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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.:Documented AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics (the DIB terms such individuals often regarded as founders of churches — saints in the Irish tradition), whose association with the sites concerned is based on documentary sources.:LineageThis records the reputed ancestral lines of individuals given in Doc Assoc.:
Traditional AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics whose association with the sites concerned is based on tradition, dedication or placename association.:TownlandGives the townland (name spelt as in TTPBI Index) in which the site is (or is thought to be) located.:ParishGives the civil (not ecclesiastical) parish in which the townland is situated.:
DeaneryThis records the rural deanery (a sub-division of the diocese) to which the parish belongs.:DioceseThis records the medieval (not necessarily the same as the modern) diocese in which the foundation lies.:BaronyGives the modern barony (as in TTPBI Index the baronies were rationalised in 19thC) in which the townland and civil parish are situated.:
CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.:ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.:SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.:
Recorded HistoryThis concerns the subsequent history of the site, with emphasis on pre-Norman (or early post-Norman) native sources mainly annals but also including medieval ecclesiastical records (charters or taxations), English Crown documents and, on occasion, modern sources (especially surveys or maps, which may mark the location of lost sites or illuminate placenames).:Clerical StatusThis seeks to classify foundations as episcopal coarbial or eremitic based on the clerical orders ascribed to the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:GenderThis seeks to classify foundations as male or female based on the gender of the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:
Succession RecordLists ecclesiastics, male or female, who succeeded to offices at the foundation concerned abbots, abbesses, comarbai, bishops often clerics of less exalted rank such as treasurers, lectors, scribes. These lists make no claim to be exhaustive; fuller accounts for major sites can be found in the New History of Ireland, vol. 8, and in published prosopographies.:Medieval DedicationNotes medieval church-dedications to saints whether Irish or Continental.:Familial LinksIndicates links between foundations, whether claimed in hagiographical sources (a lesser site said to have submitted to greater site), attested by charter, or indicated by tradition or placename evidence.:
Folk TraditionRecords traditional stories, beliefs or practices (especially pilgrimages or patterns), or a tradition of clandestine burial either recorded or inferred from location names such as the killeen or the caldragh.:Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.:ArtifactsIn general, this records only items which may support the case for the site as a pre-Reform ecclesiastical settlement (especially croziers, shrines, chalices etc) — whether recovered by search or excavation, or merely associated with the site by tradition. Also included are such items as querns and kilns as flour-production was an important part of life at ecclesiastical (although also, admittedly, at secular) settlement sites.:
BibliographyMentions secondary references (sometimes very select indeed) to the site concerned. Some contain detailed discussion, others (especially where little else seems to be available) only the briefest mentions. For details see the Bibliography page.:AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.:

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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.
Abbeymahon*Munster; Cashel
Achad AilbeMunster; Cashel
Achad AirairdMunster; Cashel
Achad AirairdMunster; Cashel
Achad BiorairLeinster; Cashel
Achad Bolg (Coolineagh)Munster; Cashel
Achad BrónachMunster; Cashel
Achad ChaerechMunster; Cashel
Achadh DeoMunster; Cashel
Achad Dorbchon Munster; Cashel
Achad DúineMunster; Cashel
Achad GarbáinMunster; Cashel
Achad Mór/Daire FhínáinMunster; Cashel
Achad RaithinMunster; Cashel
Adamstown*Munster; Cashel
Áes MaigneMunster; Cashel
Affane HunterMunster; Cashel
AghaneenaghMunster; Cashel
AghinaghMunster; Cashel
Aghnameadle*Munster; Cashel
Aired ChechtraigeMunster; Cashel
Aired?Munster; Cashel
AirnaideMunster; Cashel
AnhidMunster; Cashel
Ara moccu NeittMunster; Cashel
Ardachad*Munster; Cashel
ArdachadMunster; Cashel
Arda MórMunster; Cashel
Ard an Iarthar Munster; Cashel
Ard Baile*Munster; Cashel
Ard Becc*Munster; Cashel
Ard BicsigeMunster; Cashel
Ardcanaght*Munster; Cashel
Ard CaorachMunster; Cashel
Ard ChaínMunster; Cashel
Ard ChaitneMunster; Cashel
Ard CróineMunster; Cashel
Ard CróineMunster; Cashel
Ardcullen*Munster; Cashel
Ard Ferta BrénainnMunster; Cashel
Ard FínáinMunster; Cashel
Ard GabreniMunster; Cashel
Ard MáilMunster; Cashel
Ard Mór/Uí SeastaMunster; Cashel
Ard na Croise (Ardnacrusha)Munster; Cashel
Ard na Croise*Munster; Cashel
Ardnageehy*Munster; Cashel
ArdnagreenaMunster; Cashel
Ard na Killeen Munster; Cashel
Ard PátraiccMunster; Cashel
Ard PátraiccMunster; Cashel
ArdskeaghMunster; Cashel
Áth/Achad DagáinMunster; Cashel
ÁthánMunster; Cashel
Áth Cerne*Munster; Cashel
Áth Croise (Áth Chros Mo-Laga)Munster; Cashel
Athenyry*Munster; Cashel
Áth Fada*Munster; Cashel
Áth Irlomain*Munster; Cashel
Áth Ísil*Munster; Cashel
Áth Lis Mo-LagaMunster; Cashel
Ath Luain*Munster; Cashel
Áth na CellMunster; Cashel
Áth na gCeppMunster; Cashel
AugerisMunster; Cashel
Aur-ráith Do-PhilócMunster; Cashel
Baile Adekarmerdin*Munster; Cashel
Baile Adelagheles*Munster; Cashel
Baile an Chláir*Munster; Cashel
Baile an ChnocáinMunster; Cashel
Baile an Chnocáin/Collis Scti BrandaniMunster; Cashel
Baile an Epscoip (?)Munster; Cashel
Baile an FheirtéaraighMunster; Cashel
Baile an Ístínigh*Munster; Cashel
Baile an ReannaighMunster; Cashel
Baile an Tempaill*Munster; Cashel
Baile an TempaillMunster; Cashel
