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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.:Documented AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics (the DIB terms such individuals often regarded as founders of churches — saints in the Irish tradition), whose association with the sites concerned is based on documentary sources.:LineageThis records the reputed ancestral lines of individuals given in Doc Assoc.:
Traditional AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics whose association with the sites concerned is based on tradition, dedication or placename association.:TownlandGives the townland (name spelt as in TTPBI Index) in which the site is (or is thought to be) located.:ParishGives the civil (not ecclesiastical) parish in which the townland is situated.:
DeaneryThis records the rural deanery (a sub-division of the diocese) to which the parish belongs.:DioceseThis records the medieval (not necessarily the same as the modern) diocese in which the foundation lies.:BaronyGives the modern barony (as in TTPBI Index the baronies were rationalised in 19thC) in which the townland and civil parish are situated.:
CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.:ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.:SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.:
Recorded HistoryThis concerns the subsequent history of the site, with emphasis on pre-Norman (or early post-Norman) native sources mainly annals but also including medieval ecclesiastical records (charters or taxations), English Crown documents and, on occasion, modern sources (especially surveys or maps, which may mark the location of lost sites or illuminate placenames).:Clerical StatusThis seeks to classify foundations as episcopal coarbial or eremitic based on the clerical orders ascribed to the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:GenderThis seeks to classify foundations as male or female based on the gender of the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:
Succession RecordLists ecclesiastics, male or female, who succeeded to offices at the foundation concerned abbots, abbesses, comarbai, bishops often clerics of less exalted rank such as treasurers, lectors, scribes. These lists make no claim to be exhaustive; fuller accounts for major sites can be found in the New History of Ireland, vol. 8, and in published prosopographies.:Medieval DedicationNotes medieval church-dedications to saints whether Irish or Continental.:Familial LinksIndicates links between foundations, whether claimed in hagiographical sources (a lesser site said to have submitted to greater site), attested by charter, or indicated by tradition or placename evidence.:
Folk TraditionRecords traditional stories, beliefs or practices (especially pilgrimages or patterns), or a tradition of clandestine burial either recorded or inferred from location names such as the killeen or the caldragh.:Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.:ArtifactsIn general, this records only items which may support the case for the site as a pre-Reform ecclesiastical settlement (especially croziers, shrines, chalices etc) — whether recovered by search or excavation, or merely associated with the site by tradition. Also included are such items as querns and kilns as flour-production was an important part of life at ecclesiastical (although also, admittedly, at secular) settlement sites.:
BibliographyMentions secondary references (sometimes very select indeed) to the site concerned. Some contain detailed discussion, others (especially where little else seems to be available) only the briefest mentions. For details see the Bibliography page.:AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.:

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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.
Abbert DemesneConnacht; Tuam
Abbeyland*Connacht; Tuam
AbbeyparkConnacht; Tuam
Achad AblaConnacht; Tuam
Achad ChonaireConnacht; Tuam
Achad ChorainnConnacht; Tuam
Achad CuilinnConnacht; Tuam
Achad CuingireConnacht; Tuam
Achad DraignigeConnacht; Tuam
Achad Finnabrach/Cráeb GrelláinConnacht; Tuam
Achad FobairConnacht; Tuam
Achad ÍConnacht; Tuam
Achad MórConnacht; Tuam
Achad RoisConnacht; Tuam
Achill Beg Isd Connacht; Tuam
Aclare*Connacht; Tuam
Aghadooey Glebe Connacht; Tuam
Aghamuck*Connacht; Tuam
Ahgloragh*Connacht; Tuam
Ailech MórConnacht; Tuam
Aill Finn (Elphin)Connacht; Tuam
Aired Locha ConConnacht; Tuam
AirenachConnacht; Tuam
Airisen?Connacht; Tuam
Alt FarannáinConnacht; Tuam
An Bhanrainn BhánConnacht; Tuam
An Choill BheagConnacht; Tuam
An Chorr Connacht; Tuam
An Currach Riabhach Connacht; Tuam
Annaghcloy*Connacht; Tuam
Annagh MoreConnacht; Tuam
AnnaghConnacht; Tuam
Annies* Connacht; Tuam
Ara AirthirConnacht; Tuam
Ara Connacht; Tuam
Ara Cóemáin/Tempall Cóemáin Connacht; Tuam
ArdachadConnacht; Tuam
Ard an TearmainnConnacht; Tuam
Ard Bhéarra*Connacht; Tuam
Ard CharnaConnacht; Tuam
Ard Chiaráin (Ardkieran)Connacht; Tuam
ArdcloonConnacht; Tuam
Ard ÉoConnacht? Tuam?
