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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.:Documented AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics (the DIB terms such individuals often regarded as founders of churches — saints in the Irish tradition), whose association with the sites concerned is based on documentary sources.:LineageThis records the reputed ancestral lines of individuals given in Doc Assoc.:
Traditional AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics whose association with the sites concerned is based on tradition, dedication or placename association.:TownlandGives the townland (name spelt as in TTPBI Index) in which the site is (or is thought to be) located.:ParishGives the civil (not ecclesiastical) parish in which the townland is situated.:
DeaneryThis records the rural deanery (a sub-division of the diocese) to which the parish belongs.:DioceseThis records the medieval (not necessarily the same as the modern) diocese in which the foundation lies.:BaronyGives the modern barony (as in TTPBI Index the baronies were rationalised in 19thC) in which the townland and civil parish are situated.:
CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.:ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.:SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.:
Recorded HistoryThis concerns the subsequent history of the site, with emphasis on pre-Norman (or early post-Norman) native sources mainly annals but also including medieval ecclesiastical records (charters or taxations), English Crown documents and, on occasion, modern sources (especially surveys or maps, which may mark the location of lost sites or illuminate placenames).:Clerical StatusThis seeks to classify foundations as episcopal coarbial or eremitic based on the clerical orders ascribed to the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:GenderThis seeks to classify foundations as male or female based on the gender of the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:
Succession RecordLists ecclesiastics, male or female, who succeeded to offices at the foundation concerned abbots, abbesses, comarbai, bishops often clerics of less exalted rank such as treasurers, lectors, scribes. These lists make no claim to be exhaustive; fuller accounts for major sites can be found in the New History of Ireland, vol. 8, and in published prosopographies.:Medieval DedicationNotes medieval church-dedications to saints whether Irish or Continental.:Familial LinksIndicates links between foundations, whether claimed in hagiographical sources (a lesser site said to have submitted to greater site), attested by charter, or indicated by tradition or placename evidence.:
Folk TraditionRecords traditional stories, beliefs or practices (especially pilgrimages or patterns), or a tradition of clandestine burial either recorded or inferred from location names such as the killeen or the caldragh.:Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.:ArtifactsIn general, this records only items which may support the case for the site as a pre-Reform ecclesiastical settlement (especially croziers, shrines, chalices etc) — whether recovered by search or excavation, or merely associated with the site by tradition. Also included are such items as querns and kilns as flour-production was an important part of life at ecclesiastical (although also, admittedly, at secular) settlement sites.:
BibliographyMentions secondary references (sometimes very select indeed) to the site concerned. Some contain detailed discussion, others (especially where little else seems to be available) only the briefest mentions. For details see the Bibliography page.:AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.:

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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.
Abbeyland*ch site (probably med); gvyd; cross-slab (+ ruin of Aug abbey) in Abbeyland Sth (nos. 3280, 3281)
Achad Chonaireeccl site; cross-slab; carved stone (human head in relief); cross-inscr lintel (?); ch ruin (Med), 2nd ch ruin (possible) c.100m to NE; gvyd; well: Tober Finane (nos. 2603, 2674, 2694)
Acragar (Foy church)*eccl site (No. 686); gvyd; incised cross-slab
Aighaneccl site?; cross-inscr slabs; bullaun (removed 19thC); ch site; gvyd/cillin (No. 1512); well (St Conall)
An Choill Bheageccl enclosure - oval; cross-inscr pillar-stone; inscr slab; ch ruin - med; gvyd (nos. 561, 562)
Ara Cóemáin/Tempall Cóemáin ch ruin ('Teampall Chaomháin' EC nave 10thC?); cross-slab; clochan - possible (nos. 554, 376)
Arda Mórcirc encl; cross-slab EC; gvyd
Ard Caoracheccl site; sub-circ encl; cross-slab; poss leacht; poss souterrain; hut; gvyd
Ard Charnach site (earthen mound: Templemihil); grave-slab (EC); gvyd
Ardcloonch ruin ('Ardcloon'); cross head (12thC); cross-slabs; gvyd (nos. 3331, 3491)
Ardnagreenagvyd (killeen); cross-slab (nos. 2737, 2600)
Ard Oiléneccl enclosure; ch ruin (oratory - EC); cross-slabs x5; cross x3 (incompl); tomb-shrine; clochans x2 (3 more recorded - no longer visible); horizontal mill; gvyd? (nos. 546, 547)
Ardtole circ encl; cross-carved slab (10thC); souterrain; ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: St Patrick nrby
Áthánencl D-shaped; cross-slab; gvyd (cillín/killeen)
Áth Luaineccl site? cross-slabs x 5 (inscr to Conloc, Torpaith, Ailill ave Dúnchatho - k.o. Connacht d.764?); ch site (occ by C of I ch); gvyd
Bahana (= Ballykine?)ch ruin; EC grave-slab inscr 'oroit do Fachtain'; gvyd (rect)
Baile an Chnocáinch site?; cross-slab; calluragh (gvyd)
Baile an Fheirtéaraigheccl site? (now vanished); cross-slab (at local school); well (Tobar Bhréanainn)
Baile Iarthach? eccl site? cross-slab ('Gallaunkieran' OS 1902); well: 'Toberkieran' (nos. 2631, 2602)
Balla (Balna)eccl site; grave-slab (EC: 10thC?); rd twr; ch site (ruin extant early 19thC); gvyd; well: Tobar Mhuire, aka St Cronan's
Ballinaboych site (St Rónán's Oratory); cross-shaped slab, inscr above (EC); wells x2 ('Tobernagreachta' & 'St Brigit's') a few 100m to SE
Ballintemple*ch ruin; cross-slab; gvyd
Ballynahowneccl site (No. 700); circ encl; ch ruin (undifferentiated); EC cross-slabs now in Clonaslee ch.
