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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.:Documented AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics (the DIB terms such individuals often regarded as founders of churches — saints in the Irish tradition), whose association with the sites concerned is based on documentary sources.:LineageThis records the reputed ancestral lines of individuals given in Doc Assoc.:
Traditional AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics whose association with the sites concerned is based on tradition, dedication or placename association.:TownlandGives the townland (name spelt as in TTPBI Index) in which the site is (or is thought to be) located.:ParishGives the civil (not ecclesiastical) parish in which the townland is situated.:
DeaneryThis records the rural deanery (a sub-division of the diocese) to which the parish belongs.:DioceseThis records the medieval (not necessarily the same as the modern) diocese in which the foundation lies.:BaronyGives the modern barony (as in TTPBI Index the baronies were rationalised in 19thC) in which the townland and civil parish are situated.:
CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.:ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.:SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.:
Recorded HistoryThis concerns the subsequent history of the site, with emphasis on pre-Norman (or early post-Norman) native sources mainly annals but also including medieval ecclesiastical records (charters or taxations), English Crown documents and, on occasion, modern sources (especially surveys or maps, which may mark the location of lost sites or illuminate placenames).:Clerical StatusThis seeks to classify foundations as episcopal coarbial or eremitic based on the clerical orders ascribed to the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:GenderThis seeks to classify foundations as male or female based on the gender of the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:
Succession RecordLists ecclesiastics, male or female, who succeeded to offices at the foundation concerned abbots, abbesses, comarbai, bishops often clerics of less exalted rank such as treasurers, lectors, scribes. These lists make no claim to be exhaustive; fuller accounts for major sites can be found in the New History of Ireland, vol. 8, and in published prosopographies.:Medieval DedicationNotes medieval church-dedications to saints whether Irish or Continental.:Familial LinksIndicates links between foundations, whether claimed in hagiographical sources (a lesser site said to have submitted to greater site), attested by charter, or indicated by tradition or placename evidence.:
Folk TraditionRecords traditional stories, beliefs or practices (especially pilgrimages or patterns), or a tradition of clandestine burial either recorded or inferred from location names such as the killeen or the caldragh.:Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.:ArtifactsIn general, this records only items which may support the case for the site as a pre-Reform ecclesiastical settlement (especially croziers, shrines, chalices etc) — whether recovered by search or excavation, or merely associated with the site by tradition. Also included are such items as querns and kilns as flour-production was an important part of life at ecclesiastical (although also, admittedly, at secular) settlement sites.:
BibliographyMentions secondary references (sometimes very select indeed) to the site concerned. Some contain detailed discussion, others (especially where little else seems to be available) only the briefest mentions. For details see the Bibliography page.:AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.:

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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.
Abbert Demesneeccl encl - circ; ch ruin (med - possibly refurbished); gvyd (nos. 3276, 3277)
Achad Aballeccl site; circ encl; ch ruin (Romanesque 12thC 'The Churches')
Achad Bolg (Coolineagh)eccl site; oval enclosure - traces; ogam stones x2; gvyd 'Aghabulloge'; 'St Olan's stone'; well: St Olan (nos. 9199, 9523, 9247, 7959, 7960, 9271)
Achill Beg Isd eccl enclosure (in Dún Kilmore promontory fort); cross (sm, crude nrby); ch ruin; gvyd
Aghadooey Glebe eccl site: pillar-stone (cross-inscr: EC); leacht; encl sub-rect (stone walled); ch ruins; gvyd
Airb[r]e (= Cell Chuáin?)eccl site (no. 1164); circ encl (136m); bullaun?; ch site (med.); gvyd
An Choill Bheageccl enclosure - oval; cross-inscr pillar-stone; inscr slab; ch ruin - med; gvyd (nos. 561, 562)
An Chorr eccl enclosure - possible; ch ruins; gvyd (no. 589)
An Currach Riabhach eccl enclosure? - lrg oval area; gvyd ('Faughnakilla'); well c.45m to N (nos. 538, 1016)
Arda Mórcirc encl; cross-slab EC; gvyd
Ard Caoracheccl site; sub-circ encl; cross-slab; poss leacht; poss souterrain; hut; gvyd
Ard Cremaeccl site? enclosure (no. 234: to sth - 150m def by field bdies/road) or gyyd (no. 543: 'The Graves') - either rep. this site?
Ard Dúineccl enclosure - semi-circular; ch ruin; gvyd
Ard Ferta Brénainneccl site; encl; ch site (pre-Romanesque damliac, 11thC: excav by Moore); rd twr site; later chs (12th, 15thc); gvyd (incl many early-med burials)
Ard Lecacheccl site; enclosure oval; ch site; gvyd (destroyed) (No. 1565)
Ard Machaeccl encl (visible in street plan); ch site ('Great Stone Church', 'Nothern' ch/'Sabhall', 'Southern ch/Ch of the Elections); gvyd; rd twr site; Culdee Priory site; high cross frags x 2 ('Market Cross' in cathedral & other frag in chyd)
Ard Mór/Uí Seastaeccl enclosure - D-shaped; St Declan's oratory (antae); rd twr; cathedral ruins (Romanesque); gvyd; well; Ogam stones x3 (nos. 1312, 1354, 1725,1481)
Ardnacrannyeccl site; encl - oval, large; ch ruin? ('Abbey' OS Map); gvyd
Ard na Killeen eccl enclosure possible, roughly circular (no. 13895)
Ard nUrchaireccl site; encl poss; (pre-med?) ch extant 15thC; ch ruin (med abbey); gvyd; well: Tobar Brígte (w. of village)
Ard Oiléneccl enclosure; ch ruin (oratory - EC); cross-slabs x5; cross x3 (incompl); tomb-shrine; clochans x2 (3 more recorded - no longer visible); horizontal mill; gvyd? (nos. 546, 547)
Ard Pátraicceccl site: encl; ch ruin (pre-Norman); rd twr (stump); well
Ardtole circ encl; cross-carved slab (10thC); souterrain; ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: St Patrick nrby
Áthánencl D-shaped; cross-slab; gvyd (cillín/killeen)
Áth Croise (Áth Chros Mo-Laga)eccl site (no trace of encl); bullaun; ch ruins (12thC); gvyd; well (St Molaga 25m SSW) (nos. 13873, 14387, 14536, 13934, 13908)
Áth Maigneeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (semi-oval)
Áth na gCeppeccl site; encl-curve SW; ogam stone; bullauns x2; ch site; souterrain
Áth na hEasconn (Anahaskey)eccl site: 'The Raheen'; enclosure formerly; ch traces; well (site of)
Attiroryeccl site; encl (sub-circ); bullaun (D-shaped); ch site poss (no trace); gvyd/killeen (no. 1397)
Baile Amlaib/Uí Amalgadaeccl site; encl sub-circ; ch ruin ('Cross Church of Moreen')
Baile an Chnocáin/Collis Scti Brandanieccl site; encl; cross-inscribed stone; ch ruin; rect building; cairns; well
Baile an doireeccl site; enclosure possible (gvyd - large oval); bullaun x2; ch ruin
Baile an Iubhaireccl site; encl poss ('circular earthen entrenchment'); ch ruin; gvyd; souterrain; well?
Baile an tSagairteccl site; circ encl; ogam stones x10; ch site (An Lisín); gvyd (An Cheallúnach/calluragh)
Baile Bhiocáireeccl site; circ encl; ch site; clochán?; calluragh (gvyd); leacht; cross-inscr stone; standing stones
Baile Buíeccl encl (sub-circ) poss; gvyd/killeen (nos. 3300, 3644)
Baile Cholmáineccl enclosure? sub-circ gvyd; ch ruin
Baile in Tempailleccl site (No. 478); bullaun x 2; former encl?
Baile Mhic an Dailleccl site? circular encl; calluragh (An Seabhac; gvyd); well (Tobar Aonfhirt: holy?)
Baile na Fuinseoigeeccl site; oval enclosure; bullaun; ch ruin (doorway pre-Norman?); 'Churchyard Field'
Baile na hEaglaiseeccl site; sub-circ encl; souterrain; ch site; gvyd
Baile na Mainistrech eccl enclosure - probable; ch ruin? (13th & 17thC phases); field system (nos. 3283-4, 3992)
Baisliocángvyd; sub-circ encl; poss oratory;
Ballinaltigeccl encl possible, lge circ; bullaun; ch site (Kilshanahan); gvyd (no. 5163, 5679)
Ballindooneccl enclosure; gvyd; ch ruin (early 16thC Dominican abbey); well: St Dominick (nos. 2610, 2701)
Ballingowaneccl site; circ encl (double on OS map); bullaun; ch site (no. 1505)
Ballinreeeccl site; encl circ bank (no. 523) now vanished
Balloneccl site; circ encl now levelled (no. 525); ch site; gvyd; wells x 2 (no. 623-4)
Ballooreccl site? enclosure (semi-circ); gvyd 'Calluragh' (No. 1762 & 1763)
Ballyalbaneccl site: encl oval (130 x 95m); bullaun; raised area; gvyd? (human remains unearthed)
Ballybahallagheccl site? oval encl; gvyd within; well (Tobar Úna) c.10m to NE (nos. 14064, 13937)
Ballybrazileccl site (No. 1157); encl circ (94 x 86m); gvyd rect; ch site (med); wells: Crón, Brigit, BVM
Ballycahillroeeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Ballydorganeccl encl poss (lrg circular, on aerial photo); gvyd? (killeen); well poss (exact loc unkwn) (nos. 13894, 13939)
Ballygarraneccl site; encl poss (circ); gvyd (Killeenagh); bullaun poss; cross inscr stone (no. 1317)
Ballyhest eccl site poss (circ encl 1937 OS map); gvyd (1937 OS map) - levelled, no trace (nos. 13896, 14068)
Ballyineccl site? enclosure possible
Ballykillbeg eccl enclosure - possible; gvyd; ch site - no trace
Ballylaneeneccl site? encl poss; circ. gvyd; ch site ('Cathair Breac ch') (no. 1321)
Ballymaclareeccl site possible (no. 1191); bullaun (found 1970); encl feature (1841 Map - faint)
Ballynabortagheccl enclosure poss ('Killeagh Rath' -now levelled); bullaun to SE; ch site? (no trace); gvyd/killeen (no trace) (nos. 5165, 5249, 5171)
Ballynaguilkee eccl site; enclosure oval; ch site; base of stone cross (no. 1323)
Ballynahowneccl site (No. 700); circ encl; ch ruin (undifferentiated); EC cross-slabs now in Clonaslee ch.