Baile an Termainn*Munster; Cashel
Baile an tSagairtMunster; Cashel
Baile BeccáinMunster; Cashel
Baile BhiocáireMunster; Cashel
Baile Bocht*Munster; Cashel
Baile Boirne/BairnechMunster; Cashel
Baile Bren*Munster; Cashel
Baile Buadain*Munster; Cashel
Baile Buadain*Munster; Cashel
Baile Caranaig*Munster; Cashel
Baile Cassin*Munster; Cashel
Baile Cathaláin*Munster; Cashel
Baile Dháith*Munster; Cashel
Baile DiarmataMunster; Cashel
Baile Draighneáin*Munster; Cashel
Baile Droichid*Munster; Cashel
Baile Dubh*Munster; Cashel
Baile Dublegir*Munster; Cashel
Baile Dunill*Munster; Cashel
Baile Eaglaise*Munster; Cashel
Baile Eiderscoil*Munster; Cashel
Baile Eoin*Munster; Cashel
Baile GarbáinMunster; Cashel
Baile Graifne*Munster; Cashel
Baile Grigin*Munster; Cashel
Baile Iarthach? Munster; Cashel
Baile Legan*Munster; Cashel
Baile Lothi*Munster; Cashel
Baile Luachra*Munster; Cashel
Baile MeánachMunster; Cashel
Baile Mhic an DaillMunster; Cashel
Baile MuadáinMunster; Cashel
Baile na Caillige*Munster; Cashel
Baile na Cille*Munster; Cashel
Baile na gCrannMunster; Cashel
Baile na hEaglaiseMunster; Cashel
Baile na Manach*Munster; Cashel
Baile na Martra* Munster; Cashel
Baile nua na SaccartMunster; Cashel
Baile Uí Dhíonuige*?Munster; Cashel
Baile Uí DhoinnMunster; Cashel
BaisliocánMunster; Cashel
BallinaltigMunster; Cashel
BallinamoughtMunster; Cashel
BallinattinMunster; Cashel
Ballincloher*Munster; Cashel
BallindoneyMunster; Cashel
Ballinglanna*Munster; Cashel
BallingowanMunster; Cashel
BallintleaMunster; Cashel
BallyalbanMunster; Cashel
BallybahallaghMunster; Cashel
Ballybeg*Munster; Cashel
Ballycahane Munster; Cashel
BallycahillMunster; Cashel
BallycanneenMunster; Cashel
Ballyclogh*Munster; Cashel
Ballycotton*Munster; Cashel
Ballydeloughey*Munster; Cashel
BallydorganMunster; Cashel
Ballyeightragh*Munster; Cashel
Ballyenaghty*Munster; Cashel
BallygarranMunster; Cashel
BallyharrahanMunster; Cashel
BallyhayMunster; Cashel
Ballyheen Munster; Cashel
BallyhenryMunster; Cashel
Ballyhest Munster; Cashel
BallyinMunster; Cashel
BallykissaneMunster; Cashel
BallyknockaneMunster; Cashel
BallylaneenMunster; Cashel
BallymacrownMunster; Cashel
BallynabortaghMunster; Cashel
Ballynaclogh*Munster; Cashel
BallynagiglaMunster; Cashel
Ballynaguilkee Munster; Cashel
Ballynahaglish*Munster; Cashel
BallynakillyMunster; Cashel
Ballynakilly*Munster; Cashel
Ballynalacken*Munster; Cashel
BallynatrayMunster; Cashel
Ballyneety*Munster; Cashel
BallynoeMunster; Cashel
Ballynoe*Munster; Cashel
Ballyspillane*Munster; Cashel
Ballytrisnane*Munster; Cashel
BallyvoddyMunster; Cashel
BallyvoigeMunster; Cashel
Ballyvoony (Baile Uí Mhuimhnigh)*Munster; Cashel
An RaingiléisMunster; Cashel
Barnatonicane (Cell Mo-Laca?)Munster; Cashel
BaunanooneenyMunster; Cashel
BawnatempleMunster; Cashel
BawnfuneMunster; Cashel
Beagh Munster; Cashel
Beau Lieu Munster; Cashel
Becc InisMunster; Cashel
Belach FebratMunster; Cashel
Belach*Munster; Cashel
BilboaMunster; Cashel
BileMunster; Cashel
Binn BháinMunster; Cashel
BirraLeinster; Cashel
Bishop's IsdMunster; Cashel
Blascaod MórMunster; Cashel
BleantasourMunster; Cashel
Boherash*Munster; Cashel
BorrisMunster; Cashel
Both Fáilinn (?)Munster; Cashel
BreaghaMunster; Cashel
Brí Gobann/Fán MuiltMunster; Cashel
BritwayMunster; Cashel
BruccasMunster; Cashel
Bruree Munster; Cashel
BunacumMunster; Cashel
Caheravert/CaheravartMunster; Cashel
CaherbaroulMunster; Cashel
Caherdavin?Munster; Cashel
CaherdubduligMunster; Cashel
CaherkeenMunster; Cashel
Cahersiveen*Munster; Cashel
Caílle Chinn FebratMunster; Cashel
Caire ChomáinMunster; Cashel
CaiselMunster; Cashel
Cannawee*Munster; Cashel
CappakilleenMunster; Cashel
CappanagraunMunster; Cashel
Carcair na cClérechMunster; Cashel
Carn AilcheMunster; Cashel
Carn MagMunster; Cashel
CarragraigueMunster; Cashel
Carraig na CilleMunster; Cashel
CarranMunster; Cashel
CarrigagownMunster; Cashel
CarrigathouMunster; Cashel
CarrigboyMunster; Cashel
Carrig*Munster; Cashel
Carrigdownane*Munster; Cashel
Carrigillihy*Munster; Cashel
Carrig IslandMunster; Cashel
Carrigroe Munster; Cashel
Carrow*Munster; Cashel
Castlecor (Kilbrin)Munster; Cashel
CastlelandMunster; Cashel
CastlemagnerMunster; Cashel
Cathair an ChrutaireMunster; Cashel
Cathair an Treantaigh*Munster; Cashel
Cathair BhernachMunster; Cashel
Cathair LeithmhuilleannMunster; Cashel
Cathair meic ConaichMunster; Cashel
Cathair Piarais*Munster; Cashel
Cathair UltainMunster; Cashel
Cell Achaid Munster; Cashel
Cell Achaid ConchinnMunster; Cashel
Cell Achaid*Munster; Cashel
Cell Achaid* Munster; Cashel
Cell a' Cnocáin Munster; Cashel
Cell ÁdamairMunster; Cashel
Cell AdbachMunster; Cashel
Cell Áeda Munster; Cashel
Cell ÁedaMunster; Cashel
Cell Áeda? (Keel Aodha)Munster; Cashel
Cell a' Fidáin? (Kilfiddane)Munster; Cashel
Cell Aigni*Munster; Cashel
Cell AirdMunster; Cashel
Cell Airdrí*Munster; Cashel
Cell AiresMunster; Cashel
Cell AirneMunster; Cashel
Cell AithcherdaMunster; Cashel
Cell AithchiMunster; Cashel
Cella (Kells)Munster; Cashel
Cella (Kells)Munster; Cashel
Cell an BhernáinMunster; Cashel
Cell an bhóthair*Munster; Cashel
Cell an muilinnMunster; Cashel
Cell an Tempaill Munster; Cashel
Cell an t-sleibeMunster; Cashel
Cell an UrdráinMunster; Cashel
Cell AradMunster; Cashel
Cell ArdaMunster; Cashel
Cell ArdaMunster; Cashel
Cell ArgeneayanMunster; Cashel
Cell Arrac ChormaicMunster; Cashel
Cell Átha MoirínMunster; Cashel
Cella ua MaghachMunster; Cashel
Cell Baile an Choillte Munster; Cashel
Cell Bairinn Laignech/Bairnig?Munster; Cashel?
Cell Bairinn LaignechMunster; Cashel
Cell BairrfindMunster; Cashel
Cell Baíthín (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell Barra Munster; Cashel
Cell BarraMunster; Cashel
Cell BarraMunster; Cashel
Cell BarraMunster; Cashel
Cell Barra/Kilbarry (1)Munster; Cashel
Cell Barra/Kilbarry (2)Munster; Cashel
Cell Barra/KilbarryMunster; Cashel
Cell Barra Meidin Munster; Cashel
Cell BeccáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Beccáin/Cluain Ard Mo-BecócMunster; Cashel
Cell Beccáin/PheacáinMunster; Cashel
Cell BeccMunster; Cashel
Cell Beithne (or Coill Beithne?)Munster; Cashel