An Raingiléiseccl site; encl; cross-slabs x2; cross; ch ruin; gvyd; well (Tobermalogga)
Becc Ériu eccl site; gvyd (oval) within former island; cross-slabs x 2 (EC -10thC?) (No. 1160)
Becc Iniseccl site? cross-slab; leacht; ch ruin (oratory); hut; calluragh (gvyd)
Beefaneccl site; encl no.1 (no. 1522, 18.3m), ch ruin ('St C's chapel' 5.75 x 3.4m) within; cross slabs x 8; cairns to SE & NE; 'St's bed'; encl no.2 stone walled (no. 1523, 10.75m); cairn at centre, cr slab; well on hillside (St. Colum Cille) (No. 1521)
Belach Dúin/Dísert Chiaráin*eccl site; ch ruin; high cross x 3; cross-slab (no. 1360)
Bilboaeccl site? encl poss; cross-slab (marigold pttn: 6th-8thC); raised area; gvyd
Binn Bháineccl site?; sub-circ encl; cross-inscr slab; stone cross; hut; calluragh
Boheh eccl site: cross-slab x 5 (EC); cross-inscr stone block; poss leacht ('The Monk's Grave'); ch ruin; gvyd (killeen: contains sunken area with dry-built walls)
Both Chonois (Cell Odráin?)eccl site; enclosure sub-circ (no. 1524); cross slab; sm plain cross; gvyd. ('Killoran' within encl); well (no. 1654)
Both Domnaig (Badoney/Botoney)ch site; cross-carved slab
Bunacumch site possible (remains of wall); gravestone (9th/10thC - now lost?) (no. 1820); cross-incised slab (now lost) (no. 1826); abbey ruin (Augustinian priory) nrby
Calry Churcheccl encl poss (oval earthwork at Mackanrany, on W side of rd to Mount Temple); ch site (E side of rd); grave-slab (inscr 'Or do Máel-Maire'); gvyd (at Labaun)
Cappaghch traces; cross slab (inc into stone-built 'altar'); wells x 2 to SE (nos. 3321, 3519)
Carrickaboyeccl site; cross-slab; pillar stone? - decorated (now at Denn Glebe); ch traces? gvyd - rect; wells X2 (nos. 1617, 1618, 1636, 1747)
Carrow-Gilhoolyeccl site poss? cross-slab; eccl building
Carrownaseerch traces; cross-slab; bullaun ('St Patrick's stone'); Tau cross; gvyd - killeen (nos. 3330, 3490, 3690)
Carrowntempleeccl enclosure (both outer & inner probable); cross-slabs x 13 (EC date); ch ruin (med - within encl); gvyd; souterrains (x 2) c.20m to NW & c.150m to W (nos. 2623, 2679, 2019-20)
Carrowreagheccl site?; standing slab multiple cross-incised (no. 1529); well (St. Brigit) (no. 1659)
Carrowrevagheccl site poss? cross-slab (EC); leacht; gvyd
Cartronch ruin ('Ballynakill' - med); cross-slab c.12m to NE (no. 529)
Cathair Bhernacheccl site? D-shaped encl; cross-inscr slab; calluragh (gvyd); well: Fínán
Cathair Leithmhuilleanneccl site? cross-slabs x3; calluragh (gvyd)
Cathair Pátraiceccl site; pillar stone (inscr Maltese Cross); cross-slabs x 14 (at least 5 date 7thC); ch ruin (med: St Patrick's); gvyd
Cell Achaid Dromma Fotaeccl site; enclosure; grave-slabs; bullauns; ch site (poss: Ch of Da Sinceall)
Cell Adgaireccl site; circular encl (traces); grave-slab x2 ('Rathdown' types: 10-11thC?); cross-base; ch ruin (med); gvyd; well
Cell an ghaobhaireccl site poss? pillar-stone (cross-inc.); cross-slab (EC); sm stone cross; gvyd
Cell Ascait?encl (45 x 30m); gvyd; ch traces - possible; cross-slab - granite (broken)
Cell Beccáineccl site; high-cross (E Cross shaft: 'Beccán inscr' late 7th/early 8thC; signed by Osgyd - see Kyles of Berrihert); grave-slab of Fínán puer; gvyd; well (Peakaun's)
Cell Bercheirteccl enclosure; ch site (Kyles of Berrihert); crosses; cross-carved slabs; well
Cell Brigte?ch site?; sub-rect encl; cross-incsr slab (No. 1517); gvyd (Kilbride)
Cell Brigte?bullaun (possible); cross inscr slab
Cell Brigtecross-slab (EC)
Cell Brigtech site (excav Kilbride-Jones); grave-slabs x2 ('Rathdown' types, one bearing pair of Greek crosses: 10-11thC?); encl (square)
Cell Buaine (?)eccl site; oval encl; gable-shrine; croos-slab; stone cross; leacht; ch ruin (oratory); rect bldg; well
Cell Chennanach ch site (oratory - EC 8th/9thC); holed stone (possible end-stone of slab shrine); gvyd; well to NNW (nos. 524, 651)
Cell Chomgailleccl site; ch ruin; gvyd; cross slab (granite); encl quadrang; well
Cell Chomhlaeccl enclosure (partially destroyed wall); slab-shrine (EC 7th/8thC?); ch ruins? (possible sm stone ch & traces of 2 other bldgs) (nos. 604, 353-4)
