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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.:Documented AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics (the DIB terms such individuals often regarded as founders of churches — saints in the Irish tradition), whose association with the sites concerned is based on documentary sources.:LineageThis records the reputed ancestral lines of individuals given in Doc Assoc.:
Traditional AssociationGives the names of Early Christian ecclesiastics whose association with the sites concerned is based on tradition, dedication or placename association.:TownlandGives the townland (name spelt as in TTPBI Index) in which the site is (or is thought to be) located.:ParishGives the civil (not ecclesiastical) parish in which the townland is situated.:
DeaneryThis records the rural deanery (a sub-division of the diocese) to which the parish belongs.:DioceseThis records the medieval (not necessarily the same as the modern) diocese in which the foundation lies.:BaronyGives the modern barony (as in TTPBI Index the baronies were rationalised in 19thC) in which the townland and civil parish are situated.:
CountyGives the county in which the barony lies.:ProvinceGives both the civil province in which the county lies and the ecclesiastical province to which the diocese belongs.:SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.:
Recorded HistoryThis concerns the subsequent history of the site, with emphasis on pre-Norman (or early post-Norman) native sources mainly annals but also including medieval ecclesiastical records (charters or taxations), English Crown documents and, on occasion, modern sources (especially surveys or maps, which may mark the location of lost sites or illuminate placenames).:Clerical StatusThis seeks to classify foundations as episcopal coarbial or eremitic based on the clerical orders ascribed to the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:GenderThis seeks to classify foundations as male or female based on the gender of the reputed founder, the later succession-record or the placename of the site.:
Succession RecordLists ecclesiastics, male or female, who succeeded to offices at the foundation concerned abbots, abbesses, comarbai, bishops often clerics of less exalted rank such as treasurers, lectors, scribes. These lists make no claim to be exhaustive; fuller accounts for major sites can be found in the New History of Ireland, vol. 8, and in published prosopographies.:Medieval DedicationNotes medieval church-dedications to saints whether Irish or Continental.:Familial LinksIndicates links between foundations, whether claimed in hagiographical sources (a lesser site said to have submitted to greater site), attested by charter, or indicated by tradition or placename evidence.:
Folk TraditionRecords traditional stories, beliefs or practices (especially pilgrimages or patterns), or a tradition of clandestine burial either recorded or inferred from location names such as the killeen or the caldragh.:Field RemainsRecords physical remains of sites, whether visible in the field or accessed through excavation. Precedence is given to features considered to be characteristic of the Early Christian/pre-Reform era, such as enclosures, (especially circular or oval), cross-slabs, high-crosses, bullauns and raised areas — with round towers and church remains further down the list unless there is a strong case for doing otherwise.:ArtifactsIn general, this records only items which may support the case for the site as a pre-Reform ecclesiastical settlement (especially croziers, shrines, chalices etc) — whether recovered by search or excavation, or merely associated with the site by tradition. Also included are such items as querns and kilns as flour-production was an important part of life at ecclesiastical (although also, admittedly, at secular) settlement sites.:
BibliographyMentions secondary references (sometimes very select indeed) to the site concerned. Some contain detailed discussion, others (especially where little else seems to be available) only the briefest mentions. For details see the Bibliography page.:AddendumIncludes fragments of additional information (or comments on the part of the compilers) relating to the site in question.:

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FoundationGives the name of the site — generally in its Old Irish form, (if attested in early or medieval sources, or if it appears to be readily reconstructable) otherwise the modern English placename is given.SourcesThis is concerned almost exclusively with hagiographical sources (mainly Lives of the saints, martyrologies and genealogies of the saints) and relates to the individuals and lineages in Doc Assoc and Lineage.
Achad BóVSH Salm (Cainnech §46, 54; Mo-Lua §55); VSH (Cainnech §39, 45; Mo-Lua §4; Mo-Chóemóc §25); BNE (Cainnech); Adomnan, VSC, II, §13; Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; Rawl B 502 130a; ‘Guidium mac Feidelmid’, 217-19; Colgan, Acta, 642-6
Achad CailltenMart.O (8 Nov); Mart.G; Mart.D.
Achad CaínBk.Armagh 17aa; Mart.T; Mart.O? ;Mart.D
Achad ChonaireVSH Salm (Finnian §28); Mart.T (9 Aug); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D.; Colgan, Acta, 134
Achad DubthaigMart.O Mart.G; Mart.D.; LL 347; LB 14
Achad FindnicheMart.O (11 May)
Achad RaithinMart.O (28 Nov); Mart.G; Mart.D; Boll, Acta, lvii, 9
Airdne ChóemáinMart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D (12 Jun); LL 349b 35, 372a 42; Bk.Uí M 52Rfg; Colgan, Triadis, 271; Acta, 584
AirenLL 368e 33; Lec 118; Mart.O (11 May)
Ara AirthirVSH (Brendan VP 71, 77: Airne Airthir, ref to whole island); Mart.O (21 Nov); Mart.G; Mart.D
ArdachadBk.Arm; Trip.Life; Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; Boll, Acta, xxviii
Ard bóMart.T; Mart.O (18 Feb); Mart.D; LL 347f, 348 (marg), 353b 49; BB 119b; Lec 96; Colgan Acta, 223
Ard Breccáin*Trip.Life; VSH (Samthann §3); Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 350f, 354de (below cols) 368g; BB 34a
Ard Chaínroiss Mart.O (16 Dec); Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan Triadis, 182
Ard CharnaMart.T; Mart.O (8 Mar); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 350g 40; BB 213b 36; Lec 34vb 25; Colgan Acta, 562
Ard FínáinVSH (Carthach §62); Mart.O (29 Apr note); Mart.D; Colgan Acta, 628; Keating, 164a
Ard Ladrann (Ardamine)Mart.O; Mart.D; VSH (M'Áedóc §20-1, 30); LL 373C 60; Colgan Acta, 210, 212
Ard mac NascaiLetter of 634; Mart.O (25 Oct); Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Triadis, 183; Boll, Acta, Lvii, 657?
