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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.:Documented AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics (the DIB terms such individuals often regarded as founders of churches — saints in the Irish tradition), whose association with the sites concerned is based on documentary sources.:LineageThis records the reputed ancestral lines of individuals given in Doc Assoc.:
Traditional AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics whose association with the sites concerned is based on tradition, dedication or placename association.:TownlandGives the townland (name spelt as in TTPBI Index) in which the site is (or is thought to be) located.:ParishGives the civil (not ecclesiastical) parish in which the townland is situated.:
DeaneryThis records the rural deanery (a sub-division of the diocese) to which the parish belongs.:DioceseThis records the medieval (not necessarily the same as the modern) diocese in which the foundation lies.:BaronyGives the modern barony (as in TTPBI Index the baronies were rationalised in 19thC) in which the townland and civil parish are situated.:
CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.:ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.:SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.:
Recorded HistoryThis concerns the subsequent history of the site, with emphasis on pre-Norman (or early post-Norman) native sources mainly annals but also including medieval ecclesiastical records (charters or taxations), English Crown documents and, on occasion, modern sources (especially surveys or maps, which may mark the location of lost sites or illuminate placenames).:Clerical StatusThis seeks to classify foundations as episcopal coarbial or eremitic based on the clerical orders ascribed to the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:GenderThis seeks to classify foundations as male or female based on the gender of the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:
Succession RecordLists ecclesiastics, male or female, who succeeded to offices at the foundation concerned abbots, abbesses, comarbai, bishops often clerics of less exalted rank such as treasurers, lectors, scribes. These lists make no claim to be exhaustive; fuller accounts for major sites can be found in the New History of Ireland, vol. 8, and in published prosopographies.:Medieval DedicationNotes medieval church-dedications to saints whether Irish or Continental.:Familial LinksIndicates links between foundations, whether claimed in hagiographical sources (a lesser site said to have submitted to greater site), attested by charter, or indicated by tradition or placename evidence.:
Folk TraditionRecords traditional stories, beliefs or practices (especially pilgrimages or patterns), or a tradition of clandestine burial either recorded or inferred from location names such as the killeen or the caldragh.:Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.:ArtifactsIn general, this records only items which may support the case for the site as a pre-Reform ecclesiastical settlement (especially croziers, shrines, chalices etc) — whether recovered by search or excavation, or merely associated with the site by tradition. Also included are such items as querns and kilns as flour-production was an important part of life at ecclesiastical (although also, admittedly, at secular) settlement sites.:
BibliographyMentions secondary references (sometimes very select indeed) to the site concerned. Some contain detailed discussion, others (especially where little else seems to be available) only the briefest mentions. For details see the Bibliography page.:AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.:

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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.
Achad Beithe (Aghaveagh)Ulster; Armagh
Achad Beithe (Aghavea)Ulster; Armagh
Achad CaínUlster; Armagh
Achad CaínUlster; Armagh
Achad Chinn/na Cille (Aughnakeely?)Ulster; Armagh
Achad ClaidibUlster; Armagh
Achad CóelUlster; Armagh
Achad DrummanUlster; Armagh
Achad DubthaigUlster; Armagh
Achad Finniche/FinnmaigiUlster; Armagh
Achad GalmaeUlster: Armagh
Achad InaichUlster; Armagh
Achad Longa*Ulster; Armagh
Achad Lurchair/UrchairUlster; Armagh
Achad MórUlster; Armagh
Achad RaithinUlster; Armagh
Aghagallon*Ulster; Armagh
AghaleeUlster; Armagh
AghnaskeaghUlster; Armagh
Ahoghill Ulster; Armagh
AighanUlster; Armagh
Airdne DarinsiArmagh; Ulster
Airecal AdamnáinUlster; Armagh
AirecalArmagh; Ulster
