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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.:Documented AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics (the DIB terms such individuals often regarded as founders of churches — saints in the Irish tradition), whose association with the sites concerned is based on documentary sources.:LineageThis records the reputed ancestral lines of individuals given in Doc Assoc.:
Traditional AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics whose association with the sites concerned is based on tradition, dedication or placename association.:TownlandGives the townland (name spelt as in TTPBI Index) in which the site is (or is thought to be) located.:ParishGives the civil (not ecclesiastical) parish in which the townland is situated.:
DeaneryThis records the rural deanery (a sub-division of the diocese) to which the parish belongs.:DioceseThis records the medieval (not necessarily the same as the modern) diocese in which the foundation lies.:BaronyGives the modern barony (as in TTPBI Index the baronies were rationalised in 19thC) in which the townland and civil parish are situated.:
CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.:ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.:SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.:
Recorded HistoryThis concerns the subsequent history of the site, with emphasis on pre-Norman (or early post-Norman) native sources mainly annals but also including medieval ecclesiastical records (charters or taxations), English Crown documents and, on occasion, modern sources (especially surveys or maps, which may mark the location of lost sites or illuminate placenames).:Clerical StatusThis seeks to classify foundations as episcopal coarbial or eremitic based on the clerical orders ascribed to the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:GenderThis seeks to classify foundations as male or female based on the gender of the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:
Succession RecordLists ecclesiastics, male or female, who succeeded to offices at the foundation concerned abbots, abbesses, comarbai, bishops often clerics of less exalted rank such as treasurers, lectors, scribes. These lists make no claim to be exhaustive; fuller accounts for major sites can be found in the New History of Ireland, vol. 8, and in published prosopographies.:Medieval DedicationNotes medieval church-dedications to saints whether Irish or Continental.:Familial LinksIndicates links between foundations, whether claimed in hagiographical sources (a lesser site said to have submitted to greater site), attested by charter, or indicated by tradition or placename evidence.:
Folk TraditionRecords traditional stories, beliefs or practices (especially pilgrimages or patterns), or a tradition of clandestine burial either recorded or inferred from location names such as the killeen or the caldragh.:Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.:ArtifactsIn general, this records only items which may support the case for the site as a pre-Reform ecclesiastical settlement (especially croziers, shrines, chalices etc) — whether recovered by search or excavation, or merely associated with the site by tradition. Also included are such items as querns and kilns as flour-production was an important part of life at ecclesiastical (although also, admittedly, at secular) settlement sites.:
BibliographyMentions secondary references (sometimes very select indeed) to the site concerned. Some contain detailed discussion, others (especially where little else seems to be available) only the briefest mentions. For details see the Bibliography page.:AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.:

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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.
Abbeyleix*eccl site (No. 684) no visible traces
Achad Aballeccl site; circ encl; ch ruin (Romanesque 12thC 'The Churches')
Achad Bioraireccl site; rd twr
Achad Bóeccl site (No. 688); rd twr; ch site (Augustinian priory, occ. by C of I ch); Tempall na gCaillech Dub loc adj? (Archdall); gvyd
Achad Bolg (Coolineagh)eccl site; oval enclosure - traces; ogam stones x2; gvyd 'Aghabulloge'; 'St Olan's stone'; well: St Olan (nos. 9199, 9523, 9247, 7959, 7960, 9271)
Achad Chonaireeccl site; cross-slab; carved stone (human head in relief); cross-inscr lintel (?); ch ruin (Med), 2nd ch ruin (possible) c.100m to NE; gvyd; well: Tober Finane (nos. 2603, 2674, 2694)
Achad Fobaireccl site; ch ruin ('Tempulnabhfial'? on L. Crichan); rd twr; gvyd; well: Tobar Pátraic
Achad in Tempaill?eccl site (Aughintemple?)
Achad maic Airteccl site (No. 689); ch ruin ('The Abbey'); gvyd; bellfry in 12thc
Achad Togartaeccl site (No. 691); ch ruin (med.); gvyd; well
Achad Urglaiseccl site; cross base x 2; ch ruin (No. 475); gvyd
Achad Úreccl site; ch ruin
Acragar (Foy church)*eccl site (No. 686); gvyd; incised cross-slab
Aghadooey Glebe eccl site: pillar-stone (cross-inscr: EC); leacht; encl sub-rect (stone walled); ch ruins; gvyd
Aighaneccl site?; cross-inscr slabs; bullaun (removed 19thC); ch site; gvyd/cillin (No. 1512); well (St Conall)
Airb[r]e (= Cell Chuáin?)eccl site (no. 1164); circ encl (136m); bullaun?; ch site (med.); gvyd
Airdne Chóemáineccl site; oval gvyd; ch ruin fragmentary (no. 1174)
Airdne Choluimeccl site; gvyd circular; ch site (med.)
Airecal Adamnáineccl site? (Ballinatemple?); St Onan's Rock
Airecal Da-Chiaróc*eccl site; high-cross; gvyd; well
Airemheccl site; ch site (possibly early); gvyd (vanished)
Airther Achaid eccl site; traces of ch (possibly early)
Alt Farannáineccl site? well: Dobach Farannáin
Ambrosetowneccl site?; gvyd sub-circ (no. 1172)
An Bhanrainn Bháneccl site (early) - possible; ch site?; gvyd ('St Columbkille's' on OS map); wells x 2 to SW & S (nos. 514, 660)
Annacloy eccl site - possibly early
Annaghcloy*eccl site possible (no 2608) roughly oval mound - 'Abbey' on 1838 OS map
Archerstowneccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (sub-oval)
Ardachad Brechmaigeeccl site; bullaun; cross-base; gvyd (no. 1327)
Ardachadeccl site; ch site EC (traces of wooden bldg: excav by De Paor); ch ruin (cathedral); well: St. Brigit (loc not specif.)
Ard an Tearmainneccl site?
Ard bóeccl site; ch ruin; high-cross
Ard Breccáin*eccl site; ch site (occ by disused C of I ch)
Ard Caoracheccl site; sub-circ encl; cross-slab; poss leacht; poss souterrain; hut; gvyd
Ard Chaínroiss eccl site; gvyd; well: St Eusebius
Ard Chath*eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Ard Cremaeccl site? enclosure (no. 234: to sth - 150m def by field bdies/road) or gyyd (no. 543: 'The Graves') - either rep. this site?
Ard Ferta Brénainneccl site; encl; ch site (pre-Romanesque damliac, 11thC: excav by Moore); rd twr site; later chs (12th, 15thc); gvyd (incl many early-med burials)
Ard Ladrann (Ardamine)eccl site; cross; ch ruin (late); gvyd
Ardlahertyeccl site possible - no visible remains; well: 'Tober Bride'/'Tobar na Naomh' (nos. 2602, 2693)
Ard Lecacheccl site; enclosure oval; ch site; gvyd (destroyed) (No. 1565)
Ardnacrannyeccl site; encl - oval, large; ch ruin? ('Abbey' OS Map); gvyd
Ard na Croise*eccl site?
Ard nUrchaireccl site; encl poss; (pre-med?) ch extant 15thC; ch ruin (med abbey); gvyd; well: Tobar Brígte (w. of village)
Ard Pátraicceccl site: encl; ch ruin (pre-Norman); rd twr (stump); well
Ard Pátraicceccl site? (occ by Ardpatrick House); ch ruin (No. 883: late)
Ard Sráthaeccl site; ch site; gvyd
Áth a' Chip*eccl site (No. 692); gvyd site -no visible remains
Áth Croise (Áth Chros Mo-Laga)eccl site (no trace of encl); bullaun; ch ruins (12thC); gvyd; well (St Molaga 25m SSW) (nos. 13873, 14387, 14536, 13934, 13908)
Ath Derc*eccl site?; ch ruin - late (12 x 6 yds)
Áth Fadat/Fithot eccl site (No. 476; see O'Donovan, OSL 1839, 138-140); well
Áth Liacceccl site; ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: St Patrick? (tld Kilmore); possible bullaun?
Áth Luaineccl site? cross-slabs x 5 (inscr to Conloc, Torpaith, Ailill ave Dúnchatho - k.o. Connacht d.764?); ch site (occ by C of I ch); gvyd
Áth Maigneeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (semi-oval)
Áth na gCeppeccl site; encl-curve SW; ogam stone; bullauns x2; ch site; souterrain
Áth na hEasconn (Anahaskey)eccl site: 'The Raheen'; enclosure formerly; ch traces; well (site of)
Áth Segieccl site?; ch ruin; base of twr (no. 1334)
Áth Truimmeccl site; ch traces (Manorl'd); ch ruin (Townpks Nth; med - St Patrick's) (nos 1452, 1518)
Attiroryeccl site; encl (sub-circ); bullaun (D-shaped); ch site poss (no trace); gvyd/killeen (no. 1397)
Augeriseccl site; bullaun (c. 250m to SE); ch ruin; gvyd (in adj tld Gorteennakilla); well c.300m to NE (nos. 9499, 9329, 9211, 9250)
Baile Adekarmerdin*eccl site?
Baile Adelagheles*eccl site?
Baile Amlaib/Uí Amalgadaeccl site; encl sub-circ; ch ruin ('Cross Church of Moreen')
Baile an Chnocáin/Collis Scti Brandanieccl site; encl; cross-inscribed stone; ch ruin; rect building; cairns; well
Baile an doireeccl site; enclosure possible (gvyd - large oval); bullaun x2; ch ruin
Baile an Fheirtéaraigheccl site? (now vanished); cross-slab (at local school); well (Tobar Bhréanainn)
Baile an Iubhaireccl site; encl poss ('circular earthen entrenchment'); ch ruin; gvyd; souterrain; well?
Baile an Termainn*eccl site; ch traces possible
Baile an tSagairteccl site; circ encl; ogam stones x10; ch site (An Lisín); gvyd (An Cheallúnach/calluragh)
Baile an Uaráin eccl site - possibly early; well?
Baile Bhiocáireeccl site; circ encl; ch site; clochán?; calluragh (gvyd); leacht; cross-inscr stone; standing stones
Baile Boirne/Bairnecheccl site; circular hut site; bullaun frags x2; ch ruin; gvyd; penitential station; well: St Gobnet c.60m to S (nos. 9498, 9531, 9302, 7906, 9275, 9221)
Baile Cassin*eccl site?
Baile Iarthach? eccl site? cross-slab ('Gallaunkieran' OS 1902); well: 'Toberkieran' (nos. 2631, 2602)
Baile in Tempailleccl site (No. 478); bullaun x 2; former encl?
Baile in Tempailleccl site possible(No. 710); ch ruin (late medieval); gvyd
Baile Legan*eccl site?
Baile Lommáineccl site possible; gvyd
Baile meic Glassáineccl site (no. 1340)
Baile meic Riacáin? (Creghorn)eccl site; bullauns x 3; convent site (OSL); gvyd; well: 'Tobar na Carraige'
Baile Mhic an Dailleccl site? circular encl; calluragh (An Seabhac; gvyd); well (Tobar Aonfhirt: holy?)
Baile na Fuinseoigeeccl site; oval enclosure; bullaun; ch ruin (doorway pre-Norman?); 'Churchyard Field'
Baile na gCaillech*eccl site possible
Baile na hEaglaiseeccl site; sub-circ encl; souterrain; ch site; gvyd
Baile na Manacheccl site; traces of ch (possibly early); gvyd
Baile na Marb*eccl site/gvyd possible
Baile na Martra eccl site - possibly early?
Baile na Saccarteccl site possible; 'Pillar tower'
Baile nua na Saccarteccl site?; ogam stones; ch ruin (late med: mkd 'Abbey' on OS maps); gvyd (nos. 5613, 5691)
Baile Scadán eccl site poss (street alignment apparently circ.); wells: St Mary; St Brigit's in adj tld
Baile Tobair Pátraiceccl site; ch ruin (med: Ballintober Abbey); gvyd possible; tóchar Pátraic
Baile Uí Dhíonuige*?eccl site; ch traces possible
Balla (Balna)eccl site; grave-slab (EC: 10thC?); rd twr; ch site (ruin extant early 19thC); gvyd; well: Tobar Mhuire, aka St Cronan's
Ballingowaneccl site; circ encl (double on OS map); bullaun; ch site (no. 1505)
Ballinreeeccl site; encl circ bank (no. 523) now vanished
Ballintubberteccl site possible (No. 694); gvyd; well
Balloneccl site; circ encl now levelled (no. 525); ch site; gvyd; wells x 2 (no. 623-4)
Ballooreccl site? enclosure (semi-circ); gvyd 'Calluragh' (No. 1762 & 1763)
Ballyalbaneccl site: encl oval (130 x 95m); bullaun; raised area; gvyd? (human remains unearthed)
Ballybahallagheccl site? oval encl; gvyd within; well (Tobar Úna) c.10m to NE (nos. 14064, 13937)
Ballyboodineccl site possible (No. 697); ch ruin; gvyd 'Keelogue'
Ballybrackeccl site; ch ruin (early? Cyclopean masonry)
Ballybrazileccl site (No. 1157); encl circ (94 x 86m); gvyd rect; ch site (med); wells: Crón, Brigit, BVM
Ballybrennaneccl site (No. 1183) gvyd (sub-rect); well: St. Keevil
Ballybuggy (Baile Uí Bhogaig)eccl site (No. 698); D-shaped gvyd; ch ruin; St Bridget's stone
Ballycahillroeeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Ballycaneweccl site (no. 1184); bullaun; gvyd - sub-circ raised; ch site (med)
Ballycarry eccl site?; possible traces of ch
Ballycook/Kinneigheccl site (No. 477) 'Kinneigh ch'; bullaun; cross base; gvyd; 'Sunday's Well' (no. 626)
Ballydonaghy eccl site; ch site (possibly early)
Ballygarraneccl site; encl poss (circ); gvyd (Killeenagh); bullaun poss; cross inscr stone (no. 1317)
Ballygrangee eccl site - early?
Ballyhay eccl site - possibly early?
Ballyhest eccl site poss (circ encl 1937 OS map); gvyd (1937 OS map) - levelled, no trace (nos. 13896, 14068)
Ballyineccl site? enclosure possible
Ballykeel eccl site; ch traces (possibly early); gvyd (Chapel Field)
Ballylaneeneccl site? encl poss; circ. gvyd; ch site ('Cathair Breac ch') (no. 1321)
Ballymaclareeccl site possible (no. 1191); bullaun (found 1970); encl feature (1841 Map - faint)
Ballymacrowneccl site?; stone cross (ringed); gvyd/killeen (nos. 2749, 2622)
Ballymorrineccl site poss; bullaun; ch site; gvyd site
Ballynaglogheccl site (possibly early); ch ruin (later med); gvyd (no. 2614)
Ballynaguilkee eccl site; enclosure oval; ch site; base of stone cross (no. 1323)
Ballynahowneccl site (No. 700); circ encl; ch ruin (undifferentiated); EC cross-slabs now in Clonaslee ch.
Ballynakillyeccl site? semicirc encl; bullaun possible; calluragh (gvyd: Gortakilleen); wells x2
Ballynastraweccl site possible; bullaun (No. 1197); gvyd rect; well: St. Peter
Ballynatrayeccl site - possibly EC; ch ruins (nave and 13thc chancel) (no. 1326)
Ballyvaston eccl site possible
Ballyvoigeeccl site? gvyd (no surface trace); well ('Tobernabien') c.60m S (nos. 9316, 9255)
Ballyvoony (Baile Uí Mhuimhnigh)*eccl site possible (extant 18thC? now no trace) (no. 1328)
An Raingiléiseccl site; encl; cross-slabs x2; cross; ch ruin; gvyd; well (Tobermalogga)
Balreagheccl site; enclosure - oval; ch ruin; gvyd
Balsitriceccl site (possible); circ encl; cross (no. 1343)
Baltigeereccl site; circ encl (no. 1345); bullaun; ch ruin
Baronstowneccl site; enclosure (outer, large); ch site; gvyd
Bartramstowneccl site; enclosures inner (30m) outer (60m); ch ruin (no. 1346)
Baunaghra (Bán Eachra?)eccl site (No. 701); circ encl; ch ruin; gvyd (before 1905)
Baytowneccl site; encl d-shaped (45 x 29m); ch ruin within (late)
Becc Ériu eccl site; gvyd (oval) within former island; cross-slabs x 2 (EC -10thC?) (No. 1160)
Becc Iniseccl site? cross-slab; leacht; ch ruin (oratory); hut; calluragh (gvyd)
Beefaneccl site; encl no.1 (no. 1522, 18.3m), ch ruin ('St C's chapel' 5.75 x 3.4m) within; cross slabs x 8; cairns to SE & NE; 'St's bed'; encl no.2 stone walled (no. 1523, 10.75m); cairn at centre, cr slab; well on hillside (St. Colum Cille) (No. 1521)
Belach Dúin/Dísert Chiaráin*eccl site; ch ruin; high cross x 3; cross-slab (no. 1360)
Belach Febrateccl site possible (no. 14461) exact location unkwn; well - now vanished?
