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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.:Documented AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics (the DIB terms such individuals often regarded as founders of churches — saints in the Irish tradition), whose association with the sites concerned is based on documentary sources.:LineageThis records the reputed ancestral lines of individuals given in Doc Assoc.:
Traditional AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics whose association with the sites concerned is based on tradition, dedication or placename association.:TownlandGives the townland (name spelt as in TTPBI Index) in which the site is (or is thought to be) located.:ParishGives the civil (not ecclesiastical) parish in which the townland is situated.:
DeaneryThis records the rural deanery (a sub-division of the diocese) to which the parish belongs.:DioceseThis records the medieval (not necessarily the same as the modern) diocese in which the foundation lies.:BaronyGives the modern barony (as in TTPBI Index the baronies were rationalised in 19thC) in which the townland and civil parish are situated.:
CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.:ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.:SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.:
Recorded HistoryThis concerns the subsequent history of the site, with emphasis on pre-Norman (or early post-Norman) native sources mainly annals but also including medieval ecclesiastical records (charters or taxations), English Crown documents and, on occasion, modern sources (especially surveys or maps, which may mark the location of lost sites or illuminate placenames).:Clerical StatusThis seeks to classify foundations as episcopal coarbial or eremitic based on the clerical orders ascribed to the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:GenderThis seeks to classify foundations as male or female based on the gender of the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:
Succession RecordLists ecclesiastics, male or female, who succeeded to offices at the foundation concerned abbots, abbesses, comarbai, bishops often clerics of less exalted rank such as treasurers, lectors, scribes. These lists make no claim to be exhaustive; fuller accounts for major sites can be found in the New History of Ireland, vol. 8, and in published prosopographies.:Medieval DedicationNotes medieval church-dedications to saints whether Irish or Continental.:Familial LinksIndicates links between foundations, whether claimed in hagiographical sources (a lesser site said to have submitted to greater site), attested by charter, or indicated by tradition or placename evidence.:
Folk TraditionRecords traditional stories, beliefs or practices (especially pilgrimages or patterns), or a tradition of clandestine burial either recorded or inferred from location names such as the killeen or the caldragh.:Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.:ArtifactsIn general, this records only items which may support the case for the site as a pre-Reform ecclesiastical settlement (especially croziers, shrines, chalices etc) — whether recovered by search or excavation, or merely associated with the site by tradition. Also included are such items as querns and kilns as flour-production was an important part of life at ecclesiastical (although also, admittedly, at secular) settlement sites.:
BibliographyMentions secondary references (sometimes very select indeed) to the site concerned. Some contain detailed discussion, others (especially where little else seems to be available) only the briefest mentions. For details see the Bibliography page.:AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.:

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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.
Abbert Demesneeccl encl - circ; ch ruin (med - possibly refurbished); gvyd (nos. 3276, 3277)
Achad Bolg (Coolineagh)eccl site; oval enclosure - traces; ogam stones x2; gvyd 'Aghabulloge'; 'St Olan's stone'; well: St Olan (nos. 9199, 9523, 9247, 7959, 7960, 9271)
Achad Chinn/na Cille (Aughnakeely?)ch site?; gvyd (killeen)
Achad Urglaiseccl site; cross base x 2; ch ruin (No. 475); gvyd
Achill Beg Isd eccl enclosure (in Dún Kilmore promontory fort); cross (sm, crude nrby); ch ruin; gvyd
Affane Hunterch site - early? gvyd (no. 1309)
Aghaneenaghch site; gvyd site (1937 OS map) (nos. 14457, 14060); cross-inscr stone?
Aghnameadle*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1801)
Ahgloragh*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 3288)
Airdne Choluimeccl site; gvyd circular; ch site (med.)
Airemheccl site; ch site (possibly early); gvyd (vanished)
Airenach ch & gvyd site (in tld of Castlescreen, now cleared); well (St Finian's)
Alcrossagh*ch traces (reported by OS); gvyd possible; well site; cross?
Ambrosetowneccl site?; gvyd sub-circ (no. 1172)
An Bhanrainn Bháneccl site (early) - possible; ch site?; gvyd ('St Columbkille's' on OS map); wells x 2 to SW & S (nos. 514, 660)
An Choill Bheageccl enclosure - oval; cross-inscr pillar-stone; inscr slab; ch ruin - med; gvyd (nos. 561, 562)
An Chorr eccl enclosure - possible; ch ruins; gvyd (no. 589)
An Currach Riabhach eccl enclosure? - lrg oval area; gvyd ('Faughnakilla'); well c.45m to N (nos. 538, 1016)
Annagelliff*ch site; gvyd (no. 1609)
Annaghch ruin; gvyd (no. 1609)
Annaghch site? (no visible remains); gvyd (no. 2606); well: St Patrick (no. 2697)
Annaheangvyd (no.1154) incl. (circ area); inscr cross; bullaun x 2
Ara Airthirgvyd (no. 556)
Archerstowneccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (sub-oval)
Ardachad Brechmaigeeccl site; bullaun; cross-base; gvyd (no. 1327)
Ard Caoracheccl site; sub-circ encl; cross-slab; poss leacht; poss souterrain; hut; gvyd
Ardcloonch ruin ('Ardcloon'); cross head (12thC); cross-slabs; gvyd (nos. 3331, 3491)
Ard Cróinech ruin; gvyd (no.1802)
Ard Ferta Brénainneccl site; encl; ch site (pre-Romanesque damliac, 11thC: excav by Moore); rd twr site; later chs (12th, 15thc); gvyd (incl many early-med burials)
Ard Lecacheccl site; enclosure oval; ch site; gvyd (destroyed) (No. 1565)
Ardnageehy*ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 5606, 5677)
Ardnagreenagvyd (killeen); cross-slab (nos. 2737, 2600)
Ardvalleygvyd 'Kiltiernan' (No. 1759)
Áth a' Chip*eccl site (No. 692); gvyd site -no visible remains
Áthánencl D-shaped; cross-slab; gvyd (cillín/killeen)
Áth Maigneeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (semi-oval)
Augeriseccl site; bullaun (c. 250m to SE); ch ruin; gvyd (in adj tld Gorteennakilla); well c.300m to NE (nos. 9499, 9329, 9211, 9250)
Bahana (= Ballykine?)ch ruin; EC grave-slab inscr 'oroit do Fachtain'; gvyd (rect)
Baile an doireeccl site; enclosure possible (gvyd - large oval); bullaun x2; ch ruin
Baile an Tempaillch ruin; gvyd (on earlier site?) (no. 1332)
Baile an tSagairteccl site; circ encl; ogam stones x10; ch site (An Lisín); gvyd (An Cheallúnach/calluragh)
Baile Eaglaise*gvyd ('burial gd': O'Sullivan); well (Tobar na bhFaithní - holy?)
Baile Mhuillinn*ch site; gvyd possible
Baile Mochainn? (Baliogan)gvyd site; cross (plain granite); wells: St James, St Patrick
Baile na Cille*ch site; gvyd site (no. 1324) now no trace
Baile na Marb*eccl site/gvyd possible
Baile nua na Saccarteccl site?; ogam stones; ch ruin (late med: mkd 'Abbey' on OS maps); gvyd (nos. 5613, 5691)
Baile Tobair Pátraiceccl site; ch ruin (med: Ballintober Abbey); gvyd possible; tóchar Pátraic
Ballinaltigeccl encl possible, lge circ; bullaun; ch site (Kilshanahan); gvyd (no. 5163, 5679)
Ballintemple*ch site; gvyd (no. 1612)
Ballooreccl site? enclosure (semi-circ); gvyd 'Calluragh' (No. 1762 & 1763)
Ballybahallagheccl site? oval encl; gvyd within; well (Tobar Úna) c.10m to NE (nos. 14064, 13937)
Ballyboodineccl site possible (No. 697); ch ruin; gvyd 'Keelogue'
Ballybrazileccl site (No. 1157); encl circ (94 x 86m); gvyd rect; ch site (med); wells: Crón, Brigit, BVM
Ballybrennaneccl site (No. 1183) gvyd (sub-rect); well: St. Keevil
Ballycahillch site; bullaun? (now vanished); gvyd site; well (nos. 1807, 1930)
Ballycaneweccl site (no. 1184); bullaun; gvyd - sub-circ raised; ch site (med)
Ballyclogh*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 14389, 14538)
Ballyconnick*ch site (No. 1185); gvyd sub-rect
Ballydeloughey*ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 14391, 14539)
Ballyeaston*ch traces; gvyd (E of modern parish ch in village)
Ballyeightragh*ch site (par ch of Clonmult); gvyd (nos. 5610, 5684)
Ballygarraneccl site; encl poss (circ); gvyd (Killeenagh); bullaun poss; cross inscr stone (no. 1317)
Ballyhampton*ch site; gvyd site (in field called 'the Kirkland')
Ballyhaych ruin (late Romanesque); gvyd (no. 14393, 14541)
Ballyheen ch site possible; gvyd (1842 OS map) low raised oval area (nos. 14460, 14067)
Ballyheerin*gvyd (No. 1766)
Ballyhest eccl site poss (circ encl 1937 OS map); gvyd (1937 OS map) - levelled, no trace (nos. 13896, 14068)
Ballykeel eccl site; ch traces (possibly early); gvyd (Chapel Field)
Ballykennedy ch site; gvyd site - possible
Ballyknockanch site; cross-inscr stone; cross (plain granite); gvyd (calluragh: 'The Reilg') excav when area flooded
Ballyknockanech traces (part of S wall remains); gvyd site - on 1st ed OS map (no. 1811)
Ballymascanlan*ch site; gvyd (No. 885)
Ballymorrineccl site poss; bullaun; ch site; gvyd site
Ballymyrech site possible; gvyd (in demense of Ballymyre Lodge)
Ballynaclogh*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1814) - possibly early?
Ballynaglogheccl site (possibly early); ch ruin (later med); gvyd (no. 2614)
Ballynahaglish*ch ruin; gvyd (Church Hill)
Ballynahinch ch ruin & gvyd (c.1 mile SE of mod ch); 2nd gvyd c.2miles to NW (Glassdrumman)
Ballynakilleccl enclosure (oval); ch ruin (probably med par ch); gvyd (nos. 3306-7)
Ballynalacken*ch ruin ('Leitrim' - late med in appearance); gvyd (nos. 14396, 14544)
Ballynaslaneych site (No. 1196); gvyd rect; well: St. David
Ballynastraweccl site possible; bullaun (No. 1197); gvyd rect; well: St. Peter
Ballyneety*ch site; gvyd site - possible (no. 1453)
Ballynoe*ch site possible; gvyd (nos. 14462, 14071)
Ballyspillane*ch ruins; gvyd (nos. 5614, 5692)
Ballytrustan*ch ruin; gvyd
Ballyvoigeeccl site? gvyd (no surface trace); well ('Tobernabien') c.60m S (nos. 9316, 9255)
Barnatonicane (Cell Mo-Laca?)ch ruin ('Kilcarrel'); gvyd (nos. 3108, 3191)
Barneswell (Toberenny) (No. 1651); gvyd (calluragh: no. 1768)
Baunaghra (Bán Eachra?)eccl site (No. 701); circ encl; ch ruin; gvyd (before 1905)
Baunanooneenych site possible; gvyd 'Knockanewin' (nos. 14465, 14072)
Bawnatempleeccl enclosure - roughly circ; cross-inscr stone (possibly 7thC) to NW; bullaun c.90m to W; ch site (Cannaway); gvyd (nos. 9198, 9517, 9241, 9217)
Beaulieu*ch site (in 'Church Field'); gvyd (No. 891)
Becc Ériu eccl site; gvyd (oval) within former island; cross-slabs x 2 (EC -10thC?) (No. 1160)
Beirrechch ruin; gvyd (no. 536)
Belpatrickch site/gvyd possible (Nos. 1000 & 1037)
Bennchorenclosure; gvyd within; sarcophagus (poss 12thC); standing stones (including some cut examples - removed 1822)
Bleantasoureccl site? enclosure; gvyd (killeen)
Bó-chluaingvyd (Bochlone?)