Airecal Da-Chiaróc*Armagh; Ulster
Airecal MuadáinArmagh; Ulster
Aired/Daire BroscaArmagh; Ulster
Aired/Daire MáeláinArmagh; Ulster
Aired MuiltUlster; Armagh
AiremhUlster; Armagh
Airenach Ulster; Armagh
Airther Achaid Ulster; Armagh
Airther AchaidUlster; Armagh
Airther MaigeUlster; Armagh
Airther MaigeUlster; Armagh
Alcrossagh*Ulster; Armagh
Alt a' dhomhnaighUlster; Armagh
Annacloy Ulster; Armagh
Annagelliff*Ulster; Armagh
Annaghkilly*Ulster; Armagh
AnnaghUlster; Armagh
AnnaheanUlster; Armagh
Ard AolaigUlster; Armagh
ArdUlster; Armagh
Ard bóUlster; Armagh
Ard Chaín Ulster; Armagh
ArdclinisUlster; Armagh
Ard DomnachUlster; Armagh
ArdgillewUlster; Armagh
Ard Glas Ulster; Armagh
ArdkillUlster; Armagh
Ard LecachUlster; Armagh
Ardmacaisse? Ulster; Armagh
Ard MachaUlster; Armagh
Ard mac NascaiUlster; Armagh
ArdmoreUlster; Armagh
Ard SenaigUlster; Armagh
Ard SráthaUlster; Armagh
Ardtole Ulster; Armagh
Ard TreaUlster; Armagh
ArdvalleyUlster; Armagh
Áth in eichUlster; Armagh
Áth LungaUlster; Armagh
Aughnish IsleUlster; Armagh
Aughrim (Echdruim?)Ulster; Armagh
Baile an Chluig**Ulster; Armagh
Baile an doireUlster; Armagh
Baile an IubhairUlster; Armagh
Baile an Uaráin Ulster; Armagh
Baile Átha Ulster; Armagh
Baile meic a'tsagairtUlster; Armagh
Baile Mhuillinn*Ulster; Armagh
Baile Mic RobartaigUlster; Armagh
Baile na gCaillech*Ulster; Armagh
Baile na MainistrechUlster; Armagh
Baile na ManachUlster; Armagh
Baile na ManachUlster; Armagh
Baile na Martra Ulster; Armagh
Baile na SaccartUlster; Armagh
Baile Nua Ulster; Armagh
Baile Ua ChaisideUlster; Armagh)
Ballintemple*Ulster; Armagh
BalloorUlster; Armagh
Ballycarry Ulster; Armagh
BallycharryUlster; Armagh
Ballydonaghy Ulster; Armagh
Ballyeaston*Ulster; Armagh
Ballyedward*Ulster; Armagh
BallygormanUlster; Armagh
Ballygrangee Ulster; Armagh
Ballyhalbert / St Andrews? Ulster; Armagh
Ballyhampton*Ulster; Armagh
Ballyhay Ulster; Armagh
Ballyheerin*Ulster; Armagh
Ballyhill*Ulster; Armagh)
Ballykeel Ulster; Armagh
Ballykennedy Ulster; Armagh
Ballykillbeg Ulster; Armagh
Ballylinny*Ulster; Armagh
Ballymagaughey Ulster; Armagh
Ballymartin*Ulster; Armagh
Ballymartrim*?Ulster; Armagh
Ballymenagh*Ulster; Armagh
Ballymoney Ulster; Armagh
BallymyreUlster; Armagh
Ballynahinch Ulster; Armagh
BallynameenUlster; Armagh
BallyorganUlster; Armagh
Ballyphilip*Ulster; Armagh
Ballyrobert Ulster; Armagh
Ballyrolly*Ulster; Armagh
BallyteerimUlster; Armagh
Ballytrustan*Ulster; Armagh
Ballytrustan*Ulster; Armagh
Ballyvaston Ulster; Armagh
Ballywalter*Ulster; Armagh
BarnesUlster; Armagh
BeefanUlster; Armagh
Bél Feirste*Ulster; Armagh
BennchorUlster; Armagh
BennchorUlster; Armagh
BileUlster; Armagh
BolguUlster; Armagh
BothaUlster; Armagh
Both BholcáinUlster: Armagh
Both Chonois (Cell Odráin?)Ulster; Armagh
Both ChonoisUlster; Armagh
Both Domnaig (Badoney/Botoney)Ulster; Armagh
Both MedbaUlster; Armagh
BracklaghUlster; Armagh
Br[e]adach*Ulster; Armagh
Brettan Ulster; Armagh
BushmillsUlster; Armagh
Cabra*Ulster; Armagh
Caladh ChoillUlster; Armagh
CamaghyUlster; Armagh
CamasUlster; Armagh
Camas ChomgaillUlster; Armagh
CamlinUlster; Armagh
Cappagh (Ceppach)Ulster; Armagh
Carcullion Ulster; Armagh
CarnaghUlster; Armagh
CarnUlster; Armagh
Carn GreineUlster; Armagh
Carnteel*Ulster; Armagh
CarracUlster; Armagh
Carrac MórUlster; Armagh
CarrickaboyUlster; Armagh
Carrickanure*Ulster; Armagh
CarrickatoberUlster; Armagh
CarrickUlster; Armagh
Carrickfergus (St Mary's)Ulster; Armagh
CarrowhughUlster; Armagh
CarrowreaghUlster; Armagh
CashelUlster; Armagh
CashelUlster; Armagh
CashelgolanUlster; Armagh
CastlerahanUlster; Armagh
CastleterraUlster; Armagh
Cella BeccaUlster; Armagh
Cella BeccaUlster; Armagh
Cell AchaidUlster; Armagh
Cell Achaid (Kilaghy)Ulster; Armagh
Cell AchaidUlster; Armagh
Cell ÁedáinUlster; Armagh
Cell Ailche/AilechUlster; Armagh
Cell Ain AchaidUlster; Armagh
Cell AirdUlster; Armagh
Cell AirthirUlster; Armagh
Cell ArdUlster; Armagh
Cell BáetáinUlster; Armagh
Cell BairrfinnUlster; Armagh
Cell BaíthíneUlster; Armagh
Cell Becc*Ulster; Armagh
Cell BiainUlster; Armagh
Cell Brigte?Ulster; Armagh
Cell BrigteUlster; Armagh
Cell BrigteUlster; Armagh
Cell BrigteUlster; Armagh
Cell BrigteUlster; Armagh
Cell BrigteUlster; Armagh
Cell Brigte?Ulster; Armagh
Cell Brigte? (Kilabrida)Ulster; Armagh
Cell Brigte (=Recles Brigte?)Ulster; Armagh
Cell BruaineUlster; Armagh
Cell BuadáinUlster; Armagh
Cell ChairceUlster; Armagh
Cell Chairill (Kelkirell)Ulster; Armagh
Cell ChairpreUlster; Armagh
Cell CharcaitUlster; Armagh
Cell CharthaigUlster; Armagh
Cell ChatainUlster; Armagh
Cell ChéireUlster; Armagh
Cell ChiannáinUlster; Armagh
