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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.:Documented AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics (the DIB terms such individuals often regarded as founders of churches — saints in the Irish tradition), whose association with the sites concerned is based on documentary sources.:LineageThis records the reputed ancestral lines of individuals given in Doc Assoc.:
Traditional AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics whose association with the sites concerned is based on tradition, dedication or placename association.:TownlandGives the townland (name spelt as in TTPBI Index) in which the site is (or is thought to be) located.:ParishGives the civil (not ecclesiastical) parish in which the townland is situated.:
DeaneryThis records the rural deanery (a sub-division of the diocese) to which the parish belongs.:DioceseThis records the medieval (not necessarily the same as the modern) diocese in which the foundation lies.:BaronyGives the modern barony (as in TTPBI Index the baronies were rationalised in 19thC) in which the townland and civil parish are situated.:
CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.:ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.:SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.:
Recorded HistoryThis concerns the subsequent history of the site, with emphasis on pre-Norman (or early post-Norman) native sources mainly annals but also including medieval ecclesiastical records (charters or taxations), English Crown documents and, on occasion, modern sources (especially surveys or maps, which may mark the location of lost sites or illuminate placenames).:Clerical StatusThis seeks to classify foundations as episcopal coarbial or eremitic based on the clerical orders ascribed to the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:GenderThis seeks to classify foundations as male or female based on the gender of the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:
Succession RecordLists ecclesiastics, male or female, who succeeded to offices at the foundation concerned abbots, abbesses, comarbai, bishops often clerics of less exalted rank such as treasurers, lectors, scribes. These lists make no claim to be exhaustive; fuller accounts for major sites can be found in the New History of Ireland, vol. 8, and in published prosopographies.:Medieval DedicationNotes medieval church-dedications to saints whether Irish or Continental.:Familial LinksIndicates links between foundations, whether claimed in hagiographical sources (a lesser site said to have submitted to greater site), attested by charter, or indicated by tradition or placename evidence.:
Folk TraditionRecords traditional stories, beliefs or practices (especially pilgrimages or patterns), or a tradition of clandestine burial either recorded or inferred from location names such as the killeen or the caldragh.:Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.:ArtifactsIn general, this records only items which may support the case for the site as a pre-Reform ecclesiastical settlement (especially croziers, shrines, chalices etc) — whether recovered by search or excavation, or merely associated with the site by tradition. Also included are such items as querns and kilns as flour-production was an important part of life at ecclesiastical (although also, admittedly, at secular) settlement sites.:
BibliographyMentions secondary references (sometimes very select indeed) to the site concerned. Some contain detailed discussion, others (especially where little else seems to be available) only the briefest mentions. For details see the Bibliography page.:AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.:

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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.
Abbeyleix*Leinster; Dublin
Achad AballLeinster; Dublin
Achad BernchonLeinster; Dublin
Achad BóLeinster; Dublin
Achad Budi*Leinster; Dublin
Achad CailltenLeinster; Dublin
Achad CainidaLeinster; Dublin
Achad CaittLeinster? Dublin?
Achad Caracan*Leinster; Dublin
Achad ChuilinnLeinster; Dublin
Achad CritriLeinster; Dublin
Achad Cruachan*Leinster; Dublin
Achad DagainLeinster; Dublin
Achad Dairig?Leinster; Dublin
Achad FiaclaLeinster; Dublin
Achad FindnicheLeinster; Dublin
Achad FinnglaisLeinster; Dublin
Achad Liac EchdrommaLeinster; Dublin
Achad maic AirtLeinster; Dublin
Achad na gCros*Leinster; Dublin
Achad*Leinster; Dublin
Achad TogartaLeinster; Dublin
Achad UrglaisLeinster; Dublin
Achad ÚrLeinster; Dublin
Acragar (Foy church)*Leinster; Dublin
Aghteyr*Leinster; Dublin
Airb[r]e (= Cell Chuáin?)Leinster; Dublin
Airdne ChóemáinLeinster; Dublin
Airdne CholuimLeinster; Dublin
AirenLeinster; Dublin
AmbrosetownLeinster; Dublin
Ard Chaínroiss Leinster; Dublin
Ard ChonaisLeinster; Dublin
Ard Chuilinn*Leinster; Dublin
Ard CremaLeinster; Dublin
Ard CremaLeinster; Dublin
Ard DúinLeinster; Dublin
Ard Gabren/GobrenLeinster; Dublin
Ard Ladrann (Ardamine)Leinster; Dublin
Ard Lemhach (Ardaloo)*Leinster; Dublin
Ard mac Bren*Leinster; Dublin
Ard mBresta*Leinster; Dublin
Ard na Croise*Leinster; Dublin
Ard Petair(?)Leinster; Dublin
Ard Ria*Leinster; Dublin
Ard Scol*Leinster; Dublin
ArklowLeinster; Dublin
Áth a' Chip*Leinster; Dublin
Áth an Urlainn*Leinster; Dublin
Áth CaínLeinster; Dublin
Ath Derc*Leinster; Dublin
Áth DuirnLeinster; Dublin
Áth Fadat/Fithot Leinster; Dublin
Áth Garbáin*Leinster; Dublin
Ath Goan*Leinster; Dublin
Áth ÍLeinster; Dublin
Áth na hEasconn (Anahaskey)Leinster; Dublin
Attanagh*Leinster; Dublin
Bahana (= Ballykine?)Leinster; Dublin
Baile Amlaib/Uí AmalgadaLeinster; Dublin
Baile BachuilLeinster; Dublin
Baile Bocht?*Leinster; Dublin
Baile CholmáinLeinster; Dublin
Baile CholmáinLeinster; Dublin
Baile Chuthláin/Chuthlacháin?Leinster; Dublin
Baile CumpirLeinster; Dublin
Baile DonnagáinLeinster; Dublin
Baile Gilla-Muiccíne (Dunmore)Leinster; Dublin
Baile Griffin Leinster; Dublin
Baile in IúirLeinster; Dublin
Baile in TempaillLeinster; Dublin
Baile in Tempaill*Leinster; Dublin
Baile in Tempaill*Leinster; Dublin
Baile in TempaillLeinster; Dublin
Baile LommáinLeinster; Dublin
Baile LonáinLeinster; Dublin
Baile Macdun? Leinster; Dublin
Baile meic Riacáin? (Creghorn)Leinster; Dublin
Baile Mochainn? (Baliogan)Leinster; Dublin
Baile MórLeinster; Dublin
Baile na Cille*Leinster; Dublin
Baile na Cille*Leinster; Dublin
Baile na FuinseoigeLeinster; Dublin
Baile na gCaillech*Leinster; Dublin
Baile na gCaillech*Leinster; Dublin
Baile na Marb*Leinster; Dublin
Baile OgariLeinster; Dublin
Baile Rhodri*Leinster; Dublin
Baile Scadán Leinster; Dublin
Ballinaleck (Lecc Máeleruain)Leinster; Dublin
BallinreeLeinster; Dublin
BallintubbertLeinster; Dublin
BallonLeinster; Dublin
Ballyadding*Leinster; Dublin
BallyboodinLeinster; Dublin
BallybrackLeinster; Dublin
BallybrazilLeinster; Dublin
BallybrennanLeinster; Dublin
Ballybuggy (Baile Uí Bhogaig)Leinster; Dublin
BallycanewLeinster; Dublin
BallycappleLeinster; Dublin
BallycommonLeinster; Dublin
Ballyconnick*Leinster; Dublin
Ballycook/KinneighLeinster; Dublin
BallydonnellLeinster; Dublin
BallygurrimLeinster; Dublin
Ballyhale (Kiltorcan)*Leinster; Dublin
BallyknockanLeinster; Dublin
Ballylinan*Leinster; Dublin
BallymaclareLeinster; Dublin
Ballymartin (Killoonach)*Leinster; Dublin
BallynahownLeinster; Dublin
BallynaslaneyLeinster; Dublin
BallynastrawLeinster; Dublin
Ballyphilip*Leinster; Dublin
Ballytobin*Leinster; Dublin
BarreenLeinster; Dublin
Baunaghra (Bán Eachra?)Leinster; Dublin