Bilboaeccl site? encl poss; cross-slab (marigold pttn: 6th-8thC); raised area; gvyd
Binn Bháineccl site?; sub-circ encl; cross-inscr slab; stone cross; hut; calluragh
Birraeccl site - possible (St Brendan's, Church Lane)
Blascaod Móreccl site; ch site; cross-inscribed stone; calluragh (gvyd); well (Tobar na Croise)
Bleantasoureccl site? enclosure; gvyd (killeen)
Boheh eccl site: cross-slab x 5 (EC); cross-inscr stone block; poss leacht ('The Monk's Grave'); ch ruin; gvyd (killeen: contains sunken area with dry-built walls)
Bohernabreenaeccl site possible
Bordgal (Mór)eccl site (No. 703); traces of enclosure; ch ruin; gvyd
Both Chonois (Cell Odráin?)eccl site; enclosure sub-circ (no. 1524); cross slab; sm plain cross; gvyd. ('Killoran' within encl); well (no. 1654)
Both Chonoiseccl site (No. 1527); cross-inscr boulders x 2; high cross (unringed); well
Brideswelleccl site possible; gvyd
Brí Gobann/Fán Muilteccl site - early; rd twr site (fell in storm 1720); ch ruin (late: in ruins 1744 - Brady); gvyd; well; St Finnchu's stone (nos. 13877, 14400, 14549, 13951, 13906, 13929)
Britwayeccl site; ch ruin (date c.1110-1120?); gvyd (no. 5615, 5696)
Brownbogeccl site; poss encl (circ area 37m diam, traces of bank: no. 540); gvyd; well (no. 630)
Buirghias Móreccl site possible (No. 704) no surface remains; well (ded. unkwn)
Busherstowneccl site; bullaun (no. 503); gvyd (no. 532)
Cadamstowneccl site?; ch site (occ by C of I ch); cross- inscr stone; stone head (poss 12thC)
Caheravert/Caheravarteccl site circular (roughly); gvyd; stone cross (nos. 2564, 2768, 2623)
Caherbarouleccl site possible (lrg sub-circ enclosure on 1842, 1904 & 1938 OS maps); bullaun; cross-inscr stone to SE (nos. 9202, 9213, 9242)
Caherkeeneccl site? gvyd in semi-circ enclosure; ch ruins (nos. 2770, 3111)
Calatruim (?)eccl site (no. 1405)
Caltragh eccl site; ch sites x3 (Killenfelim, Killeenishel, Knocknacaltragh)
Camas Chomgailleccl site; stone cross (destroyed); font
Camros (Ard C.?)eccl site; no trace remaining?
Cappanagrauneccl site? bullaun; 'Toberanoonan' well (nos. 9214, 9258)
Carcullion eccl site - early
Carnagheccl site? bullaun at NW edge of 'St Patrick's well' (nos. 1615, 1746)
Carnseccl site: circ encl (130m diam); ch ruin (med); gvyd
Carrac?eccl site; encl d-shaped; ch site (no. 1424); well: Lady's well (200m. SE)
Carrac Móreccl site; gvyd; well; womens' gvyd
Carrickaboyeccl site; cross-slab; pillar stone? - decorated (now at Denn Glebe); ch traces? gvyd - rect; wells X2 (nos. 1617, 1618, 1636, 1747)
Carrickfergus (St Mary's)eccl site; ch ruin
Carricknahorna*eccl site? (no. 2621); ch ruin (med nunnery?)
Carrigillihy*eccl site?
Carrow-Gilhoolyeccl site poss? cross-slab; eccl building
Carrowhugheccl site poss: cross inscr pillar-stone; plain Latin cross; stone cross (No. 1526); gvyd ('Kilblaney Burial Ground')
Carrowreagheccl site?; standing slab multiple cross-incised (no. 1529); well (St. Brigit) (no. 1659)
Carrowrevagheccl site poss? cross-slab (EC); leacht; gvyd
Carrowteigeeccl site poss? pillar-stone (cross-inscr EC); gvyd
Cartoncoragheccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Casheleccl site? bullaun - 'the hollow stone' (No. 1740); gvyd - stone-lined graves reputedly found (No. 1779)
Castleboy/Taraeccl site (no. 1357 occ by C of I ch); cross, láthair pupaill, duma Adomnáin; font
Castlelosteccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (curved sections)
Castlemacadameccl site?; encl possible; ch ruin (nr. moate); gvyd
Castleterraeccl site; enclosure? (oval rath); ch site; gvyd; stone head (15th/16thC? in wall of modern RC ch) (nos. 316, 1622-3); Patrick's well c. 1/2 mile to N (Carrickateane)?
Castletowngeogheganeccl site; encl - circular; ch ruin ('chapel'); gvyd
Cathair Bhernacheccl site? D-shaped encl; cross-inscr slab; calluragh (gvyd); well: Fínán
Cathair Leithmhuilleanneccl site? cross-slabs x3; calluragh (gvyd)
Cathair Pátraiceccl site; pillar stone (inscr Maltese Cross); cross-slabs x 14 (at least 5 date 7thC); ch ruin (med: St Patrick's); gvyd
Céin Muirtheimneeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (No. 932)
Cell Abbáineccl site (no. 759); ch ruin (nave and chancel); gvyd
Cella Beccaeccl site (poss EC); encl - arc preserved in curving rd to W (MacSh); eccl cas (14thC) on site; ch ruin NE of site, 15thC Franciscan friary; well St Catherine
Cella Beccaeccl site (Kellabegga - not precisely located)
Cell Achaid Draignigeeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; well St Catherine
Cell Achaid Dromma Fotaeccl site; enclosure; grave-slabs; bullauns; ch site (poss: Ch of Da Sinceall)
Cell Ádamaireccl site; ch ruin; well
Cell Adgaireccl site; circular encl (traces); grave-slab x2 ('Rathdown' types: 10-11thC?); cross-base; ch ruin (med); gvyd; well
Cell na hOige/na hUaghaeccl site; encl oval (50 x 44m); bullaun (no. 1266) (Sheet 6)
Cell Afféineccl site; ch traces (at St. Saviours: Killafeen)
Cell Aindeeccl site; ch ruin (no. 934)
Cell Áine Duibe? (Killannduff)eccl site possible? (no. 1393); Latin cross (decorated)
Cell Áireccl site; encl - outer, large (refl in tld bndry to NE); ch ruin x2; gvyd (quadrantal); well: Tobar Brighde
Cell Airneeccl site poss; bullaun x 2
Cella (Kells)eccl site?; ch traces - barely discernible
Cell Alaideccl site; encl (inner + outer); ch. ruin; rd twr
Cell an Epscoipeccl site; encl circular; gvyd; ch ruin (16-17thc?)
Cell an ghaobhaireccl site poss? pillar-stone (cross-inc.); cross-slab (EC); sm stone cross; gvyd
Cell Ausilli/Auxiliieccl site; rd twr; ch ruin; well: St Patrick
Cell Báetáin (Kilbodan; Templeboodin)eccl site; bullaun; ch traces; gvyd; well: St. Boden (now vanished)
Cell Beccáineccl site; encl poss; ch site ('Monastery'); gvyd
Cell Beccáineccl site; high-cross (E Cross shaft: 'Beccán inscr' late 7th/early 8thC; signed by Osgyd - see Kyles of Berrihert); grave-slab of Fínán puer; gvyd; well (Peakaun's)
Cell Beccáin/Pheacáineccl site (Kilpeacan); cross-inscr pillar; gable-shrine (poss); gvyd; well
Cell Becc*eccl site possible (nr Ballinter Bridge)
Cell Becceccl site (no. 1166); encl circular (83m); cross-inscr ogam stone (inscription removed?); ch ruin
Cell Beccóceccl site? (adj Kilbogget House, O'Curry OSL); gvyd (6 phases to 12thC)
Cell Bélateccl site; ch (nr tld bndry)?; bullaun?
Cell Beraigeccl site; ch ruin (undivided); gvyd (no. 1420)
Cell Bercháineccl site (now no trace?)
Cell Berchirteccl site: Kill Berrihert; gvyd; well: Tobar B. (St Bernard's)
Cell Brénainneccl site (Kilbraynan?); ch ruin levelled
Cell Brigteeccl site; encl (semicircle traceable); ch site; gvyd
Cell Brigteeccl site ; oval enclosure (No. 1158; 80 x 60m)
Cell Brigteeccl site: encl (earthen banked); ch site within ('Kilbride' OS Map)
Cell Brigteeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Brigteeccl site? ch ruin (extant18thc); cross rock - of antiquity?
Cell Brigteeccl site; ch traces?; gvyd
Cell Brigteeccl site; enclosure 120' diam
Cell Brigteeccl site; encl (part of - earthen bank); gvyd; wells x 2: St. Brigit, St. Kevin
Cell Brigteeccl site; ch ruin (No. 1368) nave and chancel; gvyd
Cell Brigteeccl site? (cró Brígde); well
Cell Brigte? (Kilbrideglynn)eccl site ; oval enclosure (No. 1205; 50 x 34m); ch site (med)
Cell Broccáin (?)eccl site (No. 752); ch ruin; inscr stone; gvyd; horiz mill
Cell Bruaineeccl site; stone crosses x2 (unringed cross 9thC?); gvyd; ch ruin (15th/16thC); well SW of ch (ded. to St Brigit, orig Brónach)
Cell Buaine (?)eccl site; oval encl; gable-shrine; croos-slab; stone cross; leacht; ch ruin (oratory); rect bldg; well
Cell/Caill Uaillech? (Kiloola/Kilcallough)eccl site; ch traces formerly; bullaun 'St. Kevin's Cup'
Cell Cathrach eccl site - early? (no trace) (no. 1371)
Cell Chaíeccl site; ch site (adj cas.)
Cell Chaimín (Caherminnaun)eccl site? enclosed gvyd ('Kilcaimin' 32m diam); ch ruin? (sm oratory? or 'founder's tomb'?); well: T Caimín
Cell Chainne/Chaínighe/Chuinge?eccl site (extant 19thC? O'Curry OSL)
Cell Chainnigeccl site; rd twr; cathedral (Hiberno Romanesque)
Cell Chainnigeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; tomb; gvyd
Cell Chairne?eccl site; oval encl; ch ruin (nave + chanc; Romanesque sill; incorp 'Cyclopean' masonry); another site adj; well nrby 'Tobar Ingen Baíth'
Cell Chairpreeccl site (no. 1371); gvyd; well: Cairbre
Cell Chaiseeccl site; ch ruin - small (excav Sweetman; Romanesque doorway)
Cell Chaisileccl site; encl - oval; ch foundations; gvyd
Cell Chaisil (Kilcashel)eccl site (no. 1200); encl oval (137m); gvyd
Cell Charthaigeccl site; bullaun (Tobermurray) (No. 1577); ch ruin; gvyd; wells (St. Carthach; St. Conall) (Nos. 1696 & 1697)
Cell Chascáineccl site; ogam stone; bullaun to E; ch ruin; gvyd - late (nos. 3224, 2589, 3145, 1040)
Cell Cheirne?eccl site; ch ruin (no. 1422)
Cell Cheiseccl site? ch ruin (Hiberno-Romanesque)
Cell Chellaigeccl site?; gvyd?
Cell Chetharnaig?eccl site? (banks/traces)
Cell Chiaráineccl site; gvyd (no. 1426)
Cell Chiaráineccl site? ch ruin; gvyd (now no trace?); wells: St. Ciaran; St. Michael
Cell Chiaráineccl site; ch traces (Kilkieran?)
Cell Chleitheeccl site - EC?
Cell Chliathach?eccl site; enclosure (oval); ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Chluaisi?eccl site possible (circular surrdg fence traceable) (no. 13893)
Cell Chóelainn?eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Chóeleccl site; enclosure probable; cross & base; ch ruin (late); gvyd
Cell Chóemáineccl site (no. 1248); encl sub-circ (80 x 72m); ch site (med); well: St. Cavan c.600m SW
Cell Chóemáineccl site (no. 1249; sheet 7); ch traces; gvyd; well
Cell Chóemáineccl site; encl (25m dia 19thC: O'Donovan OSL)
Cell Cholmáineccl site; ch ruin; gvyd - 'Tintemple'/ 'Churchtown'
Cell Cholmáineccl site; ch traces?; gvyd
Cell Cholmáin/Daire Móreccl site
Cell Cholmáin Midísileccl site? (no. 1290); ch site (late med)
Cell Cholmóc eccl site - possibly early
Cell Choluimbeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; well: Tobar Choluimb
Cell Choluimb?eccl site?; gvyd (O'Curry, OSL)
Cell Choluim/Cholmáin?eccl site (no. 1186); ch site (late med); gvyd (triangular)
Cell Chométaeccl site (possible); granite font; well: St Patrick
Cell Chomgailleccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; cross slab (granite); encl quadrang; well
Cell Chomgáineccl site; cross-head (damaged - possibly 8thC?); gvyd
Cell Chommáineccl site? cross-slab (Bunmore West); leacht; well: Tobar Chommáin
Cell Chommáin?eccl site; oval enclosure (part of); gvyd; granite block (broken) = font?
Cell Chommáin (Kilcomane)eccl site? cross-slab; ch ruin possible (O'Donoghue); gvyd (nos. 2874, 2608)
Cell Chomraireeccl site: cross-slabs, carved x2; ch ruin ( Kilcomreragh?); gvyd
Cell Chonadaineccl site; ch (St. Cuning's); gvyd
Cell Chonáin (Kilconan)eccl site (no surface trace); bullaun c.140m to NNE (nos. 13875, 13913)
Cell Chondraicheccl site (no. 838); ch ruin, encl, well (OSL) - confusion with Glenealy
Cell Chondraicheccl site; encl 19thC? (OSL) - no trace
Cell Chorb[b]áineccl site; bullaun (2 more in adj fields); Chi-Ro pebble (EC); stone head (12thC? In W gable of ch); ch ruin (Dominican priory 15thC)
Cell Chormaiceccl site (no. 1250); gvyd sub-circ (61 x 55m); well: St. Cormac?
Cell Chrithaich (Glencree?)eccl site: 'The Relick'; 'Oltapale'; encl 45m diam; bullaun
Cell Chrócháin/Daire Chrócháineccl site ('Kyle Cruitia' No. 732); encl traceable; ch traces; gvyd
Cell Chroimín?; (Kilcrummin; Kilcromer)eccl site?; 'rath' - oval encl 38 x 35m
Cell Chróineeccl site?; ch site
Cell Chróinín?eccl site?; gvyd - obsolete placename Killchrine (O'Conor, OSL)
Cell Chrónáin (?)eccl site? ch ruin (no. 755); gvyd
Cell Chruimthir Fiachrach/Cell Cruimriathareccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Chuaca/Chuaichi?eccl site?; ch ruin (1882: 'old ch defaced nr farmhouse')
Cell Chuáineccl site; ch ruin; semi-circ encl; bullaun; gvyd; gravemarkers
Cell Chuáin Mór (Kilcowanmore)eccl site (no. 1182); cross slab (EC frg.); ch site (med); gvyd; well: St. Cuan
Cell Chuallachtaeccl site? circ encl; gvyd; ogam stones
Cell Chúileeccl site; enclosure (37.5x28.8m); ch site; souterrain; gvyd
Cell Chuilinneccl site; high cross shaft (fig with bell & crozier; panel illustr raid?); rd twr; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Chuilinn?eccl site (no. 500); possible encl (curving bank); bullaun x 2; ch ruin ('Kilcullen ch'); gvyd; well 'Kilcullen well' (no. 653)
Cell Chumilieccl site; ch ruin (foundations); gvyd (no. 1424)
Cell Chummaineccl site (Ballinlena): cross-slab x2 (one with inscrip 'not found' 1997); pillar-stone (EC); ch ruin; gvyd (Kilcummin)
Cell Churcaige? (Cork Abbey)eccl site; ch ruin demol 1790s (O'Curry OSL); gvyd; well to east
Cell Clispín/Ahennyeccl site (Kilclispeen); high crosses x2 (9thc?); gvyd
Cell Cróineeccl site; possible encl (circular area surr by low bank); gvyd 'Kilcroan' (no. 489); well: St Croneleigh (?)
Cell Daire?eccl site possible (now no trace?)
