not visible now) 'Kill Donagh' (no. 552)
Crossballycormickch site; gvyd
Cross Pátraiceccl site? cross-inscr stdg stone; bullaun (cross inscr); ch site poss?; gvyd
Cruach na Caíle ch site; well to SE (nos. 535, 665)
Cuffsboroughch site (no. 729: outline traced c.1900); gvyd; well (Bps Well)
Cúil Chaissinch site; EC sculpture; gvyd
Cuilennch site (TS058-025----), gvrd, holy well x2 (Patrick's well & Lady's well)
Cúil Mainech site?
Cúil Maine/Muine?ch site possible (no. 2628); ruin of abbey; gvyd rect.
Cúil na hEornan ch site? - no trace (no. 1340)
Cullin*ch site possible (not located) (no. 1635)
Culmainech site; gvyd
Cúlócch site; well: St Brendan (Brookville tld)
Cumberch site (occ by mod C of I ruin)
Curraghmore*ch site; gvyd (no. 1842)
Dá Chenn Echáinch site possible (circular fence foundations) (no. 14500) - exact location now unkwn
Daingean*ch site (No. 733); rect gvyd
Daire Cóecháineccl site; ch ruin (prob late); gvyd; earlier ch site?
Daire Meillelrg circ encl; ch site; gvyd
Dair Inis Maíl-Anfaidch site on Molana Isd (estuary of Blackwater)
Deilginis Chualann 2ch site; Tau cross; ch ruin (late med)
Derc-bruach (Dergbruagh)ch site - Dergbruagh (no visible trace)
Derrane ch site - early
Derrycoagh (Cluain na Cille)ch site (in field called 'Cluain na Cille')
Derrygalunch site (1937 OS map, since levelled); within gvyd (nos. 14474, 14088)
Derrywinny*ch site possible (not located) (no. 1640)
Dísert Bethech (?)eccl site; ch site? (now vanished)
Dísert Chuimíneccl site; outer encl possible; ch site possible; graveslabs; bullaun - formerly
Dísert Éicnicheccl site; cross-inscr slabs x4 (No. 1569); stone crosses; ch site (Greenhill ch); gvyd
Dísert Muirdebra ch site; well
Dísert Tolach site - no visible remains
Disert Uí Thuathgailech site?
Domhnach Mórch site possible (nos.1709-10); well: St. Fedlimid? (O'Connell)
Domnach Airthir Maigeeccl site; ch site; rd twr
Domnach Brechmaige?ch site - possibly early
Domnach Dairech site? (at "The Oaks")
Domnach M'énóc?ch site (Monastic map)
Domnach Mór Ailmaigech site?
Domnach Mór?eccl site; ch site; gvyd (in 'Church Field') (No. 912)
Domnach Mór Maige Cobach site; high cross
Domnach Mór Maige Críathar eccl site; ch site (no. 1227); gvyd (rect)
Domnach Mór Maige Ithach site (occ by C of I ch); gvyd (No. 1546)
Domnach Mór (Maigi Imcláir)eccl site; ch site; high-cross; gvyd
Domnach Mórch site (no. 735); gvyd; well: St. Patrick
Domnach Seinliss?ch site - possibly early; ch ruin (extant until early 19thC)
Donegore ch site (occ by modern ch)
Donnybrewer (Domnach Dola?)ch site - possible
Donore* ch site (No. 480); former gvyd; 'Kilmolappoge' OS Map 1938-9; Kilmolappoge Well (no. 637)
Dooishch site? (No. 1629)
Doonaltch site (No. 1547); cross-inscr slab/pillar stone - undressed; leacht
Doon (?)ch site? (occ by C of I ch); exhibitionist figure (no. 1641) in grounds - but probably from Túaim Drecain (no. 1689)
Doonpetereccl site; sub-circular enclosure; gvyd within; bullaun; ch site possible; well ('Doon well') (nos. 5253, 5174, 5210)
Downhillch site - possibly early
Drakestown*ch site (No. 913)- 19thc. R.C. ch on site
Droichet-Tarsnach site
Dromagarrum ch site; gvyd (cillín)
Dromdowneych site; gvyd site possible; well to S (nos. 14475, 14091, 13977)
Dromrone / Dromroanch site (ruins cleared by occupant)
Druim bóeccl site; ch site; rd twr (stump)
Druim Breccáingvyd; ch site possible; well & standing stone nearby
Druim Liaseccl site; circ enclosure possible (no.1173); ch site within (no. 1419)
Druim Ruadch site (no. 1350); gvyd? (killeen)
Druim Úirdch site - possible; oval gvyd (no. 1646)
Drumaliss*ch site; gvyd site
Drumboe*ch site? (No. 1631)
Drumcorch site possible (not located) (no. 1642)
Drumdoneych site (no. 2632) possibly early (O'Rorke)
Drumch site?; pillar slab (No. 1548); ch ruin ('Cill an Spáinnigh') to sth
Drumederglassch site possible (no visible remains) (no. 1643)
Drumerkillewch site possible (not located) (no. 1644)
Drumgoonch site (St Patrick's?) possible; gvyd (heart-shaped) (no. 1645)
Drumhallagheccl site; cross slab (no. 1551: 'St Garvan's Grave'); raised area - poss ch site?