Ard Finntainn Connacht; Tuam
ArdlahertyConnacht; Tuam
Ard Licce/SendomnachConnacht; Tuam
Ard na cClogConnacht; Tuam
Ard nGabaillConnacht; Tuam
Ard OilénConnacht; Tuam
Ard RathainConnacht; Tuam
Ard SenlisConnacht; Tuam
Ard UisconConnacht; Tuam
Askillaun Connacht; Tuam
Áth dá LairgConnacht; Tuam
Áth Escrach (Ahascragh)Connacht; Tuam
Áth ImlaiseConnacht; Tuam
Áth LiaccConnacht; Tuam
Áth MedraigeConnacht; Tuam
Áth OmnaConnacht; Tuam
AttiroryConnacht; Tuam
Baile BuíConnacht; Tuam
Baile Chille Buanaindi*Connacht; Tuam
Baile in recleis*Connacht; Tuam
Baile na gCaillech*Connacht; Tuam
Baile na Mainistrech Connacht; Tuam
Baile Tobair BrigtiConnacht; Tuam
Baile Tobair PátraicConnacht; Tuam
Baislecc MórConnacht; Tuam
Balla (Balna)Connacht; Tuam
BallinaboyConnacht; Tuam
BallindoonConnacht; Tuam
Ballintemple*Connacht; Tuam
Ballybaan*Connacht; Tuam
Ballybrinoge Connacht; Tuam
Ballycolgan (Kilkilvery)Connacht; Tuam
Ballygarry Connacht; Tuam
Ballygilgan; BunbreeogeConnacht; Tuam
BallynagloghConnacht; Tuam
BallynakillConnacht; Tuam
BallynakillConnacht; Tuam
Ballynary*Connacht; Tuam
Bile FéichineConnacht; Tuam
BirbecConnacht; Tuam
Boheh Connacht; Tuam
BreaghwyConnacht; Tuam
Brecc-Chluain Connacht; Tuam
BrideswellConnacht; Tuam
Bumlin Connacht; Tuam
Buncam Connacht; Tuam
BunowenConnacht; Tuam
Burriscarra*Connacht; Tuam
Caheradrine*Connacht; Tuam
Cahergowan*Connacht; Tuam
Caílle FintainConnacht; Tuam
Caílle MuadnatanConnacht; Tuam
Caínach Brigti (Cam Maigh Brigti)Connacht; Tuam
Caisel IrroeConnacht; Tuam
Caldragh* Connacht; Tuam
Caltragh Connacht; Tuam
CaltraConnacht; Tuam
CammachadConnacht; Tuam
CappaghConnacht; Tuam
Cappaghnanool (Ardnabara)*Connacht; Tuam
Carcair ShinchillConnacht; Tuam
CarginConnacht; Tuam
CarnConnacht; Tuam
CarnsConnacht; Tuam
CarnyarraConnacht; Tuam
Carrac Patraic *Connacht; Tuam
Carricknahorna*Connacht; Tuam
Carrowcuilleen (Lisheen)Connacht; Tuam
Carrow-GilhoolyConnacht; Tuam
Carrowkilleen Connacht; Tuam
CarrownaganniveConnacht; Tuam
Carrownalecka Connacht; Tuam
CarrownaseerConnacht; Tuam
CarrowntempleConnacht; Tuam
CarrowrevaghConnacht; Tuam
CarrowteigeConnacht; Tuam
CartronConnacht; Tuam
CartronhughConnacht; Tuam
CashelConnacht; Tuam
Cathair ChóemáinConnacht; Tuam
Cathair PátraicConnacht; Tuam
Ceathrú MheánachConnacht; Tuam
Cell AbhaillConnacht; Tuam
Cell Achaid DuibConnacht; Tuam
Cell Achaid (Kil-)Connacht; Tuam
Cell Achaid (Killiaghan)Connacht; Tuam
Cell AdaConnacht; Tuam
Cell ÁedáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Aibne?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Aifféin?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Ailithri?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Ailtíne/AilltínConnacht; Tuam
Cell AindliConnacht; Tuam
Cell AinthinneConnacht; Tuam
Cell AirdbileConnacht; Tuam
Cell AiredConnacht; Tuam
Cell Alachtáin?*Connacht; Tuam
Cell AlaidConnacht; Tuam
Cell a' Leabhair? (C. Abair?)Connacht; Tuam
Cell an dísirt (?)Connacht; Tuam
Cell an ghaobhairConnacht; Tuam
Cell an IbairConnacht; Tuam
Cell (an) Imoire*Connacht; Tuam
Cell an IomaireConnacht; Tuam
Cell an Lóntaigh?Connacht; Tuam
Cell ardubConnacht; Tuam
Cell ArgolandConnacht; Tuam
Cell Attracht/AdrochtaeConnacht; Tuam
Cell Attracht/AdrochtaeConnacht; Tuam
Cell BeccáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell BeccConnacht; Tuam
Cell BeccConnacht; Tuam
Cell BecnatanConnacht; Tuam
Cell Becnatan (C. Begnet)Connacht; Tuam
Cell BeinéinConnacht; Tuam
Cell BeithechConnacht; Tuam
Cell Belad (C. Belfota?)Connacht; Tuam
Cell Beraig Connacht; Tuam
Cell Braigi UallaigiConnacht; Tuam
Cell BrainConnacht; Tuam
Cell BreccáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell BriccínConnacht; Tuam
Cell Brigte?Connacht; Tuam
Cell BrigteConnacht; Tuam
Cell BrigteConnacht; Tuam
Cell BrigteConnacht; Tuam
Cell BrigteConnacht; Tuam
Cell BrigteConnacht; Tuam
Cell BrigteConnacht; Tuam
Cell BrigteConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChaimmínConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chaimmín?Connacht; Tuam
Cell ChairpreConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChalmáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chamadan/ChumadáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell CharnaConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chath?Connacht; Tuam
Cell ChathailConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chaurnáin/Chúrnáin?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Chaurnáin/Chúrnáin?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Chaurnáin/Chúrnáin?Connacht; Tuam
Cell CheilbiliConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chéire?Connacht; Tuam
Cell ChellaigConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chennanach Connacht; Tuam
Cell ChiaráinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chinn IubairConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chlocháin Connacht; Tuam
Cell Chluaine/ChluanaighConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chluaine Connacht; Tuam
Cell ChócaConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chóemáin/Ard OilénConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chóemgin?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Choirill Connacht; Tuam