Cell dá lesseccl site? ('The Church Field')
Cell Dalláineccl site? circular gvyd; ch traces; cross-inscribed stone (lintel reused as headstone) (no. 1737)
Cell Damáin?eccl site (no. 1251); sub-circ gvyd (47m); ch site (med); well: St. Davin
Cell dá Náem?eccl site? (Killdanave); gvyd site (1842 OS map); well c.100m SSW (nos. 14148, 14020)
Cell Darbilideccl site (NMI): cross-inscr pillar-stone x 3; ch ruin (Kildarvilla: features stone 'Crucifixion Plaque'); 'St Dervila's Bed'; gvyd
Cell (d)eglan(?)eccl site; encl oval (46 x 41m); ch ruin (foundations); gvyd (no. 1430); souterrain
Cell Delcceeccl site; ch ruin (late med) (No. 1425); well: Tobar Damnata (Cogan)
Cell derce daimeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 573)
Cell Draignecheccl site; oval encl; ogam stone; shrine; holed stone + stone cross; uninscr pillar x2 (Cool West); huts x5; calluragh (gvyd)
Cell Draignech/Lóthareccl site; circ encl; ch ruin (oratory); cross-inscr slab x3; leacht; hut; gvyd
Cell Draignigeeccl site; ch traces
Cell Draignige eccl site (no. 488); bullauns; cross head/base; ch traces
Cell Droichiteccl site - possibly early
Cell Dromaeccl site; ch site; gvyd; holy well
Cell Dubeccl site?; encl (d-shaped with traces of outer arc); stone-pile (knwn as 'The Church')
Cell Duibdúineccl site? bullaun; gvyd (semi-circ area S of ch => enclosure?); ch ruin - med (nos. 2643, 2787)
Cell Duráin? (Kildoran)eccl site (no. 1156); encl circ (70m); crosses x2 (granite: early?); bullaun (rec 19thc); gvyd; Doran's well
Cell Éicnigh?eccl site (no. 1256); encl circular (250m); d-shaped gvyd within; Latin cross; site of later med par ch; Ladys well
Cell Eiltíneeccl site; ch ruin; encl; rect building x2; circ hut; cross-inscribed stone (Cloch na Croise); calluragh (gvyd)
Cell Éinneeccl site; ch ruin (med; chancel); well: Colmán m Duach (at Cahermkerrilla)
Cell Eirceccl site?; gvyd in oval area 26 X 14m
Cell Eithne?eccl site (No. 763); encl (circular: aerial photo); ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Ellóc?eccl site (no. 1247); encl oval (64 x 30m); ch site Killiloge (med par)
Cell Éogaineccl site (no. 482); wheeled cross (no. 549: 9/10thC?); gvyd (O'Donovan OSL, 1839, 16)
Cell Éogaineccl site
Cell Éogain/Eoin?eccl site? (no. 740); bullaun; med. par ch site
Cell Epscoip Bróineccl site; ch ruin
Cell Epscoip Íbair?eccl site; ch site; gvyd; well: St Iver (adj tld Rockbig)
Cell Epscoip (Killaspick)eccl site; ch traces possible (c. 1900)
Cell Epscoip Lonáineccl site; carved stone head (11th-12thC); ch ruin (med? leveled ante 1839); gvyd; well: Flannán
Cell Epscoip óigeccl site; encl circular; ch ruin (16-17thc?); gvyd
Cell Epscoip Sanctáin (Kill St Ann)eccl site; ch ruin; well: 'St. Ann'
Cell Epscoip Saráin (Killarney)eccl site; ch site (no. 836); former embankment (O'Curry, OSL); grave-slab with Greek cross
Cell Fáe (Kilfea)eccl site; circular encl possible (45m dia); granite slabs x 2 (1 cross-shaped; crude); bullaun; ch traces; gvyd; well: Tubber Brighde nrby(O'Curry OSL)
Cell Fhaeláineccl site (poss); calluragh (gvyd)
Cell Fháeláineccl site; ch traces? (at St. Saviours: Killelane)
Cell Fhiachracheccl site; gvyd
Cell Fhínáin?/Laignéin?eccl site? (no. 1417); bullaun (now lost); gvyd (sheet 7)
Cell Fhintaineccl site; d-shaped encl; ogam stone (Finten inscr in Roman lett); bullaun; ch ruin; hut; calluragh (gvyd); well adj
Cell Fhoirtcheirn eccl site (nos. 490, 641); bullaun; ch ruin (single-cell); granite font; well: St Foirtchern
Cell Fhreime?eccl site?; ch traces? banks in 'The Bullock Park'
Cell Gabra/Cell Garad? eccl site (no. 758); ch ruin; gvyd; holy well
Cell Garbáin/Cell Mo-Gharbóceccl site possible (no. 574: OS Map 1839 - no longer visible); gvyd; possible orig site of Tuckamine ogam stone (CIIC 17)
Cell Garbáineccl site; ogam stone; bullaun; ch site (med); gvyd
Cell Garbáineccl site? (no. 1252); gyd circular (60m); well: St. Garvan
Cell Gialláineccl site? ch ruin? (OS map)
Cell Glaissieccl site (occ by C of I ch); gvyd
Cell Gobnaiteeccl site possible (sub-circ enclosure 1842, 1903 & 1940 OS maps); bullaun x2; gvyd (nos. 9205, 9343, 9226, 9227)
Cell Gormáineccl site (no. 1253); ringed cross-slab (EC?); gvyd with raised central area; well
Cell Grubain eccl site - EC; 6 ogam stones (nos. 1381, 1493)
Cellín a Tóchair?*eccl site (no. 740 'Killeenatogher') - no visible traces
Cellín Cóemgineccl site; gvyd; cross slab; cross (disc-headed); piscina
Cell in daingin?eccl site?; circular enclosures (outer & inner)
Cell Ingen Baítheccl site; ch ruin (antae => early? rebuilt c.1230?); rd twr (base); stone crosses; wells x 2
Cell Ingen Léiníneccl site; ch ruin; rath (in 19thc) gvyd; Rathdown slabs
Cellín?eccl site possible; circular encl (110m diam) formerly in tld; gvyd site
Cellíneccl site?; encl possible; rd twr (possible)
Cellín Liath?eccl site? cross-inscr ogam stone (Gallán an Chillín); calluragh (gvyd)
Cell Ísileccl site?; high-cross frags (shaft, head); gvyd
Cell Íteeccl site; ch ruin
Cell Iubaireccl site; ch ruin (no. 1389)
Cell Laichteine/Lachtaíneeccl site; bullaun (+ 2 allegedly removed); cross slabs; gvyd; well: St Lachtain (nos. 9208, 9323, 9263, 9216, 9243, 9245)
Cell Laisre (Killester)eccl site?
Cell Laisre? (Killossery)eccl site
Cell Laisren (Killossory)eccl site? no trace now
Cell Lamraige* eccl site; high cross; inscr grave slabs; second site 55m S; well: St. Nicholas
Cell Láthraig/Áthraigeccl site; high-cross shaft, base x 2; ch ruin (late med); gvyd (no. 1428)
Cell Liadaineeccl site - reputed;
Cell Liadaine (?)eccl site; ch foundations; gvyd (no. 1431)
Cell Liath na Tuille (Killeen)eccl site? oval enclosure - possible church traces within
Cell Lochaeccl site - possibly early
Cell Lucáineccl site; encl poss; ch site (occ by C of I church); ch ruin (med abbey); gvyd
Cell Lucáin?/Lucinne?eccl site - traces
Cell Lúráin?eccl site (No. 1262); gvyd rect; well: St. Laurence
Cell mac Áeda?eccl site (no. 1163); encl oval (330 x 260m); high cross (small; defaced inscr.); bullaun x2; horizontal mill: gvyd (rect.)
Cell mac Cannáin?eccl site poss? cross-slab (EC); ch ruin (med: .5km to W); gvyd
Cell mac Éogain?eccl site (EC? '6thC foundation': Beirne); ch ruin (13thC); gvyd; well: 'Tobar Phádraig'
Cell Machaeccl site; ch traces
Cell Máel-chétaireccl site; ogam stone (7thC?); bullaun x2; cross-slab; stone cross (pre 1200?); ch ruin (Romanesque); small cell, gvyd; cross-inscribed/shaped gravemarkers; well x2
Cell Maige Glaiseccl site; ch ruin ('chapel'); gvyd
Cell Mancháineccl site; cross-inscr slab (found 1971)
Cell Mannáin (Kilmannon/Kilmannan)eccl site (no. 1237); bullaun; gvyd (rect.)
Cell Martra?eccl site; ch ruin; font; holy-water stoup
Cell Massáineccl site (no. 1432: occ by disused C of I ch)
Cell meic Cathaileccl site poss
Cell meic Nemainneccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell meic Taidceccl site poss? dec stone cross (EC); well: Tubber Keeraun
Cell M'énóc?eccl site?; ch traces formerly
Cell Menóc? (Kilmanoge)eccl site?; ch ruin (early? Cyclopean masonry)
Cell M'Ernóc (Kilfernoc)eccl site?; ch ruin; decorated stone formerly?
Cell Mhic an Domhnaigheccl site; enclosure; cross-slab; cross-inscribed stone; stone cross; ch site? (Páirc na Croise); clochán; calluragh (gvyd); souterrain; well
Cell M'ídeeccl site? bullaun c.15m to SE ; ch ruin possible; gvyd; well ('Tobernaslanan') (nos. 9283, 9347, 9230)
Cell Mo-bóe (?)eccl site?; bullaun immediately SE; cross slab; ch site (12thC?); gvyd (nos. 3162, 3236, 2611, 2596)
Cell Mo-Chellóc/Mo-Shillóc?eccl site; gvyd - circular raised (No. 1264) Kil-Michaelogue?
Cell Mo-Chidgóceccl site poss: encl circular (60m dia - nthn slope Kilmashogue Mt); cross-slab (Greek cross, encirc - 9thC?); ch ruin (extant 19thC: Joyce); well (formerly)
Cell Mo-Chua?eccl site possible; no trace remains
Cell Mo-Chuaeccl site; ch foundations; gvyd; bullaun
Cell Mo-Chua?eccl site; ch ruins; well
Cell Mo-Chuara/Mo-Chora?eccl site; encl circular; ch traces/gvyd (former) nr K. House
Cell Mo-Chuta?eccl site possible (no. 1373); raised area; ch site (OS map)
Cell Mo-Chutaeccl site? House called 'Holywell'
Cell Mo-Díchon (?)eccl site; gvyd - wall slightly curved (=> encl?); ch foundations; well
Cell Moinneeccl site (no. 1433: nr Dunshaughlin?)
Cell Mo-Laisseeccl site; gvyd D-shaped (=> encl?); ch ruin; ogam stone (no. 1396, 1494)
Cell Mo-Lappóceccl site; encl orig circular; ch foundations; 'Kilmolappogue well' (nos 481, 637)
Cell Mo-Libboeccl site; encl originally; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd; font
Cell Mo-Lomma?eccl site?; enclosure (traces); gvyd
Cell Móreccl site?; circular encl (dia 40.5m); cross-slab
Cell Móreccl site; late med ch/cathedral site (Romanesque doorway in modern C of I cathedral is from Trinity Island: no. 1711); well: 'St Felimy's' (nos. 1666-8, 1769)
Cell Mor (Kilmore)eccl site; ch traces?
Cell Mór Maige Enir/in fhir?eccl site (no. 1434)
Cell Móreccl site (no. 1243); encl circular (90m); gvyd; well: St Patrick's
Cell Mo-Shillóceccl site; gvyd D-shaped (no. 1219); ch ruin/Romanesque arch (until 19thC)
Cell Muadáin?eccl site; circular/beehive struct. remains - possible; gvyd
Cell Muadáin?eccl site (no. 771); circular encl (discernible pre-1900); gvyd
Cell Mucraisseeccl site; gvyd D-shaped (80 x 50m); well: St Bride (no. 1265)
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)eccl site; encl - oval (30 x 20m); ch f'dations; well: Bride's (O'Curry, OSL)
Cell Muire?eccl site (no. 741); encl d-shape (30m), outer circ (100m cropmark)
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)eccl site; bullaun; ch f'dations; gvyd; 'Tee-Temple' (O'Curry, OSL); another to E
Cell na Cluaine (Kilnacloona)eccl site possible (no. 9201); ch traces possible
Cell na gColmáneccl site; enclosure; ogam stone; bullaun; cross-inscribed stone; ch site; huts; calluragh (gvyd); well
Cell na hInnse?eccl site; ch ruin poss (str not identif); gvyd ('Monaster Gvyd')
Cell na Manacheccl site possible (no. 1267); no trace remains; well: Mo-Ling
Cell na n-Ingen (or Coll na n-Ingen)eccl site?
Cell na nIubar (Killinure = Domnach Eochailli?)eccl site?; oval encl 50 x 40m; gvyd (now vanished; O'Donovan Name Book)
Cell na Páirce?eccl site? 'The Old Ch' (nr Altidore Hse; O'Curry, OSL)
Cell na Saccarteccl site: encl; gvyd EC (Kilnasaggart: excavated); cross-carved pillar (inscr with name 'Ternoc'); possible bullaun; well
Cell nua?eccl site; ch ruin (frag); gvyd; well: Mo-Chuille
Cell Ó an Chathaigheccl site; calluragh (gvyd)
Cell Óchtair Fine (?)eccl site; gvyd; well: St. Brigit
Cell Ó gCróineccl site; suboval encl; cross-inscr ogam stone; cross-slab; leacht x2; ch ruin (oratory); bldgs; gvyd; mill (poss)
Cell Oirbhelaicheccl site? cross-slab; oratory; leacht; calluragh (gvyd); hut; well
Cell Ó Luaigheccl site? oval encl; gable-shrine; calluragh (gvyd); leacht; holed stone; pillar stone
Cell Onchon eccl site
Cell Orgulan?eccl site?; ch ruin; cross slab; bullaun (at Cloon Lough); gvyd
Cell Orrluchta?eccl site?; gvyd (calluragh x 3); holy well x 2 (K. West)
Cell Osnataeccl site? high cross ring? (now lost); ch site; gvyd (no. 1417)
Cell Osnata?eccl site (no. 485); bullaun; rd twr site (demolished 1807); ch ruin; gvyd; well: St Patrick
Cell Otteráin?eccl site (no. 1385); ch site (occ by C of I ch); vertical mill (6th-7thC)
Cell Phátraic? (Kilpatrick)eccl site - possible
Cell Phátraiceccl site (No. 1297) D-shaped gvyd (46 x 56m); ch site (med. par)
Cell Phátraic?eccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Cell Phátraiceccl site (Kilpatrick); traces of ch
Cell Phátraiceccl site (excav by Swan); enclosure oval (100 x 88m: evid of occ 6th-9thC); ch ruin (med - 15thC?); gvyd ('Kilpatrick' OS Map); well: St Patrick
Cell Phátraiceccl site; gvyd
Cell Phetair? (Kilpeder?)eccl site; encl semicirc (85 x 50m); Cill Pheadair chyd Adown (O'Conor OSL); gvyd. 'An Reilig'
Cell Phíchieccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Phoileccl site?; wells: St. Pol; Bride's
Cell Rannairecheccl site; enclosure oval; stone cross (domed boss: EC); ch f'dations; gvyd; well: St Brigit
Cell Rechtguis? (Kilraghtis)eccl site?; ch ruin
Cell Rígnaich?eccl site possible (no. 1217); gvyd (rect.) - sheet 48
Cell Roiseccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (Shanakyle)
Cell Roiseccl site; enclosure sub-circ (no. 1195); bullaun; gvyd
Cell Roiseccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Rónáin?eccl site; encl poss; ch site; gvyd (circular: 'Kilronan Gvyd')
Cell Rónáineccl site; ch ruin (no. 1360); 'hermit's cell' (15th c) on EC site; well
Cell Rónáineccl site possible; souterrain (with assoc archae evidence of occ); gvyd/killeen (Cill Rónáin or Leasa Rónáin) c.55m ESE (no. 9209, 9349)
Cell Rónáineccl site: possible D-shaped encl (no. 1403); ch traces; gvyd site; stone stoup
Cell Rossáineccl site? (lrg circular encl 1842 OS map); ch site (no visible trace); gvyd (no. 5749);
Cell Rossantaeccl site; enclosure suboval; ch ruin (no. 1404) within; wells x 3
Cell Ruad/Róiteccl site; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd; well to S
Cell Rúisceccl site? enclosure - sm oval (OS map, not now traceable); ch site? (O'Donovan) (no. 1367)
Cell Saráineccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (No. 938)
Cell Scíreeccl site; ch foundations (no. 1436)
Cell Senaicheccl site; ch ruin (single celled); well: St Augustine
Cell Sinche?eccl site; circ field pattern 250m diam; ch site (no. 1438) 'St. Sinche's ch.'