Cell Chommáineccl site? cross-slab (Bunmore West); leacht; well: Tobar Chommáin
Cell Chommáin (Kilcomane)eccl site? cross-slab; ch ruin possible (O'Donoghue); gvyd (nos. 2874, 2608)
Cell Chomraireeccl site: cross-slabs, carved x2; ch ruin ( Kilcomreragh?); gvyd
Cell Chrócháinch ruin; cross-inscr slab; gvyd; holy well x2
Cell Chuáin Mór (Kilcowanmore)eccl site (no. 1182); cross slab (EC frg.); ch site (med); gvyd; well: St. Cuan
Cell Chummaineccl site (Ballinlena): cross-slab x2 (one with inscrip 'not found' 1997); pillar-stone (EC); ch ruin; gvyd (Kilcummin)
Cell Draignech/Lóthareccl site; circ encl; ch ruin (oratory); cross-inscr slab x3; leacht; hut; gvyd
Cell Dubch site?; cross-slab; gvyd; rect encl (33x28m); well
Cell Éinne (1) (Teglach Éinne)eccl complex: ch ruin x2 ('Teaghlach Éinne' + EC oratory); ch site; bullauns x2; inscr stone & cross-slabs x5 to SE; high cross (frag now at Cell Rónáin); rd twr (base); clochans x3; gvyd; well (Dabhach Éinne) (nos. 382, 569, 573, 575, 577, 965, 630-1, 71
Cell Eithne?ch site; gvyd site (possible); grave-slab
Cell Epscoip Saráin (Killarney)eccl site; ch site (no. 836); former embankment (O'Curry, OSL); grave-slab with Greek cross
Cell Fáe (Kilfea)eccl site; circular encl possible (45m dia); granite slabs x 2 (1 cross-shaped; crude); bullaun; ch traces; gvyd; well: Tubber Brighde nrby(O'Curry OSL)
Cell Gobbáinch site (adj COI church); grave slab x2 (1 fragmentary: 'Rathdown' type: 10-12thC); cross head (frag: ringed); cross (plain); Well St. James (O'Curry OSL)
Cell Gormáineccl site (no. 1253); ringed cross-slab (EC?); gvyd with raised central area; well
Cellín Cóemgineccl site; gvyd; cross slab; cross (disc-headed); piscina
Cell Ingen Léiníneccl site; ch ruin; rath (in 19thc) gvyd; Rathdown slabs
Cell Laichteine/Lachtaíneeccl site; bullaun (+ 2 allegedly removed); cross slabs; gvyd; well: St Lachtain (nos. 9208, 9323, 9263, 9216, 9243, 9245)
Cell Lamraige* eccl site; high cross; inscr grave slabs; second site 55m S; well: St. Nicholas
Cell Lonáinch ruin (med); cross-inscr slab x3; well nrby
Cell mac Cannáin?eccl site poss? cross-slab (EC); ch ruin (med: .5km to W); gvyd
Cell Máel-chétaireccl site; ogam stone (7thC?); bullaun x2; cross-slab; stone cross (pre 1200?); ch ruin (Romanesque); small cell, gvyd; cross-inscribed/shaped gravemarkers; well x2
Cell Mancháineccl site; cross-inscr slab (found 1971)
Cell Mhic an Domhnaigheccl site; enclosure; cross-slab; cross-inscribed stone; stone cross; ch site? (Páirc na Croise); clochán; calluragh (gvyd); souterrain; well
Cell Mo-báe?ch ruin ('St. Movee's Chapel'); gvyd; slab grave; well: St Movee/Movoe; geophysical indic. of encl; millstone; bullaun
Cell Mo-bóe (?)eccl site?; bullaun immediately SE; cross slab; ch site (12thC?); gvyd (nos. 3162, 3236, 2611, 2596)
Cell Mo-Chidgóceccl site poss: encl circular (60m dia - nthn slope Kilmashogue Mt); cross-slab (Greek cross, encirc - 9thC?); ch ruin (extant 19thC: Joyce); well (formerly)
Cell Móreccl site?; circular encl (dia 40.5m); cross-slab
Cell Móreccl enclosure; cross slab; bullaun; leacht; gvyd (killeen)
Cell Murbaigeccl complex: enclosure; ch ruin x2 ('Teampall na Naomh' EC oratory; nrby 'Teampall Mac-Duach' EC with later additions; possible eccl building adj); ch site with gvyd (possible - to E OSM, OSL); Latin cross - incised (possible reused cross-slab); pillar-s
Cell Ó gCróineccl site; suboval encl; cross-inscr ogam stone; cross-slab; leacht x2; ch ruin (oratory); bldgs; gvyd; mill (poss)
Cell Oirbhelaicheccl site? cross-slab; oratory; leacht; calluragh (gvyd); hut; well
Cell Orgulan?eccl site?; ch ruin; cross slab; bullaun (at Cloon Lough); gvyd
Cell Tailteneccl site; cross-slab (EC); gvyd; cross-base (late)
Cell Tigernáin/Ternáineccl site: grave-slab ('Rathdown' type 10-12thC); ch ruin (early? lintelled doorway, cyclopean masonry); raised area; gvyd
Cell Tiprateccl site: cross-slab (EC); ch ruin; rect gvyd (no. 1433); well - formerly?