Becc Ériu?Leinster; Dublin
Becc Ériu Leinster; Dublin
BeirrechLeinster; Dublin
Belach BuaidgeLeinster; Dublin
Belach Foircetail*Leinster; Dublin
Belach GabráinLeinster; Dublin
Bó-chluainLeinster; Dublin
BohernabreenaLeinster; Dublin
Bordgal (Mór)Leinster; Dublin
Both ChomairLeinster; Dublin
BrandaneLeinster; Dublin
BreeLeinster; Dublin
Brideswell/Tobar Brigte?Leinster; Dublin
BrideswellLeinster; Dublin
BrideswellLeinster; Dublin
BrownbogLeinster; Dublin
Buirghias MórLeinster; Dublin
Burrow*Leinster; Dublin
BushLeinster; Dublin
BusherstownLeinster; Dublin
CadamstownLeinster; Dublin
Caílle LuigmindLeinster; Dublin?
Camclone*Leinster; Dublin
CamrosLeinster; Dublin
Camros (Ard C.?)Leinster; Dublin
Capella Beati ThomeLeinster; Dublin
Carna*Leinster; Dublin
Carrac BrénainnLeinster; Dublin
Carrac?Leinster; Dublin
Carrac Clúmain/ClúniLeinster; Dublin
Castlebrack*Leinster; Dublin
Castledurrow*Leinster; Dublin
CastleflemingLeinster; Dublin
CastlemacadamLeinster; Dublin
Cell AbbáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Achaid Deirg? (Killaderrig)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Achaid DraignigeLeinster; Dublin
Cell Achaid Draignige?*Leinster; Dublin
Cell Achaid Dromma FotaLeinster; Dublin
Cell Achaid in tobair?Leinster; Dublin
Cell AchaidLeinster; Dublin
Cell AchaidLeinster; Dublin
Cell Achaid (?)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Achaid Orlair?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Acht DromaLeinster; Dublin
Cell AdgairLeinster; Dublin
Cell na hOige/na hUaghaLeinster; Dublin
Cell AfféinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Ailithri?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Áine Duibe? (Killannduff)Leinster; Dublin
Cell AirdLeinster; Dublin
Cell AirdLeinster; Dublin
Cell AliaLeinster; Dublin
Cell Allocáin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell an ArdáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell an dúineLeinster; Dublin
Cell an EpscoipLeinster; Dublin
Cell an IbairLeinster; Dublin
Cell an IbairLeinster; Dublin
Cell Ascait?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Ausilli/AuxiliiLeinster; Dublin
Cell Báetáin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Báetáin (Kilbodan; Templeboodin)Leinster; Dublin
Cell BarrócLeinster; Dublin
Cell BeccáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell BeccLeinster; Dublin
Cell BeccLeinster; Dublin
Cell BeccLeinster; Dublin
Cell Becc? (Kylebeg)Leinster; Dublin
Cell BeccLeinster; Dublin?
Cell BeccócLeinster; Dublin
Cell BeccócLeinster; Dublin
Cell Becnatan Leinster; Dublin
Cell BélatLeinster; Dublin
Cell Beraig/Beirche?Leinster; Dublin
Cell BercháinLeinster; Dublin
Cell BercháinLeinster; Dublin
Cell BiainLeinster; Dublin
Cell Bicsigi (Kilbixy)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Bithelan?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Bla? (Kilbla)Leinster; Dublin
Cell BléidiniLeinster; Dublin
Cell Bocháin?*Leinster; Dublin
Cell BreccáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell BreniLeinster; Dublin
Cell Breni/Kilbreffy?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Bríge/BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell Brigte?Leinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell Brigte?Leinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell Brigte?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Brigte?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Brigte? (Kilbrideglynn)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Britain/Cell na mBretanLeinster; Dublin
Cell Broccáin (?)Leinster; Dublin
Cell BuidiLeinster; Dublin
Cell/Caill Uaillech? (Kiloola/Kilcallough)Leinster; Dublin
Cell ChaíLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chailchíne? (Kilkilliheen)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chainne/Chaínighe/Chuinge?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chainnig BeccLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChainnigLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chairill (Kilcurl)Leinster; Dublin
Cell ChairinneLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChairpreLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChairpreLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChaisilLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chaisil (Kilcashel)Leinster; Dublin
Cell ChalmaLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChamáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chéili-CrístLeinster; Dublin
Cell CheisLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chetharnaig?Leinster; Dublin
Cell ChiaráinLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChiaráinLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChiaráinLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChiaráinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chluana Ferta Mhongáin*Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chóca/ChuacaLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChócaLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChodáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chodh? (Kilcoo)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chóelainn?Leinster; Dublin
Cell ChóemáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChóemáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChóemáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChóemáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChoímilleLeinster; Dublin
Cell Cholláin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Cholláin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Cholmáin BánLeinster; Dublin
Cell CholmáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell CholmáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Cholmáin MidísilLeinster; Dublin
Cell CholuimbLeinster; Dublin
Cell Choluimb?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Choluimb?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Choluim/Cholmáin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Choluim DergLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChométaLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChomgaillLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChomgáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chommáin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell ChondalaLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChondraichLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChondraichLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chongalaig (Kilconnelly)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chorb[b]áin (Kilcorban?)Leinster; Dublin
Cell ChormaicLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chorpaige?Leinster; Dublin
Cell ChorpnatanLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chréde (Kilcreddy)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chreggáin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chrithaich (Glencree?)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chrócháin/Daire ChrócháinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chroimín?; (Kilcrummin; Kilcromer)Leinster; Dublin