Boheh eccl site: cross-slab x 5 (EC); cross-inscr stone block; poss leacht ('The Monk's Grave'); ch ruin; gvyd (killeen: contains sunken area with dry-built walls)
Boherash*ch ruins ('Friary' on 1934 OS map); gvyd (nos. 14399, 14547)
Borrisch site (part of a wall survives); gvyd (no. 1817)
Bracklaghch & gvyd - 18th cent (no. 1613)
Br[e]adach*ch ruin; gvyd (Belvoir Park); well site to S (overgrown, no surface trace)
Brecc-Chluain eccl encl (roughly circ cashel); ch ruin ('Clonmakeeran'); gvyd (nos. 3313-4)
Britwayeccl site; ch ruin (date c.1110-1120?); gvyd (no. 5615, 5696)
Brownstownch site; gvyd (Nos.1038, 1206)
Bushch site; gvyd circular (30m def. by earthen bank); well: St. Michael
Busherstowneccl site; bullaun (no. 503); gvyd (no. 532)
Caherkeeneccl site? gvyd in semi-circ enclosure; ch ruins (nos. 2770, 3111)
Caire/Carrac in dísirtch site poss; gvyd (no 1596: Carrickdexter)
Calry Churcheccl encl poss (oval earthwork at Mackanrany, on W side of rd to Mount Temple); ch site (E side of rd); grave-slab (inscr 'Or do Máel-Maire'); gvyd (at Labaun)
Caltrach site ('Nunnery'); gvyd - killeen (nos. 3318, 3674); well: St Solan (Caltra village)
Camclone*ch site possible; gvyd (Camclone?)
Cappaghnanool (Ardnabara)*ch ruin ('Ard na bara' - abbey?); gvyd - killeen (nos. 3322, 3679)
Cappoge*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 893)-late
Carn Greinech ruin; gvyd (Carngrany)
Carrac Brénainnch ruin (17thc - vanished: Donnelly); gvyd (Carrickbrennan)
Carracgvyd - orig. circ (Caldragh/Caluragh); souterrain (Nos.1772 & 1773)
Carragraigueeccl enclosure possible (roughly circular) (no. 13898); ch site possible; gvyd site ('The Killeen' - no trace)
Carraig na Cillech ruin; gvyd (no visible grave markings) (no. 5716)
Carrickaboyeccl site; cross-slab; pillar stone? - decorated (now at Denn Glebe); ch traces? gvyd - rect; wells X2 (nos. 1617, 1618, 1636, 1747)
Carrickanure*gvyd (no.1189)
Carrickatoberbullaun possible; gvyd possible; well (St. Patrick - infilled) no visible remains (nos. 1725, 1748)
Carrickbaggot*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 894)
Carrigagowngvyd (children's); bullaun - possible (nos. 1994, 1974)
Carrigathouch ruin; bullaun within (1938 OS map); gvyd site to S (1842 OS map - no visible trace) (nos. 9491, 9320, 9215)
Carrigboygvyd ('Kill burial gd'); well ('Tobernakilla') c.90m to NW (nos. 9321, 9260)
Carrigdownane*ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 14402, 14552)
Carrow*ch site; gvyd site - no visible trace (nos. 1824, 1996)
Carrowhugheccl site poss: cross inscr pillar-stone; plain Latin cross; stone cross (No. 1526); gvyd ('Kilblaney Burial Ground')
Carrownaganniveeccl enclosure? - circular; ch site (med -'Ballynakill' or 'Aghyart'); gvyd (no. 3328)
Carrownaseerch traces; cross-slab; bullaun ('St Patrick's stone'); Tau cross; gvyd - killeen (nos. 3330, 3490, 3690)
Cartronhughch site possible; gvyd D-shaped; 'straining stone'; souterrain (nos. 2624, 2033, 2720)
Cashelch traces (possibly med par ch), ch site ('monastery') to E; gvyd - roughly circular; well: 80m to W (nos. 3332-3, 3522)
Casheleccl site? bullaun - 'the hollow stone' (No. 1740); gvyd - stone-lined graves reputedly found (No. 1779)
Cashelgolanpillar stone cross-incised; gvyd ('Kilmacanny') (No. 1531)
Castlebellingham*ch site; gvyd (No. 895)
Castlecor (Kilbrin)ch ruin (Kilbrin); gvyd (nos. 14403, 14556)
Castleflemingch site; gvyd site; killeen in adj C'fleming Stubber
Castlelandch ruins x 2 (1 possibly early, 2 probably Med par ch); gvyd (nos. 14404, 14558)
Castlelosteccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (curved sections)
Castlemagnerch site (early?); gvyd (nos. 14405, 14559)
Castlerahanch ruin (18thc); gvyd - subrect; possible earlier ch site (50 yds to E) (nos.1620, 1621)
Castlering*ch site; former gvyd (No. 896)
Castletown*ch ruin (late med); gvyd (another ch ruin & gvyd of late date nrby; nos. 897, 898)
Cathair an Chrutairech site (possible); bullaun; stone-walled encl; gvyd ('monks')
Ceathrú Mheánachch ruin ('Killererin'); gvyd (no. 3325)
Céin Muirtheimneeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (No. 932)
Cell Achaid ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 14432, 14591)
Cell Achaidgvyd (early?)
Cell Áeda? (Keel Aodha)eccl enclosure oval ('Drominagh Fort' 1937 OS map); ch site; gvyd poss in E half (nos. 13878, 14092, 14476)
Cell Ainthinnech ruin - med; gvyd (no. 568)
Cell Áireccl site; encl - outer, large (refl in tld bndry to NE); ch ruin x2; gvyd (quadrantal); well: Tobar Brighde
Cell Aireseccl enclosure possible (D-shaped); ch site; gvyd possible in interior (nos. 13901, 14121)
Cell an Ibairch site; gvyd site (possible)
Cell an Lóntaigh?eccl enclosure (probable - circular); ch traces? (possible); gvyd (killeen) in SE quadrant (nos. 3410, 3784)
Cell Báetáinch site?; gvyd (Shilvodan)
Cell Bairrfinnch ruin; gvyd (No. 1576); well (No. 1694)
Cell Barra ch ruins; gvyd (no. 1365)
Cell Barra/Kilbarry (2)ch site possible (no surface trace); gvyd (nos. 3178, 2869)
Cell Becc? (Kylebeg)ch site; gvyd (Kylebeg)
Cell Beccóceccl site? (adj Kilbogget House, O'Curry OSL); gvyd (6 phases to 12thC)
Cell Beithne (or Coill Beithne?)gvyd (possible; Kilbehiny?)
Cell Beraigeccl site; ch ruin (undivided); gvyd (no. 1420)
Cell Bercháin (Kilbarrahan)ch site possible; gvyd (surr by circular earthen fence now levelled) (nos. 14488, 14110)
Cell Berchirtch site (Kilberrihert); gvyd site possible (no. 14490)
Cell Bhrannach ruin; gvyd (nos. 14392, 14540)
Cell Biaingvyd (Killyman)?
Cell Bicsigi (Kilbixy)ch site; gvyd (formerly) on Whitsun Hill
Cell Brigte?ch site?; sub-rect encl; cross-incsr slab (No. 1517); gvyd (Kilbride)
Cell Brigtech ruin; gvyd (rect); well
Cell Brigtech site; gvyd - no early features
Cell Brigtech site; gvyd - raised
Cell Brigte? (Kilabrida)ch site - possible; raised area; gvyd (stone-lined graves - reportedly)
Cell Brigte (=Recles Brigte?)ch site & gvyd (Temple Brigid/St Bridget's Ch, in Chapel Lane)
Cell Bróine (?)ch ruin (late Med); gvyd (nos. 14426, 14585)
Cell Buide (?)ch ruin (on earlier site - possibly 12thC Romanesque); gvyd (no. 1862)
Cell Chaimín (Caherminnaun)eccl site? enclosed gvyd ('Kilcaimin' 32m diam); ch ruin? (sm oratory? or 'founder's tomb'?); well: T Caimín
Cell Chairill (Kelkirell)ch ruin (late); gvyd nrby; wells
Cell Chamadan/Chumadáineccl enclosure (sub-circular) - probable; ch site; gvyd (killeen) (nos. 3395-6, 3776)
Cell Charnach site; cross-inscr pillar stone - possible; gvyd sites x2 - no trace; well to ENE (nos. 569, 711)
Cell Chascáineccl site; ogam stone; bullaun to E; ch ruin; gvyd - late (nos. 3224, 2589, 3145, 1040)
Cell Chaurnáin?gvyd (calluragh)
Cell Chaurnáin/Chúrnáin?eccl enclosure - roughly oval; watermill - possibly horizontal type; gvyd (killeen) (nos. 3399, 3778, 4074)
Cell Chéire?ch site possible (rect remains); gvyd possible (no. 2642)
Cell Chéirech ruin; gvyd (no. 1864)
Cell Chiaráineccl site; gvyd (no. 1426)
Cell Chiaráineccl site? ch ruin; gvyd (now no trace?); wells: St. Ciaran; St. Michael
Cell Chiaráinch ruin (oratory - EC); gvyd with dry-stone shrine; well: 'Tobar Chiaráin' (nos. 564, 707)
Cell Chlocháin eccl enclosure - possible traces; ch site? - no trace; gvyd site (no. 3390)
Cell Chluaine/Chluanaighch traces; cross-inscr stones x2; gvyd (nos. 3391-2)
Cell Chluaine ch ruin (med?); gvyd (no. 3393)
Cell Chócach site ('Church Hill'); gvyd possible
Cell Chodáinch site; gvyd in Kylebeg adj
Cell Chódhch ruins; gvyd (nos. 3146, 3225)
Cell Chóeleccl site; enclosure probable; cross & base; ch ruin (late); gvyd
Cell Choirill eccl enclosure - irregular; ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 3403-4)
Cell Cholmáineccl site; ch ruin; gvyd - 'Tintemple'/ 'Churchtown'
Cell Cholmáin? (Kilcolman)ch site; gvyd site possible (1938 OS map); well c.165m to SW (nos. 14494, 14114, 14002)
Cell Choluimb?eccl site?; gvyd (O'Curry, OSL)
Cell Choluim/Cholmáin?eccl site (no. 1186); ch site (late med); gvyd (triangular)
Cell Cholumcille eccl enclosure? (semi-circular); ch site - possible; gvyd (no. 1458)
Cell Chommáin (Kilcomane)eccl site? cross-slab; ch ruin possible (O'Donoghue); gvyd (nos. 2874, 2608)
Cell Chommáin/Kilcommonch site; gvyd (Kilcommon More)
Cell Chommuireccl enclosure roughly oval; ch ruins (late Med & site of earlier ch); gvyd (nos. 13879, 14427-8, 14586)
Cell Chonaill (?)*gvyd (killeen)
Cell Chongalaig (Kilconnelly)ch ruin; gvyd (Kilconnelly)
Cell Choppa ch & gvyd (2st ed OS map) site - no trace (no. 1375)
Cell Chorb[b]áingvyd (Kilcorban?)