Ard MáilMart.O (12 Mar - note)
Ard SráthaBk.Arm; VSH Salm (Éogan §4, 15; Cainnech §27); Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 350a, 351e, 365dg, 368 (marg. supr); BB 121b; Lec 330; Colgan Acta; Triadis
Áth da Loarc/da nGabulBk.Arm 12ba (Tírechán: Comgell); Trip.Life 72 (Cathaceus etc); Mart.O (1 Dec); Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Triadis, 130
Balla (Balna)Mart.T (30 Mar); Mart.G; Mart.O; Mart.D; Lis 40a, 41a, 51b; BB 125a; Ui M 107a; Lec 107, 168
BallymyreTrip.Life 180 (if this site intended); Mart.T (27 May); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta
Becc Ériu Trip.Life; VSH Salm (Abbán §5); VSH (Abban §9); Vita S. Mo-Nenna; Mart.O (23 Apr); Mart.G; Mart.D
BennchorVSH; VSH Salm (Comgall etc); Mart.T; Mart.O (10 May); Mart.G; Mart.D; Wurzburg MS (Mo-Shinu); LL 348d 33, 368d 6 (Mo-Chóemóc), 368e 11 (Mo-Bóe); Boll Acta, I, 47; II, 1111 (Mo-Chua)
BirraVSH Salm (Brénainn; Áed §2; Cainnech §35); Betha Ciaráin Saigri (Bk.Lis); Mart.O (29 Nov) etc; LL 348h 40, 365g 60, 372b 27
Bó-chluainMart.O (20 Nov); Mart.G; Mart.D
Brí Gobann/Fán MuiltMart.O; Mart.D; LL 352, 367; Betha Findchon (Lis 26b, 27a: Fán Muilt at); Colgan, Acta, 615
Camas ChomgaillMart.T (30 Oct); Mart.O; Mart.G; BCC §5 (82), §12 (195); Colgan, Triadis, 349; Boll, Acta, LX, 446
Cathair meic ConaichMart.T (26 Mar); Mart.O
Cell AbbáinVSH (Abbán §§27-8, 32, 49); Mart.O (16 Mar, 27 Oct); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 352a 52, 369b 24; BB 122b, 126a; Lec 110, 119; Colgan, Acta, 617; Boll, Acta, LIX, 274
Cell Achaid Dromma FotaMart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Lec 99; LL 365, 373c; BNE (Mo-Chuta); Colgan, Acta, 356
Cell ÁirMart.O (10 Nov, note); Mart.G; Mart.D; VSH; VSH Salm (Áed); Colgan, Acta, 59
Cell AirdMart.T; Mart.O (3 Jul); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 353c 65?; BB 123b; LB 22; Lec 113; Colgan, Acta, 422; Triadis, 176
Cell AlaidTrip.Life, 134; LL 349, 354, 369; BB 117b; LB 17; Lec 89, 166, 168; Ui M 110b; Mart.O (12 Aug notes); Mart.G; Mart.D; Betha Chellaigh; Colgan, Triadis
Cell Beccáin/Cluain Ard Mo-BecócVSH Salm (Abban 1: Cell na nDerr = Cluain Ard Mo-Becóc; VSH Abban 17); Mart.O (26 May); LL 350d 58; Colgan, Acta, 615
Cell BicsigeVSH Salm (Fintan Munnu §11-12); LL 353a 14; LB 21; Bk.Uí M 108b; Mart.O (4 Oct); Mart.G; Mart.D
Cell Chéili-CrístMart.O (3 Mar); Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta, 455
Cell ChéireMart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 353a 31; BB 123a, 141b; Colgan, Acta, 14, 15
Cell Cholmáin/Daire MórMart.T (20 May); Mart.O; Mart.D; LL 309, 320; BB 97b; Colgan, Acta, 169, 591
Cell ChuilinnBk.Arm 18b (Tírechán); Trip.Life; LL 351; Mart.O; Mart.D; Mart.Chr.Ch (11 Jun); Colgan, Acta, 176
Cell dá lessMart.T (9 May); Mart.O; Mart.G;; Mart.D
Cell DaraVita S Brigitae; Bethu Brígte; Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL
Cell DelcceMart.T (31 Jan); Mart.O (Mo-Lúóc); Mart.G; Mart.D (22 Mar: Trian); BB 93b (Cuánán); Lec 45; Colgan, Acta, 251; Triadis, 381
Cell DraignigeMart.O (18 Aug); Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Triadis, 373
Cell Draignige Mart.O (18 Aug); Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Triadis, 373
Cell DroichitMart.O (25 Sep); Mart.G; Mart.D
Cell Duinsig (?)*Mart.O (11 Dec); Mart.G; Mart.D (5 Aug: Duinseach Ógh for Loch Cuan i nUltoibh)
Cell Éinne (1) (Teglach Éinne)VSH (Énna, §18 Endei cella); LL 372d 25; Mart.T (21 Mar); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta, 714
Cell Epscoip Sanctáin (Kill St Ann)Mart.T; Mart.O (9 May); LL 353b 5; Lib Hymn
Cell Fhinnche Mart.O (2 Feb, note); Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta, 540 (C. na gCaillech)
Cell Fhinn Maige (Killynee)Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D (29 Apr); LL 374a 28 (if D.M. Finn Maige)