Ballynakilleccl enclosure? (indic of possible curved encl element); ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: 'Lady's Well' (nos. 2615, 2704)
Ballynakilleccl enclosure (oval); ch ruin (probably med par ch); gvyd (nos. 3306-7)
Ballynakillyeccl site? semicirc encl; bullaun possible; calluragh (gvyd: Gortakilleen); wells x2
Ballynoeeccl enclosure possible (oval); bullaun (1935 OS map - not located during site inspection) (nos. 13897, 13912)
Ballyteerimeccl enclosure? ('fort' reported); ch site possible; gvyd
An Raingiléiseccl site; encl; cross-slabs x2; cross; ch ruin; gvyd; well (Tobermalogga)
Balreagheccl site; enclosure - oval; ch ruin; gvyd
Balsitriceccl site (possible); circ encl; cross (no. 1343)
Baltigeereccl site; circ encl (no. 1345); bullaun; ch ruin
Baronstowneccl site; enclosure (outer, large); ch site; gvyd
Bartramstowneccl site; enclosures inner (30m) outer (60m); ch ruin (no. 1346)
Baunaghra (Bán Eachra?)eccl site (No. 701); circ encl; ch ruin; gvyd (before 1905)
Bawnatempleeccl enclosure - roughly circ; cross-inscr stone (possibly 7thC) to NW; bullaun c.90m to W; ch site (Cannaway); gvyd (nos. 9198, 9517, 9241, 9217)
Baytowneccl site; encl d-shaped (45 x 29m); ch ruin within (late)
Beau Lieu eccl enclosure? - rect; bullaun (no. 1329)
Beefaneccl site; encl no.1 (no. 1522, 18.3m), ch ruin ('St C's chapel' 5.75 x 3.4m) within; cross slabs x 8; cairns to SE & NE; 'St's bed'; encl no.2 stone walled (no. 1523, 10.75m); cairn at centre, cr slab; well on hillside (St. Colum Cille) (No. 1521)
Bennchorenclosure; gvyd within; sarcophagus (poss 12thC); standing stones (including some cut examples - removed 1822)
Bilboaeccl site? encl poss; cross-slab (marigold pttn: 6th-8thC); raised area; gvyd
Binn Bháineccl site?; sub-circ encl; cross-inscr slab; stone cross; hut; calluragh
Bleantasoureccl site? enclosure; gvyd (killeen)
Bordgal (Mór)eccl site (No. 703); traces of enclosure; ch ruin; gvyd
Both Chonois (Cell Odráin?)eccl site; enclosure sub-circ (no. 1524); cross slab; sm plain cross; gvyd. ('Killoran' within encl); well (no. 1654)
Brecc-Chluain eccl encl (roughly circ cashel); ch ruin ('Clonmakeeran'); gvyd (nos. 3313-4)
Brettan eccl enclosure? (earthworks described by O'Laverty); ch site (occupied by mod ch); gvyd; well
Brownbogeccl site; poss encl (circ area 37m diam, traces of bank: no. 540); gvyd; well (no. 630)
Caherbarouleccl site possible (lrg sub-circ enclosure on 1842, 1904 & 1938 OS maps); bullaun; cross-inscr stone to SE (nos. 9202, 9213, 9242)
Caherkeeneccl site? gvyd in semi-circ enclosure; ch ruins (nos. 2770, 3111)
Caínach Brigti (Cam Maigh Brigti)eccl enclosure - circular; ch ruin (12th/13thC); gvyd; well: Tobar Brígde (adj tld Brideswell)
Calry Churcheccl encl poss (oval earthwork at Mackanrany, on W side of rd to Mount Temple); ch site (E side of rd); grave-slab (inscr 'Or do Máel-Maire'); gvyd (at Labaun)
Cappakilleeneccl enclosure possible (lrg circular); bullaun (nos. 1822, 1973)
Cargineccl enclosure - circular; ch ruin - med; gvyd/killeen (nos. 3323-4, 3683)
Carnseccl site: circ encl (130m diam); ch ruin (med); gvyd
Carnyarraeccl enclosure - lrg oval; ch site; possible gvyd; souterrain (nos. 2619, 1989)
Carrac?eccl site; encl d-shaped; ch site (no. 1424); well: Lady's well (200m. SE)
Carragraigueeccl enclosure possible (roughly circular) (no. 13898); ch site possible; gvyd site ('The Killeen' - no trace)
Carrigroe eccl enclosure circular; souterrain in SW quadrant (nos. 2565, 2118)
Carrownaganniveeccl enclosure? - circular; ch site (med -'Ballynakill' or 'Aghyart'); gvyd (no. 3328)
Carrowntempleeccl enclosure (both outer & inner probable); cross-slabs x 13 (EC date); ch ruin (med - within encl); gvyd; souterrains (x 2) c.20m to NW & c.150m to W (nos. 2623, 2679, 2019-20)
Cartoncoragheccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Castlemacadameccl site?; encl possible; ch ruin (nr. moate); gvyd
Castleterraeccl site; enclosure? (oval rath); ch site; gvyd; stone head (15th/16thC? in wall of modern RC ch) (nos. 316, 1622-3); Patrick's well c. 1/2 mile to N (Carrickateane)?
Castletowngeogheganeccl site; encl - circular; ch ruin ('chapel'); gvyd
Cathair an Chrutairech site (possible); bullaun; stone-walled encl; gvyd ('monks')
Cathair Bhernacheccl site? D-shaped encl; cross-inscr slab; calluragh (gvyd); well: Fínán
Cella Beccaeccl site (poss EC); encl - arc preserved in curving rd to W (MacSh); eccl cas (14thC) on site; ch ruin NE of site, 15thC Franciscan friary; well St Catherine
Cell Achaid Dromma Fotaeccl site; enclosure; grave-slabs; bullauns; ch site (poss: Ch of Da Sinceall)
Cell Adgaireccl site; circular encl (traces); grave-slab x2 ('Rathdown' types: 10-11thC?); cross-base; ch ruin (med); gvyd; well
Cell Áeda eccl enclosure possible (roughly circular) (no. 13902)
Cell Áeda? (Keel Aodha)eccl enclosure oval ('Drominagh Fort' 1937 OS map); ch site; gvyd poss in E half (nos. 13878, 14092, 14476)
Cell na hOige/na hUaghaeccl site; encl oval (50 x 44m); bullaun (no. 1266) (Sheet 6)
Cell Áireccl site; encl - outer, large (refl in tld bndry to NE); ch ruin x2; gvyd (quadrantal); well: Tobar Brighde
Cell Aireseccl enclosure possible (D-shaped); ch site; gvyd possible in interior (nos. 13901, 14121)
Cell Alaideccl site; encl (inner + outer); ch. ruin; rd twr
Cell an Epscoipeccl site; encl circular; gvyd; ch ruin (16-17thc?)
Cell an Lóntaigh?eccl enclosure (probable - circular); ch traces? (possible); gvyd (killeen) in SE quadrant (nos. 3410, 3784)
Cell Ascait?encl (45 x 30m); gvyd; ch traces - possible; cross-slab - granite (broken)
Cell Átha Moiríneccl enclosure possible (lrg sub-circular); bullaun to S; ch site - no trace (no. 5168)
Cell Baile an Choillte eccl enclosure - possible (sub-circular) (no. 1364)
Cell Barra/Kilbarry (1)eccl enclosure sub-circ; ch ruin; gvyd; well (St Finbarr) 30m NE (nos. 2569, 3141, 3222, 2679)
Cell Beccáineccl site; encl poss; ch site ('Monastery'); gvyd
Cell Beccch site?; cross-inscr bullaun; subrect encl; 3 cross-inscr stones
Cell Becceccl site (no. 1166); encl circular (83m); cross-inscr ogam stone (inscription removed?); ch ruin
Cell Beinéineccl enclosure - possible; ch ruin (prob late med); rd twr 5m W of ch; gvyd; well 110m to NW (nos. 3455-7)
Cell Bercheirteccl enclosure; ch site (Kyles of Berrihert); crosses; cross-carved slabs; well
Cell Bhrecc/ Baile an Mhuilinnch site?; gvyd; sub-rect encl; cross-inscribed stone; clochán?; hses?
Cell Bhreicceccl enclosure? - circular; ch site - early?
Cell Bhreicc eccl enclosure - circular (stone-faced earthen bank); ch site; 3 bullauns (no. 1367)
Cell Biolairencl - oval (eccl?); ch site? (no. 1486; OS map, not visible on gd)
Cell Breccáin/Beccáinencl site (eccl? no. 1489)
Cell Breccáin eccl enclosure possible (no. 13904); no memory of exact site
Cell Breni/Kilbreffy?eccl enclosure? (circular 40m dia); gvyd
Cell Brigte?ch site?; sub-rect encl; cross-incsr slab (No. 1517); gvyd (Kilbride)
Cell Brigteeccl site; encl (semicircle traceable); ch site; gvyd
Cell Brigteeccl site ; oval enclosure (No. 1158; 80 x 60m)
Cell Brigteeccl site: encl (earthen banked); ch site within ('Kilbride' OS Map)
Cell Brigteeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Brigteeccl site; enclosure 120' diam
Cell Brigteeccl site; encl (part of - earthen bank); gvyd; wells x 2: St. Brigit, St. Kevin
Cell Brigtech site (excav Kilbride-Jones); grave-slabs x2 ('Rathdown' types, one bearing pair of Greek crosses: 10-11thC?); encl (square)
Cell Brigte? (Kilbrideglynn)eccl site ; oval enclosure (No. 1205; 50 x 34m); ch site (med)
Cell Britain/Cell na mBretaneccl enclosure? large sub-circular (no surface trace); ch ruin 'Kilbrittain'; gvyd; well c.200m SW (nos. 2570, 3142, 3223, 2681)
Cell Buaine (?)eccl site; oval encl; gable-shrine; croos-slab; stone cross; leacht; ch ruin (oratory); rect bldg; well
Cell Chaimín (Caherminnaun)eccl site? enclosed gvyd ('Kilcaimin' 32m diam); ch ruin? (sm oratory? or 'founder's tomb'?); well: T Caimín
Cell Chainnigeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; tomb; gvyd
Cell Chairne?eccl site; oval encl; ch ruin (nave + chanc; Romanesque sill; incorp 'Cyclopean' masonry); another site adj; well nrby 'Tobar Ingen Baíth'
Cell Chaisileccl site; encl - oval; ch foundations; gvyd
Cell Chaisil (Kilcashel)eccl site (no. 1200); encl oval (137m); gvyd
Cell Chamadan/Chumadáineccl enclosure (sub-circular) - probable; ch site; gvyd (killeen) (nos. 3395-6, 3776)
Cell Chaurnáin/Chúrnáin?eccl enclosure - roughly oval; watermill - possibly horizontal type; gvyd (killeen) (nos. 3399, 3778, 4074)
Cell Chennbuide eccl enclosure? (formerly tracable); ch site? (no trace) (no. 1369)
Cell Chiaráineccl encl (sub-circ 42 x 46m); high crosses x 3 (decorated); bullauns; well
Cell Chliathach?eccl site; enclosure (oval); ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Chlocháin eccl enclosure - possible traces; ch site? - no trace; gvyd site (no. 3390)
Cell Chluana*encl site (eccl? no. 1490)
Cell Chochán eccl enclosure? - circular gvyd; ch ruins (no. 1372)
Cell Chóeleccl site; enclosure probable; cross & base; ch ruin (late); gvyd
Cell Chóemáineccl site (no. 1248); encl sub-circ (80 x 72m); ch site (med); well: St. Cavan c.600m SW
Cell Chóemáineccl site; encl (25m dia 19thC: O'Donovan OSL)
Cell Choirill eccl enclosure - irregular; ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 3403-4)
Cell Cholmáin? (Kilcolman)eccl enclosure roughly circular; ch site; 'Toberastira' well to SW (nos. 2573, 3147, 2686)
Cell Cholumcille eccl enclosure? (semi-circular); ch site - possible; gvyd (no. 1458)
Cell Chomgailleccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; cross slab (granite); encl quadrang; well
Cell Chomhlaeccl enclosure (partially destroyed wall); slab-shrine (EC 7th/8thC?); ch ruins? (possible sm stone ch & traces of 2 other bldgs) (nos. 604, 353-4)
Cell Chommáin?eccl site; oval enclosure (part of); gvyd; granite block (broken) = font?