Cell CholganConnacht; Tuam
Cell CholmaConnacht; Tuam
Cell CholmáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Cholmáin FhinnConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChomhlaConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChomlachConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChommáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChommáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chommáin (Kilcommon)Connacht; Tuam
Cell ChonaillConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChonainnConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChonduibConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChonginseConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChonlaConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChonmaicneConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chonn*Connacht; Tuam
Cell ChoraConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chorb[b]áinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chorb[b]áinConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChorcáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chorcáin (Kilcorkan)Connacht; Tuam
Cell ChormaicConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chornáin?Connacht; Tuam
Cell ChornáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chraebnat/ChraibnataConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChrístConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chróine (Kilcroan)Connacht; Tuam
Cell Chruáin?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Chuanna/ChuannatheConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChúileConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChúileConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChuimmínConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChuimneConnacht; Tuam
Cell Chuirín?Connacht; Tuam
Cell ChummainConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChummainConnacht; Tuam
Cell ChurcaigeConnacht; Tuam
Cell DagáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell dá lógConnacht; Tuam
Cell DamnatanConnacht; Tuam
Cell DarbilidConnacht; Tuam
Cell dá ríghConnacht; Tuam
Cell dá ríghConnacht; Tuam
Cell dá ríghConnacht; Tuam
Cell DegaConnacht; Tuam
Cell DiarmataConnacht; Tuam
Cell Do-ChommócConnacht; Tuam
Cell Domnáin?Connacht; Tuam
Cell DromaConnacht; Tuam
Cell DuibdúinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Eidne? (Cloghanower)Connacht; Tuam
Cell Éinne (1) (Teglach Éinne)Connacht; Tuam
Cell Éinne (2)Connacht; Tuam
Cell ÉinneConnacht; Tuam
Cell Éinne?Connacht; Tuam
Cell ÉiscConnacht; Tuam
Cell Ennga*Connacht; Tuam
Cell Epscoip BróinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Epscoip LugdachConnacht; Tuam
Cell Epscoip MáeláinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Epscoip RódáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell ErnáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell EtargabalaConnacht; Tuam
Cell Fáe/Ae/Aei?Connacht; Tuam
Cell FháeláinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Fháilinn?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Fhata*Connacht; Tuam
Cell Fhergo/FhorgaConnacht; Tuam
Cell FhínaConnacht; Tuam
Cell FhínáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell FhindbairrConnacht; Tuam
Cell FhinnbuideConnacht; Tuam
Cell Fhinn-feda?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Fhintainne?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Fhlannáin?Connacht; Tuam
Cell FhorclannConnacht; Tuam
Cell Fhras(uig)Connacht; Tuam
Cell Fhróeláin?Connacht; Tuam
Cell FhróichConnacht; Tuam
Cell Fhursa; OdharConnacht; Tuam
Cell GaimneConnacht; Tuam
Cell GarbáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Ghobnait (Inis Oírr )Connacht; Tuam
Cell Glaissi?Connacht; Tuam
Cell GlasConnacht; Tuam
Cell GlasConnacht; Tuam
Cell GlassáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell GobbáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell GonirConnacht; Tuam
Cell GrelláinConnacht; Tuam
Cell ÍchtairConnacht; Tuam
Cell ind AilithirConnacht; Tuam
CellínConnacht; Tuam
CellínConnacht; Tuam
Cellín na mBuidenConnacht; Tuam
Cell InseConnacht; Tuam
Cell IubairConnacht; Tuam
Cell Laisre? (Killaster)Connacht; Tuam
Cell LaisreConnacht; Tuam
Cell Leáin Connacht; Tuam
Cell Liatháin?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Liatháin Connacht; Tuam
Cell LóebáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell LomatConnacht; Tuam
Cell LuaithrinnConnacht; Tuam
Cell Lucáin?/Lucinne?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Lugáin? (Mountbernard)Connacht; Tuam
Cell Lugnaith?Connacht; Tuam
Cell LunechuirConnacht; Tuam
Cell mac CairillConnacht; Tuam
Cell mac CairillConnacht; Tuam
Cell mac CalláinConnacht; Tuam
Cell mac Cannáin?Connacht; Tuam
Cell mac Éogain?Connacht; Tuam
Cell mac FlescaigiConnacht; Tuam
Cell mac-LaisreConnacht; Tuam
Cell M'Áedóc? (Killmogue)Connacht; Tuam
Cell MáeláinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Máele-Choisne?Connacht; Tuam
Cell mBia[in]Connacht; Tuam
Cell MedóinConnacht; Tuam
Cell meic AingeConnacht; Tuam
Cell meic Cummsige/Coimsi?Connacht; Tuam
Cell meic DuachConnacht; Tuam
Cell Meic-DuachConnacht; Tuam
Cell meic in filedConnacht; Tuam?