Cell Fhoirtcheirn Mart.O (11 Oct); Mart.G; Mart.D; Fir 706; Boll, Acta, V, 15
Cell Gabra/Cell Garad? Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 371; BCC §7 (117)
Cell GialláinMart.T (2 Oct; marg. note); Mart.O; LL 367b 48, 374a 8; BB 124b; LB 24
Cell Ingen AilellaTrip.Life; Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 351d 55; BB 122a, 126a
Cell Ingen BraninMart.O (17 Mar)
Cell Ingen LéinínMart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D (6 Mar)
Cell Íte VSH (Íte; Brendan VP §3; Carthach §3; M'áedóc §49 V); VSH Salm (M'áedóc 45); Mart.O, Mart.D
Cell Lamraige* Mart.O (6 Dec, note); Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta, 750, 926
Cell Máele-AnfaidLL 350b 1; BB 121b; LB 17; Lec 107; ; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D
Cell Máele-Choisne?Mart.O (16 Aug)
Cell MaignennMart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; (18 Dec); LL 366a 20, 368e 22, 30; Lec 109, 118
Cell Mainchín Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Corp.Gen, 235, 240
Cell meic CathailVSH (Barra §6?); Beatha Bharra §11; Mart.O (31 Dec); Mart.D
Cell meic TaidcMart.O (12 Oct; note)
Cell moccu BirnLL 373 (marg inf); Mart.T; Mart.O
Cell Mo-ChellócMart.O (26 Mar); BB 161b; Colgan, Acta, 511, 749
Cell Mo-DiúitMart.T; Mart.O (12 Feb); Mart.G
Cell Mo-LaisseMart.T (17 Jan); Mart.O; Mart.D
Cell Mór Airthir Fine GallMart.O; Mart.G (17 Nov)
Cell MórMart.T (9 Aug); Mart.O; Mart.D (25 May); Colgan, Acta, 151
Cell Mo-ShillócMart.O (13 July); Mart.G; Mart.D
Cell na Manach Mart.T; Mart.O (31 Jul, note); Mart.G; Mart.D; Lis 18b (CM droichit); Colgan, Triadis, 165, 272
Cell na nIngenMart.O (26 Oct); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 353b 50; Colgan, Acta, 104
Cell na n-Ingen (or Coll na n-Ingen)Trip.Life §232; Mart.O (8 Oct notes)
Cell RoisMart.O (28 Jan); Mart.G; Mart.D; BNE (Senán: guest-houses at)
Cell RoisMart.O (9 Nov: Sinech); Mart.D; LL 316a 22, 351d 66 ( E. < Uí Dúnlainge?), 353c 34; BB 123b
Cell Ruad/RóitVSH Salm (Ailbe §22); VHS (Ailbe §20); Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G (16 Oct); LL 366a 30, 366g 7; Rawl B 502, 93; Lec 115, 116, 272
Cell ScíreBk.Arm 11a 1; LL 347e, 354d 36; Mart.O; Mart. G; Mart.D (24 Mar); Betha Colaim Cille §4 (59); Colgan, Acta, 337, 784
Cell SléibeVSH Salm (Darerca); Vita S Mo-Nenna; Mart.T (6 Jul); Mart.O; Mart.D; LL 354d 25, e 80, 371c 1-27; Colgan, Acta, 337
Cell UincheMart.T (2 May); Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 372c 65
CenannasBk.Arm 12ba; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; Bk.Kells.Chtrs
Cenn ÉitigVSH Salm (Fintan §8, 17; Fínán §9, 23); Mart.O (7 Apr); Mart.G.; Mart.D; LL 350g 1, 353a 36, 48; BB 123a
Cenn SáileVSH (Cóemgen, §29); Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D (9 Jul)
Cenn SáileMart.O (11 Dec); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 373a 8; Colgan, Acta, 415
Clochar Dúilech (St Doulagh's)Mart.T; Mart.O (17 Nov); Mart.G; Mart.D;; Rawl B 502, 51Re; Lec 38Rde
Clochar mac nDaiminiVSC, II, §5; Trip.Life §60, 158, 176, 256; VSH Salm (Mac-Caírthinn §1, 7; Tigernach §1, 14); Mart.T (Aithmet); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; BCC §8 (142)
ClóenadMart.T; Mart.O (18 May); Mart.G; Mart.D (26 Mar); LL 350f 53, 354 (below cols d-e)
Cluain Aird/Tuairín BeccáinVSH Salm (Abbán §17); VSH (Abbán §22); Mart.T; Mart.O (26 May); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 350d 58; Colgan, Acta, 615; Boll, Acta, LIX, 274, 283 (if Cell na ndér)
Cluain AíthgeinMart.O (21 Feb); Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta, 385; Boll, Acta, LXII, 580
Cluain bairennVSH; Mart.T; Mart.O (9 Feb, 15 Dec, 27 Jun?); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 352h 65, 354c 26; Colgan, Acta, 340
Cluain bronaich*Trip.Life, 20, 90, 91; VSH Salm (Cainnech §35, 39); VSH (Samthann §5); BNE (Berach §62, 65); Mart.T (19 Dec); Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 350b 25, 353b 20; BB 121b; Colgan, Acta, 347; Trias, 73, 120