Drumirrinch site?; cross slab (no. 1552)
Drum/Kinnakillewch site?; stone slab (No. 1549)
Drummans (Congbáil?)ch site (late?); rect gvyd (no. 1420); well (recorded, not located)
Drumnacanonch site (Church Hill) - possibly early
Drumnagressch site possible (not located) (no. 1648)
Drumnanangle ch site (Killeennashask)
Drumroe*ch site?; cross slab/pillar stone within circ dry-stone encl (No. 1557)
Drumskeaghch site possible (not located) (no. 1649)
Drungch site (early?) occ by ruins of 17thC ch; gvyd (no. 1650)
Dunaghy*ch site possible
Dunamon* ch site?
Dún Blescich site; well: St Fintan
Dún Cruithnech site ('site of abbey' OS map); cross-slab (EC)
Dundeserteccl enclosure (roughly circular, dbl cashel now levelled); ch site ('Churchfield'); gvyd
Dún Diarmata*ch site possible
Dungarvanch site (possibly post-Norman)
Duniskych site; gvyd (no trace); well site? (nos. 9527, 9272)
Dunlisch site; gvyd (later ch ruin)
Dunmiskch site poss (wooden: excav by Ivens); gvyd (500 gvs); enclosure (hilltop)
Dunmorech site (no. 1353)
Dunurlin*ch site (med); gvyd
Ecclasch site; 2x ogam (1 cross inscr: Maltese); bullaun; gvyd
Ecclas Ruaig/Ruacch site; well: Tubber Fechin
Ech-enach? (2)ch site? - rect outline remains (no. 2605)
Echlasca Mo-Lacach site; gvyd
Edmondstowneccl site?; encl poss; ch site; gvyd
Emlygrenan/Imlechdroinngich site; gvyd; well (Mo-Lua)
Ernaideeccl site? enclosure roughly circular; gvyd site ('Caldragh'); ch site possible (nos. 1716, 1745)
Ernaidech site (Urney Ch.)
Errewch site (EC)
Erveych site? gvyd site? (NW of E Cross Roads)
Faithche? (Fahy)ch site (mkd 'Cill Voy' on 1818 map); gvyd (no. 1421)
Faithche (Faiche)ch site possible; stone-walled encl (14.5x13m); cross-slabs x2; calluragh (gvyd) x2; boulder
Farrahy (Fairrche)ch site (occ by C of I ch)
Farranmacbride*ch site?; cross-incised slab/pillar stone (No. 1561)
Farrannacarriga*ch site (Seana-Chill); Br an tSáipéil (An Seabhac)
Fearann na Cillech site; encl (34x17.6m); Kyle gvyd; calluragh
Feenish Isdch site possible (no trace)
Fenitch site; gvyd; calluragh
Fiacal (Feakle)ch site; well: Mo-Chuille (Flagmount)
Fid Ardeccl site (no. 1449); ch site (med.)
Fid Arteeccl site; cross-slabs x 4 (EC: one Greek Cr, one fish symbol; two inscr); ch site poss?; gvyd
Fid Chuilinnch site (occ by disused C of I ch)
Foatsch site (occ by traces of 'abbey' 12thC?) (no. 3367)
Foibréneeccl site:encl poss; ch site (occ by C of I church); gvyd
Foilogohigeccl enclosure? circular (diam c.30yds - now levelled); ch site probable (no. 14478)
Forgnaidech site (occ by C of I)
Fossa Dallbrónaigeccl site: enclosure (circular); ch site ('chapel'); gvyd
Fothair ch site ('Salrock'); gvyd; wells x2 - just to NW & c.60m to SSW (nos. 543, 677, 678)
Fox's Castlech site - possibly early (other archae remains)
Foyogesch site; gvyd; souterrain c.20m to NW; holy stones c.30m NE (nos. 2634, 2088, 2739)
Funshogch site; cross slab (No. 925)
Gallonreaghch site; circular gvyd (no. 1654)
Gannew*ch site?; cross incsr slab (No. 1566)
Garballych site (10thc) - possible (no. 3370)
Garfinny (An Ghairfeanaigh)ch site (med.); holy well: Gobnait
Garranbraher?ch site; in gvyd (no. 5724)
Garran Tortain ch site ('Na Cillíní') - no trace; bullaun - now lost; pillar stones? (no. 1358)
Garrauneccl site possible (no. 1366); encl circular (1841 map; no remains); bullaun (now lost); ch site (1940 map)
Garrisoneccl site; D-shaped area; ch site possibly early; gvyd ('Kilbaun burial ground'); ogam stone (site of)? (no. 1460)
Garrynadur (Garraí na dTor)ch site; gvyd possible; holy well
Garrynamonaeccl enclosure (D-shaped) possible; ch site? (no. 1852)
Garryvicleheench site; gvyd (no. 1853)
Glanlick (Gleann na Licce)ch site 'Cill Tiocháin' (Ó Dubhshláine)
Glebe*ch site possible (no. 746) - no visible traces
Glebe (Kilmeen)ch site ('Kilmeen' - no trace); gvyd; well: 'Tobernambraher' W of ch (nos. 3137, 3216, 2675)
Glennta, Naeccl site; encl circular(34x31.5m); ch site possible; calluragh (gvyd); cross-slabs; well
Glenpatrickch site ('Cill Breac')? gvyd (no. 1462)
Gormanstownch site (tld Gormanstown); bullaun ('holy-water stoup')
Gortaclade ch site - possible ('An Cillíneach'); bullaun (no. 1517)
Gortacurraun (Gort an Chorráin)ch site (rect. mound 18 x 9m); cross-slab; inscr stone; well: Tobar Rí an Domnaig
Gortageeneccl enclosure possible (sub-circ raised area); ch site possible; gvyd (nos. 13763, 14482, 14101)
Gorteennafinnogech site - possible (1936 OS map); gvyd - within oval enclosure? (nos. 14483, 14103)
Gortfadgvyd; ch site?