Cell Chorcráin (Kilcorcoran)eccl enclosure lrg oval; ch site; gvyd (adj enclosure); well c.80m to S (nos. 13891, 14616, 14451, 14035)
Cell Chormaiceccl site (no. 1250); gvyd sub-circ (61 x 55m); well: St. Cormac?
Cell Chróinech site (possible); gvyd (Nos. 1004 & 1049)
Cell Chróine (Kilcrony)gvyd (Kilcrony?)
Cell Chróinín?eccl site?; gvyd - obsolete placename Killchrine (O'Conor, OSL)
Cell Chromglaisich site? (overgrown cairn of stones); gvyd possible (no. 14146)
Cell Chrónatach site; gvyd (tld Mylerstown)
Cell Chruimthir Fraeichch ruin; gvyd ('Cill Crumper') (nos. 14442, 14604)
Cell Chúáinoratory - no trace; gvyd - D-shaped; well (no. 1327)
Cell Chuain (Kilcoan)ch site; gvyd (Kilcoan); well
Cell Chuaráin (?)ch site (no. 754); gvyd possible (no visible traces)
Cell Chuilinneccl enclosure poss (lrg circular); gvyd poss (rect enclosure in E half); burial poss (2 upright stones, 1 with ogam, & stump of 3rd) (no. 9204, 9180, 9342, 9378)
Cell Chuilinneccl site; high cross shaft (fig with bell & crozier; panel illustr raid?); rd twr; ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Chuimín?ch site; gvyd site
Cell Chumilieccl site; ch ruin (foundations); gvyd (no. 1424)
Cell Chummaineccl site (Ballinlena): cross-slab x2 (one with inscrip 'not found' 1997); pillar-stone (EC); ch ruin; gvyd (Kilcummin)
Cell Churcaigegvyd (killeen)
Cell Chúrnáin?ch site possible (early); ch ruin (late); gvyd (no. 14408)
Cell Cróineeccl site; possible encl (circular area surr by low bank); gvyd 'Kilcroan' (no. 489); well: St Croneleigh (?)
Cell Damáin?eccl site (no. 1251); sub-circ gvyd (47m); ch site (med); well: St. Davin
Cell Damnatanch ruin (EC features, but modernised); gvyd ('Kildavnet'); well
Cell dá Náem?eccl site? (Killdanave); gvyd site (1842 OS map); well c.100m SSW (nos. 14148, 14020)
Cell dá ríghch site - possibly EC; bullaun c.9m to S; gvyd - modern (no. 3401)
Cell (d)eglan(?)eccl site; encl oval (46 x 41m); ch ruin (foundations); gvyd (no. 1430); souterrain
Cell derce daimeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 573)
Cell Dímmae (Kildimo)gvyd (Kildimo?)
Cell Draignech*ch site (no. 757); gvyd within encl; no visible traces
Cell Draignech/Lóthareccl site; circ encl; ch ruin (oratory); cross-inscr slab x3; leacht; hut; gvyd
Cell Droma?ch site; gvyd (now no trace?); well
Cell Duibdúineccl site? bullaun; gvyd (semi-circ area S of ch => enclosure?); ch ruin - med (nos. 2643, 2787)
Cell Duinsig (?)*gvyd - possible
Cell Ecáinch site possible; bullaun; gvyd (No. 1225); well: Ladys Well
Cell Éicnigh?eccl site (no. 1256); encl circular (250m); d-shaped gvyd within; Latin cross; site of later med par ch; Ladys well
Cell eidir dá druim/Killederdadrumeccl enclosure - oval; ch site; gvyd site; standing stone (nos. 1877, 2016, 88)
Cell Eirceccl site?; gvyd in oval area 26 X 14m
Cell Eithne?ch site; gvyd site (possible); grave-slab
Cell Eithne?eccl site (No. 763); encl (circular: aerial photo); ch ruin; gvyd
Cell Éochaillegvyd (killeen)
Cell Éogaineccl site (no. 482); wheeled cross (no. 549: 9/10thC?); gvyd (O'Donovan OSL, 1839, 16)
Cell Eoin ch site; gvyd site (no. 1386)
Cell Fháeláin (Kilwhelan)ch ruin (nave and chancel) 'Kilfailan Ch'; gvyd (no. 730)
Cell Fhata (Kiladda)eccl enclosure oval (visible in aerial photo); ch ruin; gvyd in NE quadrant (nos. 13889, 14441, 14603)
Cell Fhergo/Fhorgach ruins (late); gvyd rect; well: St Mary nrby (no. 1430)?
Cell Fhernocch site; gvyd site 'Templebeg'
Cell Fhínáingvyd (Cill Laighneáin OSL; no. 2203)
Cell Fhínáin?/Laignéin?eccl site? (no. 1417); bullaun (now lost); gvyd (sheet 7)
Cell Fhinnche? No. 808. Ch ruin; gvyd (subrect.); well
Cell Fhlannáin?ch ruin (med); gvyd - oval; leacht; well to E (nos. 566, 997)
Cell Fhursa; Odhareccl enclosure possible; ch ruin (multi-period incl EC oratory); gvyd (no. 3454)
Cell Galláin?ch ruin (late Med); in gvyd (nos. 14430, 14589)
Cell Ghobnait (Inis Oírr )eccl enclosure - possible (curving gvyd wall); ch ruin (EC oratory 'Cill Ghobnait'); bullauns x2 W & SSE; leachts x3; clochan WSW (nos. 552, 375)
Cell Gobbáin eccl enclosure possible (roughly oval); ch site possible; gvyd at W side (nos. 13900, 14116, 14497)
Cell Gobnaiteeccl site possible (sub-circ enclosure 1842, 1903 & 1940 OS maps); bullaun x2; gvyd (nos. 9205, 9343, 9226, 9227)
Cell Gobnaitech site? (no trace); gvyd (St Abigail's burial gd 1904 & 1938 OS maps); well (nos. 14117, 14004)
Cell Gormáineccl site (no. 1253); ringed cross-slab (EC?); gvyd with raised central area; well
Cell Iagvyd & ch - late, on possible earlier site (no. 5743); 1934 OS map indicates 'St Abban's Nunnery (site of)' S of ch, according to Gwynn & Hadcock founded by St Abbán in 6th cent.
Cellín?*ch site; gvyd site (no. 14466)
Cellín?eccl site possible; circular encl (110m diam) formerly in tld; gvyd site
Cellín?*ch site - possible (no. 762); gvyd - no visible traces
Cellínch site possible; gvyd site
Cell Inse (an mhachaire)ch & gvyd (on earlier site?)
Cell?; (Kill?)gvyd (rect 35 x 50m: killeen)
Cell Laisre/Lasra (Killasseragh)early eccl enclosure - suboval; gvyd - no trace of grave markers (nos. 5161, 5742)
Cell Láthraig/Áthraigeccl site; high-cross shaft, base x 2; ch ruin (late med); gvyd (no. 1428)
Cell Leáin ch ruin (site possibly EC); gvyd - modern; wells x2 to NE (nos. 3406, 3552-3)
Cell Liadaine (?)eccl site; ch foundations; gvyd (no. 1431)
Cell Liatháin ch ruin x2 (1 probably med par ch; 2 probably 17-18thC chapel); gvyd (no. 3413)
Cell Lionáingvyd 'Main. na Sratha Duibe'
Cell Lóebáinch ruin; circ gvyd (no.1167)
Cell Luaithrinnch ruin; gvyd (no. 2646)
Cell Lugáin? (Mountbernard)eccl enclosure - orig circular; ch ruin in E half; gvyd (nos. 3415-6)
Cell Lúráin?eccl site (No. 1262); gvyd rect; well: St. Laurence
Cell mac Áeda?eccl site (no. 1163); encl oval (330 x 260m); high cross (small; defaced inscr.); bullaun x2; horizontal mill: gvyd (rect.)
Cell mac Cairilleccl enclosure (oval); ch site possible; within subrect gvyd (no. 1431)
Cell mac Léiníneccl enclosure - lrg oval (aerial photo); ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 13883, 14434, 14594)
Cell Maincheseccl enclosure possible; ch site; gvyd site possible (no. 14178)
Cell Mainchínch site; gvyd (encl by cashel)
Cell Mannáin (Kilmannon/Kilmannan)eccl site (no. 1237); bullaun; gvyd (rect.)
Cell Meic-Duach? (Kilmacough)gvyd (O'Conor, OSL)
Cell Meic-Liacch ruins; gvyd - possible (no. 1390)
Cell meic Trenach site; gvyd (prob Med) (no. 2620)
Cell M'Ernoic?ch site; gvyd site 'Templebeg'
Cell Mo-bóe (?)eccl site?; bullaun immediately SE; cross slab; ch site (12thC?); gvyd (nos. 3162, 3236, 2611, 2596)
Cell Mo-Chellóc/Mo-Shillóc?eccl site; gvyd - circular raised (No. 1264) Kil-Michaelogue?