Cell ChróineLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chróine (Kilroney)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chróinín?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chrónáin (?)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chruí/ChriúLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chruitín?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chuaca/Chuaichi?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chuáin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chuain (Kilcoan)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chuáin Mór (Kilcowanmore)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chuanna?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chuaráin (?)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Chudain/TudainLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chúile DumaiLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChúileLeinster; Dublin
Cell ChuilinnLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chuilinn?Leinster; Dublin
Cell ChulainLeinster; Dublin
Cell Churcaige? (Cork Abbey)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Churcaige (Kilcork)Leinster; Dublin
Cell CrechLeinster; Dublin
Cell CróineLeinster; Dublin
Cell dá IndennLeinster; Dublin
Cell Daire?Leinster; Dublin
Cell dá lessLeinster; Dublin
Cell Damáin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell DaraLeinster; Dublin
Cell Delcce/DeilgeLeinster; Dublin
Cell derce daimLeinster; Dublin
Cell diagh?/diad?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Do-Lua (?)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Domnaig? (Kildowney)Leinster; Dublin
Cell DonnáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Draignech*Leinster; Dublin
Cell DraignigeLeinster; Dublin
Cell Draignige Leinster; Dublin
Cell DroichitLeinster; Dublin
Cell Droma?Leinster; Dublin
Cell DubLeinster; Dublin
Cell DúiligLeinster; Dublin
Cell Duráin? (Kildoran)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Eaglaig?Leinster; Dublin
Cell EcáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Eichi?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Éicnigh?Leinster; Dublin
Cell EircLeinster; Dublin
Cell Eithne?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Eithne?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Eithne?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Ellóc?Leinster; Dublin
Cell ÉogainLeinster; Dublin
Cell Éogain? Leinster; Dublin
Cell ÉogainLeinster; Dublin
Cell Éogain/Eoin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Éogain? (Kilohan)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Epscoip ÁedáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Epscoip DrónáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Epscoip Íbair?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Epscoip (Killaspick)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Epscoip (Killaspick)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Epscoip óigLeinster; Dublin
Cell Epscoip Sanctáin (Kill St Ann)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Epscoip Saráin (Killarney)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Epscoip Silláin (Anahaskey)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Ernaide/Urnaide?*Leinster; Dublin
Cell Fáe (Kilfea)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Fháeláin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell FháeláinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Fháeláin (Kilwhelan)Leinster; Dublin
Cell FhéichíneLeinster; Dublin
Cell Fhiachrach? Leinster; Dublin
Cell Fhínáin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Fhínáin?/Laignéin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Fhinnche? Leinster; Dublin
Cell Fhinnche Leinster; Dublin
Cell Fhinn Maige (Killynee)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Fhoirtcheirn Leinster; Dublin
Cell Fhorannáin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Fhreime?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Gabra/Cell Garad? Leinster; Dublin
Cell Garbáin/Cell Mo-GharbócLeinster; Dublin
Cell GarbáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell GarraisceLeinster; Dublin
Cell GebáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell GialláinLeinster; Dublin
Cell GnoeLeinster; Dublin
Cell GobbáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell GonLeinster; Dublin
Cell GormáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell GrelláinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Iain bicLeinster; Dublin
Cell Iain máirLeinster; Dublin
Cell ImpodiLeinster; Dublin
Cellín a Tóchair?*Leinster; Dublin
Cell in Bile?Leinster; Dublin
Cellín Breachain/Breccáin?Leinster; Dublin
CellínLeinster; Dublin
Cellín CóemginLeinster; Dublin
Cell Ingen ÁedaLeinster; Dublin
Cell Ingen AilellaLeinster; Dublin
Cell Ingen BraninLeinster; Dublin
Cell Ingen FhiachnaLeinster; Dublin
Cell Ingen GuaireLeinster; Dublin?
Cell Ingen LéinínLeinster; Dublin
Cell Ingen LuainLeinster; Dublin
Cell Ingen NemnáinLeinster; Dublin?
Cell in Iubair?Leinster; Dublin
Cellín?Leinster; Dublin
CellínLeinster; Dublin
Cellín (Killeen)*Leinster; Dublin
Cellín (Killeen)*Leinster; Dublin
Cellín (Killeen)*Leinster; Dublin
Cellín?*Leinster; Dublin
Cellín Liath?*Leinster; Dublin
Cellín Mór*Leinster; Dublin
Cell Iúrín? Leinster; Dublin
Cell?; (Kill?)Leinster; Dublin
Cell (Kill)Leinster; Dublin?
Cell Lainne (Killenny)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Laisre (Killester)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Laisre? (Killossery)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Laisren (Killossory)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Laithrigh (Killaree)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Lamraige* Leinster; Dublin
Cell LiadaineLeinster; Dublin
Cell Liath na Tuille (Killeen)Leinster; Dublin
Cell LibirLeinster; Dublin
Cell Lóchuir/Óchtair?Leinster; Dublin
Cell LommáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell LuacheLeinster; Dublin
Cell Lugair?Leinster; Dublin
Cell LuimsigeLeinster; Dublin
Cell Lúráin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell LuscaLeinster; Dublin
Cell mac ÁedaLeinster; Dublin
Cell mac Áeda?Leinster; Dublin
Cell mac Erccáin? (Kilmacergan)Leinster; Dublin
Cell mac Talmaich/Mo-Talmaich?Leinster; Dublin
Cell M'ÁedócLeinster; Dublin
Cell M'ÁedócLeinster; Dublin
Cell M'Áedóc?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Máele-Phóil?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Maige GlaisLeinster; Dublin
Cell MaigistrechLeinster; Dublin
Cell Maignenn*Leinster; Dublin
Cell Maignenn?Leinster; Dublin
Cell MaignennLeinster; Dublin
Cell MainchínLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mannáin (Kilmannon/Kilmannan)Leinster; Dublin
Cell ManntáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Martra?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mechair?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mechair?Leinster; Dublin
Cell MeggethLeinster; Dublin
Cell Meic-Caille?Leinster; Dublin
Cell meic CathailLeinster; Dublin
Cell Meic-Duach? (Kilmacough)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Meithne?Leinster; Dublin
Cell MelláinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mennmain?Leinster; Dublin
Cell M'énóc?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Menóc? (Kilmanoge)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Meresce?Leinster; Dublin
Cell M'Ernóc (Kilfernoc)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Míde? (Kilmateed)Leinster; Dublin
Cell MídeLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-báe?Leinster; Dublin
Cell moccu BirnLeinster; Dublin
Cell moccu Buadáin (?)Leinster; Dublin