Gowlanech site 'An Chill Íochtair' (An Seabhac); bullaun; gvyd possible
Grangech site possible ('Grange Abbey') (no. 9485)
Greenaneeccl enclosure - circular possible ('ringfort' no. 12565: 'Kilroe gvyd' on OS maps); ch site? (no trace); gvyd; well c.180m to S (nos. 14106, 13997)
Grellachch site - possibly early
Hacklimch site?; cross inscr stone (No. 928
Hoathstownch site? cross inscr stone; (No. 930)
Hunterstownch site? cross inscr stone; oval slab (No. 931)
Illagh*ch site possible; stone cross; wells x3 (patron: St Agnes)
Imlech Broccada/Imlech nEchch site; high cross frags (10th cent.)
Imlech Fotaeccl encl - possible (traces); bullaun; ch site (occ by C of I ch ruin) (nos. 2633, 2784)
Inchindrislach site ('Cill Naoimh Chonnláin')?; bullaun?; well ('Tobar Naoimh Chonnláin') (no. 1521?)
Inchmore ch site; gvyd - oval area; souterrain - possible in SW quadrant (nos. 2637, 2098)
Inis bó finne (2)eccl encl (subrect); ch site (EC oratory); well (nos. 629, 768)
Inis Chaínch site; gvyd (rectangular); 15thc architectural fragments found in gvyd wall (NMI) (no. 1652); well ('Tobar Áirne') near ch site
Inis Chaíneccl site: cross-slab (EC); pillar base (no. 1423); ch site; gvyd site ('Friar's garden' on OS map)
Inis Charach site?; gvyd (no. 9529)
Inis Cheltraeccl site; ch site EC (traces of wooden bldg: excav by De Paor); ch ruin; rd twr
Inis Chrónáin (Inchicronan)ch site; later occ by Augustinian fdtn
Inishleenaeccl site; bullaun; ch site possible (Inishleena Abbey OS map 1938); gvyd; well to N (nos. 9486, 9333, 9277, 9225);
Inis Laogh?ch site; former gvyd
Inis Locha Créeccl enclosure (roughly circular); ch site - early (no. 1887)
Inis maccu Chuinnch site (EC faint traces); gvyd site ('Rathmath') (no. 551)
Inis meic Adaimch site (Inismacaw); ch ruin - med (no. 515)
Inis Mo-Cholmócch site (no. 1245: occ by C of I ch) - Sheet 3
Keadewch site possible; well - now infilled (nos. 1656, 1766)
Keeleccl site? circ enclosure possible; ch site; gvyd within encl (nos. 14486, 14108)
Keeltanech site - possible; gvyd; well 31.5m to NE (nos. 14487, 14109, 14001)
Keilnacaillych site (now no trace)
Kilaned (Cell Fhanaid?)eccl site; cross-slabs x 2 (Nos. 1574, 1575); bullaun (No. 1744); ch site?; bldgs x2 possibly eccl (1 rect lean-to, 2 sm cell); gvyd (No. 1816); wells x 2: St Conall, St Fanad (Nos. 1692-3)
Kilbegch site (EC?); gvyd (killeen - now no trace) (nos. 3389, 3774)
Kilbolanech site; within 'Ballinakill' gvyd (no. 14584)
Kilcalfch site (possibly early)
Kilcartonch site (possibly early)
Kilclogheranech site possible; holy well 'Tober' nrby
Kilclooneych site - possibly early (other archae remains)
Kilcloonyeccl site?; oval encl; possible ch site (No. 1580)
Kilcoanch site - possible ('Kirkland')
Kilcomeraghch site? ogam stone (no. 1492)
Kilconnoreccl enclosure possible (descr by Power 1932 as 'circular'); ch site possible within (nos. 13899, 14495)
Kilcoosech site - possible
Kilcranathan?ch site; gvyd site possible (descr as 'circular' - exact loc now unkwn) (no. 14496, 14115)
Kilcullench site (possibly early)
Kilcumneych site (traces); gvyd (no. 486)
Kildavinch site (traces); gvyd (no. 487)
Kilderiheench site (possibly early)
Kildrum (Cell Droma?)ch site 'Kilquoyny'/'Kilconne'
Kilduanech site (possibly early)
Kildurrihy (Cell a ru)eccl site; circular encl; bullaun possible; ch site; calluragh; well (K. West)
Kilellineccl encl - lrg roughly oval; ch site 'Kilellin'; gvyd/killeen; standing stone - 'Cloghaneaspig'; well: 'Toberdoney' c.80m to S (nos. 2612, 103, 2702)
Kilfithmone*/Cell Fhia Múinch site; gvyd (no. 1863: modern ch on site)
Kilgainych site (close to castle ruins)
Kilgarvan (Cell Garbáin?)*ch site possible
Kilhoylech site - possibly early
Kilkeanych site; gvyd site (no. 1468) - now no trace
Kilkennych site; gvyd
Kilknockane*ch site; gvyd site possible (on hill called 'Ardnacille') (nos. 14498, 14118)
Killacollum ch site?