Cell Mo-Chuara/Mo-Chora?eccl site; encl circular; ch traces/gvyd (former) nr K. House
Cell Mo-Chuillieccl enclosure - oval; bullauns x2; gvyd site (nos. 13884, 14129, 13918-9)
Cell Mo-Chú? (Kilmacoo)eccl enclosure; ch site; gvyd site; well to N; possible souterrain (nos. 13876, 14398, 14546, 13973, 13338)
Cell Mo-Chumma ch ruin; bullaun possible (removed); gvyd possible; well c.50m to NW (no. 1391)
Cell Mo-Chummach site (possibly early in view of other archae remains); gvyd (Greenan)
Cell Mo-Díchon (?)eccl site; gvyd - wall slightly curved (=> encl?); ch foundations; well
Cell Mo-Dimóc ch site; gvyd site (no trace); bullaun (at nearby house) (no. 1398)
Cell Modula?/Mhac Stola?ch site; gvyd (no. 1867)
Cell Mo-Laisseeccl site; gvyd D-shaped (=> encl?); ch ruin; ogam stone (no. 1396, 1494)
Cell Mo-Lua (Kilmaline)ch site; gvyd site possible (no.1346)
Cell Mo-Ménócc?eccl enclosure - possible; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1854)
Cell Monaeccl enclosure - roughly circ (no. 9200); ch site; gvyd site (1842 OS map - no trace)
Cell Mór Arad Tírech ruin (late); gvyd (no. 1868)
Cell Moreccl enclosure - oval; gvyd in SE quadrant; 2 bullauns (1 inside S bank, 2nd c.480m to NE); souterrain in NE quadrant (nos. 13874, 14069, 13909, 13910, 13222)
Cell Móreccl enclosure; cross slab; bullaun; leacht; gvyd (killeen)
Cell Mo-Shillóceccl site; gvyd D-shaped (no. 1219); ch ruin/Romanesque arch (until 19thC)
Cell Muadáin?eccl site (no. 771); circular encl (discernible pre-1900); gvyd
Cell Mucraisseeccl site; gvyd D-shaped (80 x 50m); well: St Bride (no. 1265)
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)ch ruin; gvyd (no. 532)
Cell Muire eccl enclosure - sub-circular; ch ruin; gvyd site - no trace (nos. 3423-4)
Cell Murbaigeccl complex: enclosure; ch ruin x2 ('Teampall na Naomh' EC oratory; nrby 'Teampall Mac-Duach' EC with later additions; possible eccl building adj); ch site with gvyd (possible - to E OSM, OSL); Latin cross - incised (possible reused cross-slab); pillar-s
Cell na Gráinsigeeccl enclosure? - circular area; ch site (no trace); gvyd (no. 1400, 1401)
Cell na hInnse?eccl site; ch ruin poss (str not identif); gvyd ('Monaster Gvyd')
Cell na Mac ch site; gvyd site (on 1st ed of OS map) (no. 1402)
Cell na Manachch site; gvyd - now vanished; well: St Fechin to SW (nos. 2650, 2651, 2750)
Cell na mBochtánch site? gvyd (killeen - Kilnamuckaun)
Cell na mBráthar*ch site; in gvyd (nos. 14431, 14590)
Cell na Náem*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1869)
Cell na nIubar (Killinure = Domnach Eochailli?)eccl site?; oval encl 50 x 40m; gvyd (now vanished; O'Donovan Name Book)
Cell na Saccarteccl site: encl; gvyd EC (Kilnasaggart: excavated); cross-carved pillar (inscr with name 'Ternoc'); possible bullaun; well
Cell Óenamhnáeccl enclosure; bullaun c.350m to S; ch ruin (11-12thC); gvyd (No. 13882, 14593, 14433, 13917)
Cell Olaeccl enclosure - oval; gvyd - killeen (nos. 579, 885)
Cell Orrluchta?eccl site?; gvyd (calluragh x 3); holy well x 2 (K. West)
Cell Osnataeccl site? high cross ring? (now lost); ch site; gvyd (no. 1417)
Cell Phátraicch site; gvyd site (no. 1849); well: St Brigit
Cell Phátraiceccl site (No. 1297) D-shaped gvyd (46 x 56m); ch site (med. par)
Cell Phátraic?eccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Cell Phátraiceccl site (excav by Swan); enclosure oval (100 x 88m: evid of occ 6th-9thC); ch ruin (med - 15thC?); gvyd ('Kilpatrick' OS Map); well: St Patrick
Cell Rethaire/Ruathaire?gvyd nr. Kilruddery House
Cell Rígnaich?eccl site possible (no. 1217); gvyd (rect.) - sheet 48
Cell Roiseccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (Shanakyle)
Cell Roiseccl enclosure poss? (oval area on 1st ed OS map); ch site; gvyd (no. 1874)
Cell Roiseccl site; enclosure sub-circ (no. 1195); bullaun; gvyd
Cell Rónáin?eccl site; encl poss; ch site; gvyd (circular: 'Kilronan Gvyd')
Cell Rónáineccl site: possible D-shaped encl (no. 1403); ch traces; gvyd site; stone stoup
Cell Rossáineccl site? (lrg circular encl 1842 OS map); ch site (no visible trace); gvyd (no. 5749);
Cell Ruadáin?ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1873)
Cell Ruadhch site; gvyd site (D-shaped -1842 OS map); 'Priest's well' c.130m to SW (nos. 14423, 14580, 13995)
Cell San Labhraiseccl enclosure - circular (bivallate: rc date 650-780); ch ruin & gvyd (no. 1387)
Cell Saráineccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (No. 938)
Cell Ségáin(?)ch site; gvyd (123 burials - some pillowstones); well
Cell Senaichgvyd site (1842 OS map) (no. 5750)
Cell Sinchill? (Kiltennell)eccl site?; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 524); well
Cell Srianáinch ruin (17thC); gvyd (nos. 1426)
Cell Teccáin/Tagáinch site; gvyd ('Seana-Mhaighean')
Cell Tidill eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 770)
Cell Tigernáineccl site: enclosure circ, lge; ch ruin (medieval); gvyd possible
Cell Tiprateccl site: cross-slab (EC); ch ruin; rect gvyd (no. 1433); well - formerly?
Cell Tíreeccl enclosure possible; circular gvyd - EC; 3 ogam stones (no. 1347)
Cell tSillóc?eccl site; circular encl(aerial photo); gvyd site
Cell tSuibhne eccl enclosure ('cashel') - oval; ch ruin (in E half); gvyd - modern (no. 3426)
Cell Ua mbairdeccl site?; ch ruin (K. Old Ch); gvyd (no. 1880)
Cell Ua nDaigreeccl site; ch site; gvyd (No. 937)
Cell Ua Scolaigech site; gvyd site
Cell Ua Tigernáineccl enclosure (also possible inner encl); ch ruin (Romanesque doorway); gvyd (no. 1860)
Cenannaseccl site; encl discernible (aerial survey); ch ruins (EC); cross (no. 1555); gvyd (nos. 1513,1514)
Cenn Ardch ruin ('Reglaish Ch': med); gvyd (calluragh?); wells: Tobar na Stéilleach/Tobar Muire/Tobar Michíl (K. West)
Cenn Lochach ruin; rect gvyd (no. 1434)
Cenn tuirceccl site (no. 1239); circular gvyd (42m)
Cetharlacheccl site? (ch traces at St Mary's CoI.? no. 544); gvyd x 2 rec. 17thc
Chapeleccl site (no. 1211); circular gvyd (70 x 64m); site of med par ch; well: St. Francis; Toberpatrick to nth
Charlestown*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 900)
Church Islandeccl site; encl - oval, small; ch ruin (oratory); gvyd (no. 1363)
Church Island/Oilén an Tempailleccl site; enclosure (0.5 acre); ch ruin (oratory: early?); ogam-inscr cross-slab (7thC?); cross-slab x2; stone crosses; gvyd site; hut
Churchtown*ch ruin (Bruhenny par ch); gvyd (nos. 14406, 14561)
Churchtowneccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (oval)
Churchtown Gartanch ruin; gvyd (No. 1533); holy well
Clasharusheeneccl site? sub-circular raised area; gvyd within; well (now dry) c.20m ESE (nos. 2784, 2649)
Clenorch ruins (Romanesque); in NW of gvyd (nos. 14407, 14562)
Clochareccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 901)-late
Cloghleigh/Kylebegeccl enclosure (remains of earth & stone bank); bullaun; gvyd (human bones found); well to NW (nos. 1830, 1997, 1976, 1956)
Cloghmacsimoneccl enclosure circular; gvyd 'Ballymodan' (nos. 2566, 3232)
Cloghoreeccl site?; enclosure circ; gvyd ('Tetunny Burial Ground') ; well (no trace) (No. 1538)
Clogrenanch ruin; gvyd (no. 547); stone incised cross
Clonbuogh*ch ruin - sm; gvyd site - on 1st ed OS map (nos.1832, 1998)
Cloneeccl site; encl sub-circular; ch traces; gvyd
Clonee/Cluain Áeda?eccl site (no. 1365); gvyd formerly
Cloonbonniffech site - no trace; gvyd (killeen)
Clooneeccl site; enclosure - circular; ch traces (of earlier date) possible; 19thC ch & gvyd (no. 1628)
Cloonlaureccl site poss? cross-slab (EC); cross-inscr pillar; gvyd (loc name 'Killeen')
Cloonmacduffeccl enclosure possible; ch site ('Killederdaowen') possible; gvyd (no. 2627)
Cloonmorriseccl site; ogam stone; bullaun; ch ruin; rect gvyd (nos. 1409, 1443)
Cloonmullinch ruin (Teampall Maol); gvyd (killeen)
Closutton/Cell Fhínáinch ruin; gvyd 'Killinane' (no. 550)
Cluain Chaín M'Áedóceccl site (no. 1221); encl circular (300m); gvyd (rect); well: St. Aidan
Cluain Chaín eccl site; ch traces ('St Medoc's'); gvyd (No. 901)
Cluain Chaín eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 717)
Cluain Chaín eccl site; gvyd site (no. 716)
Cluain Chathaeccl site; grave-slab (cross-inscr: EC); high crosses x 2; ch ruin; gvyd (No. 1539)
Cluain Chonmaicneeccl site; pillar-stone (cross-inscr); cross-slabs x 3 (EC); bullaun; high-cross frags (shaft, transom, base: 10th-12thC); stone heads x 2 (built into wall); ch site; gvyd (no. 1406)
Cluain Clárithch ruin (probably late); subrect gvyd (no. 1405)
Cluain Daimh gvyd site (under cultivation)
Cluain dá ochraeccl site; ch ruin (pre-Norman?); inscr slab ('the bishop's grave'); gvyd (Ardneeve - Ard [na] Naomh?); well (tld Bunacloy adj to Ballinakill)
Cluain dá Rátha?ch ruin; gvyd
Cluain Dergáineccl enclosure - sub-circular; ch ruin (possibly med) in NE quadrant in sm sub-circular enclosure; gvyd - killeen (nos. 3342-3, 3716)
Cluain Duacheccl site; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd (sub-circular); cross-insc slabs
Cluain Eóchailleeccl enclosure (oval); bullaun c.8m to SW; ch ruin (Romanesque features) within; gvyd (no remains); souterrain (nos. 2625, 2782, 2041)
Cluain Ernáineccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (circular wall)
Cluain Escrach eccl enclosure - lrg circular; bullaun in NW quadrant; gvyd - killeen (nos. 3341, 3713)
Cluain Fhiadh ch ruin (on earlier site?); D-shaped gvyd (no. 1335)
Cluain foisch ruin; bullaun; gvyd - killeen to S (nos. 3344, 3718)
Cluain Fota Fine/Libréineccl site: enclosure (183m diam.); ch ruin; gvyd (Clonfadforan)
Cluain Loistheeccl enclosure (lrg circular) probable; gvyd - killeen (nos. 3347, 3720)
Cluain Lothairch ruin; rect gvyd (no. 1408)
Cluaineccl site (no. 1220); bullaun x2; cross-decor slabs; ch ruin (13thc? Romanesque features); gvyd (rect.)