Cell Sinchill? (Kiltennell)eccl site?; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 524); well
Cell Sinchill?eccl site possible (no. 1271); D-shaped (52 x 46m) gvyd
Cell Tailteneccl site; cross-slab (EC); gvyd; cross-base (late)
Cell Teccáin/Tagáineccl site; enclosure (oval 70 x 50m); gvyd; well (formerly)
Cell Teille?eccl site? burials predating oval ringfort 40 x 30m (no. 733, 1597)
Cell Teille?eccl site (sub-circ, 35 x 33m: no. 1272)
Cell Tenaindeccl site?; ch site (poss); well St. Brigit
Cell Tidill?/Cell Chéile?eccl site (excavated by Manning): ch ruin (Romanesque features)
Cell Tidill eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 770)
Cell Tigernáin/Ternáineccl site: grave-slab ('Rathdown' type 10-12thC); ch ruin (early? lintelled doorway, cyclopean masonry); raised area; gvyd
Cell Tigernáineccl site: enclosure circ, lge; ch ruin (medieval); gvyd possible
Cell Tiprateccl site: cross-slab (EC); ch ruin; rect gvyd (no. 1433); well - formerly?
Cell Toraidi (?)eccl site; pillar-stone (encirc cross: EC); ch traces (med par ch); gvyd; well: St Attracta (nos. 2654, 2686)
Cell Trodan eccl site - possible
Cell tSenaicheccl site?; cross slab; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell tSenáin Liatheccl site; ch ruin (late); gvyd; well: Senán (Liath)
Cell tSillóc?eccl site; circular encl(aerial photo); gvyd site
Cell Tuama (?)eccl site (no. 1437); oval encl 75 x 50m, outer encl 300 x 250m
Cell Uachtair [Achaid?]eccl site; ch ruin (10.6 x 5.2m: 12thC doorway); gvyd
Cell Uachtair Maigheeccl site; ch ruin within rect. encl; gvyd; well; souterrain (No. 1267, 1405)
Cell Ua mbairdeccl site?; ch ruin (K. Old Ch); gvyd (no. 1880)
Cell Ua nDaigre? (Killonerry)eccl site?; ch loc. at Killonerry Hse?
Cell Ua nDaigreeccl site; ch site; gvyd (No. 937)
Cell Ua nGarrchoneccl site; ch traces?; bullauns x 4 (2 nr well, 2 - one multiple - in adj field); well: St Boodin's
Cell Uscaidi? (Killiskey)eccl site; ch ruin; gyyd
Cenannaseccl site; 'market cross'
Cenannaseccl site; encl discernible (aerial survey); ch ruins (EC); cross (no. 1555); gvyd (nos. 1513,1514)
Cenn Ard?eccl site; encl - circular (traces of earthwork);ch site ('Kinard Nunnery'); gvyd
Cenn Eicheccl site; ch ruin; rd twr
Cenn Éitigeccl site; cross slab (poss 9thC); high-cross (now in Cas. Bernard); ch ruin (med)
Cenn Maraeccl site; ch ruin; rd twr
Cenn Sáileeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Cenn tuirceccl site (no. 1239); circular gvyd (42m)
Cetharlacheccl site? (ch traces at St Mary's CoI.? no. 544); gvyd x 2 rec. 17thc
Chapel Carroneccl site possible (no. 1202); ch ruin (traces); well St. Nicholas
Chapeleccl site (no. 1211); circular gvyd (70 x 64m); site of med par ch; well: St. Francis; Toberpatrick to nth
Chapel Hoganeccl site?; gvyd; ch traces (formerly); Lady's Well (O'Curry OSL)
Chapel Island eccl site; enclosure; ch traces ('Templecrone'); earthworks
Churchfield/Coolkilleccl site; oval enclosure; ch ruin (late) within; well: St Patrick c. 260m to SW (nos. 1404, 1458)
Church Islandeccl site; encl - oval, small; ch ruin (oratory); gvyd (no. 1363)
Church Island/Oilén an Tempailleccl site; cross-inscr slab x10; pillar stones; leacht x3; ch ruin (Romanesque); St Finan's Cell; gvyd
Church Island/Oilén an Tempailleccl site; enclosure (0.5 acre); ch ruin (oratory: early?); ogam-inscr cross-slab (7thC?); cross-slab x2; stone crosses; gvyd site; hut
Churchtowneccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (oval)
Claggan*eccl site poss?; cross-slab (linear Latin cr: EC?); gvyd
Clasharusheeneccl site? sub-circular raised area; gvyd within; well (now dry) c.20m ESE (nos. 2784, 2649)
Clocháneccl site?; ch ruin (med); stone head; holy well
Clochán Chárthainneccl site; encl circular (Keeldaragh); cross-slab; leacht x3; ogam stone; souterrain
Clochareccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 901)-late
Clochareccl site?; no ch remains; lge mound, field uneven
Clochar Dúilech (St Doulagh's)eccl site; ch building (Romanesque mid-12thC: Harbison); wells: St Doulagh; St Catherine
Clochar mac nDaiminieccl site; crosses x 3; bullauns
Clochrán (Hiddert) eccl site; ch ruin; well: Our Lady's
Clóenadeccl site; ch traces?; gvyd
Cloghaneccl site; pillar slab; cross slab (Nos. 1534 & 1535); bullaun (No. 1741); ch site occ by 18thC ruin ('Teampall Caomháin/Cill an Spáinnigh'); cultivation terraces to W (MH); well (St. Conall) (No. 1663)
Clogherbegeccl site - possibly EC; well: Toberconnell
Cloghincheccl site; grave-slab (cross encirc; inscr; c700 AD)
Cloghoreeccl site?; enclosure circ; gvyd ('Tetunny Burial Ground') ; well (no trace) (No. 1538)
Cloghvoulaeccl site? oval enclosure surrdg gvyd; ch site possible; (nos. 14469, 14080)
Clonabreanyeccl site (no. 1353); cross slab; decorated stone
Clonaltraeccl site: enclosure - oval; raised area (lge oval platform); grave-slab (ringed cross, perh 9thC?); bullaun - double; gvyd
Clonamullyeccl site? (no.1157); stone cross
Clonassyeccl site ('Sean Eaglish'); ch ruin; gvyd; trace of embankment (in 19thc); pillar stone
Cloneeccl site; encl sub-circular; ch traces; gvyd
Clonee/Cluain Áeda?eccl site (no. 1365); gvyd formerly
Cloneeneccl site (no. 745); bullaun; gvyd; well: St Kiaran nearby
Clonegalleccl site (No. 548); fosse & bank; gvyd; well: St Brigit (no. 633)
Clonfadeccl site (no. 1158); cross inscr. stones x 4
Clonleaeccl site; enclosure?; high cross & high cross base; gvyd
Clonlosteccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Clonoseyeccl site; enclosure - circular; bullaun; friary remains (nos. 1625-7)
Clooneeccl site; enclosure - circular; ch traces (of earlier date) possible; 19thC ch & gvyd (no. 1628)
Cloonlaureccl site poss? cross-slab (EC); cross-inscr pillar; gvyd (loc name 'Killeen')
Cloonmorriseccl site; ogam stone; bullaun; ch ruin; rect gvyd (nos. 1409, 1443)
Cluain Ailbeeccl site; ch traces? (Cogan)
Cluain Airdne/Cuerneeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Cluain bairenneccl site; cross-slabs x 14 (12 frag: EC); tóchar Cluana B.
Cluain Chaíneccl site; encl poss; ch ruin ('Templevally Ch'); gvyd
Cluain Chaíneccl site; ch ruin; gvyd.; crosses; slab; bullaun; wells x 2: St Mogue?
Cluain Chaín M'Áedóceccl site (no. 1221); encl circular (300m); gvyd (rect); well: St. Aidan
Cluain Chaín eccl site; ch traces ('St Medoc's'); gvyd (No. 901)
Cluain Chaín eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 717)
Cluain Chaín eccl site; gvyd site (no. 716)
Cluain Chathaeccl site; grave-slab (cross-inscr: EC); high crosses x 2; ch ruin; gvyd (No. 1539)
Cluain Choirpthe/Chairptheeccl site - early; rd twr site; gvyd; well ('Tobar Beraigh')
Cluain Chonmaicneeccl site; pillar-stone (cross-inscr); cross-slabs x 3 (EC); bullaun; high-cross frags (shaft, transom, base: 10th-12thC); stone heads x 2 (built into wall); ch site; gvyd (no. 1406)
Cluain Chremaeccl site - traces; gvyd
Cluain Chuiftin/Guithbinn?eccl site? raised oval area 40 x 28m - ringfort (no. 575)
Cluain eccl site; circ encl; cross-inscr pillar x2; calluragh (gvyd); leacht; bullaun x2; well nrby: St Colmán
Cluain dá chranneccl site?; location names 'Crann Field'/Tullabeg
Cluain Dalláineccl site?
Cluain dá ochraeccl site; ch ruin (pre-Norman?); inscr slab ('the bishop's grave'); gvyd (Ardneeve - Ard [na] Naomh?); well (tld Bunacloy adj to Ballinakill)
Cluain Dolcáineccl site; ch ruin; rd twr; well: St Brigit
Cluain Duacheccl site; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd (sub-circular); cross-insc slabs
Cluain Ecclaise?*eccl site?( in adj tld Tipperstown)
Cluain Eidnecheccl site (nos. 713, 714); poss enclosures (inner + outer); cross-slabs x 12; stone cross (sm, plain, Latin); ch ruin (med); gvyd; well (Fintan)
Cluain Emaineccl site (EC); cross-slab (featuring ringed cross)
Cluain Eóchailleeccl site
Cluain Eoiseccl site (Crossmoyle): ch ruin; rd twr; gvyds (no. 1160) x 2; high crosses x 2; house-shaped shrine
Cluain Ernáineccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (circular wall)
Cluain Ferta Brénainneccl site; cathedral (Romanesque features)
Cluain Ferta Mo-Luaeccl site; EC cross-slabs x 2; bullaun; ch ruin Romanesque (no. 773); gvyd
Cluain Fota Báetáin abaeccl site: enclosure - sub-circular (large earthworks); plain stone cross; standing stone; ch ruin; burial 'bishop's gv'; gvyd
Cluain Fota Fine/Libréineccl site: enclosure (183m diam.); ch ruin; gvyd (Clonfadforan)
Cluain Irairdeccl site (no. 1326); second site 55m S; well (St Nicholas); high cross
Cluain Láigeccl site (No. 1559); pillar-stone (incised cross); ch ruin (frags of med. carved mouldings); gvyd
Cluaineccl site (no. 1220); bullaun x2; cross-decor slabs; ch ruin (13thc? Romanesque features); gvyd (rect.)
Cluain moccu Nóiseccl site/complex; ch ruins
Cluain Mór Áeda eccl site; crosses x 2; cross-inscr stones x 19; ogam stone; bullaun x 2 (no. 483, 504); well: 'St Mogue' (OSL 1837, 113)
Cluain Mór Dícholla Gairbheccl site; ch ruin (foundations); gvyd (no. 1222) - Sheet 31
Cluain Mór Fer nArdaeccl site; ch ruin (no. 904: OS 18)-late
Cluain Mór eccl site; ch ruin; wells: Cainnech and Faithlenn
Cluain Sailecheccl site - traces
Cluain Sostaeccl site; ch ruin (early?)
Cluain Tuaisceirteccl site; cross-slabs x 13 (late 9th & early10thC ); ch ruin (Clontuskert Abbey); gvyd
Cluain uamhaeccl site; rd twr; cathedral (St Coleman's) across rd; gvyd (nos. 5605, 5775, 5597)
Cnoc Choluim Cilleeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; well site - infilled (opp gates of Knock House)
Cnúchaeccl site?; gvyd (burials 500-1000 AD); well: St Brigit
Coinnereeccl site; rd twr site? (stump removed 19thc); cross-shaft; inscribed stone (UM); ch ruin; gvyd ('Templemurry')
Collinstowneccl site: circular encl - outer (earthworks curving to W & SW); ch site (recorded); gvyd ('Caltragh')
Com Dhíneoleccl site? clochán? cross-slabs; calluragh (gvyd)
Congbáil Glinne Suileidieccl site; cross-slabs/pillar-stones with inc. crosses x 18 (EC); ch ruin (No. 1542); altar base; gvyd; well
Cookstowneccl site possible; encl circular (48m); ch ruin within; gvyd
Cooleeshilleccl site; circular encl (stone cashel); well: Ciarán
Coolhulleccl site (no. 1223); encl sub-circ (70 x 60m) locally called 'Shemoge' (Suidhe Maedóg); gvyd; well: St Imock c.400m. S, now gone
Coolstuffeccl site? (no. 1225); bullaun; gvyd (rect)
Corbettstowneccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Corcacheccl site; rd twr site; cathedral (St Findbarr's) (nos. 5798, 5794); Romanesque voussoirs x6 (early 12thC) dec with human heads - from earlier cathedral or Gill Abbey (Power)
Corcormickeccl site; sub-circ enclosure; ch ruin within; gvyd/killeen E of ch (nos. 1411, 1485)
Cornamucklagheccl site 'Killansnamh' (No. 1019)
Courthoyle Oldeccl site (no. 1226); bullaun; gvyd (rect); well: Tobermurry
Cráebach [Laisre]eccl site - possible
Cráebacheccl site: grave-slab ('Rathdown' type - ante 12thC? lost); poss. ch site; poss. tower; gvyd
Cráeb Druim? (Price)eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; bullaun (formerly); 'Killahokan Stone' (adj tld Gowle)
Cráeb Elpi eccl site; bullaun; ch traces; gvyd 'The Religeen'
Craigaroganeccl site (possibly early); gvyd (Carngrany)
Creamh Choill eccl site; ch ruins; cross shaft - black oak (c.1/2 mile to N); gvyd; well (St Colmán's) c.100yrds to W
Creggangrogy/St Brendan's eccl site? inscr stone plaque
Crileaeccl site? cross-inscr. stone previously recorded at well - no visible remains (no. 1632)
Croimglenn/Croimlinneccl site; ch ruin (nave; med but incorp 'Cyclopean' masonry); souterrain (W of ch)
Croshea*eccl site?
Cros Pátraiceccl site?; ch ruin, gvyd at top of hill
Crossardreeeccl site; encl poss - large oval; ch ruin; gvyd
Crossbaneeccl site; enclosure - pear-shaped; ch & gvyd site; well site (nos. 1633, 1754)
Cross eccl site poss?; cross-slab (simple linear cr: EC?); ogam stone; ch ruin ('Cross Abbey'); gvyd
Crosserlougheccl site? ch traces; enclosure? circular gvyd (no. 1634)
Cross Maíl-Fhína?eccl site
Cross Pátraiceccl site? cross-inscr stdg stone; bullaun (cross inscr); ch site poss?; gvyd
Cruachán Bríg Éileeccl site; ch ruin; wells
Cruicetown*eccl site?; circular gvyd (no. 1377); ch ruin
Cúil Amlaíbeccl site (no. 723); enclosure (oval, raised); ch ruin
Cúil an Aithrighigh?eccl site?; enclosure 'The Ring'; ch ruin; gvyd
Cúil Bennchair eccl site (no. 721); ch ruin (Romanesque doorway & arch); gvyd
Cúil Catha(?)*eccl site?
Cúil Chorraeccl site; gvyd?
Cúil Echtranneccl site; ch ruin (late med); gvyd (now in pasturage); cross - reported by OS to have been found at site c.1790
Cúil Rathineccl site; gvyd
Cuincheeccl site; ch ruin; well Toberfineen nrby
Cullentragh Parkeccl site possible; oval enclosure
Curracloneeccl site (no. 731); early cross-slab with Latin cross; ch ruin (late); earthen enclosure
Daim Iniseccl site; ch ruin; rd twr; abbey ruin (St Mary's)
Daire Bruchais/Murchaisieccl site?
Daire Calgaig/Choluim-Cilleeccl site
Daire Cóecháineccl site; ch ruin (prob late); gvyd; earlier ch site?
Daire Ednech/Eithnigeccl site (Derrynavlan)
Daire Guaire (Derrygorey)eccl site; ch ruin - doorway pre-Norman?
Daire Lasracheccl site; enclosure - oval bivallate; bullauns x 3; gvyd
Daire Lúráineccl site; ch ruin (early-mod 17thC)
Daire Meilleeccl site; ch ruin (abbey?) (no. 1440)
Daire Mo-Chuaeccl site; ch ruin (late); gvyd
Daire Móreccl site; ch ruins - antae (possibly 10thC; no. 1881)
Daire Pátraiceccl site?; ch ruin (no. 1381)
Dairmageccl site: enclosure; high-cross; graveslabs x 2 (second 9thC?); possible rd twr; well: St Colum Cille (in Co Westmeath side of par)
Dairmag eccl site; enclosure (formerly); gvyd; well (no. 737)
Dam Liacceccl site; circular encl (no. 1371-72); ch ruin; high cross x2; slab
Deilginis Chualanneccl site; rock-inscr cross x2 (perh 8th-9thC); grave-slab x2 ('Rathdown' type: 10-12thC?); ch ruin (med - much altered); well: St Begnet's
Deircne Mo-Gorróceccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; granite cross; inscription to Odran saer
Derrintinnyeccl site? bullaun - 'Lackmogue' (on 1836 & 1876 OS maps; 2nd bullaun not mkd); well: 'Tobermogue' now infilled (nos. 1637-8, 1757)
Derrymore eccl site (possibly early); gvyd (Maghernagaw)
Derrysallagheccl site (poss hermitage?); grave slab; gvyd?; well: Toberelba; penitential station (no. 2736)
Derryvonyeccl site? enclosure - oval; gvyd ('Galloon Burial Ground') (no. 1732)
Diammareccl site; ch ruin (no. 1382; late medieval?)