Cell tSenaicheccl site?; cross slab; ch ruin; gvyd
Cenn Éitigeccl site; cross slab (poss 9thC); high-cross (now in Cas. Bernard); ch ruin (med)
Church Island/Oilén an Tempailleccl site; cross-inscr slab x10; pillar stones; leacht x3; ch ruin (Romanesque); St Finan's Cell; gvyd
Church Island/Oilén an Tempailleccl site; enclosure (0.5 acre); ch ruin (oratory: early?); ogam-inscr cross-slab (7thC?); cross-slab x2; stone crosses; gvyd site; hut
Claggan*eccl site poss?; cross-slab (linear Latin cr: EC?); gvyd
Cliffonycross-slab; well: St Brigit nrby
Clochán Chárthainneccl site; encl circular (Keeldaragh); cross-slab; leacht x3; ogam stone; souterrain
Cloghaneccl site; pillar slab; cross slab (Nos. 1534 & 1535); bullaun (No. 1741); ch site occ by 18thC ruin ('Teampall Caomháin/Cill an Spáinnigh'); cultivation terraces to W (MH); well (St. Conall) (No. 1663)
Cloghincheccl site; grave-slab (cross encirc; inscr; c700 AD)
Clonabreanyeccl site (no. 1353); cross slab; decorated stone
Clonaltraeccl site: enclosure - oval; raised area (lge oval platform); grave-slab (ringed cross, perh 9thC?); bullaun - double; gvyd
Cloonlaureccl site poss? cross-slab (EC); cross-inscr pillar; gvyd (loc name 'Killeen')
Cluain bairenneccl site; cross-slabs x 14 (12 frag: EC); tóchar Cluana B.
Cluain Chaíneccl site; ch ruin; gvyd.; crosses; slab; bullaun; wells x 2: St Mogue?
Cluain Chathaeccl site; grave-slab (cross-inscr: EC); high crosses x 2; ch ruin; gvyd (No. 1539)
Cluain Chonmaicneeccl site; pillar-stone (cross-inscr); cross-slabs x 3 (EC); bullaun; high-cross frags (shaft, transom, base: 10th-12thC); stone heads x 2 (built into wall); ch site; gvyd (no. 1406)
Cluain dá ochraeccl site; ch ruin (pre-Norman?); inscr slab ('the bishop's grave'); gvyd (Ardneeve - Ard [na] Naomh?); well (tld Bunacloy adj to Ballinakill)
Cluain Duacheccl site; bullaun; ch ruin; gvyd (sub-circular); cross-insc slabs
Cluain Eidnecheccl site (nos. 713, 714); poss enclosures (inner + outer); cross-slabs x 12; stone cross (sm, plain, Latin); ch ruin (med); gvyd; well (Fintan)
Cluain Emaineccl site (EC); cross-slab (featuring ringed cross)
Cluain Ferta Mo-Luaeccl site; EC cross-slabs x 2; bullaun; ch ruin Romanesque (no. 773); gvyd
Cluaineccl site (no. 1220); bullaun x2; cross-decor slabs; ch ruin (13thc? Romanesque features); gvyd (rect.)
Cluain Tuaisceirteccl site; cross-slabs x 13 (late 9th & early10thC ); ch ruin (Clontuskert Abbey); gvyd
Cnocán na mBan eccl enclosure? - roughly circular; cross slab (lost); gvyd (no. 527)
Com Dhíneoleccl site? clochán? cross-slabs; calluragh (gvyd)
Com Dubh*cross-slab; graves x4 (=> gvyd?)
Congbáil Glinne Suileidieccl site; cross-slabs/pillar-stones with inc. crosses x 18 (EC); ch ruin (No. 1542); altar base; gvyd; well
Cráebacheccl site: grave-slab ('Rathdown' type - ante 12thC? lost); poss. ch site; poss. tower; gvyd
Craili ch site?; oval encl; clochan; calluragh (gvyd); leachts x2; cross-slab
Crannogeboych site; cross slab (No. 1544); well (Toberconnell) (No. 1668)
Cross eccl site poss?; cross-slab (simple linear cr: EC?); ogam stone; ch ruin ('Cross Abbey'); gvyd
Cruachán Meic-Daraeccl enclosure possible; ch ruin (EC oratory); high-cross frags; cross-slabs x3 (2 missing); clochans x3 nrby; 'saint's bed'; gvyd; well (nos. 613-4, 760, 977, 638, 428)
Curracloneeccl site (no. 731); early cross-slab with Latin cross; ch ruin (late); earthen enclosure
Dairmageccl site: enclosure; high-cross; graveslabs x 2 (second 9thC?); possible rd twr; well: St Colum Cille (in Co Westmeath side of par)
Dam Liacceccl site; circular encl (no. 1371-72); ch ruin; high cross x2; slab
Deilginis Chualanneccl site; rock-inscr cross x2 (perh 8th-9thC); grave-slab x2 ('Rathdown' type: 10-12thC?); ch ruin (med - much altered); well: St Begnet's
Derrysallagheccl site (poss hermitage?); grave slab; gvyd?; well: Toberelba; penitential station (no. 2736)
Dísert Chiaráin/Belach Dúineccl site; stone cross x 3 (ornamented; pre-1200); cross-slab (no. 1360); ch ruin; ogam stone
Dísert Chuimíneccl site; outer encl possible; ch site possible; graveslabs; bullaun - formerly
Dísert Éicnicheccl site; cross-inscr slabs x4 (No. 1569); stone crosses; ch site (Greenhill ch); gvyd
Dísert Mo-Cholmóceccl site; grave-slabs x2 (EC); ch ruin (med); gvyd
Domnach Bileeccl site: cross-slab x 3 (one depicting wheeled cross); stone cross (No. 1543); basin stone; ch ruins x 2; sarcophagus (poss 12thC); gvyd
Domnach Imlecheccl site submerged; cross (solid ring - in new gvyd); grave-slab (Latin ringed cross: 9thC?); well: St. Baoithin?