Cell Beraig (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell Bercháin (Kilbarrahan)Munster; Cashel
Cell BercheirtMunster; Cashel
Cell BerchirtMunster; Cashel
Cell BerchirtMunster; Cashel
Cell BerchirtMunster; Cashel
Cell Betha? (Kilbaha)Munster; Cashel
Cell Bhile (Kellavella)Munster; Cashel
Cell Bhile (Kilvilly)Munster; Cashel
Cell BhrannaMunster; Cashel
Cell Bhrecc/ Baile an MhuilinnMunster; Cashel
Cell BhreiccMunster; Cashel
Cell Bhreicc Munster; Cashel
Cell BiolairMunster; Cashel
Cell Brad[r]áinMunster; Cashel
Cell BráthaMunster; Cashel
Cell Brátha (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell Breccáin/BeccáinMunster; Cashel
Cell BreccáinMunster; Cashel
Cell BreccáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Breccáin Munster; Cashel
Cell BrénainnMunster; Cashel
Cell Brénainn/KilbrenanMunster; Cashel
Cell BrigteMunster; Cashel
Cell BrigteMunster; Cashel
Cell BrigteMunster; Cashel
Cell BrigteMunster; Cashel
Cell BrigteMunster; Cashel
Cell BrigteMunster; Cashel
Cell Britain/Cell na mBretanMunster; Cashel
Cell Broccáin?/KilbroganMunster; Cashel
Cell Broccáin/KilbroganMunster; Cashel
Cell Bróine (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell BruaineMunster; Cashel
Cell Buaine (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell Buide (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell Buide (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell CailchíneMunster; Cashel
Cell Cathrach Munster; Cashel
Cell Chaeidi? (Kilkee)Munster; Cashel
Cell Chaeidi? (Kilkee)Munster; Cashel
Cell Chaeidi (Kilkeedy)Munster; Cashel
Cell ChaeidiMunster; Cashel
Cell Chaillich (Killelly)?Munster; Cashel
Cell Chaimín (Caherminnaun)Munster; Cashel
Cell ChairechMunster; Cashel
Cell Chairill?Munster; Cashel
Cell Chairne?Munster; Cashel
Cell ChaiseMunster; Cashel
Cell ChalláinMunster; Cashel
Cell Charitáin Munster; Cashel
Cell ChascáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Chaurnáin?Munster; Cashel
Cell Chaurnáin?Munster; Cashel
Cell ChéireMunster; Cashel
Cell Chennbuide Munster; Cashel
Cell ChiaráinMunster; Cashel
Cell Chiaráin?Munster; Cashel
Cell ChiaráinMunster; Cashel
Cell ChiaráinMunster; Cashel
Cell ChiaráinMunster; Cashel
Cell ChillínMunster; Cashel
Cell ChinniMunster; Cashel
Cell ChisinMunster; Cashel
Cell ChlochairMunster; Cashel
Cell ChlochairMunster; Cashel
Cell ChlochairMunster; Cashel
Cell Chluaisi?Munster; Cashel
Cell Chluana*Munster; Cashel
Cell ChluanaMunster; Cashel
Cell Chluana*Munster; Cashel
Cell ChluanaMunster; Cashel
Cell ChnámraigeMunster; Cashel
Cell Chobbáin?Munster; Cashel
Cell Chobrainne/ChonbrainnMunster; Cashel
Cell ChócaMunster; Cashel
Cell Chochán Munster; Cashel
Cell ChodaMunster; Cashel
Cell ChódhMunster; Cashel
Cell ChodigiMunster; Cashel
Cell Chóemáin (Kilkeevan)Munster; Cashel
Cell ChóemrachMunster; Cashel
Cell Cholmáin BháireMunster; Cashel
Cell Cholmáin/CholuimMunster; Cashel
Cell CholmáinMunster; Cashel
Cell CholmáinMunster; Cashel
Cell CholmáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Cholmáin (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell CholmáinMunster; Cashel
Cell CholmáinMunster; Cashel
Cell CholmáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Cholmáin (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell Cholmáin/Daire MórLeinster; Cashel
Cell Cholmáin (Kilcolman)Munster; Cashel
Cell Cholmáin? (Kilcolman)Munster; Cashel
Cell Cholmáin (Kilcolman)Munster; Cashel
Cell Cholmáin? (Kilcolman)Munster; Cashel
Cell Cholumcille Munster; Cashel
Cell ChomgáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Chommáin?Leinster; Cashel
Cell Chommáin (Kilcomane)Munster; Cashel
Cell Chommáin/KilcommonMunster; Cashel
Cell ChommuirMunster; Cashel
Cell ChomnaidMunster; Cashel
Cell ChonaillMunster; Cashel
Cell Chonaill (?)*Munster; Cashel
Cell Chonaill?Munster; Cashel
Cell Chonáin Munster; Cashel
Cell ChonáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Chonáin (Kilconan)Munster; Cashel
Cell ChonaireMunster; Cashel
Cell ChonataMunster; Cashel
Cell ChonchinnMunster; Cashel
Cell ChongalaigMunster; Cashel
Cell ChongiMunster; Cashel
Cell ChonlaiMunster; Cashel
Cell ChonndiMunster; Cashel
Cell Choppa Munster; Cashel
Cell Chorb[b]áinLeinster; Cashel
Cell Chorcráin (Kilcorcoran)Munster; Cashel
Cell ChrédeMunster; Cashel
Cell Chríst (Kilchreest)Munster; Cashel
Cell ChritáinMunster; Cashel
Cell ChrócháinMunster; Cashel
Cell ChróineMunster; Cashel
Cell Chróine (Kilcrony)Munster; Cashel
Cell ChromglaiseMunster; Cashel
Cell ChromglaisiMunster; Cashel
Cell ChronactanMunster; Cashel
Cell ChrónataMunster; Cashel
Cell Chruimthir*Munster; Cashel
Cell Chruimthir FraeichMunster; Cashel
Cell Chruimthir LappáinMunster; Cashel
Cell ChúáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Chuáin Munster; Cashel
Cell ChuáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Chuáin Munster; Cashel
Cell Chúáin (Kilquain)Munster; Cashel
Cell ChuallachtaMunster; Cashel
Cell Chuanna Munster; Cashel
Cell ChuaráinMunster; Cashel
Cell ChuaráinMunster; Cashel
Cell Chuidi?Munster; Cashel
Cell ChúileMunster; Cashel
Cell ChúileMunster; Cashel
Cell ChúileMunster; Cashel
Cell Chuili?Munster; Cashel
Cell ChuilinnMunster; Cashel
Cell Chuille (Craig)Munster; Cashel
Cell Chuimín?Munster; Cashel
Cell ChuimmínMunster; Cashel
Cell ChúláinMunster; Cashel
Cell Chumnachta?Munster; Cashel
Cell Churcaige?Munster; Cashel
Cell ChurcaigeMunster; Cashel
Cell Chúrnáin (Chaurnáin?)Munster; Cashel
Cell Chúrnáin?Munster; Cashel
Cell Chúrnáin Munster; Cashel
Cell Clispín/AhennyMunster; Cashel
Cell Cluana/KilclooneyMunster; Cashel
Cell dá druimMunster; Cashel
Cell (Dáerthuatha Caisil?)Munster; Cashel
Cell dá Náem?Munster; Cashel
Cell darireMunster; Cashel
Cell dea?Munster; Cashel
Cell deochain Liatháin?Munster; Cashel
Cell Diarmata Munster; Cashel
Cell Dímmae (Kildimo)Munster; Cashel
Cell Dímmae Munster; Cashel
Cell DolowanMunster; Cashel
Cell Do-LuaMunster; Cashel
Cell Domaingein?Munster; Cashel
Cell DomnaillMunster; Cashel
Cell DomnóigeMunster; Cashel
Cell DonnchadaMunster; Cashel
Cell DraignechMunster; Cashel
Cell Draignech/LótharMunster; Cashel
Cell Drochtáin Munster; Cashel