Cluain Mór Dícholla Gairbheccl site; ch ruin (foundations); gvyd (no. 1222) - Sheet 31
Cluain Seacdha(?)*gvyd - traces
Cluain Síon (Gortnabishaun) eccl enclosure - roughly circular; ch ruin? ('Gortnabishaun Abbey'); gvyd - killeen; wells x2 (along approach roads to site) (nos. 3348-9, 3726, 3535-6)
Cluain Tuaisceirteccl site; cross-slabs x 13 (late 9th & early10thC ); ch ruin (Clontuskert Abbey); gvyd
Cluain uamhaeccl site; rd twr; cathedral (St Coleman's) across rd; gvyd (nos. 5605, 5775, 5597)
Cnocán na mBan eccl enclosure? - roughly circular; cross slab (lost); gvyd (no. 527)
Cnúchaeccl site?; gvyd (burials 500-1000 AD); well: St Brigit
Coinnereeccl site; rd twr site? (stump removed 19thc); cross-shaft; inscribed stone (UM); ch ruin; gvyd ('Templemurry')
Collinstowneccl site: circular encl - outer (earthworks curving to W & SW); ch site (recorded); gvyd ('Caltragh')
Collon*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 906/7)
Coning (?)ch ruin; gvyd site (nos. 1838, 2000)
Conva*ch ruin (late Med); gvyd (nos. 14412, 14568)
Cooliney*ch ruin; gvyd - late? (nos. 14414, 14571)
Coolstuffeccl site? (no. 1225); bullaun; gvyd (rect)
Corbally*gvyd - location forgotten (O'Curry, OSL); well: St Mo-Ling
Corgreaghgvyd (no. 1189) incl. D-shaped area
Cork (Christ Church)*ch site (of Holy Trinity); gvyd (nos. 5805, 5813)
Corlatgvyd (no. 1190) 'Killahean Gvyd'
Corrandrumch ruin (med - inc. part of early oratory); gvyd - killeen to S (nos. 3354, 3734)
Corraneach site possible; gvyd (no.1629)
Corrawillinch site; 2 stone heads (15thc); gvyd site (450m to NNE: Lavey tl) no visible remains; well (nos. 1630-1, 1739, 1753)
Coulaghch site possible; gvyd (nos. 2805, 3176)
Courthoyle Oldeccl site (no. 1226); bullaun; gvyd (rect); well: Tobermurry
Cráeb Elpi eccl site; bullaun; ch traces; gvyd 'The Religeen'
Craigaroganeccl site (possibly early); gvyd (Carngrany)
Crevilly Valleych site; gvyd site (obliterated); cross-carved stone (UM); well (now dry)
Críchedch site (Tempall a' Chlochaire); gvyd - possibly early
Croagheccl enclosure - oval; ch ruin? (poss sm oratory); gvyd (nos. 2568, 2806, 3123)
Cros Pátraiceccl site?; ch ruin, gvyd at top of hill
Crossbanegvyd (no. 1191) oval, embanked
Crossbaneeccl site; enclosure - pear-shaped; ch & gvyd site; well site (nos. 1633, 1754)
Crosserlougheccl site? ch traces; enclosure? circular gvyd (no. 1634)
Cruicetown*eccl site?; circular gvyd (no. 1377); ch ruin
Cúil Bennchair eccl site (no. 721); ch ruin (Romanesque doorway & arch); gvyd
Cúil Echtranneccl site; ch ruin (late med); gvyd (now in pasturage); cross - reported by OS to have been found at site c.1790
Cuilenneccl enclosure - oval; gvyd (nos. 5160, 5715)
Cúil Maine/Muine?ch site possible (no. 2628); ruin of abbey; gvyd rect.
Cúil na Méaragán ch ruin (med); gvyd - D-shaped; well 70m to SE (nos. 3340, 3532)
Culdaff (Cúil Dub?)well (formerly Turas Boden) (No. 1671); gvyd (Ardmore) (No. 1788)
Curraghmore*ch site; gvyd (no. 1842)
Derrych ruin (Bonahum ch); gvyd (no. 1844)
Derrygalunch site (1937 OS map, since levelled); within gvyd (nos. 14474, 14088)
Derrylahanwell (No. 1674); gvyd (Garrynakilla), oval 21.7m x 17.3m (No. 1790)
Derrymore eccl site (possibly early); gvyd (Maghernagaw)
Derryvillane?ch ruins (late med); gvyd (nos. 14416, 14573); on earlier site?
Derryvonyeccl site? enclosure - oval; gvyd ('Galloon Burial Ground') (no. 1732)
Dísert Chroim?eccl site (probably early: Hurley); ch ruin; gvyd (no. 3208)
Dísert (Desert)eccl enclosure possible (levelled); ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 5166, 5717, 5626)
Dísert Do-Chonnaeccl site? ch ruin; gvyd (No. 923)
Dísertmachen (?)eccl site (no. 1180); gvyd (rect); well: Lady's Well
Dísert Móreccl site probable; gvyd (no. 9515)
Dísert Munnu/Ishartmoneccl site (no. 1181); gvyd (rect)
Doagh*ch remains; gvyd
Doaghmorewell (Turas Davaddog) (No. 1679); gvyd (No. 1791)
Domnach Mór?eccl site; ch site; gvyd (in 'Church Field') (No. 912)
Domnach Mór eccl site; encl (partial); ch ruin (foundations); gvyd (site) (no. 1384)
Domnach Mór Maige Críathar eccl site; ch site (no. 1227); gvyd (rect)
Domnach Mór Maige Éne/Áinech ruin (12thC or earlier); gvyd (excav by Ó Donnchadha; 13thC burials)
Domnach Mór Maige Ithach site (occ by C of I ch); gvyd (No. 1546)
Domnach Mór Maige Selceeccl site poss; circ encl (inner diam 43m); ch ruin (Aghclare Ch - post-med); gvyd (rect: overlying encl) nr Shad L.; well: St Colum Cille
Domnach Mór Pátraiceccl site (no. 1473); encl possible; gvyd (orig circular); tent-shaped tomb; granite shaft
Doochillgvyd (No. 1792)
Doonpetereccl site; sub-circular enclosure; gvyd within; bullaun; ch site possible; well ('Doon well') (nos. 5253, 5174, 5210)
Drinagheccl site? (no. 1232); gvyd (rect)
Dromagarrum ch site; gvyd (cillín)
Dromdowneych site; gvyd site possible; well to S (nos. 14475, 14091, 13977)
Dromidiclogheccl site? gvyd (in subrect area); well (Toberkilla) c.40m to E (nos. 2827, 2659)
Dromore (1)irregular enclosure; gvyd within; cross-slab (nos. 2830, 2605)
Dromore (2)sub-circular enclosure - sm, raised; gvyd within (no burials noted) (nos. 2831, 2473)
Druim Caraeccl site? ch ruin; gvyd (No. 917)
Druim Enaig?ch ruin (traces); gvyd (modern - Bluebell)
Druim Lúacháineccl enclosure oval; bullaun; gvyd (Cíllín) site; ogam stones x 10 (nos. 1349, 1487)
Druim Mórgvyd 'Religpatrick'; well: St Patrick c.250m to E - no trace (nos. 14094, 13981)
Druim Riabhach gvyd ('Killkeeran'); ch site
Druim Samraideccl site; gvyd site (no. 1391)
Druim Snechtaeccl site; gvyd (no.1175)
Druim Thuamaeccl site (no. 1598); ch ruin (Late Med 24'.5" x 24' - 'Drumhome Old Ch'/'Temple McMillighan'); gvyd (Mullinacross)
Druim Úirdch site - possible; oval gvyd (no. 1646)
Drumaliss*ch site; gvyd site
Drumardch ruin; oval gvyd (no.1163)
Drumbess*eccl site possible; circular enclosure; gvyd possible; well - blocked up (nos. 1733, 1761)
Drumgoonch site (St Patrick's?) possible; gvyd (heart-shaped) (no. 1645)
Drumgristingvyd (no. 1192)
Drumkeeneccl site? sub-circ outline preserved by mod gvyd (No. 1797); ch ruin extant to late 18thC (OS Mem); well: St. Brigit (No. 1682)
Drumlarganeccl site; circular gvyd within larger encl (no. 1390); ch ruin
Drummans (Congbáil?)ch site (late?); rect gvyd (no. 1420); well (recorded, not located)
Drumnacureccl site? possible enclosure? (gvyd 'Killacur' in OS - circular area encl by cashel 21 yds); cross-carved stone
Drumnahoaghch ruin (Leck Old Church); gvyd (No. 1553)
Drumshallonch ruin; gvyd (No. 918)
Drumswords*ch ruin; gvyd (no.1164)
Drumtullagh?gvyd (in Kilmoyle tl)
Drungch site (early?) occ by ruins of 17thC ch; gvyd (no. 1650)
Dunanych ruin; gvyd (No. 919)
Dungooly (Urney) eccl site; bullaun; Latin cross inscribed slab; ch ruin ('Urney Church'); gvyd (No. 921)
Duniskych site; gvyd (no trace); well site? (nos. 9527, 9272)
Dunlisch site; gvyd (later ch ruin)
Dunmiskch site poss (wooden: excav by Ivens); gvyd (500 gvs); enclosure (hilltop)
Dunreegvyd 'Cill Ard' (No. 1799)
Ecclaseccl enclosure - roughly circular; ch ruin (late); gvyd (nos. 9197, 9514, 9488)
Ecclas*ch ruin - late; gvyd (no. 1310)
Enach*gvyd (no. 1187) in approx circ area
Enach Dubeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd - rect (no. 1395)
Enach Eiltienclosure (x4) - eccl?; ch & gvyd
Enach eccl enclosure - possible; ch ruin (on site of earlier ch); gvyd (no. 3289)
English Island*ch ruins ('Ross Abbey'); gvyd (late); well: St Cummin (no. 3253, 3212, 2666)
Éo Iniseccl site? enclosure roughly circular; gvyd possible; well c.30m to NE (nos. 1736, 1763)
Ernaidech ruin; gvyd (no. 1717)
Ernaideeccl site? enclosure roughly circular; gvyd site ('Caldragh'); ch site possible (nos. 1716, 1745)
Erveych site? gvyd site? (NW of E Cross Roads)
Etar-druimmeccl site possible (no. 1236); ch ruin (late); gvyd (rect)
Etargabaleccl enclosure - circular; ch ruin; gvyd - killeen (nos. 3285-6, 3626)
Etargabalgvyd (no. 1193) in approx circ area
Faithche? (Fahy)ch site (mkd 'Cill Voy' on 1818 map); gvyd (no. 1421)
Faraghy*gvyd (no. 1194)
Farran Eglish*ch ruin (no. 743: late med); gvyd site
Faughergvyd 'Mullaghdoney Burial Ground' (No. 1802)
Feenuneeccl site poss? stdg stone (encirc cross poss); sm stone cross-inc.; gvyd (Killeen Beg: within subrect encl)
Feigh*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1848)
Finnerch ruin within D-shaped gvyd (No. 1564)
Fochladeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (elongated oval)
Foibréneeccl site possible; lge encl (no. 234: 150m def by field bdies/road)nth of Carlow; gvyd 'The Graves' (no. 543) to sth - either rep. this site?
Fothair na Manacheccl site; encl d-shaped; ch traces; clocháns x4; gvyd nr; calluragh nr
Gallon*ch ruins (rectangular); gvyd (oval) (no. 1653)
Gallonreaghch site; circular gvyd (no. 1654)
Garrabauneccl enclosure? (large curving earthwork to E on aerial photo); ch ruin (Augustinian on earlier site?); gvyd (no. 1918)
Garranbraher?ch site; in gvyd (no. 5724)
Garrisoneccl site; D-shaped area; ch site possibly early; gvyd ('Kilbaun burial ground'); ogam stone (site of)? (no. 1460)
Garrynadur (Garraí na dTor)ch site; gvyd possible; holy well
Garryvicleheench site; gvyd (no. 1853)
Gibstowneccl site; standing stone; gvyd (no. 1407) - sundial in wall of encl
Glebe*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 926)
Glendaduffeccl site poss? cross-slab (EC); gvyd ('St Martin's')
Glenn Cornógeccl site; bullaun (now vanished?); gvyd (O'Curry, OSL)
Glenn (Gatt?)eccl site poss?; cross inscr standing stone (No. 1568); gvyd (Coolkill)
Glenpatrickch site ('Cill Breac')? gvyd (no. 1462)
Glenulra*eccl site poss? cross-slab (EC); gvyd (killeen)
Gluaireeccl site?; ch traces; gvyd ('The Glore')
Gortageeneccl enclosure possible (sub-circ raised area); ch site possible; gvyd (nos. 13763, 14482, 14101)
Gorteennafinnogech site - possible (1936 OS map); gvyd - within oval enclosure? (nos. 14483, 14103)
Gortgranard*gvyd (no.1196)
Gortnaclassach*ch ruin; gvyd (killeen, adj)
Gortrelig (Gort na Reilige)*gvyd (possible)
Gowlanech site 'An Chill Íochtair' (An Seabhac); bullaun; gvyd possible
Grace Dieugvyd (pillow-stone burials); well: St Brigit
Grangech ruin - possible; gvyd - oval (no. 3383)
Haggardstown*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 929)
Haroldstownch ruin (plain rect.); gvyd (no. 562); St Patrick's well (no. 638)
Horse Islandeccl site?; bullaun; gvyd (no visible trace) (nos. 2865, 2585)
Imphrick*ch ruin; in NW of gvyd (nos. 14424, 14583)
Inber Colptha? (Mornington)eccl site (no. 1370); cross-frag ringed 10thC (no. 1530); gvyd (EC burials - poss British rites); ch ruin (Augustinian 12/13thC - on earlier site?)