Doonaltch site (No. 1547); cross-inscr slab/pillar stone - undressed; leacht
Dromore (1)irregular enclosure; gvyd within; cross-slab (nos. 2830, 2605)
Druim Cliabeccl site; cross-slab (EC); high cross (figured: iconic image of BVM); rd twr (stump); ch ruin; well (at Kintogher)
Druim Cuilinneccl site; cross-slab (EC); high-cross frags (cylindrical base, head 9thC); ch ruin (late med: incorp Romanesque arch); gvyd; well (incl St John's)
Druim Ingeccl site (no. 914/5 'St. Finian's' sic); encl (69 acres); gvyd; grave slabs?
Drumch site?; pillar slab (No. 1548); ch ruin ('Cill an Spáinnigh') to sth
Drumhallagheccl site; cross slab (no. 1551: 'St Garvan's Grave'); raised area - poss ch site?
Drumirrinch site?; cross slab (no. 1552)
Drum/Kinnakillewch site?; stone slab (No. 1549)
Drum/Knockatemplech ruin (early?); cross-slab (frag; recumbent; expansional cross); gvyd
Drumnasillagheccl site poss; cross-incised slab x 2 (EC); stone cross x 2 (Nos. 1554-1556); raised area? ('The Priest's Mound); gvyd
Drumroe*ch site?; cross slab/pillar stone within circ dry-stone encl (No. 1557)
Dún Cruithnech site ('site of abbey' OS map); cross-slab (EC)
Dungooly (Urney) eccl site; bullaun; Latin cross inscribed slab; ch ruin ('Urney Church'); gvyd (No. 921)
Dunlewyeccl site? circular encl (4 circ buildings within - since vanished); cross slab/pillar stone; standing stones (No. 1558)
Dún Sobairci (Dunseverick)ch ruin; gvyds x2 (faint traces of earlier building in larger gvyd); cross slab (built into wall of ch)
Echdruimeccl site (early); cross-slab frg. (9thC); ch ruin; gvyd
Enach dúineccl complex; cross slabs; ch ruins x4 (oratory - traces; cathedral - 12thC window & doorway in mainly 15thC str; 'Abbey' with Romanesque chancel; 'Nunnery' - med eccl building); gvyd; wells x2 (nos. 3290-5; 3509, 3514)
Ernaideeccl site; ch ruin (late); gvyd; cross-carved slab
Faithche (Faiche)ch site possible; stone-walled encl (14.5x13m); cross-slabs x2; calluragh (gvyd) x2; boulder
Farranmacbride*ch site?; cross-incised slab/pillar stone (No. 1561)
Ferann na gCléirecheccl site?; calluragh (gvyd); cross-inscr slab
Fid Arteeccl site; cross-slabs x 4 (EC: one Greek Cr, one fish symbol; two inscr); ch site poss?; gvyd
Fossy (Fosad?)eccl site (no. 744); EC cross-slab; ch ruin (late med); gvyd
Funshogch site; cross slab (No. 925)
Gailinneeccl site; cross slab; EC grave slabs x 200; ch foundations (early med)
Gallaruseccl site; encl (36x44m); ch ruin; leacht; cross-slab
Gannew*ch site?; cross incsr slab (No. 1566)
Glendaduffeccl site poss? cross-slab (EC); gvyd ('St Martin's')
Glennagiveny*eccl encl poss? (circ earthen encl); cross-slab (ringed Latin cross) within
Glenn dá Lochaeccl complex; ch ruins x 6 (incl. cathedral 10th-12thC); oratory; cross slabs (11th-12thC?); rd twr; high-cross (12thC); gvyds
Glenn Munireeccl site; encl (extant 19thc: O'Curry OSL); grave-slab x2 ('Rathdown' types: 10-11thC?); ch ruin (med); gvyd; well: St Kevin
Glennta, Naeccl site; encl circular(34x31.5m); ch site possible; calluragh (gvyd); cross-slabs; well
Glenulra*eccl site poss? cross-slab (EC); gvyd (killeen)
Gortacurraun (Gort an Chorráin)ch site (rect. mound 18 x 9m); cross-slab; inscr stone; well: Tobar Rí an Domnaig
Gowlaneeccl site? enclosure semi-circ; ogam stone (poss. 2); graveslab; calluragh (gvyd)
Grenach Becc?eccl site; pillar cross x 2; cross slab 200 yds distant; gvyd
Hunterstownch site? cross inscr stone; oval slab (No. 931)
Inis Ainghineccl site; encl traces; grave-slab (inscr); ch ruin (Romanesque features)
Inis an Ghaill eccl complex: ch ruins x 2 (Tempall na Náem + another); cross-inscr pillars x2 (6-7thC inscr to Lugaed); cross-slabs x5; stone cross; bullauns x3 (1 lost); gvyd; well (nos. 548, 549, 550)
Inis bó finne (1)eccl site: encl (faint traces); bullaun; cross-slabs (EC); ch ruin (med: 'St Colman's Abbey')
Inis Carraige ch ruins; gvyd?; EC grave-slab?