Cell DromaMunster; Cashel
Cell Droma/Cell na MarbánMunster; Cashel
Cell DubcluanaMunster; Cashel
Cell DubMunster; Cashel
Cell DúigeáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Eanaig/Kilanna*Munster; Cashel
Cell Eichín/EcáinMunster; Cashel
Cell eidir dá druim/KillederdadrumMunster; Cashel
Cell EiltíneMunster; Cashel
Cell EiltíneMunster; Cashel
Cell Eiltíne?Munster; Cashel
Cell EimniMunster; Cashel
Cell ÉinneMunster; Cashel
Cell Éinne?Munster; Cashel
Cell ÉinneMunster; Cashel
Cell Eircc?Munster; Cashel
Cell EithneMunster; Cashel
Cell ÉitínMunster; Cashel
Cell Eochada?Munster; Cashel
Cell Eochada?Munster; Cashel
Cell ÉochailleMunster; Cashel
Cell ÉogainMunster; Cashel
Cell Éogain? (Killoghan)Munster; Cashel
Cell Eoin (Killone)Munster; Cashel
Cell Eoin Munster; Cashel
Cell Epscoip LonáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Epscoip TairbíneMunster; Cashel
Cell Epscop Máeláin/Maláin (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell ErnaideMunster; Cashel
Cell ErnáinMunster; Cashel
Cell FhaeláinMunster; Cashel
Cell FhaeláinMunster; Cashel
Cell FhaileMunster; Cashel
Cell Fhata (Kiladda)Munster; Cashel
Cell FhéiccMunster; Cashel
Cell Fhergusa Munster; Cashel
Cell Fhergusa Munster; Cashel
Cell FhernocMunster; Cashel
Cell Fhiachach?Munster; Cashel
Cell FhiachnaeMunster; Cashel
Cell FhiachrachMunster; Cashel
Cell FhiaclaMunster; Cashel
Cell Fhidáin (Kilfiddane?)Munster; Cashel
Cell FhínáinMunster; Cashel
Cell FhinnabrachMunster; Cashel
Cell Fhinnabrach? (Kilfenora)Munster; Cashel
Cell FhínnachtaMunster; Cashel
Cell FhintainMunster; Cashel
Cell Fhintain?Munster; Cashel
Cell FhintanáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Fhobric? (Kilfarboy)Munster; Cashel
Cell FhraisMunster; Cashel
Cell Fiadaili? Munster; Cashel
Cell Finntain?Munster; Cashel
Cell Finntain Munster; Cashel
Cell Gabra/Cell Garad? Munster; Cashel
Cell Gaibriel*Munster; Cashel
Cell GaimneMunster; Cashel
Cell Galláin?Munster; Cashel
Cell GarbáinMunster; Cashel
Cell GarbáinMunster; Cashel
Cell GarbáinMunster; Cashel
Cell GarbáinMunster; Cashel
Cell GégáinMunster; Cashel
Cell GobbáinMunster; Cashel
Cell GobbáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Gobbáin Munster; Cashel
Cell Gobbáin Munster; Cashel
Cell GobnaiteMunster; Cashel
Cell GobnaiteMunster; Cashel
Cell GobnaiteMunster; Cashel
Cell GobnaiteMunster; Cashel
Cell GobnaiteMunster; Cashel
Cell GrelláinMunster; Cashel
Cell Grubain Munster; Cashel
Cell IaMunster; Cashel
Cell Ilbi?Munster; Cashel
Cell ImchluanaMunster; Cashel
Cell Imlecha/KillemlaghMunster; Cashel
Cell Imlecha?Munster; Cashel
Cell Imlecha?Munster; Cashel
Cellín Áirne? Munster; Cashel
Cellín Binith? Munster; Cashel
Cellín?*Munster; Cashel
Cellín Chrónáin Munster; Cashel
Cellín FhachtnaMunster; Cashel
Cell Ingen BaíthMunster; Cashel
Cell in iubairMunster; Cashel
Cellín Liath?Munster; Cashel
CellínLeinster; Cashel
Cell Inse?Munster; Cashel
Cell ÍteMunster; Cashel
Cell IubairMunster; Cashel
Cell Iubráin?Munster; Cashel
Cell (Kill-)Munster; Cashel
Cell (+?)Munster; Cashel
Cell Laichteine/LachtaíneMunster; Cashel
Cell Laisre/Lasra (Killasseragh)Munster; Cashel
Cell Laisre/Lasra?Munster; Cashel
Cell Laisre?Munster; Cashel
Cell LionáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Lócháin/KilloughaneMunster; Cashel
Cell LoghaMunster; Cashel
Cell LonáinMunster; Cashel
Cell LonáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Lucáin?Munster; Cashel
Cell Lugach (Killow)Munster; Cashel
Cell mac CairillMunster; Cashel
Cell mac Coílig?/Maige Coille?Munster; Cashel
Cell mac Con-GairbMunster; Cashel
Cell mac DubáinMunster; Cashel
Cell mac Gobain? Munster; Cashel
Cell Macha(in)Munster; Cashel
Cell MachaMunster; Cashel
Cell mac LéinínMunster; Cashel
Cell mac Liatháin?Munster; Cashel
Cell mac Lugna Munster; Cashel
Cell mac nOdráinMunster; Cashel
Cell Mac/Ua Luigne? (Kilulana)Munster; Cashel
Cell MáeláinMunster; Cashel
Cell MáeláinMunster; Cashel
Cell MáeláinMunster; Cashel
Cell MáeláinMunster; Cashel
Cell Máel-chétairMunster; Cashel
Cell Máele-Aithgein? (C. Molihegyn)Munster; Cashel
Cell Máele-AnfaidMunster; Cashel
Cell MáelechairMunster; Cashel
Cell Máele/Máile-Munster; Cashel
Cell Máele-Odráin?Munster; Cashel
Cell Maige bóMunster; Cashel
Cell Maige ClíaichMunster; Cashel
Cell Máile/Máele-Munster; Cashel
Cell Máile/Máele-Munster; Cashel
Cell MainchesMunster; Cashel
Cell MainchínMunster; Cashel
Cell Mainchín Munster; Cashel
Cell Mainchín (Kilmaniheen)Munster; Cashel
Cell MainchínMunster; Cashel
Cell Mainchín?Munster; Cashel
Cell MalaichMunster; Cashel
Cell MalaichMunster; Cashel
Cell Manach Munster; Cashel
Cell Manach?Munster; Cashel
Cell Manach Munster; Cashel
Cell Mehoc?Munster; Cashel
Cell meic CathailMunster; Cashel
Cell Meic-CreicheMunster; Cashel
Cell Meic-DubáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Meic-LiacMunster; Cashel
Cell MeithneMunster; Cashel
Cell MelláinMunster; Cashel
Cell Mennmain?Munster; Cashel
Cell M'Ernoic?Munster; Cashel
Cell Mhic an DomhnaighMunster; Cashel
Cell Mhuire?*Munster; Cashel
Cell Mhuire?*Munster; Cashel
Cell Mhuire?*Munster; Cashel
Cell Midain?Munster; Cashel
Cell M'ídeMunster; Cashel
Cell MídeMunster; Cashel
Cell MílchonMunster; Cashel
Cell MilócMunster; Cashel
Cell MingenMunster; Cashel
Cell Mithil?*Munster; Cashel
Cell Mithil?Munster; Cashel
Cell MithilMunster; Cashel
Cell Mo-BíMunster; Cashel
Cell Mo-bóe (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell Mo-Channóc?Munster; Cashel
Cell Mo-Chellóc? (Kilmakilloge)Munster; Cashel
Cell Mo-ChellócMunster; Cashel
Cell Mo-ChommócMunster; Cashel
Cell Mo-ChuaMunster; Cashel
Cell Mo-Chua?Munster; Cashel
Cell Mo-ChuarócMunster; Cashel
Cell Mo-ChuilleMunster; Cashel
Cell Mo-ChuilliMunster; Cashel
Cell Mo-Chú? (Kilmacoo)Munster; Cashel
Cell Mo-Chumma Munster; Cashel
Cell Mo-ChummaMunster; Cashel
Cell Mo-Chúóc?Munster; Cashel
Cell Mo-Dimóc Munster; Cashel
Cell Mo-DomnócMunster; Cashel
Cell Modula?/Mhac Stola?Munster; Cashel
Cell Mo-Genáin?Munster; Cashel
Cell Mo-Guaire?Munster; Cashel
Cell Mo-LaisseMunster; Cashel
Cell Mo-LaisseMunster; Cashel
Cell Mo-Lóce?Munster; Cashel