Dísert Bethech (?)eccl site; ch site? (now vanished)
Dísert Chellaig (Monastery)eccl site?; ch traces now vanished
Dísert Chiaráin/Belach Dúineccl site; stone cross x 3 (ornamented; pre-1200); cross-slab (no. 1360); ch ruin; ogam stone
Dísert Chóemgineccl site; ch. ruin - part of Glendalough complex
Dísert (Cholmáin)eccl site; ch ruin
Dísert Chroim?eccl site (probably early: Hurley); ch ruin; gvyd (no. 3208)
Dísert Chuimíneccl site; outer encl possible; ch site possible; graveslabs; bullaun - formerly
Dísert (Commeen)eccl site; enclosure x2 (inner irreg circ, outer traces of arc); ch ruin (Romanesque doorway 12thC?); gvyd
Dísert dá chríocheccl site?; cross-carved stone
Dísert (Desert)eccl site?; ch ruin (early?) (no. 5626); gvyd
Dísert Diarmataeccl site; ch ruin; high cross; rd twr
Dísert Do-Chonnaeccl site? ch ruin; gvyd (No. 923)
Dísert Éicnicheccl site; cross-inscr slabs x4 (No. 1569); stone crosses; ch site (Greenhill ch); gvyd
Dísert Garadeccl site; ch ruin (no. 706); encl rect (destroyed 1835)
Dísertmachen (?)eccl site (no. 1180); gvyd (rect); well: Lady's Well
Dísert Maedhaineccl site; ch ruin (med); gvyd
Dísert Máele-Tuileeccl site; encl - circular; high-cross base (with orans fig.); ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: St Multilly
Dísert Mo-Cholmóceccl site; grave-slabs x2 (EC); ch ruin (med); gvyd
Dísert Móreccl site probable; gvyd (no. 9515)
Dísert Munnu/Ishartmoneccl site (no. 1181); gvyd (rect)
Dísert Murthaileeccl site; ch ruin (Disertmurtuile)
Dísert Óengusa eccl site (no. 738) gvyd; well (formerly)
Dísert Óengusa eccl site; ch. ruin; rnd twr - remains
Dísert Tolaeccl site; ch ruin (Romanesque doorway); rd twr; high cross (12thc)
Dísert Ua Duacheccl site; ch ruin
Dísert Uilaigeccl site; ch traces within double cashel
Dísert (Uí Tríallaig?)eccl site; ch ruin
Domnach Airthir Maigeeccl site; ch site; rd twr
Domnach an eicheccl site?; gvyd; bullaun
Domnach Bileeccl site: cross-slab x 3 (one depicting wheeled cross); stone cross (No. 1543); basin stone; ch ruins x 2; sarcophagus (poss 12thC); gvyd
Domnach Broceccl site; enclosure traceable; gvyd; well: St Mo-Bi (vague)
Domnach Cati/Caíteeccl site; ch ruin (late); gvyd; well: St Columcille
Domnach Cluaineeccl site - probably early
Domnach Compireccl site; ch ruin (OS map); well: St Mo-Chua
Domnach Dega?eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Domnach Fainreeccl site? carved stones (12thC?); high-cross shaft (poss 12thC? at Stewartstown - from this site?)
Domnach Garbháin (?)eccl site; ch ruin (no. 1351: med foundation; site of present C of I)
Domnach Imlecheccl site submerged; cross (solid ring - in new gvyd); grave-slab (Latin ringed cross: 9thC?); well: St. Baoithin?
Domnach Máeláineccl site; ch traces (med) if Drumcaw
Domnach Maige dá chlaineeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; wheeled cross (no. 1161)
Domnach Maigeneccl site (no. 1162)
Domnach Mór Assieccl site; ch traces (No. 920)
Domnach Mór?eccl site; ch site; gvyd (in 'Church Field') (No. 912)
Domnach Mór eccl site; encl (partial); ch ruin (foundations); gvyd (site) (no. 1384)
Domnach Mór Maige Críathar eccl site; ch site (no. 1227); gvyd (rect)
Domnach Mor Maige Nuadateccl site; ogam stone; gvyd; ch ruin (late?)
Domnach Mor Maige Rétaeccl site; ch ruin (no. 780); well (brigit) and bullaun 40m NNW
Domnach Mór Maige Selceeccl site poss; circ encl (inner diam 43m); ch ruin (Aghclare Ch - post-med); gvyd (rect: overlying encl) nr Shad L.; well: St Colum Cille
Domnach Mór Maige Tóchuir/Carndonagheccl site (Carndonagh: equation not made by Harrington); cross (8th or 9thc); pillar-stones x4 (carved orn. incl 'Marigold Stone'); ch ruin (No. 1532); gvyd
Domnach Mór (Maigi Imcláir)eccl site; ch site; high-cross; gvyd
Domnach Mór meic Laithbe/Airthir Emnaeccl site; rd twr (no. 1383); ch ruin (med. : SMR 25:15)
Domnach Mór Mittíne eccl site; ch ruin; cross
Domnach Mór Pátraiceccl site (no. 1473); encl possible; gvyd (orig circular); tent-shaped tomb; granite shaft
Domnach Mór Roigneeccl site?
Domnach Mór [Ua Máil]eccl site; gvyd
Domnach Riascadeccl site?; gvyd
Domnach Rígnaicheccl site; ch ruin (with antae); gvyd
Domnach Sechnailleccl site (no. 1396); lintel (9th-10thC)
Donacavey (Domnach?)eccl site?; ch traces; cross-shaft (St Patrick's Cross); bullaun (both lost)
Doonfeeny eccl site? cross-incised pillar; ch ruin; gvyd
Doonpetereccl site; sub-circular enclosure; gvyd within; bullaun; ch site possible; well ('Doon well') (nos. 5253, 5174, 5210)
Drinagheccl site? (no. 1232); gvyd (rect)
Dromidiclogheccl site? gvyd (in subrect area); well (Toberkilla) c.40m to E (nos. 2827, 2659)
Druim Ailcheeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Druim Airbelaigeccl site; ch ruin
Druim Aurchaille/Urchailleeccl site; gvyd?
Druim bóeccl site; ch site; rd twr (stump)
Druim Brigte?eccl site?; ch ruin, 12thc features (no. 1388)
Druim Caídheccl site; ch traces (OS 1840) 12thc doorway now at Wicklow
Druim Caoreccl site; enclosure - approx circ; cross-inscr ogam stone; calluragh (gvyd)
Druim Caraeccl site? ch ruin; gvyd (No. 917)
Druim Cliabeccl site; cross-slab (EC); high cross (figured: iconic image of BVM); rd twr (stump); ch ruin; well (at Kintogher)
Druim Cooseccl site; ch ruin (13th cent.)
Druim Cuilinneccl site; cross-slab (EC); high-cross frags (cylindrical base, head 9thC); ch ruin (late med: incorp Romanesque arch); gvyd; well (incl St John's)
Druim Damnaeccl site?; ch ruin (med.)
Druim Drestaneccl site - early; ch ruin (prob 18thC); gvyd; well: St Brigit
Druim Fiaideccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; crosses (no. 553)
Druim in asclaind (enesclaind)eccl site; ch ruin; rd twr; high cross (head); gvyd? (nos. 916 & 1045)
Druim Indbireccl site; ch ruins (Romanesque; no. 1846); gvyd; Romanesque style voussoir (re-used as grave marker) (no. 1846)
Druim Ingeccl site (no. 914/5 'St. Finian's' sic); encl (69 acres); gvyd; grave slabs?
Druim Laigille/Laigeneccl site; ch ruin
Druim Lethaneccl site (no. 1647); rd twr; ch ruin; cross-incribed stone; abbey site; gvyd
Druim Liaseccl site; circ enclosure possible (no.1173); ch site within (no. 1419)
Druim Móreccl site; cross-carved stone (possibly early: 9-10thc?); ch ruin (modern)
Druim Ráiteeccl site; ch ruin
Druim Samraideccl site; gvyd site (no. 1391)
Druim Snechtaeccl site; gvyd (no.1175)
Druim Thuamaeccl site (no. 1598); ch ruin (Late Med 24'.5" x 24' - 'Drumhome Old Ch'/'Temple McMillighan'); gvyd (Mullinacross)
Drumacleeskin*eccl site possible - oval hilltop enclosure; well: Patrick (nos. 1462, 1759)
Drumaqueraneccl site poss; cross-inscr stone (Chi-Ro - 6th or 7thC)
Drumbeg eccl site - possibly early
Drumbess*eccl site possible; circular enclosure; gvyd possible; well - blocked up (nos. 1733, 1761)
Drumgatheccl site - early?
Drumhallagheccl site; cross slab (no. 1551: 'St Garvan's Grave'); raised area - poss ch site?
Drumkeeneccl site? sub-circ outline preserved by mod gvyd (No. 1797); ch ruin extant to late 18thC (OS Mem); well: St. Brigit (No. 1682)
Drumlarganeccl site; circular gvyd within larger encl (no. 1390); ch ruin
Drummeragheccl site - early?
Drumnacureccl site? possible enclosure? (gvyd 'Killacur' in OS - circular area encl by cashel 21 yds); cross-carved stone
Drumnasillagheccl site poss; cross-incised slab x 2 (EC); stone cross x 2 (Nos. 1554-1556); raised area? ('The Priest's Mound); gvyd
Drumshane eccl site? within enclosure
Dubadeccl site; ch ruin (no. 1386)
Dún Airdeccl site?; ch ruin (15th-16thc); gvyd
Dún Bóeccl site; ch ruin?
Dún Domnaill?eccl site; ch ruin?
Dungooly (Urney) eccl site; bullaun; Latin cross inscribed slab; ch ruin ('Urney Church'); gvyd (No. 921)
Dunlewyeccl site? circular encl (4 circ buildings within - since vanished); cross slab/pillar stone; standing stones (No. 1558)
Dún Lobáineccl site?; gvyd
Dunsfort eccl site (occupied by mod ch)
Echarad (Lobráin)eccl site?
Echarad (Lobráin)eccl site (no. 1324)
Echdruimeccl site (early); cross-slab frg. (9thC); ch ruin; gvyd
Ech-enach? (1)eccl site; cross-inscr stone (EC); raised area; ch ruin (late - Arroasian abbey?); gvyd/killeen; well: 'Tobar Maine' & saint's stone (nos. 2604, 2675, 2695)
Ech-Iniseccl site; gvyd; carved window-head (No. 1513)
Edenburteccl site possible; oval gvyd; ch traces? (no. 1651)
Edmondstowneccl site?; encl poss; ch site; gvyd
Eiscir Alaingeccl site? (Esker Old Ch)
Eiscireccl site; ch ruin (27 x 6 yds); gvyd
Enach Dubeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd - rect (no. 1395)
Enach Truimeccl site; ch ruin - late (no. 693); gvyd; well
Éo Iniseccl site? enclosure roughly circular; gvyd possible; well c.30m to NE (nos. 1736, 1763)
Ernaideeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; crosses x 3 (no. 495; see OSL 1839, 29)
Ernaideeccl site; ch ruin
Ernaideeccl site; ch ruin (late); gvyd; cross-carved slab
Ernaideeccl site? enclosure roughly circular; gvyd site ('Caldragh'); ch site possible (nos. 1716, 1745)
Ess Do-Chonna (Assylin)eccl site; rd twr? (possible - vanished); ch ruin; gvyd
Etar-druimmeccl site possible (no. 1236); ch ruin (late); gvyd (rect)
Etargabaleccl site; ch ruin formerly?
Farraniaragh*eccl site (poss); calluragh circular (gvyd)
Fearann an Muilinneccl site?
Feenuneeccl site poss? stdg stone (encirc cross poss); sm stone cross-inc.; gvyd (Killeen Beg: within subrect encl)
Fenniscourteccl site poss; encl (pear shaped; 80m); ch ruin; gvyd/killeen (no. 555)
Ferann na gCléirecheccl site?; calluragh (gvyd); cross-inscr slab
Fernaeccl site (no. 1445); encl (sub-circular); gvyd; high crosses (x 3), cross-base
Ferta Caeracheccl site; rd twr; ch ruin
Ferta Cherbbáineccl site (ruin effaced by 19thc)
Fid Ardeccl site (no. 1449); ch site (med.)
Fid Arteeccl site; cross-slabs x 4 (EC: one Greek Cr, one fish symbol; two inscr); ch site poss?; gvyd
Fid dúineccl site; ch ruin
Findabair-abaeccl site; high-cross head (9thC?); ch ruin (late med) (no. 1399)
Findabair Chúalngieccl site? (Kilclogher)
Find Glaseccl site; ch ruin; cross; gvyd; well: St Patrick
Find Mageccl site; ch ruin
Fleenstowneccl site; oval encl (no. 1400: 130 x 31m); ch ruin (8.25 x 4m)
Flemingstowneccl site?; ch ruin (foundations); souterrain adj (no. 1401)
Fobareccl site: encl (traces of earthworks to S & E); ch ruin (pre-Romanesque; orig single-celled); plain cross; gvyd; well: St Feighin
Fochardeccl site; encl (double ditched); ch ruin; gvyd; rd twr site? high cross (plinth); holy well (no. 924 /1066)
Fochladeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (elongated oval)
Foibréneeccl site:encl poss; ch site (occ by C of I church); gvyd
Foibréneeccl site possible; lge encl (no. 234: 150m def by field bdies/road)nth of Carlow; gvyd 'The Graves' (no. 543) to sth - either rep. this site?
Formoyleeccl site? bullaun; gvyd/calluragh
Fornachteccl site? pillar stone; ch ruin (rath above it?)
Fossa Dallbrónaigeccl site: enclosure (circular); ch site ('chapel'); gvyd
Fossy (Fosad?)eccl site (no. 744); EC cross-slab; ch ruin (late med); gvyd
Fothair na Manacheccl site; encl d-shaped; ch traces; clocháns x4; gvyd nr; calluragh nr
Friarstowneccl site: enclosure (def by earthwork, ditch and fosse); ch ruin ('Friary')
Gabal Liúineccl site; ch ruin; stone crosses
Gailinneeccl site; cross slab; EC grave slabs x 200; ch foundations (early med)
Galameccl site; ch ruin (no. 1404)
Gallaruseccl site; encl (36x44m); ch ruin; leacht; cross-slab
Gallonnambraher*eccl site?; wells x2 (nos. 1764-5)
Garranebane (An Garrán Bán)eccl site?; leacht; stone cross; beehive-huts; gvyd; calluragh adj
Garrauneccl site possible (no. 1366); encl circular (1841 map; no remains); bullaun (now lost); ch site (1940 map)
Garrisoneccl site; D-shaped area; ch site possibly early; gvyd ('Kilbaun burial ground'); ogam stone (site of)? (no. 1460)
Garryduffeccl site? oval enclosure - now levelled (no. 5295); bullaun (possible) nrby
Gibstowneccl site; standing stone; gvyd (no. 1407) - sundial in wall of encl
Glaise Mo-Lingeccl site; encl oval; gvyd; possible cross-base; well: St. Kevin
Glasscarrigeccl site possible (no. 1319)
Glass Noíndeneccl site? (occ by C of I ch?)
Glencolumbkilleeccl site: encl (85m diam); stone head (closest parallels 8th-9thC); ch ruin (nave + chanc); gvyd
Glendaduffeccl site poss? cross-slab (EC); gvyd ('St Martin's')
Glen*eccl site?