Cell Chommáin (Kilcommon)eccl enclosure circular; ch ruin (med); gvyd
Cell Chommuireccl enclosure roughly oval; ch ruins (late Med & site of earlier ch); gvyd (nos. 13879, 14427-8, 14586)
Cell Chonáin eccl enclosure - possible (sub-circular) (no. 1370)
Cell Chonchinneccl encl? (oval, encl by earthen bank)
Cell Chondraicheccl site (no. 838); ch ruin, encl, well (OSL) - confusion with Glenealy
Cell Chondraicheccl site; encl 19thC? (OSL) - no trace
Cell Chorcráin (Kilcorcoran)eccl enclosure lrg oval; ch site; gvyd (adj enclosure); well c.80m to S (nos. 13891, 14616, 14451, 14035)
Cell Chrithaich (Glencree?)eccl site: 'The Relick'; 'Oltapale'; encl 45m diam; bullaun
Cell Chrócháin/Daire Chrócháineccl site ('Kyle Cruitia' No. 732); encl traceable; ch traces; gvyd
Cell Chroimín?; (Kilcrummin; Kilcromer)eccl site?; 'rath' - oval encl 38 x 35m
Cell Chruimthir Fiachrach/Cell Cruimriathareccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Chuáineccl site; ch ruin; semi-circ encl; bullaun; gvyd; gravemarkers
Cell Chuáin eccl enclosure oval; ch site; gvyd; well ('Toberkilquane') c.150m to SSW (nos. 5162, 5748, 5226)
Cell Chuallachtaeccl site? circ encl; gvyd; ogam stones
Cell Chúileeccl site; enclosure (37.5x28.8m); ch site; souterrain; gvyd
Cell Chuilinneccl enclosure poss (lrg circular); gvyd poss (rect enclosure in E half); burial poss (2 upright stones, 1 with ogam, & stump of 3rd) (no. 9204, 9180, 9342, 9378)
Cell Chuilinn?eccl site (no. 500); possible encl (curving bank); bullaun x 2; ch ruin ('Kilcullen ch'); gvyd; well 'Kilcullen well' (no. 653)
Cell Chumnachta?ch ruin; oval stone-walled encl; bullaun; calluragh (gvyd)
Cell Cróineeccl site; possible encl (circular area surr by low bank); gvyd 'Kilcroan' (no. 489); well: St Croneleigh (?)
Cell (d)eglan(?)eccl site; encl oval (46 x 41m); ch ruin (foundations); gvyd (no. 1430); souterrain
Cell Diarmata eccl enclosure? - possibly circular; 2 bullauns (no. 1376)
Cell Draignecheccl site; oval encl; ogam stone; shrine; holed stone + stone cross; uninscr pillar x2 (Cool West); huts x5; calluragh (gvyd)
Cell Draignech*ch site (no. 757); gvyd within encl; no visible traces
Cell Draignech/Lóthareccl site; circ encl; ch ruin (oratory); cross-inscr slab x3; leacht; hut; gvyd
Cell Droma/Cell na Marbáneccl enclosure - roughly oval (no. 13880)
Cell Dubch site?; cross-slab; gvyd; rect encl (33x28m); well
Cell Dubeccl site?; encl (d-shaped with traces of outer arc); stone-pile (knwn as 'The Church')
Cell Duibdúineccl site? bullaun; gvyd (semi-circ area S of ch => enclosure?); ch ruin - med (nos. 2643, 2787)
Cell Dúigeáineccl enclosure? - circular; ch site?
Cell Duráin? (Kildoran)eccl site (no. 1156); encl circ (70m); crosses x2 (granite: early?); bullaun (rec 19thc); gvyd; Doran's well
Cell Éicnigh?eccl site (no. 1256); encl circular (250m); d-shaped gvyd within; Latin cross; site of later med par ch; Ladys well
Cell eidir dá druim/Killederdadrumeccl enclosure - oval; ch site; gvyd site; standing stone (nos. 1877, 2016, 88)
Cell Eiltíneeccl site; ch ruin; encl; rect building x2; circ hut; cross-inscribed stone (Cloch na Croise); calluragh (gvyd)
Cell Eithne?eccl site (No. 763); encl (circular: aerial photo); ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Ellóc?eccl site (no. 1247); encl oval (64 x 30m); ch site Killiloge (med par)
Cell Eochada?eccl enclosure possible (E curving bank of larger enclosure survives); gvyd; bullaun (nos. 1866, 1979)
Cell Éogaineccl enclosure? sub-circular area; ch site; double bullaun; well (outside encl at SW) (no. 1420)
Cell Eoin (Killone)eccl enclosure - circular; ch site (no. 1384)
Cell Epscoip óigeccl site; encl circular; ch ruin (16-17thc?); gvyd
Cell Epscoip Silláin (Anahaskey)ch site: 'The Raheen'; encl formerly; ch traces; well (site of)
Cell Fáe (Kilfea)eccl site; circular encl possible (45m dia); granite slabs x 2 (1 cross-shaped; crude); bullaun; ch traces; gvyd; well: Tubber Brighde nrby(O'Curry OSL)
Cell Fhaeláinch site; circ encl; gvyd; well (Tobar Faoláin)
Cell Fhata (Kiladda)eccl enclosure oval (visible in aerial photo); ch ruin; gvyd in NE quadrant (nos. 13889, 14441, 14603)
Cell Fhintaineccl site; d-shaped encl; ogam stone (Finten inscr in Roman lett); bullaun; ch ruin; hut; calluragh (gvyd); well adj
Cell Fhursa; Odhareccl enclosure possible; ch ruin (multi-period incl EC oratory); gvyd (no. 3454)
Cell Ghobnait (Inis Oírr )eccl enclosure - possible (curving gvyd wall); ch ruin (EC oratory 'Cill Ghobnait'); bullauns x2 W & SSE; leachts x3; clochan WSW (nos. 552, 375)
Cell Gobbáin eccl enclosure possible (roughly oval); ch site possible; gvyd at W side (nos. 13900, 14116, 14497)
Cell Gobnaiteeccl site possible (sub-circ enclosure 1842, 1903 & 1940 OS maps); bullaun x2; gvyd (nos. 9205, 9343, 9226, 9227)
Cell in daingin?eccl site?; circular enclosures (outer & inner)
Cell in iubairch site possible; eccl enclosure possible (traces of arc)
Cellín?eccl site possible; circular encl (110m diam) formerly in tld; gvyd site
Cellíneccl site?; encl possible; rd twr (possible)
Cell Laisre/Lasra (Killasseragh)early eccl enclosure - suboval; gvyd - no trace of grave markers (nos. 5161, 5742)
Cell Laisreeccl enclosure? ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Liath na Tuille (Killeen)eccl site? oval enclosure - possible church traces within
Cell Lucáineccl site; encl poss; ch site (occ by C of I church); ch ruin (med abbey); gvyd
Cell Lugáin? (Mountbernard)eccl enclosure - orig circular; ch ruin in E half; gvyd (nos. 3415-6)
Cell mac Áeda?eccl site (no. 1163); encl oval (330 x 260m); high cross (small; defaced inscr.); bullaun x2; horizontal mill: gvyd (rect.)
Cell mac Cairilleccl enclosure (oval); ch site possible; within subrect gvyd (no. 1431)
Cell mac Léiníneccl enclosure - lrg oval (aerial photo); ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 13883, 14434, 14594)
Cell mac nOdráin?eccl encl? - circ; ch site possible (no. 1665)
Cell mac Talmaich/Mo-Talmaich?ch ruin; enclosure (gds of Cas Bagot)
Cell Maincheseccl enclosure possible; ch site; gvyd site possible (no. 14178)
Cell Mainchínch site; gvyd (encl by cashel)
Cell Malaichch site; subrect. encl (no. 1393) now no trace
Cell Medóineccl enclosure; traces of buildings
Cell meic Nemainneccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Mhic an Domhnaigheccl site; enclosure; cross-slab; cross-inscribed stone; stone cross; ch site? (Páirc na Croise); clochán; calluragh (gvyd); souterrain; well
Cell Mo-báe?ch ruin ('St. Movee's Chapel'); gvyd; slab grave; well: St Movee/Movoe; geophysical indic. of encl; millstone; bullaun
Cell Mo-Bíeccl enclosure - D-shaped (formerly oval?); ch site; 2 bullauns; well (no. 1397)
Cell Mo-Chidgóceccl site poss: encl circular (60m dia - nthn slope Kilmashogue Mt); cross-slab (Greek cross, encirc - 9thC?); ch ruin (extant 19thC: Joyce); well (formerly)
Cell Mo-Chuara/Mo-Chora?eccl site; encl circular; ch traces/gvyd (former) nr K. House
Cell Mo-Chuillieccl enclosure - oval; bullauns x2; gvyd site (nos. 13884, 14129, 13918-9)
Cell Mo-Chú? (Kilmacoo)eccl enclosure; ch site; gvyd site; well to N; possible souterrain (nos. 13876, 14398, 14546, 13973, 13338)
Cell Mo-Díchon (?)eccl site; gvyd - wall slightly curved (=> encl?); ch foundations; well
Cell Mo-Laisseeccl site; gvyd D-shaped (=> encl?); ch ruin; ogam stone (no. 1396, 1494)
Cell Mo-Lappóceccl site; encl orig circular; ch foundations; 'Kilmolappogue well' (nos 481, 637)
Cell Mo-Libboeccl site; encl originally; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd; font
Cell Mo-Lomma?eccl site?; enclosure (traces); gvyd
Cell Mo-Lua eccl enclosure? - subrect (1st ed OS map, no ground trace); ch site (no. 1393)
Cell Mo-Ménócc?eccl enclosure - possible; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1854)
Cell Monaeccl enclosure - roughly circ (no. 9200); ch site; gvyd site (1842 OS map - no trace)
Cell Móreccl site?; circular encl (dia 40.5m); cross-slab
Cell Moreccl enclosure - oval; gvyd in SE quadrant; 2 bullauns (1 inside S bank, 2nd c.480m to NE); souterrain in NE quadrant (nos. 13874, 14069, 13909, 13910, 13222)
Cell Móreccl enclosure; cross slab; bullaun; leacht; gvyd (killeen)
Cell Mór (Kilmore)eccl enclosure - roughly circ; ch ruin; gvyd; well 500m to S (nos. 3622, 3642, 3640, 3623)
Cell Mór Múaideeccl encl (hilltop); cross-inscr boulder (encirc cross)
Cell Mo-Róin? (Kilvoruan)ch site; enclosure; gvyd? (burials found)
Cell Mo-Róin? (Kilvoruan)ch site; enclosure - large; clochans x 20 (?)