Inis Chaíneccl site: cross-slab (EC); pillar base (no. 1423); ch site; gvyd site ('Friar's garden' on OS map)
Inis Chathaig (Scattery)eccl site; ch ruin; rd twr, ogham stone, 9th/10th C cross-slab with inscription in half-unical script
Inis Cheithigeccl site; Crucifixion slab; ch ruin - small (Teampall Coluim Cille: OSL); gvyd
Inis Choíleccl site; grave-slabs x 3; cross-slabs x 3 (no. 1573); ch ruin x 2; gvyd; well (no. 1690)
Inis Gluaireeccl encl; cross slabs; ch ruin x 2 (Tempall na fer {EC oratory}, T. na mban)
Inis Meic Oíbléineccl site; ch ruin ('oratory' EC); ogam stone; cross-slabs x2 (now missing); stone cross; clochán; leacht; gvyd; well
Inis Úasal/Ausilli?eccl site; encl; ch ruin (oratory); cross-slab x2 (one ogam inscr); stone crosses; gvyd site
Kilaned (Cell Fhanaid?)eccl site; cross-slabs x 2 (Nos. 1574, 1575); bullaun (No. 1744); ch site?; bldgs x2 possibly eccl (1 rect lean-to, 2 sm cell); gvyd (No. 1816); wells x 2: St Conall, St Fanad (Nos. 1692-3)
Kilbronogeeccl enclosure?; bullaun; cross-inscribed slab; ch ruin (sm oratory) probable; gvyd/killeen (nos. 2571, 3143, 2607, 2587)
Kilcasheleccl site poss?; cross-slab (inc. ringed cross); stone block (inc. Latin cross); portable stone (Nos. 1578, 1579); poss leacht; gvyd
Killaconnerch ruin; cross-slab (No. 933)
Killaghteeeccl site; cross-slab(s) EC (No. 1520); ch ruin 'Killaghtee Old Church' (late Romanesque)
Killeeneccl site? cross-slab ('St Gobnet's stone' - possibly 7thC); well (now dry) (nos. 9280, 9244)
Killelleccl site (no. 1162); encl circ (40m); cross inscr slab (Greek cross, 6th-7thc)
Killycolmaneccl site poss?; cross-slab (No. 1582)
Kilmacteigeeccl site; bullauns; cross-slab; ch site (occ by C of I ch ruin); gvyd (curving wall => encl?) (nos. 2648, 2684, 2788)
Kilrean/Cell Riagáin?eccl site?; cross-slabs x 3; ch site; gvyd; well (No. 1584)
Kiltoorisch site; pillar-stone/slab (inc. Latin cross); gvyd; holy well (No. 1585)
Kirkinriola/Kilconriolach site; gvyd; inscribed cross slab; souterrain
Knappaghmanagheccl encl - circ; cross-inc slab (EC); gvyd (killeen)
Knockbrackeccl site; encl possible; cross-inscr slabs x 4; horizontal millstone frag; ch traces (prob med); gvyd (nos. 2657, 2687, 2936)
Knockcroghery (St John's)gvyd site? grave-slab (EC)
Knockseccl encl possible (semi-circ rough area); gvyd within; cross-slab (nos. 2909, 2609); ch traces - possible
Labbamolagaeccl site; enclosure sub-circ; bullaun; ch ruins (par ch; earlier fndts - 9th/ 10thC?); stone cross (missing 1997); cross-slabs x2; gvyd (nos. 13887, 14600, 14438-9, 13930, 13928, 13923-4, 13920)
Lagnagillew*stone slab, inc. linear cross (No. 1591); gvyd (Killeen Burial Ground)
Lankilleccl site; pillar-stone (cross-inscr); cross-slab; leacht; ch ruin; gvyd (killeen: circ encl); well (Toberbrendan)
Lann Elaeccl site; enclosure?; graveslabs (EC); ch ruin (med?)
Lann Léireeccl site; crossslabs x 3 (porch of existing late ch); ch site; medieval twr? (No. 922)
Leccan Midieccl site; circular encl (evidence of); ch ruin; cross-slab EC (inc into door-lintel)
Leittir? (Letter)eccl encl - sm circ; cross-slab (set radially in encl wall); 2nd radial stone in wall to SE (entrance feature?); well nrby 'Toberulla' (nos. 2610, 2494, 2695)
Lettracha Odráineccl site: cross-inscribed slabs x4 (EC); ch ruin (nave & chancel); gvyd; well (nos. 1878, 1947)
Liath Mancháineccl site; encl; grave-slabs x2 (encirc crosses); ch ruin (+ another encl ch ruin adj); well: Tobar Mancháin
Liath Mór (Leamakevoge)eccl enclosure? (traced c.1900 by Seymour - since vanished); high-cross shaft frag (11-12thC); grave-slab frags x 3; crucifixion slab (12thC); rd twr base; ch ruin x 2 (sm early Med; lrg multiperiod) (no. 1879)
Liss Móreccl site; ch ruin; cathedral (on earlier ch site); inscr graveslabs x 5 (no. 1411)
Liss Ua Móine? (Lissamona)gvyd; cross-slab (nos. 2924, 2612)
Mag Bile (Movilla)eccl site; grave-slabs (EC date, one inscribed); ch ruin Romanesque; gvyd
Mag nÉoeccl site: high cross (frag head + base 9thC?); cross-slabs x 6; ch ruin (med abbey); gvyd
Mainistir Áedáin (Monasterredan)eccl enclosure (roughly circular: 'Cashelnamonastragh'); bullaun; cross-incised slab; ch site; gvyd/killeen within encl; souterrain in NW quadrant; corn-drying kiln (nos. 2662, 2136, 2688, 2795, 2801)
Mainistir Buitieccl site; triple encl (cropmks; oval - 59 acres); high crosses x3; bullaun; grave-slabs x2; rd twr; ch ruin; gyvd; souterrains x3 (No. 954)
Malin Beg/Templecavaneccl site poss (no. 1595); ch ruin (Templecavan 3.6 x 1.8m); cross-slab x2 (one with crosses cut on two faces); gvyd (killeen) nrby
Mílececcl site; cross-slab; rd twr; ch ruin
Millockstownch ruin(Kildemock Ch); gvyd; cross slab; two souterrains (Nos. 952 & 1026)
Móethail Broccáinch (abbey) ruin; gvyd; grave-slab & pillar stone ('Cloc-na-Comirca') - EC? (no. 1418); well: 'Tobar Cuán & Breoghan'