Cell Mo-Lua (Kilmaline)Munster; Cashel
Cell Mo-Lua Munster; Cashel
Cell Mo-Ménócc?Munster; Cashel
Cell MonaMunster; Cashel
Cell Mo-Nemócc? (Kilmanavoge)Munster; Cashel
Cell Mór Arad TíreMunster; Cashel
Cell MórMunster; Cashel
Cell MorMunster; Cashel
Cell Mór Chinn EichMunster; Cashel
Cell Mór Farranreagh*Munster; Cashel
Cell Mór*Munster; Cashel
Cell MórMunster; Cashel
Cell MórMunster; Cashel
Cell Mor (Kilmore)Munster; Cashel
Cell Mór (Kilmore)Munster; Cashel
Cell Mor (Kilmore)Munster; Cashel
Cell MórMunster; Cashel
Cell Mór RuisínMunster; Cashel
Cell Mór RuissínMunster; Cashel
Cell Mo-ShamócMunster; Cashel
Cell MuadáinMunster; Cashel
Cell MugaineMunster; Cashel
Cell Mugaine?Munster; Cashel
Cell MugaineMunster; Cashel
Cell Muire*Munster; Cashel
Cell Muire Éli*Leinster; Cashel
Cell Muire*Munster; Cashel
Cell MuireMunster; Cashel
Cell Muire (Kilmurry-Ibrickan)Munster; Cashel
Cell Muire*Munster; Cashel
Cell Muire (Kilmurry)Munster; Cashel
Cell Muire (Kilmurrynegaul)Munster; Cashel
Cell Muire (Kilmurry)Munster; Cashel
Cell Muire*Munster; Cashel
Cell na BernanMunster; Cashel
Cell na bhFraochain Munster; Cashel
Cell na clochánMunster; Cashel
Cell na Cluaine? Munster; Cashel
Cell na CluaineMunster; Cashel
Cell na Cluaine (Kilnacloona)Munster; Cashel
Cell na Cluana*Munster; Cashel
Cell na fer bréige?Munster; Cashel
Cell na Fidnaige (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell na gCaillech?Munster; Cashel
Cell na gCaillechMunster; Cashel
Cell na gCléireachMunster; Cashel
Cell na gClérechMunster; Cashel
Cell na gCluaireMunster; Cashel
Cell na gColmánMunster; Cashel
Cell na gCrossMunster; Cashel
Cell na GráinsigeMunster; Cashel
Cell na hInnseMunster; Cashel
Cell NáileMunster; Cashel
Cell na Mac Munster; Cashel
Cell na MarbánMunster; Cashel
Cell na Martra (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell na mban órthaMunster; Cashel
Cell na mBráthar*Munster; Cashel
Cell na mBrecc?Munster; Cashel
Cell na Muchóige * Munster; Cashel
Cell na Náem*Munster; Cashel
Cell na ndérMunster; Cashel
Cell na nIngenMunster; Cashel
Cell na RáthaMunster; Cashel
Cell na RáthMunster; Cashel
Cell na RétaireMunster; Cashel
Cell na RómánachMunster; Cashel
Cell na RómánachMunster; Cashel
Cell na SáerMunster; Cashel
Cell Nechtain? (Kilnaughten)Munster; Cashel
Cell nua?Munster; Cashel
Cell Ó an ChathaighMunster; Cashel
Cell Odráin/Máele-OdráinMunster; Cashel
Cell OdráinMunster; Cashel
Cell ÓenamhnáMunster; Cashel
Cell Ó gCróinMunster; Cashel
Cell OirbhelaichMunster; Cashel
Cell Ó LuaighMunster; Cashel
Cell Onchon? (Killonaghan)Munster; Cashel
Cell Onchon?Munster; Cashel
Cell Onchon Munster; Cashel
Cell Orgulan?Munster; Cashel
Cell Orrluchta?Munster; Cashel
Cell OssáinMunster; Cashel
Cell OstaMunster; Cashel
Cell Otteráin?Munster; Cashel
Cell PhátraicMunster; Cashel
Cell PhátraicMunster; Cashel
Cell Phíán?Munster; Cashel
Cell RáthaMunster; Cashel
Cell Rechtguis? (Kilraghtis)Munster; Cashel
Cell RiaMunster; Cashel
Cell Ródáin/RótáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Ródáin/RótáinMunster; Cashel
Cell RoisMunster; Cashel
Cell Rois Munster; Cashel
Cell RoisMunster; Cashel
Cell Rois Munster; Cashel
Cell RónáinMunster; Cashel
Cell RónáinMunster; Cashel
Cell RónáinMunster; Cashel
Cell RossáinMunster; Cashel
Cell RossantaMunster; Cashel
Cell Ruadáin?Munster; Cashel
Cell RuadhMunster; Cashel
Cell RuiféadMunster; Cashel
Cell SaincínMunster; Cashel
Cell SanctáinMunster; Cashel
Cell San LabhraisMunster; Cashel
Cell San NioclaisMunster; Cashel
Cell Scannail Munster; Cashel
Cell ScíreMunster; Cashel
Cell Secháin?Munster; Cashel
Cell SenaichMunster; Cashel
Cell SenaichMunster; Cashel
Cell SenaichMunster; Cashel
Cell SenaichMunster; Cashel
Cell Senaich?Munster; Cashel
Cell SgéithMunster; Cashel
Cell Sidayn/Fidáin?Munster; Cashel
Cell SilláinMunster; Cashel
Cell tSincheMunster; Cashel
Cell Sinche?Munster; Cashel
Cell Sinchill?Munster; Cashel
Cell Sodidilun?Munster; Cashel
Cell Tairri?Munster; Cashel
Cell TargigMunster; Cashel
Cell Teccáin/TagáinMunster; Cashel
Cell TeilleógMunster; Cashel
Cell TeimnéinMunster; Cashel
Cell TenaindMunster; Cashel
Cell TidillMunster; Cashel
Cell TilangMunster; Cashel
Cell TíreMunster; Cashel
Cell Tochomhrach?Munster; Cashel
Cell Tolae? (Kiltolagh)Munster; Cashel
Cell Tómma?Munster; Cashel
Cell Tomraige (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell Torpáin (?)Munster; Cashel
Cell Triallaich (Kiltrellig)Munster; Cashel
Cell tSenaichMunster; Cashel
Cell tSenáinMunster; Cashel
Cell tSenáin (Kiltenain)Munster; Cashel
Cell tSenáin LiathMunster; Cashel
Cell tSenáinMunster; Cashel
Cell TuaitiMunster; Cashel?
Cell Tuillithe*Munster; Cashel
Cell TulachMunster; Cashel
Cell Ua CennétigMunster; Cashel
Cell Uachtair LámhannMunster; Cashel
Cell Uachtair MaigheMunster; Cashel
Cell Ua Ciaráin?Munster; Cashel
Cell Ua Liatháin Munster; Cashel
Cell Ua Máil-lachtnaiMunster; Cashel
Cell Ua nDaigre?Munster; Cashel
Cell Ua nDaigre?Munster; Cashel
Cell Ua nGéibinnáinMunster; Cashel
Cell Ua Regi?Munster; Cashel
Cell Ua ScolaigeMunster; Cashel
Cell Ua TigernáinMunster; Cashel
Cell UirdMunster; Cashel
Cell Ultain Munster; Cashel
Cenn ArdMunster; Cashel
Cenn ArdMunster; Cashel
Cenn DromaMunster; Cashel
Cenn EichMunster; Cashel
Cenn ÉitigLeinster; Cashel
Cenn InseMunster; Cashel
Cenn MaraMunster; Cashel
Cenn SáileMunster; Cashel
Cenn tuircMunster; Cashel
Ceppach na gCrannMunster; Cashel
Church Island/Oilén an TempaillMunster; Cashel
Church Island/Oilén an TempaillMunster; Cashel
Churchtown*Munster; Cashel
CillíneachMunster; Cashel
ClárMunster; Cashel
ClasharusheenMunster; Cashel
Clashlehane?Munster; Cashel
ClenorMunster; Cashel
Clochán, AnMunster; Cashel
Clochán, AnMunster; Cashel
ClochánMunster; Cashel
Clochán ChárthainnMunster; Cashel
ClocharMunster; Cashel
ClocharMunster; Cashel
CloghinchMunster; Cashel
Cloghleigh/KylebegMunster; Cashel
CloghmacsimonMunster; Cashel
CloghvoulaMunster; Cashel
ClonakennyMunster; Cashel
Clonbuogh*Munster; Cashel
ClonleaMunster; Cashel
Clonygaheen/KilloscullyMunster; Cashel
Cloonagarnaun*Munster; Cashel
Clooney Beg*Munster; Cashel
Cloonyconry*Munster; Cashel
Cluain Áine?Munster; Cashel