Cell Móreccl site (no. 1243); encl circular (90m); gvyd; well: St Patrick's
Cell Muadáin?eccl site (no. 771); circular encl (discernible pre-1900); gvyd
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)eccl site; encl - oval (30 x 20m); ch f'dations; well: Bride's (O'Curry, OSL)
Cell Muire eccl enclosure - sub-circular; ch ruin; gvyd site - no trace (nos. 3423-4)
Cell Muire?eccl site (no. 741); encl d-shape (30m), outer circ (100m cropmark)
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)ecc site possible (no. 786: ch 'Kilmurry' within enclosure) no visible trace
Cell Murbaigeccl complex: enclosure; ch ruin x2 ('Teampall na Naomh' EC oratory; nrby 'Teampall Mac-Duach' EC with later additions; possible eccl building adj); ch site with gvyd (possible - to E OSM, OSL); Latin cross - incised (possible reused cross-slab); pillar-s
Cell na gColmáneccl site; enclosure; ogam stone; bullaun; cross-inscribed stone; ch site; huts; calluragh (gvyd); well
Cell na Gráinsigeeccl enclosure? - circular area; ch site (no trace); gvyd (no. 1400, 1401)
Cell na mBrecc?enclosure D-shaped (18m dia)
Cell na nIubar (Killinure = Domnach Eochailli?)eccl site?; oval encl 50 x 40m; gvyd (now vanished; O'Donovan Name Book)
Cell na Saccarteccl site: encl; gvyd EC (Kilnasaggart: excavated); cross-carved pillar (inscr with name 'Ternoc'); possible bullaun; well
Cell Odráinenclosure lrg - eccl? (no. 1507; excav. RC dates AD 450-690)
Cell Óenamhnáeccl enclosure; bullaun c.350m to S; ch ruin (11-12thC); gvyd (No. 13882, 14593, 14433, 13917)
Cell Ó gCróineccl site; suboval encl; cross-inscr ogam stone; cross-slab; leacht x2; ch ruin (oratory); bldgs; gvyd; mill (poss)
Cell Olaeccl enclosure - oval; gvyd - killeen (nos. 579, 885)
Cell Ó Luaigheccl site? oval encl; gable-shrine; calluragh (gvyd); leacht; holed stone; pillar stone
Cell Phátraic?eccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Cell Phátraiceccl site (excav by Swan); enclosure oval (100 x 88m: evid of occ 6th-9thC); ch ruin (med - 15thC?); gvyd ('Kilpatrick' OS Map); well: St Patrick
Cell Phetair? (Kilpeder?)eccl site; encl semicirc (85 x 50m); Cill Pheadair chyd Adown (O'Conor OSL); gvyd. 'An Reilig'
Cell Rannairecheccl site; enclosure oval; stone cross (domed boss: EC); ch f'dations; gvyd; well: St Brigit
Cell Roiseccl enclosure poss? (oval area on 1st ed OS map); ch site; gvyd (no. 1874)
Cell Roiseccl site; enclosure sub-circ (no. 1195); bullaun; gvyd
Cell Rónáin?eccl site; encl poss; ch site; gvyd (circular: 'Kilronan Gvyd')
Cell Rónáineccl site: possible D-shaped encl (no. 1403); ch traces; gvyd site; stone stoup
Cell Rónáin (Teglach Rónáin)ch site? ('Aharla' - OS map - sq drystone enclosure/bldg); well site c.45m W (nos. 572, 712) (high cross frag here is from Cell Éinne sv)
Cell Rossáineccl site? (lrg circular encl 1842 OS map); ch site (no visible trace); gvyd (no. 5749);
Cell Rossantaeccl site; enclosure suboval; ch ruin (no. 1404) within; wells x 3
Cell Ruiféadeccl enclosure possible (lrg circular cropmark); 'holy stone' - bullaun? (no. 1872)
Cell Rúisceccl site? enclosure - sm oval (OS map, not now traceable); ch site? (O'Donovan) (no. 1367)
Cell San Labhraiseccl enclosure - circular (bivallate: rc date 650-780); ch ruin & gvyd (no. 1387)
Cell tSinchech site; gvyd; poss eccl enclosure (TS066-009002-)
Cell Teccáin/Tagáineccl site; enclosure (oval 70 x 50m); gvyd; well (formerly)
Cell Teilleógenclosure - eccl? (no. 1655)
Cell Tigernáineccl site: enclosure circ, lge; ch ruin (medieval); gvyd possible
Cell Tíreeccl enclosure possible; circular gvyd - EC; 3 ogam stones (no. 1347)
Cell Tómma?eccl enclosure circular; ch ruin (12th C window); gvyd; well: Patrick
Cell tSillóc?eccl site; circular encl(aerial photo); gvyd site
Cell tSuibhne eccl enclosure ('cashel') - oval; ch ruin (in E half); gvyd - modern (no. 3426)
Cell Tuama (?)eccl site (no. 1437); oval encl 75 x 50m, outer encl 300 x 250m
Cell Tulach eccl enclosure - sub-circular; ch traces; gvyd; well 100m to SSW (nos. 3427-8, 3560)
Cell Uachtair Lámhanneccl enclosure possible (aerial photo); EC site? (no. 1859)
Cell Uachtair Maigheeccl site; ch ruin within rect. encl; gvyd; well; souterrain (No. 1267, 1405)
Cell Ua Tigernáineccl enclosure (also possible inner encl); ch ruin (Romanesque doorway); gvyd (no. 1860)
Cenannaseccl site; encl discernible (aerial survey); ch ruins (EC); cross (no. 1555); gvyd (nos. 1513,1514)
Cenn Ard?eccl site; encl - circular (traces of earthwork);ch site ('Kinard Nunnery'); gvyd
Cenn Sáileeccl enclosure possible; ch site; Romanesque frags built into doorway of St Multose' ch; 'Abbey Well' (nos. 5852, 5853, 5855)
Chapel Island eccl site; enclosure; ch traces ('Templecrone'); earthworks
Churchfield/Coolkilleccl site; oval enclosure; ch ruin (late) within; well: St Patrick c. 260m to SW (nos. 1404, 1458)
Church Islandeccl site; encl - oval, small; ch ruin (oratory); gvyd (no. 1363)
Church Island/Oilén an Tempailleccl site; enclosure (0.5 acre); ch ruin (oratory: early?); ogam-inscr cross-slab (7thC?); cross-slab x2; stone crosses; gvyd site; hut
Churchtowneccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (oval)
Clochán Chárthainneccl site; encl circular (Keeldaragh); cross-slab; leacht x3; ogam stone; souterrain
Cloghleigh/Kylebegeccl enclosure (remains of earth & stone bank); bullaun; gvyd (human bones found); well to NW (nos. 1830, 1997, 1976, 1956)
Cloghmacsimoneccl enclosure circular; gvyd 'Ballymodan' (nos. 2566, 3232)
Cloghoreeccl site?; enclosure circ; gvyd ('Tetunny Burial Ground') ; well (no trace) (No. 1538)
Cloghvoulaeccl site? oval enclosure surrdg gvyd; ch site possible; (nos. 14469, 14080)
Clonakennych ruin; rect encl (gvyd?) (no. 1831)
Clonaltraeccl site: enclosure - oval; raised area (lge oval platform); grave-slab (ringed cross, perh 9thC?); bullaun - double; gvyd
Clondalevercircular encl; ch site ('site of chapel')
Cloneeccl site; encl sub-circular; ch traces; gvyd
Clonleaeccl site; enclosure?; high cross & high cross base; gvyd
Clonlosteccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Clonmoregvyd, enclosed (No. 1785)
Clonoseyeccl site; enclosure - circular; bullaun; friary remains (nos. 1625-7)
Clooneeccl site; enclosure - circular; ch traces (of earlier date) possible; 19thC ch & gvyd (no. 1628)
Cloonmacduffeccl enclosure possible; ch site ('Killederdaowen') possible; gvyd (no. 2627)
Cluain Chaíneccl site; encl poss; ch ruin ('Templevally Ch'); gvyd
Cluain Chaíneccl enclosure - sub-circular; gvyd/killeen in SE quadrant (nos. 3346, 3719)
Cluain Chaín M'Áedóceccl site (no. 1221); encl circular (300m); gvyd (rect); well: St. Aidan
Cluain Claidbaichch. site; enclosure (lge); rd twr (remains); well: St Patrick
Cluain eccl site; circ encl; cross-inscr pillar x2; calluragh (gvyd); leacht; bullaun x2; well nrby: St Colmán
Cluain Dergáineccl enclosure - sub-circular; ch ruin (possibly med) in NE quadrant in sm sub-circular enclosure; gvyd - killeen (nos. 3342-3, 3716)
Cluain Eidnecheccl site (nos. 713, 714); poss enclosures (inner + outer); cross-slabs x 12; stone cross (sm, plain, Latin); ch ruin (med); gvyd; well (Fintan)
Cluain Eóchailleeccl enclosure (oval); bullaun c.8m to SW; ch ruin (Romanesque features) within; gvyd (no remains); souterrain (nos. 2625, 2782, 2041)
Cluain Escrach eccl enclosure - lrg circular; bullaun in NW quadrant; gvyd - killeen (nos. 3341, 3713)
Cluain Fota Báetáin abaeccl site: enclosure - sub-circular (large earthworks); plain stone cross; standing stone; ch ruin; burial 'bishop's gv'; gvyd
Cluain Fota Fine/Libréineccl site: enclosure (183m diam.); ch ruin; gvyd (Clonfadforan)
Cluain Loistheeccl enclosure (lrg circular) probable; gvyd - killeen (nos. 3347, 3720)
Cluain Síon (Gortnabishaun) eccl enclosure - roughly circular; ch ruin? ('Gortnabishaun Abbey'); gvyd - killeen; wells x2 (along approach roads to site) (nos. 3348-9, 3726, 3535-6)
Cnocán na mBan eccl enclosure? - roughly circular; cross slab (lost); gvyd (no. 527)
Coill Mhac Thomais Fhinn*eccl enclosure? (D-shaped area); ch site; well c.140m to SE (no. 1392)
Collinstowneccl site: circular encl - outer (earthworks curving to W & SW); ch site (recorded); gvyd ('Caltragh')
Coogullaeccl enclosure? (circular earthwork); ch site; well to N (nos. 1835, 1726, 1938)
Cookstowneccl site possible; encl circular (48m); ch ruin within; gvyd
Cooleeshilleccl site; circular encl (stone cashel); well: Ciarán
Coolhulleccl site (no. 1223); encl sub-circ (70 x 60m) locally called 'Shemoge' (Suidhe Maedóg); gvyd; well: St Imock c.400m. S, now gone
Coolnasmearenclosure - possible EC site (other archae remains)
Corbettstowneccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Corcormickeccl site; sub-circ enclosure; ch ruin within; gvyd/killeen E of ch (nos. 1411, 1485)
Course*ch site (outline traced 1901); enclosure (sub-rect.)