Cluain BruchaiseMart.O (12 Jul; 1 Nov); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 367c 30, 368c 56; BB 124b, 125b; Lec 116, 118
Cluain Chaín [Arad]Mart.T; Mart.O (10 Dec); Mart.G
Cluain Chaín Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 366a 21?; BB 75a
Cluain Choirpthe/ChairptheVSH (Berach); BNE (Berach); Mart.O (15 Feb); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 347d 19; BB 61b; Lec 160
Cluain Chonaire TommáinMart.T (16 Sep); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D
Cluain dá an DobairLL 349b 43, 372a 50; LB 16; Mart.T; Mart.O (13 Dec); Mart.G; Mart.D
Cluain DolcáinVSH (Cóemgen); Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 351d 21, 373b 44; BB 122a; Lec 109; Colgan, Acta, 577
Cluain EidnechVSH Salm; VSH (Fintan); Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 347a 56, 367d 25; Colgan, Acta, 356
Cluain EoisBk Arm 9b 1; VSH Salm; VSH (Tigernach etc); Mart.T (4 Apr); Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 351d 33, 368g 27, 372b 25; Colgan, Acta, 50
Cluain Ferta BrénainnVSH Salm; VSH (Brénainn 91-2, 102, 105; Ruadán); Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 352b 62, (348h 53 Brénainn < Altraige); 'Liadain and Cuirithir'
Cluain Ferta Mo-LuaVSH Salm; VSH (Mo-Lua); Mart.O (12 Jan, 3 Aug, 23 Dec: notes); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 348g 1; Colgan, Acta, 57
Cluain ferta MongáinMart.O (3 Sep note); Mart.G
Cluain Fota Báetáin abaTrip.Life, 78 (if CF Ainmerech); BCL §33-5, 42; Mart.T (15 Sep); Mart.O (11 Feb); Mart.D,; LL 350a 53; BCC §2 (43); Colgan, Acta, 304
Cluain Fota Fine/LibréinMart.O (21 Aug); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 353c 17-19; Colgan, Acta, 584
Cluain Fota in Uí ChuilinnMart.O (1 Nov. Lonán); LL 353c 16
Cluain ImmorchairVSH Salm(Abbán §30); Mart.O (17 Sep note); Mart.D; LL 366f 45; Colgan, Acta, 624
Cluain Iraird VSH Salm; VSH (Finnian; Ciarán etc); Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 348h 1, 365e 57, g 59, 373a 20; LB 29; Colgan, Acta, 105
Cluain LethtengadMart.O (9 Nov); Mart.G
Cluain moccu NóisVSH Salm; VSH; BNE; Lis (Ciarán etc); Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 348h 52; Stoneyhurst B, 446 (damliacc)
Cluain Mór Áeda Bk.Arm 19a; Mart.T (8 Feb Onchú, 11 Apr M'Áedóc, 2 Jul T'ernóc); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 303a, 352a 40; Lib.Hymn, 112; Colgan, Acta, 628 (Fínán), 631; 853 (Sraphán); Triadis, 450, 633
Cluain SostaMart.T (30 Apr, 4 Aug); Mart.O; Mart.D; LL 351g 40, 365f 38, 370a 24, 372c 5; BB 118a, 122b, 127a
Cluain TibrinneMart.T (13 Mar, 24 Oct); Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 366g 35; BB 124b; Boll, Acta, LVII, 579
Cluain TipratMart.T (24 Sep); Mart.O (13 Jun); Mart.G; Mart.D
Cluain uamhaVSH (Brénainn VP §8); Betha Cholmáin; Mart.O (24 Nov); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 366g 54, 368b 12 (?); LB 17a; Colgan, Acta, 104
CoinnereBede, Hist.Eccl 640; Bk.Arm (Collectanea §48); VSH Salm (Colman of L.E. §3 '2nd patron', Comgall §§5, 19); Rawl B 502, 51Vb; LL 354e 70, 372b 50, 374b 5; Bk.Uí M 51Ra; Mart.O; Mart.D; Cotton Charters No. 40 BL (1190); Colgan, Acta, 377
Congbáil Glinne SuileidiMart.O (8 Feb)?; Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta, 406
CorcachMart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 365g, 366; Lec 163d
Cruachán Bríg ÉileBethu Brígte §17; Mart.O (25 Apr); Mart.G; Mart.D; BB 156a
Cruachán Maige AbnaMart.T (5 Oct); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 369c 12; BB 126a; Lec 119
Cúil BennchairMart.O; Mart.G
Cúil Bennchair Mart.O (pref; 6 Oct note); Mart.D; LL 352c 17, 373a 43; BB122b; Lec 110; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta, 579
CuilennVSH (Colmán L.E. §15); Mart.O (24 Nov; note); LL 366g 14, 21(?)