Killaconnigan*ch site (occ by C of I, Ballivor)
Killadeasch site; carved pillar (figure with bell & crozier)
Killag*ch site (no. 1254)
Killahan (Cell Lethan?)ch site; stone cross (11' undec)
Killaidamee*/Cell Arda Mide?ch site possible
Killallych site?; gvyd (Nos. 1005 & 1022)
Killark*ch site possible (no.1184)
Killarterych site; possib gvyd (No. 935)
Killavalligeccl encl - lrg sub-circ; ch site possible (sm sub-rect enclosure on OS maps); well c.35m to S (nos. 13881, 14501, 14005)
Killch site - possible (no. 2613)
Killeacle (Cell Fhiacla?)ch site (possible)
Killeaguech site?; gvyd
Killeelan (Cell Fháeláin?)ch site - early?
Killeenaghch site; gvyd site? bullaun (no. 1522)
Killeena[n]ch site; gvyd; souterrain? cross-carved stone? (site now under cultivation)
Killeen-Cormac (Cell Ingen Cormaic/Cell Fhine Cormaic?)circ eccl encl (geophys survey forthcoming); orig 7x ogam stones (2 + frag left on site, bilingual stone + frag in NM, rest missing); ch site?; gvyd
Killegy (Cloghereen)ch site; gvyd
Killeighter/Cell Íchtair?eccl site?; ch site; well: St. Brigit
Killenora ch site (no. 571)1839 OS Map; no longer visible
Killinaneeccl enclosure? - circular; ch site possible; gvyd (nos. 14126, 14505)
Kill*ch site possible
Killnacruech site; gvyd site; cross-carved stone; well ('Kille well'); souterrain reptd 30yrds to W (OS Memoir)
Killomenaghanch site; gvyd
Killoughterch site; oval gvyd (no. 1660)
Killountain?ch site - possible, no trace (no. 3180)
Killch site - no visible remains; semi-circular gvyd; cross (unkwn date); ch ruins 16thc (no.1657)
Killuraghch site; gvyd site possible; holy tree c.40m to E; well: St Crannat - dry (nos. 14128, 14050, 14009)
Killvaltagh*ch site; gvyd; well
Killyann (Cell Liatháin?)ch site; gvyd site (possible)
Killycronech site; gvyd (no. 1661)
Killydesertch site (No. 1583); gvyd (No. 1825)
Killymacranch site possible; decorated stone fragment (NMI) (nos. 1663-4)
Kilmacreddanch site; gvyd (no trace) (No. 1636)
Kilmacreeeccl site possible (no. 1263); bullaun; ch site; gvyd (subrectang)
Kilmacteigeeccl site; bullauns; cross-slab; ch site (occ by C of I ch ruin); gvyd (curving wall => encl?) (nos. 2648, 2684, 2788)
Kilmakevit (Markstown)*ch site? (now housing estate); souterrain?
Kilmaquagech site (possibly early)
Kilmartinch site; enclosure
Kilmore (Cell Mór?)ch site?
Kilmurrinch site (possibly early)
Kilmurrych site traces (no. 1168)
Kilnacrossch site possible; well ('Tobermogue') (no. 1770)
Kilnaglackench site; gvyd site - no visible trace (no. 1847)
Kilnasoolagh*ch site; well nrby
Kilnavertch site possible; circular gvyd; modern RC ch St Mogue's on site (no. 1670); St Patrick's well near ch
Kilorkey? ch site?
Kilparteen/Cell Phairtíneccl enclosure (circular) possible; ch site; gvyd (nos. 1871, 2013)
Kilpatrickch site (possible)
Kilphelan eccl enclosure possible; ch site; gvyd (1842, 1905 & 1935 OS maps) (nos. 13903, 14597, 14437)
Kilquane (Cell Chuáin?)ch site (possible)
Kilrean/Cell Riagáin?eccl site?; cross-slabs x 3; ch site; gvyd; well (No. 1584)
Kilrippinch site; gvyd; well: St Colmcille (OSL)
Kilsteaguech site (possibly early)
Kiltoorisch site; pillar-stone/slab (inc. Latin cross); gvyd; holy well (No. 1585)
Kiltowneccl site; encl poss; ch site; gvyd
Kiltubrid*ch site; well
Kiltumperch site; well 'T. Rí an Domnaig'
Kiltycloghanch site; bullaun; ch ruin (15th/16thC); gvyd; souterrain possible immediately to SE (nos. 2655, 2108, 2789)
Kinnagh*ch site (med. par.); gvyd (subrect.); well: St. Martin
Kircubbin ch site (place called 'Chapel-field')
Kirkinriola/Kilconriolach site; gvyd; inscribed cross slab; souterrain
Knawhilleccl enclosure; ch site; gvyd in N half; well: 'Toberbweeheen' to SSW (nos. 13885, 14512, 14137, 14014)
Knockanearisch site (possibly early in view of other archae remains)
Knockatemplech site; circular gvyd (1835 OS map) (no. 1671)
Knockaturnoryeccl enclosure? - sm rectangular (previously extended further?); ch site; bullaun (no. 1406)
Knockaunncarragh*ch site (traces); gvyd site - possible (no trace); well to E (nos. 587, 664)
Knockcairn*ch site (traces of building visible 1815)
Knockcollumkillch site; gvyd; well site - infilled (opp gates of Knock House)
Knockmacooleccl encl - large, circ; ch site? gvyd (late) (nos. 2578, 3233, 3157)
Knockmanaghch site probable; within gvyd; well c.20yds to S (nos. 14516, 14140, 14017)
Knocknacree*ch site (traceable 18thC)
Knocknagoranch site 'Cnoc na hEaglaise'; gvyd (No. 940 & 1008)
Knockroech site - early? well (St Anne) c.150m to W (no. 1410)
Kyleclonhobert*ch site (no. 775: OS 6" map 1841 - not now traceable)
Kyle*ch site possible (no. 774) no visible remains; gvyd (Kyleballintalla)
Kylenaseer* (Cell na Saer?)ch site; gvyd site (possible)
Labanstownch site? 'Leapadh Feichin' (No. 1009)
Laconnellch site?; erect boulder inc. cross (No. 1588); well (No. 1702)
Ladysabbey*ch site - poss EC?