Cell meic TaidcConnacht; Tuam
Cell meic TrenaConnacht; Tuam
Cell Mess?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Miadaine? (Kilmeane)Connacht; Tuam
Cell Miadaine?/Mithne?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Mian?/Midain?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Mo-bíConnacht; Tuam
Cell moccu GeridáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Mo-Chainnich?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Mo-Chua? (Kilmacuagh)Connacht; Tuam
Cell Mo-DiúitConnacht; Tuam
Cell Mo-LappócConnacht; Tuam
Cell Molára?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Mo-Lennóc?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Mór DíthribConnacht; Tuam
Cell Mór Droma CliabConnacht; Tuam
Cell MórConnacht; Tuam
Cell Mór Maige GlaissConnacht; Tuam
Cell Mór MúaideConnacht; Tuam
Cell Mór Osegir?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Muireccáin/MuragáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Muire Connacht; Tuam
Cell MurbaigConnacht; Tuam
Cell MurchanConnacht; Tuam
Cell na CoílánConnacht; Tuam
Cell NáemadaConnacht; Tuam
Cell na fróech? (friuich?)Connacht; Tuam
Cell na ManachConnacht; Tuam
Cell na Manach Connacht; Tuam
Cell na ManachConnacht; Tuam
Cell na ManachConnacht; Tuam
Cell na mBanConnacht; Tuam
Cell na mBochtánConnacht; Tuam
Cell na nGargConnacht; Tuam
Cell na nGiglara?Connacht; Tuam
Cell na nIngen?Connacht; Tuam
Cell na n-Ingen?Connacht; Tuam
Cell na n-Ingen?Connacht; Tuam
Cell na RómánachConnacht; Tuam
Cell na Secht n-Ingen (Cashleen)Connacht; Tuam
Cell OdráinConnacht; Tuam
Cell OlaConnacht; Tuam
Cell OsnataConnacht; Tuam
Cell Phíán?Connacht; Tuam
Cell RaisseConnacht; Tuam
Cell RícillConnacht; Tuam
Cell Ródáin/RótáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Róe MóreConnacht; Tuam
Cell RóinConnacht; Tuam
Cell RónáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell RónáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Rónáin (Teglach Rónáin)Connacht; Tuam
Cell Ruadáin? (Kilrooan)Connacht; Tuam
Cell RúiscConnacht; Tuam
Cell SalachConnacht; Tuam
Cell ScobaConnacht; Tuam
Cell SeiscinnConnacht; Tuam
Cell SeiscnénConnacht; Tuam
Cell SelbaigConnacht; Tuam
Cell SenbothaConnacht; Tuam
Cell Sen-ChuaichConnacht; Tuam
Cell Senrois [Cré]Connacht; Tuam
Cell SescinnConnacht; Tuam
Cell SrianáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell TarsnaConnacht; Tuam
Cell TigernáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell TigernáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell TipratConnacht; Tuam
Cell To-ChomhrachtConnacht; Tuam
Cell Tóg/TóchConnacht; Tuam
Cell ToltógConnacht; Tuam
Cell Tómma?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Tomrair (?)Connacht; Tuam
Cell Toraidi (?)Connacht; Tuam
Cell Tréinfir (?)Connacht; Tuam
Cell Trostáin?Connacht; Tuam
Cell tSéisin*Connacht; Tuam
Cell tSuibhne Connacht; Tuam
Cell Tulach (Kiltullagh)*Connacht; Tuam
Cell Tulach Connacht; Tuam
Cell TulachConnacht; Tuam
Cell TulachConnacht; Tuam
Cell TulachConnacht; Tuam
Cell Ua CillíneConnacht; Tuam
Cell Ua CormaccáinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Ua Curráin?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Ua Gealba?Connacht; Tuam
Cell Ua nAindinConnacht; Tuam
Cell Ua Saiglenn?Connacht; Tuam
Cenn ÉitigConnacht; Tuam
Cenn Lacha Connacht; Tuam
Cenn LochaConnacht; Tuam
Cenn MaraConnacht; Tuam
Churchfield/CoolkillConnacht; Tuam
Church Isd Connacht; Tuam
Church IslandConnacht; Tuam
Claggan*Connacht; Tuam