Gleninagheccl site (prob early); ch ruin (nave); well 'Tobar Chornáin'
Glenn Chaíneccl site; ch ruin (nave and chancel); gvyd; well nrby to W (nos. 1855, 1946)
Glenn Cornógeccl site; bullaun (now vanished?); gvyd (O'Curry, OSL)
Glenn Faidleeccl site; encl circular (trace); ch ruin; gvyd
Glenn Fínnechtaeccl site?; ch ruin
Glenn (Gatt?)eccl site poss?; cross inscr standing stone (No. 1568); gvyd (Coolkill)
Glenn Munireeccl site; encl (extant 19thc: O'Curry OSL); grave-slab x2 ('Rathdown' types: 10-11thC?); ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: St Kevin
Glennta, Naeccl site; encl circular(34x31.5m); ch site possible; calluragh (gvyd); cross-slabs; well
Glenn Uissen eccl site; ch ruin - Romanesque (no. 765); inscriptions; gvyd
Glenulra*eccl site poss? cross-slab (EC); gvyd (killeen)
Gluaireeccl site?; ch traces; gvyd ('The Glore')
Goleeccl site
Gowlaneeccl site? enclosure semi-circ; ogam stone (poss. 2); graveslab; calluragh (gvyd)
Graigueeccl site? semi-circ encl; ch ruin; gvyd; well site to E (nos. 1857, 1950)
Gráineeccl site?; ch ruin (extant 19thC); well: St Mary's
Granaireteccl site; ch (St Patrick's Cnoc Rathat?); possible rd twr site; well: St Patrick to E (400yds SE of Granardkille: O'Donovan 1837)
Grangeeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd. well: St Movee/Movoe
Grellach eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; well: St Macullin
Grenach Becc?eccl site; pillar cross x 2; cross slab 200 yds distant; gvyd
Grenócceccl site?; encl traces (form?); ch ruin (late med) (No. 1413); gvyd
Griffinstowneccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Guernaleccl site?; ch ruin (early? Cyclopean masonry)
Horse Islandeccl site?; bullaun; gvyd (no visible trace) (nos. 2865, 2585)
Imlech Draignigeeccl site; gvyd; well: Mo-Lua
Imlech Fornochtaeccl site; ch ruin - rath above it - pillar stone
Imlech Ibaireccl site; gvyd; well: Ailbe
Inber Colptha? (Mornington)eccl site (no. 1370); cross-frag ringed 10thC (no. 1530); gvyd (EC burials - poss British rites); ch ruin (Augustinian 12/13thC - on earlier site?)
Inber Doíleeccl site; oval encl; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd
Inber Náileeccl site; curved encl (No. 1571); ch fragments (12th C); gvyd; well St Naul (at Fanaghan, no. 1685)
Inchemacwithireccl site? ch ruin?
Inis Ainghineccl site; encl traces; grave-slab (inscr); ch ruin (Romanesque features)
Inis Ardeccl site
Inis Báethíne (Inishboheen; Ennisboyne)eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Inis bó finne (1)eccl site: encl (faint traces); bullaun; cross-slabs (EC); ch ruin (med: 'St Colman's Abbey')
Inis bó finneeccl site; double-encl, large; ch ruin? (stone structure); gvyd x2
Inis Chaín Degaeccl site; rd twr (Nat. Mon. 208); gvyd (no.1166)
Inis Chaíneccl site: cross-slab (EC); pillar base (no. 1423); ch site; gvyd site ('Friar's garden' on OS map)
Inis Chaírecheccl site; ch ruin (oratory)
Inis Chathaig (Scattery)eccl site; ch ruin; rd twr, ogham stone, 9th/10th C cross-slab with inscription in half-unical script
Inis Cheithigeccl site; Crucifixion slab; ch ruin - small (Teampall Coluim Cille: OSL); gvyd
Inis Cheltraeccl site; ch site EC (traces of wooden bldg: excav by De Paor); ch ruin; rd twr
Inis Chlothranneccl site; ch ruin (Teampull Dhiarmada); 2nd ruin (Clogas: probably post 1100); 3rd ruin (Teampull Mhuire: probably late Med & penitential cell)
Inis Chobthaig?eccl site: ch ruin; gvyd (curved sections?)
Inis Choíleccl site; grave-slabs x 3; cross-slabs x 3 (no. 1573); ch ruin x 2; gvyd; well (no. 1690)
Inis dá droimeccl site; ch ruin x2
Inis Darcarcrenn (Draicrenn)eccl site; rd twr; ch ruin; gvyd
Inis Dímmáineccl site poss (exact loc unkwn)
Inis Doimle/Teimleeccl site; encl sub-circ (no. 1246); Lady's well c.250m sth
Inis Dúineeccl site?; ch ruin; cross frags 200m to NW; gvyd (nos. 3140, 3221, 2618)
Inis Endaimeccl site?
Inis Ercaeccl site: ch traces (Tempall Leoin); clochan encl by cashel; well: 'Tobar Leo'
Inis Faithlenneccl site; ch ruin (Romanesque)
Inishleenaeccl site; bullaun; ch site possible (Inishleena Abbey OS map 1938); gvyd; well to N (nos. 9486, 9333, 9277, 9225);
Inis Labrainneeccl site possible; ch ruin (med); cross-inscribed stone; holy well (Tobar na Croise)
Inis mac nEirníneccl site?
Inis mac Nessáineccl site; ch ruin; well: 'St Nessan' (Rutty 1757) unlocated
Inis Meic Oíbléineccl site; ch ruin ('oratory' EC); ogam stone; cross-slabs x2 (now missing); stone cross; clochán; leacht; gvyd; well
Inis Mochtaeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd site (no. 1451)
Inis Mór Locha Gileeccl site; ch ruin (early?)
Inis Mór Locha Ríbeccl site; encl (traces to N & W); ch ruin
Inis Mór Locha Uaireccl site; ch ruin
Inis na Náemeccl site; ch ruin
Inis na Náemeccl site; ch ruin
Inis Phátraiceccl site; ch ruin; adj sites
Inis Rochaeccl site - possible
Inis Taítieccl site; ch traces
Inis Tuaisceirteccl site; ch ruin; clochán; encl; gvyd; stone crosses; leacht; well; huts
Inis Tuirceccl site: ch ruin (Tempall Choluim Cille: OSL); gvyd
Inis Uachtaireccl site; ch ruin
Inis Úasal/Ausilli?eccl site; encl; ch ruin (oratory); cross-slab x2 (one ogam inscr); stone crosses; gvyd site
Inis Ulad (Church Mt)eccl site; ch traces; well: St. Gad
Irairdeccl site: bullaun poss; stone crosses; well: St Fiachra
Irchuilenn eccl site (no. 613) - building modern
Irrus Ainbthecheccl site; ch ruin
Ísell Chiaráineccl site; ch traces (19thC); high cross: 'Bealin Cross'
Johnswelleccl site? ('Séipéal Augha')
Keeleccl site? circ enclosure possible; ch site; gvyd within encl (nos. 14486, 14108)
Kellistown/Kilomeeleccl site?; possible encl (circular area/bank); gvyd 'Kilomeel' (no. 564); well St. Patrick (no. 639)
Kilaned (Cell Fhanaid?)eccl site; cross-slabs x 2 (Nos. 1574, 1575); bullaun (No. 1744); ch site?; bldgs x2 possibly eccl (1 rect lean-to, 2 sm cell); gvyd (No. 1816); wells x 2: St Conall, St Fanad (Nos. 1692-3)
Kilboy (Cell Boe?)eccl site; encl circular ('Churcheston'); gvyd
Kilbracken/Kilnabritogeeccl site; bullaun (no. 491); ch ruin; gvyd; plain crosses
Kilbrannish eccl site; encl - oval 40 x 26m (no. 567); gvyd 'The Reilig'; well: St Brigit (no. 640)
Kilbreeeccl site? bullaun; gvyd; well (now dry c.30m to S) (nos. 2586, 2680, 2873)
Kilcarraeccl site?; ch traces; gvyd (O'Donovan, OSL)
Kilcasheleccl site poss?; cross-slab (inc. ringed cross); stone block (inc. Latin cross); portable stone (Nos. 1578, 1579); poss leacht; gvyd
Kilcatherina (Cell Chaitigerna?)eccl site; encl poss (curve in roadway); ch ruin ('chapel'); gvyd
Kilcloonyeccl site?; oval encl; possible ch site (No. 1580)
Kilcorneyeccl site possible (arc of earthen bank); gvyd (no. 9203, 9539)
Kilcorra?eccl site? gvyd; well (vanished)
Kilcummineccl site; enclosure possible; bullaun; gvyd; later friary ruin (nos. 2640, 2641, 2786); well: 'Tobar Cuimin', unloc
Kildeniseccl site (no. 1305); encl half-circ (40m); bullaun
Kildurrihy (Cell a ru)eccl site; circular encl; bullaun possible; ch site; calluragh; well (K. West)
Kilfadeeneccl site? bullaun; just S of gvyd/killeen (nos. 2590, 2877)
Killabegeccl site?; ch traces; encl rect; well: Chapel Well
Killaclugeccl site possible (sub-circ area, diam c.38m: 1842 OS map) - no visible trace
Killadoughraneccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (semi-circular)
Killaghteeeccl site; cross-slab(s) EC (No. 1520); ch ruin 'Killaghtee Old Church' (late Romanesque)
Killagowaneccl site (no. 1255); gvyd (rectang); well: Cronan
Killahugheccl site: encl - semicircle; ch ruin; gvyd
Killanneccl site (no. 1167); encl circ (120m def. by scarp); gvyd (rectang) within
Killaterry/Mounthalleccl site?; pillar-stone; gvyd
Killavenyeccl site?; encl oval 45 x 30m; well: Toberpatrick (in adj tld OSL)
Killavoyeccl site; enclosure (levelled) circular; gvyd; well on perimeter to S (nos. 14122, 14006, 13579, 11050)
Killeeneccl site? cross-slab ('St Gobnet's stone' - possibly 7thC); well (now dry) (nos. 9280, 9244)
Killeighter/Cell Íchtair?eccl site?; ch site; well: St. Brigit
Killelleccl site (no. 1162); encl circ (40m); cross inscr slab (Greek cross, 6th-7thc)
Killianneeccl site (no. 1258); bullaun; gvyd circular (40m); ch ruin
Killila eccl site (no. 1240); gvyd oval (52 x 40m); well: Brigit
Killinaneeccl site?; ch ruin
Killincooleyeccl site (no. 1260); granite stone (perforated) relief decor; raised gvyd (subrectang); well: Mochean?
Killinickeccl site (no. 1296); gvyd circ (45m) raised
Killisk eccl site (no. 1261); encl circular (42 x 39m); well: Brigit
Killoughcarraneccl site?; oval encl (now no trace?; no. 1823); gvyd
Killoweneccl site; raised area - oval; bullaun; standing stone; gvyd (on raised area); well (nos. 2888, 405, 2591, 2688)
Killowneyeccl site?; encl possible (form of encl?)
Killuaeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (curving wall to SW and S)
Killulagheccl site; encl - oval; ch ruin; gvyd
Killycolmaneccl site poss?; cross-slab (No. 1582)
Kilmacreaeccl site?; encl circular 35m ('The Raheen'); gvyd - claim
Kilmacreeeccl site possible (no. 1263); bullaun; ch site; gvyd (subrectang)
Kilmacteigeeccl site; bullauns; cross-slab; ch site (occ by C of I ch ruin); gvyd (curving wall => encl?) (nos. 2648, 2684, 2788)
Cill Mágh Cearóg?eccl site possible (oval enclosure, 1904 & 1940 OS maps); gvyd in NE quadrant; bullaun c.55m outside perimeter (nos. 9206, 9346, 9229)
Kilmeloge/Killmologeeccl site?; enclosure possible; ch foundations? well?
Kilmoyleeccl site (possibly early); gvyd
Kilnadureccl site? bullauns x2; gvyd - rectang enclosure (nos. 2895, 2593, 2594)
Kilnahornaeccl site; encl - oval (small); ch ruin (poss); gvyd ('Kilnahorna' OS Map)
Kilreaghaneccl site; enclosing bank
Kilrean/Cell Riagáin?eccl site?; cross-slabs x 3; ch site; gvyd; well (No. 1584)
Kilrusheccl site (no. 1195); circular gvyd (65m); bullaun (double)
Kilscoraneccl site? (no. 1270); gvyd (rectang)
Kiltowneccl site; encl poss; ch site; gvyd
Kilvarneteccl site; encl?; ch ruin within; gvyd (no. 2656)
Kilvroon?eccl site? gvyd site (no trace); well (Toberkilvroon) (nos. 2793, 2651)
Knockatempleeccl site; bullaun; trace of encl?; ch ruin; gvyd
Knockaverry*eccl site; nunnery - 'St Anne's Tower' (no. 5839)
Knockbrackeccl site; encl possible; cross-inscr slabs x 4; horizontal millstone frag; ch traces (prob med); gvyd (nos. 2657, 2687, 2936)
Knockninny eccl site (possibly early)
Kylebegeccl site possible; cross shaft
Labbamolagaeccl site; enclosure sub-circ; bullaun; ch ruins (par ch; earlier fndts - 9th/ 10thC?); stone cross (missing 1997); cross-slabs x2; gvyd (nos. 13887, 14600, 14438-9, 13930, 13928, 13923-4, 13920)
Lacknacooeccl site? oval (almost) enclosure; setting of stones - 'St Columbkille's Stones' (No. 1587)
Lady's Islandeccl site (no. 1274); gvyd (sub-circ); ch site (med. par); ch site (no. 1291) St Ivors in same par?
Laghill*eccl site poss (no. 1590); ch ruin (late med style); cairn 'the monk's grave'; cross - lost
Landmore*eccl site? abbey site (Franciscan)
Lankilleccl site; pillar-stone (cross-inscr); cross-slab; leacht; ch ruin; gvyd (killeen: circ encl); well (Toberbrendan)
Lann Bechaireeccl site nr castle
Lann Elaeccl site; enclosure?; graveslabs (EC); ch ruin (med?)
Lann Léireeccl site; crossslabs x 3 (porch of existing late ch); ch site; medieval twr? (No. 922)
Lann meic Luacháineccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Lann Rónáin Fhinn*eccl site; ch site; gvyd
Largan Begeccl site possible?; pillar-stone (cross-inscr); sub-circ encl; gvyd (killeen) within; leacht
Lathrach Briúineccl site; ch ruin (late?); gvyd
Lathrach Corraeccl site (no. 1442); ch bldg incorp med. Material
Lathrach (Laragh)eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (O'Curry OSL)
Leanaeccl site ('Coulnamraher')
Leccan Midieccl site; circular encl (evidence of); ch ruin; cross-slab EC (inc into door-lintel)
Lecc bladmaeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (circular)
Lecc Pátraiceccl site? (Carraig Phádraig); ch ruin - med. (Creevelea Abbey)
Lecc Pátraiceccl site; gvyd
Leithglenneccl site; present cathedral 13thc (no. 587); crosses x 2 (nos. 513-4); well St Molaise's (no. 646)
Leitrimeccl site; encl circular (55m dia); bullaun; gvyd; well
Leittir Lugnaeccl site; stone heads x 2 (one Hib-Romanesque); ch ruin (med); raised area =>gvyd; well 'Tobar Lugna'
Lemdruimmeccl site; rd twr site - possible (no. 492); gvyd; wells: Laisrén & Mo-Lappóc (nos. 643-4)
Lenyeccl site; circular encl (evidence of to SW); ch ruin; gvyd
Lethét?eccl site (possibly early); ch ruin
Lettracha Odráineccl site: cross-inscribed slabs x4 (EC); ch ruin (nave & chancel); gvyd; well (nos. 1878, 1947)
Lía na Manacheccl site; gvyd (Liag Chyd)
Liath Mancháineccl site; encl; grave-slabs x2 (encirc crosses); ch ruin (+ another encl ch ruin adj); well: Tobar Mancháin
Lilcacheccl site poss?; cross-inscr stones x 13 (1 ringed; most prob late med); gvyd
Lisnevagh eccl site?; encl D-shaped; cross-inscr stone (no. 617); ch ruin 'Acaun Ch' (no. 580) medieval; gvyd
Lissáneccl site at or near Sliab Gallion?
Liss Dergáin?eccl site? circular encl; ch site?; cross-inscr pillar; bullaun; calluragh; well
Liss Gabaileccl site? gvyd; abbey site
Liss Máeláineccl site
Liss Mo-Cholmáin?eccl site?; ch traces; cross-base (possible); gvyd
Liss Móreccl site; ch ruin; cathedral (on earlier ch site); inscr graveslabs x 5 (no. 1411)
Loch Breccáineccl site; d-shaped encl (orig. encl 100m diam); ch ruin (no. 1447)
Loch Bricrenneccl site - possibly EC?