Cell ChleitheUlster; Armagh
Cell ChleitheUlster; Armagh
Cell ChluanaUlster; Armagh
Cell ChócaUlster; Armagh
Cell ChóelUlster; Armagh
Cell CholmáinUlster; Armagh
Cell Cholmóc Ulster; Armagh
Cell CholpthaUlster; Armagh
Cell Chombair/ChomairUlster; Armagh
Cell ChonadainUlster; Armagh
Cell ChonaigUlster; Armagh
Cell ChonndiUlster; Armagh
Cell Chorpaige?Ulster; Armagh
Cell ChruitnecháinUlster; Armagh
Cell ChuannaUlster; Armagh
Cell Chuma/ChuaUlster; Armagh
Cell ChungaidUlster; Armagh
Cell Chunna*Ulster; Armagh
Cell Cluana/Kilcluney*Ulster; Armagh
Cell DálaUlster; Armagh
Cell DalláinUlster; Armagh
Cell damUlster; Armagh
Cell DomnaigUlster; Armagh
Cell DomnaigUlster; Armagh
Cell DroichitUlster; Armagh
Cell Droma LethainUlster; Armagh
Cell Duinsig (?)*Ulster; Armagh
Cell Eanaig CluanaUlster; Armagh
Cell Eanaig?Ulster; Armagh
Cell Eithne?Ulster; Armagh
Cell EnaichUlster; Armagh
Cell ÉogainUlster; Armagh
Cell Éogain Ulster; Armagh
Cell Epscoip BolcáinUlster; Armagh
Cell Fhata/FhotaUlster; Armagh
Cell Fínáin?Ulster; Armagh
Cell GaimneUlster; Armagh
Cell Garad?Ulster; Armagh
Cell Garbáin (Killygarvan Upr)Ulster; Armagh
Cell Glaissi?Ulster; Armagh
Cell GobailUlster; Armagh
Cellín Chéire?Ulster; Armagh
Cell Inse (an mhachaire)Ulster; Armagh
Cell InseUlster; Armagh
Cell ÍsilUlster; Armagh
Cell (Kill)Ulster; Armagh
Cell LaisreUlster; Armagh
Cell LiathUlster; Armagh
Cell LochaUlster; Armagh
Cell LochaUlster; Armagh
Cell LochmaigeUlster; Armagh
Cell LóebáinUlster; Armagh
Cell LomchonUlster; Armagh
Cell Lugnaith?Ulster; Armagh
Cell mac nÉnáinUlster; Armagh
Cell mac nOdráinUlster; Armagh
Cell mac nOdráin?Ulster; Armagh
Cell MáeláinUlster; Armagh
Cell Máele-AnfaidUlster; Armagh
Cell Máele- (Cill Maol)Ulster; Armagh
Cell Máele-DubáinUlster; Armagh
Cell Maignenn?Ulster; Armagh
Cell MegáinUlster; Armagh
Cell Milchon*Ulster; Armagh
Cell Mo-LacaUlster; Armagh
Cell Mór ÁedáinUlster; Armagh
Cell Mór CholmáinUlster; Armagh
Cell MórUlster; Armagh
Cell Mo-Róin? (Kilvoruan)Ulster; Armagh
Cell Mo-Róin? (Kilvoruan)Ulster; Armagh
Cell Mo-ShamócUlster; Armagh
Cell Muide/MudiUlster; Armagh
Cell Muireccáin/MuragáinUlster; Armagh
Cell na gCarpatUlster; Armagh
Cell na gCornaire/ConraireUlster; Armagh
Cell NáileUlster; Armagh
Cell na nAbadUlster; Armagh
Cell na n-Ingen (or Coll na n-Ingen)Ulster: Armagh
Cell na SaccartUlster; Armagh
Cell na SenráthaUlster; Armagh
Cell PhátraicUlster; Armagh
Cell RathnaiteUlster; Armagh
Cell Riagáin/RiatáinUlster; Armagh
Cell Riata?Ulster; Armagh
Cell Rois?Ulster; Armagh
Cell RoisUlster; Armagh
Cell Ruad/RóitUlster; Armagh
Cell SáileUlster; Armagh
Cell Sáile?Ulster; Armagh
Cell SantáinUlster; Armagh
Cell SaráinUlster; Armagh
Cell ScíreUlster; Armagh
Cell ScíreUlster; Armagh
Cell SléibeUlster; Armagh
Cell TairriUlster; Armagh
Cell TarsnaUlster; Armagh
Cell TigernaichUlster; Armagh
Cell TongaUlster; Armagh
Cell Trodan Ulster; Armagh
Cell TuathailUlster; Armagh
Cell Tuirc?Ulster; Armagh
Cell Ua CáirthinnUlster; Armagh
Cell UachtairUlster; Armagh
Cell Ua mbairdUlster; Armagh
Cell Ua nDaigre?Ulster; Armagh
Cell Ua nDaigre?Ulster; Armagh
Cell Ua TómrairUlster; Armagh
Cell UincheUlster; Armagh
CengobaUlster; Armagh
Cenn Lacha SilennUlster; Armagh
Chapel Island Ulster; Armagh
Church Hill*Ulster; Armagh
Churchtown GartanUlster; Armagh
Clifferna*Ulster; Armagh
ClocharUlster; Armagh
Clochar mac nDaiminiUlster; Armagh
Clóen-inisUlster; Armagh
CloghanUlster; Armagh
Cloghinny*?Ulster; Armagh
CloghoreUlster; Armagh
ClonamullyUlster; Armagh
ClonconwalUlster; Armagh
ClondermotUlster; Armagh
ClonfadUlster; Armagh
ClonleaUlster; Armagh
ClonmoreUlster; Armagh
ClonoseyUlster; Armagh
ClontallaghUlster; Armagh
ClooneUlster; Armagh
Cluain AirthirUlster; Armagh
Cluain BeoáinUlster; Armagh
Cluain BrainUlster; Armagh
Cluain ChathaUlster; Armagh
Cluain dá BáetóccUlster; Armagh
Cluain dá dhamUlster; Armagh
Cluain dá énUlster; Armagh
Cluain dá fhiachUlster; Armagh
Cluain Daimh Ulster; Armagh
Cluain DalláinUlster; Armagh
Cluain EnachUlster; Armagh
Cluain EoisUlster; Armagh
Cluain FhiachnaUlster; Armagh
Cluain ÍUlster; Armagh
Cluain LáigUlster; Armagh
Cluain LethtengadUlster; Armagh
Cluain Medóin?Ulster; Armagh
Cluain MindUlster; Armagh
Cluain moccu Gricci (?)Ulster; Armagh
Cluain Mór LiathUlster; Armagh
Cluain RáitheUlster; Armagh
Cluain TibrinneUlster; Armagh
Cluain TipratUlster; Armagh
Cluain TrénaUlster; Armagh
Cluain tuircUlster; Armagh
Cluana/Cl. AirbUlster; Armagh
Cnoc Choluim CilleUlster; Armagh
Cóel AchadUlster; Armagh
Cóel Achad (?)Ulster; Armagh
Cóel Achad (?)Ulster; Armagh
CoinnereUlster; Armagh
Coirthe BecUlster; Armagh?