Coveeccl enclosure - roughly circular (no. 2567); ch ruin? (poss oratory); gvyd
Cráebach Bhán eccl enclosure (curving cropmark); ch ruin (med 'Creevaghbaun' in NE quadrant); gvyd; well & 'sweat kiln' 100m to E (nos. 3359-60, 3559)
Craili ch site?; oval encl; clochan; calluragh (gvyd); leachts x2; cross-slab
Creggeccl enclosure? oval gvyd; ch ruin (prob late med) within (no. 3361)
Cremorganch ruin (no. 727: nave & chancel); gvyd; encl bank (section)
Croagheccl enclosure - oval; ch ruin? (poss sm oratory); gvyd (nos. 2568, 2806, 3123)
Crossardreeeccl site; encl poss - large oval; ch ruin; gvyd
Crossbaneeccl site; enclosure - pear-shaped; ch & gvyd site; well site (nos. 1633, 1754)
Crosserlougheccl site? ch traces; enclosure? circular gvyd (no. 1634)
Cruachán Meic-Daraeccl enclosure possible; ch ruin (EC oratory); high-cross frags; cross-slabs x3 (2 missing); clochans x3 nrby; 'saint's bed'; gvyd; well (nos. 613-4, 760, 977, 638, 428)
Crudha eccl enclosure - oval; bullaun x 4 (no. 1342)
Cúil Amlaíbeccl site (no. 723); enclosure (oval, raised); ch ruin
Cúil an Aithrighigh?eccl site?; enclosure 'The Ring'; ch ruin; gvyd
Cúil (Coole)eccl enclosure possible; ch ruin within (poss 11thC Nat. Mnmt No. 395); 'Coole Abbey' (c.1130-40) 150m NNW; gvyd; well to E (nos. 5621, 5622, 5709, 5202)
Cuilenneccl enclosure - oval; gvyd (nos. 5160, 5715)
Cullentragh Parkeccl site possible; oval enclosure
Cummereccl enclosure - lrg sub-circular; ch ruin (late med); gvyd; well ('Corr') - just within enclosure (nos. 3373-4)
Curracloneeccl site (no. 731); early cross-slab with Latin cross; ch ruin (late); earthen enclosure
Curraghnagarraha eccl enclosure? circular gvyd; ch traces? ogam stone - possible (now lost) (no. 1344)
Daire Lasracheccl site; enclosure - oval bivallate; bullauns x 3; gvyd
Daire Meillelrg circ encl; ch site; gvyd
Daire Mhórgvyd; sub-oval encl
Dairmageccl site: enclosure; high-cross; graveslabs x 2 (second 9thC?); possible rd twr; well: St Colum Cille (in Co Westmeath side of par)
Dairmag eccl site; enclosure (formerly); gvyd; well (no. 737)
Dam Liacceccl site; circular encl (no. 1371-72); ch ruin; high cross x2; slab
Derryvonyeccl site? enclosure - oval; gvyd ('Galloon Burial Ground') (no. 1732)
Dísert Chuimíneccl site; outer encl possible; ch site possible; graveslabs; bullaun - formerly
Dísert (Commeen)eccl site; enclosure x2 (inner irreg circ, outer traces of arc); ch ruin (Romanesque doorway 12thC?); gvyd
Dísert (Desert)eccl enclosure possible (levelled); ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 5166, 5717, 5626)
Dísert Garadeccl site; ch ruin (no. 706); encl rect (destroyed 1835)
Dísert Máele-Tuileeccl site; encl - circular; high-cross base (with orans fig.); ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: St Multilly
Domnach Broceccl site; enclosure traceable; gvyd; well: St Mo-Bi (vague)
Domnach Mór eccl site; encl (partial); ch ruin (foundations); gvyd (site) (no. 1384)
Domnach Mór circular enclosure - traces; High Cross (10thc?); souterrain
Domnach Mór Maige Selceeccl site poss; circ encl (inner diam 43m); ch ruin (Aghclare Ch - post-med); gvyd (rect: overlying encl) nr Shad L.; well: St Colum Cille
Domnach Mór Pátraiceccl site (no. 1473); encl possible; gvyd (orig circular); tent-shaped tomb; granite shaft
Doonpetereccl site; sub-circular enclosure; gvyd within; bullaun; ch site possible; well ('Doon well') (nos. 5253, 5174, 5210)
Doras (Newmills)eccl enclosure (curving bndry: excav by McDowell)
Dromore (1)irregular enclosure; gvyd within; cross-slab (nos. 2830, 2605)
Dromore (2)sub-circular enclosure - sm, raised; gvyd within (no burials noted) (nos. 2831, 2473)
Druim Caoreccl site; enclosure - approx circ; cross-inscr ogam stone; calluragh (gvyd)
Druim Coluim Chilleeccl enclosure; ch ruin within; cross (plain, broken, prob pre-1200); gvyd; wells: Tobar Chollum (now lost), 'St Columb's well' 650m to SW? (nos. 2631, 2681, 2737-8)
Druim Ingeccl site (no. 914/5 'St. Finian's' sic); encl (69 acres); gvyd; grave slabs?
Druim Liaseccl site; circ enclosure possible (no.1173); ch site within (no. 1419)
Druim Lúacháineccl enclosure oval; bullaun; gvyd (Cíllín) site; ogam stones x 10 (nos. 1349, 1487)
Drumacleeskin*eccl site possible - oval hilltop enclosure; well: Patrick (nos. 1462, 1759)
Drumbess*eccl site possible; circular enclosure; gvyd possible; well - blocked up (nos. 1733, 1761)
Drumcannon*ch ruin (no. 1348; late med - originally double-bellcote) within rect encl
Drumlarganeccl site; circular gvyd within larger encl (no. 1390); ch ruin
Drumnacureccl site? possible enclosure? (gvyd 'Killacur' in OS - circular area encl by cashel 21 yds); cross-carved stone
Drumroe*ch site?; cross slab/pillar stone within circ dry-stone encl (No. 1557)
Drumshane eccl site? within enclosure
Duagh/Cell Chumnachta?ch ruin; oval stone-walled encl; bullaun; calluragh (gvyd)
Dub Oiléneccl enclosure - circular; ch ruin (EC oratory); cross pillar (7thC? Crucifixion other side 9thC? Harbison); clocháns
Dundeserteccl enclosure (roughly circular, dbl cashel now levelled); ch site ('Churchfield'); gvyd
Dunhill*ch traces (no. 1352) within rect encl
Dún Lethglas/Dún dá Lethglaiseeccl enclosure; stone crosses (9-10thc?); rd twr (demolished 1780's); Romanesque carving - frags; gvyd
Dunlewyeccl site? circular encl (4 circ buildings within - since vanished); cross slab/pillar stone; standing stones (No. 1558)
Dunmiskch site poss (wooden: excav by Ivens); gvyd (500 gvs); enclosure (hilltop)
Ecclaseccl enclosure - roughly circular; ch ruin (late); gvyd (nos. 9197, 9514, 9488)
Ecclaseccl enclosure - formerly; ch ruin (Eglish Abbey no. 3366)
Edmondstowneccl site?; encl poss; ch site; gvyd
Enach Eiltienclosure (x4) - eccl?; ch & gvyd
Enach eccl enclosure - possible; ch ruin (on site of earlier ch); gvyd (no. 3289)
Éo Iniseccl site? enclosure roughly circular; gvyd possible; well c.30m to NE (nos. 1736, 1763)
Ernaideeccl site? enclosure roughly circular; gvyd site ('Caldragh'); ch site possible (nos. 1716, 1745)
Etargabaleccl enclosure - circular; ch ruin; gvyd - killeen (nos. 3285-6, 3626)
Faithche (Faiche)ch site possible; stone-walled encl (14.5x13m); cross-slabs x2; calluragh (gvyd) x2; boulder
Fearann na Cillech site; encl (34x17.6m); Kyle gvyd; calluragh
Feenuneeccl site poss? stdg stone (encirc cross poss); sm stone cross-inc.; gvyd (Killeen Beg: within subrect encl)
Fenniscourteccl site poss; encl (pear shaped; 80m); ch ruin; gvyd/killeen (no. 555)
Fernaeccl site (no. 1445); encl (sub-circular); gvyd; high crosses (x 3), cross-base
Fidnacha Maige Réineccl enclosure (roughly circular); ch ruin (+ later abbey ruin); rect gvyd; well: St Everan c. 650m to N (no. 1410)
Fleenstowneccl site; oval encl (no. 1400: 130 x 31m); ch ruin (8.25 x 4m)
Fobareccl site: encl (traces of earthworks to S & E); ch ruin (pre-Romanesque; orig single-celled); plain cross; gvyd; well: St Feighin
Fochardeccl site; encl (double ditched); ch ruin; gvyd; rd twr site? high cross (plinth); holy well (no. 924 /1066)
Fochladeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (elongated oval)
Foibréneeccl site:encl poss; ch site (occ by C of I church); gvyd
Foibréneeccl site possible; lge encl (no. 234: 150m def by field bdies/road)nth of Carlow; gvyd 'The Graves' (no. 543) to sth - either rep. this site?