Cúil RathinVSC, i, 50; Bk.Arm (Collectanea §48); Trip.Life, 166; VSH Salm (Éogan §2); Mart.O (11 Nov note); Mart.G; Colgan, Acta, 105; Trias, 148, 172
Daim InisVSH Salm; VSH (Mo-Laisse; Áed; M'áedóc; Munnu; Daig; Samthann); Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D (12 Sept); Colgan, Acta, 169
Daire EchdromaMart.O (7 May); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 366f 35
Daire Ednech/EithnigVSH Salm (Ruadán §14); Mart.T (6 Oct, 3 Nov); Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 368a 10, 370cb (Flann x2), 374c 55-60
Daire Ingen AilleáinMart.O (29 May); Mart.G; Mart.D
Daire meic DimmaiMart.O (1 Nov)
Daire MeilleMart.O (4 Nov: Tigernach?); Mart.G; Mart.D (31 Mar: Melle); LL 354d 43, 369b 45, 372a 39; BB 117b, 126a; Lec 89, 119; Colgan, Acta, 796
Daire MisMart.O (24 Dec); Colgan, Acta, 566
Daire Mo-ChuaMart.O (6 Oct); Mart.G
Dair InisVSH Salm (Finnian §4); Mart.O (14 Aug); Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta, 393, 397
Dair Inis Maíl-AnfaidMart.O (31 Jan); Mart.D; LL 368e 57; 370cb 45, d 53; BB 125b; Lec 118 (M in familia Coemgeni)
Dair Inis MórVSH Salm (Mo-Chua §12); Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 366g 33; BB 124b; Lec 115
Dairmag Mart.O (20 Oct; note); Mart.G; Colgan, Acta, 355
Dam LiaccBk.Arm 12b (Tírechán); Trip.Life 104; VSH (Mo-Chua §8); Mart.O (24 Nov); Mart.G; Mart.D; BCC §5 (91-2)
DiammarMart.T; Mart.O (24 Oct) Mart.G; ; Boll, Acta, LVII
Dísert Chellaig (Monastery)Mart.O (7 Oct); BNE (Cóemgen I §31, II §16, III 27)
Dísert ChuimínMart.O (24 Feb - note); Lec 163
Dísert DiarmataMart.T; Mart.O (21 Jun); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 349d 35; YBL 944
Dísert GaradMart.O (3 Sept); LL 371c 58; BCC §7 (117); Mart.D
Dísert meic ConlocaeMart.T (11 Jul); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D
Dísert Muirdebra Mart.O; Mart.D (3 Nov); Mart.G
Dísert Óengusa Mart.O (preface 2); Colgan, Acta, 379
Dísert TolaMart.O (30 Mar. note)
Dísert TolaMart.O (30 Mar. note); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 350f; LB 18c
Domnach Mór Mart.O (Nov 16); Mart.T ('bishop' Erc); Litany of Ir Saints (7 bishops of DM Maigi Coba)
Domnach Mor Maige NuadatBk.Arm 19a (notulae); Mart.T (27 Oct); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 374a 24; Colgan, Acta, 540
Domnach Mór (Maigi Imcláir)Trip.Life; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Triadis, 272
Domnach SechnaillVita S. Secundini (Anal. Boll. LX 1942, 26-34); Mart.O (27 Nov note); Mart.G; LB 100, 238a; Lib H, 3, 4; Colgan, Acta, 259
Druim BreccáinMart.T; Mart.O (7 May); Mart.G; Mart.D
Druim CliabTrip.Life 146; Mart.O (12 Jun: Mo-Thairen); Mart. G; Mart.D; BB 117b?; BCC §4 (56-7); Colgan, Acta, 455
Druim CuilinnVSH Salm (Carthach §61); Mart.T (21 May); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 369b 15 c 10, 372d 15; Lec 119; Colgan, Acta, 193
Druim DubáinTrip.Life 178; Mart.O (4 Apr; note); Colgan, Acta, 235; Trias, 184
Druim FertainMart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta, 475
Druim in asclaind (enesclaind)Vita S. Ronani §3; Mart.O (18 Nov); Mart.G; Mart.D; ; LL 352h 13, 50, 368a 15; Colgan, Acta, 169
Druim IndbirMart.T; Mart.O (2 Dec); Mart.G
Druim IngMart.O (note 10 Oct); Mart.G; Mart.D
Druim IngMart.T (10 Oct); Mart.O; Mart.G: LL 350g 17, 366a 22, 372b 21; BCC §6 (97)
Druim MórBk.Arm 5b; Mart.T (16 Jan: Dianach); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D (23 Jun); LL 348e 1, 349c 23 f 60, 366g 40, 367d 37 (Énán), 368e 38 (Mo-Chritóc), 49, 372d 60; Lec 115, 116, 118; BB 121a; Colgan, Acta, 59 (Cóemán)
Druim RáiteVSH Salm (Áed §46); VSH (Áed §32); Mart.T (19 Aug, 18 Sep); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 347e 46; Colgan, Acta, 42, 134
Druim SnechtaVSH Salm (Mo-Lua §25); Mart.T (1 Sep); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 352f 1, 368b 34; BB 123a; Lec 117; Colgan, Acta, 59
Dún BlesciVSH Salm (Fintan §13); Mart.T (3 Jan); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 367e 2, 32; BB 124b; Lec 116; Colgan, Triadis, 383, 461
Dún Dá ÉnMart.O (8 Jan: Ercnait); Mart.T; Mart.G; Mart.D; Mart.O (30 Oct: Ernach); Colgan Acta 42, col. 2
Dún GeiminMart.O (8 Jan, 8 Dec); Mart.G; Mart.D
Dún in Ciarraige AíMart.O (30 Oct note)
ErnaideVSH (Samthann §4); Mart.O (21 Jan, 13 Oct); Mart.G
ErnaideMart.T (13 Oct); Mart.O; VSH (Samthann, §4)?