Cell moccu Lugair/Cellín Ua LugairLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-ChannócLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-Cheara?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-Chellóc?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-Chellóc/Mo-Shillóc?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-ChidgócLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-ChóemócLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-ChonnaLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-Chritóc?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-ChuaLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-Chua?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-ChuaLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-Chua?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-Chuara/Mo-Chora?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-ChuitbrichtLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-Chuta?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-ChutaLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-ChutaLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-dailbh (Kilmodalla)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-Díchon (?)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-GharadLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-Gobbóc (Kilmagobbock)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-Gorróc?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-GorrócLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-LacaLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-LappócLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-LibboLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-lide?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-lide?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-Ling Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-Lomma?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mór Airthir Fine GallLeinster; Dublin
Cell MórLeinster; Dublin
Cell MórLeinster; Dublin
Cell MórLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-Scellóc? (Kilmoshkillogue)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-ShamócLeinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-ShillócLeinster; Dublin
Cell Muadáin?Leinster; Dublin
Cell MucraisseLeinster; Dublin
Cell MuineLeinster; Dublin
Cell Muiredaig? (Kilmurry)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Muiredaig? (Kilmurry)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Muire?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)*Leinster; Dublin
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Muire? (Kilmurry)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Muire*Leinster; Dublin
Cell NáisLeinster; Dublin
Cell na ManachLeinster; Dublin
Cell na ManachLeinster; Dublin
Cell na ManachLeinster; Dublin
Cell na Manach Leinster; Dublin
Cell na nIngenLeinster; Dublin
Cell na nIngenLeinster; Dublin
Cell na nIubar (Killinure = Domnach Eochailli?)Leinster; Dublin
Cell na Páirce?Leinster; Dublin
Cell NeisseLeinster; Dublin
Cell Óchtair Fine (?)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Óchtair*Leinster; Dublin
Cell Osc?*Leinster; Dublin
Cell Osnata?Leinster; Dublin
Cell PhaáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Phátraic (Clough)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Phátraic? (Kilpatrick)Leinster; Dublin
Cell PhátraicLeinster; Dublin
Cell Phetair? (Kilpeder?)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Phetair? (Kilpeder)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Phetair?Leinster; Dublin
Cell PhíchiLeinster; Dublin
Cell PhoilLeinster; Dublin
Cell RannairechLeinster; Dublin
Cell Rátha Dairthi?*Leinster; Dublin
Cell Rátha dorcha?Leinster; Dublin
Cell RéiscLeinster; Dublin
Cell Rethaire/Ruathaire?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Rígnaich?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Rois?Leinster; Dublin
Cell RoisLeinster; Dublin
Cell RoisLeinster; Dublin
Cell Ruidche?/C. BrigteLeinster; Dublin
Cell Ruidche?Leinster; Dublin
Cell SalcháinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Ségáin(?)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Sinchill? (Kiltennell)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Sinchill?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Talmhan(?)*Leinster; Dublin
Cell Tamlacha/Tech TamlachaLeinster; Dublin
Cell Teccáin/Tagáin/TaccáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Teccáin/TagáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Teille?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Teille?Leinster; Dublin
Cell T'Ellóc?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Tidill?/Cell Chéile?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Tidill Leinster; Dublin
Cell Tigernáin/TernáinLeinster; Dublin
Cell Tioprat*Leinster; Dublin
Cell Tocca/Tuca (Kiltuck)Leinster; Dublin
Cell tSillóc?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Tuaiscirt tíreLeinster; Dublin
Cell Uachtair [Achaid?]Leinster; Dublin
Cell Ua duirrtheLeinster; Dublin
Cell Ua nDaigre? (Killonerry)Leinster; Dublin
Cell Ua nGarrchonLeinster; Dublin
Cell Uscaidi? (Killiskey)Leinster; Dublin
CenannasLeinster; Dublin
Cenn ChailleLeinster; Dublin
Cenn EichLeinster; Dublin
Cenn Iubair? (Kenure)Leinster; Dublin
Cenn Leccaig/LeccachLeinster; Dublin
Cenn Maige?*Leinster; Dublin
Cenn SáileLeinster; Dublin
Cenn TráchtaLeinster; Dublin
Cenn tuircLeinster; Dublin
CetharlachLeinster; Dublin
Chapel CarronLeinster; Dublin
ChapelLeinster; Dublin
Chapel HoganLeinster; Dublin
ChapelLeinster; Dublin
Chapelstown/St Kevins*Leinster; Dublin
Church of Park*Leinster; Dublin
ClaraLeinster; Dublin
Clochar Dúilech (St Doulagh's)Leinster; Dublin
Clochrán (Hiddert) Leinster; Dublin
Clochrán Surdais Leinster; Dublin
ClóenadLeinster; Dublin
ClogrenanLeinster; Dublin
ClonaghLeinster; Dublin
ClonassyLeinster; Dublin
CloncreenLeinster; Dublin
CloneLeinster; Dublin
Cloneeb*Leinster; Dublin
CloneenLeinster; Dublin
ClonegallLeinster; Dublin
Clonygoose*Leinster; Dublin
Cloone/ClonameryLeinster; Dublin
ClopookLeinster; Dublin
Closutton/Cell FhínáinLeinster; Dublin
Cloydah*Leinster; Dublin
Cluain Aird (Clonard)Leinster; Dublin
Cluain Aird CrunnmaílLeinster; Dublin
Cluain AíthgeinLeinster; Dublin
Cluain AnfothaigLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Bolg?Leinster; Dublin
Cluain BrénainnLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Bróin?Leinster; Dublin
Cluain ChaichneLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Chaín Leinster; Dublin
Cluain Chaín CholmáinLeinster; Dublin
Cluain ChaínLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Chaín M'ÁedócLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Chaín Leinster; Dublin
Cluain Chaín Leinster; Dublin
Cluain ChiaráinLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Chóemáin?* (Clonkeevan)Leinster; Dublin
Cluain ChoirinnLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Chonaire MáelduibLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Chonaire TommáinLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Chorb[b]áinLeinster; Dublin
Cluain dá an DobairLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Dá FhiachLeinster; Dublin
Cluain daimLeinster; Dublin
Cluain DartadaLeinster; Dublin
Cluain dá thorc?Leinster; Dublin
Cluain DolcáinLeinster; Dublin
Cluain domailLeinster; Dublin
Cluain DuachLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Ecclaise?*Leinster; Dublin
Cluain EichinLeinster; Dublin
Cluain EidnechLeinster; Dublin
Cluain EtchéinLeinster; Dublin?
Cluain Ferta Mo-LuaLeinster; Dublin
Cluain ferta MongáinLeinster; Dublin
Cluain ferta MugaineLeinster; Dublin
Cluain findchuillLeinster; Dublin?
Cluain Fota in Fid MórLeinster; Dublin?