Cluain Aird/Tuairín BeccáinMunster; Cashel
Cluain BecMunster; Cashel
Cluain BecMunster; Cashel
Cluain BolgMunster; Cashel
Cluain BruchaiseMunster; Cashel
Cluain BruchaiseMunster; Cashel
Cluain Chaí?Munster; Cashel
Cluain ChaíMunster; Cashel
Cluain Chaín [Arad]Munster; Cashel
Cluain Chaín Munster; Cashel
Cluain Chaín Munster; Cashel
Cluain Charna(í)Munster; Cashel
Cluain Choláin?Munster; Cashel
Cluain ChomardeMunster; Cashel
Cluain ChonbruinMunster; Cashel
Cluain Chrema/ChraebaMunster; Cashel
Cluain ClaidbaichMunster; Cashel
Cluainclaidheach? Claidmech?Munster; Cashel
Cluain Munster; Cashel
Cluain dá gatMunster; Cashel
Cluain DalláinMunster; Cashel
Cluain DraignigeMunster; Cashel
Cluain Ech Munster; Cashel
Cluain eilteMunster; Cashel
Cluain Fhiadh Munster; Cashel
Cluain FinnglaiseMunster; Cashel
Cluain FotaMunster; Cashel
Cluain Í/Cluain dá acra?Munster; Cashel
Cluain in Fidi?Munster; Cashel
Cluain LócháinMunster; Cashel
Cluain LochaMunster; Cashel
Cluain LoisctheLeinster; Cashel
Cluain MáeláinMunster; Cashel
Cluain MucraisMunster; Cashel
Cluain MugnaMunster; Cashel
Cluain Pite?Munster; Cashel
Cluain RuissMunster; Cashel
Cluain Siebra? Munster; Cashel
Cluain téad?Munster; Cashel
Cluain uabair?Munster; Cashel
Cluain uamhaMunster; Cashel
Cluana (?)Munster; Cashel
Coill Bhaile Uí Fhlaithimh*Munster; Cashel
Coill Mhac Thomais Fhinn*Munster; Cashel
Colligan BegMunster; Cashel
Com DhíneolMunster; Cashel
Com Dubh*Munster; Cashel
Com na CilleMunster; Cashel
Coning (?)Munster; Cashel
Conva*Munster; Cashel
CoogullaMunster; Cashel
Cooliney*Munster; Cashel
CoolnasmearMunster; Cashel
Coolum*Munster; Cashel
Corbally-Roscrea*Leinster; Cashel
CorcachMunster; Cashel
Corcomroe Abbey*Munster; Cashel
Cork (Christ Church)*Munster; Cashel
Cork (St Mary's)?Munster; Cashel
CorraMunster; Cashel
CoulaghMunster; Cashel
CoveMunster; Cashel
Craili Munster; Cashel
CroaghMunster; Cashel
Crobally Upper*Munster; Cashel
Croimglenn/CroimlinnMunster; Cashel
CrottaMunster; Cashel
CruachánMunster; Cashel
Cruachán Maige AbnaMunster; Cashel
CruachMunster; Cashel
Crudha Munster; Cashel
Cúil Búinne Munster; Cashel
Cúil ChollaingeMunster; Cashel
Cúil (Coole)Munster; Cashel
CuilennMunster; Cashel
CuilennMunster; Cashel
Cúil Fhinn Munster; Cashel
Cúil FotaMunster; Cashel
Cúil na hEornan Munster; Cashel
CuincheMunster; Cashel
Cullenwaine*Leinster; Cashel
Curraghmore*Munster; Cashel
Curraghnagarraha Munster; Cashel
Dá Chenn EcháinMunster; Cashel
DaireMunster; Cashel
Daire DúnchonMunster; Cashel
Daire Ednech/EithnigMunster; Cashel
Daire MeilleMunster; Cashel
Daire MhórMunster; Cashel
Daire Mo-ChuaMunster; Cashel
Daire MórMunster; Cashel
Daire MórMunster; Cashel
Dair Inis Maíl-AnfaidMunster; Cashel
Darach Mo-ChuaMunster; Cashel
DerreenMunster; Cashel
DerryMunster; Cashel
DerrygalunMunster; Cashel
Derryvillane?Munster; Cashel
DinishMunster; Cashel
Dísert ChiaráinMunster; Cashel
Dísert Chroim?Munster; Cashel
Dísert ChuimínLeinster; Cashel
Dísert [Declain]Munster; Cashel
Dísert (Desert)Munster; Cashel
Dísert (Desert)Munster; Cashel
Dísert DonnáinMunster; Cashel
Dísert (Dysart)Munster; Cashel
Dísert LobráinMunster; Cashel
Dísert Martain?Munster; Cashel
Dísert MórMunster; Cashel
Dísert Muirdebra Munster; Cashel
Dísert MurthaileMunster; Cashel
Dísert n-ÁrbriMunster; Cashel
Dísert Óengusa Munster; Cashel
Dísert ScuithíneMunster; Cashel
Dísert TipraiteMunster; Cashel
Dísert TolaMunster; Cashel
Dísert (Uí Tríallaig?)Munster; Cashel
Domnach AnereMunster; Cashel
Domnach Garbháin (?)Munster; Cashel
Domnach Mór Áine Munster; Cashel
Domnach MórMunster; Cashel
Domnach Mór Munster; Cashel
Domnach Mór Maige FeminMunster; Cashel
Domnach Mór Mittíne Munster; Cashel
DomnachMunster; Cashel
Domnach Tamnaig BuaidcheMunster; Cashel?
Domnach Uchaire?Munster; Cashel
Dooneen*Munster; Cashel
Doonmulvihill*Munster; Cashel
DoonpeterMunster; Cashel
Droichet-TarsnaMunster; Cashel
Dromagarrum Munster; Cashel
DromdowneyMunster; Cashel
DromidicloghMunster; Cashel
Dromoghty*Munster; Cashel
Dromore (1)Munster; Cashel
Dromore (2)Munster; Cashel
DromtarriffMunster; Cashel
Druim AbratMunster; Cashel
Druim an Longfoirt*Munster; Cashel
Druim BánMunster; Cashel
Druim CaorMunster; Cashel
Druim Críche*Munster; Cashel
Druim DraignigeMunster; Cashel
DruimMunster; Cashel
Druim EidnechMunster; Cashel
Druim IndbirMunster; Cashel
Druim in Iubair(?)Munster; Cashel
Druim Laigille/LaigenMunster; Cashel
Druim LoígdeMunster; Cashel
Druim LúacháinMunster; Cashel
Druim MórMunster; Cashel
Druim ÓcáinMunster; Cashel
Druim OrcáinMunster; Cashel
Druim RuadMunster; Cashel
Drumcannon*Munster; Cashel
DrumcliffMunster; Cashel
Drummat (Dromod)Munster; Cashel
Duagh/Cell Chumnachta?Munster; Cashel
Duagh*Munster; Cashel
Dún BlesciMunster; Cashel
DunbullogeMunster; Cashel
Dún DermaigeMunster; Cashel
Dún Domnaill?Munster; Cashel
Dún Garbáin?Munster; Cashel
Dunhill*Munster; Cashel
DuniskyMunster; Cashel
Dunloe*Munster; Cashel
DunmoreMunster; Cashel
Dunurlin*Munster; Cashel
EanachMunster; Cashel
EcclasMunster; Cashel
Ecclas*Munster; Cashel
EcclasMunster; Cashel
Ecclas Chormaic?Munster; Cashel
Ecclas Shinchill (Aglish Sinchill)Munster; Cashel
Ech-Inis? (Aughinis)Munster; Cashel
Echlasca Mo-LacaMunster; Cashel
Eightercua*Munster; Cashel
Emlygrenan/ImlechdroinngiMunster; Cashel
Enach (Enagh)Munster; Cashel
Enach MidbrenMunster; Cashel
English Island*Munster; Cashel
Éochaill ArraMunster; Cashel
ErnaideMunster; Cashel
EtargabalMunster; Cashel
Faithche BeccMunster; Cashel
Faithche (Faiche)Munster; Cashel
Faithche (Faiche)Munster; Cashel
FánMunster; Cashel
Fán LópaistMunster; Cashel
Farrahy (Fairrche)Munster; Cashel
Farranavarrigane*Munster; Cashel
Farraniaragh*Munster; Cashel
Farrannacarriga*Munster; Cashel
Feaghmaan/Fíoch MeáinMunster; Cashel
Fearann na CilleMunster; Cashel
FeenaghMunster; Cashel
Feenish IsdMunster; Cashel
Feigh*Munster; Cashel
FenitMunster; Cashel
Ferann na gCléirechMunster; Cashel
Ferrnan Munster; Cashel
Fert ScéitheMunster; Cashel
Fiacal (Feakle)Munster; Cashel
Findabair?Munster; Cashel
FindabairMunster; Cashel
Fíoch MeáinMunster; Cashel
FleanMunster; Cashel
FoilogohigMunster; Cashel