Clare Island Connacht; Tuam
CliffonyConnacht; Tuam
Clochar (Becc)Connacht; Tuam
Clochar*Connacht; Tuam
Clochar*Connacht; Tuam
Clochar*Connacht; Tuam
Clochar Uí MuirghileConnacht; Tuam
Cloghans Connacht; Tuam
ClogherbegConnacht; Tuam
CloghmoreConnacht; Tuam
Cloonakille (or Cloonakilia)Connacht; Tuam
CloonamahanConnacht; Tuam
CloonbonniffeConnacht; Tuam
Cloonfinlough Connacht; Tuam
CloonlaurConnacht; Tuam
CloonmacduffConnacht; Tuam
Cloonmore*Connacht; Tuam
Cloonmore*Connacht; Tuam
CloonmorrisConnacht; Tuam
CloonmullinConnacht; Tuam
CloonshanvilleConnacht; Tuam
Cluain Airdne/CuerneConnacht; Tuam
Cluain bairennConnacht; Tuam
Cluain Bheirn (Cell Bhrénainn?)Connacht; Tuam
Cluain Bolcáin (?)Connacht; Tuam
Cluain Chaín ChairillConnacht; Tuam
Cluain ChaínConnacht; Tuam
Cluain ChaínConnacht; Tuam
Cluain ChamuinConnacht; Tuam
Cluain Choirpthe/ChairptheConnacht; Tuam
Cluain ChollaingConnacht; Tuam
Cluain ChonmaicneConnacht; Tuam
Cluain ChonnaidConnacht; Tuam
Cluain ChormaicConnacht; Tuam
Cluain ChrainnConnacht; Tuam
Cluain ChremaConnacht; Tuam
Cluain ChremhaConnacht; Tuam
Cluain ChúasaConnacht; Tuam
Cluain ClárithConnacht; Tuam
Cluain DergáinConnacht; Tuam
Cluain DuibConnacht; Tuam
Cluain EmainConnacht; Tuam
Cluain EóchailleConnacht; Tuam
Cluain EóchailleConnacht; Tuam
Cluain Escrach Connacht; Tuam
Cluain EscrachConnacht; Tuam
Cluain Ferta BrénainnConnacht; Tuam
Cluain fobuirConnacht; Tuam
Cluain foisConnacht; Tuam
Cluain FotaConnacht; Tuam
Cluain Fota (m Taidcc?)Connacht; Tuam
Cluain LócháinConnacht; Tuam
Cluain LoistheConnacht; Tuam
Cluain LothairConnacht; Tuam
Cluain Medóin?Connacht; Tuam
Cluain Medóin?Connacht; Tuam
Cluain na gCaillech (?)Connacht; Tuam
Cluain na ManachConnacht; Tuam
Cluain SenmaílConnacht; Tuam
Cluain Síon (Gortnabishaun) Connacht; Tuam
Cluain TuaisceirtConnacht; Tuam
Cluain TuaisceirtConnacht; Tuam
Cluain tuircConnacht; Tuam
Cluain UinnsennConnacht; Tuam
Cnocán na mBan Connacht; Tuam
CorcormickConnacht; Tuam
Cordarragh Connacht; Tuam
Cornfield Connacht; Tuam
CorrafaireenConnacht; Tuam
CorrandrumConnacht; Tuam
Cráebach Bhán Connacht; Tuam
Cráebach GrelláinConnacht; Tuam
Cráeb LiathConnacht; Tuam
Creggangrogy/St Brendan's Connacht; Tuam
CreggConnacht; Tuam
Criaghanboy Connacht; Tuam
CríchedConnacht; Tuam
Cross BáithíneConnacht; Tuam
Cross ChonaillConnacht; Tuam
Cross Connacht; Tuam
Cross Maíl-Fhína?Connacht; Tuam
Cross PátraicConnacht; Tuam
Cruachán Meic-DaraConnacht; Tuam
Cruach na Caíle Connacht; Tuam
Cúil ChonaltaConnacht; Tuam
Cúil ChorraConnacht; Tuam
Cúil Maine/Muine?Connacht; Tuam
Cúil na Méaragán Connacht; Tuam
Cully*Connacht; Tuam
CummerConnacht; Tuam
Cunaker Connacht; Tuam
CungaConnacht; Tuam
Curraghs*Connacht; Tuam
Daire ChonnaidConnacht; Tuam
Daire MeilleConnacht; Tuam
Dairmag Chúle ChoennaiConnacht; Tuam
Derrane Connacht; Tuam
Derrycoagh (Cluain na Cille)Connacht; Tuam
Derrylea (Kilrogain )Connacht; Tuam
DerrysallaghConnacht; Tuam
Dísert ChellaigConnacht; Tuam
Dísert CléirchéinConnacht; Tuam
Dísert (Commeen)Connacht; Tuam
Dísert M'ÍteConnacht; Tuam
Dísert Muige LuirgConnacht; Tuam
Dísert Nuadat (Áth Dísirt Nuadat) Connacht; Tuam
Domnach BrigteConnacht; Tuam
Domnach Feisi/FithisConnacht; Tuam
Domnach Maige Nente (?)Connacht; Tuam
Domnach Mór AilmaigeConnacht; Tuam
Domnach Mór Maige EbaConnacht; Tuam
Domnach Mór Maige SelceConnacht; Tuam
Domnach Mór Maige SeólaiConnacht; Tuam
Domnach Mór PátraicConnacht; Tuam
Domnach PátraicConnacht; Tuam
Doonfeeny Connacht; Tuam
Downpatrick Head Connacht; Tuam