Cluain Fota in Uí ChuilinnLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Guaire?*Leinster; Dublin
Cluain ImmorchairLeinster; Dublin
Cluain LiphiLeinster; Dublin
CluainLeinster; Dublin
Cluain MáelsigeLeinster; Dublin
Cluain MaignennLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Mind (?)Leinster; Dublin
Cluain Mór Áeda Leinster; Dublin
Cluain Mór Dícholla GairbhLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Mór LíthgeinLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Mór Leinster; Dublin
Cluain na SlígeLeinster; Dublin
Cluain RétachLeinster; Dublin?
Cluain SailechLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Seacdha(?)*Leinster; Dublin
Cluain SenbothLeinster; Dublin
Cluain SescainnLeinster; Dublin
Cluain SostaLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Tarb (Clontarf)Leinster; Dublin
Cluain TipratLeinster; Dublin
Cluain tuircLeinster; Dublin
Cluain Uí Murchair (?)Leinster; Dublin
Cnoc Phátraic?Leinster; Dublin
CnoitteLeinster; Dublin
CnúchaLeinster; Dublin
CoíneLeinster; Dublin
Confi (Cenn Fuait?)Leinster; Dublin
Congbáil (Conull)Leinster; Dublin
CoolacurraghLeinster; Dublin
CooleeshillLeinster; Dublin?
CoolhullLeinster; Dublin
CoolstuffLeinster; Dublin
Corbally*Leinster; Dublin
CorrigeenLeinster; Dublin
Corr na gCrosLeinster; Dublin
Course*Leinster; Dublin
Courthoyle OldLeinster; Dublin
CráebachLeinster; Dublin
Cráeb Druim? (Price)Leinster; Dublin
Cráeb Elpi Leinster; Dublin
CranareenLeinster; Dublin
CremorganLeinster; Dublin
Croimglenn/CroimlinnLeinster; Dublin
CromogeLeinster; Dublin
Croneskagh/Cell DomnaigLeinster; Dublin
Crosa BrénainnLeinster; Dublin
Cros PátraicLeinster; Dublin
CuffsboroughLeinster; Dublin
Cúil AmlaíbLeinster; Dublin
Cúil an Aithrighigh?Leinster; Dublin
Cúil Bennchair Leinster; Dublin
Cúil BreccáinLeinster; Dublin?
Cúil ChaissinLeinster; Dublin
Cúil Cheire?Leinster; Dublin
Cúil ChorraLeinster; Dublin
CúilLeinster; Dublin
Cúil EmreLeinster; Dublin
CuilennLeinster; Dublin
Cúil MínLeinster; Dublin
Cúil MoinneLeinster; Dublin
Cúil ÓchtairLeinster; Dublin
Cullentragh ParkLeinster; Dublin
CúlócLeinster; Dublin
CurracloneLeinster; Dublin
Daingean*Leinster; Dublin
Daire ArdaLeinster; Dublin?
Daire Guaire (Derrygorey)Leinster; Dublin
Daire LasrachLeinster; Dublin
Daire meic DimmaiLeinster; Dublin
Daire meic MargaLeinster; Dublin
Daire na hInse/DerrynahinchLeinster; Dublin
Dair Inis BreccáinLeinster; Dublin?
Dair InisLeinster; Dublin
Dairmag Brittonum*Leinster; Dublin
Dairmag Leinster; Dublin
Deilginis Chualann 2Leinster; Dublin
Deilginis ChualannLeinster; Dublin
Deircne Mo-GorrócLeinster; Dublin
Dertech/Dairthech (Durthach)Leinster; Dublin
Dertech/Dairthech mac MáilíneLeinster; Dublin?
Dertech/Dairthech Saráin (Derryharan)Leinster; Dublin
Dinn Fhlatha Chenéoil LugairLeinster; Dublin
Dísert Átha mac MugnaLeinster; Dublin
Dísert Bethech (?)Leinster; Dublin
Dísert BreccáinLeinster; Dublin
Dísert Brigte (Cell Suird)Leinster; Dublin
Dísert Chellaig (Monastery)Leinster; Dublin
Dísert ChenndubáinLeinster; Dublin
Dísert ChóemginLeinster; Dublin
Dísert (Cholmáin)Leinster; Dublin
Dísert DiarmataLeinster; Dublin
DísertLeinster; Dublin
Dísert FulartaigLeinster; Dublin
Dísert GaradLeinster; Dublin
Dísertmachen (?)Leinster; Dublin
Dísert MaedhainLeinster; Dublin
Dísert meic ChuilinnLeinster; Dublin
Dísert Mo-CholmócLeinster; Dublin
Dísert Munnu/IshartmonLeinster; Dublin
Dísert OdráinLeinster; Dublin
Dísert Óengusa Leinster; Dublin
Dísert T'ernócLeinster; Dublin
Dísert Ua DuachLeinster; Dublin
Domnach Airte/ArdLeinster; Dublin
Domnach BathLeinster; Dublin
Domnach BirnLeinster; Dublin
Domnach BrocLeinster; Dublin
Domnach CeirneLeinster; Dublin
Domnach CompirLeinster; Dublin
Domnach Dega?Leinster; Dublin
Domnach ÉochailleLeinster; Dublin
Domnach FindchonLeinster; Dublin
Domnach ImlechLeinster; Dublin
DomnachLeinster; Dublin
Domnach M'énóc?Leinster; Dublin
Domnach MídeLeinster; Dublin
Domnach Mór Abann LifiLeinster; Dublin
Domnach Mór an Athechda?Leinster; Dublin
Domnach Mór Maige Críathar Leinster; Dublin
Domnach Mor Maige NuadatLeinster; Dublin
Domnach Mor Maige RétaLeinster; Dublin
Domnach MórLeinster; Dublin
Domnach Mór RoigneLeinster; Dublin
Domnach Mór [Ua Máil]Leinster; Dublin
Domnach RígnaichLeinster; Dublin
DresnaidLeinster; Dublin
DrinaghLeinster; Dublin
Druim Aurchaille/UrchailleLeinster; Dublin
Druim CaídhLeinster; Dublin
Druim Caín CellaigLeinster; Dublin
Druim DamnaLeinster; Dublin
Druim DóitheLeinster; Dublin
Druim Enaig?Leinster; Dublin
Druim FertainLeinster; Dublin
Druim FiaidLeinster; Dublin
DruimLeinster; Dublin
Druim IairnLeinster; Dublin?
Druim IngLeinster; Dublin
Druim LoígseLeinster; Dublin
Druim TogaLeinster; Dublin
Drummat GéisilleLeinster; Dublin
Dún AirdLeinster; Dublin
Dún BileLeinster; Dublin
Dun Braine?Leinster; Dublin
Dún ChitLeinster; Dublin
DungarvanLeinster; Dublin
Dun Imgain?*Leinster; Dublin
Dún LobáinLeinster; Dublin
Ecclas in Collamair(?)Leinster; Dublin
EiscirLeinster; Dublin
Enach LiacLeinster; Dublin
Enach TruimLeinster; Dublin
EngaLeinster; Dublin?