Inchmore ch site; gvyd - oval area; souterrain - possible in SW quadrant (nos. 2637, 2098)
Inis bó finneeccl site; double-encl, large; ch ruin? (stone structure); gvyd x2
Inis Brechmaigech ruin ('St Mogue's': rectangular drystone-built); gvyd (no. 1692)
Inis Chaín Degaeccl site; rd twr (Nat. Mon. 208); gvyd (no.1166)
Inis Chaínch site; gvyd (rectangular); 15thc architectural fragments found in gvyd wall (NMI) (no. 1652); well ('Tobar Áirne') near ch site
Inis Chaíneccl site: cross-slab (EC); pillar base (no. 1423); ch site; gvyd site ('Friar's garden' on OS map)
Inis Charach site?; gvyd (no. 9529)
Inis Chobthaig?eccl site: ch ruin; gvyd (curved sections?)
Inis Dubthaigch ruin; gvyd (No. 1572); well (No. 1689)
Inis Dúineeccl site?; ch ruin; cross frags 200m to NW; gvyd (nos. 3140, 3221, 2618)
Inis Eidnech? (Inis Ní)ch ruin (med); gvyd - sub-circ area to NE containing leacht & cross-inscr pillar; well - no trace (no. 558)
Inishdevlin*gvyd (no. 1202) possible - oval md 'Caldragh', traces of bank
Inishkennyeccl enclosure - possible (lrg sub-circ); ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 5167, 5731)
Inishmagrathch ruin; rectang gvyd (no. 1424)
Inishmorech ruin possible ('monastery in ruins' 1914 OS map); gvyd possible
Inishtrahullgvyd (No. 1814)
Inis maccu Chuinnch site (EC faint traces); gvyd site ('Rathmath') (no. 551)
Inis meic an Triúr eccl encl - lrg oval; gvyd site; 'abbey' & 'tower' site; well c.130m to ENE (nos. 557, 1010)
Inis Mochtaeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd site (no. 1451)
Inis Mór Locha Gamnach ruin (Tempall Choluim Cille); gvyd (Reilig C.C.)
Inis na mBeoeccl enclosure (circular - plus inner enclosure); high cross; ch ruin Hiberno-Romanesque (Augustinian on earlier site?); gvyd (nos. 1888, 1889, 1890)
Inispollangvyd site - ''Killyvallagh' (now occupied by RC ch & gvyd); dbl bullaun
Inis Úasal/Ausilli?eccl site; encl; ch ruin (oratory); cross-slab x2 (one ogam inscr); stone crosses; gvyd site
Irrus Becceccl encl? - roughly oval; gvyd (no. 542)
Kane*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 932)
Keeleccl site? circ enclosure possible; ch site; gvyd within encl (nos. 14486, 14108)
Keelkilleccl encl - sub-circ; gvyd - killeen in E sector (no. 3385)
Keelogesbeg (Kilmacanganyn)eccl encl oval; ch ('Cill O'Mainné'/'Kilmacanganyn'); gvyd site - no trace (nos. 3386-7)
Kellistown/Kilomeeleccl site?; possible encl (circular area/bank); gvyd 'Kilomeel' (no. 564); well St. Patrick (no. 639)
Kilaned (Cell Fhanaid?)eccl site; cross-slabs x 2 (Nos. 1574, 1575); bullaun (No. 1744); ch site?; bldgs x2 possibly eccl (1 rect lean-to, 2 sm cell); gvyd (No. 1816); wells x 2: St Conall, St Fanad (Nos. 1692-3)
Kilballyhuech & gvyd site (no. 565); well (adj tld Graiguenaspiddogue)
Kilbegch site (EC?); gvyd (killeen - now no trace) (nos. 3389, 3774)
Kilbeggvyd ('Cill Mhic Stuice') (No. 1817); well: St. Patrick - modernised (no. 1695)
Kilboglashyeccl encl - D-shaped (2 more enclosures within); ch ruin (13thC or later with Romanesque features); gvyd (nos. 2639, 2355, 2357)
Kilbolanech site; within 'Ballinakill' gvyd (no. 14584)
Kilboultragheccl enclosure possible (roughly circular field pattern 1842 OS map); children's gvyd in SE quadrant (nos. 9798, 9340)
Kilboy (Cell Boe?)eccl site; encl circular ('Churcheston'); gvyd
Kilbrannish eccl site; encl - oval 40 x 26m (no. 567); gvyd 'The Reilig'; well: St Brigit (no. 640)
Kilcarraeccl site?; ch traces; gvyd (O'Donovan, OSL)
Kilcloney* gvyd (no. 569)1839 OS Map; no longer visible
Kilcorneyeccl site possible (arc of earthen bank); gvyd (no. 9203, 9539)
Kilcorran*gvyd (no.1197)
Kilcranathan?ch site; gvyd site possible (descr as 'circular' - exact loc now unkwn) (no. 14496, 14115)
Kilcreengvyd possible (no. 1203)
Kilcumneych site (traces); gvyd (no. 486)
Kildaloughch ruin; gvyd - possible to E (no. 2669)
Kildarton*ch ruin & gvyd (Kildarton?)
Kildavinch site (traces); gvyd (no. 487)
Kildeeeccl enclosure - roughly circular; gvyd (nos. 2574, 2876)
Kildorrery*ch ruin (late?); in gvyd (nos. 14429, 14587)
Kilfithmone*/Cell Fhia Múinch site; gvyd (no. 1863: modern ch on site)
Kilgraney*gvyd (no. 570)1839 OS Map; no longer visible
Kilkeanych site; gvyd site (no. 1468) - now no trace
Kilkennych site; gvyd
Kilknockane*ch site; gvyd site possible (on hill called 'Ardnacille') (nos. 14498, 14118)
Killaconenaghch ruin ('Killaconenagh'); in gvyd (nos. 3125, 3206)
Killadanganeccl enclosure? (traces of circular entrenchment); gvyd site (1st ed OS map) - no trace (no. 1469)
Killadoughraneccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (semi-circular)
Killaghaduffch ruins; gvyd (rectangular) (no. 1658)
Killagowaneccl site (no. 1255); gvyd (rectang); well: Cronan
Killaleech ruin (med); gvyd (killeen)
Killaleenangvyd (Killaleenan); ch ruin; cashel & souterrain nearby
Killallych site?; gvyd (Nos. 1005 & 1022)
Killanneccl site (no. 1167); encl circ (120m def. by scarp); gvyd (rectang) within
Killarterych site; possib gvyd (No. 935)
Killeach ruin (small); gvyd (no. 1901) - rath/ringfort (no. 842) nrby
Killeenaghch site; gvyd site? bullaun (no. 1522)
Killianneeccl site (no. 1258); bullaun; gvyd circular (40m); ch ruin
Killila eccl site (no. 1240); gvyd oval (52 x 40m); well: Brigit
Killinaneeccl enclosure? - circular; ch site possible; gvyd (nos. 14126, 14505)
Killincoolech ruin; gvyd (No. 936); bullaun in SE corner
Killincooleyeccl site (no. 1260); granite stone (perforated) relief decor; raised gvyd (subrectang); well: Mochean?
Killinickeccl site (no. 1296); gvyd circ (45m) raised
Killnacruech site; gvyd site; cross-carved stone; well ('Kille well'); souterrain reptd 30yrds to W (OS Memoir)
Killoughterch site; oval gvyd (no. 1660)
Killowengvyd (Killowen); ch traces; cross site nearby
Killoweneccl site; raised area - oval; bullaun; standing stone; gvyd (on raised area); well (nos. 2888, 405, 2591, 2688)
Killuaeccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (curving wall to SW and S)
Killuraghch site; gvyd site possible; holy tree c.40m to E; well: St Crannat - dry (nos. 14128, 14050, 14009)
Killure (Cell an Iúir?)eccl encl possible; ch ruin (1836 OS: 'remains of old nunnery'?); gvyd site (to E - no evident remains)/killeen possible (nos. 2647, 2820)
Killyann (Cell Liatháin?)ch site; gvyd site (possible)
Killycoogan*ch & gvyd site
Killycronech site; gvyd (no. 1661)
Killydesertch site (No. 1583); gvyd (No. 1825)
Killyfinlach & gvyd site (possible - not located) (no. 1662)
Killyshanegvyd site; nunnery site (possible)
Kilmackilloogvyd (No. 1826)
Kilmacreaeccl site?; encl circular 35m ('The Raheen'); gvyd - claim
Kilmacreddanch site; gvyd (no trace) (No. 1636)
Kilmacreeeccl site possible (no. 1263); bullaun; ch site; gvyd (subrectang)
Kilmacteigeeccl site; bullauns; cross-slab; ch site (occ by C of I ch ruin); gvyd (curving wall => encl?) (nos. 2648, 2684, 2788)
Cill Mágh Cearóg?eccl site possible (oval enclosure, 1904 & 1940 OS maps); gvyd in NE quadrant; bullaun c.55m outside perimeter (nos. 9206, 9346, 9229)
Kilmaloodaeccl encl - roughly circular; gvyd (nos. 2575, 2890)
Kilmichaelch ruin; bullaun c.50m to W; gvyd to E (nos. 3152, 2891, 2592)
Kilnadroweccl enclosure? - sub-circ (1935 OS map); gvyd - possible (no. 14177)
Kilnadureccl site? bullauns x2; gvyd - rectang enclosure (nos. 2895, 2593, 2594)
Kilnaglackench site; gvyd site - no visible trace (no. 1847)
Kilnahornaeccl site; encl - oval (small); ch ruin (poss); gvyd ('Kilnahorna' OS Map)
Kilnaruaneeccl enclosure large, roughly circ; high cross shaft (figure décor - Nat Mon no. 436: EC); bullaun; gvyd (nos. 2576, 2620, 2898, 2595)
Kilparteen/Cell Phairtíneccl enclosure (circular) possible; ch site; gvyd (nos. 1871, 2013)
Kilphelan eccl enclosure possible; ch site; gvyd (1842, 1905 & 1935 OS maps) (nos. 13903, 14597, 14437)
Kilrusheccl site (no. 1195); circular gvyd (65m); bullaun (double)
Kilscoraneccl site? (no. 1270); gvyd (rectang)
Kilshinahaneccl enclosure - large, sub-circ; ch ruins; gvyd (nos. 2577, 3154, 3229)
Kilvarneteccl site; encl?; ch ruin within; gvyd (no. 2656)
Kilverdon (Cell Bhearnáin)ch ruin; gvyd
Kilvroon?eccl site? gvyd site (no trace); well (Toberkilvroon) (nos. 2793, 2651)
Kilwarry*gvyd (No. 1827)
Kinnagh*ch site (med. par.); gvyd (subrect.); well: St. Martin
Knappaghmanagheccl encl - circ; cross-inc slab (EC); gvyd (killeen)
Knawhilleccl enclosure; ch site; gvyd in N half; well: 'Toberbweeheen' to SSW (nos. 13885, 14512, 14137, 14014)
Knigh/Cell Ard?*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1875)
Knockardbane eccl enclosure - lrg circ (1937 OS map); ch ruin - Granard; gvyd (in centre of encl) (nos. 13886, 14440, 14602)
Knockatemplech site; circular gvyd (1835 OS map) (no. 1671)
Knockatempleeccl site; bullaun; trace of encl?; ch ruin; gvyd
Knockaunncarragh*ch site (traces); gvyd site - possible (no trace); well to E (nos. 587, 664)
Knockbrackeccl site; encl possible; cross-inscr slabs x 4; horizontal millstone frag; ch traces (prob med); gvyd (nos. 2657, 2687, 2936)
Knockcroghery (St John's)gvyd site? grave-slab (EC)
Knockeench ruin; gvyd (no. 1408)
Knockmacooleccl encl - large, circ; ch site? gvyd (late) (nos. 2578, 3233, 3157)
Knocknageehyeccl encl - roughly oval; ch ruins; cross fragment (base) NE of gvyd (nos. 3158, 2907, 2621)
Knocknagoranch site 'Cnoc na hEaglaise'; gvyd (No. 940 & 1008)
Knockroureccl encl possible (sub-circ - entrance of 2 parallel upright stones to SSW); gvyd site 'Keelboultragh' (cist-formed graves; 'Kill burial gd' on 1842 OS map); bullaun; well: St James to SW (no. 9207, 9357, 9234, 9292)
Knockseccl encl possible (semi-circ rough area); gvyd within; cross-slab (nos. 2909, 2609); ch traces - possible
Kyle*ch site possible (no. 774) no visible remains; gvyd (Kyleballintalla)
Kylenaseer* (Cell na Saer?)ch site; gvyd site (possible)
Kyletabreehren*ch ruin (no. 734); gvyd subrectangular
Labbamolagaeccl site; enclosure sub-circ; bullaun; ch ruins (par ch; earlier fndts - 9th/ 10thC?); stone cross (missing 1997); cross-slabs x2; gvyd (nos. 13887, 14600, 14438-9, 13930, 13928, 13923-4, 13920)
Lachtgannon*ch ruin (med); gvyd (no. 588)
Lackagh Beg*ch ruin (med - St Columbkille's); gvyd (no. 3432)
Lackaeccl enclosure - possible (lrg semi-circular); gvyd (children's) (nos. 1876, 2015)
Lackendarragh (Cell Chuilinn?) eccl enclosure - D-shaped; gvyd (no surface trace) & souterrain in NE half (nos. 13888, 14141, 13296)
Lady's Islandeccl site (no. 1274); gvyd (sub-circ); ch site (med. par); ch site (no. 1291) St Ivors in same par?