Congbáil Glinne SuileidiUlster; Armagh
Connabury*Ulster; Armagh
Coole*Ulster; Armagh
CorgreaghUlster; Armagh
CorlatUlster; Armagh
CorraneaUlster; Armagh
CorrawillinUlster; Armagh
CraigaroganUlster; Armagh
CrannachUlster; Armagh
CrannogeboyUlster; Armagh
Creamh Choill Ulster; Armagh
CreggUlster; Armagh
Crevilly ValleyUlster; Armagh
CrileaUlster; Armagh
Croaghan*Ulster; Armagh
Croimglenn/Croimlinn*Ulster; Armagh
CrossballycormickUlster; Armagh
CrossbaneUlster; Armagh
CrossbaneUlster; Armagh
CrosserloughUlster; Armagh
Cruachán LigeanUlster; Armagh
Cúil BennchairUlster; Armagh
Cúil ChaírechUlster; Armagh
Cúil ChichmaigiUlster; Armagh?
Cúil EchtrannUlster; Armagh
Cúil foithirbiUlster; Armagh
Cúil Fota*Ulster; Armagh
Cúil MaineUlster; Armagh
Cúil Maine (Culmoney)Ulster; Armagh
Cúil RathinUlster; Armagh
Culdaff (Cúil Dub?)Ulster; Armagh
Cullin*Ulster; Armagh
CulmaineUlster; Armagh
CumberUlster; Armagh
Daim InisUlster; Armagh
Daire Bruchais/MurchaisiUlster; Armagh
Daire Calgaig/Choluim-CilleUlster; Armagh
Daire CóecháinUlster; Armagh
Daire EchdromaUlster; Armagh
Daire Ingen AilleáinUlster; Armagh
Daire LúráinUlster; Armagh
Daire MisUlster; Armagh
Dair Inis MórUlster; Armagh
DennUlster; Armagh
Derc-bruach (Dergbruagh)Ulster; Armagh
DerrintinnyUlster; Armagh
DerrycassanUlster; Armagh
DerrylahanUlster; Armagh
Derrymore Ulster; Armagh
DerryvonyUlster; Armagh
Derrywinny*Ulster; Armagh
Dertech/DairthechUlster; Armagh
Dísert becc Máele-cobaUlster; Armagh
Dísert CellaigUlster; Armagh
Dísert Chinn tráchtaUlster; Armagh
DisertUlster; Armagh
Dísert dá chríochUlster; Armagh
Dísert ÉicnichUlster; Armagh
Dísert MartainUlster; Armagh
Dísert Meic-NisseUlster; Armagh
DisertmoyUlster; Armagh
Dísert OrlaimUlster; Armagh
Dísert PátraicUlster; Armagh
Dísert Ua FhlainnUlster; Armagh
Dísert UilaigUlster; Armagh
Disert Uí ThuathgaileUlster; Armagh
Doagh*Ulster; Armagh
DoaghmoreUlster; Armagh
Domhnach MórUlster; Armagh
Domnach Airthir ArddaUlster; Armagh
Domnach Airthir MaigeUlster; Armagh
Domnach an eichUlster; Armagh
Domnach BileUlster; Armagh
Domnach Brain/Pirnn?Ulster; Armagh
Domnach Brechmaige?Ulster; Armagh
Domnach CáinriUlster; Armagh
Domnach Cati/CaíteUlster; Armagh
Domnach CluaineUlster; Armagh
Domnach CluanaUlster; Armagh
Domnach CombairUlster; Armagh
Domnach CombairUlster; Armagh
Domnach DaireUlster; Armagh
Domnach Dega?Ulster; Armagh
Domnach Dula/DalaUlster; Armagh
Domnach FainreUlster; Armagh
Domnach FothirbeUlster; Armagh
Domnach LibuirUlster; Armagh
Domnach Máeláin Ulster; Armagh
Domnach MáeláinUlster; Armagh
Domnach Maige dá chlaineUlster; Armagh
Domnach MaigenUlster; Armagh
Domnach MesconUlster; Armagh
Domnach MínchluaineUlster; Armagh
Domnach moccu GarbaUlster; Armagh
Domnach MórUlster; Armagh
Domnach MórUlster; Armagh
Domnach Mór Ulster; Armagh
Domnach Mór Maige CobaUlster; Armagh
Domnach Mór Maige DamoernaUlster; Armagh
Domnach Mór Maige Éne/ÁineUlster; Armagh
Domnach Mór Maige IthaUlster; Armagh
Domnach Mór Maige SlechtUlster; Armagh
Domnach Mór Maige Tóchuir/CarndonaghUlster; Armagh
Domnach Mór (Maigi Imcláir)Ulster; Armagh
Domnach NemainUlster; Armagh?