FormoyleMunster; Cashel
Forrach FachtnaiMunster; Cashel
Fothair na ManachMunster; Cashel
Fox's CastleMunster; Cashel
Friars IslandMunster; Cashel
Galey*Munster; Cashel
GallarusMunster; Cashel
Garfinny (An Ghairfeanaigh)Munster; Cashel
GarrabaunMunster; Cashel
Garranbraher?Munster; Cashel
Garranebane (An Garrán Bán)Munster; Cashel
GarranmillonMunster; Cashel
Garran Tortain Munster; Cashel
GarrisonMunster; Cashel
GarryduffMunster; Cashel
Garrynadur (Garraí na dTor)Munster; Cashel
GarrynamonaMunster; Cashel
GarryvicleheenMunster; Cashel
Glanlick (Gleann na Licce)Munster; Cashel
Glannafeen (Templebreedy)Munster; Cashel
Glass MórMunster; Cashel
GlebeMunster; Cashel
Glebe (Kilmeen)Munster; Cashel
GlencolumbkilleMunster; Cashel
GleninaghMunster; Cashel
Glenn BercháinMunster; Cashel
Glenn ChaínMunster; Cashel
Glenn LaímMunster; Cashel
Glenn Móc*Munster; Cashel
Glennta, NaMunster; Cashel
GlenpatrickMunster; Cashel
GormanstownMunster; Cashel
Gortaclade Munster; Cashel
Gortacloghane (Gort an Chlocháin)*Munster; Cashel
Gortacurraun (Gort an Chorráin)Munster; Cashel
GortageenMunster; Cashel
Gortaglarna*Munster; Cashel
Gortaneare*Munster; Cashel
GorteennafinnogeMunster; Cashel
Gortgarriff (Cell Chaitigerna)Munster; Cashel
Gortrelig (Gort na Reilige)*Munster; Cashel
GowlaneMunster; Cashel
GowlaneMunster; Cashel
GraigueMunster; Cashel
GrangeMunster; Cashel
GreenaneMunster; Cashel
GrenaghMunster; Cashel
Horse IslandMunster; Cashel
Illaunakilla (Oilén na Cille)Munster; Cashel
Imlech DraignigeMunster; Cashel
Imlech IbairMunster; Cashel
Immolchuir Munster; Cashel
Imphrick*Munster; Cashel
InchindrislaMunster; Cashel
Inis ChaírechMunster; Cashel
Inis CharaMunster; Cashel
Inis Chathaig (Scattery)Munster; Cashel
Inis CheltraMunster; Cashel
Inis ChonnlaMunster; Cashel
Inis Chrónáin (Inchicronan)Munster; Cashel
Inis dá droimMunster; Cashel
Inis DímmáinMunster; Cashel
Inis Doimle/TeimleMunster; Cashel
Inis DúineMunster; Cashel
Inis FaithlennMunster; Cashel
InishannonMunster; Cashel
InishkennyMunster; Cashel
InishleenaMunster; Cashel
Inis LabrainneMunster; Cashel
Inis LeamnachtaMunster; Cashel
Inis Locha CréMunster; Cashel
Inis LoingeMunster; Cashel
Inis LuaidMunster; Cashel
Inis Meic OíbléinMunster; Cashel
Inis MórMunster; Cashel
Inis MórMunster; Cashel
Inis na mBeoMunster; Cashel
Inis PhíchMunster; Cashel
Inis SibtonnMunster; Cashel
Inis TibradMunster; Cashel
Inis TuaisceirtMunster; Cashel
Inis Úasal/Ausilli?Munster; Cashel
KeelMunster; Cashel
KeelogeLeinster; Cashel
KeeltaneMunster; Cashel
KeilnacaillyMunster; Cashel
Kilballyowen*Munster; Cashel
KilbinaneMunster; Cashel
KilbolaneMunster; Cashel
KilbonaneMunster; Cashel
KilboultraghMunster; Cashel
KilbreeMunster; Cashel
KilbronogeMunster; Cashel
KilbrownMunster; Cashel
KilcalfMunster; Cashel
KilcarraghMunster; Cashel
KilcartonMunster; Cashel
Kilcatherine (Cell Chaitigerna?)Munster; Cashel
KilclogheraneMunster; Cashel
KilclooneyMunster; Cashel
KilcomeraghMunster; Cashel
KilconnorMunster; Cashel
KilcorneyMunster; Cashel
Kilcranathan?Munster; Cashel
KilcredaunMunster; Cashel
KilcullenMunster; Cashel
Kilcurly Munster; Cashel
KildeeMunster; Cashel
KilderiheenMunster; Cashel
Kildorrery*Munster; Cashel
KilduaneMunster; Cashel
Kildurrihy (Cell a ru)Munster; Cashel
KilfadeenMunster; Cashel
KilfintinanMunster; Cashel
Kilfithmone*/Cell Fhia MúinMunster; Cashel
Kilflyn (Cell Fhlainn?)*Munster; Cashel
KilgainyMunster; Cashel
Kilganny/Cell GhainimheMunster; Cashel
Kilgarvan (Cell Garbáin?)*Munster; Cashel
KilkeanyMunster; Cashel
KilkilleenMunster; Cashel
Kilknockane*Munster; Cashel
KillaclugMunster; Cashel
Killacollum Munster; Cashel
KillaconenaghMunster; Cashel
KillaconenaghMunster; Cashel
KilladanganMunster; Cashel
Killahan (Cell Lethan?)Munster; Cashel
Killaidamee*/Cell Arda Mide?Munster; Cashel
KillaleeMunster; Cashel
KillaloanMunster; Cashel
Killana*Munster; Cashel
KillavalligMunster; Cashel
KillavoyMunster; Cashel
KilleaMunster; Cashel
Killeacle (Cell Fhiacla?)Munster; Cashel
KilleenaghMunster; Cashel
KilleenMunster; Cashel
Killegy (Cloghereen)Munster; Cashel
KilleighnaghMunster; Cashel
KillilaghMunster; Cashel
KillinaneMunster; Cashel
Kill*Munster; Cashel
KillobarnaunMunster; Cashel
Killofin*Munster; Cashel
Killogholehan Munster; Cashel
Killokennedy; Glenn ÓmraMunster; Cashel
Killokennedy; St. SlaneyMunster; Cashel
Killountain?Munster; Cashel
KillowenMunster; Cashel
KillowenMunster; Cashel
KillowenMunster; Cashel
KillowenMunster; Cashel
KillowenMunster; Cashel
Killowen*Munster; Cashel
KilluraghMunster; Cashel
KilmacabeaMunster; Cashel
Cill Mágh Cearóg?Munster; Cashel
KilmaleeryMunster; Cashel
KilmalodaMunster; Cashel
KilmaloodaMunster; Cashel
Kilmanna (Cell (na) Manach?)Munster; Cashel
KilmaquageMunster; Cashel
KilmichaelMunster; Cashel
Kilmore (Cell Mhór)*Munster; Cashel
Kilmoyley (Cell Máile?)*Munster; Cashel
Kilmulhane*Munster; Cashel
KilmurrinMunster; Cashel
KilnadrowMunster; Cashel
KilnadurMunster; Cashel
KilnaglackenMunster; Cashel
KilnamanaghMunster; Cashel
KilnamonaMunster; Cashel
KilnanamaMunster; Cashel
KilnaruaneMunster; Cashel
Kilnasoolagh*Munster; Cashel
Kilparteen/Cell PhairtínMunster; Cashel
KilpatrickMunster; Cashel
Kilphelan Munster; Cashel
Kilquane (Cell Chuáin?)Munster; Cashel
Kilquane (Cell Chuáin?)Munster; Cashel
Kilquane (Cell Chuáin?)Munster; Cashel
Kilsarkan*Munster; Cashel
Kilseily*Munster; Cashel
KilshinahanMunster; Cashel
KilsteagueMunster; Cashel
KiltackeyMunster; Cashel
Kilteean*Munster; Cashel
Kiltonaghta*Munster; Cashel
Kiltoraght*Munster; Cashel
KiltumperMunster; Cashel
Kilvakee*Munster; Cashel
Kilvanagh (Cell Manach?)*Munster; Cashel
KilvristaMunster; Cashel
Kilvroon?Munster; Cashel
KnawhillMunster; Cashel
Knigh/Cell Ard?*Munster; Cashel
Knockakeo*Munster; Cashel
KnockanearisMunster; Cashel
Knockardbane Munster; Cashel
KnockaturnoryMunster; Cashel
Knockaverry*Munster; Cashel
KnockboyMunster; Cashel
KnockeenMunster; Cashel
KnockmacoolMunster; Cashel
KnockmanaghMunster; Cashel
KnockmaonMunster; Cashel
Knocknagaul? Munster; Cashel
KnocknageehyMunster; Cashel
KnockroeMunster; Cashel
KnockrourMunster; Cashel
KnocksMunster; Cashel
KylebegLeinster; Cashel?