Loch derg/gergeccl site; enclosure (20m diam); inscr stone x 2 (No. 1592); ruins of later date
Loch Irce/Gougane Barraeccl site? (oval isd); hermitage (17thc); St Finbar's well (nos. 9570, 9269)
Loughaneccl site?; circular gvyd (no. 1446)
Loughtowneccl site?; enclosure; gvyd; well: 'Relicaun Well'
Lugmad/Lugbadeccl site; ch ruin; oratory; rd twr(formerly); souterrain (Nos. 969, 970)
Luscaeccl site; enclosure; gvyd; rd twr; wells: St Macullin's; St. Brigit's (adj td Bridetree)
Machaire na Croise*eccl site
Maen (Coluim Cille)eccl site; high-cross; 'holed' cross (frags); ch ruin; gvyd; well St Columba
Mag Arnaide (Moyarney)eccl site (no. 1171); gvyd (oval); Latin cross (8thc?); well: St Abban
Mag Bhlosgaid?eccl site (excav Crothers); bullaun; souterrain; gvyd
Mag Bile (Movilla)eccl site; grave-slabs (EC date, one inscribed); ch ruin Romanesque; gvyd
Mag Bileeccl site; ch ruin
Mag Comair eccl site?; gvyd; (Abbey remains in garden of Muckamore House)
Muinchilleeccl site (EC); ch site
Magheralin?eccl site?
Mag itir dá glaiseccl site: encl (now erased); bullaun; ch ruin (med)
Mag Locha (Moylough)eccl site; 'nunnery'
Mag nÉoeccl site: high cross (frag head + base 9thC?); cross-slabs x 6; ch ruin (med abbey); gvyd
Mag nÉo eccl site; ch ruin (13thc); well T. Mo-Chonna
Maigen(?)eccl site (EC excav Higgins): inner encl? (cashel wall); ch ruin (med; on early plinth); bullaun (incorp in later plinth c.1200); gvyd
Maigen*eccl site; ch ruin ('Moyne Abbey' Franciscan Friary)
Mainistir Buitieccl site; triple encl (cropmks; oval - 59 acres); high crosses x3; bullaun; grave-slabs x2; rd twr; ch ruin; gyvd; souterrains x3 (No. 954)
Malin Beg/Templecavaneccl site poss (no. 1595); ch ruin (Templecavan 3.6 x 1.8m); cross-slab x2 (one with crosses cut on two faces); gvyd (killeen) nrby
Martartecheccl site; cross-base (no. 1453, 1543); ch ruin (med.)
Martreeccl site (late Med)
Mayglasseccl site possible (no. 1238); gvyd (rect); ch site (med par); well: St. Fintan
Melleccl site? gvyd; well: 'Toberboice' to sth (No. 1025)
Men-droicheteccl site; ch site (no. 779) - former ruin 'Eglish Friary'
Mílececcl site; cross-slab; rd twr; ch ruin
Millquartereccl site? (no. 1276); pillar stone cross-inscr; gvyd (rect); ch site (med par Old Ross)
Milltown (Kilslaughtery)eccl site? ch ruin (Kilslaughtery ch) within oval area (No. 953), ogam stone?
Moateccl site possible - no trace (nos. 3440, 4056)
Móethaileccl site; ch ruin (med abbey?) (no. 1436)
Monamolineccl site (no. 1234); ch site (med par); gvyd (triang.); well: St. Moling
Monamolineccl site (no. 636); encl circ (46 x 44m); ch site?
Mooreshilleccl site; encl - oval (65 x 50m); ch ruin; gvyd
Mount Irvineeccl site possible; cross-slabs x 4 (3 lost); ch ruin ('Knockmore Abbey'); gvyd; well: 'Tobernambraher' (nos. 2664, 2689, 2760)
Moyannaeccl site; enclosure circular; ch ruin (no. 781: med.); gvyd
Moyliskereccl site; encl poss; ch site ('Moylisker Old Ch'); gvyd
Muc-Snameccl site
Muffeccl site?; cross-base; bullaun x 2 (no. 1546)
Muldergeccl site; enclosure; gvyd (killeen); stone cross (now vanished)
Muldonagheccl site; enclosure; ch traces x 2 within
Mullaghroeeccl site; ch site ('Cullen Monastery'/nunnery: sm structure 1842 OS map - no trace); gvyd; well: St Laserian (outside NE angle of gvyd); saint's stone (nos. 14386, 14610, 14026, 13932)
Mullanakilleccl site; oval encl (117 x 89m) with possible inner encl; ch ruin (med.); well
Mungairiteccl site: ch ruins x 3 (earliest - 10thc?)
Myshall eccl site; bullaun x 2 (no. 493); ch ruin (with pre-Norman sections); well: St Brigit
Nauleccl site possible; cross
Newcastleeccl site; enclosure; ch ruin; gvyd; Well: St Finnian
Newtown (Baile Ua Rónáin?)eccl site?; ch traces (15' x10'); gvyd 'Killigeen' (O'Curry OSL)
Newtown (Kyleaderry)eccl site? possible encl; ch ruin (no. 782)
Newtownloweccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Newtowneccl site (1839 OS 6" map; not visible now); bullaun X 2 (no. 494)
Nuachongbáileccl site (no. 705); ch ruin; gvyd
Nuachongbáileccl site; ch ruin (Abbey?); flagstone ('leac Choluimb Chille'); well: St Columbkille
Nuachongbáil (Nohaval 2)eccl site; rd twr site (at N end); ch site; gvyd; well: St Finnian; possible souterrain under rd twr (nos. 13425, 13905, 13907, 14028, 14447, 14612)
Nuachongbáileccl site?
Nuachongbáileccl site; encl - oval, large; ch ruin; gvyd
Nuachongbáil (Réid Bairenn)eccl site (EC?); ch ruin (med: nave + chancel); gvyd; well St Colman
Nun's Islandeccl site; encl - oval; ch ruin? ('Nunnery' OS Map); gvyd
Obaireccl site; cross-base EC; crosses x2 (solid-ring, shaft); cross-slab; ch ruin (late med) (No. 1470)
Óendruimm/Áentruim/Nóendruimmeccl site; enclosure (triple; 6 acres); tidal mills x3 (7th-8thC); cross slabs (EC); ch ruins (11/12thC); rd twr
Óentrebeccl site; rd twr; ch ruin
Ogdela (?)eccl site?; high-cross (base + frag head EC); ch traces (late med); architectural frags (late med); gvyd; well
Oilén Fataeccl site; sub-circ encl; ch ruin? (poss EC oratory); huts; poss leacht; gvyd
Oilén Ros Móreccl site? circ encl; gvyd (calluragh); well
Oilén tSenaicheccl site; cross-slab x3; stone cross; bullaun; ch ruin x2; beehive huts; souterrain; gvyd
Oldcourteccl site?; cross-slabs (several - now vanished); circular area (small => inner encl?); gvyd ('Old Town')
Oldtowneccl site?; encl (field bndries - aerial survey); ch site? ('nunnery'); well: St Brigit
Oldtowneccl site; enclosure - large (geophysical indic.)
Ollarbaeccl site (occ by modern ch)
Omardeccl site poss - oval-shaped raised area; gvyd site poss - no visible remains (no. 1743)
Orchardeccl site; wheeled cross - portions of; well (no. 496)
Othan Móreccl site; cross slabs x2, one with Greek doxology (No. 1567); ch ruin (Fahan); gvyd
Ouleyeccl site?; enclosure circular; gvyd (recent); well (nr perimeter)
Portlickeccl site poss; encl; cross-inscr slab (in gdn of Portlick Cas); cross-base; bullaun (nr shore of l. Ree)
Port M'ernóceccl site?; ch ruin; well: St Marnock; pillar stone (formerly)
Portnashanganeccl site; ch ruin (med: 'abbey'); gvyd
Prebaneccl site?; encl circular (extant 19thc); ch foundations (12 x 4m); gvyd
Proleekeccl site? encl X 2? (circ & oval); souterrain? (Nos. 971, 972)
Quinagheccl site?; wheeled cross-head (no. 497); gvyd
Raharneyeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Rahilleccl site; encl D-shaped; ch ruin 'Acaun Ch' (no. 592: ununkwn date); gvyd
Rahoeccl site?; circular encl (40m dia); gvyd
Ráith Áedaeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin ('monastery'); gvyd
Ráith Beccáineccl site?; ch site (no. 1479)
Ráith Blathmaiceccl site; ch ruin
Ráith Boidb/Buideeccl site (early) - exact location unkwn (no. 3462)
Ráith Boirneeccl site; encl oval (150 x 100m: field bndries); bullaun; ch ruin (nave 18' long; med but incorp Cyclopean masonry)
Ráith Botheccl site; cathedral; rd twr (demolished 1636-7) (No. 1602)
Ráith Braneccl site; low circ platform (80m dia) on which gvyd situated; pillar (granite)
Ráith Brígteeccl site possible? well: St Brigit
Ráith Chainnicheccl site?; ch site (no. 1482)
Ráith Cholpthaeccl site (Churchmoyley); ch ruin (10/11thC); cross base; cross-carved stones; possible corn-kiln
Ráith Chomaireccl site (no. 1480); Tobar Ultain (in adj td Ballynaskea)
Ráith Chonaill?eccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Ráith Cormaic eccl site?; bullaun (no.1422); ch ruin; gvyd
Ráith Cúileccl site? (circles in 'Raheen Field'); grave-slab (Latin cross, double raised ring); Well: St Brigit (O'Curry OSL)
Ráith Domnaicheccl site? (no. 792); enclosure (before 1840); gvyd
Ráith Droma?eccl site; ch traces? (vague); graveslab; incised wheel cross (late medieval - from here?)
Ráith Ennaeccl site?; ch ruin; gvyd; well: St Assam
Ráith Fernáineccl site; grave-slab ('Rathdown' type, pre 12thC); ch ruin (early mod?)
Ráith Garb?eccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (semi-oval)
Ráithín a' Chloig; (Raheenacluig)eccl site; encl circular; ch ruin; well: St Patrick
Ráith in Epscoipeccl site; ch traces; gvyd
Ráith in Epscoipeccl site; encl poss; gvyd
Ráithín eccl site; circular encl (aerial photo; NB internal divisions); ch ruin (med? mortared limestone blocks); gvyd
Ráithín Uí Bhuaigheccl site; circ enclosure possible; gvyd within
Ráith Lúraigeccl site; gvyd; well: St Lúrach
Ráith Maige Deiscirteccl site; poss oval encl on 1st ed OS map (230x140m), ogam stone; cross-slab; ch ruin (EC - ext 12thc); gvyd
Ráith Maige Óenaigeccl site ('Rath')
Ráith Maige Tuaiscirteccl site; rd twr; ch ruin; gvyd; well (Tobernalour)
Ráith Melsigeeccl site? oval encl (now quarried away, OS Map 1st ed)
Ráith Móreccl site (no. 596); cross-base (no. 516); gvyd site (OSL 1839)
Ráith Mór Maige Line*eccl site? oval enclosure (eccl?); ch remains - possible
Ráith Móreccl site? well: Tworine Sillane
Ráith Móreccl site (possible)
Ráith Mór?eccl site? encl (formerly - no trace); ch site (no. 793); gvyd
Ráith Muadáineccl site (occ by modern ch)
Ráith Murbuilcceccl site; enclosure; pillar stone cross-inscr x 2; cross-inscr stone x 2; rd twr base; ch ruin
Ráith na Leamhaeccl site (no. 794); ch possible ('Kilclaena'); gvyd site; well
Ráith na nEpscopeccl site; raised area; gvyd (No. 1286); well: St Brigit
Ráith Naoieccl site; ch ruin; gvyd - oval
Ráith Óenbóeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Ráith Salacheccl site? (circular bank 'Oldtown'); cross-inscr slabs; cup-mkd slab; gvyd
Ráith Sítheeccl site (early); gvyd
Randalstown*eccl site?; EC settlement from 6thC; ch ruin (med); well: St Ann (excav: venerated from late Roman period)
Rasharkineccl site (occ by modern ch)
Rathmackneeeccl site (no. 1287); raised area; gvyd (subrect); well: St Martin
Rathmeskeccl site; rd twr base; ch ruin; gvyd
Rathmichaeleccl site; cashel; grave-slabs x5 ('Rathdown' types: 10-11thC?); rd twr base; ch ruin (Romanesque features)
Rathskeagheccl site; encl poss; ch ruin ('Templelyn' OS Map); gvyd
Ray (Ráith?)eccl site; high-cross (No. 1604); ch ruin
Rearymoreeccl site; EC grave-slabs (now in Rosenallis RC ch); ch ruin (no. 795); gvyd; well: St Finnian?
Rechrueccl site; ch ruin; well: 'Trinity Well'
Recleseccl site?; ch ruin
Reiligín (Relickeen)eccl site?; enclosure (OS map 1839); gvyd
Relagh Begeccl site? rd twr site? (on Baronial map); ch ruin - late med.; gvyd; hospital/hospice site? (no. 1698)
Relickeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Renniue (Ráith Nath Í?)eccl site poss (but not located); stone cross (in Blackrock); well: 'Tobernea'
Reynellaeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrangular)
Riasceccl site (excav by Fanning); encl (oval); wooden ch - traces; cross-inscr stone; cross-slab; clocháns; gvyd (calluragh)
Rinnakilleccl site?; stone cross (No. 1607); ch ruin (No. 1905); wells ('Tobernamanna') (No. 1728)
Rinn Dubáin Ailithireccl site; ch ruin with antae (no. 1213); gvyd
Ros Ailithir (Roscarbery)eccl site; cathedral
Ros Braineccl site - possible (no visible trace) (no. 3384 )
Ros Commáineccl site - EC; inscr stone slab (9thC: 'Bendachad for anmain Ioseph' - prob scribe named in annals); well: St Coman ('Dabhach Chomáin')
Ros Conaill Ua Mórdhaeccl site; gvyd
Ros Echeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Ros Finnglaiseeccl site; cross-incised slab; rd twr (extant pre 1838); ch traces (no. 796); well: St Brigit
Ros Inbhir eccl site; cross-slabs x 2 (EC); incised shaft; ch ruin; well: St Mogue c.100m to E (no. 1422)
Ros Meic Treoineccl site (no. 1168); gvyd sub-circ; bullaun x2; well: Stephen the martyr
Ros Mór M'Énócceccl site; gvyd (No. 1289); high cross; ch site (med par)
Rosnakilleccl site?; early cross-slabs (local claim) (No. 1606 ); ch ruin (late); gvyd; well (no trace) (No. 1730)
Ros Riagla (?)eccl site?; gvyd
Rossacheyneccl site; encl - oval (70 x 60); ch traces; gvyd
Rossbegeccl site - poss early
Ros Seirceccl site; ch ruin
Rosstrevoreccl site; stone cross
Rubhaeccl site?; inscribed cross-carved stone?; ch site (formerly stood opp entrance to Echlinville demense)
Rúscacheccl site?; ch site; ('Roosky Priory'; 'Chapel Field'); souterrain (Nos. 945 & 946)
Rúscacheccl site possible; gvyd (no. 1198) - burials at Ch Sq, Monaghan
Sabulleccl site; cross-slabs (at least one 8thc); mortuary-hse (EC); ch ruin - late (Augustinian priory); sundial
Saigireccl site; enclosure (375m diam); high cross (base: figure dec); ch ruin (med)
Scadarc (?) eccl site (no. 783); ch ruin; gvyd; well; encl adj
Scairbheccl site; oval encl; ch ruin (oratory); gvyd
Sceilc Mhicíleccl site; ch ruin; EC oratory x2; cross-inscr slab; stone cross; clochán x6; leacht; gvyd; wells: St Michael
Sciriceccl site (nr modern ch ruin)
Scrín Adomnáineccl site; ch ruin; well: St Adamnan (Tobar A.)
Scrín Choluim Cille/Achalleccl site?
Scrín Choluim Cilleeccl site; ch ruin
Scrín Máelruain (Screen)eccl site (no. 1193); raised area; gvyd (rect); wooden statue of Máelruan (now lost)
Sean Cloch na Gráinsige*eccl site? (eccl ruin: grange of Augustinian canons) (no. 1418)
Sellooeccl site (no.1178); circular area; stone cross; bullaun
Selskar*eccl site possible?; enclosure? (semi-circ street plan)
Senboth Sine/Cholmáineccl site (no. 1161); encl circular (double-ditch: 250m); bullaun; rd twr (stump)
Senchelleccl site; ch traces nr castle (vanished: Mason); cross in lane
Senchelleccl site? bullaun (from old ch now at door of St Matthew's par ch); ch site; gvyd
Senchelleccl site possible; gvyd
Senchill / Cill a Longphuirteccl site; cross-inscr stone (with inscription) - now lost; bullaun - now lost (no. 1428); ch site (poss EC; now no trace)
Sen Glend/Saingel eccl site; rd twr (now vanished); ch site; gvyd (St Patrick's)
Sentraibeccl site; gvyd; well: St Pappan
Shalwy (Kilkieran)eccl site? encl (roughly circ); cross-slab; rect feature 'St K's bed' (leacht?); gvyd (Kilkieran); well (Toberkieran) (No. 1608)
Shankilleccl site; enclosure - circular cashel; ch traces; gvyd
Shelbagganeccl site (no. 1375); bullaun; encl oval? (small - 1841 Map)
Skeaghmoreeccl site: encl poss; ch site (+ site of abbey); gvyd
Sláineeccl site; high-cross shaft frag (9thC?); slab shrine; ch ruin (med. 'St Patrick's Ch.') (no. 1499)
Sleenogeeccl site; rd twr; ch site (no trace); gvyd; well to N (nos. 2581, 2710, 3242, 3170)
Sléibte (Sletty)eccl site; granite crosses x 2; ch ruin - late med. (no. 799); well: 'Tober Feeg'
Sliab Liacceccl site: ch ruin (drystone); cross-inscribed pillar-stone/slab; beehive structure (No. 1519); wells x 3
Slievereagheccl site; encl pear-shape (70 x 50m); gvyd; well
Smarmoreeccl site; cross inscr slabs x 3 (EC); ch ruin; gvyd; (No. 981)
Solareccl site (excav Hurl); ch traces; gvyd (EC burials)
Sord Choluim Cilleeccl site; ch traces? rd twr; well: St Columb
Srahanboyeccl site; substantial enclosure (no. 800); bullaun possible; ch site; gvyd site
Sruthail/Struthaireccl site; ch ruin; wells x 4 (St Patrick's)
Sruthair Guaire(?)eccl site (possible); gvyd 'Kilmichaelogue' (no. 798)
Stabannan (Tech Banbáin?)eccl site?; ch site; gvyd (No. 982)
St Awarieseccl site poss?