Drinaghan Connacht; Tuam
Druim AirbelaigConnacht; Tuam
Druim ArdConnacht; Tuam
Druim ChonailleConnacht; Tuam
Druim ChutaConnacht; Tuam
Druim CliabConnacht; Tuam
Druim Coluim ChilleConnacht; Tuam
Druim dá ethiar*Connacht; Tuam
Druim DrestanConnacht; Tuam
Druim eidir dhá lochConnacht; Tuam
Druim LiacConnacht; Tuam
Druim LiasConnacht; Tuam
Druim MucadaConnacht; Tuam
Druim NeóitConnacht; Tuam
Druim RáiteConnacht; Tuam
DrumdoneyConnacht; Tuam
Drum/KnockatempleConnacht; Tuam
DrummaeConnacht; Tuam
Drummans (Congbáil?)Connacht; Tuam
Drummat Chiarraige ArtigConnacht; Tuam
Drumnanangle Connacht; Tuam
Dub OilénConnacht; Tuam
Dumech/Senchill DumicheConnacht; Tuam
Dunamon* Connacht; Tuam
Dún Daigre?Connacht; Tuam
Dún GaiminConnacht; Tuam?
Dún in Ciarraige AíConnacht; Tuam
EcclasConnacht; Tuam
Ecclas Ruaig/RuacConnacht; Tuam
EchdruimConnacht; Tuam
EchdruimConnacht; Tuam
Ech-enach? (1)Connacht; Tuam
Ech-enach? (2)Connacht; Tuam
Ech InisConnacht; Tuam
Ech-RosConnacht; Tuam
Eiscir AlaingConnacht; Tuam
EiscirConnacht; Tuam
Elmhall Connacht; Tuam
EnachConnacht; Tuam
Enach BrigteConnacht; Tuam
Enach CheirConnacht; Tuam
Enach ChóeláinConnacht; Tuam
Enach DubáinConnacht; Tuam
Enach DubConnacht; Tuam
Enach dúinConnacht; Tuam
Enach Connacht; Tuam
Errew/BallyheanConnacht; Tuam
ErrewConnacht; Tuam
Ess DaraConnacht; Tuam
Ess Do-Chonna (Assylin)Connacht; Tuam
EtardruimConnacht; Tuam
EtargabalConnacht; Tuam
EtargabalConnacht; Tuam
EtargabalConnacht; Tuam
EtargabalConnacht; Tuam
Faithche? (Fahy)Connacht; Tuam
FeenuneConnacht; Tuam
Fid ArteConnacht; Tuam
Fidnacha Maige RéinConnacht; Tuam
Findabair?Connacht; Tuam
Find MagConnacht; Tuam
FinnchellConnacht; Tuam
FoatsConnacht; Tuam
FoibrénConnacht; Tuam
Forrach mac nAmalgada (Foirrgea)Connacht; Tuam
Fothair Connacht; Tuam
FoyogesConnacht; Tuam
GarballyConnacht; Tuam
Glaspatrick Connacht; Tuam
Glenagh Connacht; Tuam
GlencalryConnacht; Tuam
GlendaduffConnacht; Tuam
Glenn MónaConnacht; Tuam
Glenulra*Connacht; Tuam
GortmorrisConnacht; Tuam
Gortnaclassach*Connacht; Tuam
GorumnaConnacht; Tuam
Grange* Connacht; Tuam
GrangeConnacht; Tuam
GreenanConnacht; Tuam
Gweeshadan*Connacht; Tuam
ImaidConnacht; Tuam
Imgae Mór Cerrigi Connacht; Tuam
Imlech BeccConnacht; Tuam
Imlech Broccada/Imlech nEchConnacht; Tuam
Imlech EchConnacht; Tuam
Imlech FotaConnacht; Tuam
ImlechConnacht; Tuam
Imlech nÓnonn/ua RochadaConnacht; Tuam
Inber Connacht; Tuam
Inchmore Connacht;Tuam
Inis an Ghaill Connacht; Tuam
Inis ArdConnacht; Tuam
Inis bó finne (1)Connacht; Tuam
Inis bó finne (2)Connacht; Tuam
Inis ChaínConnacht; Tuam
Inis ChaisConnacht; Tuam
Inis CheithigConnacht; Tuam
Inis DaigreConnacht; Tuam
Inis Eidnech? (Inis Ní)Connacht; Tuam
Inis ErcaConnacht; Tuam
Inis FlannáinConnacht; Tuam
Inis GluaireConnacht; Tuam
InishmagrathConnacht; Tuam
InishmoreConnacht; Tuam
Inis Laogh?Connacht; Tuam
Inis maccu ChuinnConnacht; Tuam
Inis mac nEirnínConnacht; Tuam
Inis MedhonConnacht; Tuam
Inis meic AdaimConnacht; Tuam
Inis meic an Triúr Connacht; Tuam
Inis Mo-ChuaConnacht; Tuam
Inis Mór Locha GileConnacht; Tuam
Inis MuiredaigConnacht; Tuam
Inis na NáemConnacht; Tuam
Inis na n-ÉnConnacht; Tuam
Inis RodbaConnacht; Tuam
Inis Tempaill Connacht; Tuam
Inis TuircConnacht; Tuam
Irrus AinbthechConnacht; Tuam
Irrus BeccConnacht; Tuam
Islandeady Connacht; Tuam
KeelkillConnacht; Tuam
Keelogesbeg (Kilmacanganyn)Connacht; Tuam
Kilbeacanty*Connacht; Tuam
KilbegConnacht; Tuam
KilboglashyConnacht; Tuam
Kilcolgan (Cell Cholgan?)Leinster; Tuam?