Domnach RiascadUlster; Armagh
Domnach Rígdúinn/RígdruingUlster; Armagh
Domnach Seinliss?Ulster; Armagh
Domnach SenchueUlster; Armagh
Domnach SenlissUlster; Armagh
Donacavey (Domnach?)Ulster; Armagh
Donaghadee Ulster; Armagh
Donegore Ulster; Armagh
Donnybrewer (Domnach Dola?)Ulster; Armagh
DoochillUlster; Armagh
DooishUlster; Armagh
DoonaltUlster; Armagh
Doon (?)Ulster; Armagh
Doras (Newmills)Ulster; Armagh
DownhillUlster; Armagh
DreenanUlster; Armagh
Dromrone / DromroanUlster; Armagh
Druim AilcheUlster; Armagh
Druim BerthachUlster; Armagh
Druim bó (Collum Bovis)Ulster; Armagh
Druim bóUlster; Armagh
Druim BreccáinUlster; Armagh
Druim BroonUlster; Armagh
Druim CailiUlster; Armagh
Druim CaírechUlster; Armagh
Druim CairillUlster; Armagh
Druim CaraUlster; Armagh
Druim catha Ulster; Armagh
Druim CéitUlster; Armagh
Druim Chaín*Ulster; Armagh
Druim CoosUlster; Armagh
Druim CruitneUlster; Armagh
Druim dá dhartUlster; Armagh
Druim DubáinUlster; Armagh
Druim Enaig?Ulster; Armagh
Druim Enaig?Ulster; Armagh
Druim FindichUlster; Armagh
Druim Fota Ulster; Armagh
Druim FotaUlster; Armagh
Druim GlasUlster; Armagh
Druim in asclaind (enesclaind)Ulster; Armagh
Druim LaraUlster; Armagh
Druim LethanUlster; Armagh
Druim LissUlster; Armagh
Druim LothairUlster; Armagh
Druim MórUlster; Armagh
Druim MórUlster; Armagh
Druim MórUlster; Armagh
Druim RáiteUlster; Armagh
Druim Riabhach Ulster; Armagh
Druim RuisUlster; Armagh
Druim SalachUlster; Armagh
Druim SalainnUlster; Armagh
Druim SenaigUlster; Armagh
Druim SnechtaUlster; Armagh
Druim ThuamaUlster; Armagh
Druim Toraig Ulster; Armagh?
Druim TuircUlster; Armagh
Druim ÚirdUlster; Armagh
Drumacleeskin*Ulster; Armagh
DrumadonnellUlster; Armagh
Drumaliss*Ulster; Armagh
DrumaqueranUlster; Armagh
DrumardUlster; Armagh
DrumavilleUlster; Armagh
Drumbeg Ulster; Armagh
Drumbess*Ulster; Armagh
Drumboe*Ulster; Armagh
DrumcorUlster; Armagh
DrumUlster; Armagh
DrumederglassUlster; Armagh
DrumerkillewUlster; Armagh
DrumgathUlster; Armagh
DrumgoonUlster; Armagh
DrumgristinUlster; Armagh
DrumhallaghUlster; Armagh
DrumirrinUlster; Armagh
DrumkeenUlster; Armagh
Drum/KinnakillewUlster; Armagh
Drummaul*Ulster; Armagh
DrummeraghUlster; Armagh
DrumnacanonUlster; Armagh
DrumnacurUlster; Armagh
DrumnagressUlster; Armagh
DrumnahoaghUlster; Armagh
DrumnakillUlster; Armagh
DrumnasillaghUlster; Armagh
Drumnedergal* (Dunadry?)Ulster; Armagh
Drumowen (Druim Éogain?)Ulster; Armagh
Drumroe*Ulster; Armagh
Drumshane Ulster; Armagh
DrumskeaghUlster; Armagh
Drumswords*Ulster; Armagh
Drumtullagh?Ulster; Armagh
DrungUlster; Armagh
Dunaghy*Ulster; Armagh
Dún BóUlster; Armagh
Dún CruithneUlster; Armagh
Dún Dá ÉnUlster; Armagh
DundesertUlster; Armagh
Dún Diarmata*Ulster; Armagh
Dún GeiminUlster; Armagh
Dún Lethglas/Dún dá LethglaiseUlster; Armagh
DunlewyUlster; Armagh
DunlisUlster; Armagh
DunmiskUlster; Armagh
DunmullanUlster; Armagh
DunreeUlster; Armagh
Dunsfort Ulster; Armagh
Dún Sobairci (Dunseverick)Ulster; Armagh
Ecclas Ulster; Armagh
Ech-InisUlster; Armagh
EdenburtUlster; Armagh
Enacha*Ulster; Armagh
Enach*Ulster; Armagh
Enach ArdUlster; Armagh
Enach ArdUlster; Armagh
Enach ChonglaisUlster; Armagh
Enach (Domnach Dola?)Ulster; Armagh
Enach EiltiUlster; Armagh
Enach SenmáilUlster; Armagh?