Ess Do-Chonna (Assylin)Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 348a 50, 368c 24; BB 125b; Lec 118; BCC §1 (21), §5 (87); Colgan, Acta, 94, 565
FernaVSH Salm (M'áedóc etc); VSH; BNE; Mart.T; Mart.O (1 Nov); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 347h 20, 366e 48, 367e 14, 372b 68, 373c 54
Fert ScéitheVSH (Ailbe §32, 38); Mart.T (1 Jan, 6 Sep); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 353a 33, 373a 29; BB 123a; Bk.Uí M 108b
Fid ArteBk.Arm 19a (Tírechán); Trip.Life 104; Mart.O (5 May)
Fid ChuilinnMart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D (8 Aug); LL 311c 43, 352a 30; Lec 110
Fid dúinMart.T (23 Mar, 13 Aug); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 351d 10; Colgan, Acta, 727
Findabair-abaMart.O (2 May); Mart. G; Mart.D; LL 372c 69; BB 141a
Find GlasMart.T (21 Jan, 27 Jan, 15 May, 24 Sept); Mart.O (15 May); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 368e 47; Customs of Tallaght §7; Colgan, Acta, 623
FobarVSH (Féichíne); Mart.T (1 May); Mart.O (20 Jan, note); Mart.G.; Mart.D; LL 352g 1, 354e 75, 370cb 16, 372b 29;
Glass MórVSH (Mo-Chóemóc, §33); Mart.O (10 Feb note)?
Glass Mór (Glasmore)Mart.O (10 Feb note); Mart.D
Glass NoíndenVSH (Cóemgen); Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G (12 Oct); LL 351g 20; BCC §2 (42); Colgan, Acta, 191
Glenn dá LochaMart.T; Mart.O; Mart.D; Mart.G; VSH (Cóemgen); VSH (Salm); BNE; LL 350a 43, 351e 18, 372a 40, 372c 50, 373a 58, 373b 40; Lec etc ;
Glenn DelmuicceMart.O (5 Nov)Mart.G; LL 367c 32; BB 124b
Glenn FaidleMart.T (29 Dec); Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 372c 54, 373a 60, b 54; BB 118a, b
Glenn Uissen VSH (Mo-Chua T.M., §2); Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 351c, 352c, 365f, 372d; Colgan, Acta, 417
Imlech BeccáinMart.O (5 Apr); Mart.D; Bk.Fermoy, 38
Imlech CassáinMart.T (11 Sep); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; BB 125; Lec 119
Imlech IbairVSH Salm (Ailbe); VSH (Ailbe); Mart.O (12 Sept, 30 Dec); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 349c 1, 372b 54; Colgan, Acta, 501
Inber DoíleVSH (Mo-Chóemóc §26); Mart.T (13 Sep); Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 351f 1, 372c 52, 373b 46
Inis Báethíne (Inishboheen; Ennisboyne)Mart.T (22 May); Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 372c
Inis Chaín DegaMart.T (Daig 18 Aug, ds of Colum 14 Sep; also Dímmán 10 Jan & Mo-Chammóc 13 Apr - if this site intended); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; VSH Salm (Daig §4, 7, 15: ds of Colum); Colgan, Acta, 348
Inis Chathaig (Scattery)Mart.T; Mart.O (1 Mar, 8 Mar + note, 31 Aug note); Mart.G; Mart.D; VSH Salm (Senán); VSH (Ciarán Cluana §22, 29: Ciarán expels monster/sends vestment to Senán); Trip.Life; Amra Senáin; Beatha Seanáin (Lis); LL 351b 43, 354d 30, 368d 12; Lis 20b, 21a-b
Inis CheltraVSH Salm (Colum T'glas §19, 28, 31); Mart.T (25 Mar); Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 352b 20, 354d 29; Lis 44b; LB 20
Inis ChlothrannVSH (Senán metr. ll 773-5); Mart.T (10 Jan); Mart.O; Mart. G; Mart.D (Sionach 20 Apr); LL 372a 10; LB 20b; Colgan, Acta, 51-2
Inis Cumscraig/Causcraid (Inch Abbey)Mart.T; Mart.O (22 July notes); Mart.G; Mart.D; CGSH, 152
Inis Doimle/TeimleMart.T (4 Jul); Mart.O (8 Nov note); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 347b 10; Colgan, Acta, 597
Inis FaithlennMart.O 16 Mar
Inis maccu ChuinnVSH (Brénainn, I, §§88-90); Mart.T (7 Feb); Mart.O (16 Jan note); Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta
Inis mac NessáinMart.O (15 Mar); Colgan, Acta, 609
Inis Maige SamhMart.T (18 Jan); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D
Inis Mo-CholmócMart.O; Mart.D (14 Nov.)