Lady's Islandeccl site (no. 1274); gvyd (sub-circ); ch site (med. par); ch site (no. 1291) St Ivors in same par?
Láithrech Senchille*ch site; stone cross
Lamógch site; gvyd; ogam stone x 2; well (destroyed 19thc)
Lann Abhaich/Lenavy*ch site - exact location uncertain
Lann Léireeccl site; crossslabs x 3 (porch of existing late ch); ch site; medieval twr? (No. 922)
Lann Rónáin Fhinn*eccl site; ch site; gvyd
Laveych site - no visible remains; Sheela-na-gig (NMI) (nos. 1675, 1676)
Lecc*ch site (med.); calluragh (gvyd)
Leckaunch site?; bullaun (no. 1528)
Lemchaill (Loughill)ch site 'Thomple a moin'/'T. Meehils' - no visible remains
Leth ráith (Ráithín)ch site - possible (later Cistercian monastery)
Lettera*pillar-stone (cross-inscr); hollow in field - poss ch site?; poss gvyd (killeen)
Lettershendonych site - possibly early
Lignalitter*ch site; gvyd site (now under tillage)
Linn Duachaill*ch site: Linns (No. 947)
Lisdanganeccl enclosure possible (roughly circular on 1937 OS map); ch site possible (1937 OS map); gvyd (nos. 14143, 14518)
Lisegny*ch site - possible, not located (no. 1678)
Lismochanch site; gvyd (now under tillage)
Lisnalea*ch site - possible, not located (no. 1679)
Lissannymore*ch site - possible, not located (no. 1682)
Liss Dergáin?eccl site? circular encl; ch site?; cross-inscr pillar; bullaun; calluragh; well
Liss Lachtaíne?ch site (occ by Franciscan Friary); gvyd
Liss Mo-Ling?ch site (Kyle, par Drangan, nr Lismalin)
Liss Móreccl site; ch ruin; cathedral (on earlier ch site); inscr graveslabs x 5 (no. 1411)
Loch Cé*ch site - poss EC?; ch ruin (med abbey)
Loch Muinremair/Loch Ramorch site - possible (no. 1691); ch ruin - traces; stone head (resembles White Island figs)
Loughbawnch site possible
Loughgall*ch site - early?
Loughgilly*ch site - early?
Loughguile*ch site; gvyd
Loughillch site; well
Lough Mackeenlaunch site (Kilmakilloge)
Loumanagh*ch site; gvyd site possible (1937 OS map) (nos. 14520, 14145)
Louth Hallch site; gvyd; mem Cross (Nos. 948 & 1024)
Machaire an Iubairch site (1836 & 1876 OS maps); gvyd (no. 1684)
Magheragallch site; gvyd site (now occ by farm); well site; rd twr site? (reported demolished in late 18th/early 19thc)
Magherally*ch site; gvyd (late?)
Magheramorech site (early); ch ruin (late)
Magherintempleeccl enclosure possible; ch site; gvyd; twr? (shown on 'Escheated Counties Map') (nos. 1463, 1685)
Magh Fhertach site?; gvyd
Mag Mórch site ('Temple Athea')
Mahon*ch site; well - Patrick's, nrby
Maigen ch site (not now traceable)
Mainistir Áedáin (Monasterredan)eccl enclosure (roughly circular: 'Cashelnamonastragh'); bullaun; cross-incised slab; ch site; gvyd/killeen within encl; souterrain in NW quadrant; corn-drying kiln (nos. 2662, 2136, 2688, 2795, 2801)
Mainistirch site (EC) possible; ch ruin (Franciscan Friary); horizontal mill; field system; wells x3 nrby (nos. 3279, 3504-6, 3990, 4603)
Marahillch site - possible, no visible remains; gvyd ('Caldragh') (nos. 1686, 1741)
Maudone* (Moyadam?)ch site - location uncertain
Maulnabrack*ch site 'Páirc an tempaill'
Mayglasseccl site possible (no. 1238); gvyd (rect); ch site (med par); well: St. Fintan
Men-droicheteccl site; ch site (no. 779) - former ruin 'Eglish Friary'
Methas truimch site - possible (adj C of I ch, Edgeworthstown: on D.S. map)
Millquartereccl site? (no. 1276); pillar stone cross-inscr; gvyd (rect); ch site (med par Old Ross)
Monamolineccl site (no. 1234); ch site (med par); gvyd (triang.); well: St. Moling
Monamolineccl site (no. 636); encl circ (46 x 44m); ch site?