Foilogohigeccl enclosure? circular (diam c.30yds - now levelled); ch site probable (no. 14478)
Fossa Dallbrónaigeccl site: enclosure (circular); ch site ('chapel'); gvyd
Fothair na Manacheccl site; encl d-shaped; ch traces; clocháns x4; gvyd nr; calluragh nr
Friars Islandeccl enclosure? (cashel); ch ruin (moved to Killaloe RC ch grounds 1929); well site to N (nos. 1850, 1944)
Friarstowneccl site: enclosure (def by earthwork, ditch and fosse); ch ruin ('Friary')
Gallaruseccl site; encl (36x44m); ch ruin; leacht; cross-slab
Garrabauneccl enclosure? (large curving earthwork to E on aerial photo); ch ruin (Augustinian on earlier site?); gvyd (no. 1918)
Garrauneccl site possible (no. 1366); encl circular (1841 map; no remains); bullaun (now lost); ch site (1940 map)
Garryduffeccl site? oval enclosure - now levelled (no. 5295); bullaun (possible) nrby
Garrynamonaeccl enclosure (D-shaped) possible; ch site? (no. 1852)
Gibstowneccl site; standing stone; gvyd (no. 1407) - sundial in wall of encl
Glaise Mo-Lingeccl site; encl oval; gvyd; possible cross-base; well: St. Kevin
Glencolumbkilleeccl site: encl (85m diam); stone head (closest parallels 8th-9thC); ch ruin (nave + chanc); gvyd
Glennagiveny*eccl encl poss? (circ earthen encl); cross-slab (ringed Latin cross) within
Glenn Faidleeccl site; encl circular (trace); ch ruin; gvyd
Glenn Munireeccl site; encl (extant 19thc: O'Curry OSL); grave-slab x2 ('Rathdown' types: 10-11thC?); ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: St Kevin
Glennta, Naeccl site; encl circular(34x31.5m); ch site possible; calluragh (gvyd); cross-slabs; well
Gortageeneccl enclosure possible (sub-circ raised area); ch site possible; gvyd (nos. 13763, 14482, 14101)
Gorteennafinnogech site - possible (1936 OS map); gvyd - within oval enclosure? (nos. 14483, 14103)
Gortmorriseccl encl - oval; well (nos. 3379, 3549)
Gowlaneeccl site? enclosure semi-circ; ogam stone (poss. 2); graveslab; calluragh (gvyd)
Graigueeccl site? semi-circ encl; ch ruin; gvyd; well site to E (nos. 1857, 1950)
Greenaneeccl enclosure - circular possible ('ringfort' no. 12565: 'Kilroe gvyd' on OS maps); ch site? (no trace); gvyd; well c.180m to S (nos. 14106, 13997)
Greenaneccl encl (traces); pillar-stone (carved crosses: EC); ch ruin nrby (nos. 2635, 2682)
Grenócceccl site?; encl traces (form?); ch ruin (late med) (No. 1413); gvyd
Griffinstowneccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Imlech Fotaeccl encl - possible (traces); bullaun; ch site (occ by C of I ch ruin) (nos. 2633, 2784)
Inber Doíleeccl site; oval encl; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd
Inber Náileeccl site; curved encl (No. 1571); ch fragments (12th C); gvyd; well St Naul (at Fanaghan, no. 1685)
Inis Ainghineccl site; encl traces; grave-slab (inscr); ch ruin (Romanesque features)
Inis bó finne (1)eccl site: encl (faint traces); bullaun; cross-slabs (EC); ch ruin (med: 'St Colman's Abbey')
Inis bó finne (2)eccl encl (subrect); ch site (EC oratory); well (nos. 629, 768)
Inis bó finneeccl site; double-encl, large; ch ruin? (stone structure); gvyd x2
Inis Cumscraig/Causcraid (Inch Abbey)eccl enclosure; ch ruin - late (Cistercian: Inch Abbey)
Inis Doimle/Teimleeccl site; encl sub-circ (no. 1246); Lady's well c.250m sth
Inis Ercaeccl site: ch traces (Tempall Leoin); clochan encl by cashel; well: 'Tobar Leo'
Inis Gluaireeccl encl; cross slabs; ch ruin x 2 (Tempall na fer {EC oratory}, T. na mban)
Inishkennyeccl enclosure - possible (lrg sub-circ); ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 5167, 5731)
Inis Locha Créeccl enclosure (roughly circular); ch site - early (no. 1887)
Inis meic an Triúr eccl encl - lrg oval; gvyd site; 'abbey' & 'tower' site; well c.130m to ENE (nos. 557, 1010)
Inis Mór Locha Ríbeccl site; encl (traces to N & W); ch ruin
Inis Muiredaigeccl encl (cashel - 3 sub-divisions); inscr cross; ch ruin ('Tempall na bhFear/ Molaise/Mór); eccl ruins ('Tech Molaise', Tempall na Tine'); site of Tempall na mban; beehive cells; wells
Inis na mBeoeccl enclosure (circular - plus inner enclosure); high cross; ch ruin Hiberno-Romanesque (Augustinian on earlier site?); gvyd (nos. 1888, 1889, 1890)
Inis Rodbaeccl encl - possible; ch ruin; gvyd
Inis Tuaisceirteccl site; ch ruin; clochán; encl; gvyd; stone crosses; leacht; well; huts
Inis Úasal/Ausilli?eccl site; encl; ch ruin (oratory); cross-slab x2 (one ogam inscr); stone crosses; gvyd site
Irrus Becceccl encl? - roughly oval; gvyd (no. 542)
Keeleccl site? circ enclosure possible; ch site; gvyd within encl (nos. 14486, 14108)
Keelkilleccl encl - sub-circ; gvyd - killeen in E sector (no. 3385)
Keelogesbeg (Kilmacanganyn)eccl encl oval; ch ('Cill O'Mainné'/'Kilmacanganyn'); gvyd site - no trace (nos. 3386-7)
Kellistown/Kilomeeleccl site?; possible encl (circular area/bank); gvyd 'Kilomeel' (no. 564); well St. Patrick (no. 639)
Kilboglashyeccl encl - D-shaped (2 more enclosures within); ch ruin (13thC or later with Romanesque features); gvyd (nos. 2639, 2355, 2357)
Kilboultragheccl enclosure possible (roughly circular field pattern 1842 OS map); children's gvyd in SE quadrant (nos. 9798, 9340)
Kilboy (Cell Boe?)eccl site; encl circular ('Churcheston'); gvyd
Kilbrannish eccl site; encl - oval 40 x 26m (no. 567); gvyd 'The Reilig'; well: St Brigit (no. 640)
Kilbronogeeccl enclosure?; bullaun; cross-inscribed slab; ch ruin (sm oratory) probable; gvyd/killeen (nos. 2571, 3143, 2607, 2587)
Kilbrowneccl enclosure - oval; bullaun; ch ruin; well 20m NW (nos. 2572, 3144, 2588, 2684)
Kilcatherina (Cell Chaitigerna?)eccl site; encl poss (curve in roadway); ch ruin ('chapel'); gvyd
Kilcloonyeccl site?; oval encl; possible ch site (No. 1580)
Kilconnoreccl enclosure possible (descr by Power 1932 as 'circular'); ch site possible within (nos. 13899, 14495)
Kilcummineccl site; enclosure possible; bullaun; gvyd; later friary ruin (nos. 2640, 2641, 2786); well: 'Tobar Cuimin', unloc
Kildeeeccl enclosure - roughly circular; gvyd (nos. 2574, 2876)
Kildeniseccl site (no. 1305); encl half-circ (40m); bullaun
Kildurrihy (Cell a ru)eccl site; circular encl; bullaun possible; ch site; calluragh; well (K. West)
Kilellineccl encl - lrg roughly oval; ch site 'Kilellin'; gvyd/killeen; standing stone - 'Cloghaneaspig'; well: 'Toberdoney' c.80m to S (nos. 2612, 103, 2702)
Killabegeccl site?; ch traces; encl rect; well: Chapel Well
Killadanganeccl enclosure? (traces of circular entrenchment); gvyd site (1st ed OS map) - no trace (no. 1469)
Killahugheccl site: encl - semicircle; ch ruin; gvyd
Killanneccl site (no. 1167); encl circ (120m def. by scarp); gvyd (rectang) within
Killavalligeccl encl - lrg sub-circ; ch site possible (sm sub-rect enclosure on OS maps); well c.35m to S (nos. 13881, 14501, 14005)
Killavenyeccl site?; encl oval 45 x 30m; well: Toberpatrick (in adj tld OSL)
Killavoyeccl site; enclosure (levelled) circular; gvyd; well on perimeter to S (nos. 14122, 14006, 13579, 11050)
Killeenaskeagheccl encl; ch ruin (sm)
Killeen-Cormac (Cell Ingen Cormaic/Cell Fhine Cormaic?)circ eccl encl (geophys survey forthcoming); orig 7x ogam stones (2 + frag left on site, bilingual stone + frag in NM, rest missing); ch site?; gvyd
Killelleccl site (no. 1162); encl circ (40m); cross inscr slab (Greek cross, 6th-7thc)
Killinaneeccl enclosure? - circular; ch site possible; gvyd (nos. 14126, 14505)
Killisk eccl site (no. 1261); encl circular (42 x 39m); well: Brigit
Killoughcarraneccl site?; oval encl (now no trace?; no. 1823); gvyd
Killowneyeccl site?; encl possible (form of encl?)
Killulagheccl site; encl - oval; ch ruin; gvyd
Killure (Cell an Iúir?)eccl encl possible; ch ruin (1836 OS: 'remains of old nunnery'?); gvyd site (to E - no evident remains)/killeen possible (nos. 2647, 2820)
Killybanwayeccl encl? (once enclosed by lrg ditch & rampart); ch (St Patrick's); gvyd
Kilmacreaeccl site?; encl circular 35m ('The Raheen'); gvyd - claim
Kilmacteigeeccl site; bullauns; cross-slab; ch site (occ by C of I ch ruin); gvyd (curving wall => encl?) (nos. 2648, 2684, 2788)
Cill Mágh Cearóg?eccl site possible (oval enclosure, 1904 & 1940 OS maps); gvyd in NE quadrant; bullaun c.55m outside perimeter (nos. 9206, 9346, 9229)
Kilmaloodaeccl encl - roughly circular; gvyd (nos. 2575, 2890)
Kilmartinch site; enclosure
Kilmeloge/Killmologeeccl site?; enclosure possible; ch foundations? well?
Kilnadroweccl enclosure? - sub-circ (1935 OS map); gvyd - possible (no. 14177)
Kilnadureccl site? bullauns x2; gvyd - rectang enclosure (nos. 2895, 2593, 2594)
Kilnahornaeccl site; encl - oval (small); ch ruin (poss); gvyd ('Kilnahorna' OS Map)
Kilnanooaneccl encl (curved banks on E of site); ch ruin (EC? small 5 x 12m: 'Templemoyle Abbey'); poss bullaun
Kilnaruaneeccl enclosure large, roughly circ; high cross shaft (figure décor - Nat Mon no. 436: EC); bullaun; gvyd (nos. 2576, 2620, 2898, 2595)
Kilparteen/Cell Phairtíneccl enclosure (circular) possible; ch site; gvyd (nos. 1871, 2013)
Kilphelan eccl enclosure possible; ch site; gvyd (1842, 1905 & 1935 OS maps) (nos. 13903, 14597, 14437)
Kilreaghaneccl site; enclosing bank
Kilshinahaneccl enclosure - large, sub-circ; ch ruins; gvyd (nos. 2577, 3154, 3229)
Kiltowneccl site; encl poss; ch site; gvyd
Kilvarneteccl site; encl?; ch ruin within; gvyd (no. 2656)
Kilvristaeccl enclosure (rec monument)
Knappaghmanagheccl encl - circ; cross-inc slab (EC); gvyd (killeen)
Knawhilleccl enclosure; ch site; gvyd in N half; well: 'Toberbweeheen' to SSW (nos. 13885, 14512, 14137, 14014)
Knockardbane eccl enclosure - lrg circ (1937 OS map); ch ruin - Granard; gvyd (in centre of encl) (nos. 13886, 14440, 14602)
Knockatempleeccl site; bullaun; trace of encl?; ch ruin; gvyd
Knockaturnoryeccl enclosure? - sm rectangular (previously extended further?); ch site; bullaun (no. 1406)
Knockbrackeccl site; encl possible; cross-inscr slabs x 4; horizontal millstone frag; ch traces (prob med); gvyd (nos. 2657, 2687, 2936)
Knockmacooleccl encl - large, circ; ch site? gvyd (late) (nos. 2578, 3233, 3157)
Knocknageehyeccl encl - roughly oval; ch ruins; cross fragment (base) NE of gvyd (nos. 3158, 2907, 2621)
Knockroureccl encl possible (sub-circ - entrance of 2 parallel upright stones to SSW); gvyd site 'Keelboultragh' (cist-formed graves; 'Kill burial gd' on 1842 OS map); bullaun; well: St James to SW (no. 9207, 9357, 9234, 9292)
Knockseccl encl possible (semi-circ rough area); gvyd within; cross-slab (nos. 2909, 2609); ch traces - possible
Labbamolagaeccl site; enclosure sub-circ; bullaun; ch ruins (par ch; earlier fndts - 9th/ 10thC?); stone cross (missing 1997); cross-slabs x2; gvyd (nos. 13887, 14600, 14438-9, 13930, 13928, 13923-4, 13920)
Lackaeccl enclosure - possible (lrg semi-circular); gvyd (children's) (nos. 1876, 2015)
Lackendarragh (Cell Chuilinn?) eccl enclosure - D-shaped; gvyd (no surface trace) & souterrain in NE half (nos. 13888, 14141, 13296)
Lacknacooeccl site? oval (almost) enclosure; setting of stones - 'St Columbkille's Stones' (No. 1587)
Lankilleccl site; pillar-stone (cross-inscr); cross-slab; leacht; ch ruin; gvyd (killeen: circ encl); well (Toberbrendan)
Lann Elaeccl site; enclosure?; graveslabs (EC); ch ruin (med?)