Moneymorech site; cross inscr slab (No. 958); gvyd; tombstones
Montiagheccl enclosure poss; bullaun in E half; cross-slab (EC); ch ruin (nunnery? OS 1836); gvyd/killeen; raised area within? (high mound on which slab positioned) (nos. 2663, 2796)
Mooretown*gvyd/cemetery (no. 1599) burials slab-lined x 11
Mount Irvineeccl site possible; cross-slabs x 4 (3 lost); ch ruin ('Knockmore Abbey'); gvyd; well: 'Tobernambraher' (nos. 2664, 2689, 2760)
Newtownburke*cross-inscr slabs x 5 (3 Greek form + another in ad. tld., Cloghboy) (Nos. 1536, 1544, 1599-1601)
Obaireccl site; cross-base EC; crosses x2 (solid-ring, shaft); cross-slab; ch ruin (late med) (No. 1470)
Óendruimm/Áentruim/Nóendruimmeccl site; enclosure (triple; 6 acres); tidal mills x3 (7th-8thC); cross slabs (EC); ch ruins (11/12thC); rd twr
Oilén Maisean ch ruin (EC oratory); cross slabs x2; leachts x2; bullaun; gvyd (no. 590)
Oilén tSenaicheccl site; cross-slab x3; stone cross; bullaun; ch ruin x2; beehive huts; souterrain; gvyd
Oldcourteccl site?; cross-slabs (several - now vanished); circular area (small => inner encl?); gvyd ('Old Town')
Othan Móreccl site; cross slabs x2, one with Greek doxology (No. 1567); ch ruin (Fahan); gvyd
Portlickeccl site poss; encl; cross-inscr slab (in gdn of Portlick Cas); cross-base; bullaun (nr shore of l. Ree)
Ráith Cúileccl site? (circles in 'Raheen Field'); grave-slab (Latin cross, double raised ring); Well: St Brigit (O'Curry OSL)
Ráith Droma?eccl site; ch traces? (vague); graveslab; incised wheel cross (late medieval - from here?)
Ráith Fernáineccl site; grave-slab ('Rathdown' type, pre 12thC); ch ruin (early mod?)
Ráith Maige Deiscirteccl site; poss oval encl on 1st ed OS map (230x140m), ogam stone; cross-slab; ch ruin (EC - ext 12thc); gvyd
Ráith Salacheccl site? (circular bank 'Oldtown'); cross-inscr slabs; cup-mkd slab; gvyd
Rochuileccl encl: cross-inscr slabs x 9 (two with Greek crosses - 8thC or earlier?); oratory; ch ruin (Templecavan); stone cells x 2 (one poss guesthouse - MH); well (Tober Murria) (No. 1603)
Rathmichaeleccl site; cashel; grave-slabs x5 ('Rathdown' types: 10-11thC?); rd twr base; ch ruin (Romanesque features)
Rearymoreeccl site; EC grave-slabs (now in Rosenallis RC ch); ch ruin (no. 795); gvyd; well: St Finnian?
Riasceccl site (excav by Fanning); encl (oval); wooden ch - traces; cross-inscr stone; cross-slab; clocháns; gvyd (calluragh)
Ros Cammeccl enclosure (D-shaped); cross-slab EC; bullauns (multiple); rd twr; ch ruin (late med); med grave-slabs x2; holed stone ('penitential st' on OS maps); gvyd; wells (nos. 610-1, 976)
Ros Commáineccl site - EC; inscr stone slab (9thC: 'Bendachad for anmain Ioseph' - prob scribe named in annals); well: St Coman ('Dabhach Chomáin')
Ros Créch site (founded 7thC); decor. stone ('Roscrea pillar' 8thC); graveslab of Rechtabhra (9thC); rd twr (10thc?); ch Romanesque; high cross (12thC); cross-inscr slab - possible (no. 1843)
Ros Finnglaiseeccl site; cross-incised slab; rd twr (extant pre 1838); ch traces (no. 796); well: St Brigit
Ros Inbhir eccl site; cross-slabs x 2 (EC); incised shaft; ch ruin; well: St Mogue c.100m to E (no. 1422)
Rosnakilleccl site?; early cross-slabs (local claim) (No. 1606 ); ch ruin (late); gvyd; well (no trace) (No. 1730)
Sabulleccl site; cross-slabs (at least one 8thc); mortuary-hse (EC); ch ruin - late (Augustinian priory); sundial
Sceilc Mhicíleccl site; ch ruin; EC oratory x2; cross-inscr slab; stone cross; clochán x6; leacht; gvyd; wells: St Michael
Shalwy (Kilkieran)eccl site? encl (roughly circ); cross-slab; rect feature 'St K's bed' (leacht?); gvyd (Kilkieran); well (Toberkieran) (No. 1608)
Sláineeccl site; high-cross shaft frag (9thC?); slab shrine; ch ruin (med. 'St Patrick's Ch.') (no. 1499)
Sliab Liacceccl site: ch ruin (drystone); cross-inscribed pillar-stone/slab; beehive structure (No. 1519); wells x 3
Smarmoreeccl site; cross inscr slabs x 3 (EC); ch ruin; gvyd; (No. 981)
Srón Áirích traces; bullaun; cross-inscr slab x 3; gvyd
St Columba's (Cell Choluim?)ch site possible; cross-slab (10th-12thC)
St Patrick's (Cell Phátraic)eccl site? cross slabs x 6 (10th-11thc); well: St Patrick (now vanished)
Sen Glend? (Straid or Glebe)eccl site; circ encl (MH); cross-slabs x5; souterrain (re-used 3 slabs, 6-7thC MH); pillar-stone x6; ch site (occ by C of I ch); gvyd (Nos. 1611, 1612); at Cashel - adj site cross-inscr pillar slab; sub-circ cairn surrdg (no. 1530)
Strooveeccl site? cross-slab; pillar-stone; plain stone cross; gvyd; well (Nos. 1612, 1613 & 1614)
Tech Lorcáineccl site; grave-slab (cup-mkd: possibly Rathdown type) found 18thc
Tech Mo-Sacru (Tassagart)eccl site; cross-slab (double-headed shaft, ringed crosses: 10thC?); bullaun; gvyd; wells (adj tlds Boherboy, Slade) St Patrick, St Senan
Tech (na m) Bretancross-slab (dec) found on Tibradden Hill - fr this site?