Monamonrach site (earthen bank - leveled); gvyd possible (at Garryricken?);
Monanimy* ch site; in gvyd (nos. 14446, 14609)
Moneymorech site; cross inscr slab (No. 958); gvyd; tombstones
Monnery*ch site possible, not located (no. 1687)
Mountbagnall*ch site; gvyd (No. 961: Newtown graveyard) OS 8
Moyliskereccl site; encl poss; ch site ('Moylisker Old Ch'); gvyd
Muchgrange*ch site; gvyd, holy well (St. James) (No. 962)
Mullaghbrack*ch site (on 1609 Escheated Counties map) - early?
Mullaghch site - possibly early
Mullaghroeeccl site; ch site ('Cullen Monastery'/nunnery: sm structure 1842 OS map - no trace); gvyd; well: St Laserian (outside NE angle of gvyd); saint's stone (nos. 14386, 14610, 14026, 13932)
Mullanarockanch site (no.1176); cup-mkd stone
Mulrankin*ch site?
Muragrán/Turas Fhlainnch site?; clocháns; gvyd; well
Nenaghch ruin (on earlier ch site?) (no. 1898)
Newcastle*ch site; gvyd
Newtown*ch site (med par)? well: St Columba
Nolaghch site - possible, no visible remains (no. 1690)
Nuachongbáil (Nohaval 1)ch site possible; gvyd - circular site (c.32yds diam, now levelled); well (nos. 14028, 14154, 14523)
Nuachongbáil (Nohaval 2)eccl site; rd twr site (at N end); ch site; gvyd; well: St Finnian; possible souterrain under rd twr (nos. 13425, 13905, 13907, 14028, 14447, 14612)
Nuachongbáil (Nohovaldaly)eccl enclosure roughly oval (aerial photo); ch site possible (no surface trace, within ringfort no.12810); gvyd/killeen in N half of enclosure (nos.13890, 14155, 14524)
Oghillch site; gvyd site; stone cross (moved to Mullaboy); well - St Margaret
Oilén Lócháin/Illaunloughanch ruin (EC oratory: RC 640-790 AD); ch site (sod-built: excav by White-Marshall); leacht; gable-shrine; beehive hut; well
Oldcastle*ch site (no. 1471: occ by C of I ch); cross frags
Oldcourt*ch site; in gvyd (nos. 14448, 14613)
Oldtowneccl site?; encl (field bndries - aerial survey); ch site? ('nunnery'); well: St Brigit
Paráiste Cholaim Chille*ch site; gvyd site
Philipstownch site (No.965)
Portmuck*ch site; gvyd site (cleared & ploughed by farmer)
Portrunny ch site (traces); gvyd
Ráith Beccáineccl site?; ch site (no. 1479)
Ráith Cabáin*ch site; gvyd
Ráith Chainnicheccl site?; ch site (no. 1482)
Ráith Chillín (Rahillion)ch site possible (mound: 'the chapel bank'); well: St Macuddy
Ráith Cungach site (Racoo; Ard Roissen - Tírechán); gvyd (killeen); well (No. 1518)
Ráith Dubch site; ogam stones x2; gvyd
Ráith Mórch site (occ by C of I ch); rath adj
Ráith Mór?eccl site? encl (formerly - no trace); ch site (no. 793); gvyd
Ráith Saráin (Eglish)ch site (no. 739); gvyd
Ráith Tuathailch site? gvyd
Rakane*ch site - possible (no. 1696)
Rantavanch site - possible (no.1697)
Rathlung*ch site; gvyd
Rathúneccl enclosure - possible; ch site (med); gvyd; well to NW (nos. 608, 758)
Reaghstownch site (No. 974)
Rechruch site possible (occ by C of I par ch); gvyd
Recles Coluim Cille*ch site poss (N side of Abbey St - Templecolumkilly/Bore ne trian Sassenach 1614?); gvyd
Relecc Póilch site?; gvyd site? (scattered stones)
Rinn Chonaillch site?; subrect encl; beehive huts?; stone cross; calluragh (gvyd)
Riverstown*ch site? 'Church Field' (No. 1015)
Ros Airthirenclosure? ch site; gvyd
Ros Créch site (founded 7thC); decor. stone ('Roscrea pillar' 8thC); graveslab of Rechtabhra (9thC); rd twr (10thc?); ch Romanesque; high cross (12thC); cross-inscr slab - possible (no. 1843)
Ros Darachch site (no. 797); gvyd site 'Kyleaderry' - no traces visible
Ros glasch site; gvyd (now under cultivation)
Ros Mór M'Énócceccl site; gvyd (No. 1289); high cross; ch site (med par)
Ros na gCaillechch site; ch ruin (dismantled by early 19thC); gvyd; old paved road (since vanished); well: St Comgall
Rosch site - under tillage
Rosscolganch sites x2 - possible, not located (nos. 1699, 1700)
Ros Senáin ch site - now no trace
Rubhaeccl site?; inscribed cross-carved stone?; ch site (formerly stood opp entrance to Echlinville demense)
Rúscacheccl site?; ch site; ('Roosky Priory'; 'Chapel Field'); souterrain (Nos. 945 & 946)
Rushin (Roisín)ch site possible; gvyd ('Kyle'/ 'Church Meadow')
Scairt ch site (poss EC); within D-shaped gvyd (no. 1426)
Senad (Belleisle)ch site possible
Senchell Dumaigech site (EC)?