St Brecaun'seccl site (no. 1169); encl; ogam stone; ch ruin; gvyd (now gone - erosion)
St Bridget's/Cell Brigte?eccl site; former gvyd (9th-10thc date?)
St Kieran'seccl site (no. 1293); bullaun; ch (med)
St Margaret'seccl site; ch ruin; Well: St Brigit
St Mary'seccl site; ch ruin; well: Tobar Brígte?
St Michael-le-Poleeccl site; poss encl (100-200m diam); ch traces; rd twr (Ship St; demolished 18thc); gvyd (late 10th-early 11thc; adj Bride St)
Stoukeeccl site?; bullaun; gvyd ('Killeenstouke') (nos. 3243, 2598)
St Patrick's (Cell Phátraic)eccl site? cross slabs x 6 (10th-11thc); well: St Patrick (now vanished)
St Peter's/Duiblinneccl site; circ encl (perh 150m diam: W ditch sections at Longford St/L St Little); cross shaft frag (12thc)
Sen Glend? (Straid or Glebe)eccl site; circ encl (MH); cross-slabs x5; souterrain (re-used 3 slabs, 6-7thC MH); pillar-stone x6; ch site (occ by C of I ch); gvyd (Nos. 1611, 1612); at Cashel - adj site cross-inscr pillar slab; sub-circ cairn surrdg (no. 1530)
Strooveeccl site? cross-slab; pillar-stone; plain stone cross; gvyd; well (Nos. 1612, 1613 & 1614)
St Vauk's/Vogue'seccl site (no. 1170); dertech site (wooden oratory c.600: post-holes etc; excavation); encl (sub-circ; 48 x 42m); ch ruin (17thC?)
Sutton (Cell Fintain?)eccl site; ch ruin; well: St Fintan's
Tacumshineccl site (no. 1218); bullaun (nr mod ch - from here?); gvyd (rectang); well: Catherine
Tamlacht Máil-Rúain (Tallaght)eccl site; bell tower; stone cross (removed 1778 - O'Curry OSL); chapel well
Tamlacht Umail/Menanneccl site? cross-carved stones x 3 (EC); ch traces
Tech Áineeccl site (?)
Tech Baithíneccl site; encl - oval; ch ruin; gvyd
Tech Baithíneccl site - EC (6thC?); ch ruin (med); gvyd
Tech Brigteeccl site; well - Tobar Brigde
Tech Cillín?eccl site?; ch ruin (Romanesque) (No. 983)
Tech Colláineccl site (no. 1502)
Tech Colmóceccl site; ch ruin (late med; Staholmock); gvyd (no. 1506)
Tech Conaill (Stagonnel)eccl site ('Churchtown'); ch traces overgrown; gvyd site; well: Mo-Ling
Tech Crónáin/Cróiníneccl site possible; well: Tobernacla
Tech Da-Chonnaeccl site at or nr Tiaquin Hse?
Tech Damnataneccl site (?)
Tech Do-Chua meic Nemaineccl site? well: St Brigit
Tech Eóin (St John's Point)eccl site; ch ruin - excav. 1970s (10th or 11thc; lintel above W door, antae); gvyd -EC gvs below N wall; bullaun; well
Tech Giugrann (Stagori)eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; well: St James?
Tech Lommáin eccl site; ch ruin (med: 'abbey'); gvyd
Tech Lorcáineccl site; grave-slab (cup-mkd: possibly Rathdown type) found 18thc
Tech mac Melláineccl site? (No. 1507); ch ruin (late med)
Tech Maíl-(duib)eccl site; enclosure - oval; ch ruin; gvyd; well: Bride's Well
Tech Mo-Chua meic Lonaineccl site; ch traces; gvyd
Tech Mo-Chua (meic Nemainn?)eccl site; rd twr (no. 804); ch traces
Tech Mo-Lacaeccl site; ch ruin (med abbey: no. 3252); gvyd
Tech Mo-Laca/Mo-Loceeccl site; ch ruin (13thc?); well: St Mo-Ling?
Tech Mo-Lingeccl site; cross (9-10thC?); rd twr remains (no. 498); eccl ruins x 6 - medieval, where datable (nos. 599-604); well 'St Mullin's' (no. 651)
Tech Mo-Lingeccl site
Tech Mo-Sacru (Tassagart)eccl site; cross-slab (double-headed shaft, ringed crosses: 10thC?); bullaun; gvyd; wells (adj tlds Boherboy, Slade) St Patrick, St Senan
Tech Munnueccl site (no. 1465); high cross (partial; 8thc?); ch ruin (2); well: Munnu
Tech na Comairceeccl site ('The Sanctuary'); carved stone head (No. 1783); gvyd
Tech Nath Í eccl site; circ encl; grave-slabs x 2 (Rathdown types 10th-12thC); ch site (occ by early mod C of I par ch); gvyd
Tech Odaráin? (Tinoran)eccl site?; encl? 'Round O' ; D-shaped platform; well 'Tobersool' (adj tld Knockanreagh)
Tech Ríaglaeccl site - occ. by mod. parish ch; souterrain; gvyd possible
Tech Saráineccl site?; gvyd? - graveslabs
Tech Saxaneccl site poss; bullaun; ch site (in T. More); gvyd (+ par ch in T. Beg) (nos. 5773, 5177)
Tech Scuithíneccl site; ch traces?
Tech Sincheeccl site: encl poss?; cross-slab x2 ('B' inscr [M]áel-Ma[I]re?); gvyd (oval => encl?)
Tech Taláineccl site
Tech Teilleeccl site (Tihilly; 'Templekieran'); ch ruin (EC?); high cross; gvyd
Tech Templaeccl site? cross-base (EC); possible preceptory (13thC.) (nos. 2671, 2691)
Tech Tuaeeccl site; rd twr; ch ruin
Tempall a Mhanaigeccl site; circular enclosure; ch site within; gvyd (no. 2672)
Tempall an Chethrair Álainn eccl site; bullaun; ch ruin (med); possible monastic buildings x3 to E & W; well to SE; gvyd - plot with 5 flagstones 'Leabaanceathairalainn' on OS maps (nos. 599, 337, 750)
Tempall Asurnaigeeccl site; ch ruin (EC oratory + possible eccl building); cross-slabs x3; bullaun; 'saint's bed'; well & bush c.115m to NW (nos. 598, 336, 748)
Tempall Carnaeccl site (no. 1525); gvyd
Tempall Chill na caisneeccl site?; bullaun; ch ruin (featureless 'Killycawna'/'Templemoyle')
Tempall Chrónáineccl site: encl (traces); ch ruin (trabeate doorway, carved heads => 12thC); high-cross (shaft); stone crosses (marking termon?); tomb shrines x 2; well
Tempall Chuáineccl site? encl (now oblit); ch site possible; gvyd site
Tempall Cormaic (Toberdoney)eccl site; enclosure - circular; souterrain; ch ruin (dry stone construction); gvyd
Tempall Corróc?eccl site?; ch ruin (sm dimensions; extant 19thC)
Tempall Finneccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Tempall Loiscthe/Loíchse?eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Tempall Lutocaineccl site (no. 1300); sub-circ gvyd (=> encl); ch site (med par.); well: St Patrick
Tempall Mancháineccl site; encl; ogam stone; cross-slab x2; ch ruin; gvyd; souterrain; well x3
Tempall Martaineccl site?; encl (54.2x71m); ch ruin (Templemartin); gvyd; souterrain
Tempall meic in tsáeireccl site; encl poss; ch ruin (traces; 'abbey' OS Map); gvyd
Tempall Michíl eccl site?; D-shaped area; ch traces; gvyd
Tempall Mo-Laisseeccl site; encl formerly (oval site 70 x 50m 'Temple Molasha') gvyd (no. 597)
Tempall Móreccl site; bullaun; cross-slabs x 5 (EC date?); ch ruin - med ('Tempall Mor'); traces of 2nd building ('Teach na gCailleach Dubh'); stone head; gvyd; well: 'Tobermoneen' (nos. 2609, 2676, 2699, 2779)
Tempall Muire*eccl site poss; bullaun (possible); ch site (med); gvyd nearby (nos. 525, 526)
Tempall na Ferta (=Cell na Nóebingen?)eccl site; gvyd excav by Lynn; ch site possible (see Bartlett's map c.1600); well x 2 (Scotch St)
Tempall na gCaillech Dubeccl site? ch site (nunnery)?; well: St Colum Cille (in same tld)
Tempall Odráineccl site; encl - circular (complete);ch ruin; gvyd
Tempall Ráthaeccl site; ch ruin (no. 1604); ringed cross; millstone x 2; basin-stone
Tempall Senáineccl site (no. 1301); bullaun; gvyd D-shaped (60 x 60m); ch site (med par)
Tempall Sencháineccl site; gvyd site (now vanished; no. 1609); well: St Shanaghan
Tempall Tigh Fínáin (?)eccl site (excav O'Sullivan; on 'pilgrim route'?); encl; ch ruin ('Tample-teenaun' 12thc?; orig Tech Fínáin?); leacht (graves beneath); gvyd
Templebegeccl site?; encl (form of encl?)
Templekieraneccl site? ch site
Templelineeccl site: encl circular (curving segs of earthwork); ch ruin (med: single celled)
Templemore*eccl site (possibly EC) (occ by Franciscan friary)
Templemoyle (Tempall Maol?)eccl site? pillar stone (No. 1616); stone cross; gvyd (mod); well: St Adamnán
Templepatrickeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Termainneccl site?; oval encl; cross-inscr slab; gvyd; hut
Termann Feichíneccl site; grave slab (EC); high cross; cross base; convent site? (No. 985, 1016); well: Tobar F.
Termoneccl site; bullauns x3; ch ruin (Killinagh); well ('Toberbride') c.110m to WSW (nos. 1702-3, 1778); gvyd
Thompleakilleeneccl site; pillar stone; ch ruin; gvyd
Threewellseccl site?; bullaun (possible); gvyd (quadrang encl); well
Tickmacrevaneccl site; ch traces (possibly early); gvyd
Tipra Chóemgineccl site?; gvyd (OSL 1837)
Tipra Fhachtnaeccl site; dec pillar stone; ch ruin; gvyd
Tír Ua Máil (?)eccl site?; cross-slab; ogam stone; gvyd/calluragh
Tobar Olla Bhrénainneccl site; cross-slab; stone crosses x 3; poss leacht; gvyd/calluragh; well
Tobareccl site; gvyd; site of archiepiscopal castle adj
Toberbrideeccl site?; possible encl (35m dia); well 'Toberbride' (no. 656)
Tomardeccl site; ch ruin (plain rect); gvyd (no. 612); well: 'St Bridget' (no. 657)
Tonamaceeccl site poss? circ encl; cross-slab (Greek cr) within
Tooreennasillaneeccl site? (Kilcushin); sub-circ. enclosure; anomalous stone group within; gvyd possible (nos. 2956, 929)
Toracheccl site (no. 1620); cross-slabs x2 (EC); Tau-cross (12thC?); rd twr; ch ruin (T. an Móirsheisir); ch site (St Colum Cille's); gvyd
Treóit Móreccl site; ch ruin (med.)(no. 1521)
Trinity Islandeccl site; oval gvyd (=> inner encl?); Romanesque ch 12thC (doorway now at Kilmore cathedral; stone head (NMI) (nos. 1711-2)
Túaim Drecaineccl site; rd twr, ch & gvyd site (traces of ch & twr evident in 1948 - Davies) (no. 1689)
Tuaim Findlochaeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd
Tuaim-fobhaireccl site; cross-slabs x 3 (EC); leacht & 'saint's stone'; ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 2673, 2774, 2692)
Tuaim Gréne eccl site; ch ruin; pillar stones; well: St Cóelán (bell-twr site? - ref 965)
Tuaim Mo-Shacru?eccl site (no. 1309); gvyd (rectang); ch site (med par)
Tuaim Múscraige/Tóm in Bairdeccl site? (Templedowney); cross slab (8thC? - vanished); ch ruin (Med priory)
Tuaim (Toome)eccl site (no. 1178); bullaun; raised area; gvyd (rectang); ch site (med par)
Tugnedaeccl site; high crosses x2 - 'Village Cross' & 'Terrace Cross' (removed from chyd to Tynan Abbey demense with 2 others from Glenarb 1844)
Tuiléneccl site; ch ruin (antae, lintel-door: late 9th/early 10thC); panelled cross (no. 1392); gvyd
Tuitestowneccl site; enclosure - circular? (curving earthworks to W)); ch ruin; gvyd
Tulach Airdeccl site; rd twr (no. 1524) collapsed c.1760; (bivallate ringfort in tld: Moore 1987, 91, no. 886)
Tulach Brecc eccl site (possibly EC); ch ruin; well: Mo-Lana
Tulach Fabraeccl site (EC? no trace?); well: Tobar an Domnaig (nr Milbrook)
Tulach Fortcheirn/Ua Feilmedaeccl site; cross-base (no. 608 - 10thC?); ch traces; well 'Lady Well'
Tulach Inmuinneccl site; ch ruin (first phase c.1000 AD); high-cross base; rd twr; 2x ogam stones
Tulach Lisseccl site; enclosures x2 (excav by Ivens: one in use by 7thc, other 9thc); gvyd
Tulach Liss/Tellach Liaseccl site roughly oval; cross slabs (many EC); bullauns x2; ch ruin; 'St Bericheart's hse' (rect. structure); gvyd; wells: St Benjamin (tld Gortnagark); St Mary (tld Poulavare) (nos. 13892, 14455, 14622, 13994, 13933, 14029, 13925-7, 13922, 13916).
Tulach Máinneeccl site
Tulach Mór/Cell Brigteeccl site; raised area; ch ruin (derelict ante 1568); gvyd
Tulach na nEpscopeccl site; grave-slabs x3 ('Rathdown' type: 10-12thC?); crosses X 2 (12thC?); ch ruin (Romanesque arch)
Tulach na nEpscopeccl site; ch ruin (late); gvyd
Tulach/Tech Con[n]óc?eccl site; circular gvyd (no. 1523); ch ruin
Tullaghan (Tulchán?)eccl site? stone cross (plain; probably pre-1200)
Tullyniskaneccl site poss?
Turlough eccl site: rd twr; ch ruin; gvyd
Uachtar Airdeccl site; rd twr; ch ruin; gvyd
Uarán nGaradeccl site; rd twr (remains); ch ruin; gvyd; well: St Patrick
Ucht Máma eccl site; ch ruin x 3 (two EC: third incorp 'Cyclopean' masonry); cross-slabs (now missing); horizontal mill poss; well St Colman
Ummaeccl site (excav O'Keeffe); encl (trapezoidal?); leacht; ch site poss; gvyd
Vicarstown (Kylemahoe?)eccl site? cropmark enclosure; ch site (no. 810); gvyd site
Waterstown/Patrickswelleccl site; wheeled cross x 2 (no. 501); ch ruin; gvyd; well in adj tld Patrickswell (no. 648)
Wheery (Kilwheery)eccl site; outer encl possible; traces of bldg (early?)
Whitechurch (Lisnahunsin; Less an Fhuinseann?)eccl site; grave-slab x2 (ringed Greek cross perh 8thC; 'Rathdown' type < 12thC); cross-base (inscr); ch ruin (med); well: 'St Sadb'
Cell Chenannain?eccl site (no. 1165); circ encl (arc c.78m); ch ruin; well to SW - Sheet 20