EnniskillenUlster; Armagh
Éo InisUlster; Armagh
ErnaideUlster; Armagh
Ernaide DícollaUlster; Armagh
ErnaideUlster; Armagh
ErnaideUlster; Armagh
ErveyUlster; Armagh
EtargabalUlster; Armagh
Faraghy*Ulster; Armagh
Farranmacbride*Ulster; Armagh
Faughanvale Ulster; Armagh
FaugherUlster; Armagh
Fearann an MuilinnUlster; Armagh
Finkiltagh*Ulster; Armagh
FinnerUlster; Armagh
Friar's IsdUlster; Armagh
Gabal LiúinUlster; Armagh
Gabal MucraigeUlster; Armagh
GalgormUlster; Armagh
Gallagh*Ulster; Armagh
Gallon*Ulster; Armagh
Gallonnambraher*Ulster; Armagh
GallonreaghUlster; Armagh
Gannew*Ulster; Armagh
Glennagiveny*Ulster; Armagh
Glenn FínnechtaUlster; Armagh
Glenn FuaidUlster; Armagh
Glenn (Gatt?)Ulster; Armagh
GluaireUlster; Armagh
GoleUlster; Armagh
Gort ChonaichUlster; Armagh
Gort ChonaichUlster; Armagh
Gort CribUlster; Armagh
GortfadUlster; Armagh
Gortgranard*Ulster; Armagh
GrellachUlster; Armagh
Ibar Chinn trágha*Ulster; Armagh
Illagh*Ulster; Armagh
ImdualUlster; Armagh
Imlech BrénUlster; Armagh
Imlech CluanaUlster; Armagh
Inber BicceUlster; Armagh
Inber DúinUlster; Armagh
Inber LatharnaUlster; Armagh
Inber NáileUlster; Armagh
Inis BrechmaigeUlster; Armagh
Inis Carraige Ulster; Armagh
Inis Chaín DegaUlster; Armagh
Inis ChaínUlster; Armagh
Inis ChaínUlster; Armagh
Inis ChoílUlster; Armagh
Inis ChométaUlster; Armagh
Inis Cumscraig/Causcraid (Inch Abbey)Ulster; Armagh
Inis Darcarcrenn (Draicrenn)Ulster; Armagh
Inis DubthaigUlster; Armagh
Inis EanaigUlster; Armagh
Inishdevlin*Ulster; Armagh
Inishmore Ulster; Armagh
InishtrahullUlster; Armagh
Inis mac DairennUlster; Armagh
Inis Maige SamhUlster; Armagh
Inis MatócUlster; Armagh
Inis Meic-ErccaUlster; Armagh?
InispollanUlster; Armagh
Inis RochaUlster; Armagh
Inis TaítiUlster; Armagh
KeadewUlster; Armagh
Kells ('Desert of Connor')*Ulster; Armagh
Kilaned (Cell Fhanaid?)Ulster; Armagh
KilbegUlster; Armagh
KilcashelUlster; Armagh
KilcloonyUlster; Armagh
KilcluggahUlster; Armagh
KilcoanUlster; Armagh
Kilcorran*Ulster; Armagh
KilcreenUlster; Armagh
Kildarton*Ulster; Armagh
Kildrum (Cell Droma?)Ulster; Armagh
Kilhoran/Kilhorn*Ulster; Armagh
KilhoyleUlster; Armagh
Kilkenny*Ulster; Armagh
KilladeasUlster; Armagh
KillaghaduffUlster; Armagh
KillaghteeUlster; Armagh
KillaleenanUlster; Armagh
KillanUlster; Armagh
Killark*Ulster; Armagh
KilleagueUlster; Armagh
Killeena[n]Ulster; Armagh
KillenUlster; Armagh
Killiny/Cell Ailtíne?Ulster; Armagh
KillUlster; Armagh
KillnacrueUlster; Armagh
Killoan (Cell Éogain?)Ulster; Armagh
KilloughcarranUlster; Armagh
KilloughterUlster; Armagh
KillowenUlster; Armagh
KillowenUlster; Armagh
KillUlster; Armagh
Killvaltagh*Ulster; Armagh
KillybanwayUlster; Armagh
KillycolmanUlster; Armagh
Killycoogan*Ulster; Armagh
KillycrappinUlster; Armagh
KillycroneUlster; Armagh
KillydesertUlster; Armagh
KillyfinlaUlster; Armagh
Killyglen Ulster; Armagh
KillymacranUlster; Armagh
KilmackillooUlster; Armagh
KilmacreddanUlster; Armagh
KilmakeeUlster; Armagh
Kilmakevit (Markstown)*Ulster; Armagh
Kilmeloge/KillmologeUlster; Armagh
KilmoyleUlster; Armagh
KilmurryUlster; Armagh
KilnacrossUlster; Armagh
KilnahaltarUlster; Armagh
KilnavertUlster; Armagh
Kilrean/Cell Riagáin?Ulster; Armagh
KiltoorisUlster; Armagh
Kiltubrid*Ulster; Armagh
Kilwarry*Ulster; Armagh
Kinnoghty*Ulster; Armagh
Kircubbin Ulster; Armagh
Kirkinriola/KilconriolaUlster; Armagh
KnockatempleUlster; Armagh
KnockbrideUlster; Armagh
Knockcairn*Ulster; Armagh
KnockcollumkillUlster; Armagh
Knockninny Ulster; Armagh
LackaghUlster; Armagh
LacknacooUlster; Armagh
LaconnellUlster; Armagh
Laghill*Ulster; Armagh
Lagnagillew*Ulster; Armagh