Senchelleccl site? bullaun (from old ch now at door of St Matthew's par ch); ch site; gvyd
Senchillch site; gvyd
Senchill / Cill a Longphuirteccl site; cross-inscr stone (with inscription) - now lost; bullaun - now lost (no. 1428); ch site (poss EC; now no trace)
Sen Glend/Saingel eccl site; rd twr (now vanished); ch site; gvyd (St Patrick's)
Sen Rosch site - 7thC. (no. 1839); abbey ruins (Corbally - Augustinian)
Sentempall? ch site possible; gvyd ('Pollnarelick' on OS map) within sub-circ mound (no. 522)
Shanbally 2ch site possible; bullaun (no. 1430)
Shesheraghmorech site; gvyd - circular (no. 1912)
Skeaghmoreeccl site: encl poss; ch site (+ site of abbey); gvyd
Skehanaghch site; gvyd site (nos. 1913, 2020)
Sleenogeeccl site; rd twr; ch site (no trace); gvyd; well to N (nos. 2581, 2710, 3242, 3170)
Snám Luthairch site & gvyd possible (no. 1701); loc name 'Abbey Field'
Srahanboyeccl site; substantial enclosure (no. 800); bullaun possible; ch site; gvyd site
Stabannan (Tech Banbáin?)eccl site?; ch site; gvyd (No. 982)
St Brigit's (Cell Brígte?)ch site (no trace - prob on Catherine St) (no. 1444)
St Columba's (Cell Choluim?)ch site possible; cross-slab (10th-12thC)
St Doologe's*ch site?
St Doologue's*ch site - possibly early? (no. 1439)
St Iberius*ch site? (occ by C of I ch)
St Michan's/Cell Micheneccl encl poss (ditch-section nth of May Lane); burials within ditch (late 9th-12thC); ch site (occ by C of I ch); gvyd
St Peter'sch site - EC? (archae evidence of early 12thC stone building & possible earlier wooden structure) (no. 1440)
Straidch site (No. 1610); cup-mkd stone; gvyd
Sen Glend? (Straid or Glebe)eccl site; circ encl (MH); cross-slabs x5; souterrain (re-used 3 slabs, 6-7thC MH); pillar-stone x6; ch site (occ by C of I ch); gvyd (Nos. 1611, 1612); at Cashel - adj site cross-inscr pillar slab; sub-circ cairn surrdg (no. 1530)
Straideccl enclosure - possible; bullaun; ch site; 'St Patrick's shrine'; gvyd; well (nos. 3468-9, 3569)
Strawhallch site?
St Vauk's/Vogue'seccl site (no. 1170); dertech site (wooden oratory c.600: post-holes etc; excavation); encl (sub-circ; 48 x 42m); ch ruin (17thC?)
Tamhlachta? (Tivealough)ch site; gvyd
Tamlacht Ardach site; mortuary hse (sarcophagus - 12thC?)
Tamlacht Bóch site possible; Nunnery possible (encl in adjoining tld of Ballydoo)
Tamlacht Findlogainch site possible
Tamlaghtch site; gvyd
Tech Airennáinenclosure (circular); ch site; gvyd
Tech an Chaladh (?)ch site (no. 1435) now no trace
Tech Baithínch site; frags in C of I par ch; gvyd (No. 1570); well: St Boyne (now vanished)
Tech Caínch site (mod ch on site?)
Tech Do-Gobbach site possible; well ('Lady's well' in Seagoe Rectory [old] grounds)
Tech Fiachnae?ch site (Tifeaghna)
Tech Gubbi (Astagob)ch site poss; gvyd
Tech M'Áedóc?ch site possible (no. 805); gvyd
Tech Munnuch site (occ by C of I church; stone frags prob 15thC); gvyd (sub-circular)
Tech Nath Í eccl site; circ encl; grave-slabs x 2 (Rathdown types 10th-12thC); ch site (occ by early mod C of I par ch); gvyd
Tech Saxaneccl site poss; bullaun; ch site (in T. More); gvyd (+ par ch in T. Beg) (nos. 5773, 5177)
Tech Tírecháinch site ('Tashirugan'); gvyd ('Toby Hole' - corruption of 'tobar'?);
Tempall a Mhanaigeccl site; circular enclosure; ch site within; gvyd (no. 2672)
Tempall Bhaile na gCaorachch site; well (holy)
Tempall Breccáin eccl enclosure probable (no. 5164: no surface trace); ch site - 'Teampall Breacáin'/ Ballybricken (Ó Murchadha)
Tempall Caillénech site possible ('Templecaleen') (nos. 2568, 2569); holy well (2754)
Tempall Chill Dromannch site; gvyd; well
Tempall Chuáineccl site? encl (now oblit); ch site possible; gvyd site
Tempall Cóemáin?ch site; kn locally as 'relic field' or 'Teampull Ciomhain' (No. 967)
Tempall Colmáin (na hAichle)ch site?; stone cross; gvyd
Tempall Diarmatach site (no remains)
Tempall Fiachnach site (possible); bullaun
Tempallínch site; in circular encl (1842 OS map) - now levelled (nos. 5652, 5392)
Tempall Lutocaineccl site (no. 1300); sub-circ gvyd (=> encl); ch site (med par.); well: St Patrick
Tempall Maige Dula ch site (possibly EC)
Tempall Muilinn*ch site (Templemullin)
Tempall Muire*eccl site poss; bullaun (possible); ch site (med); gvyd nearby (nos. 525, 526)