Lagavooren*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 943)-late medieval
Lagnagillew*stone slab, inc. linear cross (No. 1591); gvyd (Killeen Burial Ground)
Lankilleccl site; pillar-stone (cross-inscr); cross-slab; leacht; ch ruin; gvyd (killeen: circ encl); well (Toberbrendan)
Largan Begeccl site possible?; pillar-stone (cross-inscr); sub-circ encl; gvyd (killeen) within; leacht
Lathrach (Laragh)eccl site; ch ruin; gvyd (O'Curry OSL)
Lattonfaskych ruin 'Templemoyle'; gvyd (no. 1268)
Lavaghch & gvyd site - no visible remains (no. 1674)
Lecc bladmaeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (circular)
Leckseccl enclosure? - oval 'rath' (Killastueran Fort); ch & gvyd site inside (nos.848, 1677, 1740)
Lettera*pillar-stone (cross-inscr); hollow in field - poss ch site?; poss gvyd (killeen)
Lía na Manacheccl site; gvyd (Liag Chyd)
Lignalitter*ch site; gvyd site (now under tillage)
Lisdanganeccl enclosure possible (roughly circular on 1937 OS map); ch site possible (1937 OS map); gvyd (nos. 14143, 14518)
Lismochanch site; gvyd (now under tillage)
Liss na Cille ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1412)
Lockstown*gvyd (calluragh); cross (granite - simple)
Loughaneccl site?; circular gvyd (no. 1446)
Loumanagh*ch site; gvyd site possible (1937 OS map) (nos. 14520, 14145)
Luddangvyd ('Templemoyle Burial Ground'); circular enclosure? (No. 1593)
Lurgacloghangvyd 'Cill Bric' (No. 1831)
Lurganch ruins; circ gvyd (no. 1683); well dedic to Patrick beside ch? (O'Connell)
Machaire an Iubairch site (1836 & 1876 OS maps); gvyd (no. 1684)
Macroney* ch ruins (late Med); in gvyd (nos. 14443, 14605)
Mag Arnaide (Moyarney)eccl site (no. 1171); gvyd (oval); Latin cross (8thc?); well: St Abban
Magheragallch site; gvyd site (now occ by farm); well site; rd twr site? (reported demolished in late 18th/early 19thc)
Magherally*ch site; gvyd (late?)
Magheragvyd (Kilchreaghy) (No. 1832)
Magherareagh*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1885)
Magherossch ruin; gvyd (no. 1171)
Maigh Cuilinn*ch ruin (med); gvyd (no. 593)
Máimín*ch ruin - med; gvyd (no. 591)
Malin Beg/Templecavaneccl site poss (no. 1595); ch ruin (Templecavan 3.6 x 1.8m); cross-slab x2 (one with crosses cut on two faces); gvyd (killeen) nrby
Marahillch site - possible, no visible remains; gvyd ('Caldragh') (nos. 1686, 1741)
Marshalstown* ch ruins (late Med); in gvyd (nos. 14444, 14607)
Mayglasseccl site possible (no. 1238); gvyd (rect); ch site (med par); well: St. Fintan
Millquartereccl site? (no. 1276); pillar stone cross-inscr; gvyd (rect); ch site (med par Old Ross)
Milltown gvyd - unencl (no. 582); Bride's Well (no. 645)
Minmoregvyd 'Yew tree gvyd' nr Aghataggart Bridge; font - granite (broken)
Mishellsgvyd - in pentagonal enclosure (no. 2933)
Monamolineccl site (no. 1234); ch site (med par); gvyd (triang.); well: St. Moling
Monamonrach site (earthen bank - leveled); gvyd possible (at Garryricken?);
Monanimy* ch site; in gvyd (nos. 14446, 14609)
Moneycree*ch & gvyd site ('ancient'?, bones found)
Monseach ruin - possible 12thc window; gvyd (no. 1892)
Mosstown*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 960)
Mountbagnall*ch site; gvyd (No. 961: Newtown graveyard) OS 8
Mount Talbot*ch ruin; gvyd
Moycarky*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1895)
Moynetemple*ch ruin (Moyne Ch); gvyd (no. 1896)
Muldergeccl site; enclosure; gvyd (killeen); stone cross (now vanished)
Newtown (Baile Ua Rónáin?)eccl site?; ch traces (15' x10'); gvyd 'Killigeen' (O'Curry OSL)
Newtownstalaban*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 963)
Nuachongbáil (Nohaval 1)ch site possible; gvyd - circular site (c.32yds diam, now levelled); well (nos. 14028, 14154, 14523)
Nure*ch ruin (late?); subrect gvyd (no. 1438)
Oghillch site; gvyd site; stone cross (moved to Mullaboy); well - St Margaret
Oilén an Phocáingvyd (calluragh); clochán
Oilén Maisean ch ruin (EC oratory); cross slabs x2; leachts x2; bullaun; gvyd (no. 590)
Oilén Ros Móreccl site? circ encl; gvyd (calluragh); well
Oldcourteccl site?; cross-slabs (several - now vanished); circular area (small => inner encl?); gvyd ('Old Town')
Oldcourt*ch site; in gvyd (nos. 14448, 14613)
Olltóir*eccl enclosure - oval (or hillfort?) two smaller encl within; gvyd in smallest circular encl (nos. 1131, 3312)
Omardeccl site poss - oval-shaped raised area; gvyd site poss - no visible remains (no. 1743)
Ouleyeccl site?; enclosure circular; gvyd (recent); well (nr perimeter)
Pallas Morech ruin - possibly early; gvyd (no. 1900, 2018)
Paráiste Cholaim Chille*ch site; gvyd site
Pollboych ruin ('Tempoll' - med); gvyd (killeen) (nos. 3460, 3830)
Portaliff or Townparkseccl enclosure possible; ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1694)
Portmuck*ch site; gvyd site (cleared & ploughed by farmer)
Port*ch ruin; gvyd (No. 968)
Racaulfieldgvyd (no. 1206) possible - oval area (37 x 46m)
Rahilleccl site; encl D-shaped; ch ruin 'Acaun Ch' (no. 592: ununkwn date); gvyd
Ráith Braneccl site; low circ platform (80m dia) on which gvyd situated; pillar (granite)
Ráith Chonaill?eccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Ráith Cungach site (Racoo; Ard Roissen - Tírechán); gvyd (killeen); well (No. 1518)
Ráith Donnch ruin; gvyd (formerly)
Ráith Garb?eccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (semi-oval)
Ráithín Uí Bhuaigheccl site; circ enclosure possible; gvyd within
Ráith Mo-Beóc?ch ruin (15thc: on earlier site?); encl? (partly preserved); gvyd (no. 1906)
Ráith Móreccl site (no. 596); cross-base (no. 516); gvyd site (OSL 1839)
Ráith na Leamhaeccl site (no. 794); ch possible ('Kilclaena'); gvyd site; well
Ráith na nEpscopeccl site; raised area; gvyd (No. 1286); well: St Brigit
Ráith Naoieccl site; ch ruin; gvyd - oval
Ráith Saráin (Eglish)ch site (no. 739); gvyd
Rathgormanch ruin; gvyd (now under cultivation)
Rathmackneeeccl site (no. 1287); raised area; gvyd (subrect); well: St Martin
Rathmoyle*ch ruin (med); gvyd
Relecc Póilch site?; gvyd site? (scattered stones)
Relickeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Reynellaeccl site; encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrangular)
Riasceccl site (excav by Fanning); encl (oval); wooden ch - traces; cross-inscr stone; cross-slab; clocháns; gvyd (calluragh)
Richardstownch ruin; gvyd (No. 975)
Rodeeneccl encl? - circular; gvyd with standing stone in S half (nos. 2507, 2948, 470)
Ros Airthirenclosure? ch site; gvyd
Ros Cathailch ruin (EC oratory - 'St Brecan's'); double bullaun c.50m to SW; gvyd (no. 609)
Ros Darachch site (no. 797); gvyd site 'Kyleaderry' - no traces visible
Ros glasch site; gvyd (now under cultivation)
Ros Meic Treoineccl site (no. 1168); gvyd sub-circ; bullaun x2; well: Stephen the martyr
Ros Mór M'Énócceccl site; gvyd (No. 1289); high cross; ch site (med par)
Rossgvyd site? (no. 1476)
Rúscacheccl site possible; gvyd (no. 1198) - burials at Ch Sq, Monaghan
Rushin (Roisín)ch site possible; gvyd ('Kyle'/ 'Church Meadow')
Scairt ch site (poss EC); within D-shaped gvyd (no. 1426)
Scrín Máelruain (Screen)eccl site (no. 1193); raised area; gvyd (rect); wooden statue of Máelruan (now lost)
Senchellgvyd - possible (no. 1270)
Sen-Chluain ch ruin (nave and chancel, on earlier site?); gvyd (no. 1427); well
Sen Glend/Saingel eccl site; rd twr (now vanished); ch site; gvyd (St Patrick's)
Sentempall? ch site possible; gvyd ('Pollnarelick' on OS map) within sub-circ mound (no. 522)
Shalwy (Kilkieran)eccl site? encl (roughly circ); cross-slab; rect feature 'St K's bed' (leacht?); gvyd (Kilkieran); well (Toberkieran) (No. 1608)
Shesheraghmorech site; gvyd - circular (no. 1912)
Skeamch ruins; gvyd (nos. 2952, 3168)
Skehanaghch site; gvyd site (nos. 1913, 2020)
Sliguffch ruin; gvyd (no. 598) well: 'St Bridget' (no. 650)
Snám Luthairch site & gvyd possible (no. 1701); loc name 'Abbey Field'
Solareccl site (excav Hurl); ch traces; gvyd (EC burials)
Spidéal*ch ruin (post med); hospital site possible (med); gvyd (no. 617)
Srahanboyeccl site; substantial enclosure (no. 800); bullaun possible; ch site; gvyd site
Sruthair Guaire(?)eccl site (possible); gvyd 'Kilmichaelogue' (no. 798)
Stabannan (Tech Banbáin?)eccl site?; ch site; gvyd (No. 982)
Stagreenan (Tech + ?)ch ruin (med.); gvyd (no. 1505)
St Brecaun'seccl site (no. 1169); encl; ogam stone; ch ruin; gvyd (now gone - erosion)
St Bridget's/Cell Brigte?eccl site; former gvyd (9th-10thc date?)