Én InisLeinster; Dublin
ErnaideLeinster; Dublin
ErnaideLeinster; Dublin
ErnaideLeinster; Dublin
Errill (Eireil?)Leinster; Dublin
Etar-druimmLeinster; Dublin
EtargabalLeinster; Dublin
Faithche [Chiaráin]Leinster; Dublin?
Farran Eglish*Leinster; Dublin
FenniscourtLeinster; Dublin
FernaLeinster; Dublin
Ferta CaerachLeinster; Dublin
Fid ArdLeinster; Dublin
Fid ChuilinnLeinster; Dublin
Fid dúinLeinster; Dublin
FinchoireLeinster; Dublin
FinchoradLeinster; Dublin
Find GlasLeinster; Dublin
Find MagLeinster; Dublin
Finnan*Leinster; Dublin
FornachtLeinster; Dublin
Forrach PátraicLeinster; Dublin
Fossy (Fosad?)Leinster; Dublin
Foulkscourt Leinster; Dublin
GailinneLeinster; Dublin
GarraunLeinster; Dublin
GaulskillLeinster; Dublin
Glaise Mo-LingLeinster; Dublin
GlasscarrigLeinster; Dublin
Glass ÉilleLeinster; Dublin
Glass Mór (Glasmore)Leinster; Dublin
Glass NoíndenLeinster; Dublin
Glebe*Leinster; Dublin
GlebeLeinster; Dublin
Glenn ClóitigeLeinster; Dublin
Glenn CornógLeinster; Dublin
Glenn dá LochaLeinster; Dublin
Glenn DelmuicceLeinster; Dublin
Glenn FaidleLeinster; Dublin
Glenn MedóinLeinster; Dublin
Glenn MunireLeinster; Dublin
Glenn Sescnáin (?)Leinster; Dublin
Glenn Suird?Leinster; Dublin
Glenn Uissen Leinster; Dublin
Gort a' BhileLeinster; Dublin
GowranLeinster; Dublin
Grace DieuLeinster; Dublin
Gráig a'Dreaslaigh*Leinster; Dublin
GráineLeinster; Dublin
GrangeLeinster; Dublin
Grellach Leinster; Dublin
Grenach Becc?Leinster; Dublin
HaroldstownLeinster; Dublin
Holywood (Sanctum Nemus)Leinster; Dublin
ImganLeinster; Dublin
Imlech EchLeinster; Dublin
Imlech FornochtaLeinster; Dublin
Imlech MórLeinster; Dublin?
Imlech na LegaLeinster; Dublin?
Inber DoíleLeinster; Dublin
InchemacwithirLeinster; Dublin
Inis Báethíne (Inishboheen; Ennisboyne)Leinster; Dublin
Inis BeccLeinster; Dublin
Inis Beoáid (Beoáin?)Leinster; Dublin?
Inis BreisléinLeinster; Dublin
Inis ChuinrigiLeinster; Dublin?
Inis Doimle/TeimleLeinster; Dublin
Inis FáilLeinster; Dublin
Inis FualaLeinster; Dublin
Inis LiaccLeinster; Dublin
Inis mac NessáinLeinster; Dublin
Inis Mo-CholmócLeinster; Dublin
Inis PhátraicLeinster; Dublin
Inis RobartaigLeinster; Dublin
Inis SnaigLeinster; Dublin
Inis TeocLeinster; Dublin
Inis Ulad (Church Mt)Leinster; Dublin
IrairdLeinster; Dublin
Irchuilenn Leinster; Dublin
Irrus Ua MicáinLeinster; Dublin
JohnswellLeinster; Dublin
Kellistown/KilomeelLeinster; Dublin
KilballyhueLeinster; Dublin
KilblockenLeinster; Dublin
Kilboy (Cell Boe?)Leinster; Dublin
Kilbracken/KilnabritogeLeinster; Dublin
Kilbrannish Leinster; Dublin
KilcarraLeinster; Dublin
Kilcloney* Leinster; Dublin
Kilcorra?Leinster; Dublin
Kilcoskan*Leinster; Dublin
KilcumneyLeinster; Dublin
KildavinLeinster; Dublin
KildenisLeinster; Dublin
Kilgraney*Leinster; Dublin
KillabegLeinster; Dublin
Killag*Leinster; Dublin
KillagowanLeinster; Dublin
KillannLeinster; Dublin
Killaterry/MounthallLeinster; Dublin
KillavenyLeinster; Dublin
Killeen/Cellín?*Leinster; Dublin
Killeen-Cormac (Cell Ingen Cormaic/Cell Fhine Cormaic?)Leinster; Dublin
Killeen*Leinster; Dublin
Killeighter/Cell Íchtair?Leinster; Dublin
KillellLeinster; Dublin
Killenora Leinster; Dublin
KillermoghLeinster; Dublin
KillianneLeinster; Dublin
Killila Leinster; Dublin
KillinaneLeinster; Dublin
KillincooleyLeinster; Dublin
KillinickLeinster; Dublin
Killisk Leinster; Dublin
Killyann (Cell Liatháin?)Leinster; Dublin
KillyshaneLeinster; Dublin
KilmacreaLeinster; Dublin
KilmacreeLeinster; Dublin
Kilmacree*Leinster; Dublin
Kilmaleed (Cell Mo-Lide?)Leinster; Dublin
KilmartinLeinster; Dublin
KilohanLeinster; Dublin
KilrippinLeinster; Dublin
KilrushLeinster; Dublin
KilscoranLeinster; Dublin
KilwoghanLeinster; Dublin
Kinnagh*Leinster; Dublin
KnockatempleLeinster; Dublin
Knocknacree*Leinster; Dublin
Knockseera (C. Saigre?)Leinster; Dublin
Kyleclonhobert*Leinster; Dublin
Kyle*Leinster; Dublin
Kylenaseer* (Cell na Saer?)Leinster; Dublin
Kyletabreehren*Leinster; Dublin
Lady's IslandLeinster; Dublin
LamógLeinster; Dublin
Lann BechaireLeinster; Dublin
Lathrach BriúinLeinster; Dublin
Lathrach Caín?Leinster; Dublin
Lathrach dá AradLeinster; Dublin
Lathrach (Laragh)Leinster; Dublin
Lecc PátraicLeinster; Dublin
LechohanLeinster; Dublin
LeithglennLeinster; Dublin
LeitrimLeinster; Dublin
Lemchaill (Loughill)Leinster; Dublin
LemdruimmLeinster; Dublin
Leth duma/tubaLeinster; Dublin
LilcachLeinster; Dublin
Lisnevagh Leinster; Dublin
Lispopple (Liss a' Phobail?)Leinster; Dublin
Liss Mo-Cholmáin?Leinster; Dublin