Tempall na 7 n-Ingeneccl enclosure - circular; ch site (traces); stone altar ('Grave of the Seven Daughters'); cross-slab (lost) (no. 555)
Tempall na Carraigech site poss ('hollow area'); gvyd (now oblit; nr. T'carrig House - O'Curry, OSL)
Tempall na Ferta (=Cell na Nóebingen?)eccl site; gvyd excav by Lynn; ch site possible (see Bartlett's map c.1600); well x 2 (Scotch St)
Tempall na gCaillech Dubeccl site? ch site (nunnery)?; well: St Colum Cille (in same tld)
Tempall Odráinch site (no trace c.1900)
Tempall Senáineccl site (no. 1301); bullaun; gvyd D-shaped (60 x 60m); ch site (med par)
Tempall Techáin (Tír Ua nGeintich)ch site ('Thomple Thaegawin': no trace c.1900)
Tempall Uí Bhric ch site (EC?) - no trace (no. 1434)
Templealour*ch site; gvyd site posible (no. 14422)
Templebryan (2)ch site possible (no visible trace); cross inscr rock outcrop - probably recent (nos. 3181, 2617)
Templecoweych site possible
Templederrych site (possibly EC)?; ch ruin (18thC); gvyd (no. 1914, 1915)
Templedouglas (Tulach Dubglaise)ch site; ch ruin (16thC 'Templedouglas Abbey'); gvyd (No. 1615); well (no trace) (No. 1735)
Templegal*ch site (unkwn date)
Temple Hill*ch site - possible; gvyd (no. 5681)
Templelyonch site? (1m from Crannagh) gvyd (formerly)
Templeobrickch site - EC? (inaccessible sea stack) (no. 1325)
Templeshane*ch site (possibly EC)?; gvyd (late) (no. 1818)
Templetatech site (no. 1180); circ gvyd
Tempull a Mhullainch site; well (Brigid's)
Termann Carrachch site (Tarmancarra: obliterated)
Termann Cóelainn/Daire site (nunnery - no trace); well: Tobar Chaolainn
Termann Dairbilech site; cross-slab
Termon? ch site?; well
Termon*ch site (occ by19thC RC ch); stone head (late med - in modern grotto); gvyd (nos. 1704-5)
Terrygeelych site (no.1182)
Tintore*ch site (no. 806: medieval)
Tipra (?)ch site; well (holy)
Tipra (?)ch site poss
Tirbrackench site (possibly EC)
Tirlahode*ch site possible (no. 1706)
Tirnonych site (possibly EC)
Tobar an Domnaig?ch site? 'Srath Field/'Church Field' (No. 1018)
Tobar Iarlatha eccl enclosure - oval; ch site - possible; well (nos. 3478, 3577)
Tobareccl enclosure? - sub-circular area; gvyd; ch site? (no. 1479)
Tooracurragheccl enclosure? - oval; ch site (1st ed OS map); ogam stone (nos. 1436, 1500)
Toracheccl site (no. 1620); cross-slabs x2 (EC); Tau-cross (12thC?); rd twr; ch ruin (T. an Móirsheisir); ch site (St Colum Cille's); gvyd
Tristernaghch site (OS Map 'chapel in ruins' - Temple Cross Ch); gvyd (with oval encl wall)
Trumman*ch site (Templemealaghan); gvyd (No. 1621)
Tuaim (2)eccl enclosure; ch site ('Teampall na Scrin'?) - possible (nos. 3488-9)
Tuaim dá ghualanneccl complex; eccl enclosure probable; cross-slab; high-cross head (nr later abbey - 3487); cathedral (Romanesque); ch ruin (13thC with Romanesque heads); ch site possible; gvyd (D-shaped), another gvyd possible (human bones found nr ch site) (nos. 3481, 3483-4, 3486, 3502)
Tuaim Mo-Shacru?eccl site (no. 1309); gvyd (rectang); ch site (med par)
Tuaim Noéch site; gvyd
Tuaim (Toome)eccl site (no. 1178); bullaun; raised area; gvyd (rectang); ch site (med par)
Tulach Beigilech site; (No. 1515); sub-circ flat-topped md; gvyd (No. 1761)
Tulach Fobair?ch site; gvyd
Tulach na gcaorthann*ch site; gvyd
Tullig ch site probable; in gvyd (1937 OS map) (nos. 14454, 14621)
Tullomoy*ch site possible (no. 809) - no visible remains
Tullych site (traceable in 18thC); well: St Brigit
Tullybrislandch site (possibly EC); stone cross
Tullymore*ch site? (No. 1639)
Tully (Templemoyle)encl poss; ch site within
Tully*ch site possible, not located (no. 1713)
Ummaeccl site (excav O'Keeffe); encl (trapezoidal?); leacht; ch site poss; gvyd
Ventry (Fionn Trá)*ch site (med); gvyd
Vicarstown (Kylemahoe?)eccl site? cropmark enclosure; ch site (no. 810); gvyd site
Whitechurchch site (med par)?
Whitefield*ch site?; gvyd
White Isdch site EC (traces of wooden bldg: excav by Waterman); stone figure (with bell & crozier)
Youghal-Lands* (Éochaill)ch (St Mary's) - on earlier ch site; gvyd (nos. 5840, 5841)
Pollintemplecirc encl; ch site; gvyd
Cell Tuaithich site (TS066-044001-), gvyd, holy well (Lady's well) 96m to the SW
Áth Cróch site, gvyd site, bulldosed in 1960s