Láithrech Senchille*Ulster; Armagh
Landmore*Ulster; Armagh
Lann Abhaich/Lenavy*Ulster; Armagh
Lann Rónáin Fhinn*Ulster; Armagh
Lann TuruUlster; Armagh
LattonfaskyUlster; Armagh
Latton*Ulster; Armagh
LavaghUlster; Armagh
LaveyUlster; Armagh
LeccachUlster; Armagh
Lecc PátraicUlster; Armagh
LecksUlster; Armagh
LeganannyUlster; Armagh
Leittir DalláinUlster; Armagh
Leittir PátraicUlster; Armagh
Lethét?Ulster; Armagh
LettershendonyUlster; Armagh
Lignalitter*Ulster; Armagh
Lisegny*Ulster; Armagh
Lislanan*Ulster; Armagh
LismochanUlster; Armagh
Lisnalea*Ulster; Armagh
LissánUlster; Armagh
Lissannymore*Ulster; Armagh
Liss GabailUlster; Armagh
Liss MáeláinUlster; Armagh
Loch BricrennUlster; Armagh
Loch derg/gergUlster; Armagh
Loch Muinremair/Loch RamorUlster; Armagh
LoughbawnUlster; Armagh
Loughgall*Ulster; Armagh
Loughgilly*Ulster; Armagh
Loughguile*Ulster; Armagh
LuddanUlster; Armagh
LurgacloghanUlster; Armagh
LurganUlster; Armagh
Machaire an IubairUlster; Armagh
Machaire MíliucUlster; Armagh
Machaire na CroiseUlster; Armagh
Machaire na Croise*Ulster; Armagh
Mag Bhlosgaid?Ulster; Armagh
Mag Bile (Movilla)Ulster; Armagh
Mag BileUlster; Armagh
Mag Comair Ulster; Armagh
MagheragallUlster; Armagh
Magheralin?Ulster; Armagh
Magherally*Ulster; Armagh
Maghera Ulster; Armagh
MagheraUlster; Armagh
MagherameskUlster; Armagh
MagheramoreUlster; Armagh
MagherintempleUlster; Armagh
MagherossUlster; Armagh
Mag InisUlster; Armagh
Mag itir dá glaisUlster; Armagh
Mag LineUlster; Armagh
Mag NiadUlster; Armagh
Mahon*Ulster; Armagh
Mainistir BuitiUlster; Armagh
Mainistir Maige Choscáin (?)Ulster; Armagh
Malin Beg/TemplecavanUlster; Armagh
MarahillUlster; Armagh
MassreaghUlster; Armagh
Maudone* (Moyadam?)Ulster; Armagh
MeenagowanUlster; Armagh
MílecUlster; Armagh
Moneycree*Ulster; Armagh
Monnery*Ulster; Armagh
Moyle More/Aughnamullan*Ulster; Armagh
MuathmunaUlster; Armagh
MuccertUlster; Armagh
Muc-SnamUlster; Armagh
MuldergUlster; Armagh
MuldonaghUlster; Armagh
Mullaghbrack*Ulster; Armagh
MullaghUlster; Armagh
MullanarockanUlster; Armagh
Newtownburke*Ulster; Armagh
NolaghUlster; Armagh
Nuachongbáil*Ulster; Armagh
Óendruimm/Áentruim/NóendruimmUlster; Armagh
ÓentrebUlster; Armagh
OghillUlster; Armagh
OllarbaUlster; Armagh
Omagh*Ulster; Armagh
OmardUlster; Armagh
Othan BeccUlster; Armagh
Othan MórUlster; Armagh
OuleyUlster; Armagh
Portaliff or TownparksUlster; Armagh
Portmuck*Ulster; Armagh
Pupall PátraicUlster; Armagh
RacaulfieldUlster; Armagh
RaffonyUlster; Armagh
Ráith ArgiUlster; Armagh
Ráith BothUlster; Armagh
Ráith Cabáin*Ulster; Armagh
Ráith CholpthaUlster; Armagh
Ráith CungaUlster; Armagh
Ráith Epscoip FhindichUlster; Armagh
Ráith FiachrachUlster; Armagh
Ráith LúraigUlster; Armagh
Ráith Maige ÓenaigUlster; Armagh
Ráith meic MalaisUlster; Armagh
Ráith Mór Maige Line*Ulster; Armagh
Ráith MuadáinUlster; Armagh
Ráith MurbuilccUlster; Armagh
Ráith RigendenUlster; Armagh
Ráith SeimneUlster; Armagh
Ráith SítheUlster; Armagh
Rakane*Ulster; Armagh
RantavanUlster; Armagh
RasharkinUlster; Armagh
RathgormanUlster; Armagh
RochuilUlster; Armagh
Rathlung*Ulster; Armagh
RathmeskUlster; Armagh
RathmullanUlster; Armagh
Ray (Ráith?)Ulster; Armagh
RechruUlster; Armagh
Recles Coluim Cille*Ulster; Armagh
Relagh BegUlster; Armagh
RinnakillUlster; Armagh
Rinn FhadaUlster; Armagh
Ros AirthirUlster; Armagh
Ros CaíUlster; Armagh
Ros ÉnneUlster; Armagh
Ros GlandaUlster; Armagh
Ros glasUlster; Armagh
Ros LatharnaUlster; Armagh
Ros Meic-ErcaUlster; Armagh
Ros na gCaillechUlster; Armagh
RosnakillUlster; Armagh
Ros RoilgeUlster; Armagh
RosUlster; Armagh