KilcooseConnacht; Tuam
KilcumminConnacht; Tuam
KilellinConnacht; Tuam
KilkennyConnacht; Tuam
KillConnacht; Tuam
Killeelan (Cell Fháeláin?)Connacht; Tuam
Killeenaran*Connacht; Tuam
KilleenaskeaghConnacht; Tuam
Killeenavarra*Connacht; Tuam
Killeen*Connacht; Tuam
Killeen Connacht; Tuam
KilleglanConnacht; Tuam
Killogeary Connacht; Tuam
Killure (Cell an Iúir?)Connacht; Tuam
KillynaghConnacht; Tuam
KilmacteigeConnacht; Tuam
KilnanooanConnacht; Tuam
Kilorkey? Connacht; Tuam
KilreaghanLeinster; Tuam?
Kiltartan*Connacht; Tuam
KilteanyConnacht; Tuam
KiltycloghanConnacht; Tuam
KilvarnetConnacht; Tuam
Kilverdon (Cell Bhearnáin)Connacht; Tuam
KnappaghmanaghConnacht; Tuam
Knockaunncarragh*Connacht; Tuam
KnockbrackConnacht; Tuam
Knockcroghery (St John's)Connacht; Tuam
Lachtgannon*Connacht; Tuam
Lackagh Beg*Connacht; Tuam
LankillConnacht; Tuam
Largan BegConnacht; Tuam
LattoonConnacht; Tuam
Lecc Mo-Laisse?Connacht; Tuam
Lecc PátraicConnacht; Tuam
Lettera*Connacht; Tuam
Lía na ManachConnacht; Tuam
Liss Ua nDubthaigConnacht; Tuam
Loch Cé*Connacht; Tuam
Loona MoreConnacht; Tuam
Mag ChungaConnacht; Tuam
Mag nÉoConnacht; Tuam
Maigen(?)Connacht; Tuam
MaigenConnacht; Tuam
Maigen*Connacht; Tuam
Maigh Cuilinn*Connacht; Tuam
Máimín*Connacht; Tuam
Mainistir Áedáin (Monasterredan)Connacht; Tuam
MainistirConnacht; Tuam
Mainistir na Liath Connacht; Tuam
Maoileann Connacht; Tuam
MaorasConnacht; Tuam
MílecConnacht; Tuam
Mílec (Fiaich?)Connacht; Tuam
MoatConnacht; Tuam
MóethailConnacht; Tuam
Moneen*Connacht; Tuam
MontiaghConnacht; Tuam
MoorConnacht; Tuam
Mount IrvineConnacht; Tuam
Mount Talbot*Connacht; Tuam
Moyhenna*Connacht; Tuam
NairniuConnacht; Tuam
Na Seacht dTeampaillConnacht; Tuam
NuachongbáilConnacht; Tuam
Nure*Connacht; Tuam
Ogdela (?)Connacht; Tuam
Oidim (?)Connacht; Tuam
Oilén a' ClaisseConnacht; Tuam
Oilén an Tempaill Connacht; Tuam
Oilén Cholum CilleConnacht; Tuam
Oilén Dachruinne Connacht; Tuam
Oilén Maisean Connacht; Tuam
Oilén na ClerechConnacht; Tuam
OldtownConnacht; Tuam
Olltóir*Connacht; Tuam
Páirc na gColm Connacht; Tuam
PollboyConnacht; Tuam
Port an ChairrínConnacht; Tuam
Portroyal/Odba CheruConnacht; Tuam
Portrunny Connacht; Tuam
Ráith AradConnacht; Tuam
Ráith BercháinConnacht; Tuam
Ráith Boidb/BuideConnacht; Tuam
Ráith BrénainnConnacht; Tuam
Ráith ChéireConnacht; Tuam
Ráith ChóemáinConnacht; Tuam
Ráith FáilbeConnacht; Tuam
Ráith FoirrgeConnacht; Tuam
Ráith IndileConnacht; Tuam
Ráith na RómánachConnacht; Tuam
Ráith RígbairtConnacht; Tuam
RathmaghConnacht; Tuam
Rathmoyle*Connacht; Tuam
RathúnConnacht; Tuam
ReclesConnacht; Tuam
Relecc PóilConnacht; Tuam
Rocksborough*Connacht; Tuam
Róidbín*Connacht; Tuam
Ros BrainConnacht; Tuam
Ros Bran[duib] (?)Connacht; Tuam
RosConnacht; Tuam
Ros CammConnacht; Tuam
Ros CathailConnacht; Tuam
Ros CommáinConnacht; Tuam