St Michael-le-Poleeccl site; poss encl (100-200m diam); ch traces; rd twr (Ship St; demolished 18thc); gvyd (late 10th-early 11thc; adj Bride St)
Stoukeeccl site?; bullaun; gvyd ('Killeenstouke') (nos. 3243, 2598)
Straidch site (No. 1610); cup-mkd stone; gvyd
Sen Glend? (Straid or Glebe)eccl site; circ encl (MH); cross-slabs x5; souterrain (re-used 3 slabs, 6-7thC MH); pillar-stone x6; ch site (occ by C of I ch); gvyd (Nos. 1611, 1612); at Cashel - adj site cross-inscr pillar slab; sub-circ cairn surrdg (no. 1530)
Subulterch ruin (possibly 12thC); in gvyd site (nos. 14452, 14619)
Tacumshineccl site (no. 1218); bullaun (nr mod ch - from here?); gvyd (rectang); well: Catherine
Tamlacht Carna (T Gliad?)gvyd x2 ('Ballynaback' & 'Relicairn')
Tamlaght/Magheranagawch ruin; gvyd ('Maghernagaw'); well - St Mogawage's (OS Memoir)
Tech Baithínch site; frags in C of I par ch; gvyd (No. 1570); well: St Boyne (now vanished)
Tech Colmóceccl site; ch ruin (late med; Staholmock); gvyd (no. 1506)
Tech Conaill (Stagonnel)eccl site ('Churchtown'); ch traces overgrown; gvyd site; well: Mo-Ling
Tech Eóin (St John's Point)eccl site; ch ruin - excav. 1970s (10th or 11thc; lintel above W door, antae); gvyd -EC gvs below N wall; bullaun; well
Tech Munnuch site (occ by C of I church; stone frags prob 15thC); gvyd (sub-circular)
Tech nEchdachgvyd (Billew burial gd, in tld Lecarrow, par Kilbreen)
Tech Ríaglaeccl site - occ. by mod. parish ch; souterrain; gvyd possible
Tech Saxaneccl site poss; bullaun; ch site (in T. More); gvyd (+ par ch in T. Beg) (nos. 5773, 5177)
Tech Sincheeccl site: encl poss?; cross-slab x2 ('B' inscr [M]áel-Ma[I]re?); gvyd (oval => encl?)
Tech Tírecháinch site ('Tashirugan'); gvyd ('Toby Hole' - corruption of 'tobar'?);
Tempall a Mhanaigeccl site; circular enclosure; ch site within; gvyd (no. 2672)
Tempall an Chethrair Álainn eccl site; bullaun; ch ruin (med); possible monastic buildings x3 to E & W; well to SE; gvyd - plot with 5 flagstones 'Leabaanceathairalainn' on OS maps (nos. 599, 337, 750)
Tempall an tSagairt ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 14450, 14615)
Tempall Átha deirg ch ruin (traces - probably med); gvyd - oval (no. 618)
Tempall Cellaigch ruin; gvyd (19thc); ogam stone (orig from Rantavan? no. 1697); well (St Cillian's) nrby in tld of Cloughbally-beg (nos. 1688, 182, 1749)
Tempall Chuáineccl site? encl (now oblit); ch site possible; gvyd site
Tempall Ciaráineccl complex: ch ruin x 3 (EC/med; loc name Mainistir); cross-inscr pillar (+ 2 other pillars); sundial; gvyd - killeen; well to WNW (nos. 600, 346, 752, 895)
Tempall Féichíne (Templefeheen)ch ruin (med); gvyd (no trace) (no. 545)
Tempall Lutocaineccl site (no. 1300); sub-circ gvyd (=> encl); ch site (med par.); well: St Patrick
Tempall Maol (1)ch traces; gvyd ('Eskerstephen') - D-shaped (nos. 3470-1)
Tempall Maol (2)eccl enclosure - sub-circular (trivallate); inscr graveslab ('ORÓIT DO MÁELPÓIL'); ch ruin in inner encl (windows possibly 13thC); gvyd (just outside outer encl); well 80m to SSW (nos. 3472-4, 3574)
Tempall Mo-Laisseeccl site; encl formerly (oval site 70 x 50m 'Temple Molasha') gvyd (no. 597)
Tempall Muire*eccl site poss; bullaun (possible); ch site (med); gvyd nearby (nos. 525, 526)
Tempall na Carraigech site poss ('hollow area'); gvyd (now oblit; nr. T'carrig House - O'Curry, OSL)
Tempall na Ferta (=Cell na Nóebingen?)eccl site; gvyd excav by Lynn; ch site possible (see Bartlett's map c.1600); well x 2 (Scotch St)
Tempall na mBeinédch ruin; gvyd (no. 1361)
Tempall na mbóch ruin; gvyd (no. 499)
Tempall na Sencillech ruin (no. 702: nave and chancel); gvyd (Shanakill)
Tempall Rónáin?eccl enclosure (curving field boundaries); ch ruin 'Templeroonaun' (early Med); gvyd in SE quadrant; leacht cuimhne; saint's stone (Patrick's) c.600m to NNW (nos. 2630, 2734-5)
Tempall Senáineccl site (no. 1301); bullaun; gvyd D-shaped (60 x 60m); ch site (med par)
Tempall Sencháineccl site; gvyd site (now vanished; no. 1609); well: St Shanaghan
Templealour*ch site; gvyd site posible (no. 14422)
Templeboy*ch ruin (traces); gvyd (formerly; no trace 1839 OSL); well
Templederrych site (possibly EC)?; ch ruin (18thC); gvyd (no. 1914, 1915)
Templedouglas (Tulach Dubglaise)ch site; ch ruin (16thC 'Templedouglas Abbey'); gvyd (No. 1615); well (no trace) (No. 1735)
Temple Hill*ch site - possible; gvyd (no. 5681)
Templelyonch site? (1m from Crannagh) gvyd (formerly)
Templemoyle (Tempall Maol?)eccl site? pillar stone (No. 1616); stone cross; gvyd (mod); well: St Adamnán
Templepatrickeccl site: encl poss; ch ruin; gvyd (quadrantal)
Templeshane*ch site (possibly EC)?; gvyd (late) (no. 1818)
Templeshane*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1829)
Templetown (Cell Muire?)ch ruin 'Kilwirra'; gvyd (No. 984)
Termann Eircgvyd site
Termon*ch site (occ by19thC RC ch); stone head (late med - in modern grotto); gvyd (nos. 1704-5)
Threewellseccl site?; bullaun (possible); gvyd (quadrang encl); well
Tickmacrevaneccl site; ch traces (possibly early); gvyd
Tinnahinchch ruin (med); gvyd - circular, now quaried away (no. 611); well: St Michael
Tipra Chóemgineccl site?; gvyd (OSL 1837)
Tomardeccl site; ch ruin (plain rect); gvyd (no. 612); well: 'St Bridget' (no. 657)
Tooreennasillaneeccl site? (Kilcushin); sub-circ. enclosure; anomalous stone group within; gvyd possible (nos. 2956, 929)
Trelec Mórgvyd possible
Trinity Islandeccl site; oval gvyd (=> inner encl?); Romanesque ch 12thC (doorway now at Kilmore cathedral; stone head (NMI) (nos. 1711-2)
Tristernaghch site (OS Map 'chapel in ruins' - Temple Cross Ch); gvyd (with oval encl wall)
Trumman*ch site (Templemealaghan); gvyd (No. 1621)
Tuaim Cattraige*gvyd (killeen)
Tuaim dá ghualanneccl complex; eccl enclosure probable; cross-slab; high-cross head (nr later abbey - 3487); cathedral (Romanesque); ch ruin (13thC with Romanesque heads); ch site possible; gvyd (D-shaped), another gvyd possible (human bones found nr ch site) (nos. 3481, 3483-4, 3486, 3502)
Túaim Drecaineccl site; rd twr, ch & gvyd site (traces of ch & twr evident in 1948 - Davies) (no. 1689)
Tuaim-fobhaireccl site; cross-slabs x 3 (EC); leacht & 'saint's stone'; ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 2673, 2774, 2692)
Tuaim Mo-Shacru?eccl site (no. 1309); gvyd (rectang); ch site (med par)
Tuaim Srutha eccl enclosure - probable; ch traces ('Templereelane' - probably late med); gvyd - possible (nos. 3297-8)
Tuaim (Toome)eccl site (no. 1178); bullaun; raised area; gvyd (rectang); ch site (med par)
Tulach Beigilech site; (No. 1515); sub-circ flat-topped md; gvyd (No. 1761)
Tulach/Tech Con[n]óc?eccl site; circular gvyd (no. 1523); ch ruin
Tullaghyrory*gvyd site possible - roughly circular area defined by boulders (no. 1744)
Tullig ch site probable; in gvyd (1937 OS map) (nos. 14454, 14621)
Tullyallen (Tulach + ?)ch ruin; gvyd (Nos. 994 & 995)
Turtulla*ch ruin; gvyd (no. 1920)
Ulta Becca?gvyd -D-shaped (no. 537)
Úraideccl enclosure? - oval; raised area; gvyd - killeen (no. 605)
Urlish*gvyd (no.1201)
Vicarstown (Kylemahoe?)eccl site? cropmark enclosure; ch site (no. 810); gvyd site
Westereave*encl (sm, pennanular); gvyd - slab-lined graves
Youghal-Lands* (Éochaill)ch (St Mary's) - on earlier ch site; gvyd (nos. 5840, 5841)
Áth Cróch site, gvyd site, bulldosed in 1960s