RossbegUlster; Armagh
RosscolganUlster; Armagh
RosstrevorUlster; Armagh
RubhaUlster; Armagh
RúscachUlster; Armagh
RúscachUlster; Armagh
RushinUlster; Armagh
SabullUlster; Armagh
SciricUlster; Armagh
Scrín Choluim CilleUlster; Armagh
Scrín Choluim CilleUlster; Armagh
SellooUlster; Armagh
Senad (Belleisle)Ulster; Armagh
SenchellUlster; Armagh
SenchellUlster; Armagh
SenchellUlster; Armagh
SendomnachUlster; Armagh
Shalwy (Kilkieran)Ulster; Armagh
ShankillUlster; Armagh
Shankill (Loughinisland churches)Ulster; Armagh
Slievegrane Lwr*Ulster; Armagh
Slaghtmanus*Ulster; Armagh
Slattinagh (Kilcoo)Ulster; Armagh
Sliab Domangairt/SlangeUlster; Armagh
Sliab FuaitUlster; Armagh
Sliab LiaccUlster; Armagh
Snám LuthairUlster; Armagh
SolarUlster; Armagh
Sruthail/StruthairUlster; Armagh
St Mary'sUlster; Armagh
StraidarranUlster; Armagh
StraidUlster; Armagh
Sen Glend? (Straid or Glebe)Ulster; Armagh
StrooveUlster; Armagh
Talanosk/Carmavy*Ulster; Armagh
Tamhlachta? (Tivealough)Ulster; Armagh
Tamlacht ArdaUlster; Armagh
Tamlacht BóUlster; Armagh
Tamlacht Carna (T Gliad?)Ulster; Armagh
Tamlacht FindlogainUlster; Armagh
Tamlacht Umail/MenannUlster; Armagh
Tamlaght/MagheranagawUlster; Armagh
TamlaghtUlster; Armagh
Tassagh*Ulster; Armagh
Tech BaithínUlster; Armagh
Tech DamnatanUlster; Armagh
Tech Do-GobbaUlster; Armagh
Tech Do-GobbaUlster; Armagh
Tech Eóin (St John's Point)Ulster; Armagh
Tech FaincheUlster; Armagh
Tech FethgnaiUlster; Armagh
Tech Mo-FhinnuUlster; Armagh
Tech na ComairceUlster; Armagh
Tech na hErcfoclaigeUlster; Armagh
Tech na ndechoinUlster; Armagh
Tech RíaglaUlster; Armagh
Tech TaláinUlster; Armagh
Tech TírecháinUlster; Armagh
Tempall CarnaUlster; Armagh
Tempall CellaigUlster; Armagh
Tempall Chill na caisneUlster; Armagh
Tempall CorcáinUlster; Armagh
Tempall Cormaic*Ulster; Armagh
Tempall Cormaic (Toberdoney)Ulster; Armagh
Tempall FinnUlster; Armagh
Tempall Maige Dula Ulster; Armagh
Tempall Maol*Ulster; Armagh
Tempall Muilinn*Ulster; Armagh
Tempall na Ferta (=Cell na Nóebingen?)Ulster; Armagh
Tempall RáthaUlster; Armagh
Tempall SencháinUlster; Armagh
Tempall UachtarUlster; Armagh
TemplecoweyUlster; Armagh
Templedouglas (Tulach Dubglaise)Ulster; Armagh
Templemore*Ulster; Armagh
Templemoyle (Tempall Maol?)Ulster; Armagh
Templemoyle (Tempall Maol?)Ulster; Armagh
Templenaffrin*Ulster; Armagh
TempletateUlster; Armagh
Termann ChommáinUlster; Armagh
Termann Dá-BeoiccUlster; Armagh
Termann FeichínUlster; Armagh
Termann/Tempall CróineUlster; Armagh
TermonUlster; Armagh
Termon*Ulster; Armagh
TerrygeelyUlster; Armagh
TerryhooganUlster; Armagh
Three TreesUlster; Armagh
TickmacrevanUlster; Armagh
TirbrackenUlster; Armagh
Tirlahode*Ulster; Armagh
TirnonyUlster; Armagh
Toberlyan DuffinUlster; Armagh
Toneel*Ulster; Armagh
Toome*Ulster; Armagh
TorachUlster; Armagh
Trelec MórUlster; Armagh
Trinity IslandUlster; Armagh
Trumman*Ulster; Armagh
Túaim DrecainUlster; Armagh
Tuath RáthaUlster; Armagh
TugnedaUlster; Armagh
Tulach BeigileUlster; Armagh
Tulach Cóemáin/Cóemgin?Ulster; Armagh
Tulach Cóemgin?Ulster; Armagh
Tulach LissUlster; Armagh
Tulach na gcaorthann*Ulster; Armagh
Tulach na LurganUlster; Armagh
Tulach na NáemUlster; Armagh
Tulach-rúiscUlster; Armagh
Tullaghyrory*Ulster; Armagh
TullybrislandUlster; Armagh
TullyUlster; Armagh
Tullymore*Ulster; Armagh
TullynamoyleUlster; Armagh
TullyniskanUlster; Armagh
Tully (Templemoyle)Ulster; Armagh
Tully*Ulster; Armagh
Uim Gall*Ulster; Armagh
Uisce Chaín/UskechaoinUlster; Armagh
Urlish*Ulster; Armagh
White IsdUlster; Armagh
Cell UltainUlster; Armagh
Oilén CróineUlster; Armagh
Oilén CróineUlster; Armagh