Ros DraignigeConnacht; Tuam
Ros Inbhir Connacht; Tuam
RoskeenConnacht; Tuam
Ros LiaccConnacht; Tuam
Ros LoígConnacht; Tuam
Ros mac CaitneConnacht; Tuam
Ros MórConnacht; Tuam
Ros RéidedConnacht; Tuam
Ros Riagla (?)Connacht; Tuam
Ros SeircConnacht; Tuam
RosshillConnacht; Tuam
RunnateggalConnacht; Tuam
Rúscach na gaoitheConnacht; Tuam
Scrín AdomnáinConnacht; Tuam
Sean Cloch na Gráinsige*Connacht; Tuam
Senchell DumaigeConnacht; Tuam
SenchellConnacht; Tuam
Senchua ua nAilellaConnacht; Tuam
Sen Ecclas (Shanaglish)Connacht; Tuam
Sentalam Connacht; Tuam
Sentempall? Connacht; Tuam
SlicechConnacht; Tuam
Spidéal*Connacht; Tuam
SruthairConnacht; Tuam
St John'sConnacht; Tuam
St Nicholas'Connacht; Tuam
StraidConnacht; Tuam
Taghboy (Tech Buide?)Connacht; Tuam
Tallavbaun Connacht; Tuam
Tamnach FiachaidConnacht; Tuam
TamnachConnacht; Tuam
Tech BaithínConnacht; Tuam
Tech BrigteConnacht; Tuam
Tech CaínConnacht; Tuam
Tech Da-ChonnaConnacht; Tuam
Tech Eóin/Rinn DúinConnacht; Tuam
Tech mac ConaillConnacht; Tuam
Tech nEchdachConnacht; Tuam
Tech Sason Connacht; Tuam
Tech TemplaConnacht; Tuam
Tempall a MhanaigConnacht; Tuam
Tempall an Chethrair Álainn Connacht; Tuam
Tempall AsurnaigeConnacht; Tuam
Tempall Átha deirg Connacht; Tuam
Tempall Becc na Náem Connacht; Tuam
Tempall BennéinConnacht; Tuam
Tempall CailléneConnacht; Tuam
Tempall CiaráinConnacht; Tuam
Tempall Colmáin (na hAichle)Connacht; Tuam
Tempall Éinne Connacht; Tuam
Tempall FáeláinConnacht; Tuam
Tempall Féichíne (Templefeheen)Connacht; Tuam
Tempall Maol (1)Connacht; Tuam
Tempall Maol (2)Connacht; Tuam
Tempall MarcáinConnacht; Tuam
Tempall MórConnacht; Tuam
Tempall Muire*Connacht; Tuam
Tempall na 7 mac Rí Connacht; Tuam
Tempall na 7 n-IngenConnacht; Tuam
Tempall na gCaillech DubConnacht; Tuam
Tempall na gCaillech DubConnacht; Tuam
Tempall na Leicin Connacht; Tuam
Tempall Rónáin?Connacht; Tuam
Templegal*Connacht; Tuam
TemplenabreeConnacht; Tuam
Termann CarrachConnacht; Tuam
Termann Cóelainn/Daire C.Connacht; Tuam
Termann DairbileConnacht; Tuam
Termann FeichínConnacht; Tuam
Termon? Connacht; Tuam
Tír GuaireConnacht; Tuam
Tír Nechtain (?)Connacht; Tuam
Tobar Éinne*Connacht; Tuam
Tobar Iarlatha Connacht; Tuam
ToberelatanConnacht; Tuam
Toberelva Connacht; Tuam
TonamaceConnacht; Tuam
Toneybaun?Connacht; Tuam
TowerhillConnacht; Tuam
Tuaim (2)Connacht; Tuam
Tuaim Achaid Throim Connacht; Tuam
Tuaim Cattraige*Connacht; Tuam
Tuaim dá ghualannConnacht; Tuam
Tuaim-fobhairConnacht; Tuam
Tuaim NoéConnacht; Tuam
Tuaim Srutha Connacht; Tuam
Tuaim SruthraConnacht; Tuam
Tulach LiaccConnacht; Tuam
Tullaghan (Tulchán?)Connacht; Tuam
Turlough Connacht; Tuam
Uachtar achaidConnacht; Tuam
Uachtar AirdConnacht; Tuam
Uarán nGaradConnacht; Tuam
Ulta Becca?Connacht; Tuam
UmmaConnacht; Tuam
ÚraidConnacht; Tuam
KinnakinellyConnacht; Tuam