Tech Nath Í eccl site; circ encl; grave-slabs x 2 (Rathdown types 10th-12thC); ch site (occ by early mod C of I par ch); gvyd
Tech Saráineccl site?; gvyd? - graveslabs
Tech Sincheeccl site: encl poss?; cross-slab x2 ('B' inscr [M]áel-Ma[I]re?); gvyd (oval => encl?)
Tempall Asurnaigeeccl site; ch ruin (EC oratory + possible eccl building); cross-slabs x3; bullaun; 'saint's bed'; well & bush c.115m to NW (nos. 598, 336, 748)
Tempall Bennéinch ruin (EC oratory 'Teampall Bheanáin'); inscr slabs x5; clochans x3 to SW (no. 575)
Tempall Mancháineccl site; encl; ogam stone; cross-slab x2; ch ruin; gvyd; souterrain; well x3
Tempall Maol (2)eccl enclosure - sub-circular (trivallate); inscr graveslab ('ORÓIT DO MÁELPÓIL'); ch ruin in inner encl (windows possibly 13thC); gvyd (just outside outer encl); well 80m to SSW (nos. 3472-4, 3574)
Tempall Móreccl site; bullaun; cross-slabs x 5 (EC date?); ch ruin - med ('Tempall Mor'); traces of 2nd building ('Teach na gCailleach Dubh'); stone head; gvyd; well: 'Tobermoneen' (nos. 2609, 2676, 2699, 2779)
Tempall na 7 mac Rí ch ruin; cross-slab; 'saint's bed' (Leaba Chinndeirge) to S; well (Tobar Chinndeirge) to SW (nos. 523, 650)
Tempall na 7 n-Ingeneccl enclosure - circular; ch site (traces); stone altar ('Grave of the Seven Daughters'); cross-slab (lost) (no. 555)
Termainneccl site?; oval encl; cross-inscr slab; gvyd; hut
Termann Dairbilech site; cross-slab
Termann Feichíneccl site; grave slab (EC); high cross; cross base; convent site? (No. 985, 1016); well: Tobar F.
Tír Ua Máil (?)eccl site?; cross-slab; ogam stone; gvyd/calluragh
Tobar Olla Bhrénainneccl site; cross-slab; stone crosses x 3; poss leacht; gvyd/calluragh; well
Tonamaceeccl site poss? circ encl; cross-slab (Greek cr) within
Toracheccl site (no. 1620); cross-slabs x2 (EC); Tau-cross (12thC?); rd twr; ch ruin (T. an Móirsheisir); ch site (St Colum Cille's); gvyd
Tuaim dá ghualanneccl complex; eccl enclosure probable; cross-slab; high-cross head (nr later abbey - 3487); cathedral (Romanesque); ch ruin (13thC with Romanesque heads); ch site possible; gvyd (D-shaped), another gvyd possible (human bones found nr ch site) (nos. 3481, 3483-4, 3486, 3502)
Tuaim-fobhaireccl site; cross-slabs x 3 (EC); leacht & 'saint's stone'; ch ruin; gvyd (nos. 2673, 2774, 2692)
Tuaim Múscraige/Tóm in Bairdeccl site? (Templedowney); cross slab (8thC? - vanished); ch ruin (Med priory)
Tulach Liss/Tellach Liaseccl site roughly oval; cross slabs (many EC); bullauns x2; ch ruin; 'St Bericheart's hse' (rect. structure); gvyd; wells: St Benjamin (tld Gortnagark); St Mary (tld Poulavare) (nos. 13892, 14455, 14622, 13994, 13933, 14029, 13925-7, 13922, 13916).
Tulach na nEpscopeccl site; grave-slabs x3 ('Rathdown' type: 10-12thC?); crosses X 2 (12thC?); ch ruin (Romanesque arch)
Ucht Máma eccl site; ch ruin x 3 (two EC: third incorp 'Cyclopean' masonry); cross-slabs (now missing); horizontal mill poss; well St Colman
Uisce Chaín/Uskechaoinch ruin; gvyd; cross-inscribed slab (No. 1560)
Westereave*encl (sm, pennanular); gvyd - slab-lined graves
Whitechurch (Lisnahunsin; Less an Fhuinseann?)eccl site; grave-slab x2 (ringed Greek cross perh 8thC; 'Rathdown' type < 12thC); cross-base (inscr); ch ruin (med); well: 'St Sadb'