Inis Mór Locha UairMart.T; Mart.O (7 Feb); Mart.G; Fir 697
Inis MórMart.T (15 May); Mart.O; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta
Inis MuiredaigMart.T (12 Aug); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; Rawl B 502, 51vg
Inis na mBeoVSH (Cainnech); Mart.O; Mart.T; Mart.G.; Colgan, Acta, 642-6
Inis PhátraicBk.Arm 9a 2 (Tírechán); Trip Life 34; LL 368c 19; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D (13 Jan)
Inis Ulad (Church Mt)Mart.O (1 Dec); LL 368e 44
IrairdVSH (Comgall §57); Mart.T; Mart.O (8 Feb); Mart.D (2 May); LL 347h 28
Lann Abhaich/Lenavy*Trip.Life (Lathrac Pátraic)?; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D (6 Jan: Áedán s of Colca from Lann Ab(b)aich)
Lann BechaireMart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D (20 Jan); LL 351a?; Colgan, Acta, 326-8
Lann ElaBk.Arm 16a; VSH Salm; VSH (Colmán); Mart.O (26 Sep); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 352f 16, 366a 11, g 5, g 42; BB 42a; LB 21a
Lann LéireMart.O (18 Jun); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 367c 8, 368b 17, 373d 49; BB 125a; Lec 117
Lann meic LuacháinBCL §28, 97; Mart.O (30 Mar); Mart.G; Mart.D; LB 13e
Lann Rónáin Fhinn*Mart.O (22 May); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 352g 44; Lec 45Rb; LB 21b; Colgan Acta, 713, 792
Lann TuruMart.T (28 May); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D
Leccan MidiTrip.Life, 82; Mart.T (29 Dec); Mart.O (28 Jun); Mart.G; Mart.D; Rawl B 502, 52 Rc; LL 372a 30; Colgan, Acta, 94, 141, 231
Lemchaill (Loughill)Mart.T (13 Jan: Mo-Chonna, 22 Apr: Cuilén, 25 Oct: Dúthracht); Mart.O (21 Feb: Fintan); Mart.D; BB 124b; Lec 116, 119
Lettracha OdráinVSH (Ciarán S. §25); Mart.T (2, 27 Oct); Mart.O (27 Oct); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 350e 1, 353a 29; Colgan, Acta, 191
Liath Mór (Leamakevoge)Mart.T (13 Mar); Mart.O; Mart.D; Rawl B 502, 52Rf; LL 368c 42; BB 125b; Colgan, Acta, 598; Boll, Acta, VII
Liath Rois UaineMart.T (30 Apr); Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 368g 13; BB 126a; Lec 119
LilcachMart.T (12 Mar: Cillíne, 22, 26: Mo-Laca); Mart.O (18 Dec note: Mo-Díchu); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 368e 28; BB 125b; Uí M 51Rd; Colgan, Acta, 251
Linn Duachaill*Mart.T (30 Mar, 7 Aug); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 367c 42
Liss MórVSH Salm; VSH (Carthach etc); Mart.T (22 Jan, 29 Dec); Mart.O (notes at 31 Jan, 9 Feb, 29 Apr, 25 Jul, 3 Dec); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 349a 27, 353a 56, 354e 74, 366e 41, 368f 8, g 5, 370cb 23, 372c 1
Loch derg/gergMart.T (1 Jan: Beo-Áed); Mart.O (16 Dec: Mo-Beóóc); Mart.D; LL 350b 17, 372d 55; Uí M 106b, 111b; Colgan, Acta, 313
LothraVSH Salm; VSH (Ruadán etc); Mart.O (15 Apr); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 350f 36, 370cb 12; Lis 24b; Colgan, Acta
Lugmad/LugbadVSH Salm (Mochta §5); Mart.T (18 Mar); Mart.O (18 Aug note, 4 Sep note); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL; Lis 6b; Colgan, Acta
LuscaMart.T; Mart.O (6 Sept); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 354e 74, 372b 33
Mag Arnaide (Moyarney)VSH Salm; VSH (Abbán); Mart.O (16 Mar; 27 Oct); Mart.G; LL 352a 52, 66; BB 122b
Mag Bile (Movilla)VSH Salm (Fintan D.B. = Finnian); VSH (Comgall §28); Mart.T; Mart.O (10 Sept + note); Mart.G.; Mart.D; LL 349c 10, 354e 80, 370cb 4
Mag BolccMart.O (26 Nov); Mart.G; LL 374a 10; BB 125a; Lec 116
Magheralin?Mart.O (30 Mar)
Mag nÉoBede, Hist.Eccl, IV, §4; VSH (Gerald); Mart.O (8 Dec note: Ichtbrichtán); Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan
Maigen Attáed?Mart.T (29 Jan); Mart.O; Colgan, Acta, 204
Mainistir BuitiVSH (Buite); Mart.O (7 Dec); Mart. G; Mart.D; LL 351b 63; BCC §4 (59)
Men-droichetMart.O (16 Sept; note); Mart.D
MílecMart.T (18 Dec); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D
Móethail BroccáinMart.O (8 Jul); Mart.G; Mart.D
MungairitTrip.Life, 204; Mart.T (25 Jul); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D
Óendruimm/Áentruim/NóendruimmTrip.Life 40; VSH Salm (Colmán D'more §3); Mart.O (23 Jun; note); Mart.D; LL 349c 23, 368e 49, 372d 65
Ráith BlathmaicMart.O (note); Mart.G; Mart.D (9 Jul)
Ráith CholpthaLib.Hymn (Hymn of Fiacc); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Triadis, 27
Ráithín VSH Salm; VSH (Carthach); LL 373c 33 (litany); Mart.O (11 Mar, 14 May); Mart.G; Mart.D; BCC §4 (69)
Ráith NaoiMart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D (18 Aug); Boll, Acta, LVIII
Ros Ailithir (Roscarbery)VSH (Mo-Chóemóc §4); Beatha Bharra, §21, 34; Mart.T (14 Aug); Mart.O; LL 351a 52, 367c 32; Colgan, Acta
Ros AirthirMart.O (21 Jan. note); Mart.G; Mart.D; VSH (Enda §2-3); LL 354c 3; BB 124