Lockstown*Leinster; Dublin
Loughmansland*Leinster; Dublin
LoughtownLeinster; Dublin
LuscaLeinster; Dublin
Maen (Coluim Cille)Leinster; Dublin
Mag Arnaide (Moyarney)Leinster; Dublin
Mag CritáinLeinster; Dublin
Mag Cróine?Leinster; Dublin
MuinchilleLeinster; Dublin
Maigen GarbáinLeinster; Dublin
Maigen Leinster; Dublin
MayglassLeinster; Dublin
Men-droichetLeinster; Dublin
Methas CailleLeinster; Dublin
MillquarterLeinster; Dublin
Milltown Leinster; Dublin
MinmoreLeinster; Dublin
MonamolinLeinster; Dublin
MonamolinLeinster; Dublin
MonamonraLeinster; Dublin
MooreshillLeinster; Dublin
MoyannaLeinster; Dublin
Mugna Mo-ShenócLeinster; Dublin
Muileann na Cille (Mullinakill)Leinster; Dublin
Mullach Íde Leinster; Dublin
Mulrankin*Leinster; Dublin
Myshall Leinster; Dublin
NaulLeinster; Dublin
NewcastleLeinster; Dublin
Newcastle*Leinster; Dublin
Newtown (Baile Ua Rónáin?)Leinster; Dublin
Newtown (Kyleaderry)Leinster; Dublin
Newtown*Leinster; Dublin
NewtownLeinster; Dublin
NuachongbáilLeinster; Dublin
Óchtar Fine*Leinster; Dublin
Oconach*Leinster; Dublin
Oilén an Ancaire (Anker's Isd.)Leinster; Dublin
OldcourtLeinster; Dublin
Oldcourt*Leinster; Dublin
OldtownLeinster; Dublin
OrchardLeinster; Dublin
Paráiste Cholaim Chille*Leinster; Dublin
Paráiste Cholaim ChilleLeinster; Dublin
Poll RuadáinLeinster; Dublin
Port M'ernócLeinster; Dublin
Portnahinch*Leinster; Dublin
Port RechrannLeinster; Dublin
PrebanLeinster; Dublin
QuinaghLeinster; Dublin
RahillLeinster; Dublin
RahoLeinster; Dublin
Ráith Áedáin?Leinster; Dublin
Ráith BeccLeinster; Dublin
Ráith BiclennLeinster; Dublin
Ráith BilechLeinster; Dublin
Ráith BranLeinster; Dublin
Ráith BrígteLeinster; Dublin
Ráith ChiaráinLeinster; Dublin
Ráith Chillín (Rahillion)Leinster; Dublin
Ráith Choill/na Coille?Leinster; Dublin
Ráith Cille (?)Leinster; Dublin
Ráith CilleLeinster; Dublin
Ráith CúilLeinster; Dublin
Ráith DerthaigeLeinster; Dublin
Ráith DomnaichLeinster; Dublin
Ráith DonnLeinster; Dublin
Ráith Droma?Leinster; Dublin
Ráith EcclaiseLeinster; Dublin
Ráith EnnaLeinster; Dublin
Ráith FernáinLeinster; Dublin
Ráith FoalascichLeinster; Dublin
Ráith GairneLeinster; Dublin
Ráith Garb (Rathgar)Leinster; Dublin
Ráith GelainLeinster; Dublin
Ráithín a' Chloig; (Raheenacluig)Leinster; Dublin
Ráith in EpscoipLeinster; Dublin
Ráith MelsigeLeinster; Dublin
Ráith Mo-LingLeinster; Dublin
Ráith MórLeinster; Dublin
Ráith MórLeinster; Dublin
Ráith Mór?Leinster; Dublin
Ráith na LeamhaLeinster; Dublin
Ráith na nEpscopLeinster; Dublin
Ráith NaoiLeinster; Dublin
Ráith RónáinLeinster; Dublin
Ráith RuadáinLeinster; Dublin
Ráith SalachLeinster; Dublin
Ráith Saráin (Eglish)Leinster; Dublin
Ráith ScanlaigeLeinster; Dublin
Ráith ScothbánLeinster; Dublin
Ráith TuathailLeinster; Dublin
Rathdangan*Leinster; Dublin
RathkillkeadyLeinster; Dublin
Rathknauis (Ráith Nuada?)Leinster; Dublin
RathmackneeLeinster; Dublin
RathmichaelLeinster; Dublin
RearymoreLeinster; Dublin
RechruLeinster; Dublin
Reiligín (Relickeen)Leinster; Dublin
Renniue (Ráith Nath Í?)Leinster; Dublin
RibanLeinster; Dublin
Rinn Dubáin AilithirLeinster; Dublin
Ros BranduibLeinster; Dublin
Ros CleitheLeinster; Dublin
Ros CoimreLeinster; Dublin
Ros Conaill Ua MórdhaLeinster; Dublin
Ros CuireLeinster; Dublin
Ros DarachLeinster; Dublin
Ros DroichitLeinster; Dublin
Ros ÉoLeinster; Dublin
Ros FinnglaiseLeinster; Dublin
Ros GlaisLeinster; Dublin
Ros IarnglaisLeinster; Dublin
Ros meic CéitLeinster; Dublin
Ros Meic TreoinLeinster; Dublin
Ros Mór M'ÉnóccLeinster; Dublin
RossacheynLeinster; Dublin
Ros Senáin Leinster; Dublin
Ros TipratLeinster; Dublin
Ros TorcLeinster; Dublin
Ruba BáetáinLeinster; Dublin
Ruba SenaigLeinster; Dublin
RúscachLeinster; Dublin
Rushin (Roisín)Leinster; Dublin
SaigirLeinster; Dublin
Scadarc (?) Leinster; Dublin
Scrín Máelruain (Screen)Leinster; Dublin
Selskar*Leinster; Dublin
Senboth BrígeLeinster; Dublin
Senboth Sine/CholmáinLeinster; Dublin
Senboth Leinster; Dublin
SenchellLeinster; Dublin
SenchellLeinster; Dublin
SenchellLeinster; Dublin
SenchellLeinster; Dublin
Senchua Leinster; Dublin
Sendomnach Feda Éoin Leinster; Dublin
SentraibLeinster; Dublin
SheffinLeinster; Dublin
ShelbagganLeinster; Dublin
Sléibte (Sletty)Leinster; Dublin
Sliab Condala?Leinster; Dublin
SlievereaghLeinster; Dublin
SliguffLeinster; Dublin
Sord Choluim CilleLeinster; Dublin
SrahanboyLeinster; Dublin
Sruthair Guaire(?)Leinster; Dublin
St AwariesLeinster; Dublin
St Brecaun'sLeinster; Dublin
St Bridget's/Cell Brigte?Leinster; Dublin