Lann meic Luacháineccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Largan Begeccl site possible?; pillar-stone (cross-inscr); sub-circ encl; gvyd (killeen) within; leacht
Lattooneccl enclosure (circular) - 2nd enclosure possible outside; ch ruin x2 (post-med); souterrain; well to NE (nos. 3435-6, 3194, 3550)
Leataoibh Mór/Tempall na Cluanachch ruin x2; hut(?) x2; rect encl; gvyd; well
Leccan Midieccl site; circular encl (evidence of); ch ruin; cross-slab EC (inc into door-lintel)
Lecc bladmaeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (circular)
Leckseccl enclosure? - oval 'rath' (Killastueran Fort); ch & gvyd site inside (nos.848, 1677, 1740)
Leitrimeccl site; encl circular (55m dia); bullaun; gvyd; well
Leittir? (Letter)eccl encl - sm circ; cross-slab (set radially in encl wall); 2nd radial stone in wall to SE (entrance feature?); well nrby 'Toberulla' (nos. 2610, 2494, 2695)
Lenyeccl site; circular encl (evidence of to SW); ch ruin; gvyd
Liath Mancháineccl site; encl; grave-slabs x2 (encirc crosses); ch ruin (+ another encl ch ruin adj); well: Tobar Mancháin
Liath Mór (Leamakevoge)eccl enclosure? (traced c.1900 by Seymour - since vanished); high-cross shaft frag (11-12thC); grave-slab frags x 3; crucifixion slab (12thC); rd twr base; ch ruin x 2 (sm early Med; lrg multiperiod) (no. 1879)
Lisdanganeccl enclosure possible (roughly circular on 1937 OS map); ch site possible (1937 OS map); gvyd (nos. 14143, 14518)
Lisnevagh eccl site?; encl D-shaped; cross-inscr stone (no. 617); ch ruin 'Acaun Ch' (no. 580) medieval; gvyd
Liss Dergáin?eccl site? circular encl; ch site?; cross-inscr pillar; bullaun; calluragh; well
Loch Breccáineccl site; d-shaped encl (orig. encl 100m diam); ch ruin (no. 1447)
Loch Daibchín eccl enclosure sub-circ; traces of 2 cell buildings; bullaun (now lost); well c.70m to S (no. 1414)
Loch derg/gergeccl site; enclosure (20m diam); inscr stone x 2 (No. 1592); ruins of later date
Lothraeccl enclosure circular (also probable inner enclosure); bullaun x2; high cross x2 (bases + shaft frags: prob 8th/9thC); ch ruin (possibly 11thC); gvyd; well (nos. 1883, 1960, 1983)
Loughtowneccl site?; enclosure; gvyd; well: 'Relicaun Well'
Luddangvyd ('Templemoyle Burial Ground'); circular enclosure? (No. 1593)
Luscaeccl site; enclosure; gvyd; rd twr; wells: St Macullin's; St. Brigit's (adj td Bridetree)
Magherintempleeccl enclosure possible; ch site; gvyd; twr? (shown on 'Escheated Counties Map') (nos. 1463, 1685)
Mag itir dá glaiseccl site: encl (now erased); bullaun; ch ruin (med)
Maigen(?)eccl site (EC excav Higgins): inner encl? (cashel wall); ch ruin (med; on early plinth); bullaun (incorp in later plinth c.1200); gvyd
Maigeneccl enclosure (large, oval)
Mainistir Áedáin (Monasterredan)eccl enclosure (roughly circular: 'Cashelnamonastragh'); bullaun; cross-incised slab; ch site; gvyd/killeen within encl; souterrain in NW quadrant; corn-drying kiln (nos. 2662, 2136, 2688, 2795, 2801)
Mainistir Buitieccl site; triple encl (cropmks; oval - 59 acres); high crosses x3; bullaun; grave-slabs x2; rd twr; ch ruin; gyvd; souterrains x3 (No. 954)
Mainistir na Liath eccl enclosure - sub-circ; bullaun (just inside encl); ch ruin? (eccl building); gvyd; togher possible nrby (nos. 3442-3)
Maoileann eccl enclosure (sub-circ) - possible; well to N (nos. 595, 743)
Meenagowanch ruin (Lettermacaward Old Ch); possible sub-circ encl (No. 1596)
Milltown gvyd - unencl (no. 582); Bride's Well (no. 645)
Mishellsgvyd - in pentagonal enclosure (no. 2933)
Monamolineccl site (no. 636); encl circ (46 x 44m); ch site?
Montiagheccl enclosure poss; bullaun in E half; cross-slab (EC); ch ruin (nunnery? OS 1836); gvyd/killeen; raised area within? (high mound on which slab positioned) (nos. 2663, 2796)
Mooreshilleccl site; encl - oval (65 x 50m); ch ruin; gvyd
Mooreccl enclosure - sub-circ; ch ruin - probable; gvyd; well to S (nos. 3446-7)
Mountbridgeteccl enclosure? - levelled circular area ('Templenakilla' 1842 OS map; 'Paircín na Cille' 1937 map); gvyd/killeen (no. 14149)
Moyannaeccl site; enclosure circular; ch ruin (no. 781: med.); gvyd
Moyliskereccl site; encl poss; ch site ('Moylisker Old Ch'); gvyd
Muldergeccl site; enclosure; gvyd (killeen); stone cross (now vanished)
Muldonagheccl site; enclosure; ch traces x 2 within
Mullanakilleccl site; oval encl (117 x 89m) with possible inner encl; ch ruin (med.); well
Nedinagheccl enclosure (large, roughly circular); Fanlobbus ch (late); gvyd; well ('Toberavastia') c.260m SW (nos. 2579, 3166, 3240, 2703)
Newcastleeccl site; enclosure; ch ruin; gvyd; Well: St Finnian
Newtown (Kyleaderry)eccl site? possible encl; ch ruin (no. 782)
Newtownloweccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Nuachongbáil (Nohovaldaly)eccl enclosure roughly oval (aerial photo); ch site possible (no surface trace, within ringfort no.12810); gvyd/killeen in N half of enclosure (nos.13890, 14155, 14524)
Nuachongbáileccl site; encl - oval, large; ch ruin; gvyd
Nun's Islandeccl site; encl - oval; ch ruin? ('Nunnery' OS Map); gvyd
Óendruimm/Áentruim/Nóendruimmeccl site; enclosure (triple; 6 acres); tidal mills x3 (7th-8thC); cross slabs (EC); ch ruins (11/12thC); rd twr
Oilén Cholum Cilleeccl enclosure - traces; ch ruin (OS map); well: Tobercolumbkille (Ballygarry)
Oilén Fataeccl site; sub-circ encl; ch ruin? (poss EC oratory); huts; poss leacht; gvyd
Oilén Ros Móreccl site? circ encl; gvyd (calluragh); well
Oldcourteccl site?; cross-slabs (several - now vanished); circular area (small => inner encl?); gvyd ('Old Town')
Oldtowneccl site?; encl (field bndries - aerial survey); ch site? ('nunnery'); well: St Brigit
Oldtowneccl site; enclosure - large (geophysical indic.)
Olltóir*eccl enclosure - oval (or hillfort?) two smaller encl within; gvyd in smallest circular encl (nos. 1131, 3312)
Ouleyeccl site?; enclosure circular; gvyd (recent); well (nr perimeter)
Páirc na gColm eccl enclosure - possible; ch ruin ('Kilcallin') (no. 541)
Portaliff or Townparkseccl enclosure possible; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1694)
Port an Chairríneccl enclosure - lrg oval; ch ruin (EC oratory); bullaun - no trace (nos. 606-7)
Portlickeccl site poss; encl; cross-inscr slab (in gdn of Portlick Cas); cross-base; bullaun (nr shore of l. Ree)
Poulnaloureccl encl (traces of curving bank); ch ruin ('Templepadraig': med, but incorp Cyclopean masonry); gvyd/killeen
Prebaneccl site?; encl circular (extant 19thc); ch foundations (12 x 4m); gvyd
Proleekeccl site? encl X 2? (circ & oval); souterrain? (Nos. 971, 972)
Raffonyeccl enclosure - circular; ch ruins (drystone-built); gvyd; souterrain - collapsed; well: Brigit's - to ENE of ch (nos.1695, 1263, 1775)
Raharneyeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Rahilleccl site; encl D-shaped; ch ruin 'Acaun Ch' (no. 592: ununkwn date); gvyd
Rahoeccl site?; circular encl (40m dia); gvyd
Ráith Áedaeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin ('monastery'); gvyd
Ráith Boirneeccl site; encl oval (150 x 100m: field bndries); bullaun; ch ruin (nave 18' long; med but incorp Cyclopean masonry)
Ráith Chonaill?eccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Ráith Domnaicheccl site? (no. 792); enclosure (before 1840); gvyd
Ráith Garb?eccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (semi-oval)
Ráithín a' Chloig; (Raheenacluig)eccl site; encl circular; ch ruin; well: St Patrick
Ráith in Epscoipeccl site; encl poss; gvyd
Ráithín eccl site; circular encl (aerial photo; NB internal divisions); ch ruin (med? mortared limestone blocks); gvyd
Ráithín Uí Bhuaigheccl site; circ enclosure possible; gvyd within
Ráith Maige Deiscirteccl site; poss oval encl on 1st ed OS map (230x140m), ogam stone; cross-slab; ch ruin (EC - ext 12thc); gvyd
Ráith Melsigeeccl site? oval encl (now quarried away, OS Map 1st ed)
Ráith Mo-Beóc?ch ruin (15thc: on earlier site?); encl? (partly preserved); gvyd (no. 1906)
Ráith Mór Maige Line*eccl site? oval enclosure (eccl?); ch remains - possible
Ráith Mór?eccl site? encl (formerly - no trace); ch site (no. 793); gvyd
Ráith Murbuilcceccl site; enclosure; pillar stone cross-inscr x 2; cross-inscr stone x 2; rd twr base; ch ruin
Ráith Óenbóeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Ráith Rígbairtenclosure - triple fossed
Rochuileccl encl: cross-inscr slabs x 9 (two with Greek crosses - 8thC or earlier?); oratory; ch ruin (Templecavan); stone cells x 2 (one poss guesthouse - MH); well (Tober Murria) (No. 1603)
Rathskeagheccl site; encl poss; ch ruin ('Templelyn' OS Map); gvyd
Rathúneccl enclosure - possible; ch site (med); gvyd; well to NW (nos. 608, 758)
Reiligín (Relickeen)eccl site?; enclosure (OS map 1839); gvyd
Relickeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Reynellaeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrangular)