Ros CommáinVSH (Comman §3); Mart.O (26 Dec); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 348f 12; Colgan, Acta
Ros CréVSH Salm; VSH (Crónán etc); Mart.T (28 Apr); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 351b 12 (R.C. later hand); Colgan, Acta, 105
Ros DelaMart.T (24 Aug: P. abb & eps); Mart.O; Mart.G; Lib.Hymn103; LL 365d 2; Rawl B 502, 92a-94d; Colgan, Acta, 366
Ros EchMart.T (14 Sept); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 350f 20, 368c 46
Ros ÉoMart.T; Mart.O; Mart.D (10 Apr); Colgan, Acta, 251
Ros Gialláin/NíalláinVSH Carthach §16 (Ciaran edificavit monasterium); Mart.O
Ros LiaccMart.O (14 Sep; note)
Ros TorcMart.T (17 Sep); Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 366f 42, 367d 18
SaigirVSH; VSH Salm (Ciarán); Mart.T (5 Mar); Mart.O (note; Cairnech Moel); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 350c 3 (Medran), 352b1, 367d 8 (Carthach), 370c 20
Senboth Sine/CholmáinVSH (Abbán §47; M'áedóc §25); Mart.T (27 Oct); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 366g 10; BB 141a; Lec 35Vd, 51Rb
SláineBk.Arm 4a (Muirchú); Trip.Life 44; Rule of Tallaght §77 (Colcu, ancorite); Vita S. Ronani §9?; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D (2 Nov); LL 349b 19
Sléibte (Sletty)Bk.Arm 4b (Muirchú), 15b, 18b (Tírechán); Trip.Life; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 352a 47, 366e 58
Sliab CrottMart.O; Mart.D (24 May)
Sliab EiblinneMart.T (4 May); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D
Sliab LiaccBk.Arm 11b; Trip.Life; Mart.T; Mart.O (10 Nov); Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta
Sord Choluim CilleMart.T; Mart.O (16 Mar); BCC §4 (60-1)
Sruthair Guaire(?)Mart.T; Mart.O; Mart.D; LL 353d 36 (if this site), 368b 15, 368e 16, 372d 40
Tamlacht FindlogainMart.O (3 Jan); Mart.G; Mart.D
Tamlacht Máil-Rúain (Tallaght)Mart.T (7 Jul, 10 Aug Máelruain; 25 Feb Crón); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; Mart.Chr.Ch; (7 Jul); LL 352g 10, 368e 56
Tamlacht Umail/MenannMart.T (26 Oct); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta, 79, 90, 271
TamnachBk.Arm §11b, 15a (Tírechán), 17a (Additamenta: Tamnach donated to P); Mart.T (23 Jan: Lúcán - if same site intended); Mart.O; Mart.G (Ascla); Mart.D
Tech AirennáinMart.T; Mart.O (11 Aug., 27 Oct. notes: Odrán); Mart.G (T. Airennáin/Erennáin); Boll, Acta, LIX
Tech BaithínMart.O (9 Jun note); Mart.D; Colgan, Acta
Tech BaithínMart.O (19 Feb note); Mart.D; Colgan, Acta
Tech BaithínMart.O (19 Feb note); Mart.D; Colgan, Acta, 369, 370
Tech BrígeMart.O (31 Jan, note); Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 353d 10, 368g 55 (if same T. Bríge intended)
Tech Conaill (Stagonnel)LL 347d 54; BB 119b; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.Chr.Ch
Tech DamáinMart.O; Mart.D
Tech FlediMart.O (12 Sep); Mart.G; Mart.D
Tech Ingen mBaitiMart.T; Mart.O (29 Mar)
Tech mac DímmaeMart.O (1 Nov); Mart.G
Tech Maíle-aithginMart.O (6 Jun); Mart.G; Mart.D
Tech Mo-Chua meic LonainMart.O; Mart.G?
Tech Mo-Chua (meic Nemainn?)VSH (Mo-Chua §1, 8, 11); BCL §35; Mart.O; Mart.G; LL 347b 1, 353c 56
Tech Mo-LingVSH (Mo-Ling); LL 351e 7; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D
Tech MunnuVSH Salm; VSH (Fintan Munnu); Mart.O (21 Oct note); Rawl B 502, 51Vc; BNE (visit of M'Áedóc)
Tech na ComairceMart.T (28 May); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 349g 70, 373d 25; BB 121b; LB 23
Tech (na m) BretanMart.O (26 Oct)
Tech RíaglaMart.O (17 Sep); Mart.G; Mart.D
Tech SaxanMart.O (8 Dec); Mart.G; Mart.D (3 Sept)
Tech TaláinTrip.Life 180 (if this site intended); Mart.T (27 May); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; Colgan, Acta
Tech TeilleVSH Salm (Fintan Munnu §11, 13); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; Lis. 40b; LL 352g 32; LB 21
Tech TuaeMart.T; Mart.O (22 Dec note); BB 229b
Tempall na Ferta (=Cell na Nóebingen?)Bk.Arm §6b, 21b; Mart.O (8 Oct notes - if C na Nóebingen i termann A.)
Tipra FhachtnaMart.T; Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D (13 Feb); Laud 610, 9; Colgan, Acta, 147b
Tír dá GlasVSH Salm; VSH (Colum etc); Mart.T (1, 24 May; 13 Dec); Mart.O; Mart.G; Mart.D; LL 350a 49, 351d 1, 353a 68, 366a 2, 368b 2, 370cb 8, 370cde, 372a 42
Treóit MórMart.O (1 Nov: ); Mart. G; Mart.D; LL 367f 7, 373a 46; Lec 116; Lib.Hymn, 23; BCC §5 (83: priest blessed by C.C. - offered submission;)
Tuaim dá ghualannVSH Salm; VSH (Brénainn 9-10; I directed there by B); Mart.O (26 Dec: Iarlaithe); Mart. G; Mart.D; LL 372d 35; Lis 31b; Colgan, Acta
Túaim DrecainMart.T (9 May); Mart.O; Mart.G
TuilénMart.O (16 May); Mart.D; BCC §5 (91)
Tulach Liss/Tellach LiasMart.T (12 Jun: Erc Nasci); Mart.O (8 Dec); Mart.G; Mart.D?
Tulach na nEpscopMart.O (1 Feb - note); LL 374; Lis 15b, 16a; LB 24