LabbamolagaMunster; Cashel
LackaMunster; Cashel
Lackendarragh (Cell Chuilinn?) Munster; Cashel
Ladysabbey*Munster; Cashel
LeanaMunster; Cashel
Leataoibh Mór/Tempall na CluanachMunster; Cashel
Lecc*Munster; Cashel
LeckaunMunster; Cashel
LeitirMunster; Cashel
Leittir? (Letter)Munster; Cashel
LeittirMunster; Cashel
Leittir LugnaLeinster; Cashel
Less Chainnich? (Liskenny)Munster; Cashel
Lethét Glais MáirMunster; Cashel
Lettracha OdráinMunster; Cashel
Liath Mór (Leamakevoge)Munster; Cashel
LisdanganMunster; Cashel
Liss Dergáin?Munster; Cashel
Liss Eiltíne?Munster; Cashel
Liss Lachtaíne?Munster; Cashel
Liss Mo-Ling?Munster; Cashel
Liss MórMunster; Cashel
Liss na Cille Munster; Cashel
Liss Ua Móine? (Lissamona)Munster; Cashel
Loch Daibchín Munster; Cashel
Loch Irce/Gougane BarraMunster; Cashel
Loch Lúachra*Munster; Cashel
LothraMunster; Cashel
Loughan*Leinster; Cashel
LoughillMunster; Cashel
Lough MackeenlaunMunster; Cashel
Loumanagh*Munster; Cashel
Macroney* Munster; Cashel
Mag drothir DremneMunster; Cashel
Magh FhertaMunster; Cashel
Magh Lacha Munster; Cashel
Mag Locha (Moylough)Munster; Cashel
Mag MórMunster; Cashel
Mag nAirthirMunster; Cashel
Mag nÉo Munster; Cashel
Marshalstown* Munster; Cashel
MartreMunster; Cashel
Maulnabrack*Munster; Cashel
MidíselMunster; Cashel
MishellsMunster; Cashel
Móethail BroccáinMunster; Cashel
Monanimy* Munster; Cashel
Monasternioriel*Munster; Cashel
Moneen-na-gliggin*Munster; Cashel
MonseaMunster; Cashel
MooghnaMunster; Cashel
MountbridgetMunster; Cashel
Mucc-Inis RiaguilMunster; Cashel
MullaghroeMunster; Cashel
MungairitMunster; Cashel
Muragrán/Turas FhlainnMunster; Cashel
NedinaghMunster; Cashel
NenaghMunster; Cashel
Nuachongbáil (Nohaval 1)Munster; Cashel
Nuachongbáil (Nohaval 2)Munster; Cashel
NuachongbáilMunster; Cashel
Nuachongbáil*Munster; Cashel
Nuachongbáil (Nohovaldaly)Munster; Cashel
Nuachongbáil (Réid Bairenn)Munster; Cashel
Oilén an PhocáinMunster; Cashel
Oilén FataMunster; Cashel
Oilén Lócháin/IllaunloughanMunster; Cashel
Oilén Mór Arda Nemid*Munster; Cashel
Oilén Rosa CreMunster; Cashel
Oilén Ros MórMunster; Cashel
Oilén tSenaichMunster; Cashel
Oilén Uí ChéinMunster; Cashel
Oldcourt*Munster; Cashel
Pallas MoreMunster; Cashel
Patrick's WellMunster; Cashel
Port Lairge*Munster; Cashel
PoulnalourMunster; Cashel
Rahelty*Munster; Cashel
RahinnaneMunster; Cashel
Ráith BeccáinMunster; Cashel
Ráith BlathmaicMunster; Cashel
Ráith BoirneMunster; Cashel
Ráith ChathailMunster; Cashel
Ráith Cóemgin?Munster; Cashel
Ráith CormaicMunster; Cashel
Ráith Cormaic Munster; Cashel
Ráith Declain/Magh SceithMunster; Cashel
Ráith DiarmataMunster; Cashel
Ráith DubMunster; Cashel
Ráithín Uí BhuaighMunster; Cashel
Ráith Maige DeiscirtMunster; Cashel
Ráith Maige TuaiscirtMunster; Cashel
Ráith Mo-Beóc?Munster; Cashel
Ráith MórMunster; Cashel
Ráith MórMunster; Cashel
Ráith na Sáer Munster; Cashel
Ráith RónáinMunster; Cashel
Rathan Munster; Cashel
Rathgoggan*Munster; Cashel
Rathurd Munster; Cashel
RiascMunster; Cashel
Rinn AirdMunster; Cashel
Rinn Arda OdráinMunster; Cashel
Rinn ChonaillMunster; Cashel
RodeenMunster; Cashel
RosMunster; Cashel
Ros Ailithir (Roscarbery)Munster; Cashel
Ros BeccMunster; Cashel
Ros BennchuirMunster; Cashel
Ros CáerachMunster; Cashel
RoscomroeLeinster; Cashel
Ros CréMunster; Cashel
Ros Gialláin/NíalláinMunster; Cashel
RosMunster; Cashel
RossMunster; Cashel
RuanMunster; Cashel
ScairbhMunster; Cashel
Scairt Munster; Cashel
Sceilc MhicílMunster; Cashel
SenchillMunster; Cashel
Senchill / Cill a LongphuirtMunster; Cashel
Senchill (Shankill)Munster; Cashel
Sen-ChlocharMunster; Cashel
Sen-Chluain Munster; Cashel
Sen Glend/Saingel Munster; Cashel
Sen Gualain Munster; Cashel
Sen-Oilén Munster; Cashel
Sen RosMunster; Cashel
Shanbally 1Munster; Cashel
Shanbally 2Munster; Cashel
ShesheraghmoreMunster; Cashel
SkeamMunster; Cashel
SkehanaghMunster; Cashel
SleenogeMunster; Cashel
Sliab CrottMunster; Cashel
Sliab EiblinneMunster; Cashel
Sliab LuimnigMunster; Cashel
Srón ÁiríMunster; Cashel
St Brigit's (Cell Brígte?)Munster; Cashel
St Colman'sMunster; Cashel
St Dahalin'sMunster; Cashel
St Doologue's*Munster; Cashel
St Macadaw's/Cell m Dega?Munster; Cashel
StoukeMunster; Cashel
St Peter'sMunster; Cashel
StrawhallMunster; Cashel
SubulterMunster; Cashel
Tech an Chaladh (?)Munster; Cashel
Tech BrígeMunster; Cashel
Tech Dercáin?Munster; Cashel
Tech EchdachMunster; Cashel
Tech FinnlogaMunster; Cashel
Tech Ingen FergusaMunster; Cashel
Tech Mo-FinnuMunster; Cashel
Tech Mo-LacaMunster; Cashel
Tech SaxanMunster; Cashel
Tempall an ChaisilMunster; Cashel
Tempall an ChnocáinMunster; Cashel
Tempall an DíthrebaigMunster; Cashel
Tempall an tSagairt Munster; Cashel
Tempall Baíthíne?Munster; Cashel
Tempall Breccáin Munster; Cashel
Tempall Chill DromannMunster; Cashel
Tempall ChrónáinMunster; Cashel
Tempall DiarmataMunster; Cashel
Tempall Dub (Inagh)Munster; Cashel
Tempall FiachnaMunster; Cashel
Tempall Inis DéMunster; Cashel
TempallínMunster; Cashel
Tempall Máile? (Templemaley)Munster; Cashel
Tempall MancháinMunster; Cashel
Tempall MartainMunster; Cashel
Tempall meic DuachMunster; Cashel
Tempall Mo-ChuilleMunster; Cashel
Tempall Muire Munster; Cashel
Tempall na CilleMunster; Cashel
Tempall na mBeinédMunster; Cashel
Tempall Nua*Munster; Cashel
Tempall Ruadáin (?)Munster; Cashel
Tempall Uí Bhric Munster; Cashel
Templealour*Munster; Cashel
TemplebegLeinster; Cashel
Templebryan (1)Munster; Cashel
Templebryan (2)Munster; Cashel
TemplederryMunster; Cashel
Templeharry*Leinster; Cashel
Temple Hill*Munster; Cashel
TemplelineMunster; Cashel
Templemichael*Munster; Cashel
TemplenahurneyMunster; Cashel
TempleobrickMunster; Cashel
Templeshane*Munster; Cashel
Templeshane*Munster; Cashel
Tempull a MhullainMunster; Cashel
Tempull na Sceach Munster; Cashel
TermainnMunster; Cashel
Termann EircMunster; Cashel
Tinvoher*Munster; Cashel
Tipra mac nÉnnaMunster; Cashel
Tír dá GlasMunster; Cashel
Tír Ua Máil (?)Munster; Cashel
ToamesMunster; Cashel
Tobar Mo-ChuilleMunster; Cashel
Tobar Olla BhrénainnMunster; Cashel
TobarMunster; Cashel
ToomullinMunster; Cashel
TooracurraghMunster; Cashel
TooreennasillaneMunster; Cashel
Toornafulla Munster; Cashel
Trúgh*Munster; Cashel
TuaimMunster; Cashel
Tuaim Daili Munster; Cashel
Tuaim DindechMunster; Cashel
Tuaim FindlochaMunster; Cashel
Tuaim Gréne Munster; Cashel
Tuaim LinneMunster; Cashel
Tuaim Múscraige/Tóm in BairdMunster; Cashel
Tulach Brecc Munster; Cashel
Tulach BrénainnMunster; Cashel
Tulach Liss/Tellach LiasMunster; Cashel
Tulach MathainMunster; Cashel
Tulach MínMunster; Cashel
Tulach Mo-LanaMunster; Cashel
Tulach na nEpscopMunster; Cashel
Tulach RáthaMunster; Cashel
Tulach RuadáinMunster; Cashel
Tullig Munster; Cashel
Uachtar AirdMunster; Cashel
Ucht Dara(?)Munster; Cashel
Ucht Máma Munster; Cashel
Ventry (Fionn Trá)*Munster; Cashel
Wallstown Munster; Cashel
Youghal-Lands* (Éochaill)Munster; Cashel
Cell Ghuilbin?Munster; Cashel
Cell TuaithiMunster; Cashel
Áth CróMunster; Cashel