Riasceccl site (excav by Fanning); encl (oval); wooden ch - traces; cross-inscr stone; cross-slab; clocháns; gvyd (calluragh)
Rinn Chonaillch site?; subrect encl; beehive huts?; stone cross; calluragh (gvyd)
Rodeeneccl encl? - circular; gvyd with standing stone in S half (nos. 2507, 2948, 470)
Ros Airthirenclosure? ch site; gvyd
Roseccl enclosure - traces; ogam stone; ch ruin (Rinnaun ch - multiperiod)
Ros Cammeccl enclosure (D-shaped); cross-slab EC; bullauns (multiple); rd twr; ch ruin (late med); med grave-slabs x2; holed stone ('penitential st' on OS maps); gvyd; wells (nos. 610-1, 976)
Ros Echeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd
Ros Gialláin/Níalláineccl enclosure - possible (no. 5169); exact location unkwn
Rossacheyneccl site; encl - oval (70 x 60); ch traces; gvyd
Saigireccl site; enclosure (375m diam); high cross (base: figure dec); ch ruin (med)
Scadarc (?) eccl site (no. 783); ch ruin; gvyd; well; encl adj
Scairbheccl site; oval encl; ch ruin (oratory); gvyd
Selskar*eccl site possible?; enclosure? (semi-circ street plan)
Senboth Sine/Cholmáineccl site (no. 1161); encl circular (double-ditch: 250m); bullaun; rd twr (stump)
Senchua ua nAilellaeccl enclosure; ch ruin (med.) within; souterrains x 2 in NE & NW quadrants (nos. 2667, 2181-2)
Sen-Oilén eccl encl? - lrg circular; ogam stone (nos. 1362, 1490)
Sentalam eccl enclosure - oval; eccl building ('Gobbaun Seer's house' OS map) - possible immediately to W (nos. 3466-7)
Shalwy (Kilkieran)eccl site? encl (roughly circ); cross-slab; rect feature 'St K's bed' (leacht?); gvyd (Kilkieran); well (Toberkieran) (No. 1608)
Shanbally 1eccl encl possible (defined by oval area, bank and fosse); bullaun (no. 1429)
Shankilleccl site; enclosure - circular cashel; ch traces; gvyd
Shelbagganeccl site (no. 1375); bullaun; encl oval? (small - 1841 Map)
Skeaghmoreeccl site: encl poss; ch site (+ site of abbey); gvyd
Slaghtmanus*eccl encl? cashel? (surrdg stone wall, 3 bldgs within: OS)
Sliab Condala?enclosure - stone walled (on summit of hill)
Slievereagheccl site; encl pear-shape (70 x 50m); gvyd; well
Srahanboyeccl site; substantial enclosure (no. 800); bullaun possible; ch site; gvyd site
St Brecaun'seccl site (no. 1169); encl; ogam stone; ch ruin; gvyd (now gone - erosion)
St Michael-le-Poleeccl site; poss encl (100-200m diam); ch traces; rd twr (Ship St; demolished 18thc); gvyd (late 10th-early 11thc; adj Bride St)
St Michan's/Cell Micheneccl encl poss (ditch-section nth of May Lane); burials within ditch (late 9th-12thC); ch site (occ by C of I ch); gvyd
St Nicholas'ecc enclosure - possible (circ area); ch ruin (Kts Templars 'convent') within (no. 627)
St Peter's/Duiblinneccl site; circ encl (perh 150m diam: W ditch sections at Longford St/L St Little); cross shaft frag (12thc)
Sen Glend? (Straid or Glebe)eccl site; circ encl (MH); cross-slabs x5; souterrain (re-used 3 slabs, 6-7thC MH); pillar-stone x6; ch site (occ by C of I ch); gvyd (Nos. 1611, 1612); at Cashel - adj site cross-inscr pillar slab; sub-circ cairn surrdg (no. 1530)
Straideccl enclosure - possible; bullaun; ch site; 'St Patrick's shrine'; gvyd; well (nos. 3468-9, 3569)
St Vauk's/Vogue'seccl site (no. 1170); dertech site (wooden oratory c.600: post-holes etc; excavation); encl (sub-circ; 48 x 42m); ch ruin (17thC?)
Tamlacht Bóch site possible; Nunnery possible (encl in adjoining tld of Ballydoo)
Tech Airennáinenclosure (circular); ch site; gvyd
Tech Baithíneccl site; encl - oval; ch ruin; gvyd
Tech Maíl-(duib)eccl site; enclosure - oval; ch ruin; gvyd; well: Bride's Well
Tech Nath Í eccl site; circ encl; grave-slabs x 2 (Rathdown types 10th-12thC); ch site (occ by early mod C of I par ch); gvyd
Tech Odaráin? (Tinoran)eccl site?; encl? 'Round O' ; D-shaped platform; well 'Tobersool' (adj tld Knockanreagh)
Tech Sincheeccl site: encl poss?; cross-slab x2 ('B' inscr [M]áel-Ma[I]re?); gvyd (oval => encl?)
Tempall a Mhanaigeccl site; circular enclosure; ch site within; gvyd (no. 2672)
Tempall Breccáin eccl enclosure probable (no. 5164: no surface trace); ch site - 'Teampall Breacáin'/ Ballybricken (Ó Murchadha)
Tempall Chrónáineccl site: encl (traces); ch ruin (trabeate doorway, carved heads => 12thC); high-cross (shaft); stone crosses (marking termon?); tomb shrines x 2; well
Tempall Chuáineccl site? encl (now oblit); ch site possible; gvyd site
Tempall Cormaic (Toberdoney)eccl site; enclosure - circular; souterrain; ch ruin (dry stone construction); gvyd
Tempall Éinne eccl enclosure - possible; ch ruin (EC oratory); bullaun & well to NW (nos. 567, 709, 884)
Tempallínch site; in circular encl (1842 OS map) - now levelled (nos. 5652, 5392)
Tempall Lutocaineccl site (no. 1300); sub-circ gvyd (=> encl); ch site (med par.); well: St Patrick
Tempall Mancháineccl site; encl; ogam stone; cross-slab x2; ch ruin; gvyd; souterrain; well x3
Tempall Maol (2)eccl enclosure - sub-circular (trivallate); inscr graveslab ('ORÓIT DO MÁELPÓIL'); ch ruin in inner encl (windows possibly 13thC); gvyd (just outside outer encl); well 80m to SSW (nos. 3472-4, 3574)
Tempall Martaineccl site?; encl (54.2x71m); ch ruin (Templemartin); gvyd; souterrain
Tempall meic in tsáeireccl site; encl poss; ch ruin (traces; 'abbey' OS Map); gvyd
Tempall Mo-Laisseeccl site; encl formerly (oval site 70 x 50m 'Temple Molasha') gvyd (no. 597)
Tempall na 7 n-Ingeneccl enclosure - circular; ch site (traces); stone altar ('Grave of the Seven Daughters'); cross-slab (lost) (no. 555)
Tempall Odráineccl site; encl - circular (complete);ch ruin; gvyd
Tempall Rónáin?eccl enclosure (curving field boundaries); ch ruin 'Templeroonaun' (early Med); gvyd in SE quadrant; leacht cuimhne; saint's stone (Patrick's) c.600m to NNW (nos. 2630, 2734-5)
Tempall Tigh Fínáin (?)eccl site (excav O'Sullivan; on 'pilgrim route'?); encl; ch ruin ('Tample-teenaun' 12thc?; orig Tech Fínáin?); leacht (graves beneath); gvyd
Templebegeccl site?; encl (form of encl?)
Templebryan (1)eccl enclosure oval; ogam stone; bullaun; ch ruins; gvyd; well: 'Tobernakilla' at SE bank (nos. 2580, 3172, 3245, 1041, 2599, 2711)
Templelineeccl site: encl circular (curving segs of earthwork); ch ruin (med: single celled)
Templepatrickeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Termainneccl site?; oval encl; cross-inscr slab; gvyd; hut
Threewellseccl site?; bullaun (possible); gvyd (quadrang encl); well
Tír dá Glaseccl enclosure possible (field/townland boundaries & crop marks); cross-carved stone - 11th/12thC?; ch ruin; gvyd; well: St Columb (nos. 1825, 1935)
Tobar Iarlatha eccl enclosure - oval; ch site - possible; well (nos. 3478, 3577)
Tobareccl enclosure? - sub-circular area; gvyd; ch site? (no. 1479)
Toberaquillencl (sub-circular or D-shaped); ch ruin
Toberbrideeccl site?; possible encl (35m dia); well 'Toberbride' (no. 656)
Tonamaceeccl site poss? circ encl; cross-slab (Greek cr) within
Toome*cross-inscr stone block (No. 1619); rect dry-walled encl
Tooracurragheccl enclosure? - oval; ch site (1st ed OS map); ogam stone (nos. 1436, 1500)
Tooreennasillaneeccl site? (Kilcushin); sub-circ. enclosure; anomalous stone group within; gvyd possible (nos. 2956, 929)
Trinity Islandeccl site; oval gvyd (=> inner encl?); Romanesque ch 12thC (doorway now at Kilmore cathedral; stone head (NMI) (nos. 1711-2)
Tristernaghch site (OS Map 'chapel in ruins' - Temple Cross Ch); gvyd (with oval encl wall)
Tuaim (2)eccl enclosure; ch site ('Teampall na Scrin'?) - possible (nos. 3488-9)
Tuaim Achaid Throim eccl enclosure; ch ruin in E sector; gvyd? (nos. 3448-9)
Tuaim dá ghualanneccl complex; eccl enclosure probable; cross-slab; high-cross head (nr later abbey - 3487); cathedral (Romanesque); ch ruin (13thC with Romanesque heads); ch site possible; gvyd (D-shaped), another gvyd possible (human bones found nr ch site) (nos. 3481, 3483-4, 3486, 3502)
Tuaim Srutha eccl enclosure - probable; ch traces ('Templereelane' - probably late med); gvyd - possible (nos. 3297-8)
Tuitestowneccl site; enclosure - circular? (curving earthworks to W)); ch ruin; gvyd
Tulach Lisseccl site; enclosures x2 (excav by Ivens: one in use by 7thc, other 9thc); gvyd
Tully (Templemoyle)encl poss; ch site within
Ummaeccl site (excav O'Keeffe); encl (trapezoidal?); leacht; ch site poss; gvyd
Úraideccl enclosure? - oval; raised area; gvyd - killeen (no. 605)
Vicarstown (Kylemahoe?)eccl site? cropmark enclosure; ch site (no. 810); gvyd site
Westereave*encl (sm, pennanular); gvyd - slab-lined graves
Wheery (Kilwheery)eccl site; outer encl possible; traces of bldg (early?)
Cell Chenannain?eccl site (no. 1165); circ encl (arc c.78m); ch ruin; well to SW - Sheet 20
Pollintemplecirc encl; ch site; gvyd
Cell Ghuilbin?Eccl enclos (int D 200m E-W), poss ch remains, ring barrow close by called 'Kilbrickaun fort' - Cill Bhreacáin?