St Columba's (Cell Choluim?)Leinster; Dublin
St Doologe's*Leinster; Dublin
St Iberius*Leinster; Dublin
St Kevin's/Cell Chóemgin?Leinster; Dublin
St Kieran'sLeinster; Dublin
St Margaret'sLeinster; Dublin
St Mary'sLeinster; Dublin
St Michael-le-PoleLeinster; Dublin
St Michan's/Cell MichenLeinster; Dublin
StonecarthyLeinster; Dublin
St Patrick's (Cell Phátraic)Leinster; Dublin
St Peter's/DuiblinnLeinster; Dublin
Straboe*Leinster; Dublin
St Vauk's/Vogue'sLeinster; Dublin
Sutton (Cell Fintain?)Leinster; Dublin
TacumshinLeinster; Dublin
Tagony (Tech Domnaig?)Leinster; Dublin
Tamlacht Máil-Rúain (Tallaght)Leinster; Dublin
Tankardstown*Leinster; Dublin
Tech Airthir?Leinster; Dublin
Tech CéileLeinster; Dublin
Tech CendorchaLeinster; Dublin
Tech Cere?Leinster; Dublin
Tech ColuimLeinster; Dublin
Tech Conaill (Stagonnel)Leinster; Dublin
Tech Crónáin/CróinínLeinster; Dublin
Tech CumneLeinster; Dublin
Tech DamáinLeinster; Dublin
Tech DecláinLeinster; Dublin
Tech DerescáinLeinster; Dublin
Tech DímmaeLeinster; Dublin
Tech Do-Chua meic NemainLeinster; Dublin
Tech Fiachnae?Leinster; Dublin
Tech FidnatanLeinster; Dublin
Tech Finnáin?Leinster; Dublin
Tech FlediLeinster; Dublin
Tech Giugrann (Stagori)Leinster; Dublin
Tech Gubbi (Astagob)Leinster; Dublin
Tech ImbeochaireLeinster; Dublin
Tech Ingen mBaitiLeinster; Dublin
Tech LorcáinLeinster; Dublin
Tech LútaLeinster; Dublin
Tech mac DímmaeLeinster; Dublin
Tech M'Áedóc?Leinster; Dublin
Tech Maíl-(duib)Leinster; Dublin
Tech Mo-Chainn?Leinster; Dublin
Tech Mo-Chua meic LonainLeinster; Dublin
Tech Mo-Chua (meic Nemainn?)Leinster; Dublin
Tech Mo-Laca/Mo-LoceLeinster; Dublin
Tech Mo-Ling/Cell Mo-LingLeinster; Dublin
Tech Mo-LingLeinster; Dublin
Tech Mo-LingLeinster; Dublin
Tech Mo-Sacru (Tassagart)Leinster; Dublin
Tech MunnuLeinster; Dublin
Tech na Croise (?)Leinster; Dublin
Tech (na m) BretanLeinster; Dublin
Tech na RomanLeinster; Dublin
Tech Nath Í Leinster; Dublin
Tech Odaráin? (Tinoran)Leinster; Dublin
Tech PeulinLeinster; Dublin
Tech ScuithínLeinster; Dublin
Tech SrafáinLeinster; Dublin
Tech TinneLeinster; Dublin
Tech TuaeLeinster; Dublin
Telcha Drommán*Leinster; Dublin
Tempall a' DainginLeinster; Dublin
Tempall Bhaile na gCaorachLeinster; Dublin
Tempall ChuáinLeinster; Dublin
Tempall Corróc?Leinster; Dublin
Tempall Loiscthe?Leinster; Dublin
Tempall Loiscthe/Loíchse?Leinster; Dublin
Tempall LutocainLeinster; Dublin
Tempall MairtínLeinster; Dublin
Tempall Michíl Leinster; Dublin
Tempall Mo-LaisseLeinster; Dublin
Tempall na CarraigeLeinster; Dublin
Tempall na mbóLeinster; Dublin
Tempall na SencilleLeinster; Dublin
Tempall OdráinLeinster; Dublin
Tempall SenáinLeinster; Dublin
Tempall Techáin (Tír Ua nGeintich)Leinster; Dublin
Tempall Tigh Fínáin (?)Leinster; Dublin
Templeboy*Leinster; Dublin
TemplekieranLeinster; Dublin
TemplelyonLeinster; Dublin
Templeshenane*Leinster; Dublin
Tenga?Leinster; Dublin
ThompleakilleenLeinster; Dublin
Thomple GlosheenLeinster; Dublin
ThreewellsLeinster; Dublin
TinnahinchLeinster; Dublin
TinodeLeinster; Dublin
Tintore*Leinster; Dublin
Tipra (?)Leinster; Dublin
Tipra ChóemginLeinster; Dublin
Tipra DálachLeinster; Dublin
Tipra FhachtnaLeinster; Dublin
Tipra na mBretan?Leinster; Dublin
Tír ChóicirLeinster; Dublin
Tír FolaingLeinster; Dublin
Tír Mo-Chainne?*Leinster; Dublin
Tobar Éogain?*Leinster; Dublin
TobarLeinster; Dublin
ToberbrideLeinster; Dublin
Toi Cuile?Leinster; Dublin
TomardLeinster; Dublin
Tornant*Leinster; Dublin
TroscadLeinster; Dublin
Tuaim dá FhiachLeinster; Dublin
Tuaim domnaichLeinster; Dublin
Tuaim Mo-Shacru?Leinster; Dublin
Tuaim (Toome)Leinster; Dublin
Tulach BregmannLeinster; Dublin
Tulach FabraLeinster; Dublin
Tulach FergusaLeinster; Dublin
Tulach Fobair?Leinster; Dublin
Tulach Fortcheirn/Ua FeilmedaLeinster; Dublin
Tulach FuinechdaLeinster; Dublin
Tulach Guaire?*Leinster; Dublin
Tulach InmuinnLeinster; Dublin
Tulach mac ComgaillLeinster; Dublin
Tulach MáinneLeinster; Dublin
Tulach na nEpscopLeinster; Dublin
TullaghanbrogeLeinster; Dublin
Tullomoy*Leinster; Dublin
TullyLeinster; Dublin
Uachtar achaidLeinster; Dublin
Uachtar AirdLeinster; Dublin
Uachtar MuaideLeinster; Dublin
Vicarstown (Kylemahoe?)Leinster; Dublin
Waterstown/PatrickswellLeinster; Dublin
Westereave*Leinster; Dublin
WhitechurchLeinster; Dublin
Whitechurch (Lisnahunsin; Less an Fhuinseann?)Leinster; Dublin
Whitefield*Leinster; Dublin
Muinchille?Leinster; Dublin
Cell Mo-ChannocLeinster; Dublin
Cell Chenannain?Leinster; Dublin
Becc Ériu?Leinster; Dublin